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Zero Time Dilemma isn't a terribly difficult game to get 100% completion on, but there are a few places where it's easy to get stuck.  Here are some tips and tricks to get all the endings, unlock all the files, and seek a way out.

See It All (Good and Bad)

To finish the game, you'll need to make some tough choices.  Not just to see all the game's content, but in order to reach the true ending, you'll need to do some very bad things.  As one of the game's major mechanics is jumping back and forth in time, you'll be able to do this without much difficulty or consequence.  Before you get the true ending, you must do the following (no matter how much you don't want to):

  • Execute each team in the initial vote.  While you may have successfully spread the votes out the first time, you'll have to go back and vote a few more times.  You'll know you did it right when you've seen a three cutscenes, each one showing a different team's death.
  • Push the button in the contamination room as each team member.  While doing so will lead to a game over each time, you'll still need to do it.  Don't worry, you'll get some important exposition as well, so no one will die in vain.
  • For 100% completion, you'll need to watch all the "Game Overs" as well.  As counter-intuitive as it seems, you have to do this to platinum the game.  Several of them also feature some important foreshadowing as well, so it's not a complete waste of time.

Get All the Codes

During the "Force Quit" box sections, you'll need a set of passwords to escape.  You'll get these from completing other character's endings, but if you forgot, here they are once again: 

  • For Team Q, their are two passwords, found in the "Reality" fragment and Q-END: 2.  They are 38080832 and 61404091.
  • For Team, C, the password is found in C-END: 1.  It's VIVEHODIE.
  • For Team D, the password is actually two items found in D-END: 2, and they're probably the easiest to guess.  Type in "Brooch" and either "Blue Bird" or "Music Box"
  • Additionally, Team D has another password in the "Door of Truth" fragment.  The password is the "twin's birthday," or 11162029

The Final Easter Egg: The Perceptive End

During the "Mexican standoff" scene on Team Q's route, you'll notice that their are four endings.  While the first three endings are easy to guess, (shoot Mira, shoot Eric, shoot no one) the last might be a little bit of a puzzle.  However, the answer is a huge spoiler for the finale's big reveal, so you should only do this once you've finished Q-END: 2, or you're at the very least really, really sure what Zero's true identity is.

If you tried to get this ending before, you probably noticed that you can't shoot yourself, but if you type "Q," you'll get a message asking for his real name.  "Sean" won't work either. The correct option is, of course, the real Q's true identity: Delta. Do this, and you'll get a neat little Easter egg ending.

Going Platinum: Fallout 3 trophy guide Wed, 14 Oct 2015 11:30:13 -0400 Travis Shuman

Welcome, one and all, to Going Platinum. In this series, we'll be culminating the best tips and tricks to achieve all trophies in various Playstation games. Trophies range in difficulty, from bronze to silver and finally gold, all in the pursuit of the ominous platinum trophy, which is only bestowed to those who have obtained all else.

The series will tackle any trophy above bronze that is not automatically obtained through the main story of a game. They will range from older PS3 titles (post trophy inclusion), to the newest AAA PS4 titles to hit the shelves.

In honor of Bethesda's upcoming Fallout 4, which officially releases November 10th, we're starting out strong with the game that brought the Fallout series back to life and introduced it to the massive fan base it has today: Fallout 3.

Note: This series will only be covering the necessary trophies to earn Platinum status. DLC added afterward with trophy compatibility is not included.

Scourge of Humanity - Silver: Reach level 20 with Bad Karma.

Paradigm of Humanity - Silver: Reach level 20 with Neutral Karma.

Last, Best Hope of Humanity - Silver: Reach level 20 with Good Karma.

These three are easily done in the same playthrough by simply saving just before turning level 20 and altering the player's karma to match each trophy.

Weaponsmith - Silver: Make one of every custom weapon. Schematics are scattered throughout the wasteland but the easiest way to earn this trophy is to simply save it for the end of your playthrough. There exists a perk that will instantly grant you the ability to make any custom weapon without schematics. Then it's simply a matter of obtaining basic ingredients to make each one.

Silver-Tongued Devil - Silver: Win 50 speech challenges. Easily done by heading to Little Lamplight and speaking with Knock-Knock. When he tells the player a joke, a high enough speech skill allows them to lie and say it was funny. This becomes a loop that players can exploit to reach their 50 speech challenges in minutes.

Data Miner - Silver: Hacked 50 terminals. No fast track to this one but Fallout 3 has a ton of hackable computers that should make this trophy easily obtainable. The best tip to not get locked out of a computer while hacking it: back out before running out of password attempts. Simply exiting the screen and going back in refills the number of attempts and allows players to infinitely try until they succeed.

Keys are for Cowards - Silver: Picked 50 locks. Also pretty much a give away as players will find themselves lock picking their way to this trophy naturally through the progression fo the game.

One-Man Scouting Party - Silver: Discovered 100 locations. Easiest way to get this trophy is to choose the Explorer perk upon reaching level 20. This will show all the locations on the map. From there simply walk to each one until the trophy appears.

The Bigger They Are - Gold: Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths. This trophy isn't as hard as it originally sounds. Super Mutant Behemoths aren't impossible to kill and can usually be taken down quickly with the right weapons. Their locations are the GNR Plaza (which players should reach through the main story), Evergreen Mills in a cage, West of Jury Street Metro Station, the rotunda of the Capital Building, and between Takoma Park and Takoma Industrial.

Yes, I Play With Dolls- Silver: Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads. This one is just a matter of doing some footwork:

  • Strength - Lucas Simms' House in Megaton.
  • Perception - The Republic of Dave.
  • Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary.
  • Charisma - Vault 108.
  • Intelligence - Rivet City science lab.
  • Agility - Greener Pastures Disposal Site.
  • Luck - Arlington cemetery in the basement with the creepy shrine.
  • Barter - Evergreen Mills Bazaar.
  • Big Guns - Fort Constantine's CO Quarters.
  • Energy Weapons - Raven Rock just before reaching Colonel Autumn. THIS ONE IS MISSABLE. SAVE BEFORE EXITING THE BASE.
  • Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station.
  • Lockpick - Bethesda Ruins.
  • Medicine - Dad's desk in Vault 101. Players that miss it at the start can go back while doing the mission that brings them back into the vault for one last time.
  • Melee Weapons - Dunwich Building.
  • Repair - Evan King's house in Arefu.
  • Science - Vault 106.
  • Small Guns - National Guard Depot.
  • Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels.
  • Speech - Paradise Falls in Eulogy Jones' Pad.
  • Unarmed - Unmarked area called Rockopolis. Look for the banner strung atop some rocks just West of Smith Casey's Garage.

Vault-Tec CEO - Gold: See above.

All Vault-Tec Bobbleheads on Display

And that just about covers things over here. Play smart and everything here can be obtained in a single play through. Fallout 3 is a long game, and this platinum will still take players quite a while to get, but that just means that they're all the more rewarding to display on a PSN account. 

Stay tuned, because next up in Going Platinum, we'll be heading to the Nevada Desert for more post-apocalyptic trophy hunting.

Bayonetta 2 Princess Peach Costume Announced, And More Thu, 04 Sep 2014 21:37:34 -0400 zoLo567

Today Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct presentation aimed at Platinum Games' upcoming title, Bayonetta 2. During the presentation, we were able to get a little bit of information about the game.

Previously Nintendo announced that the Wii U version of the original Bayonetta would feature costumes for Bayonetta based on famous Nintendo characters. This includes Princess Peach, Daisy, Link, and Samus. Now these costumes will also be available in Bayonetta 2, and will give special abilities depending on the costume. Nintendo also announced another costume during the presentation: Fox McCloud, star of the Star Fox series.

Platinum also gave details on Bayonetta 2's multiplayer mode, titled Tag Climax. This mode has six levels, and multiple difficulties. Players are able to increase difficulty by betting halos, the game's currency. In Tag Climax, players are able to play as Jeanne and Rodin, and are able to use the halos earned in the single-player campaign.

Nintendo has mentioned before that gamers who purchase Bayonetta 2 on disk will also receive a copy of the original Bayonetta. This will run at $59.99. But now Nintendo has detailed how digital buyers can get the same deal. When purchasing both games separately on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, a special minor discount is applied, coming out to $59.98.

The Direct presentation also gave details on other features of the game, such as characters, plot, combat, weapons, magic, Bayonetta's trademark Torture Attacks, and the Umbran Climax. You can check out the Direct Presentation below.

Bayonetta 2 launches on October 24th exclusively on the Wii U. For more on Bayonetta 2, check out our Bayonetta 2 hub.

Resogun: How to Save the Humans and Earn Platinum Tue, 25 Mar 2014 16:52:30 -0400 NorthwestGamer

It has been over 4 months since the launch of Sony's newest console, the Playstation 4. On that day, November 15, Playstation Plus subscribers were treated with an awesome free game on launch day, Resogun. To this day, the game is still available on the Instant Game Collection. If you have not picked it up by now, or if you have not gotten far in it, then I recommend getting into it right away. It is a superb game with wonderful gameplay mechanics and is just overall a great experience.

In this article, I will be focusing on providing beginner and intermediate players with tips on how to work their way to two things, completing the game on the harder difficulties and earning the platinum. For those advanced players who have completed the game and now want to boost their high scores, look for the red text for more advanced tips and tricks.

Choosing a Ship

Resogun ShipsFirst off, this is a very opinionated topic. I have no reason to believe that there is the perfect ship for everybody, a lot of it depends on your style. Because of this, most guides will recommend that you just play around with the ships and pick the one you like the most. I respect this approach and I do agree to it to some extent; however, I do think that there are defined benefits to each of these ships, so I recommend a plan of going from easiest to hardest.

In the picture above, the ships essentially go from easiest to hardest from left to right. It is easier to pick up Nemesis and be successful quickly than it is with Phobos. Phobos has great style for advanced players, though. It is important that you know that there are more differences that just the stats between these ships. Nemesis shoots off a ton of homing missiles in all directions, as well as his standard shot. Phobos only shoots a few bonus shots that barely spread, but his simple cannon is way more powerful and shoots much longer distances.

Also, some keepers require you to kill them in a specific order if you want to save the human. Nemesis' homing missiles will cause a lot of frustration with this, as they like to home in on the wrong people and kill them before your cannon kills the right guy.

With this in mind I recommend progressing from the easiest ship to the hardest by playing through the difficulties in the following order:

  • Rookie: Nemesis
  • Experienced: Ferox
  • Veteran/Master: Phobos

Ferox is a very balanced ship and it is not necessary to use him at all. When I played the first time, I used Nemesis until Veteran then switched to Phobos. If you do not think you need the slower learning curve, then feel free to jump into Phobos earlier.

For players looking for high scores, especially, I would definitely recommend Phobos. The longer range of his cannon makes it much easier to keep your multiplier going.

Your Number One Weapon Is Your Boost

This may sound weird, how could your number one weapon be your boost? That's not even a weapon. When you use your boost, you are completely invincible. Also, every person you run into along the way dies. Sounds like a pretty good way to escape dangerous situations. As soon as you know you are screwed, or just do not feel comfortable, boost out of the situation and try to take as many guys along the way as possible. I recommend using the boost in short bursts, because it will only drain as much of the boost as you use. Your boost has to fill back up to a certain amount before you can use it again, so only use what you need and it will be ready again sooner.

Now that you can utilize your boost, it gets even better! On top of being invincible, the developers have added a little trick to make sure you do not die from ending your boost at an enemy. When you finish boosting, a small explosion emits from your ship, killing all enemies in the immediate area. To take advantage of this always try and end your boost in a large cluster of enemies.

Do not forget to watch the HUD, your boost's charge meter is displayed as an arc right above your ship. So keep an eye on how much you are using.

"Overdrive Charged"

Resogun Overdrive

This is the one mistake that I constantly made. Overdrive seems like this great powerhorse safety net that you can store for those dangerous situations. Do not make this assumption, like I did. When you hear that message out of your controller, hit that overdrive right away. It will thin out the ranks, helping you avoid ever being in that awkward situation, but, more importantly, it will mean you get your next overdrive faster.

Now, do not take what I said too far though. If there are not any enemies around, do not use it just because you can. Save it until there is a decent amount of enemies, but use it as soon as that moment comes.

Watch Your Ship

One of the easiest mistakes to make in this game is to focus on the enemies.

Your eyes will constantly try and gravitate towards your targets, but you need to try and fight that urge. You obviously need to pay attention to your enemies, how else would you kill them? It is more important, however, that you know what is going on around you.

Too often does it happen that you are watching the enemy, absolutely slaughtering a wall of the bastards, and the next thing you know, you're dead. "What the hell just happened?! I was mowing them down!" Well, the thing you missed is that one insignificant bullet coming from the easy enemy on the other side of you. So do not lose focus of the area around your ship. There is no ammo limit, so do not worry if you are just watching your guy and don't know what you're shooting at, somebody will die eventually - just as long as it's not you.

Save the Last Humans

Resogun Human

This shouldn't come as a surprise. The voice says it every time you start a level; however, what you may not realize, is that saving the humans is optional. You could beat a level with no humans saved and you will not be punished.

So why should you bother saving them?

Even though you don't have to save them, you should. Every human you save gives you a bonus of some kind.

You might just get points, but you might get an extra life or a bomb. You are going to have to make some on-the-fly decisions on this subject though. You need to somehow weigh the odds of your survival during your attempt to save the human. If you find one is not worth it, then leave them. The best you can get is an extra life, and you aren't guaranteed that. If you die then, even if you save the human anyways, you will be either down a life or just even.

To help you save the humans, you need to watch for the visual prompts.

Keepers are marked by a green light. So, when you hear the message, you need to focus on finding and killing those enemies emitting a green aura. Also, if you are near the beam and cannot quite get the human there without a risk, then throw them at the beam.

Once you have killed the keepers, an arrow will be next to your ship that points to the fastest direction to the nearest human. Also, before the keepers arrive, the box of the next-released human will have a sort of green reflection/light on it.

In order to get a high score, you absolutely cannot afford to lose a human. You are going hardcore now, so it is worth the risk. You either save the human or restart. Each human awards points, multiplier, and maybe even bonus points.

You Can't Hurt or Kill the Humans

Most people will come across this fact by accident, but, in case you did not know yet, you can shoot the crap out of those guys and they will not feel a thing. This can be useful because you can actually save a human from falling or hitting an enemy by shooting them and essentially "juggling" them on your cannon's rounds.

Listen to Your Controller

Depending on your opinion, you might find that little voice in the controller extremely annoying; however, it's also extremely helpful. Do not keep your TV volume too loud because you want to be able to understand every single one of those dialogues. If you find it too loud, which I did, the controller volume can be adjusted in the Playstation 4's audio settings.

Maintain Your Multiplier

This is almost guaranteed the most important tip you will receive when going for your highscore. You never want to let that multiplier fall. This means dying will really screw you over. Anything worth points will keep your multiplier going, this includes little things such as saving a human.

To keep your multiplier high, save your bombs for when you truly cannot reach any enemies in time. This will keep your multiplier going and spawn some new enemies closer to you. Before resorting to this, though, you should utilize your boost and the long-range of Phobos to keep the multiplier going without using a bomb for as long as possible.


This is not a concept that I got into, because I never really went for big high scores, but this is something you will want to know if you are going for the top scores. When you save multiple humans in succession, you will receive more points. Also, when you place a human on the ground, under the beam, they will not be saved yet and will not walk away from under the beam. 

To take advantage of this, grab the humans one-by-one and put them under the beam. Once you have your "herd," you can then save them all and you will get extra points.

Trophy-Specific Tips

Going for the platinum? These tips will help you earn some of the harder trophies so you can show your friends that 100%.


This trophy requires you to save two humans within a single second. I originally tried to have one human sitting underneath the beam and then save one, grab the other, and save them, but that took too long. So, I found the best way to do this is to have one human in your grasp and another human bouncing on your cannon-fire. Then just guide the bouncing human into the beam and follow right behind him.

How Do I Stop This Thing?! / O to the D

You could very easily come across these trophies as you play the harder difficulties, but I found one place you can do it really easily. On one of the levels, I believe the third one (sorry, my memory is a little foggy), you will be facing a boss who is just a giant cube. One of his abilities is to let off a cube that does not shoot, but keeps subdividing into smaller cubes as you shoot it.

These decoy cubes all count towards these trophies, so line up these cubes and go nuts. You should have no problem earning this trophy.

League of Legends: Summoner School Workshop Fri, 14 Mar 2014 09:02:32 -0400 GabrielKross

The Summoner School Workshop is a program started by Reddit user Wolf87. It's set up for two games a week, one each for Bronze and Silver players. These games put players of similar skill up against each other for practice. While they are playing, Platinum and higher players spectate the game, making note of what the players are doing.

After each match, the players all come together to discuss what took place. The Platinum+ players break down the events of the game, detailing what each player did right and wrong. Watching the recordings of previous weeks, it's a really down-to-earth atmosphere. No one uses condescending attitudes or belittles anyone's efforts, they just genuinely want to help.

Here's the week five Silver game with Dunebogey shoutcasting.

After looking into the program a bit and watching previous recordings, I reached out to Wolf87. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to share about the Workshop: how it started, what the goal was, and how players can get involved. He gave me three very detailed responses.

  1. This program was originally SNSS, (Saturday Night Scrim Series) which was just a community run scrim series ran out of our sub. The program passed from organizer to organizer and degraded pretty significantly. It had a pretty bad rep, lots of trolls. SNSS had not been running for a few months so, as a mod of the sub I decided I should take control over the program but relaunch it with new ideas and a better focus.

  2. The ultimate goal is pretty simple, to provide some feedback on improvement for players of bronze and silver ELO. Or to at least inspire them to seek out more help. I have some more ideas on how to expand on this program to do that, but for now I want to make sure the base is in good condition.

  3. Getting involved is pretty simple, I post a weekly event information and sign-up sheet every Sunday and it runs till that Wednesday. We are looking for players to actually play the games, as well as platinum+ level players looking to teach others.

    If people are interested in contributing in other ways, as an example, we have a long time redditor named Dunebogey who wanted to shoutcast from his stream... so he does that and I've been uploading his videos to our YouTube. His content is very casual and they mostly just mess around, but it is something.

As you can see, his main focus is to help. It's programs like these that the community needs to counteract all the negativity that we see and hear about. If you're interested in this program, unfortunately this week's teams were already selected, but check in at /r/summonerschool and watch for the notice post for next week's sign ups.