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Sea of Thieves is due to come out in March, and after a successful closed beta, most people are excited for it. Microsoft needs Sea of Thieves to succeed for them, and as of right now, it looks like it will, in fact, be a success. Let's take a closer look at the different factors that are helping to position Sea of Thieves to be the best game it can be.


Microsoft doesn't have as large a pool of exclusive games as Sony does, and that makes a difference when people decide what platform they use to play games. Fortunately, Microsoft and Phil Spencer have been making several good decisions in a row to benefit gamers. After the cancellation of titles like Scalebound and Fable, Microsoft redoubled their efforts to bring new first-party titles to Xbox and PC. Titles like Gears of War, Halo, and Forza have kept Microsoft afloat long enough to obtain new exclusives that include PUBG, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Sea of Thieves.

In addition to refocusing on more first-party content, Microsoft has doubled down by promising to provide these titles via Game Pass on day one for free. This is huge for a game like Sea of Thieves, which might not have enough pull to bring in an audience of its own. Sea of Thieves can expect a much bigger player base at its beginning, which will ensure a stronger community, which is essential to multiplayer games. The larger player base will almost certainly lead to more financial success for the game, as more people without Game Pass will either opt-in to Game Pass to try it or buy the game in full to join their friends already playing the game.

Sea of Thieves should be a big hit on Game Pass

Microsoft has also done a nice job of providing players with the Looking For Group feature so players can find other people to play games with.

Pirates and Whimsy!

There have been a surprisingly low number of pirate-themed video games that have come out compared to other subjects, like ninjas or mechs, for example. There are even fewer successful pirate games that have made their mark. I want to quickly mention four that stand out:

All four of these games are about pirates, and they did something that made them a success. These titles captured a different aspect of pirates that people find so whimsical. Sid Meier's Pirates! brought a complete pirate experience, from navigating waters  to sword fighting. Its open nature provided players with multiple ways to play the game, and Sea of Thieves is no different, giving players the freedom to go where they please. Sea of Thieves improves on this formula with its riddle-based treasure hunting that doesn't simply give players a waypoint to go to. The fun is in the journey, not necessarily the destination, and Sea of Thieves nailed that part of the experience. 

If we look at LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and the movie franchise itself, we come away adoring the silliness of pirates. Sea of Thieves is a tremendously silly game. Coordinating with friends to make sure your ship doesn't sink is an endeavor sure to bring about laughs. If that's not enough, the ability to load yourself into a cannon further adds to the fun.

Black Flag made waves (excuse the bad pun) when it came out in 2013. While treasure hunting (which I think Sea of Thieves refines) was fun and ship combat was cool, people remember the sea shanties more than anything else about the game. Now in Sea of Thieves, everybody has a musical instrument in their inventory so they can sing and dance with their friends! Black Flag also had a ton of customization options, which Sea of Thieves should take note of going forward. It'd be a ton of fun to customize our boats and pirates like we could in Black Flag.

Puzzle Pirates is THE pirate game in my opinion, unless Sea of Thieves can prove me wrong. It offered players the opportunity to run their own ships, be part of a crew, run different shops on their own islands, go on raids against sea monsters, and even engage in massive PVP ship battles. It had a fantastic community and great support from the developers. If Rare follows the Puzzle Pirates example and truly makes their game open world, where players can do almost anything they can think of as pirates, then Sea of Thieves will be set for a rewarding multiplayer experience.


If you gave the Sea of Thieves Beta a shot, you'll have noticed that the game is beautiful. The cartoonish look of the game is pleasing to look at -- especially the water. It's the best water I've ever seen in a game, which is really important for a game about pirates. Any game that draws your attention is much more likely to bring people into it, and every bit of polish that helps make a game stand out graphically certainly helps.

Co-op Gameplay

From navigating with your compass and physically pulling down the sails to patching holes and dumping out water with a bucket, Sea of Thieves wants you to work with other players. Sure, you can head out in a tiny ship on your own, but the cooperative experience the game offers makes it shine. Like Overcooked, the chaotic and silly nature of working with others will make this game stand out against its competitors. YouTubers and other content creators swarmed to play this game on their channels during the beta. Games with the support of these influencers often have much longer lifespans. Garry's Mod and Minecraft probably wouldn't have the success they do if people didn't continue to make content about them. As long as Sea of Thieves keeps entertaining via YouTube -- in addition to its own gameplay -- it will have a consistent stream of people checking it out.

The Unknown

There's supposedly a lot of content we did not get to see during the closed beta for Sea of Thieves. If there is one thing the game needs, it is more content, and hopefully we'll get a lot more of it upon release. If players are able to reach some kind of end game or obtain cool new weapons, ships, and even cool cosmetics, the game will further its chances at success. The gameplay of this title feels solid, so the only thing that will limit it is what players can or can't do. This unknown part of the game, if properly handled, should help build hype for the game and ultimately lead to more sales.


It is with all these different things in mind that we go into Sea of Thieves. So grab a friend, old or new, drink some grog, and set sail! Treasure and adventure are on the horizon, and it's up to us to get there!

Sea of Thieves is expected to come out on Xbox One, Game Pass, and PC March 20th, 2018.

Preorder Sea of Thieves and Get Your Fair Share of Loot https://www.gameskinny.com/6p2vm/preorder-sea-of-thieves-and-get-your-fair-share-of-loot https://www.gameskinny.com/6p2vm/preorder-sea-of-thieves-and-get-your-fair-share-of-loot Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:17:37 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

Yarr, it's time for some premium loot! Sea of Thieves doesn't come out until March 20th, but that shouldn't stop you from looking for exclusive treasure in the meantime. Here is what you should know for a fair chance at loot!

Microsoft is not offering a limited or collector's edition of Sea of Thieves, but you can order a limited-edition Xbox controller, decked out in all the pirate loot you could desire. This controller is to be released separately from the game itself on February 13th this year. But if you do preorder the game, you'll receive exclusive in-game items in the "Black Dog Pack" and access to the closed beta.

Sea of Thieves is a new multiplayer game developed by Rare and produced by Microsoft Studios, taking an action-adventure route to the exploring genre. You'll travel or battle with other players for treasure and booty on the high seas, and you'll command ships, brave perils, and unlock your inner pirate with exploration and tactics.

Sea of Thieves is to be released on PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Microsoft and Sea of Thieves news!

How to Deal With Pirates in Endless Space 2 https://www.gameskinny.com/1uric/how-to-deal-with-pirates-in-endless-space-2 https://www.gameskinny.com/1uric/how-to-deal-with-pirates-in-endless-space-2 Fri, 24 Nov 2017 12:53:08 -0500 Sergey_3847

Endless Space 2 offers an entire arsenal of ships and infantry troops to help you deal with various threats plaguing the unexplored universe. One of the biggest such threats is the pirate fleet, which you may encounter completely randomly during the campaign.

The pirates are absurdly overpowered, and if you can't find a way to deal with them, then take a look at the step-by-step guide below for some essential tips that should help you out.

Step 1: Create and Send Out Scout Ships

Scout ships are a must when it comes to detecting a pirate base before it reveals itself and attacks you. Scouts are cheap, as they don't need any armor or fancy weapons, so create a few and send them before turn 11, which is when pirates start attacking.

Pirate bases usually spawn one jump from home systems or systems with planets. This should give you a sense of where to send the ships and look for the base.

Step 2: Adjust Your Hero Ship Design

Assigning a Hero Ship is absolutely necessary for increasing your ground army's value. But first, you must make a few changes to its design before venturing into the battle with pirates:

  • The Hero Ship must have enough speed to maneuver around the pirate fleet that will try to defend the base, so give it two engines.
  • Remove the default weapons and set up rocket launchers instead.
  • The Hero Ship must be well protected, so make sure that the armor is attached.

Step 3: Prepare for the Battle

Before the battle begins, you can make a few more adjustments in your game menu in order to increase your damage. 

  1. Go to "Military Overview"
  2. Choose "Battle Tactics"
  3. Activate "Barrage Fire"

The last thing you need to do before the battle starts is to activate the fleet action "Guard," a necessary defense mechanism in this situation.

Step 4: Fight for Victory

Before arriving at the pirate base, use the "Barrage Fire" tactics to eliminate the pirate fleet, which will grant you +2% damage at long range per enemy ship.

As soon as you're done with the fleet, activate the "Ground Battle" plan once you arrive at the pirate base. When the battle starts, use the "Preemptive Bombing" on all turns.

This should be sufficient enough to deal with the pirates in Endless Space 2.


If you're also looking for some help on how to use probes in Endless Space 2, then refer to the guide below:

Sea Of Thieves: A Saving Grace For Xbox/Windows Exclusives? https://www.gameskinny.com/ahe0y/sea-of-thieves-a-saving-grace-for-xboxwindows-exclusives https://www.gameskinny.com/ahe0y/sea-of-thieves-a-saving-grace-for-xboxwindows-exclusives Mon, 21 Aug 2017 10:00:01 -0400 Stephen Brown

Announced back in E3 2015 at Microsoft's conference, Sea of Thieves made quite the impression with its first trailer. Marketed as one of the Xbox One's main future exclusives, it initially looked like it was set to be one of the most visually and mechanically unique games for Microsoft's console.

However, the swashbuckling adventure game was forever having its release date pushed back. With the game now being set to release some time early 2018, I want to highlight some of the pros and cons to this divisive title.

Sea of Thieves shows a lot of promise in some areas

What draws me to this game is the explorative focus that RARE are working hard to create. Being able to sail the seas with friends, exploring islands, and seeking hidden treasure are unique and exciting prospects for many gamers. (The multiplayer aspect is limiting, which I will touch on later.) In some ways, this reminds me of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, where you take your crew and sail across the ocean, doing battle against enemy ships, and finding loot and treasure, all the while listening to sea shanties (which was the best part of that game). 

The fact that the game is being made by the people behind games like Banjo-Kazooie and Conkers Bad Fur Day definitely helps provide relative hype and excitement since these games are such well received classics. RARE have the experience and comic expertise to deliver a fun and uplifting game set with an intriguing premise. 

The art direction is both playful and colorful, which reminds me a lot of Overwatch. It's not trying to be gritty and realistic, as this would not work well with the feel and style of the game. The graphics look beautiful and are stylistic enough to seen as next-gen. The art direction also goes well with the developers style, as their games usually go for fun and cartoon-like graphics.

There are some limiting factors to Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves primary feature––the multiplayer aspect––is one that sets the game apart. RARE may be taking it too far, limiting the audience and gameplay. It is a multiplayer-only game, making it is a necessity for you to play with friends to get the whole and proper experience.

You can play solo, but you will not be able to man the big ships and go up against other player teams. For any average gamer, there is hardly any time where you and 3 to 5 other friends are free to play together. Therefore, it is a hugely limiting factor that will prevent a lot of people to pick this game up and play it properly. It would have made a bit more sense to have a system that allowed solo players to have a similar experience, such as having an A.I. controlled crew. At least this would allow players whose friends aren't available to still play the game.

Another issue I have is that we haven't seen any side quests so far. I understand that this is not that type of game to have side quests. However, what worries me is that nature of the exploration will become repetitive if there are hardly any story content whatsoever. For me, it seems that there will quickly come a point  where the novelty will wear off and the game becomes boring. Not much info has been given on what else there is to do outside of ship battles and exploring islands.

Final Thoughts: 

At the moment, I'm uncertain whether Sea of Thieves will be able to live up to the hype it has so far garnered. It's a divisive game, and I believe it will only have a small audience that is able to really play it due to the limiting functionality of its multiplayer.

I could be wrong, what's been shown looks promising, however there are aspects that look like they could stop the game from selling well. I think it is possible that it will not be another hit for Microsoft and their exclusives. With Scalebound being cancelled (which was a huge disappointment among people who followed that game since its announcement), Microsoft can't keep falling short with its AAA exclusives.

Pixel Piracy Review - Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy! https://www.gameskinny.com/kp4z5/pixel-piracy-review-land-ahoy-land-ahoy-land-ahoy https://www.gameskinny.com/kp4z5/pixel-piracy-review-land-ahoy-land-ahoy-land-ahoy Sun, 12 Mar 2017 08:00:01 -0400 matthew_gigante

Pixel Piracy is an early access game with mixed reception, brought to you by the creators of Terraria. The game is unfinished in the eyes of early access backers, who claim that the game was not what it was hyped up to be (as many games are not). The real question, however, is if it is a good game on its own, minus the early access woes, or is just as bad as it is made out to be?

Sound Design

The first thing that struck me in this game was it’s sound design, which included a few good ideas that were poorly executed. What I am mainly referring to is hinted at in this review’s title -- the speech mechanics of the pirates. Each pirate has a random voice pitch and voice line given to them, that they will say about every 15 seconds, followed by text above their head translating what they just said. As cute and funny as the quotes were when I first started the game, they began to quickly grow more and more repetitive. Walking through a room of pirates always seemed to lead to a sea of mixed texts and inaudible speech. So one of the best features of the game is that you can mute the pirates’ voices.

Day 1: We set sail with our new captain. The captain yelled, “Land ahoy!” There was no land.

Day 2: The deckhand has constantly been telling me, “Next drink is on me!” over the constant, “Land ahoy!” of our captain; when there finally was land to step foot on the deckhand did not, in fact, buy me a drink at the island’s bar.

Day 3: We picked up a new mate on the previous island, who keeps telling me to, “Walk the plank!” We do not even have a plank on this ship... after another day of false drink offerings and false claims of land, I am beginning to lose faith in the capability and sanity of my crew.

-- Diary of a crew member of the S.S. ShitStorm, pre-mutiny


On another note, the tutorial of the game does not fully address what you have access to in the game, but that doesn’t take away from it too much (in my experience with the game). You can later discover new ways of interacting with the world through trial and error, and although this was not purposely a feature of the game, it adds a bit of realism to me; as if you were an aspiring pirate learning the lay of the land.


One thing that does take away from the game is how ridiculously easy it is. There is no real penalty for losing your whole crew in the normal mode of the game, you'll simply load back up to before whatever fight you had, be it on land or at sea. Money is easily acquired, and crew members are easily kept happy, so the game seems to replace difficulty with time commitment. Instead of hard fights for your life, you must sink dozens of ships to acquire the money for fairly simple weapons and skills, such as teaching a crew mate to clean your ship or cook. This imbalance in difficulty and effort makes for a quickly boring game; I would rather have to strategize to take down enemy ships in enduring battles, instead of sinking a dozen push-over dinghies so that my crew can gain the ability to throw waste off of my ship.


The combat also reflects how easy this rinse and repeat game often is. You have a wide variety of scenarios to fight in/on -- small islands or small boats. The fighting consists of siccing your crew and captain onto your target via 2 clicks and hoping for the best -- the pirate’s auto attack system also makes it very hard to target specific enemies, and takes away from the strategy I was hoping to see in this game. You may give your pirates a ranged and melee weapon, and the occasional special boost or item, but these do not add much variety to the combat, and it always looks the same to me.

Final Thoughts

Pixel Piracy is a cute game with interesting graphics and an even more interesting concept. (We need more pirate games!) The execution of this game could have been much better, and if the developers put in the time, they could have come out with a much better, polished product. I believe the lesson here is to make good on your early access promises, set realistic goals, and take the extra time to improve on your game, even if you must push back it’s release date.

With all that said, Pixel Piracy is fun at its start, giving you the potential to command a giant ship with cannons and dozens of crew members. Whether you choose to put in the grinding to achieve this state is up to you, but all in all this game is an effective time killer. I would love to see a game like this for mobile devices, and would play the shit out of it, but that game isn't here yet.

Pixel Piracy is available on Steam right now.

(Updated) Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and Alpha Test https://www.gameskinny.com/2nxbc/updated-sea-of-thieves-insider-programme-and-alpha-test https://www.gameskinny.com/2nxbc/updated-sea-of-thieves-insider-programme-and-alpha-test Thu, 08 Dec 2016 10:23:50 -0500 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

(Update) ...Always Be A Pirate

Since seeing the first gameplay videos, this old salt admits that Rare Ltd.'s upcoming pirate game, Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and Windows 10, had me pining to jump aboard, ride the waves, and head for the horizon.

And now, that time is nigh -- Rare has announced that their first Technical Alpha Test will begin December 16th-18th. That's only 1 week away!

*NOTE: Rare's first Technical Alpha (Update 0.1.0) test is going to be for the Xbox One only. This is due to the Xbox One being a more consistent hardware platform since it is primarily the device same across all players, unlike PCs. They do want to reassure PC players (1/3 of their Insider membership) alpha tests for Windows 10 PCs are coming in the future.*

So.....how do you get into the Alpha? 

Stand Before The Mast

Many gamers love inside knowledge, finding something first, seeing what few are privy to. Add the yen of a pirate seeking adventure and you get a taste of the anticipation many have over this title.

To feed that need, Rare Ltd. has been posting teaser images, short videos and more recently doing podcasts and posting gameplay. Now, players have a chance to sign onto their scurvy crew via the Insider Programme.

The Insider Programme (yes, that's the correct spelling) will post email updates and development surveys to those who register. There's even a chance to be part of the Sea of Thieves testing!

And what's it take to be a part of this crew?

Your first port of call is to head over to SeaofThieves.com/Insider and fill out the survey. Just know there be a couple of stipulations, mate:

  • Xbox Live Account ID (Takes about 5 minutes to set one up, and it's free) 
  • You Must Be 18 or Older (Testers sign non-disclosure agreements)
  • Registering does NOT guarantee Alpha or Beta Test selection
What Say You?

For me, the real draw of becoming part of this crew is a chance to play test Sea of Thieves and having input on how to make the game better.

Being part of the Insider Programme crew means:

  • Insider development email updates
  • Feedback surveys (game, development, web site, etc.)
  • A unique “Insider” badge on the official Sea of Thieves Forums 
  • Access to an exclusive Insider discussion space
  • And all Insiders will be considered for early testing phases

Rare Ltd. is looking for pirates who will give honest responses, meaningful feedback and fill out the emailed surveys. So, sharing and speaking out definitely improves your chances of being selected. They want to know their crew are ready and able to set sail.

Weigh Anchor!

There's no time to spare, mates! With the announcement of Technical Alpha tests starting Friday, December 16th, if you want a chance to get aboard you best shake a peg leg and join the Insider Programme now!

Rare Ltd. will be selecting 1,000 players from the programme -- and mum's the word, as everyone must agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

As the testing moves forward, more and more pirates will have their chance to prove their sea-faring mettle and try out the game's mechanics and features. One of those features are quests that crews can undertake to find buried treasures. Take a sneak peek at it in this new video:

Remember mates, testers give feedback to help make the game even more fun for those who follow. So if you want to help shape the game, now is the time to do it. 

More on Sea of Thieves 

The Golden Age of Piracy has colorfully captured the imagination, even if that image more often blurs out a darker reality. Fictional pirates of books, film and television create a wide-open world of thrilling adventure where even the most lowly men... and women from any background can find fortune and glory.

While fearsome criminals in their day, the mythos of the 17th century pirate became one of rugged individuals who struggled to live their own free lives in a time of colonialism and oppression. While truth may be something more in a gray area, Sea of Thieves is a full-blown four-color swashbuckling action-adventure MMORPG.

Gamers looking for pirate adventure are wanting high-seas action, ship-to-ship combat, mysteries to solve while exploring uncharted isles, and loot. Lots of loot. And they want the chance to be their own captain while feeling they're part of a bigger crew on a journey together.

On the MMORPG front, a few games have tried to capture that experience, but most only had mixed results. Sea of Thieves is promising to be everything a sailing scallywag wants and more.

To find out more, check out Rare Ltd's Forums and Sea of Thieves SubReddit.

Are you as hyped as me about Sea of Thieves? Have you signed up yet? Have you ever beta tested a game before?

Pirates Online: Dead Games Tell No Tales https://www.gameskinny.com/kx5d5/pirates-online-dead-games-tell-no-tales https://www.gameskinny.com/kx5d5/pirates-online-dead-games-tell-no-tales Sat, 29 Oct 2016 06:57:49 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

Some players don't take defeat easily. And neither do some pirates apparently.

Originally announced by Disney Interactive in 2005, Pirates of the Caribbean Online was planned to release in 2006 to coincide with the second and third Pirates movies. The MMORPG was set in-between the films, likely being made to help maintain fan buzz as well as be a part of Disney's Online Theme Park.

Players portrayed customizable pirate characters and interacted with NPC characters from the films. The game included a single-player story with cinematic cut scenes, player vs. environment and player vs. player action, sailing, plundering and numerous mini-games.

However, due to multiple delays it didn't open until October 31st of 2007.

Despite the setbacks, a dated graphics engine, some starting bugs and what appeared to be a somewhat unfinished product, Pirates Online was fairly well-received by players and critics.

It won the Game Industry News' Online Game of the Year and a Parent's Choice Foundation Award.

But, long times between updates and fixes, a notably short single-player story, growing problems with player hacks and what was perceived as limited customer support meant more and more pirates hung up their cutlasses.

Those that stayed until the bitter end, however stood loyal before the mast, ever hopeful to what waited beyond the horizon. There were even petitions to try and persuade Disney to let the voyage continue.

Out of the Mouse House

Disney Interactive had created a series of MMO games including the original ToonTown (2003), Pixie Hollow (2008) and World of Cars (2010). However, on September 19th, 2013 - all of them were closed for good. Disney had made the corporate decision to get out of ALL in-house game development. Opting instead to license their properties to other companies.

This greatly reduced their financial risk and obligations while still generating income due to their popular products. 

But, some fans of ToonTown didn't take it lying down and resurrected the game on their own private servers; the most popular being the free-to-play ToonTown Rewritten.

You can read more details about their efforts in this 2014 Bloomberg article, "Disney's Defunct Toontown Remade by Unsanctioned Teen."

Attempts have also been made to bring back the popular Pixie Hollow. And Disney games are not alone. Sure, many games have seen their share of fan-made mods and hacks but quite a few titles have been re-born because dedicated players did not want to see them go.

Notable among them is Black Mesa, the Half-Life hi-res reboot, Thief's Dark Mod and fan favorite GoldenEye Source; which took the original James Bond first-person shooter and built it into a Half-Life engine.

In the three year interim since Pirates of the Caribbean Online closed, several groups have tried to resurrect their own beloved game. Now, two such groups, The Legend of Pirates Online and Pirates Online Retribution seem to have come the closest.

All Hands on Deck!

The process of bringing a dead game back to life has numerous struggles; the coding and programming being just one facet.

Your GameSkinny pirate amazon had a chance to interact with the Legend of Pirates Online and Pirates Online Retribution teams about what's it taken so far. They took some time out to field questions and give feedback.

Eliza Creststeel: To start off, what are your team member's background in game development?

Pirates Online Retribution (POR): "We don't want to disclose too many details for the sake of protecting the identities of some of our staff members. That said, myself, and the co-founder are both Business CIS students at prestigious universities. Two of our developers are MIT students, and the others (as mentioned previously) do not wish to disclose this information."

The Legend of Pirates Online (TLOPO): "Assuming you are asking the experience of all individuals on our staff that are working to create the game, I will start there. Several team members have a solid background in graphics and animation, either because of school, work, or just a hobby. Others have a background in customer support for the same reasons. Many team members enjoy writing and have been added to our Storyline Developer team. The developers all come from all kinds of technological backgrounds. Many of them have a dying passion for Computer Software and/or Hardware and have a natural niche for programming."

EC: Are there any potential legal or copyright issues?

TLOPO: "There is because we have not contacted Disney for permission to copy their game. However, we are doing the best we can to not step on Disney's toes, such as making the gameplay completely free of charge so that we don't profit off of their idea."

POR: "[No.] In fact, Disney encourages emulation projects as it keeps their fan-base in the loop without costing them a penny. Furthermore, two of the original developers for ToonTown have actually joined ToonTown Rewritten.

We hope that in the future, we will be able to convince some of the original POTCO devs to join POR!"

*NOTE: The consensus among groups recreating Disney's MMOs is that as long as their projects are non-profit, the company would not pursue any legal recourse to cease and desist. So far, this has held true.

EC: What are the struggles working on your own time and money?

POR: "It's very challenging at times balancing and managing expectations since this is completely non-profit. We work as hard as we can, whenever we can."

TLOPO: "We have a few members of the team that have volunteered to pay for the expenses. Those members have faithfully been doing so, and have stated that they will long term... Pretty much every member of the staff has to work around school, or work, or family obligations, or a combination of those. Where one staff member is lacking because of these priorities, another will step in and help out."

EC: What did it take for the team to obtain the materials Disney created?

POR: "We had to de-compile the original Pirates Online client. All of the server code was written from scratch, and the vast majority of the client had to be completely reverse-engineered."

TLOPO: "Much of it was obtained thru the files that were downloaded onto one's computer when installing POTCO. This is known as the "client side" of the code. All of the "server side" was written from scratch by our developer team."

EC: Pirates Online was not a huge financial success, but the player base is very loyal, how do you balance satisfying the original players?

TLOPO: "By recreating the game just as POTCO had it. However, in some areas we are making improvements. For example, we are fixing bugs and glitches that Disney never got around to fixing. Also, we are putting a lot of hours into customer support to make sure that the community's questions and emails are answered truthfully in a timely manner."

POR: "We immediately made the game available to everyone without any restrictions. We have already implemented several brand new features that did not exist in POTCO such as factions, dual cutlasses, boarding axes, Jolly Roger Island, and Davy Jones."

EC: Your games will be Free-To-Play, do your teams have any thoughts about developing an original commercial product down the road?

POR: "POR will always be free-to-play. We are currently working on a second project called PO2 (Pirates Online 2) which will be a revitalized version of POTCO made on a newer gaming engine. However, this game will also be free-to-play."

TLOPO: "No. This game is Disney's idea, not ours."

EC: Are there elements in the original game you cannot bring back?

TLOPO: "Some things may take a lot more hours and effort to bring about, but they will be in TLOPO."

POR: "We won't be able to restore your old pirates that you had on POTCO since we do not have access to Disney's Astron or mySQL databases. However, everything other than that will be in POR!"

EC: Also, older versions of Pirates had different versions of islands as well as other elements. Was there anything in the previous versions the team wanted to bring back or might?

POR: "Yes. We intend to bring these back. We intend to have some servers designated for the old islands, and some for the new islands."

TLOPO: "Those are always a possibility. Our goal is to make TLOPO as smooth, and lag-free, and fast as possible. When Disney at some point had two different ways of, say, creating a building, we will most likely choose the one that fits the goal mentioned above."

EC: Will you be able to complete things like The Kraken, which never saw live play? Or Jolly's Island, etc.

TLOPO: "Right now, we are primarily concentrating on creating TLOPO to be just like POTCO was when it closed. [We're adding a new] island containing its very own storyline, new enemies, etc. I am unable to provide more details on it at this time."

POR: "Yes. We intend to implement these things within a few months."

EC: What parts of the original did the team members love most?

POR: "SvS, PvP, Guilds, Sailing, Looting."

TLOPO: "PvP, SvS, quests, looting, and being on the leader boards."

EC: Any parts you didn't like about the original?

TLOPO: "Ha ha, pretty much only those features that are difficult to create code-wise. The team enjoys POTCO as it was just like any other fan, otherwise they wouldn't be here sacrificing their time and money."

POR: "The gaming engine (Panda 3D) is extremely outdated and somewhat obsolete, which makes it hard to find people willing to want to work on the project."

EC: What other games do you team members play?

POR: "ToonTown Rewritten, Elder Scrolls Online, Total War series, etc."

TLOPO: "Quite a few. Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Minecraft, etc."

Give Us That Horizon

Legends of Pirates Online and Pirates Online Retribution were not the only teams trying to recreate their favorite game. Other groups made similar efforts. But, it appears that TLOPO and POR may have made the most progress and continue to move forward.

In fact, players can try Pirates Online Retribution's open Alpha right now. Legends just opened their Beta test. You can find more information on either game at their websites and forum pages:

And if you were a Toontown fan, check out Toontown Rewritten

Do you have a favorite game you would like to see rebooted? Did you play the original Pirates Online? Are you awaiting it's return?

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt - Guide to Captain Skills https://www.gameskinny.com/3biz2/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-guide-to-captain-skills https://www.gameskinny.com/3biz2/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-guide-to-captain-skills Tue, 18 Oct 2016 00:05:00 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

While HomeNetGames did not create The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt to be a true role-playing game, they have Captain Skills to modify your game play. 

Every action in the game like sinking enemies, paying your crew, constructing new buildings, etc. adds to your Reputation.

Every time you earn enough reputation, you get a Captain Skill point which can be used to unlock new abilities.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is Free to Play (F2P) on Steam, though you can buy gold, ships, as well as skill points. But, the game is NOT Pay to Win (P2W) since you can complete it and compete without purchases.

Becoming A Better Priate

To update or reset your Captain Skills, click the Main Menu in the upper left. 

Also, if you've earned enough Reputation points for a new skill, a Gem will appear in the upper-left to inform you that there are points available.

Military Skills

These abilities improve your skills in battle either in ship-to-ship combat or during boarding attacks.

  • Admiral - Increases cannon damage to ships
  • Bombardier - Improves firing speed using the Mortar
  • Corsair - Board and capture enemy ships
  • Cutthroat - Improves your crew's boarding skill
  • Devastator - Increases damage done by Mortars
  • Exterminator - Increase Trap damage 100% and range 50%
  • Firebug - Set fire to enemies using oil barrels
  • Gunner - Shortens ship cannon reload time
  • Swordmaster - Greatly increases your crew's boarding skill
  • Trapmaster - Create floating gunpowder barrel bombs
  • Veteran - Increases experience points

The first recommended skill is Corsair, since you can't capture ships without it. Gunner and Admiral will initially help your ship-to-ship combat.

You will only need Mortar skills (Bombardier and Devastator) when you attack forts and towns, so you won't need them right away.

Being able to use Traps or Oil Barrels will come in handy later as your enemies grow more powerful.

Sailing Skills

These abilities affect how you maneuver and repair your ships as well as handle your fleets.

  • Bosun - Uses sailcloth to repair sails and masts
  • Axeman - Uses planks to repair damaged hull
  • Quartermaster - Replace broken cannons
  • Sailor - Decreases time to sail between ports 20%
  • Seawolf - Decreases sailing time by 40%
  • Shipwright - Reduce upgrade cost by 20%
  • Commodore - Command up to 3 ships in a fleet
  • Commodore 2 - Command up to 4 ships.
  • Skinflint - Reduces crew wages by 30%

My recommendation is pick up the repair skills first; Axeman, then Bosun and finally Quartermaster to be able to fix things without needing to port.

Later as you build up your ships and fleets, you should add Shipwright and you will need Commodore to take on bigger enemies.

Financial Skills

A pirate in this game is more than just a sailing man who robs ships. You also have business to attend to and these abilities help you make the most out of your gold.

  • Ferryman - Adds the option to carry passengers for extra money and risk.
  • Smuggler - Adds the option to carry illegal cargo for extra money and risk.
  • Gambler - Opens the Dice Poker game.
  • Merchant - Decrease purchase prices by 1 gold coin.
  • Trader - Increase your cargo's selling price by 1 gold coin.
  • Haggler - Increase your ship's selling price by 20%.
  • Mayor - Lower building construction costs by 25%.
  • Governor - Increase maximum building upgrade from 3 to 5.
  • Duke - Increase maximum building upgrade from 5 to 6.

Early on the Cargo skills (Merchant, Trader and Haggler) will be good to earn you better returns on your wares.

Add Ferryman and Smuggler later once you have a strong enough force to fight off other pirates and patrol ships.

The town skills (Mayor, Governor and Duke) will come in handy once you've established your settlement and are investing more heavily.

What Skills do you use to improve your pirating? What skills do you think HomeNetGames should add?

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt - Trader's Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/it2t9/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-traders-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/it2t9/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-traders-guide Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:18:09 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

While a pirate's life in fiction is glorified as action-packed battles, capturing merchant ships filled with plunder and taking what ye will, there's a little more to it. A savvy buccaneer has to play all the angles for their fortune.

In The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, your pirate will be traveling between dozens of ports; all offering a variety of goods from across the Spanish Main as well as a place to sell off recently acquired booty.

Knowing what to buy and sell, where to go and how to barter can mean the difference between surviving and thriving in the islands.

A Deal in Every Port

On the Map screen, a random product icon will appear above the port name.

This can help you quickly identify locales to pick up or drop materials. Green indicates the product is cheap, while red means expensive.

From the same Map screen, clicking the Port name will bring up a pop-up window detailing that location.

The details include the Port Name, which nation controls it, which ships currently are docked there, and also whether a particular product is on sale cheap or in high demand (higher priced).

Your reputation in each port varies by how friendly you've been to that nation's fleets. It can influence your purchasing power as well as any 'fees'.

Cargo Shopping

In port, click the Cargo Shop icon in the upper left.

This brings up the Cargo Shop pop-up window. Note the available items at the bottom. These are the wares available for sale and current prices.

At the top part of the window is the current ship cargo hold. This allows you to sell things from your ship or buy things from the shop.The numbers below each item indicate the amount of each item available. Above that is the price in gold coins.

Gold amounts in Green denote an item is plentiful. This means the port is willing to sell them CHEAP. Prices in Red are ABOVE market value, due to shortages or high demand.

Just being able to pick up bargain items on one island and sell them at market price or shortage prices will net you some profit.

The trick is timing WHEN to buy and sell.

Hard Wares

Every major port offers the same variety of materials. The market values can fluctuate from port to port, so be on the look-out for bargains or sudden inflation to make some quick gold.

Each product has weight that takes up cargo space in your ship's hold or warehouse space. Be mindful to have the room you need.

  • Cannon Balls - Heavy iron balls for blasting holes in ships hulls.
  • Chain Rounds - Two iron balls connected by chain for damaging masts.
  • Grapeshot - This pellet ammunition is for attacking ship crews.
  • Bombs - These explosive cannon rounds for attacking forts.
  • Cannons - These armaments can be bought/sold or added to your own ship as replacement guns.
  • Planks - Cut wood which can be used to repair hulls at sea.
  • Sail Cloth - Rolls of canvass can be used to repair sails while at sea.
  • Gunpowder - Barrels of explosive powder. Also used for traps.
  • Oil Barrel - These products can also be used to set enemy ships aflame.
  • Rum - A drink a day keeps the crew happy. Distilleries in your home port can produce rum to sell or use aboard your ships.
  • Cotton - A common product used to produce sailcloth.
  • Sugar - A common product.
  • Spices - A more expensive product, popular with smugglers.
  • Tobacco - A common product.
Ware Cost Weight Function
Cannon Ball 1 gold 1 Anti-Hull Ammunition
Chain Round 1 gold 1 Anti-Sail Ammunition
Grapeshot 2 gold 1 Anti-Personnel Ammunition
Bombs 4 gold 1 Mortor Ammunition
Gunpowder 18 gold 30 Trap Ammunition
Cannon 18 gold 50 Weapon
Oil Barrel 18 gold 30 Firebomb Ammunition
Rum 20 gold 30 Crew Boost
Cotton 20 gold 60 Sailcloth material
Tobacco 32 gold 40 Common Cargo Ware
Sugar 21 gold 50 Common Cargo Ware
Spices 30 gold 50 Common Cargo Ware
Sail Cloth 12 gold 40 Sail Repair Material
Planks 10 gold 40 Hull Repair Material
Tips of the Trader

Good fortune smiles on the pirate who can spot a product cheap in one port, then immediately turn it around in a high-demand port. 

But, to truly take advantage of those opportunities, you need cargo space. The starting Cutter has very limited capacity. Look to trade it in ASAP. 

Or, better yet capture or buy more ships to haul ill-gotten gains. To that end, your first captain's skill point should go to the Corsair skill, which allows you to board and capture ships.

Next consider adding the MerchantTrader and Haggler skills, which increase how much money you get from Cargo Shops and lower product costs.

Later, adding the Ferryman and Smuggler skills offers new opportunities for the pirate to transport passengers or illegal goods with a higher earning rate but also more added risks.

Make It Yourself

Once you've established your Home Port in the game, you will be able to put up your own building that create Wares.

  • Distillery - Makes Rum
  • Farms - Grow Cotton
  • Forge - Makes Cannonballs
  • Lumbermill - Makes Planks
  • Sailmaker - Produces Sailcloth

These items can then be sold. Your buildings are constantly creating Wares so they're a good source of steady income.

Later on, adding the Mayor, Governor and Duke skills will increase the output of your buildings.

Corporate Raiding

If a Raider want big gains... they take big risks.

And the biggest risk? Attacking port towns. That means destroying or capturing ships that are protecting the town while under fortress gunfire, then launching mortar attacks to destroy the protective walls.

If your crew has the mettle, you can rake in the booty. Just be ready for the downside of making bigger enemies.

Build up your fleet and weapons! Be bold! Go for the gold... shiny gold coins!

Are you playing The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt? What works for you? What tips would you give starting pirates?

Talk Like a Pirate! Play Like a Pirate! https://www.gameskinny.com/zdybm/talk-like-a-pirate-play-like-a-pirate https://www.gameskinny.com/zdybm/talk-like-a-pirate-play-like-a-pirate Tue, 20 Sep 2016 04:21:38 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Look lively! Today be somethin' special! 

Do ye hear it? The call of sea? The siren's song of buried treasure beckons! Time to sharpen yer cutlasses and load yer flintlocks. Weigh anchor an' helm's 'alee as Monday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Don't look at me like I be daft. Tis' true!

the original Talk Like a Pirate guys

What started in 1995 as a private shindig between mates (see the dapper gents to the right), the even went international in 2002 thanks to the humorly scribe and columnist Dave Barry. Since then, it's only grown larger an' larger.

Click th' link to their homeport above to learn how to speak, sing, drink and party like a privateer. 

Talk The Talk

So, ye may be querying yourself. How does one speak like a pirate, says I? Thar' be a few ports of linguistics ye can look inta'.

And n'er be afraid to add yer own flavorin' to yer speakin'.

Naming Fingers and Pointing Names

Does ye' name not shiver their timbers? Do they not quake in their lilly-livered boots when they hear it? Then, get a proper pirate name!

Jus' click, type in yer God-given nom de plume and out comes a name to be feared on th' high seas!

Walk the Walking Plank!

So, ye have yer piratey title and a proper vocabulary for lootin' and plunderin'. Here's some of best games to quench those freebooter urges!

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

One of the best entries in the Assassin's Creed franchise, you take on the persona of Edward Kenway, sailing the Caribbe along with many real pirates of note. You get to sail yer own ship, hunt for treasure, board and plunder ships as gather yer fleet. A lushly detailed game with a lot of challenges.

(Windows, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

If yer not so cutthroat, Disney and TT Games have a Pirates of the Caribbean game in their Lego franchise. No keel haulin' here, just good-nature 'family' type piratey fun building and exploring the world of the four Pirates movies.

(Windows, 3DS, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Surprisingly, there's been only a few pirate MMO games over the years. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the kid-friendly Pirate 101, ArcheAge (fantasy game with sailing) and Pirates of the Burning Sea seem to have been the most successful.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is still going since 2008. No longer owned by Sony Entertainment, this game is now Free to Play!


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

One of the most popular mobile pirate game apps (over 1 million downloads) is now Free-to-Play on Steam. Caribbean Hunt has o'er 20 kinds a' ships to sail th' high seas. Pirates can plunder to their dark hearts content, even CAPTURE enemy ships and add them to your growing fleet.

(Google Play, iTunes, Steam)

There's truly a treasure trove out there mates to satisfy your Talk Like A Pirate yearnings. Hundreds of games with a piratey theme can be found on Google Play and iTunes.

Steam has over 400 game titles with pirates in them!

And be on the look-out soon for Sea of Thieves! This MMO for Windows and X-Box One looks to be a real treasure!

So much piratin', so little time! Until next time, mates!

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt - Guide to Ships https://www.gameskinny.com/rtxnd/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-guide-to-ships https://www.gameskinny.com/rtxnd/the-pirate-caribbean-hunt-guide-to-ships Fri, 16 Sep 2016 04:45:58 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

Ahoy, mates! The kind of ships pirates sail are as varied as the crew of buccaneers they have aboard. And Steam free-to-play game, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, has more variety of sailing ships than you could shake a cannon ram stick at.

Maker HomeNetGames allows captains to control massive fleets to conquer the seas. Each of those vessels fall under one of more than 20 classes of ship. So your friendly neighborhood Amazon Pirate is here to give you the skinny on ships in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Step lively and let's take a gander...

The Skeleton Key to Knowledge

Before we start, know that ships in Caribbean Hunt are rated by Sail Strength, Hull Strength, Crew Compliment, Guns, and Cargo Capacity. Also, the bow angle and sail speeds.

Some classes offer multiple variations as well so shop wisely.

Civilian Ships

As the name says, these are ships primarily designed for use by traders for cargo shipping and pirates for plunder. They can be upgraded and are readily available at various ports of call.


For many a sailor, this is where you start. A sloop is a small 3-man craft, barely armed with only a single rear-facing gun and a quick helm to keep you alive. Learn to hit and run in order to survive.


Holding a crew of nine, the Cutter adds a few guns and doubles the cargo space. Not bad for hit-and-run attacks but won't last long in a stand-up battle.


A few more crewmen and a little more cargo space, but it adds 50% more hull and sails to hold out during battle.


Fairly common sailing vessel that ups most stats, except guns (before upgrading), but makes up for the price in speed. Only the premium ships are faster on the open ocean. And true pirates preferred speed over power.


Having one of the largest civilian ship cargo capacities, this class packs rows of cannons and a strong thick hull. But, your speed will suffer.


This class is similar to the schooner, but sacrifices speed for hull strength and a little more cargo capacity.


This ship strikes a good balance of strength, firepower, and cargo -- but it gives up turning speed in exchange.


This slow-moving class of ship is better suited for cargo convoys, as it can haul the most cargo of any ship in the game. But that trunk space comes at the expense of speed and carries only modest weapons. Probably not your best option as a primary vessel.


These pot-bellied Spanish merchant ships are massive cargo haulers with thick hulls and heavy sails to compensate for their slow speed and low maneuverability. They can also ferry the most crew.


With a hull second only to the Galleon, this ship also has one of the highest civilian crew capacities and a large cargo hold while still remaining fairly fast. Its wider angle, though, makes it a bit less agile.


Quite quick, lots of cargo space with a fairly sturdy hull make this ship a powerful platform for the pirate. Having a high crew capacity and firepower helps too.


This class of ship is quite fast for its larger size, making it quite formidable. It sports a strong hull, heavy sail strength and substantial firepower. It has the narrowest turning angle, except for the smallest ships.


Second only to the Galleon for sheer cargo space, this ship also is the slowest class of civilian vessel. But, they pack the most broadside guns.

Civilian Ship Stats

Type Hull Sails Crew Cannons Cargo Capacity  Sailing Speed
Sloop1 9+9 7+7 3 0+1 400 ( 54 / 8 / 8 )
Sloop2 9+9 7+7 3 0+1 400 ( 52 / 8 / 8 )
Sloop3 9+9 7+7 3 0+1 400 ( 48 / 8 / 8 )
Cutter1 14+14 10+10 9 6 800 ( 54 / 8 / 9.5 )
Cutter2 14+14 10+10 9 6+2 800 ( 40 / 8 / 10 )
Ketch1 22+22 17+17 14 0+2 900 ( 50 / 8 / 8 )
Ketch2 22+22 17+17 14 0+4 950 ( 50 / 8 / 8 )
Ketch3 30+30 20+20 18 6 1100 ( 50 / 8.5 / 9 )
Ketch4 30+30 20+20 18 8 1100 ( 50 / 8.5 / 8.5 )
Schooner1 25+25 17+17 16 0+2 1000 ( 46 / 10 / 9 )
Schooner2 30+30 25+25 26 6 1300 ( 46 / 10 / 9 )
Schooner3 30+30 25+25 24 6+2 1300 ( 46 / 10 / 9 )
Schooner4 40+40 35+35 32 12 1700 ( 46 / 9 / 9 )
Caravel1 75+75 30+30 40 14 2300 ( 60 / 8 / 8 )
Caravel2 75+75 30+30 40 14+2 2300 ( 60 / 8 / 8 )
Brigantine1 45+45 25+25 30 6 1500 ( 64 / 8 / 10 )
Brigantine2 45+45 25+25 30 6+2 1500 ( 54 / 8 / 8 )
Brig1 50+50 27+27 38 10 1800 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Brig2 50+50 27+27 40 10+2 1800 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Brig3 60+60 30+30 50 12+2 2000 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Flute 50+50 40+40 40 8 4500 ( 90 / 6 / 7 )
Galleon1 120+120 70+70 90 10+2 3500 ( 98 / 6 / 9 )
Galleon2 110+110 70+70 90 14+2 3400 ( 98 / 6 / 9 )
Barque 80+80 50+50 60 14+4 2600 ( 72 / 8 / 10 )
Barquentine 70+70 40+40 50 12+5 2200 ( 62 / 9 / 9 )
Xebec 80+80 60+60 50 14+2 1800 ( 52 / 9 / 9 )
Carrack 60+60 50+50 40 16 3000 ( 98 / 6 / 7 )


Packing more base firepower than their civilian cousins, these ships sacrifice cargo space for better weapons and stronger armor.


This Cutter adds another crewman and ups hull and sails. Still quick and agile.


A few more crewmen as well as some chaser guns along with improved hull and sail strength. She's faster than the civilian version too.


Major guns upgrade gives this version a lot more punch. It's still just as fast, even with improved hull and sails. 



Surprisingly little difference between this ship and its civilian cousin, except some more hull and sail strength.



The military version of the Brig loads up the guns by nearly double, in addition to better hull and sails. Speed remains the same. Personally, I think this will be the next ship I make an effort to obtain.



War galleons crank up the firepower with only a slight drop in cargo capacity, and without any loss of speed. 


The only real change for the military model of the Xebec is the addition of a few guns. Not sure if any price increase is justified.


These are the single fastest class of military sailing ship in the game currently. They also pack more firepower than most mid-sized vessels while trading off more cargo space for less hull strength. The HMS Surprise from the film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World was a corvette.

Steam Corvette

This vessel is unique in that it uses the latest steam-powered technology to drive paddle wheels as well as sails. While they do not carry the same level of firepower, steam ships do not suffer wind angle issues.


Nearly as fast as the Corvette, the Snow class does give up some maneuverability while having a little more cargo space, but more armor. The ship also does give up a bit of sail strength.


Gunboats built for speed, these ships often escorted larger warships but were quite capable on their own. They are fast for their size to keep up with smaller ships and still have firepower to engage larger ships. Famous frigates include the USS Constitution and Black Beard's Queen Anne's Revenge.


These massive vessels of combat were the predecessors to Ships of the Line. They were floating fortresses, often the flagship of larger fleets and primarily used to enforce a nation's will or protect it's holdings. 


A bulky Ship of the Line carrying two or three full decks of 80-90 guns, over 400 crewmen, a compliment of marines and carronades for targeting crews.


A Royal Ship of the Line with three full decks of 100+ guns, 500+ crewmen, a compliment of marines and carronade. These were typically admiralty flagships. Few ships dared challenge these monstrosities.

Military Ship Stats

Type Hull Sails Crew Cannons Cargo  Sailing Speed
Cutter1 15+15 12+12 10 6 800 ( 54 / 8 / 10 )
Cutter2 15+15 12+12 12 6+4 700 ( 54 / 8 / 10 )
Cutter3 15+15 12+12 10 8+2 800 ( 54 / 8 / 10 )
Cutter4 15+15 12+12 12 10 700 ( 54 / 9 / 9 )
Ketch1 35+35 24+24 22 10+2 1000 ( 50 / 9 / 9 )
Ketch2 35+35 24+24 22 12 1000 ( 50 / 9 / 9 )
Ketch3 35+35 24+24 24 12+2 1000 ( 50 / 9 / 9 )
Schooner1 35+35 27+27 26 12 1100 ( 46 / 10 / 9 )
Schooner2 40+40 40+40 35 12+2 1400 ( 46 / 10 / 10 )
Brigantine1 50+50 30+30 36 14+2 1300 ( 64 / 8 / 10 )
Brigantine2 50+50 30+30 36 14+5 1300 ( 64 / 8 / 10 )
Brig1 58+58 30+30 50 16+4 1700 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Brig2 70+70 40+40 60 18+2 1800 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Brig3 70+70 40+40 64 18+4 1800 ( 80 / 6 / 10 )
Xebec 80+80 60+60 60 20+2 1800 ( 52 / 9 / 9 )
Corvette 60+60 85+85 85 26+2 1900 ( 64 / 9.5 / 11)
S. Corvette 55+55 90+90 88 16 1950 ( 8 / 10 / 11)
Snow 70+70 40+40 70 24+2 2000 ( 74 / 7 / 11 )
Galleon1 130+130 70+70 90 30+8 3000 ( 98 / 6 / 9 )
Galleon2 140+140 80+80 90 38+6 3000 ( 98 / 6 / 9 )
Frigate1 90+90 65+65 100 32+2 1800 ( 84 / 7 / 10 )
Frigate2 100+100 70+70 110 36+2 2100 ( 84 / 7 / 10 )
Frigate3 120+120 80+80 130 42+2 2100 ( 84 / 7 / 10 )
Man-o'war 220+220 150+150 200 54+4 2500 ( 88 / 6 / 10 )
2nd-rate 250+250 120+120 350 72+6 2800 ( 98 / 5 / 8 )
1st-rate 300+300 200+200 500 106+8 3000 ( 98 / 5 / 7 )


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt also offers top-end ships of various classes. These special vessels are crafted after various well-known ships of history.

HMS Nimble

A military cutter in the service of the British navy. Throughout history there were actually 8 different cutters named Nimble in Her Majesty's fleet. Likely this one was named after a ship that sank in 1781. 

HMS Pickle

This British navy schooner served in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The ship is of note because it carried the sad message home that Admiral Lord Nelsen died during in battle with the French.

HMS Interceptor

This Brig was likely named after the fictional high-speed naval warship that appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. No real British vessel was ever named Interceptor.

HMS Ontario

This Snow-class ship is named after a warship that served the British navy during the American Revolution. The largest vessel to sail the Great Lakes at the time, it sunk in 1780 while ferrying prisoners of war.

Le Sphinx

France's first 'paddle-steamer' naval vessel, this Steam Corvette was given its namesake from a warship that served in the Battle of Algiers. It's noted in history for carrying the famed Luxor Obelisk from Egypt to France.

Black Galleon

It's likely this ship was crafted after the famed but fictional Black Pearl aka The Wicked Wench, from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, with its all-black paint scheme, massive guns, and hull power.


This French design is probably named after the first-rate warship of the French Republic Navy following the French Revolution and served in the Glorious First of June battle. The Montagne survived 233 round shot blasts from the British HMS Royal Sovereign but still managed to return home.

Santisme Trinidad

This massive war galleon was likely named after the Spanish flagship which fell into British hands at the Battle of Manila. Did I mention it packs 136 guns?

HMS Victory

Serving Her Majesty's fleet in the American Revolution, the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars, this impressive first-rate Ship of the Line may be the most famous sailing warship in history. She was Admiral Lord Nelson's personal flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

HMS Tonnant

Originally a second-rate French Ship of the Line, the Tonnant was captured by Admiral Nelson at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. She then saw action in the Napoleonic Wars at the Battle of Trafalgar.

USS Constitution

Originally built in 1797 to combat the Barbary Pirates and protect US shipping from privateers, the frigate Constitution also saw action in the War of 1812. Her reputation for eluding capture, defeating larger vessels and sustaining minimal combat damage earned her the nickname 'Old Ironsides'.


Listed as a War Galleon, this infamous vessel was originally a Portuguese slave ship that sank near the East Caicos in 1837. Fortunately, some 200 slaves survived the disaster.

Premium Ship Stats

Type Hull Sails Crew Cannons Cargo Capacity  Sailing Speed
HMS Nimble 20+20 20+20 14 12+4 900 ( 50 / 10 / 10 )
HMS Pickle 35+35 45+45 28 14+4 1400 ( 38 / 10 / 10 )
HMS Interceptor 40+40 70+70 70 20+4 2000 ( 70 / 9 / 11 )
HMS Ontario 50+50 80+80 76 24+4 2100 ( 66 / 9 / 11 )
Le Sphinx 55+55 90+90 88 16 1950 ( 8 / 10 / 11 )
Black Galleon 90+90 150+150 100 46+6 3800 ( 80 / 7 / 10 )
Montagne 250+250 350+350 620 114+12 3200 ( 88 / 7 / 9 )
Santisme Trinidad 270+270 360+360 650 122+14 4000 ( 94 / 6 / 7 )
HMS Victory 250+250 350+350 600 108+10 3200 ( 88 / 6 / 8 )
HMS Tonnant 150+150 300+300 400 74+8 3000 ( 88 / 6 / 8 )
USS Constitution 100+100 150+150 140 48+4 2200 ( 70 / 9 / 10 )
Esperanza 130+130 220+220 130 50+8 3600 ( 90 / 8 / 10 )


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a Free-to-Play game currently available for download at Steam. The original mobile app is still available at iTunes and Google Play.

Is Tempest the Pirate Game You've been Searching For? https://www.gameskinny.com/vu6ym/is-tempest-the-pirate-game-youve-been-searching-for https://www.gameskinny.com/vu6ym/is-tempest-the-pirate-game-youve-been-searching-for Fri, 26 Aug 2016 07:07:48 -0400 Richard Sherry

Tempest is a Pirate open world action RPG from HeroCraft, released this week on Steam. Having been in Early Access for 8 months, the game focuses upon naval combat on the high seas, pitting the player captain and their ship against cutthroat pirates and creatures from the deep. But is the game a tempestuous triumph or a light drizzle of disappointment?

Tempest attempts to mash up elements of Sid Meier’s Pirates and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but falls short on both counts. Whilst collecting, looting, and upgrading ships and weapons is satisfying, ship-to-ship combat lets the experience down. Meanwhile Rare’s upcoming Sea of Thieves looks set to take the pirating crown, giving Tempest a very short window within which to fight for its relevance.

It would be something of an unfair comparison to discuss Tempest alongside Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is created by a long-established developer whilst Tempest is helmed by a much smaller Indie company, and on top of this Sea of Thieves hasn’t even been released. Yet both are pirate games where you sail the seas in search of infamy and fortune; and whilst they differ in many ways, would likely appeal to many of the same audiences.

From what I’ve experienced of Tempest and what I’ve seen of Sea of Thieves' unique gameplay, I’d much rather be running around Sea of Thieves’s colourful, cartoonish, yet incredibly detailed world, getting drunk on tankards of ale with friends and playing Ride of the Valkyries on an accordion. It seems that there’s more fun to be had in Sea of Thieves, whilst Tempest is a little more subdued. It’s a different experience, so don’t discount it completely, but Tempest is also not as rounded, or engaging, of an experience as it should be.

Unfinished Experience

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some interesting ideas in Tempest - such as using your spyglass at a distance to gain information and combat bonuses on the enemy before engaging. But it still feels like an unfinished game that, even after its 8 months, was not ready to leave the Early Access phase. Despite a tutorial covering the basics of combat, Tempest leaves many aspects of its menus and systems unexplained. Whilst some things could be picked up quickly, others left me scratching my head for some time until trial and error revealed their purpose to me.

One such example of this is the rearranging of your crew for efficiency. Whilst docked in a harbour you can drag and drop your crew members to different areas of the ship, such as the top of the rigging or down below deck. This team distribution clearly served a purpose, but until I’d read this old but handy guide by a Steam user, I didn’t have a clue what it was. All of this means that the game lacks pick-up-and-play functionality and intuitiveness.

From the get-go you’re thrust into an open world with few boundaries. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, your ship is free to carry you wherever you so wish. Sounds cool, right? You have your crew, you’re ready to hit the seas and see where the adventure takes you! But no. A few short sorties from dock and you’ve been blown out of the water by a marauding crew with a much bigger ship. Sure, you can ignore many encounters - but what kind of pirate captain would you be then?! I doubt Blackbeard ever let silly things like overwhelming odds get in his way.

Death is just the Beginning

Being sunk doesn’t lead to a game over in Tempest; instead you wind up back at port with a damaged ship, injured crew and significant expenses to pay for repairs. Indeed money and plunder seem to get sunk into fixing your ruined ship and buying medicine to heal your poor injured crewmen, leaving little in the way for purchases of weaponry or other useful items for a long time into the game.

Once you get the hang of things the game is a decent experience, but combat remains simplistic. Each ship displays its aiming zones and arcs on either side and it’s a simple case of manoeuvring until your target is within those sights. Battles mostly consist of slowly floating around in a circle with the enemy ship, pulverizing each other until someone sinks. Realistic it might be, but engaging it is not.

Depth is added through a faction system that determines enemies and allies in a skirmish. If you’re heading into pirate waters, it’s best to drop that merchant flag of yours and raise the jolly roger to avoid being made an easy target. Obtaining flags for each faction allows you to select your battles, influencing ships of the same faction to come to your aid. Note, however, that this doesn’t always work. At the most inopportune of times you might be attacked by a supposed ally for no discernible reason.

The Good, The Bad, and The Tempest

Having dealt some damage to an enemy, it sometimes seems like a viable option to get in close and board the ship for some exciting close combat action. However there’s not much interactivity in these sections beyond watching both sides stand around shooting at each other. Often, a large wave periodically passes right through the deck and its occupants as if they’re all ghosts; which they shortly are as my ship slowly sinks beneath the waves, having been bested by the enemy’s defences, and I sit there cursing my inability to stop my men from getting shot to pieces.

Quests are fairly generic and don’t deviate much from a set pattern of defeating enemy ships and gathering their loot. On the other hand, the game’s RPG mechanics are solid enough. Gaining XP in battle allows you to train your crew, making them more effective, skilled and responsive to orders in the heat of battle. There are also numerous weapons and upgrades to buy, not to mention Captain’s skills to enhance. These include reducing weapon cool-downs and improving ship manoeuvrability, and are all useful in their own ways.

If destroying ships and fortresses isn’t enough of a thrill, the game also includes mythical terrors from the deep, such as the Kraken and Leviathan. Encounters with these beasties can help to shake things up, and they are genuinely surprising on first meeting. The fantasy elements of Tempest are extended by magical artifacts and spells: it’s especially fun to summon a giant squid to devour your nemeses, or rain death from above in a hail of meteors.

Authentic Experience

Despite its limitations, Tempest still manages to give me satisfaction upon sinking an enemy ship. It’s easy to get caught up in the game’s atmosphere, lurching through the broiling sea as the rain pours down and explosions of canon-fire thunder around you. The best part of the game is simply sailing through the ocean, watching the world go by with the wind at your back and eyes on the horizon. From the interchangeable third- and first-person perspectives to a well-designed pirates’ map of three large open world areas, there is a much greater sense of adventure and freedom in exploration than in combat.

I still find myself somewhat charmed by the whole thing, and whilst I have no doubt that Sea of Thieves will be the one and only pirate game I’ll want to play when it launches, this is a decent pirate experience on the high seas in the meantime.

Sea of Thieves Resurfaces at E3 2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/pebm9/sea-of-thieves-resurfaces-at-e3-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/pebm9/sea-of-thieves-resurfaces-at-e3-2016 Thu, 16 Jun 2016 15:43:07 -0400 ESpalding

First unveiled at E3 2015, Rare's pirate adventure Sea of Thieves resurfaced for this year's expo. After last year's exhibition, the game was taken back "below decks" for further development. This year, they were given a segment during the XBox briefing as well as being on the show floor which gave everyone a chance to give the game a go.

Sea of Thieves is an open-world multiplayer adventure which sees players forming the crew of a pirate ship. You will need to learn such things as how to raise the anchor, lower the sails, man the cannons and ship to ship combat. But it isn't an MMO. It is more of a "cooperative adventure". More than just combat, Sea of Thieves will take you on seafaring voyages, treasure hunts, make you build a reputation among other pirates and allow you to upgrade your ships.

Confirmed this week, the game will not be free to play, which was rumoured to be the case, and it has been given a probable release window of February 2017. It will be available on Windows and XBox One.

Sea of Thieves - Play It First Contest! https://www.gameskinny.com/267xv/sea-of-thieves-play-it-first-contest https://www.gameskinny.com/267xv/sea-of-thieves-play-it-first-contest Fri, 25 Mar 2016 05:15:36 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

The mates at Rare Ltd. (makers of classic games like Banjo Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, and Donkey Kong Country) teased their upcoming pirate MMO game last June at E3. The Xbox One/Windows 10 title caused a stir with its colorful graphics, open sea-faring world, and gameplay potential.

Now, those scurvy dogs are offerin' to pick a select crew of buccaneers to jump aboard and set sail as the first player pirates!

And one a' them lubbers could be you. How?

Soul of a Poet

Show the captains at Rare just how much of a video game pirate you can be. And by game pirate, I'm not meaning stealing video games. You can post a picture or a video of yourself expressing your inner pirate and let them be the judges.

They're looking for the most creative entries. Don a costume, strap on a cutlass, head out to sea, release the Kraken, sing a shanty, etc. etc. 

"We want fans to be at the center of everything we do with Sea of Thieves!"

The intent is to get folks involved and to show they (Rare) wants to build 'strong relationships with their fans and players'. Fan feedback is something Rare says they deem critically important.

Not sure how to do that? Well, fear not. Some entries can already be seen at the Sea of Thieves website. Perhaps, they will inspire your cutthroat creativity.  

Check Out the Booty!

It may not be pieces of eight, but Rare will shower 6 Grand Prize winners with a nice haul.

  • Round trip airfare to England
  • Transportation between the airport, hotel, and studio
  • Three (3) nights hotel stay
  • Daily Meals
  • A tour of the Rare Ltd. Studio

And finally the singular prize is being one of the first players to get their hands on a controller and play Sea of Thieves. For all the finer print, check out the Contest Rules.

Message in a Bottle

You still have until April 26th to post your contest entry to:

  • Twitter. Post a link to your image or video to @SeaOfThieves, include #SeaOfThievesContest in the Tweet.
  • Facebook. Post a link to your image or video on their Facebook wall, and include #SeaOfThievesContest in your post.

Rare Promises Pirate MMO on the Horizon with Sea of Thieves https://www.gameskinny.com/oxism/rare-promises-pirate-mmo-on-the-horizon-with-sea-of-thieves https://www.gameskinny.com/oxism/rare-promises-pirate-mmo-on-the-horizon-with-sea-of-thieves Wed, 23 Mar 2016 05:12:17 -0400 Capt. Eliza Creststeel

As I sit to take my electric quill in hand, this old salt's fingers tremble with excitement. It's been nigh on three years since Pirates of the Caribbean Online shut its doors. Since that dark day, many an MMORPG pirate wandered the gaming seas for a new home.

Yes, there are sailing games and pirate-themed games of all types -- even Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag offered some excellent swashbuckling. But, they weren't the same experience some craved of being able to join a crew, board a ship, and sail the seas in search of adventure and action in both a co-op and PvP environment.

Then, last year at E3, Rare and Microsoft put out a teaser trailer for Sea of Thieves -- a game that promised amazing high-quality action and thrills from the same studio that has created A-list games since 1985.

Have you played Donkey Kong Country? GoldenEye 007? StarFox? That gives you an idea of the kung-fu wizardry Rare brings to the table.

Creating a Pirate World

In an article I posted after POTCO closed, I made a case to game developers for creating a new pirate-themed MMO. Part of that was designing a world that felt like the Golden Age of Piracy, whether historically-based or completely mythological.

Sea of Thieves' initial trailer seems to show a world that's not going to use actual locations and characters from history, but is richly detailed to give one the look and feel of life on the high seas in the 17th or 18th century.

Character costumes, objects, locations etc. all seem unique, colorful, and mesh well together with the world they exist in.

Action Stations!

A pirate's life is one of action. And the trailer shows that players can expect plenty of it. Does treasure hunting, cave exploring, fighting nasties, sailing, and ship-to-ship combat sound like plenty of action?

Rare's videos so far indicate there will be as much as you can handle.

There also seem to be hints at side quests and mini-games to add even more to your pirate to-do list.

And if facing NPC dangers wasn't intense enough, other player crews may be gunning for your ill-gotten gains!

Epic Tales

Skeleton attack

Another hope I had for a future pirate MMO game is being able to send my pirate self on a journey of discovery with challenging odds and astounding rewards. In the trailers, we see footage of the player digging up a buried chest, only to be set upon by ruthless skeleton pirates.

There's no telling if locating treasure is part of bigger quests or merely side quests to earn extra loot.

I've not seen game stills or videos of any other enemies so far. But, all indications are that other players can be unfriendly just as much as they could be a member of your crew.

Be Your Own Man... Woman... Pirate!

One of the strengths of MMOs is character customization and variety, not just at the creation stage but all along the way.

Sea of Thieves' trailer shows a crew of pirates aboard ship and working together as a unit but it also shows a wide variety of character types. Male and female with different body styles, clothing, weapons and equipment are on display.

It gives this Amazon pirate hope of being able to create the exact persona I want to become in the game. There's no indication if there will be distinct career paths or classes, yet. And it appears you can give your pirate their own unique names or those could be online profile names.

Bring Us That New Horizon

The final plea I made those years ago was that a new pirate MMO should have as big and open a world as possible. Where you feel like you're really going someplace new to find untold treasures while facing unknown terrors. Rare does appear to indicate that the world of Sea of Thieves will be an open shared one where players can interact in both friendly and unfriendly ways as they seek their fortunes.

Will this be a world always changing or will player actions have an impact on how things evolve for others playing? Will Rare expand or add on to the existing world as players explore or more players come on?

Also, I'm curious if the PC and X-Box One players will occupy the same server. That doesn't seem out of the question. That ocean could become very popular.

The Sea of Thieves E3 video (at the top) has over half-a-million views so far. That's a good indication for plenty of pirates like meself are just chomping at the bit to be able to strap on our cutlasses again. Let's hope they can deliver.

Keep a Sharp Lookout!

If you're a keen-eyed pirate who's dying to know what's on the horizon for this new game, you can check out:

First official gameplay video for indie mobile game, Booty Hunters https://www.gameskinny.com/vllqy/first-official-gameplay-video-for-indie-mobile-game-booty-hunters https://www.gameskinny.com/vllqy/first-official-gameplay-video-for-indie-mobile-game-booty-hunters Thu, 27 Aug 2015 10:20:23 -0400 Daniel R. Miller

Disclaimer: The author is the Lead Writer on Booty Hunters for Volite Games.

Indie Developer Volite Games has published the first official gameplay video for their debut game, Booty Hunters, showcasing a select number of core abilities that players can expect to use on their adventures. You can check out the video below.

The abilities that are revealed in the video are as follows:

Hellfire: Hellfire fires a quick barrage of cannons in a cone shape, covering a wide area. This is very useful for damaging multiple ships and is a go-to ability for its high damage output.

Firing Line: Your ship squares up and fires a carefully timed volley of cannon fire in a straight line.  The area effect is relatively narrow, so this is one of the first abilities that will be available to the player.

Flame Cannonball: As it's name suggests, this ability lets the player launch a single cannonball, causing an enemy ship to catch fire, creating chaos on the deck, and slowing down the vessel temporarily. This is very useful for gaining an edge in rate of fire or, if you find yourself in trouble, it makes escaping combat much easier.

Rain of Cannons: One of the the most powerful abilities at your disposal, Rain of Cannons is as awesomely potent as it sounds. Covering a wide area, players can literally rain pain upon their foes by dragging their finger over top of the enemy, unleashing a hailstorm of cannonballs from the sky, causing massive damage.

In Booty Hunters, players will control a powerful pirate vessel, and take to the high seas to gain fame and fortune. The demo only offers a taste of the experience that players can expect from the game as there will be a wide variety of quests to tackle, ships to unlock, regions to explore, dangerous and quirky enemies to defeat and a compelling story campaign that will take players on a quest for immortality.

Yarr Mateys, League of Legends gets a Pirate Transformation for Seasonal Campaign "Bilgewater: Burning Tides" https://www.gameskinny.com/a5yn4/yarr-mateys-league-of-legends-gets-a-pirate-transformation-for-seasonal-campaign-bilgewater-burning-tides https://www.gameskinny.com/a5yn4/yarr-mateys-league-of-legends-gets-a-pirate-transformation-for-seasonal-campaign-bilgewater-burning-tides Wed, 22 Jul 2015 11:24:21 -0400 Courtney Gamache

The famous multiplayer game developed by Riot Games, League of Legends got a giant pirate makeover last night, as part of their seasonal campaign. Although this makeover is welcomed, it's a component of a bigger picture.

About the Patch

Among many new changes in the 5.14 patch that took effect last night (July 21st, 2015), Riot Games re-skinned an old map and called it "Butcher's Bridge", added new themed character skins, and in addition gave more specific challenges for characters such as Gangplank.

Butcher's Bridge might look very familiar to seasoned players, as it's a redesign of the previous map, Howling Abyss. It's always good to see some change in video games, and since Howling Abyss was a secondary map, it'll give some variance.

Being famous for it's single-laned battlefront, Howling Abyss's Butcher's Bridge remake will be very useful for the "All Random All Mid" game mode. Having random champions and constant fighting, you'll get the most out of this new themed map.

Butcher's Bridge is only a stepping stone in this large campaign that Riot Games is providing called "Bilgewater: Burning Tides". Along with these sweet additions, this campaign will be introducing some nicely done overhauls in League, specifically in the visual and mechanics sections. An example is this new game mode is featuring a customizable hiring system for mercenaries in battle that was accompanied with Butcher's Bridge.

What do you guys think of these changes?

The Vessels of Booty Hunters: Enemy Types https://www.gameskinny.com/r6v8i/the-vessels-of-booty-hunters-enemy-types https://www.gameskinny.com/r6v8i/the-vessels-of-booty-hunters-enemy-types Wed, 04 Mar 2015 09:42:16 -0500 Daniel R. Miller

Daniel R. Miller is the Lead Writer and PR Rep for Volite Games.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Every game developer can attest that the same applies to design. Booty Hunters aims to deliver on that ideal by delivering a naval combat experience that features carefully balanced and unique enemy types.  The first three enemy types players will encounter at the outset of the game are the Artillery Ship, the Buckshot Ship and the Mirage Ship.  Each vessel offers a completely different set of abilities and battle tactics that will force the player to adjust how they attack on the fly.  Here is an in-depth look at what makes these enemies the backbone of combat in Booty Hunters.

The Artillery Ship is one of the more basic long range enemies that the player will encounter.  You will know them by their lobbed cannon strikes that land in the water around the player’s ship causing “Area-of-Effect” damage, which can be quite lethal with its high damage output.  Artillery Ships tend to keep their distance especially since they don’t have much in the way of speed.  However, since the damage they produce can escalate quickly, the goal is to sink the Artillery Ship before it can return a shot.

The Buckshot Ship is a floating shotgun that thrives in close quarters combat.  With its many cannons, a single volley can rip the player's sails to shreds, slowing them down and leaving them with nowhere to run. This can be especially dangerous when facing groups of enemies, as players can quickly find themselves surrounded and under fire from every angle.  The best way to deal with this foe, is to identify it before engaging it, and attack it from a distance.

The Mirage Ship is a Predator-like vessel that reflects blinding sunlight to hide itself from its enemies.  While it is concealed, the player will be unable to attack it, since your crew won't be able to see it.  The best method of disposing of this enemy is a carefully planned and timed use of your vessel's abilities.  The Mirage Ship can only stay cloaked temporarily, so once they finally do reveal themselves, they are vulnerable to nearly every type of attack there is.

This is just a taste of the kinds of enemies you will face on the open waters in the world of Booty Hunters.  With a plan for on-going development, the developers will be implementing more and more intricate and varied enemies that will bring their own unique spin to the battlefield and help to keep the gameplay fresh.  Next time, we will take a look at the vessels that will be available for the player to control.

10 Reasons That Booty Hunters Should be on Your Radar https://www.gameskinny.com/k6ywa/10-reasons-that-booty-hunters-should-be-on-your-radar https://www.gameskinny.com/k6ywa/10-reasons-that-booty-hunters-should-be-on-your-radar Mon, 09 Feb 2015 07:51:42 -0500 Daniel R. Miller

DisclaimerThe Author, Daniel R. Miller is the Lead Writer and PR Rep for Volite Games.

1.) It scratches the “Pirate Game Itch” that genre fans so desperately crave.

Prominent pirate games in the gaming community can be hard to come by. Booty Hunters aims to give genre fans just that by putting one, in the palm of their hands on iPhone devices.

2.) The game is built from the ground up by an avid sailor.

If there is anyone who can craft a quality, in-depth oceanic gaming experience, a seasoned sailor can.  Lead Designer, Andrew Palmer Martinson has a solid background boating on open waters and has carefully planned and implemented every mechanic, upgrade and ship with a balance of authenticity, aesthetic appeal and gameplay in mind.  

3.) A blend of genres that has not been seen in the Apple Marketplace to date.

Combining Role-­Playing, Strategy, and MOBA gameplay mechanics, Booty Hunters offers a very in-depth gameplay experience that perfectly achieves the balance between easy­ to ­understand and difficult ­to ­master.

4.) In-depth customization options.

Who doesn’t love personalizing their games to fit their own play styles? Booty Hunters delivers in­depth ship customization options that not only affect the look of your ship, but how it functions. This allows players to change the game on the fly.

5.) BAMF Looking Pirate Ships

As players progress through the game, the ships that become available to the player will naturally become increasingly more stylish. Players will be able to further their infamy by sporting sexier ships such as the intimidating, blood red Sea Dragon.

6.) A Wealth of Different Adventure Types

A Pirate’s life has many different facets, and Booty Hunters reflects that. There are many different ways to earn coin throughout the world that vary on the spectrum of morality; one moment, you might be saving innocent villagers from an erupting volcano, another, you might be conquering a village to expand your benefactor’s influence for a hefty reward.

7.) Enemy Variety

There are many different types of enemy ships skulking about on the open seas, all of which use different strategies to sink the player. Some enemies may prefer to keep their distance while others may decide to go kamikaze and try to ram you. You just never know what you will find in your next encounter.

8.) An open world on a smartphone.

iOS games have the reputation of being limited to mostly linear experiences. Booty Hunters breaks free from this perception by offering an open oceanic world that rivals the size of any current iOS game on the market.  And, of course, the world is packed with plenty to do.

9.) Endless Replayability

With hundreds of combinations of statistic-­altering ship parts at your disposal, there are many different ways to play Booty Hunters. Take your enemies out from a distance without them ever seeing you coming or impose your will and find yourself in the middle of an all out war. Every time you dock your ship into port, change your abilities out to make an entirely different ship and complete your objectives the way you want. Your ship, your way.

10.) Putting the "Free" Back Into Free-to-Play

Perhaps best of all. You don’t have to drop a penny on Booty Hunters in order to get yourself a ship, set sail and obtain meaningful progression.  

As with a lot of other "Freemium" games, Booty Hunters will have the option to speed up the progression of the game at the player's choosing, but it is not required to get the full experience.  Every ship upgrade is obtainable simply by playing the game at a natural pace.  Enjoy one of the deepest and most engaging mobile games you’ll ever experience on iPhone for nothing at all. 

Booty Hunters iOS: Choosing Your Play Style https://www.gameskinny.com/oiae9/booty-hunters-ios-choosing-your-play-style https://www.gameskinny.com/oiae9/booty-hunters-ios-choosing-your-play-style Fri, 07 Nov 2014 11:26:04 -0500 Daniel R. Miller

Daniel R. Miller is the Lead Writer and PR Rep for Volite Games.

One of the things that the team at Volite Games emphasized during the development of Booty Hunters is fostering the player’s sense of experimentation with very deep and easy-to-use ship customization mechanics. Among the game’s many foundations is the player’s ability to tailor their ship's statistics to their own play-styles. Players can mix and match different parts with varying statistical bonuses along with unique abilities every time they reach port so that they will be able to keep the gameplay fresh. When designing a ship's strengths, players must account for eight different sections of the ship, all of which affect a particular statistic or mechanic.

Sails - For players who rely on speed and evasion, you will likely invest your resources into the quality of your ship's sails.  While choosing to invest in your sails may leave you more vulnerable to enemy fire, it won't matter much if your enemies can't hit you.

Cannons - The quality of your cannons determines how much damage you can do to your enemies thorugh cannon fire. In other words, a bigger cannon = bigger boom.

Hull - If you decide to be more aggressive and would rather face your enemies then sail around and away from them, then the Hull is the upgrade you will be looking to invest in.  A ship's Hull correlates directly with defensive efficiency, allowing it to take more hits from enemy fire before being sunk.

Quarters - A captain may get all the glory, but they are nothing without their subordinates.  The quarters of your ship directly correlates to its crew capacity.  As you lose crew in battle, the efficiency at which your vessel operates will deteriorate, namely for things like sail speed and vessel repairs.  A larger crew can compensate for casualties much easier than a small one, so if you choose to invest in your quarters, you will be able to focus more on your adventures.

Quarter Deck - Finding trouble is the epitome of the pirate life.  So when trouble befalls your vessel, it's always a certainty that you will need to patch yourself up.  As you go from battle to battle, you will notice that your ship will be repaired from the damage it sustains.  The Quarter Deck is the part of your vessel that determines its repair speed.

Hold - The quality of your ship's Hold, dictates how much food it can carry. Maintaining crew morale in the game is just as important as succeeding in battle as you can't have one without the other.  The best way to keep spirits high aboard your vessel is by keeping bellies full.  As you work your way through the game and start getting bigger and bigger crews, you will find that the rate at which you burn through your food stores increases, and if you run out of food, crewman will start to abandon ship.

Galley - One of the core mechanics that makes Booty Hunters stand out from other pirate adventure games are its Abilities.  Abilities consume Energy, which is the facet of your ship that is dictated by the Galley.  Your Energy does regenerate, but a better Galley will help your crew recover it faster.

Crow’s Nest - Being caught off guard is an easy way to find your ship sinking into Davey Jones' Locker.  The best way to prevent this is by having a strong Sight Radius which is measured by your ship's Crow's Nest.

By focusing on particular areas of your vessel, the correlating stat upgrades will reflect many of the typical classes you would find in your favorite MOBA games.  For example, by investing in your Galley, you can give your vessel a similar statistical setup to that of your typical Crowd-Control classes.  Investing exclusively in the sexy stats like Attack and Speed will turn your ship into a Glass Cannon class that will work for more advanced players.  Playing as a Glass Cannon will serve up a greater challenge, as ignoring the quality of the crew and hull will leave the ship highly vulnerable but you will have the firepower to topple advanced enemies. Building a ship to be self-sufficient by investing in areas like your Hold, is just as important to succeess in Booty Hunters as dealing damage to your enemies.

At the outset of the game, success in combat requires a more tactical and methodical approach, and depending on the state of your vessel and crew, you may find that avoiding conflict is an effective strategy.  While this may sound a bit daunting, Booty Hunters achieves a successful balance between being easy-to-learn and difficult-to-master so that both new and experienced players can find an enjoyable gameplay experience from every system the game has to offer.  You can play the game can be played in so many different ways that you can change your gameplay style on a whim every time you make port, keeping you from feeling stuck in the decisions you make.

Booty Hunters is aiming to be released on iOS devices in Q1 2015 . The team at Volite Games is dedicated to bringing the most engaging and accessible high seas adventure on mobile to pirate fans everywhere. For the latest news on all things Booty Hunters, like Booty Hunters on Facebook and follow the game on Twitter.