Phasmophobia Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Phasmophobia Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Phasmophobia Obake Unique Evidence: What Is It? Mon, 13 Dec 2021 13:59:02 -0500 Ashley Shankle

In Phasmophobia, the Obake's unique evidence eludes players in a particular way thanks to the ghost's latent abilities meant to confuse. The journal states the Obake is a shapeshifter, which can be a little misleading.

New players often assume the Obake is actually able to shapeshift in Phasmophobia, possibly taking on the shape of other players or even objects. This is false. Though the Obake is technically a shapeshifter, there is only one way it manifests: through the Fingerprints evidence.

The Obake can be determined through three pieces of unique evidence:

  • EMF 5
  • Ghost Orb
  • Fingerprints

Fingerprints is the only evidence that may show the Obake's unique ability, which is that sometimes the handprint may have six fingers instead of five. This ability sounds cool, but the handprint left behind isn't all that different from the ones you can get from other ghosts.

Additionally, unique evidence comes with the added burden that Obake Fingerprints can disappear in half the time they do from other types of ghosts. Normally, Fingerprints will disappear after two minutes. Obake Fingerprints, whether the six-fingered prints or not, can disappear after only a minute.

It's worth noting that the new Mimic ghost may be able to imitate the Obake's unique evidence. Keep this in mind in your investigations to avoid getting too excited and choosing the wrong ghost.

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That's all you need to know about seeing the unique evidence of the Obake in Phasmophobia. In my experience, Obake tend to be particularly aggressive ghosts who hunt often. Though of course, that may not be the case for you. Take a look at our other Phasmophobia guides to learn more about effective ghost hunting.

Phasmophobia: How to Use a Crucifix Mon, 13 Dec 2021 13:53:06 -0500 Ashley Shankle

You're going to be using a crucifix in just about every investigation in Phasmophobia, the item being your one true defense against hunts on any difficulty. Whenever you're stocking items before an investigation, be sure to bring one or two for safety.

Of all the items you can bring along during a Phasmophobia investigation, the crucifix is one of the most simple to use. You just set it and forget it! Well, sort of.

How to Use a Crucifix in Phasmophobia

In theory, all you need to do to make use of a crucifix is to put it in the ghost room as protection from hunts. This item has two charges, and a charge is used up each time a ghost attempts to initiate a hunt within three meters of the crucifix.

You can toss it on the floor, on a table, or even hold it in your hand — if the ghost tries to initiate a hunt within three meters of the crucifix, it's going to eat a charge and spare you the headache.

There are a few things to note about using the this item in Phasmophobia you'll want to keep in mind:

  • If the ghost is a Banshee, a crucifix can stop it from hunting in a five-meter radius.
  • It can stop hunts even through walls, doors, and furniture. It does not need to be in the exact room the ghost starts hunting, provided it is within three meters.
  • The cursed hunts initiated by using cursed items cannot be prevented by a crucifix.
  • You can be protected from a hunt by one even when it is out in your hand, but not if it is in your inventory.
  • Finding a good spot to place a crucifix can be hard. If a ghost keeps hunting from elsewhere, you will want to move it.

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That is everything you need to know about how to use a crucifix in Phasmophobia. Check out our other Phasmophobia guides here on GameSkinny.

Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions Guide Mon, 13 Dec 2021 13:46:33 -0500 Ashley Shankle

The ouija board in Phasmophobia received an overhaul in the update, adding new ouija board questions and functions, along with a brand new look.

In this Phasmophobia guide, we're going to go over the ouija board questions you can ask a ghost, either to push along your investigation or to add some extra flavor.

Phasmophobia: How to Use the Ouija Board

Pick up the ouija board in a safe spot, preferably near the front door in case a hunt begins, and click the ouija board to turn it on.

Asking a ghost questions with the ouija board is not free, at least in terms of your Sanity. You will take a hit to your sanity with each question you successfully ask the ouija board, though not all questions impact you equally.

  • Asking the location of the ghost will drain your Sanity by 40%, though a little less with Demons.

  • Asking a question about the location of the bone or how many people are in the room with the ghost will drain your Sanity by 20%.

  • The other questions will drain your Sanity by 5%.

Additionally, a new feature to this Phasmophobia patch is that the ouija board will break and immediately initiate a cursed hunt if you do not say goodbye to the board.

A cursed hunt is longer than a regular hunt and starts (essentially) on the player. It will extend every other hunt for the rest of an investigation. Always say goodbye to the ouija board when you're done with it unless you are intentionally trying to start cursed hunts.

Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions

Questions are sorted by their function below; there are quite a few ways to phrase ouija board questions to ghosts in Phasmophobia.

  • To find out where the ghost is:
    • Are you here / close / around / near?
    • What is your favorite room?
    • Where are you?
    • Where is your room?
    • Are there any spirits?
  • To find out the location of the bone, ask the ouija board:
    • Where is the bone?
  • To find out your Sanity:
    • "What is my Sanity?"
    • Healthy means your Sanity is 80% or above.
    • Good means your Sanity is between 60% and 80%.
    • Average means your Sanity is between 40% and 60%.
    • Bad means your Sanity is between 20% and 40%.
    • Awful means your Sanity is below 20%.
    • "Am I insane?"
    • Maybe means you are above 0% Sanity.
    • Yes means you are at 0% Sanity.
    • "How insane am I? or "How crazy am I?"
    • Not very means you are above 50% Sanity.
    • Very means you are between 20% and 50% Sanity.
    • Insane means you are below 20% Sanity.
  • To find out how long the ghost has been dead:
    • How long have you been here?
    • When did you die?
    • How long have you been dead?
    • How many years ago did you die?
    • How long ago did you die?
  • To find out how many people are in the same room as the ghost, including the ghost, ask the ouija board:
    • How many ghosts are here?
    • Who is here?
    • Who is in this room?
    • How many ghosts are present?
    • How many people are present?
    • Are you alone?
    • Are we alone?
    • How many are in this room?
    • How many people are in this room?
    • How many people are here?
  • To find out how old the ghost was when it died:
    • How old are you?
    • Are you old?
    • Are you young?
    • What is your age?
  • To find out how the ghost died, ask the ouija board:
    • How did you die?
  • To force a cursed hunt to start:
    • Do you want to play hide and seek?
  • To find out how the ghost is feeling:
    • How do you feel?
    • Are you okay?
  • To get the ghost in on a joke:
    • Knock knock!
  • To find out why the ghost is there:
    • Why are you here?
  • Miscellaneous questions to ask the ouija board:
    • Am I pretty?
    • Do you hate me?
    • Are we friends?

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Those are all the Phasmophobia ouija board questions for now. The list certainly isn't too long, and keeping some in mind for your next round of investigations can be a boon if you want to save some time hunting for the bone or the ghost itself. For more tips, check out our other Phasmophobia guides on GameSkinny.

Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll: What Does It Do? Mon, 13 Dec 2021 10:40:17 -0500 Ashley Shankle

The voodoo doll cursed item was added to Phasmophobia in the update, adding a new way for players to interact with ghosts. The voodoo doll can also add new difficulty to an investigation if players get particularly unlucky with the pins.

There is only a one in five chance for the voodoo doll to spawn on a map. One cursed item spawns per map, and you could instead run into one of the others in a Phasmophobia round.

How to Use the Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia's voodoo doll has 10 pins stuck inside of it. Each time you interact with the doll, it pushes a pin into the doll at random.

Each pin you push into the voodoo doll will force the ghost to do an interaction, which can be useful for finding its exact location provided you're not too far away. It can also be used to get pictures of interactions, but there is a catch. Two catches, in fact.

One of the voodoo doll's pins is stuck in the heart. Should this pin be pressed in, it will immediately start a cursed hunt.

A cursed hunt is longer than a regular hunt, and if you trigger one, every single hunt for the rest of the round will be just as long. Cursed hunts only have a one-second grace period and can start at any Sanity level.

Since the pin you press into the voodoo doll is random, even the first pin you press in can trigger a cursed hunt and subsequently make the rest of the round that much harder.

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It's up to you whether you use the new voodoo doll in Phasmophobia, as it does have its benefits. Is the risk worth the reward? It really depends on you and your team. Be sure to let them know you are using the voodoo doll before you start pressing pins, just in case it does trigger a cursed hunt and potentially kill you or one of them.

Phasmophobia: Raiju Survival Guide Sun, 31 Oct 2021 14:54:44 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Raiju is one three new ghosts to Phasmophobia and stands as the most dangerous of the three. In fact, the Raiju is such a powerful ghost when it hunts that it may be even more deadly than the Revenant. You need to play carefully once you realize the ghost you're dealing with is a Raiju.

How to Determine a Ghost Is a Raiju

The Raiju is one of the few ghosts that can initiate a hunt at above 50% Sanity. It is able to start hunting between 60% and 70% Sanity, putting it in league with other aggressive ghosts such as Demon, Banshee, Yokai, and Onryo as one that can attack before you're prepared.

It is only possible for the Raiju to initiate a hunt in the 60% to 70% Sanity range if there are electronic devices near the ghost — which is nearly a guarantee. The EMF Reader, Thermometer, Parabolic Mic, both Flashlights, D.O.T.S. Projector, Photo Cameras, and Video Cameras can all trigger the Raiju to hunt early.

Cruelly, the three pieces of evidence needed for the Raiju are presently:

  • EMF 5
  • Ghost Orbs
  • D.O.T.S.

There is almost no avoiding this ghost hunting early.

This isn't the worst thing about this particular this, however. What makes Raiju so dangerous is it moves faster around electronic equipment during hunts. It will haul absolute butt regardless of whether it has line of sight on a player.

Luckily its speed near electronics is a dead giveaway as to the the sort of ghost it is when hunting, as the Raiju sounds almost like it's galloping

How to Survive a Raiju

To deal with the Raiju, you'll want to move all triggering electronics out of the house if you want to take pictures and complete other objectives after you've discerned what it is.

Electronics in the player's hand will also enable this ability, meaning if you have any sort of electronic on in your hands it will speed up when it's close to you.

It's imperative to turn off your handheld electronics, and in a rare twist you do not want to drop your Photo Camera when fleeing. Because the Photo Cam stays on when dropped on the floor, it enables the Raiju to move faster within its radius. It can be deadly! Swap to a different item in your hand instead. Do not drop your camera.

Notably, Motion and Sound Sensors do not feed the Raiju's speed.

The Raiju does not move faster than a Revenant when its speed ability is enabled, which is a boon. However, it is able to move fast regardless of whether it sees you or not and that is what makes it even deadlier in most scenarios.

Every electronic you'll have set up will be working against you when up against a Raiju and its early hunting capabilities can make short work of inexperienced players. Keep your ears open for quick steps if you get an early hunt, you may just be able to identify the Raiju and sweep up the other objectives before it gets too aggressive.

Good luck surviving the next Raiju you encounter! If this guide helped you better understand this ghost, check out our guides on how to survive The Twins and how to survive an Onryo in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: The Twins Survival Guide Sun, 31 Oct 2021 14:54:41 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Twins are one of the three new ghost types recently added to Phasmophobia, but unlike the the Raiju they are not as easy to discern. The Twins are counted a single ghost, but they do act separately from one another.

There is a rumor that there are two ghosts when hunting when facing The Twins. This is incorrect, as there is only one ghost present during hunts.

This doesn't mean there aren't effectively two ghosts, however. One will mostly stay in the ghost room while the other wanders the map causing trouble; which can make it difficult to discern from other active ghosts.

How to Determine a Ghost is The Twins

The evidence required for The Twins is:

  • EMF 5
  • Spirit Box
  • Freezing Temperatures

Two of the three can be used to discern whether the ghost you're dealing with is The Twins in situations where you can only obtain two types of evidence — whether the ghost is being stingy with its evidence or you're on Nightmare mode.

The main feature of The Twins is their combined ability to mess with objects around the map, while only one of them gives all three evidences. One will primarily interact with objects in the primary ghost room, while the other will interact with objects elsewhere.

If you've come across a ghost that seems to be interacting with items in two separate rooms, you'll want to use the Spirit Box and Thermometer to confirm which is the actual ghost room. Only the primary ghost will respond to the Spirit Box or give freezing temps. That said, it can still be quite chilly in the secondary ghost's room.

Notably, both ghosts can give EMF 5. This can cause false flags when trying to find the ghost room and can be dangerous as either ghost can hunt.

How to Survive The Twins

If you have a ghost hunting distinctly from two different rooms, it very well may be The Twins. You can check this further by placing Motion Sensors close to both rooms, as only the primary ghost will set off Motion Sensors.

Surviving when The Twins hunt isn't much different from any other ghosts, so there is nothing in particular to note beyond the fact either ghost can hunt. Do not assume you will be hunted from the ghost room with The Twins. Be aware of hiding and loop spots around the house for safety and stay on your toes.

The Twins aren't as bad as some of the rumors suggest, hopefully this guide helps you better deal with the Terrible Two. Check out our other guides on how to survive a Raiju and how to survive an Onryo in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: Onryo Survival Guide Sun, 31 Oct 2021 14:54:36 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Onryo is perhaps the most overlooked of the four new ghosts added to Phasmophobia in the Halloween update, but don't underestimate this deceptively aggressive ghost. The Onryo can be deadly, particularly on Nightmare.

The Onryo is the only ghost able to attack regardless of Sanity if you are particularly unlucky.

How to Determine a Ghost Is an Onyro

The Onryo can give the following three evidences:

  • Spirit Box
  • Ghost Orb
  • Freezing Temperatures

None of them have anything to do with its special ability, which is that the Onryo can attack whenever a Candle has gone out regardless of Sanity. This means that, if you are particularly unlucky, this ghost can initiate a hunt as soon as a Candle goes out near it even at the start of a round.

How to Survive an Onryo

An Onryo hunt can happen whether a Candle is tossed and manually extinguished by a player, by its flame simply running out, or by the ghost blowing the Candle out itself. Which it absolutely will do — Onryo will blow out Candles just like any other ghost.

The risk of this happening is compounded as players die in multiplayer. For each player death, the chance rises for the Onryo to initiate a hunt when a Candle is extinguished. When two players have been killed, the ghost is almost guaranteed to initiate a hunt when a Candle has been extinguished.

Like the Raiju, which serves as a counter to general play, the Onryo is a counter to clean play in Nightmare mode and can spell trouble for players on on lower difficulties who manage their Sanity using Candles.

Using Candles for Sanity management is mandatory in Nightmare, making the Onryo deadly when playing on the difficulty. You carry one around, you place them around the map, Candles are normally your only real friend in Nightmare mode. When dealing with an Onryo, they are your worst enemy.

No matter the difficulty, if you still have objectives to obtain after determining the ghost is an Onryo, it's best to leave your Candles unlit once they go out.

On the flip side, this ghost's disdain for putting out flames can make it easier to discern than some other ghosts. Though that is little comfort on Nightmare, as the extra stress of repeated hunts during low Sanity can make dealing with an Onryo a no-win situation.

Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand the threat of the Onryo. Check out our guides on how to survive The Twins and how to survive a Raiju in Phasmophobia.

How to Light a Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia Wed, 30 Dec 2020 10:16:54 -0500 Hunter Boyce

There are many items in Phasmophobia that can make surviving that much easier. One of those is the all-important Crucifix, which we have a guide on here. Another one, which seems to be confusing some players, is the Smudge Stick. So how do you use it, and what does it do? 

The first step to properly using this tool is knowing that you need a lighter to set the Smudge Stick alight. If you're playing alone, that means you'll need to pick up both items; in multiplayer, ask your team if anyone's got a light. 

You can also light one of these items with an already-lit candle, which is helpful if you can't find a lighter or are low on inventory space.

Once it has been lit, it will begin to smoke. It may take a few attempts before the stick ignites properly. Now, you can hold it in your hand, or you can throw it on the ground. It will dissuade a nearby ghost from attacking you too often. It can also dissuade a ghost from moving. Either way, you'll be able to calm nearby spirits.

While it won't be an objective every time, you will often find cleansing as a mission on your truck whiteboard. Clearing this task is a great way to keep yourself safe during your ghost hunting forays and to make a little extra money. 

And that's all you need to know about how to use the Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia. Check out all of our Phasmophobia guides to survive against the horror that lurks in the shadows.

Phasmophobia Spirit Box Questions Guide: Every Question You Can Ask Wed, 30 Dec 2020 10:14:58 -0500 Hunter Boyce

If you want to succeed in Phasmophobia, then you'll have to do some fine paranormal detective work and ask the spirit box questions. And it's important to break down precisely what kind of ghost you are dealing with to get the right answers.

Of course, that requires the use of the spirit box, but it's no easy task. To help make things a bit simpler, here are all of the questions you need to ask. 

To effectively use the spirit box, you first need to be in the same room as the ghost. Then, with the spirit box equipped or near you on the ground, begin speaking into your microphone.

You will know you are using the spirit box correctly when the phrase "nothing detected" appears. This signifies that the ghost has acknowledged your question, but has chosen not to answer. Simply continue to ask questions until the ghost responds.

  • Can you speak?
  • Can you speak to us?
  • Are there any ghosts?
  • Is there anyone with me?
  • Can we speak?
  • Is there anyone here?
  • May I ask you?
  • Would you like to talk?
  • Are you the only one here?
  • Are you waiting?
  • Is there anything I can do?
  • Do you know who we are?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you here all the time?
  • Are you male or female?
  • Do you want us to leave?
  • Can I ask you?
  • Can you make a sound?
  • Is this you're home?
  • Can you speak to us?
  • Shall we leave?
  • Do you want to hurt us?

How to Interpret the Spirit Box's Answers

A black cell phone on the ground.

The ghost's answer will change based on your question. Sometimes you may see oddly casual words like "Adult" or "Away" appear on your spirit box. Other times, the response may be a touch more sinister; sometimes the spirit box may read "Die" or "Kill". With all of that in mind, the important thing is that you receive a response.

Once you do, no matter the specific word gained, you can mark the response as evidence within your journal. This will help you narrow down the type of ghost you have on your hands. 

And that's what you need to know about using the spirit box, as well as which questions to ask for them to give you answers. For more on Pashmophobia, consider heading over to our guides hub for this terrifying survival horror experience.