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The Apocalyptic Guide is the last mini boss in Persona 5fought right before you fight the final boss. He's the fourth and final angel you fight in the area who brings together the strongest attacks from the other three. It's a tough fight, but if you're prepared he's much easier to defeat.

In this short guide, I'm going to go over the best strategies for facing this formidable enemy and bringing him down effectively.

Defeating the Apocalyptic Guide in Persona 5

The Apocalyptic Guide will usually start his first turn by summoning two Zealous Messengers. These guys will spend their turns buffing or healing him, so you should focus them when they appear and get rid of them as soon as you can. Any skill that targets all enemies will be helpful here -- especially insta-kill curse skills.

The boss himself gets two actions per turn, which allows him to do some insane combos like charge (double attack buff) and sword dance (colossal physical damage to a single target). These combos can pretty much one shot Joker if you aren't prepared. The Guide has many strong moves that deal status effects and debuff your party -- including Megadolan, which deals severe almighty damage to your whole party.

The Apocalyptic Guide has no weakness and he drains light, but he's susceptible to critical hits -- much moreso than the other 3 mini-bosses before him. So the best party to have will contain a lot of physical attackers.

Make sure you have Fox and Skull with some moves that have higher crit chance, like Luck Punch or Miracle Punch. Queen would probably be good as well, to have another physical attacker but also one that can heal. If you don't want to go with Queen, then Noir's One-Shot Kill (severe gun damage, high crit rate) can also be a good option.

As for Joker's persona, anyone with physical move, high crit moves would be best. Seth knows One-Shot Kill, so he'd be very strong here. Considering the Guide's wide range of moves, you can't really plan to have a persona that resists/blocks/absorbs any one element in order to counter him. So it's best to focus on dealing as much damage as possible in short amounts of time so that you can bring him down faster rather than using survivability to extend the fight. 


Following these steps it should be very easy to take down the Apocalyptic Guide, as long as you aren't vastly under-leveled. He has a lot of health, but don't let that intimidate you. Just pile on the damage and you should be alright. 

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How to Quickly Rack Up Money in Persona 5 (Including NG+) Mon, 29 May 2017 21:19:34 -0400 Klinestife

So you've finished the first playthrough of Persona 5, and you want to start fusing powerful Personas to defeat the secret boss. But optimizing Personas takes a lot of money -- we're talking millions upon millions of Yen here. How are you ever supposed to rack up that much? Turns out that it's easier than it sounds.

This guide will tell you the best way to accumulate money as quickly as possible. Note that you don't need to be in NG+ to use this method -- you can do it during the first playthrough. But it's especially helpful on your second run through when you really just want to save time. 

How to Grind Lots of Money in Persona 5

What You Need to Get Started

To get started with this method, you'll need to obtain a Persona with the skills Pulinpa (high chance of confusion) and Confuse Boost. The earliest Persona that naturally obtains both of these skills is Onmoraki, who learns Pulinpa at level 14 and Confuse Boost at level 15.

Once you have these two skills, you can fuse it with whatever Persona you want so long as you keep those two skills -- but you'll want to keep an eye on the Luck stat of the Persona you're making. The higher the luck stat is, the more money you're going to make. 

If you're an optimizer and you want to get luck as high as possible with minimal investment, the Gallows are your best friend. Throw the Persona whose luck you want to boost in there, and make sure it levels up.

Pay attention to the fusion result screen -- the highlighted stats are what will increase. To change which stats get highlighted, exit and enter the fusion result screen over and over until you get the result you want. It's possible to have all level up points go into luck, but it's rare and time-consuming.

What You're Going to be Using This Persona For

You're going to want to go into Mementos and locate a request boss that can be confused. You can check out the official wiki to see which bosses can be confused (minor spoilers). 

Once you've chosen your boss, you'll want to remove every party member from the party, walk up, and hit the boss with Confuse. Defend until the boss recovers from the confusion after three turns, then confuse it again. Rinse and repeat. You can weaken it as much as you want while it's confused to finish it off whenever you please.

If your Persona's stats aren't high enough to reliably confuse the boss, you'll want to have a healer in the party to keep you safe. Keep in mind that the more people you have in the party, the slower you're going to be making money because you have to wait for their defend animation to play.

But really, that's all there is to it!

Why does this method work?

It's pretty simple. Most of the time when enemies are confused, they will randomly throw items and money away for three turns before running away from the fight. However, bosses can't run away, so you can exploit this to have them constantly throw money and items at you.

The money they throw also scales with your luck. If your luck is around 70, then they'll throw 150,000 yen at you. A luck stat of about 40 will net you around 60k-70k per turn. This far exceeds every other method of income the game provides you with. After an hour or two of doing this, you should hit the money cap. 

So there you go, the fastest way of making money in Persona 5! With this, you can fuse godly Personas and make the entire game a cakewalk. For more tips, check out the rest of our Persona 5 guides:

How to Easily Get the Competent Negotiator Trophy in Persona 5 Fri, 28 Apr 2017 06:19:16 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

It should be warned, that this Persona 5 trophy can be a slight pain in the arse to get thanks to the fact that it is heavily RNG based. The Competent Negotiator trophy itself is rewarded to you upon successfully rescuing one of your characters once they have been taken hostage by an enemy unit. Negotiating your unit free is exceedingly easy.

If you are connected to the internet and the Thieves’ Guild, then you can merely call upon them to instantly save your unit. If you are not connected, then complying with the enemies’ demands will save your unit and earn you the trophy.

The hard part is getting the enemy to actually take one of your units hostage. They can only take your units hostage after they have landed a critical hit or a weakness blow and left you at low HP. However, the AI has 2 options at this juncture: 1) Land another free hit. 2) Take your unit hostage. The fact that I am writing this guide proves that they usually choose the former option.


There are some strategies, however, that can help you out. One option is to go to earlier dungeons, thus allowing you to withstand several attacks while at low health. You can also put the game on a harder difficulty level, which increases enemy critical hit rate. You can even choose to play the game extremely risky by choosing to heal infrequently.

Abyssal King Strategy

There is also one, more specific, strategy that can work, courtesy of Timio95x. It does contain minor spoilers for the final dungeon. Continue at your own risk.

First, change the difficulty to safe. This will allow you to revive your whole party when they die (and they will die with this strategy).

Second, you will want access to the Revolution skill, which increases enemy and allied crit rate for 3 turns. This isn’t technically essential, but it does help speed up the battle quite a bit.  

Now you will need to be in the last dungeon. On the second floor is an enemy named the Abyssal King of Avarice (Lv74). You will want to kill all the other enemies, leaving him for last. Once in combat you will want to use Revolution to raise his crit chance. His physical, AoE attacks should now crit quite often.

Since he is immune to physical attacks you can use Rush attacks to speed the fight up. You merely need to stop to activate Revolution after every 3rd turn. When your team dies, choose to have your team revived (hence why Safe mode is important).

Merely rinse and repeat this until the Abyssal King takes one of your units hostage and then give him what he wants (probably avarice).

There you have it. Several different strategies to get the process for acquiring this trophy started.

How to Fuse NG+ Personas in Persona 5 Wed, 26 Apr 2017 11:13:22 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

Fusing Personas in Persona 5 is essential in gaining the upper hand throughout your playthrough. And with a lot of players starting their second runs in NG+, they're wondering what happens to their Personas and fusions. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so that you can be prepared for your run of new game plus.  

Do Personas Carry Over for Persona 5 NG+?

The short answer: no.

Personas do not carry over into NG+ with you -- only their compendium entries do. So make sure to register all the Personas you have. Itemizing them is an option. But since you're only able to itemize one Persona per day, you should focus on ones that can yield valuable skill cards or powerful gear.

How to Fuse Personas in Persona 5 NG+

It's quite simple, really. You will obviously need to have gained access to the Velvet Room in order to start fusing your Personas. On May 18th in-game, Caroline and Justine will be available for you to talk to and unlock the strength confidant. 

If you've already leveled up the strength confidant to their max level in the previous playthrough, you can create powerful Personas immediately. If not, then you will have to play on further until the Wardens have ranked up some more.

It is also worth noting that the demon Persona, Satanael, can only be fused and registered in the compendium in NG+. So having the strength confidant readily available from May 18th will be extremely useful for this reason. Bear in mind, though, that Satanael is extremely expensive at this point -- so have some deep pockets full of yen at the ready.

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How to Beat the Twins in Persona 5's NG+ Tue, 25 Apr 2017 15:47:24 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

The elusive gold trophy "Beyond Rehabilitation" in Persona 5 requires you to defeat the twins in NG+. This duo can be tricky to track down and ultimately beat if you don't have the required knowledge. Good thing we're here to help!

How to Find the Twins in Persona 5 NG+

Caroline and Justine are an optional boss that only appear in new game plus, so don't bother trying to prepare for them before your second playthrough.

Once you're in NG+, begin your struggle by talking to Caroline outside the Velvet Room of Mementos' entrance. Mementos must be unlocked in order to do this. This is where the fight begins, so don't come unprepared. 

While technically you are able to engage in the fight as soon as Mementos are unlocked, it is advised that you are sufficiently leveled and have evolved Personas beforehand. You have plenty of time to do this, as the last possible day to fight Caroline and Justine is December 22nd.

How to Beat the Twins in Persona 5

The twins have no weaknesses or resistances, so they can prove troublesome. 

Caroline's attacks tend to cause damage based on:

  • Phys
  • Fire
  • Elec
  • Psy
  • Bless

Justine's attacks tend to cause damage based on:

  • Gun
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Nuke
  • Curse

The best strategy in defeating the twins is to constantly alternate between attacking them both so they die in the same turn. This is because if only one twin dies at the end of your turn, the remaining twin will revive the other at 50%HP and start the process again. It is imperative that you plan accordingly so that they both die in the same turn.

If you are unable to perform enough damage after every six turns (the number can change depending on the fight's length) -- or your characters are all knocked down -- Caroline and Justine will do an All-Out-Attack which immediately ends in a defeatThis will not cause a game over, though. Instead, a cutscene will play out and a chance to retry will pop up.


Once the ordeal is over and you have endured the four-phase fight, you will be awarded with the gold "Beyond Rehabilitation" trophy -- along with sweet satisfaction.

That completes our guide to finding and defeating Caroline and Justine. In need of some extra help in other parts of Persona 5? Check out these guides below:

Where to Find Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 and Why You Need It Fri, 21 Apr 2017 06:24:44 -0400 Dan Roemer

Persona 5 has a great deal of crafting items that you'll find during your adventure of freeing peoples hearts. However, today I'll be detailing how to gather one of the key craftable items you'll need for the Eternal Lockpick, which is easily one of the most helpful items in entirety of Persona 5, as it basically acts as a reusable lock pick.

What craftable item will you need you wonder? (In-case you somehow missed the title of the article?) -- Liquid Mercury!

Where to go and What to Look for

The two best places to grind and farm for Liquid Mercury is either Futaba's Palace by reaching the Corridor Middle save room, then proceed to the next area. Or you can also go to floors 10 and 11 of the Akzeriyyuth section in Mementos. You should be able to find plenty of different personas such as Anubis and Anzu in these locations that will provide Liquid Mercury once you've beaten them.

You can also find plenty of Aluminum Sheets as a ground item in Mementos as well (another key item you'll need for the Eternal Lockpick).

You can also apparently get a “Hold Up” on Anubis in battle and you'll be able to ask for an item directly, but I tried this for over half an hour with no luck -- so take that for a grain of salt. I've also heard you can pick up these items by defeating Decarabia and Ganesha in the Okumara Palace in the Facilities Passage and Barracks Area.

How to craft the Eternal Lockpick

This lockpick will become extremely useful for high-level places which require more lockpicks. The number of lockpicks you can craft is based on the player's dexterity +1. So if for example you have a Dexterity of 5, you'll be able to create a maximum of 6 lockpicks.

However the Eternal Lockpick is reusable, so you can already imagine just how beneficial that is. Before you can craft the Enternal Lockpick you'll need to raise your Magician Arcana to rank 6, so you can unlock the Ace Tools ability on the 29th of August. Once you've done this you should be able to craft the Eternal Lockpick at a work desk using 20 Aluminium Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury.

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How Fuse Powerful Personas in Persona 5 Fri, 21 Apr 2017 06:00:39 -0400 Jerline Justo

In Persona 5, Persona fusions are essential into gaining more power in order to fight against shadows and to steal treasure from corrupted humans. But this process can sometimes be a gamble, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

But with this guide, you will become fusion experts by going through the basics on Persona fusions as well as knowing how to use Persona calculators and Confidants.

Persona Fusions: 101 -- The Basics

Persona fusions help you create new Personas with a higher level, new abilities, and earn bonus experiences. Here's a jiff on how it works.

  1. Battle against different demons to capture them as your own Persona.
  2. Visit the Velvet Room to start the fusion process.
  3. Choose two Personas you want to fuse together.
  4. Watch your new Persona be born.

As easy as that sounds, you cannot fuse a Persona with a higher than your current level. So leveling up is the only way to possess powerful Personas. 

How To Use a Persona Calculator

When selecting a Persona, you can see the possible result that you will gain after fusing it with another Persona. The Persona calculator can help you determine which combination will give you the most powerful Personas based on their weakness, strengths, and abilities.

If you want particular Persona, you can look for its name on the calculator. It will then share what kind of Personas are required to create your desired Persona. It also shares the cost, other recipes, and requirements to get this Persona.

But fusing personas can lead to fusion accidents, and your progress would be lost.

Luckily, the game provides registration system allows you to save their Personas, including its abilities and level. All it takes is paying a fee to gain it back, so use it at your advantage!

But wait, there's more -- Confidants!

Confidants are super important in the game, especially when fusing Personas together. Each Confidant represents an Arcana, and you can bond with them through daily activities in the real world.

When fusing a Persona that parallels a bond's Arcana, you will be able to gain experience bonus called Arcana Burst. By strengthening the bonds, you gain even more experience bonuses during fusions.

Players can for sure gain the best possible personas through fusions, but building relationships with Confidants can boosts up your Personas to the max.

Well, that's a wrap with this Fusion guide! If you want more tips and guides on Persona 5, check out these links:

Tips and Tricks for Catching Orlov in Persona 5 Fri, 21 Apr 2017 05:51:25 -0400 Jerline Justo

Most Persona 5 fans know how difficult it is to capture treasure Personas. These rare Personas can boost your stats whether you kill them, getting more EXP and money, or fusing them with another persona, gaining its abilities.

Orlov Persona is one of the treasure demons that players have difficulty finding and capturing. It may take couple of tries and a lot of patience, but with these tips, you will be able to locate and capture Orlov with guarantee!

How to Find Orlov

Sometimes, treasure Personas can appear in palaces or in objects, but you need to be lucky to this particular Persona. These two ways can help you find Orlov a lot quicker.

Tip #1 -- Crafting a Treasure Trap

After establishing a relationship with Morgana, you will be able to craft infiltration tools during the night inside your room. Treasure Trap is one of those infiltration tools, which will help you increase your chances to encounter with rare Personas.

To craft Treasure Trap, you need to find these items:

  • Silk Yarn x2
  • Plant Balm x3
  • Cork Bark x1

Keep in mind, Treasure Traps can only work when infiltrating a palace, so Mementos are out of the question.

Tip #2 -- Roaming around the Mementos

Instead of roaming around in the palace and breaking objects, you can find Orlov in Mementos during bad weather conditions, like thunderstorms, heavy rain, heatwave, flu seasons, and pollen warnings.

Depending on what kind of weather occurs in reality, the enemies in Mementos become effective as well. Because of this, you will be able to find rare Personas inside of treasure chests at a higher appearance rate.

To increase your chances even further, you can walk around areas one to five in the Path of Sheriruth, where Orlav are commonly located.

Capturing the Orlov Persona

Orlov holds no weaknesses and is practically resistant to physical attack and immune to everything except electricity. But with a little boost, players can get this Persona at ease.

In order to capture it, you need to perform a critical hit to knock it out. There are two ways to increase your chances.

  • Increasing your Tower Ranking to level 6 -- By doing so, enemies can be knock down easily.
    • Note: You must complete the Mementos mission, “Winners Don’t Use Cheats,” which you will meet Shinaya Oda, the Tower Confidant. Build a relationship with Shinaya in the real world to boost your Tower ranking.
  • Going to the Mementos during heavy rain -- The heavy rain increase your chances for landing critical hits. With a boost like that, you can knock Orlov down in order to capture him.

It may require some patience to find and capture Orlov, and sometimes, you may give up overall. But once it's in your procession, all that effort will be worth it.

Good luck, Phantom Thieves!

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How to Find and Use the Boarding Pass to Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5 Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:11:37 -0400 Nick Lee

In the seventh dungeon of Persona 5, which takes place on Shido's Cruiser, players are tasked with sneaking into a fitting room. But they need a boarding pass to access the room -- lest they find another route. The boarding pass itself isn't so easy to come by, but luckily there's another way around it.

While most of quest lines in Shido's Palace straightforward, finding the bartender on the Pool Deck who requests players present their boarding pass to make it into the fitting room isn't as simple.

Furthermore, talking to guests on the pool deck yields no response. One guest even goes as far to refuse to talk to the player and their allies, as they seem like trouble-making children. But those guests do keep alluding to how nice the pool is, or how having a swimsuit on a day like this is perfect -- all because they are keeping the mission focus on the fitting room. 

How to Get the Boarding Pass and Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5

The secret to actually get into the fitting room is not to get a boarding pass at all, since players aren't paying guests. Without the pass, players must just search around the large stairwells for a vent. The vent itself allows players to inside the fitting room -- there are also many clues that there must be an alternative route to the room, so look out for those!


Though there's no actual boarding pass to acquire, Persona 5 actually uses this as a prime example of the puzzles incorporated into the game. Players who continue to search for the pass will find themselves shaking their head at how easy this puzzle actually was.

Persona 5 Guide: How to Capture the Koh-i-Noor Treasure Demon Wed, 19 Apr 2017 13:01:45 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

Persona 5 players may be aware of the elusive "treasure demons" that exist in game. These tricky terrors are rather rare -- but when they appear, they can be downed for inclusion in your party, or simply killed for hefty amounts of money and XP.

The level 25 Priestess Koh-i-Noor Persona (a reference to the colorless diamond discovered in India) is one such entity that has had players baffled on how to capture it. But with a bit of foresight, luck, and some help from this guide, this elusive demon can be yours. 

How to Catch Koh-i-Noor in Persona 5

Finding and Preparing for Koh-i-Noor

Before you do anything, you'll want to make sure you have the Treasure Trap Infiltration Tool, as this increases your chances of discovering the likes of Koh-i-Noor. The tool can be created by using:

  • Silk Yarn (2)
  • Plant Balm (3)
  • Cork Bark (1)

The Persona itself appears after the level 20 Stone of Scone and before the level 30 Orlov Personas. It will most frequently appear in the fifth palace. 

Capturing Koh-i-Noor

Once the demon shows its face, you may be alarmed by the fact that it has no discernible weaknesses. Personas are usually caught through exploiting their weakness until they are available for capture -- but with Koh-i-Noor, a slightly different strategy is required.

You will need to land a critical hit on the Persona for it to be captured. A number of abilities can be combined in order to do this, so make sure to bring a Persona along who has either:

  • Lucky Punch
  • Miracle Punch
  • Apt Pupil
  • Rebellion

Fusing a Persona with these skills and a high luck-based Persona will drastically increase your critical hit chance. A lot of luck is involved with this one but if you are aptly prepared then it shouldn't be a nail-biting experience.

That wraps up our guide for finding and defeating the Koh-i-Noor Treasure Demon in Persona 5. If you need more help with the game, you can check out our wealth of other guides for all your Persona 5 needs:

The True Meaning of Kakushinhan and How to Answer Correctly in Persona 5 Wed, 19 Apr 2017 05:28:02 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

When you aren't stylishly ripping enemies to pieces in Persona 5, you're attempting to ace the tests at school. However there is one particular question that has people puzzled that uses the Japanese term "Kakushinhan".

Translated into English, it can be a tricky concept to understand but the Japanese dictionary defines it in two ways:

  • Crime of Conscience  
  • Premeditated crime (viewed as mistaken usage); act carried out while knowing that it should not be

With this information in mind, the question before us becomes a little clearer. On April 25th in-game, you'll be posed the following question:

"What's the common usage of kakushinhan again, regarding an action you take?"

Your answer should be "Knowing your actions are wrong."

A second question will then stand before you:

"But the real kakushinhan is the opposite, right? So the opposite means…"

To finish the set, you should answer "Conviction that you're right."

Voila! A handy boost to stats will be your reward as well as a job well done. It can be tricky getting your head round some of the questions and other concepts of Persona 5, but why not take a look at some of our other guides for extra help:

Persona 5: Finding the Stone Of Scone Treasure Demon Thu, 13 Apr 2017 15:44:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

Besides your typical Persona used for combat and fusion, there are also a series of rare "treasure demons" in Persona 5named after famous jewelry rather than demons and mythological entities.

These unique Persona are procured by exploiting a specific weakness -- which varies between treasure demons -- and then negotiating. Nabbing your first treasure demon unlocks the A Phantom Thief's Duty trophy.

More meant for fusion purposes to create every type of Persona than for actually using in battle, treasure demons also offer triple XP when sacrificed.

 Discovering a Treasure Demon

Finding Stone Of Scone in Persona 5

One treasure demon that frequently gets missed is the Stone Of Scone (a reference to the Scottish "stone of destiny" used in coronations) -- a level 20 Fortune arcana Persona found most frequently in the fourth Palace (Futuba).

Keep in mind that Persona above your level can't be acquired (unless you have specific high rank Confidant abilities activated), so you'll need to be level 20 to get Stone Of Scone.

Chronologically, the Stone Of Scone will be discovered after the level 15 Empress arcana Queen's Necklace Persona and before the level 25 Priestess arcana Koh-i-Noor Persona.

Stone Of Scone is weak against Curse effects, but immune to all other attack forms. So have some Curse skills like Eiga and its successive iterations ready. Once you get him, the Stone has the following innate skills:

  • Agilao
  • Bufula
  • Zionga
  • Garula
  • Psio
  • Freila
  • Kouga
  • Eiga 

Increasing Encounter Chances for Stone of Scone

As you'd expect, treasure demons are incredibly rare, but you can increase the random appearance rate of Persona like Stone Of Scone by crafting the Treasure Trap infiltration tool, made with:

  • Silk Yarn ×2
  • Plant Balm x3
  • Cork bark x1

If you've gotten tired of running around looking for one and decide to move on, treasure demons like Stone Of Sonce are also likely to be found when entering Mementos on a rainy day.

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Persona 5: Leave No Chest Unlocked by Crafting the Eternal Lockpick Mon, 10 Apr 2017 14:28:58 -0400 Ty Arthur

Early on in Persona 5, you'll gain access to a crafting station in the Cafe LeBlanc attic through your social link with Morgana. The tools you make there let you perform various actions, like instantly escaping from battle, open locked chests, or reducing the chance of random combat.

But one craft item that becomes available much later -- the Eternal Lockpick -- allows you to stop focusing on making so many exploration tools because it automatically unlocks everything you come across.

To craft this item, first you need to reach Rank 6 with the Magician Confidant (your social link with Morgana), which unlocks the ability to craft all of the various infiltration tools. Prior to reaching this Magician Confidant Rank, you won't be able to build the Eternal Lockpick -- even if you have all the necessary ingredients. So that's where you should start. 

       Crafting Infiltration Items

The Eternal Lockpick Crafting Recipe in Persona 5

After reaching Magician Confidant Rank 6, you can craft the Eternal Lockpick with these two ingredients:

  • Aluminum Sheet x20
  • Liquid Mercury x10

Sounds simple, right? Well, not so fast. The drop rate for these elusive items is extremely low, and they only come from very specific Shadow enemies found in certain locations within Persona 5. You'll have to grind these enemies to get the required items:

  • Aluminum Sheets are dropped by Anzu (found in Futaba Palace) and Ganesha (found at Okumura Palace Barracks)
  • Liquid Mercury is dropped by Anubis (found in Futaba Palace) and Decarabia (found at Okumura Palace Facilities Passage)


You'll want to save often when looking for these items because you don't want to lose the materials you've acquired due to a combat mishap! Once you've managed to gather the tools and actually get to crafting, keep in mind that the Eternal Lockpick doesn't carry over into New Game+, although you can start farming for the ingredients again from the start.

And that's all there is to it. Just make sure you reach Magician Confidant Rank 6 and get the items you need, and you'll be able to craft all the various infiltration tools.

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Persona 5's Hardest Difficulty is Locked...Behind Free DLC! Sat, 08 Apr 2017 14:16:36 -0400 Dan Roemer

Persona 5 launched with four different difficulties: Safety, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Now with the new free DLC that released alongside the worldwide launch, they've added the hardest difficulty mode in the game, free of cost. Known as “Merciless”, the description for the pack on the PlayStation Store reads:

“A special present as thanks for playing Persona 5! Not for the faint of heart, these severe battles on the 'Merciless' difficulty will require cunning and an iron will.”

How hard is Merciless mode? From the looks of things, it's pretty unforgiving. GameFaqs user Thelantyr1216 has broken down the difficulty modifiers as follows:

Safety Mode:

  • Damage received: x0.5
  • Damage dealt: x2.0
  • Experience: x3.0
  • Money: x5.0

Easy Mode:

  • Damage received: x0.5
  • Damage dealt: x1.0
  • Experience: x1.0
  • Money: x1.0

Normal Mode:

  • Damage received: x1.0
  • Damage dealt: x1.0
  • Experience: x1.0
  • Money: x1.0

Hard Mode:

  • Damage received: x1.6
  • Damage dealt: x0.8
  • Experience: x1.0
  • Money: x1.0

Merciless Mode:

  • Damage received: x1.6
  • Damage dealt: x0.8
  • Experience: x0.4
  • Money: x0.4
  • Critical and technical hit damage on both enemies and allies is tripled.

To summarize, combat in Merciless mode will take a lot longer than normal, with the potential for enemies to land critical hits on you and your team much more often -- but so can your allies.

How does it play?

In my roughly 2-3 hours of playing on this difficulty setting -- skipping cutscenes and getting straight to the first dungeon -- my major takeaway from this mode is that item management day-to-day will be a lot more difficult, considering how little money you'll actually be earning from battles. So you'll have to carefully plan what you'll be taking with you at all times.

Considering experience points are heavily cut back in this mode as well, you'll also need to grind a ton -- especially if you plan on surviving the boss battles, which is also very tricky considering you also need to watch your money.

My advice for anyone looking to play this mode, would be to save it for a second run, simply so you can plan ahead and have a better idea of what you should be spending your money on.


To pick up the DLC that unlocks this mode, simply visit the official PlayStation store page for it and download it now!

Will you attempt a play-through on the Merciless difficulty setting? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Persona needs!

Persona 5: Complete Strength Confidant Guide Fri, 07 Apr 2017 17:37:00 -0400 Ty Arthur

Forging links with different characters is critical to unlocking abilities and gaining more powerful Persona. One of the more odd social links in Persona 5, the Strength confidant, is gained by completing tasks for a couple of lolis who have a punishment fetish.

The Strength confidant becomes available in the Velvet Room on 5/18 by talking to Caroline and Justine in the prison cell. Although Strength didn't make our list of best confidants, ranking up this social connection will allow you to fuse some seriously powerful Persona, so it's well worth putting in the effort.

 Talking With Caroline And Justine

Strength Abilities

New abilities focused around upgraded Persona fusing techniques are unlocked at the following Strength confidant ranks:

  • 1 - Group Guillotine: Fuse three Personas to create powerful new ones
  • 3 - Solitary Confinement: Sentence a Persona to solitary confinement to gain resistances
  • 5 - Guillotine Booster: Fuse four or more Personas when creating new ones
  • 8 - Special Solitary Confinement: Resistances gained from solitary confinement are stronger
  • 10 - Special Treatment: Fuse Personas higher than the player’s level 

 There's a long way to go from rank 1 to rank 10!

Increasing Strength Ranks

Working through the Persona 5 Strength confidant ranks works quite a bit differently than with any other social link. You don't need any specific social skills or even have to spend time with the twins. Instead, you just have to fuse specific Persona together to make Caroline and Justine happy.

Rank 1
  • Requirement: Produce a Jack Frost that has the Mabufu ability.

To get this specific combo, just simply fuse Eligor with Silky to get a Jack Frost, which will learn Mabufu at level 12. You can also fuse a Mokoi or Berith with Apsaras for this combo.

Rank 2
  • Requirement: Produce a Shiisaa with the Frei ability.

You can get this one by fusing your Jack Frost with a Makami that has Frei, and just make sure the Shiisaa inherits the ability.

Rank 3
  • Requirement: Produce a Matador with the Magaru ability.

You can get this by fusing Nekomata with Obariyon or Anzu and Koppa Tengu. The Magaru ability is bestowed by Igor in the Velvet Room at a specific point in the game, and from then on can be gained randomly while fusing. So save and re-load if you don't get it on the first fusion.

Rank 4
  • Requirement: Produce a Flauros with the Tarukaja ability.

For this combo, fuse a level 11 Andras (which will have Tarukaja) with Eligor and Berith in a triple fusion.

Rank 5
  • Requirement: Produce an Ame-no-Uzume with the Dodge Psy ability.

There are a few ways to get here. You can fuse a level 27 Kin-ki with Sui-ki, or fuse either Okuninushi and Sadama or Arsene and Norn and then strengthen the resulting combination with a level 27 Kin-Ki.

Rank 6
  • Requirement: Produce a Neko Shogun with the Dekaja ability.

For this rank, fuse a level 28 Anzu with Kodama and Sudama and you should get the Dekaja ability -- but you may have to reload due to randomization. You can also strengthen the initial fusion with Flauros or Orobas to get the specific Persona combo you want.

Rank 7
  • Requirement: Produce a Lachesis with the Tetraja ability.

Getting this one is a bit of work. There's two main paths to take here:

  1. Fuse together Lamia and Sandman, resulting in a Principality with the Tetraja ability. Fuse the Persona with Yaksini to make an Ame-no-Uzume, then fuse with Isis to get Lachesis.
  2. Fuse Koppa Tengu with Red Rider, then strengthen the Persona with a Clotho and you should receive the Tetraja skill.
Rank 8
  • Requirement: Produce a Hecatoncheires with the Masukunda ability.

Fusing a Unicorn with Lilim with get you to this combo, but you can also get it by combining Clotho with Red Rider and then strengthening with Lilim or Thoth.

Rank 9
  • Requirement: Produce Bugs with the Samerecarm ability.

To reach this rank's combo, perform a triple fuse using a level 41 Hariti, a Pixie and, a Pisaca.

Rank 10
  • Requirement: Produce a Seth with the High Counter ability.

This final one is a bit of a journey. Fuse Hecatoncheires with Kushinada to get Horus, then fuse that Persona with Isis, Thoth, and Anubis to get Seth. Use the ability card High Counter obtained during the October mission “The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash” to give your Seth the right ability.

More Persona 5 Guides

Looking for more ways to fuse Persona, increasing stats, or ace your school quizzes? Check out our other walkthroughs:

Persona 5 Guide: Social Stats and how Best to Improve Them Fri, 07 Apr 2017 05:47:01 -0400 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

The life of a Phantom Thief is full of unique challenges, both on and off the battlefield. While cultivating your Personas is crucial to your success, the most powerful mask will be of little help in passing your exams or asking your crush on a date. In order to excel at all facets of Persona 5, you’ll have to spend time improving your social stats to make it through the struggles of daily life.

While there are lots of little ways to gain experience in these stats, this guide will take a look at some of the more efficient and useful ways of boosting your character to successful heights.

The Skinny on Social Stats

Bringing up the Stats page and viewing the Social tab will present you with a diagram of a five-pointed star. Each arm corresponds to one of the five social stats, and the more filled the arm is, the further you’ve progressed. There are five levels to each stat, starting at 1 and capping at 5.

The five stats are as follows:

  • Knowledge: The results of studying hard and improving your intellect.
  • Guts: The courage to face some very intimidating (or awkward) scenarios.
  • Proficiency: A catch all term for dealing with handiwork.
  • Kindness: How well you can relate to people and empathise with their issues.
  • Charm: Having people like you -- particularly the opposite sex.

So what’s the purpose of these skills? Veterans of other Persona games are probably familiar with many of these, but newcomers might be wondering just what’s the point. None of these social stats equate directly to combat power, but indirectly? They’re the cornerstone of everything.

Simply put, most of the Confidants in the game will require you to reach certain levels of these stats before you’re able to even start them, let alone advance. Increasing the rank of your Confidants grants access to a number of abilities that will make progressing through the game much smoother. The primary use of this is dramatically improving the power of your Personas obtained through fusion correlating to the arcana of the Confidant; other uses include in-combat effects like unlocking the Baton Pass mechanic, or even providing new store items or experience boosts.

In order to advance through the game, you’ll have to juggle management of your time between clearing dungeons, improving your social stats, and ranking up these Confidants. We’ll be covering Confidants in another guide -- let’s look at how best to maximise your time spent raising skills.

Persona 5

How Best to Improve the Stats

In general, you can see how big of a gain you’re making by observing the musical notes that appear over your character when you complete an activity -- the more that appear, the bigger the gain. As such, you can get a fairly good idea of what has the best impact through that, but here’s some tips to make sure you’re using your time efficiently.


How to Increase: Study at the Shibuya Diner (bonus during rain), study at the school Library, study at the booths at Leblanc (bonus during rain), correctly answer questions in class, play shogi with the Star Confidant

Required for: Doing well in school exams, attaining the Priestess arcana (rank 3)

The most important stat for any budding student, Knowledge is arguably the easiest to raise as it has the most options available for it. Your best option is to study at the dinner in Shibuya - in addition to earning a flat 2 points, you’ll get a bonus point when it’s raining, plus an additional other stat point depending on the food item you purchase.

You’ll also periodically be asked questions in class, and correctly answering will give you a point as well. Check our guide to the classroom questions if you need a hand with them.


How to Increase: Drink coffee at the Shibuya Diner, participate in clinical trials with Death Confident, study at the school library (chance)

Required for: Attaining Death, Temperance, and Hanged Man Confidants

Guts is a tricky stat to improve, as there’s no really good grinding method, but it’s also crucial for earning some of the better early game Confidants. The “safest” option is participating in trials with the Death Confidant, but that requires Guts level 2 to unlock, so until then it’s best to study at Shibuya Diner and buy the coffee.

You can also partake in the Big Bang Burger challenge -- more on that in general activities.


How to Increase: Crafting thieves tools at your desk, working at the Beef Bowl Shop, playing the Batting Cages minigame (depending on performance)

Required for: Unlocking the Beef Bowl Shop and Crossroads Bar jobs, attaining Sun Confidant

You’ll pick up two or three points in Proficiency every time you craft at your desk, so if you’re stocking up on Lockpicks (and you really should) then you’ll probably get your first point in this quickly. Once you do, working the Beef Bowl Store job at night as the best way to power this up and earn some decent money to boot.


How to Increase: Feeding nutrients to your pot plant every 16 days (influenced by quality of nutrients), working at the Flower Shop, eat steak at the Shibuya Dinner

Required for: Attaining Lovers Confidant

Once you clean up your room and discover the pot plant there, you’ll want to feed it nutrients whenever you get the chance. This doesn’t consume time, so it’s effectively free points. You can pick up the nutrients from the Flower Shop, which coincidentally is where you’ll want to work in order to power up this stat when your plant is fed.


How to Increase: Bathe at the Yongen Bathhouse at night (bonus on Monday and Thursday), drink tea at the Shibuya Diner (not available early)

Required for: Unlocking the Flower Shop job, attaining the Star Confidant

This is a pretty simple one to level. Just visit the Yongen Bathhouse that’s directly opposite from Leblanc at night, and net yourself a couple of points. It’s best off waiting for Monday and Thursday for this, but if you’re diligent about going on those nights you’ll have this stat up in no time.

General Activities

As well as the specific increases listed above, there are a few methods that can also net you more stat points. What stat these offer changes depending on the date or your selections, so they’re not ideal to plan on grinding around, but are worth doing nonetheless.

Books: Sometimes in your morning train rides, you’ll get a chance to read a book that you have in your inventory. Depending on your choice, you can get a chunk of stat points to the book’s related stat after two reading sessions. Always keep an unread book on hand for these events! Note that DVDs or playing video games affect your stats in much the same way.

Juice in Shibuya: Every Sunday, you can drink juice at the stand in Shibuya Underground Walkway. The stat affected changes regularly, but doing this doesn’t take up any time so it’s good to supplement your activities with.

Watching Movies: Visiting the cinemas in Shibuya and Shinjuku will let you watch a movie, which gives a sizable chunk of points for their respective stat the first time you watch them. The movie rotation changes every so often, so keep an eye on these. You can rewatch a movie once, but you only get one point. However, you can also get invited by a Confidant to see these, which nets you the stat boost and improves that relationship - try and use these opportunities when you can.

The Big Burger Challenge: Taking the burger challenge at Big Bang Burger in Shibuya will net you a guaranteed points in Guts. If you manage to win, you’ll also get an additional point in ALL social stats aside from Kindness, as well as net an accessory. It’s a good way to fill time and cover lots of stats if you have the chance. Note that it’s cheaper to take this challenge at Night, but you can do so in the Afternoon too.

Persona 5

Early Game Stat Priority

To close out the guide, let’s look at some of the priorities you’ll want to focus on in the early stages. These aren’t crucial to follow, but it can help you figure out break points that you might want to aim for.

  • Prioritise Guts early! With no highly effective means of gaining points but a number of powerful Confidants gated behind levels 2-4 of it, getting points in Guts whenever you can should always be at the forefront of your time management. Getting this to level 2 for the Death Confidant will help you massively in the early game.
  • Having Knowledge at level 2 by early May will improve your ranking in your exams drastically, getting you a boost to Charm. There are a lot of days spent on unavoidable plot events leading up to the exams, so the time you have for this is deceptive. Get studying!
  • Trying to fit in the Bathhouse every Monday and Thursday night for Charm points is a priority. This will get you the level 2 requirement for the Flower Shop job in no time; in turn, working the Flower Shop to get level 2 Kindness will help you advance the Lovers Confidant early.
  • Proficiency to level 2 is easily obtained by crafting the Lockpicks you’ll need for Palaces. Doing this early will net you the incredibly useful Sun Confidant as well as the high paying Beef Bowl Store job, which in turn levels your Proficiency higher. After level 2, the need for this stat drops off until July, so you can relax afterwards.
  • A number of Confidants become available in Late June. To maximise these and get started early, you’ll need Knowledge at level 3 to advance the Priestess, and Charm at level 3 to begin the extremely powerful Star Confidant.
  • Again, prioritise Guts! In late May, you’ll gain the ability to advance the Temperance Confidant at level 3, which will get you a lot of extra time to work with. You’ll also see the prompt to begin the Hanged Man Confidant, but this requires level 4 so don’t expect to rush this. It’s worth working towards these however.

Trying to get everything to level 2 and not neglecting any stats will be crucial to your success in the long run, but there’s no hard and fast rule about advancing and there are multiple routes to success. With luck, this guide will help you find your preferred play style.


And with this, you should hopefully have a better idea of how to proceed with the Social stats in Persona 5. We’ll be putting out more guides for other areas of the game soon, so stay posted! Feel free to let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something or if you have a different tip, and we’ll be sure to note it!

Persona 5 Guide: Finding the Best Confidants Thu, 06 Apr 2017 14:42:33 -0400 Ty Arthur

As you might expect, Persona 5 features a social link system where our protagonist has to increase his ranking with various acquaintances to unlock new abilities. Each confidant becomes available at different times and locations, and there's a large number of possible confidants to meet -- all corresponding to the various Arcana.

From crafting new cards to unlocking items and even increasing your gained experience, every confidant has something different to offer that can change your Persona 5 experience. If you want to focus solely on the best confidants with the most useful abilities, the five companions below shouldn't be skipped.

The Best Confidants in Persona 5

Tae Takemi (Death)

Unlocked on the afternoon of 4/15 at Yongenjaya Clinic, Tae offers access to various healing items you can buy that will be critical to progressing through Palaces in the early game. 

The higher your confidant rank with Tae increases, the better items she gets, and Tae remains useful throughout the entire game. Increasing the Guts and Charm stats will help rank up Tae. The higher your rank, the more restorative items will be for sale and the cheaper they will cost.

Yuuki Mishima (Moon)

Yuuki becomes available during the night of 5/6 in Shibuya Central District at Shinjuku Street, and is simply a must-have confidant for the unique ability to give a portion of earned experience to non-active party members. When you have a bunch of members to choose from later in the game, the usefulness of this ability can't be overstated.

This confidant's rank increases by completing Memento missions. At ranks 3 and 7, Yuuki further increases the earned experience of active party members as well, meaning you'll grow in power much faster with Yuuki around. 

Toranosuke Yoshida (Sun)

This confidant becomes available on the night of 5/6 after taking the part time job at Shibuya Station.

Since negotiating with Shadows before combat makes a triumphant return in Persona 5, Toranaosuke is an important confidant to gain (possibly the most important if your focus is on gaining powerful Persona).

At early ranks, Toranaosuke will simply get Shadows to give up more items and money, but eventually he can convince Shadows to immediately becomes Personas to use -- even if they are higher level than you!

Sadayo Kawakami (Temperance)

If you have Rank 2 in Guts, you can call Sadayo and then meet her the night of 5/24 at Shibuya Station Underground Mall.

Having trouble balancing your time as a student while still taking on Shadows at night as a Phantom Thief? Sadayo is the confidant you want to get on your side, as she takes your place and lets you do things when you shouldn't normally be able to complete activities.

Sadayo's abilities let you skip classes and chores without penalty, and eventually she unlocks the "Special Massage" skill (which is less salacious than it sounds) allowing you to complete night time activities even after going to a Palace or Memento.

Hifumi Togo (Star)

Hifumi is unlockable starting the afternoon of 6/25 at Kanda church and requires that you be rank 2 in Emperor and level 3 in Charm. To increase your rank with Hifumi you need high Knowledge and to complete Memento missions.

This confidant's abilities are all about battlefield control. She lets you swap out party members in combat, meaning you won't have to retreat from a dungeon nearly as often -- and can also let you escape ambushes.

While these are our personal favorite confidants, there's plenty more to unlock and increase in rank! What confidants do you think are the best that should have made our list? Sound off in the comments section below!

Need more help with Persona 5? Be sure to check out our other guides:

Persona 5 Class Questions and Answers Cheat Sheet Wed, 05 Apr 2017 17:28:52 -0400 Ty Arthur

The long-awaited Persona 5 may feature an updated and hyper-stylized format, but there are plenty of returning aspects that will still make series fans feel right at home. Dark humor and darker drama remain in the tried-and-true high school setting, along with the Persona series' typically memorable battle music.

As you might expect, your main character has to balance his night time supernatural activities with still getting to school and being a good student during the day.

At different intervals throughout the school year, class quiz questions will be thrown at you (sometimes without warning, sometimes scheduled) by teachers like Morgana or Mr. Ushimaru. Answering these questions correctly gives you a Knowledge boost, and can have an impact on certain stats and dialogue. Obviously, you want to get as many right as possible to maximize your stats and discover everything the game has to offer.

It's tough acing your high school classes while still battling Shadows as the Phantom Thief all night, though! If you didn't have time to study (and who does?) below we lay out all the Persona 5 class school quiz answers you need to know.

Still need more help with Persona 5's various in-depth systems? Be sure to check out our other guides:

 Your First Quiz Question!

Quiz Answers in Persona 5

April 12th - May 10th Basic Answers
  • 4/12: Logic
  • 4/19: Line C
  • 4/23: Singing
  • 4/25:
    • 1. Knowing your actions are wrong
    • 2. Convictions that you're right
  • 4/27: Four Colors
  • 4/30:
    • 1. Wonder
    • 2. Child
    • 3. A prodigy
  • 5/7: Femme fatale
  • 5/10: Minamoto no Yoshitsune
May 11th - 14th Midterm Exam Answers
  • May 11th Midterm
    • 1: Optical Illusion
    • 2: Visual Information
    • 3: The Brain
    • 4: They have different cognition
  • May 12th Midterm
    • 1: Magistrate's Patronage
    • 2: The name of a sum of currency
  • May 13th Midterm
    • 1: Ignorance
    • 2: Four
May 16th - July 12th Basic Answers
  • 5/16: Van Gogh
  • 5/21: The Silver Ratio
  • 5/23: Together and Senses
  • 5/26: Arsene Lupin, Tentleman Burglar
  • 5/30: William Kidd
  • 6/4: Brightly colored
  • 6/7: Hermit crabs
  • 6/8: Dreams
  • 6/11: Three Olympic-sized pools
  • 6/13: The government
  • 6/15: Change color
  • 6/23: Pope Joan
  • 6/27: Heavy rain
  • 6/29: Gold
  • 7/1: Baozi
  • 7/4: Someone pretentious said so
  • 7/7: Soumen
  • 7/8: Same flavor
  • 7/9: 180 degrees
  • 7/11: Luciferin
  • 7/12: Ishikawa Goemon
July 13th - 16th Final Exams Answers
  • July 13th Finals
    • 1: Noveau Riche
    • 2: Gentleman thief
    • 3: Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    • 4: Boiled alive
  • July 14th Finals
    • 1: Not related to crabs
    • 2: Television
  • July 15th Finals
    • 1: B4-size paper
    • 2: "Together" and "senses"
September 3rd - October 11th Basic Answers
  • 9/3: Nothing
  • 9/6: Chronostasis
  • 9/14: The 19th Century
  • 9/17: Cat
  • 9/21: Czechoslovakia
  • 9/24: It shows up well on TV
  • 9/28:
    • 1. Phantom
    • 2. Vibration
    • 3. Syndrome
  • 9/29: Fishermen of the Nagaragawa
  • 10/3: Three watermelons in the sun
  • 10/6: Guillotine
  • 10/11: A
October 17th - October 19th Midterm Exams Answers
  • October 17th Midterm
    • 1: Name of the one who proposed it
    • 2: Doctor
    • 3: It could execute people quickly
  • October 18th Midterm
    • 1: Thirty-two faces
    • 2: Slave labor
  • October 19th Midterm
    • 1: Phantom Vibration Syndrome
    • 2: The Imperial Household Agency
October 22nd - November 18th Basic Answers
  • 10/22: Five
  • 10/24: Meaningless
  • 11/2: Thieves' cant
  • 11/4: Holy Grail
  • 11/8: Zero
  • 11/10: An eye
  • 11/12: It's heavily processed
  • 11/15: They put makeup on him
  • 11/17: B
  • 11/18: Summit of Mt. Fuji
December 20th - 23rd Finals Exams
  • December 20th Finals
    • 1: D
    • 2: Not their real voice
    • 3: They speak the same
    • 4: Supplement the voice
  • December 21st Finals
    • 1: Hearts
    • 2: Includes a number
  • December 22nd Finals
    • 1: Japan
    • 2: Dreadnought

Strive for all correct answers!

Those are all the questions we've come across so far! Keep in mind some tests and quizzes (at the end of midterms and finals) don't actually have answers for you to pick, but instead will give you a result based on your Knowledge score. If you've answered all questions right up till that point, you should pass these with flying colors.

Did we miss any Persona 5 quiz answers in the list above? Let us know in the comments section below!

Persona 5 Guide: Unlocking Part-Time Jobs and Job Rewards Wed, 05 Apr 2017 11:13:40 -0400 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

Although selling treasure in Persona 5 is always going to be the primary income source of a Phantom Thief, outfitting your party doesn’t come cheap -- sometimes you just need a little more spending money. How else can an ordinary high school student accomplish this? With part-time jobs!

This guide will briefly go over unlocking the jobs, what they require you to do, and how they reward you!

How to Unlock All Jobs in Persona 5

Starting from April 18th, you may overhear rumors about the job magazine stands in Shibuya’s Underground Walkway. Visiting any of the magazine stands (marked on your map as a Yen icon) will give you a list of job options to choose from, and selecting it while meeting the requirements will allow you to go there and get started.

You’ll have three options to start with, and a fourth that unlocks later in the game. Be sure to keep an ear out for rumors as to when it becomes available. (We’ll be sure to update once we have exact dates!)

Here’s a quick look at the jobs and their requirements:

  • Convenience Store: Available from 4/18 with no other requirements
  • Flower Shop: Available from 4/18, requires Charm 2
  • Beef Bowl Shop: Available from 5/6, requires Proficiency 2
  • Crossroads Bar: Available in the second quarter of the game, requires Kindness 3, Proficiency 3 and the Devil Arcana unlocked

While you’ll be able to see the Beef Bowl Shop advertisement, you can’t actually work there immediately, since it’s only open during the Evening and you can’t leave Leblanc at night until 5/6.

It’s highly unlikely you have the stats required to get all the jobs straight away, but it shouldn’t take you too long to get there. Let’s look at the jobs in more detail.

Jobs, Availability, and Rewards in Persona 5

Convenience Store
  • Availability: Any day, Afternoon only
  • Rewards: ~2800 yen

Located in Central Street in Shibuya, this job is notable only because it’s the first you get access to. While working, you will occasionally have to decide on calling for assistance if there are a number of people queuing -- depending on your answer, your pay for the shift will increase or decrease.

Beyond the money, there are no stat gains or Confidants to be had from this job. However, one Request later in the game will require you to have worked there twice at least. Beyond doing this, or unless you get desperate for cash early, I’d recommend avoiding this job.

Flower Shop
  • Availability: Any day, Afternoon and Evening
  • Rewards: ~3200 yen, +2 Kindness

Found in the Underground Mall in Shibuya. This job will be your bread and butter, as it has good rewards and is always available. You will occasionally be required to arrange a specific flower bouquet for a customer -- doing this correctly increases your pay and gives you extra Kindness points.

Even without the bouquet event, this is the best way to efficiently level Kindness, so expect to be working here plenty! Also keep in mind that you can use the store here to buy crafting materials and plant nutrients.

Beef Bowl Shop
  • Availability: Any day, Evening only
  • Rewards: ~3600 yen, +2 Proficiency

You’ll find the Beef Bowl Shop in Central Street in Shibuya. An important point to note is that order to get the job, you must work the night you apply or else you’ll have to check the magazine stand again. Sometimes while working, you’ll be required to memorize the orders of a number of customers and get them right, and your pay will be adjusted accordingly.

This job is also a requirement to unlock the Sun Arcana. To do so, you’ll need to talk to the speech-giving politician at the Station Square when he’s speaking, then go to work there. After the second time, he’ll speak to you after your shift and you can then meet him again at Station Square to become his Confidant.

Crossroads Bar
  • Availability: Evening only
  • Rewards: 5400 yen, +2 Any Stat (varies)

Located in Shinjuku, you'll discover the bar for story scenes early, but employment there becomes available later in the game. There’s no event that changes your pay, but you can speak to a customer in the bar -- this will net you +2 points to a stat that depends on who you choose.

We’ll be sure to update this guide with specifics on who to talk to for what stat when we have the full list!


And that’s about it for part-time jobs in Persona 5! Work hard and you’ll be a slightly richer and more skilled Phantom Thief in no time. Be sure to leave a comment if I’ve missed anything!