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After a series of free quality of life DLC updates, the first full, paid expansion for Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire has finally arrived! Following the same pattern as the last game, we get to travel to a deadly, snow-shrouded wonderland with Beast Of Winter.

As should be expected with any major game these days, plenty of players are having issues getting the DLC to launch properly. If you can't seem to get the new quest line to start, we've got you covered with a guide on exactly where to go.

Where Do I Go for the Beast Of Winter DLC?

First off, make sure the Beast Of Winter DLC box is checked in the Steam library page for Pillars 2. If it isn't, close the game and then restart Steam. The download should start automatically after buying the DLC.

After the install is complete, you need to load a save prior to the very end of the main campaign. The game autosaves a separate file before you land on the final island. Do not load a save past this point or you won't be able to get to the DLC area.

Load that final pre-end save and sail anywhere on the map for a while. After a few minutes, you should receive a missive asking you to travel to Harbinger's Watch.

If the missive never arrives or you get tired of waiting, you can bypass the letter portion altogether and just sail to the far southeast edge of the Archipelago, toward the "Unidentified Location" marker on the map. You know you've hit the right place when you see a snowy island.

Once you land, you can start the DLC quests normally, even without receiving the missive (although the text when you meet Vatnir will indicate you did in fact read the letter).

 Traveling to Harbinger's Watch
(thanks to Steam gamer Yuu for the screenshot)

Having any other issues getting the Beast of Winter DLC to work? Let us know and we'll find a solution for you!

Once you get the game up and running, be sure to check out our other Pillars Of Eternity 2 guides here covering everything from recruiting companions to finding every single pet in the game.

Best Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Mods (So Far) https://www.gameskinny.com/haxx8/best-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-mods-so-far https://www.gameskinny.com/haxx8/best-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-mods-so-far Thu, 17 May 2018 12:11:49 -0400 Ty Arthur


What did you think of our essential, must-download Pillars of Eternity 2 mods, and did we miss any that you've been trying out? Let us know your best picks in the comments!


Whether you play modded or vanilla, check out our other Pillars of Eternity 2 guides below as you get started exploring the Deadfire Archipelago and chasing down your disembodied soul:


500 Portraits Mod


With Infinity Engine style cRPGs, there's always a desire for more character and NPC portraits to pick to distinguish your party from other playthroughs. As should be obvious from the name, this one gives you 500 extra images to use for the Watcher, the various companions, and even the animals found in the game.


Make absolutely certain to back up the main portrait folder before installing, however, as this mod completely overwrites all existing portrait files! It's a good bet more mods of this nature will arrive in the near future, so if you see any awesome new ones, be sure to let us know.


No Friendly Fire Mod


When you leave the party AI turned on during combat, spellcasting characters seem to have an unhealthy obsession with lobbing fireballs or throwing out blasts of frost directly at your melee combatants on the front line.


For those who don't pause every single round and issue commands singly to each and every character, a mod like this can really save your party from a ton of friendly fire damage.


Feel free to have your wizard lob those delayed blast fireballs or cleric summon storms of holy fire anywhere you please!


Classic Disposition Mod


Much like with the Pet Unlocker, the Classic Disposition mod is something you probably want to install after your first full playthrough so you can experience the game as intended.


That being said, sometimes even minor actions in this game can give you large boosts to any given disposition. If you want to slow down the rate at which dispositions and party reputations are gained, this mod lets you play basically however you want without suddenly having everyone hate you for your cruelty or love you for your benevolence.


That can be particularly helpful for Paladin characters, who get bonuses with Deep Faith so long as they are playing according to their order's disposition preferences.


Pet Unlocker Mod


Exploration is a huge part of this game, and unlocking things early robs you of half the experience. Finding all the pets and deciding which one best complements your build is a major part of the fun, but on second or third playthroughs, you may just want all the pets available right from the beginning.


As the name implies, this mod immediately summons all 66 possible pets into your party stash -- including crowdfunding backer and preorder-only pets! Your ship's menagerie will be filled to overflowing with all these options.


Close to Board Deals No Damage Mod


When dealing with larger, more heavily armed and armored ships, your best option is usually to close the distance and board for a direct confrontation with the enemy crew. It's better to risk a few wounds while using your party's combat abilities than to lose your ship altogether if you can't get the upper hand in ship-to-ship combat.


The problem is that the Defiant (or whatever boat you bought after the beginning of the game) takes automatic heavy cannon damage while you board, and crew injuries are virtually guaranteed. That makes the close-to- board maneuver a gamble that is often expensive and will have your crew out of commission at low morale while they heal.


If you really don't care for the ship-to-ship combat events at all, this mod negates all incoming damage during the close-to-board maneuver, so you can just jump straight into standard combat.


Gameplay Tweaks Mod


If you want completely unrestricted options and to bypass some of the odd combat design choices in the Pillars series, this is the definitive mod to download immediately.


There are a ton of changes here, but most notably, you get to access 8th- and 9th-tier abilities for your multiclass characters when you reach higher levels (which is unbalancing, but very satisfying), all the Berath's Blessings abilities only cost 1 point, and -- best of all -- combat abilities and potions can now be used outside of combat.


If there was one mechanic preventing Pillars of Eternity from fully evoking the feel of the classic Infinity Engine games, it was the inability to cast spells and ready yourself with potions before the fighting starts. That issue is entirely negated with this mod, which makes it a must-download. Now you can have your summoned creatures and Iron Skill spells already fired off so you are more prepared for any given battle.


The high seas adventure in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire may be a 10/10 experience, but that doesn't mean there can't be some modifications made to enhance your playthrough or tweak the gameplay to better suit your individual style.


Based on Obsidian's other games, it seems very unlikely there will be any Pillars of Eternity 2 Steam Workshop support down the line. That means you've got to do things the old-fashioned way and download some some Pillars 2 Nexus mods instead.


We've got you covered with all the best mods (currently available) to make your trek across the Deadfire Archipelago an even more fun ride, whether you choose to raid ships with the Principi pirates, pacify the locals with the Royal Deadfire Company, or just want to chase after the giant stone god and get your soul back.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Best Multiclass Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/uy2w0/pillars-of-eternity-2-best-multiclass-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/uy2w0/pillars-of-eternity-2-best-multiclass-guide Tue, 15 May 2018 11:57:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

Further reinforcing the Baldur's Gate 2 nods, multiclassing has been thrown into the mix with Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 2, which radically expands your potential class options.

Between pure classes, sub-classes, and now multiclassing, the number of combinations is astronomical, which probably has you asking -- what's the best Pillars Of Eternity 2 multiclass available?

Below we cover two of the most monstrous combos that can deal insane amounts of damage or withstand devastating punishment in any combat situation! These two builds can even potentially solo the game.

Monk/Ranger (Wanderer) With the Kitchen Stove

This is a very, very specific build revolving entirely around a single weapon that makes the Monk's Swift Flurry ability continuously activate.

To make this build work, you need to go one-handed with a single blunderbuss -- in this case, a specific enchantable blunderbuss called the Kitchen Stove.

The weapon is picked up from Dereo the Lean, who is located by exploring the Gullet Narrows and killing some guards. Trade some relic found in the under-city beneath the Gullet for the Kitchen Stove, which can be enchanted with Wild Barrage to bounce multiple shots between enemies.

What you want to do is have the Monk ability Swift Flurry increase your attack speed, and then launch extra free attacks each time you crit. Combined with the weapon's enchantment, you will get an absurd number of shots from one single attack. Groups of enemies will go down nearly instantly, and you don't even need party members to help in the fight.

When combined with the Ranger's Driving Flight ability, which causes each attack to hit other targets, the numbers get astounding. Any given attack will likely end up bouncing dozens of times, utterly annihilating all enemies in its path. Combining with any ability that reduces reload speed, like Gunner or the Frantic Reload enchantment, will just further increase the carnage.

This particular combo is so effective and bounces so often that if you come across an enemy resistant to the damage who doesn't quickly die, the bullet will keep going so long that it can actually crash the game! Keep a secondary weapon or ability in-hand for bosses that are immune to damage so you can keep playing.

Note that it is entirely possible this was an unintended usage of the Swift Flurry ability with this particular weapon, so try out the build now before it ends up getting patched out!

 The Kitchen Stove Blunderbuss (thanks to MONST3R for the screenshot)

Chanter/Melee Class (Herald or Howler)

Your Chanter side will take on the role of summoner, bringing out tons of allies to fight for you. Your secondary focus should be on anything that heals you while hampering the enemy to work well with the various abilities of either the Paladin or Barbarian.

Picking the Beckoner sub-class for Chanter gives you even more minions, although each will be more squishy. With how many you will have out, however, they don't need to last very long. If you want to focus on survival and using your Chanter abilities more often while wading into combat, go with Skald. Your summons cost more because they count as non-offensive chants, but that is offset because you get extra phrases to use when landing crits.

Either way, the automatic chants offered with the Chanter class is where things get overpowered. Pick anything that hurts the enemy, heals you, or gives you huge defensive bonuses and you won't need to worry about most combats.

For your secondary class, you want either Paladin to keep yourself alive, or Barbarian for the frenzies to increase your damage and shouts for crowd control.

On the Paladin side, picking an order that grants Lay On Hands immediately is an excellent idea, and Shieldbearer in particular can make you nearly invincible since your Lay On Hands will prevent you from dying for several seconds. Focus on upgrading your Lay On Hands and picking any auras that give you boosts to armor, regenerate health, or hinder enemies with blindness.

No matter what your starting skill, be sure to pick Deep Faith at second level. So long as you roleplay the character in accordance with the Paladin order's beliefs, you get absolutely massive defensive bonuses.

Whether you pick Barbarian or Paladin, be sure to load up your character's inventory with further creature summoning items, like the Laughing Imp Cameo or the Dragon Pendant. Between your army of monsters and your constant ability to heal damage while wading into melee combat, you will be an absolute powerhouse!

 Even from level 1, the Chanter can bring out a horde of skeleton allies

Have you found any other killer Pillars of Eternity 2 multiclass combos we should try out? Let us know your favorite class combination in the comments below!

Be sure to check out our other Pillars of Eternity 2 guides below as you get started exploring the Deadfire Archipelago:

Pillars of Eternity 2 Console Commands Cheat Sheet https://www.gameskinny.com/65ha6/pillars-of-eternity-2-console-commands-cheat-sheet https://www.gameskinny.com/65ha6/pillars-of-eternity-2-console-commands-cheat-sheet Thu, 10 May 2018 14:49:16 -0400 Ty Arthur

If you recall the days of inputting endless console commands into the Baldur's Gate series to find every last weapon and item in the game, then prepare yourself for a major rush of nostalgia with the classic Infinity Engine style on display with Pillars of Eternity 2.

Besides the same iconic visual style and real-time-with-pause combat you've come to expect, this sequel to the Kickstarter smash hit also includes a host of console command cheats to lower the difficulty, acquire items without spending any coins, or increase your skills to pass dialogue checks.

Below we cover how to turn on the console command feature, along with all commands currently known.

IMPORTANT: Turning on the Pillars of Eternity 2 cheat engine will disable achievements for that playthrough! Even if you turn cheats off again, achievements will remain disabled for that save game. Sure, you will be able to cheese your way through all the combat scenarios, have infinite money, and craft any object without materials, but you won't actually unlock any Steam achievements along the way, so it's a major trade-off.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Console Commands Cheat Engine List

The console commands this time around are very similar in structure to both of Obsidian's previous RPGs -- Tyranny and the first Pillars of Eternity -- so you may recognize a lot of these commands if you've played the developer's other games.

To access the command console section to enter debug mode, hit the ~ key (the tilde key next to the 1 on U.S. keyboards) and then type iroll20s. Hit enter to start the Pillars 2 cheat engine.

From there, enter any of these commands below, and hit enter again to get the desired cheat:

  • UnlockAll: Unlocks all locked chests and doors in the area (note that it still counts as stealing to take from them, so go into stealth mode if you don't want to get attacked)
  • UnlockBestiary: Gives you all entries in your bestiary without having to fight the corresponding monsters
  • Cosmic Bird: places the secret Cosmic Bird pet into the player's inventory
  • Cosmic Cat: places the secret Cosmic Cat pet into the player's inventory
  • Cosmic Dog: places the secret Cosmic Dog pet into the player's inventory
  • CraftingDebug: Gives the player a large quantity of crafting material for making most recipes
  • Comapnion AddRelationship sourceGuid targetGuid axis strengthGuid onlyInParty: This long, complicated string changes the relationship status between two party members, but we're still working out the exact syntax on how it functions
  • FreeRecipesToggle: Allows you to craft any recipe without needing the ingredients
  • GiveItem (Item Name): Places the item specified directly in the player's inventory
  • GivePlayerMoney #: Gives you the specified amount of money
  • AddExperience #: Adds the amount of experience input to each party member
  • AddExperienceToLevel #: Raises each party member's level to the number input
  • AttributeScore (Player Name) (Attribute Name) #: Raises the attribute specified for the player specified by the number input
  • God: Turns invincible God mode on and off
  • HealParty: Heals the entire party and replenishes their stamina
  • Invisible: Makes the party invisible to enemies for ultimate stealth
  • NoFog: Removes the fog that obscures unexplored locations
  • Rest: Forces rest instantly in any area
  • Skill (Player Name) (Skill Name) #: Increases the specified skill for the specified player by the amount in the number slot
  • ToggleSpellLimit: Allows characters to cast spells without any limit

If you are going to face a giant god made out of living adra, you probably want a few cheats to help out first

It's possible there are other console commands that haven't been discovered by players yet to get more pets or access more cheats. Have you found any other Pillars 2 console commands that work? Let us know, and we'll get them added to the list!

Be sure to check out our other Pillars of Eternity 2 guides below as you get started exploring the Deadfire Archipelago with or without cheats:

Pillars of Eternity 2: Companions and Ship Crew Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4phe3/pillars-of-eternity-2-companions-and-ship-crew-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4phe3/pillars-of-eternity-2-companions-and-ship-crew-guide Tue, 08 May 2018 13:15:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

What's a classic cRPG without a party of interesting personalities to travel alongside the main character? Pillars of Eternity 2 doesn't skimp on those party options, including full companions with their own stories, recruitable sidekicks, and extra crew members to staff the Defiant.

Besides the obvious story line quests based around each character, picking companions based on the Watcher's class and skill set is a critical part of your combat strategy.

Read on for a full breakdown of where every companion can be found while exploring the Deadfire Archipelago.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Companions

Relationships play a huge role in the Pillars sequel, as companions react to each other and to the actions of the Watcher.

Each companion has specific ideas and character traits that they like and dislike, which will change their opinion of the Watcher when you choose dialogue and event choices based around those traits.

Every companion can also be customized when recruited by picking from three class options -- either pure classes or multi-classing for a broader range of abilities.


  • Location: Vilario's Rest
  • Class Option: Fighter, Rogue, or Swashbuckler
  • Likes: Anti-Leaden Key, animal kindness, pro-Eothasian, light hearted, traditional
  • Dislikes: Animal cruelty, pro-Leaden Key, anti-Eothasian

Eder automatically joins the party as your main frontline fighter as soon as the game starts with the shipwreck at Vilario's Rest.

If you decide to play through as antagonistic towards Eothas and the other gods or opposed to rigid adherence to tradition, then you may want to go with a melee-focused class for the Watcher, as Eder won't want to stick around.

Whether you go with fighter or rogue for his class, Eder is all about battlefield positioning and quickly dashing around to take on threats. Keep him mobile and in the thick of the action.


  • Location: Port Maje
  • Class Option: Priest, Monk, or Contemplative
  • Likes: Pro-Eothas, lighthearted, impassioned, wordly 
  • Dislikes: Anti-religious, irresponsibility, skullduggery 

After leaving Vilario's Rest, you can find Xoti in the center of Port Maje with the Children of the Dawnstars gathered to follow after Eothas.

Xoti is the game's primary healer, so unless you focus on healing abilities from Tekehu or Pallegina, she's basically a requirement.

Sadly, she's not going to be happy if you play a rogue or go full throttle into evil pirate mode, and she doesn't appreciate anyone who is opposed to Eothas.


  • Location: The Defiant
  • Class Option: Barbarian, Cipher, or Witch
  • Likes: Skullduggery, lighthearted, impassioned, worldly
  • Dislikes: Anti-Principi, racism

When you fix the Defiant and start sailing towards Neketaka, a Principi ship will approach you with information about the pirate who first attacked at the beginning of the game.

During this dialogue, you can choose to have the psychic pirate Serafen join your crew.

Serafen can take the role of frontline fighter if you go pure barbarian, but frankly, his cipher abilities are more useful since he can charm enemies to fight for you during battle.


  • Location: Engwithan Digsite
  • Class Option: Wizard, Battlemage, or Spellmage
  • Likes: Autonomy, dutiful, stewardship
  • Dislikes: Irresponsibility, pride, traditional

If you open the doors at the bottom end of the Engwithan Digsite area before getting the Defiant fixed at Port Maje, Aloth is clearly visible among the people hiding from Eothas.

On his quest to follow the Leaden Key, he's been hiding his identity to fit in with the digging crew.

If you don't pick the wizard class for the Watcher, Aloth is your best bet for a pure damage spellcaster.

Maia Rua

  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent's Palace)
  • Class Option: Ranger, Scout, or Geomancer
  • Likes: Dutiful, lighthearted, provincial, resourcefulness, pro-Rautai
  • Dislikes: Animal cruelty, pro-Huana

After visiting the luminous adra pillar in Hosonga, you will be prompted to return to visit the queen in Neketaka.

During the dialogue segment with the queen, the two major trading companies in the area will try to send their spies onto your ship to watch the situation directly.

Maia is the Rautaian spy who works for the Royal Deadfire Company. Her long-range gun attacks and animal companion can be quite useful in combat, and she offers a romance option for the Watcher (if you can find some shark meat to feed her bird first).


  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent's Palace)
  • Class Option: Paladin, Crusader, or Herald
  • Likes: Anti-religious, pro-Animancy, dutiful, pro-Vailian Republic
  • Dislikes: Pro-godlike, piety, racism

During the same segment in which Maia is recruited, the Vailian Trading Company will try to send Pallegina as their spy onto your boat. 

You can choose to take one, either, or both of them. This second option results in some inter-party conflict if you have Pallegina and Maia in your group at the same time, as they are working at directly cross purposes. 

As an anti-religious paladin, Pallegina can lead to all sorts of interesting party combos if you picked the godlike race and choose to be opposed to the gods. Pallegina can pick up the frontline fighter or back healer positions as needed.


  • Location: Neketaka (Periki's Overlook)
  • Class Option: Druid, Chanter, or Theurge
  • Likes: Progressive, pro-godlike, piety, pro-Huana, lighthearted, pride
  • Dislikes: Anti-Huana, pro-Rautai

This druid water godlike is found arguing with his mother in the watershaper's guild building found in Periki's Overlook.

Another romance option, Tekehu will be particularly interested in the Watcher if you picked the godlike race.

Tekehu can potentially take the role of frontline fighter when he switches to his shark form, but that's really best left to Eder or Pallegina. His crowd control druid abilities make him an excellent combatant who can pick up the slack if you don't have Aloth or cipher-focused Serafen in the party.


  • Location: Harbinger's Watch
  • Class Option: Option: Priest (Rymrgand), Zealot, or Celebrant
  • Likes: Will Update
  • Dislikes: Will Update

A new type of godlike dubbed the "endings godlike" because of his connection to the deity Rymrgrand, Vatnir works well as a combat support priest with his ability to summon allies and manifest dual frost battle axes.

If you've already got a couple of priests in the party, pick his Celebrant variant to add in Chanter abilities or Zealot to get some Rogue options. Obviously he's not keen on blasphemy towards his deity, so expect a lot of friction if your party isn't on board with the teachings of Rymrgrand.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Sidekicks

Besides the main companions, four sidekicks who don't have personal quests or inter-party dialogue are also available. These sidekicks round out the party with different class abilities if you don't like the storylines or personalities of the full companions who take up those class roles.

  • Location: Neketaka (The Sacred Stair)
  • Class Option: Mindstalker, Cipher, or Rogue

Sadly, Obsidian didn't make the stretch goal to turn Ydwin into a full companion during the game's crowdfunding campaign, which is a shame, as she's clearly supposed to be some sort of animancer vampire performing insane experiments! Ydwin is found by traveling to the top of the Spire Of The Soul-Seers in the Sacred Stair area of Neketaka.

  • Location: Neketaka (The Queen's Berth)
  • Class Option: Chanter, Barbarian, or Howler

This masseuse, who is tired of rubbing down every traveler in Neketaka, is found by going to the upper floor of the Wild Mare in the Queen's Berth area.

  • Location: Neketaka (Perika's Outlook)
  • Class Option: Wizard, Loremaster, or Sorcerer

Fassina can be found in the Dark Cupboard shop in Perika's Outlook. If you don't bring Tekehu with you, taking the Sorcerer option gives you access to some druid abilities.

  • Location: Flotsam Event
  • Class Option: Fighter, Brawler, or Brute

Rekke is found during an event while sailing over on the far east side of the Archipelago map.

  • Location: Fort Deadlight
  • Class Option: Monk

Mirke is available in the Deadlight Court after completing the Blow the Man Down quest where you attack Fort Deadlight. If you talk to her during th quest, she can also help out in non-violent quest resolutions. 

Pillars of Eternity 2 Ship Crew Members

While you can pay to recruit replacement crew members at any of the various city dockyards, plenty of shipmates can be found just by exploring the world. 

Rum-Dumb Riggere
  • Location: Port Maje (Jail)
  • Role: Deckhand
  • Traits: Ocean folk, old Vailia, drunkard

You can pick up Rum-Dumb in the jail at Port Maje (after leaving the first area) by either paying his debt, picking the lock, or stealing the key. 

  • Location: Oathbinder's Sanctum
  • Role: Navigator
  • Traits: Wood elf, Aedyr, chatty, drunkard, helmsman

Oswald is currently on trial for a centuries-old crime inside the Oathbinder's Sanctum (found on the island southwest of Neketaka). The Lost Dues in Good Faith quest given by Kahn in the Wild Mare takes you directly to Oswald. 

Giordu Red-Handed
  • Location: Temple Of Tangaloa Ruins (unnamed island south of Port Maje)
  • Role: Cook
  • Traits: Mountain dwarf, deckhand

Inside the temple filled with stranded sailors who turned to cannibalism, look for this dwarf tied to a bloody pillar on the west side of the largest chamber.

Handsome Eliam
  • Location: Crookspur
  • Role: Helmsman
  • Traits: Death godlike, Dyrwood, enigmatic, loyal, cook

When you reach the slaver city Crookspur, you can either buy Handsome Eliam for 1,200 coins, or offer him a place on your crew after you kill all the slavers.

Mother Sharp-Rock
  • Location: Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk
  • Role: Deckhand
  • Traits: Xaurip, Deadfire Archipelago, religious, wilder, cook

Opening the cage at the northwest side of the Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk provides the option to recruit this xaurip to your crew. The Caverns can be found by sailing northwest of Port Maje, and you have to explore this area during the Mapping The Achiepelago quest line granted by Sanza in the Queen's Berth.

  • Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)
  • Role: Helmsman
  • Traits: Ogre, Deadfire Archipelago, fearless, impulsive, wilder, cook

Head to the back room on the main floor of The Hole (the tavern at the east side of The Gullet in Neketaka), and talk to the ogre cook. For 400 coins she will join your crew. You can also pick up a pig pet in this same room.

  • Location: Tikiwara
  • Role: Cook
  • Traits: Mountain dwarf, Vailian Republic, chatty, loyal

After exploring the ancient ruins and completing the Storms of Poko Kahara quest, return to Tikiwara and talk to Vektor again to recruit him to your crew.

  • Location: Neketaka (The Brass Citadel)
  • Role: Cannoneer
  • Traits: Coastal amuana, impulsive, irreverent, helmsan, deckhand

After completing several quests, Emeini will eventually be found standing outside the Fleet Master's Office in The Brass Citadel. She's being punished after assaulting her captain, but if you have a reputation of 2 or higher with Neketaka, she will join your crew as a free expert cannoneer.

Worthless Idiot
  • Location: Neketaka (Periki's Overlook)
  • Role: Navigator
  • Traits: Imp, greedy, primordial

Yes, this imp's name is literally Worthless Idiot. His archmage master, Arkemyr, is kind of an ass, if you couldn't tell. Worthless Idiot is found just to the west of the watershaper's guild in Periki's Overlook.

If you recruit Worthless Idiot, random people in Neketaka will chide you for bringing a gross, smelly imp aboard your ship.

Have you found any other crew members we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Now that you've got all the companions and ship crew, be sure to check out our other Pillars of Eternity 2 guides below as you get started exploring the Deadfire Archipelago:

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pet Locations and Pet Bonuses https://www.gameskinny.com/of1r8/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-pet-locations-and-pet-bonuses https://www.gameskinny.com/of1r8/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-pet-locations-and-pet-bonuses Tue, 08 May 2018 13:15:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Plenty of wizard, rogue, and barbarian companions can be found throughout the classic Infinity Engine-style RPG Pillars of Eternity 2, but there's an extra type of furry friend to recruit for even more customization options.

Pillars of Eternity 2 pets help to define your character build by shoring up skills you lack in, reinforcing your best skills to higher levels, and offering bonuses to the whole party just for following you around.

Most of these pets are found by exploring side rooms and rooftops across the the main city of Neketaka, but a few are much more difficult to track down as you sail across the Deadfire Archipelago.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Pet Locations

Screeching birds of prey, feisty kitty cats, faithful hounds, and even baby dragons can be discovered and added to your collection if you know where to look.

While your inventory can be filled to the brim with pets, the bonuses listed below only apply when the pet is in the actual pet slot on the main character (located below the belt slot on the right side of the character rag doll). If you want a place to house your extra pets on board the Defiant, you can buy the Menagerie ship upgrade at the Neketaka shipyard shop.

Besides the specific pets found across the game world listed below, you can also buy pets directly by talking to Ereti in the west of Kahonga Palace in the Serpent's Crown area of Neketaka.

  • Player Effect: +1 Might
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus Deflection against attacks
  • Location: Console Command

Hit the ~ key and type cosmic dog and then tap Enter to put Comet in your inventory. Unlike the other Pillars 2 console cheats, the commands to create cosmic pets won't turn off achievements.

 Comet Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Dexterity
  • Party Wide Effect: Enemy weapon attacks will Graze instead of Hit more often
  • Location: Console Command

Hit the ~ key and type cosmic cat and then tap Enter to put Luna in your inventory. Unlike the other Pillars 2 console cheats, the commands to create cosmic pets won't turn off achievements.

 Luna Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Perception
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members move faster during combat
  • Location: Console Command

Hit the ~ key and type cosmic bird and then tap Enter to put Orbit in your inventory. Unlike the other Pillars 2 console cheats, the commands to create cosmic pets won't turn off achievements.

 Orbit Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Perception
  • Party Wide Effect: Enemies less likely to land crits with weapon attacks
  • Location: Engwithan Digsite

Gosha is found in the Engiwthan Digsite east of Port Maje (before you get your ship fixed). The cat is located just to the east of the upper entrance to the ancient training hall in the area that looks like a stone a mphitheater filled with broken seating.

 Gosha Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +2 Insight, +1 Metaphysics
  • Party Wide Effect: Slight bonus to Will
  • Location: Neketaka (Queen's Berth)

To find this forsaken dog, you need to head to the unmarked, brownish-red home found between Robero's Fine Fashion and the Back Alley at the northern end of the Queen's Berth area.

 Xopn'aua Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Perception
  • Party Wide Effect: Slight bonus to max Health
  • Location: Neketaka (Queen's Berth)

To find Toby, head inside the Vailian Trading Company Headquarters in the Queen's Berth Area, and take the exit to the rooftop terrace that looks out over the Berth. The lost dog is standing there near a barrel and a chair.

 Toby Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Intellect
  • Party Wide Effect: Enemy weapon attacks against the party score Criticals less frequently
  • Location: Tikiwara

You will travel to Tikiwara on the eastern side of the Archipelago during the Storms of Poko Kahara quest (or you can just sail there from the get-go if you want). When you reach Tikiwara, this abandoned kitty is found on the beach at the southwest side, by the rock arch.

 Mirri Pet Location

Desert Wurm Hatchling
  • Player Effect: +5 to all Defenses against ground-based attacks
  • Party Wide Effect: Some Misses with ranged weapons convert to Grazes
  • Location: Poko Kohara Ruins

When you travel east from Tikiwara to find the lost expedition, eventually you will explore the Poko Kohara Ruins.

Before fighting the titan and going inside the ruins themselves, check the southern area of this map near the oasis to fight some desert monsters. If you search the two white rocks south of the tree, you will find the desert wurm hatchling as an inventory item.

 Desert Wurm Hatchling Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Stealth, +1 Survival
  • Party Wide Effect: Some enemy Hits against the party are converted to Grazes
  • Location: Hasongo

You will travel to Hasongo during the Distant Light quest as you look for the luminous adra pillars visited by Eothas. While exploring this area filled with Naga, you have to move between sections of the map by swimming through flooded areas inside buildings.

When you get to the far left side of the map, head into the Fleet Master's Office to find Kaz whimpering in the corner.

 Kaz Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +5% damage to area effect attacks
  • Party Wide Effect: Healing potions and spells are slightly more effective
  • Location: Hasongo

After grabbing Kaz in the Fleet Master's Office, head inside the tower with the glowing green light at the far left side of the map. After dealing with the Naga, you can travel up to the top of the tower into a new map section to find this lonely cat.

 Corlagon Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +15% effectiveness for healing potions and spells
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members regain a small amount of health when landing a killing blow
  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent's Crown)

Head inside the palace in the Serpent's Crown area, then travel through the stairs to the Kahanga Palace Rooftop map. From there, you can see an exit that leads out onto the terrace that looks over the Serpent's Crown area but is still technically part of the palace map. The stray cat is between the two doors by the History/Arcana trainer.

Prissy Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +2 Resolve and resistance to Resolve afflictions
  • Party Wide Effect: Resolve afflictions on party members have reduced duration
  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent's Crown)

Eviee is found in the side room inside Muhai's Estate in the Serpent's Crown section of Neketaka.

 Eviee Pet Location

Frau Nils
  • Player Effect: +3 Accuracy with Melee attacks
  • Party Wide Effect: Small bonuses to all party member Health
  • Location: Neketaka (The Sacred Stair)

In the Sacred Stair area with all the temples, head to the southeast side and enter the flooded Temple of Gaun. This abandoned cat is standing between High Priestess Saewyn and the giant tree.

 Frau Nils Pet Location

Animancy Cat
  • Player Effect: +2 Metaphysics, +1 Arcana
  • Party Wide Effect: Summoned creatures gain bonus Might and Penetration
  • Location: Neketaka (The Sacred Stair)

Animancy Cat is available to buy for 8,500 coins from the merchant named Tiabo standing outside the animancy headquarters in The Sacred Stair.

  • Player Effect: +1 Constitution
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members regain some health when landing a killing blow
  • Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)

When you travel to the slum area of Neketaka called The Gullet, you can actually see Deus up on the broken-down terrace of the pirate bar called The Hole just by walking to the eastern side of the area.

To reach the dog, go inside The Hole, take the stairs up to the second floor with the locked rooms, and then go south through the door that reaches the terrace.

 Deus Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Perception
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members gain bonus defense against any attack that causes disease
  • Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)

After grabbing Deus on the terrace, go back down to the main floor of The Hole and head through the hallway behind the bartender. In the far back room, you can find this worried pig near Birta the cook.

 Onyx Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +3 to defense against body and mind afflictions
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus defense against poison and disease attacks
  • Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)

This forsaken cat is found in front of Pitli's Sanctuary at the far southwest end of The Gullet.

 Ickis Pet Location

  • Player Effect: -20% Constitution affliction durations
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members regain health when landing a killing blow
  • Location: Neketaka (Delver's Row)

To reach Delver's Row, head through the Narrows exit at the west side of the Gullet. If you've already taken the lift in the Gullet down to the undercity dungeon area, instead travel west and then south to reach the map with the rogue watershapers and the docks on the river. At the far northwest edge of that map is another lift that goes up to Delver's Row. Algol is found in the tunnel at the west side on the way to the Spindle Man's chamber.

 Algol Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Perception
  • Party Wide Effect: Healing spells and potions are more effective
  • Location: Neketaka (Periki's Overlook)

This stray cat can be found just outside the entrance to the Watershaper's Guild at the northern end of the the Periki's Overlook area.

 Jules Pet Location

  • Player Effect: 5% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes
  • Party Wide Effect: Healing spells and potions slightly more effective
  • Location: Neketaka (Periki's Overlook)

If you enter from the eastern side, Rasper is found just to the side of the entrance to Iolfr's Raiments.

 Rasper Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 to all fire key word power levels
  • Party Wide Effect: Small bonus to Reflex defense
  • Location: Neketaka (Sacred Stair)

This forsaken cat is found at the east side of the Temple to Magran in the Sacred Stair area.

 Pozzi Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +15% damage to area effect attacks
  • Party Wide Effect: Area effect attacks of all party members are slightly increased in radius
  • Location: Oathbinder's Sanctum

You can find the Oathbinder's Sanctum island by heading north of Port Maje and northwest of the island with the Cavern of Xaur Tuk-Tuk. This area is typically found during the Lost Dues in Good Faith quest given by Kahn.

Peter is hiding in a hallway on the north end of the third floor of the Oathbinder's Sanctum. If you are all about fireballs and thrown stun grenades, this is the pet to get for his area effect increases. 

 Peter Pet Location

  • Player Effect: Reduces the Recovery penalty for wearing armor
  • Party Wide Effect: Party members regain a small amount of health when landing a killing blow
  • Location: Neketaka (Queen's Berth)

In the Queen's Berth area, head inside the Luminous Adra Mill, then go through the Rooftop Balcony exit to find the area where Abraham is sitting like a good boy.

 Abraham Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Resolve
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus to weapon damage
  • Location: Hall of the Unseen (The Black Isles)

To reach this area, head south of Tikiwara until you come across the big black island with the lava at the center. Eliel is standing inside an inner hallway on the western side.

Eliel Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Dexterity
  • Party Wide Effect: Enemy weapon attacks sometimes converted from Hits to Grazes
  • Location: Dunnage (Lifter's Refuge)

Dunnage is found on the far west side of the map, and this pig is located up the stairs in the Lifter's Refuge docks area you first sail into.

 Chauncey Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Constitution
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus to Fortitude defense
  • Location: Dunnage (Radiant Court)

Hemp is found at the far south end of the Radiant Court section of Dunnage, just below Ramaso's stalls.

 Hemp Pet Location

Bear Cub
  • Player Effect: +8 Fortitude
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus to melee damage
  • Location: Bentbranch Bog 

For melee-focused parties, this is a killer pet! You can find him hiding in Bentbranch Bog, north of the port city Sayuka.

 Bear Cub Pet

  • Player Effect: +15 max Health
  • Party Wide Effect: Recover some Health when landing a killing blow
  • Location: Bentbranch Bog 

This cat is also found in the same general location as the bear cub pet listed above.

 Twix Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Resolve
  • Party Wide Effect: Party cannot engage and is immune to engagement, party members will also die automatically if knocked unconscious
  • Location: Ashen Maw

This tiny wild troll pet is found just north of the docks at Ashen Maw (the fiery location at the north end of the map  where you chase Eothas after facing him at the second luminous adra pillars).

 Grog Pet Location

  • Player Effect: +1 Resolve
  • Party Wide Effect: Reduced penalty to armor Recovery
  • Location: Junvik Village

Nalvi is on the east side of this village, which is found all the way in the upper-left corner of the Archipelago (to the northwest of Ori o Koiki).

 Nalvi Pet Location

Lil' Babs
  • Player Effect: +1 Dexterity
  • Party Wide Effect: Deflection bonus to enemy weapon attacks
  • Location: Motare o Kozi

Lil' Babs is found in the Motare o Kozi swamp on an island far north of Tikiwara and forth northwest of Neketaka. When you first arrive on this island, you will have to either fight the locals or talk your way past them to gain entrance to the swamp.

 Lil' Babs Pet Location

Concelhaut's Skull
  • Player Effect: Summon a ghostly visage of Concelhaut 1/rest
  • Party Wide Effect: Bonus to all Corrode damage dealt
  • Location: Bekarna's Observatory

Arkemyr will give you a quest to retrieve Bekarna's research at her observatory after you burgle his mansion. At the end of the quest, kill the lich Concelhaut and loot his body to take the still-living skull as a pet!

 Concelhaut's Skull Pet Location

Nemnok The Petite
  • Player Effect: +1 maximum Empower points
  • Party Wide Effect: +1 level spell cast for wizards, druids, and priests
  • Location: Drowned Barrows

If you've been paying attention to all the books about imp summoning throughout the game, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that new "god" Nemnok is just an imp run amok on magic energy. When you defeat Nemnok in the Drowned Barrows (north of Junvik village), select the option to recruit him as a companion. He's not stoked about going from god to pet, but he'll do it. Nemnok will also loudly berate the party when in the pet slot, so there's a trade off for his bonuses!

 Nemnok Pet Location

There are almost certainly more pets found across the Deadfire Archipelago, and we may have missed a few -- let us know if you've come across any other pets, and we'll get them added to the list! You can also check out the rest of our Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire guides here.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Ship Combat Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/taztp/pillars-of-eternity-2-ship-combat-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/taztp/pillars-of-eternity-2-ship-combat-guide Tue, 08 May 2018 13:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Shifting away from the forests of the Dyrwood to the island chain of the Deadfire Archipelago, Pillars Of Eternity 2 includes a mechanic entirely new to the series: ship-to-ship combat!

While there are tutorial screens for the major concepts, some of the finer points of the system are glossed over, and that's where we come in with this full guide to all things nautical in Pillars 2.

Maintaining the Ship and Crew Morale

To start your pirate adventures, open up the ship menu by clicking the boat icon at the bottom of the screen (this is available even while on land when you aren't on the open sea).

Keep an eye on the numbers at the top of the screen, and always maintain a full supply of repair tools, medical supplies, and cannon ammunition by stocking up at any port. These items are also frequently found by searching wrecks at sea or checking containers in land maps. Don't ever run low on these supplies, as frequent events on the water will result in injured crew and damaged hulls.

After any encounter where crew members are injured (marked by a red icon),  be sure to move the injured crew to the three reserve slots on the lower-right side of the ship menu. Leaving them at their posts while injured results in large morale losses every day.

While you can pay to recruit new crew at a port, always talk to any NPCs you come across. Many of the quest NPCs, like Oswald, Vektor, Mother-Sharp-Rock, and Birta the cook, can be recruited directly to your crew through dialog.

 Repositioning injured crew

Managing Food and Water

This isn't clear at first, but you have to move food and water out of the party stash to the appropriate slots in the boat management screen to keep your crew fed -- just having it in your inventory doesn't make it available to the crew.

Place the higher-morale food and drink options to the left, and the lower-morale options (like water and hardtack) to the right if you want to keep morale up.

Search every container you come across and make use of crafting regularly, and you won't often run out of the higher-morale food and drink. With higher morale comes bonus experience and no chance of mutiny.

 Moving food and drink from your inventory to the ship's stores

Ship Upgrades and Avoiding Damage

Although it's quite expensive for an early-game item at a cost of 5,000 coins, buying the spyglass at Sanza's Map Emporium in Neketaka will give you an edge in ship encounters. Many of the events on the sea have an option to scout first with the spyglass for bonuses or to avoid hazards altogether.

If the Defiant isn't big and bad enough for your crew, you can buy whole new ships at the Neketaka port, or pay for expensive upgrades to your existing hull and sails to get an edge in combat.

Don't drop too much money right at the start, however. A set of upgraded Valera Sails is available for free by completing a quest for Martino Valera in the Queen's Berth section of Neketaka.

Finally, while out at sea, avoid the large, grey storm clouds that randomly generate across the Archipelago. These clouds initiate a storm event that usually isn't worth the trouble. You can end up with some extra loot or interesting dialog, but they usually just cause expensive problems since you will take ship damage and get injured (or even killed) crew members during the event. If you want to level up your crew, however, they can be valuable sources of shipmate experience.

 Buying the spyglass

Winning Ship Battles

At the start of combat, your first decision is whether to ram the opposite ship and board them for a straight fight or to shift into the new ship combat screen. When dealing with a much stronger ship, boarding may be your best option.

While the Defiant is guaranteed to take damage and most likely suffer multiple crew injuries, boarding can be a better choice when you are outgunned and the enemy ship has a stronger hull and sails.

During ship combat, your goal is to get into optimal range for your cannons and to fire while staying out of your enemy's optimal range, repositioning away from enemy cannon fire by turning to starboard and port.

Performing Ship Manuevers

The big question mark for anyone not intimately familiar with nautical terms will be the "prepare to jibe" option. The jibe maneuver swings you around to the opposite position you are currently in. This is incredibly useful in combat to quickly fire off multiple volleys.

For instance, if you spent a few rounds turning to starboard or port repeatedly while your cannons are reloaded on one side, you can fire those cannons, then on the next turn, perform a jibe to get to the other side of the enemy ship instantly and fire off your secondary cannons on the next turn (rather than waiting a full three turns to repeatedly turn to starboard or port and get your other cannons in line for the shot).

By repeating this process, you will get more shots off more frequently while waiting for the cannons on the starboard and port sides to be reloaded. If you know the enemy cannons are going to fire this round, it can be better to perform the Brace For Impact action than to try to turn away or jibe, as you will get fewer crew injuries.

If your goal is to sink the ship, plunder its loot, and steal its flag, then aim for the hull. That's not the only possible outcome, however. Sails obviously have less health than the hull, so if you just want to escape the encounter, repeatedly fire on their sails from a distance, then turn away from the ship and sail at full speed to leave.

 Engaging in ship-to-ship combat

That's all you need to know to get started sailing the high seas and fighting pirate captains! Have any other Pillars 2 ship combat tips we should try out? Let us know in the comments section.

For help on finding pets, balancing party relationships, and completing quests, check out the rest of our Pillars of Eternity 2 guides here.