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Overwatch is filled with many different plays that seem almost impossible. And one of the great things about the game is that any gamer will eventually pull something amazing off, and will earn that sweet Play of the Game recap.


For more crazy shooter plays, check out the above compilation of the most recent WTF moments in Overwatch. You're sure to see complete 360 shots, insane aim, and even some cool D.Va things.


What's the best play you've ever made in Overwatch? Got any clips of impressive or hilarious moments you can share? Let me know down in the comments!


When Everything Just Goes Right


This pro Lucio switches between support and speed, continuously evading enemies while healing teammates to properly protect the payload during overtime. 


At a crucial time to end a match, it seems like all is lost when Lucio is forced out of the map -- only to return to what seems like Boop! heaven. With Mei freezing enemies, Lucio seizes the opportunity to clear the payload and possibly dance on it later.


Shut Up and Dance


Genji. (I'm just going to leave this sentence here as the lone shimada brother slices through enemies solo.)


Dorado pulls off this breezy sword dance while playing on the defensive, and his Genji pillages the team that's pushing. With a simple forward dash to push past enemy forces and split seconds before the damage starts, the enemy is left confused and unprepared for the dragon wielder. Though simplistic in nature, the play is pulled off exquisitely with full focus and complete domination. 


Bubbles Have Never Been So Deadly


One character who is undeniably difficult to master is Zarya. Feeding off her teammates' success and survivability makes her job a lot harder. But in the hands of someone like Seagull (above), she's as easy as placing a Torbjorn turret.


Feeding off enemy damage, Seagull increases his energy to the maximum, then single-handedly gathers the enemy force and lays waste to them in seconds with his alternative attack. Seagull just brushes off his accomplishment for his stream viewers, like it was nothing to behold.


French Frenzy


Widowmaker is a less than stellar character to most players in the Overwatch community. Some even go so far as to boot players from chat and games just because they want to play France's femme fatale.


However, when you ever come across a Widow player with accuracy and consistency, she is a force to be reckoned with. And if she comes after'd best believe you're on your way to a YouTube montage like this one -- only to be found playing custom games with Widowmaker days later.


The best part? That sweet drop shot at the end. 


"Is that a pro Hanzo?"


Ah, the mantra of anyone who's been killed by a good Hanzo before. 


This clip exemplifies teamwork and precision in carrying out a defensive wipe in the midst of an army. With delicate timing, Hanzo pulls back the string of destiny and strikes through his enemies for the Play of the Game.


The sheer humiliation of the other team is almost palpable as the death count keeps climbing.


Most of the time, when you get a Play of the Game in Overwatch, you feel like you're in the pro circuit -- a god among men, with nothing but pitiful players below you to cower under your presence with Bastion or Torbjorn. 


But somewhere out there, you'll find plays so undeniably fantastic or hysterical...that they leave you feeling inferior. The following plays are skillfully executed and downright unbelievable, but the players who pull them off make it look so easy. Take a look at these awesome Overwatch plays, which will make your competitive streak feel as casual as a pinball game in comparison.

10 Rocket League Plays that Break Physics More Than Usual Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:02:58 -0500 Henri Herrera


All the Rocket League plays we've seem here are so insane that physicists might start to question their own existence and what they're doing with life.


Despite how physics-breaking the game can be and how intense it can get, it's always a good game to have fun with. And that's why Rocket League is so popular.


From driving on roofs and walls, to doing crazy jumps or shooting upside down and making insane goals...this game don't stop giving us surprises. And the players keep making it even more awesome with their imagination, skill, and awesome (or lucky) plays.


I hope you enjoyed the show and had as much fun watching it as I did making it. If you still have some popcorn left and want to see more Rocket League action. go ahead and do it! After that, you'll just have to wait and see what other amazing plays and surprises Rocket League gives us in the future.

Going It Alone

A one car team! The red car suddenly grabs control of the ball in the air and doesn't want to lose it. The blue car tries hard to make a steal, but red car jumps a second time and shoots an amazing goal! (So amazing we'll forgive how blatantly it defies physics.)

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's What?

Here we see the horned car chasing the ball, when it suddenly jumps and grabs the control of the ball entirely. Not wanting to let go, the car starts driving on the wall and then flying like a plane to shoot a physics-breaking goal!




That yellow car was trying its best to take back ball control, but our driver hops up on the wall and keeps going. Then in amazing payback for the attempted steal, the champion car crashes the yellow car then jumps to shoot a goal with the car upside down?!


Completely insane play.


Here we see two different views of the same play. The orange car has control of the ball and loses it. They try to recover, but the red car has other plans. It does two jumps and shoots an awesome goal on the third! 


Literally zero f*cks given about physics here, folks. 

Breaking Space-Time

This is a whole new level of physics-shattering action. 


Watch as this car makes some crazy moves towards the ball . You might think all is lost when the ball goes through the roof, but suddenly it appears on the other side of the field and hits the goal. 


Weird things happens in this game...


So we cheated a little and included multiple physics-breaking plays here.


In the first one, the car does some crazy jumps and save the life of its team. In the second play, we see the car doing some head-turning moves while shooting an unbelievable goal.


And check out the amazing save in that third one! It's almost as impressive as the Hail Mary goal that the pink car pulls off in the last clip.


These are some insane plays with cool effects. What's better than that, right?

The Upside Down

This certainly isn't Stranger Things, but the physics in that arena look like they belong in The Upside Down.


Look at all the cars boosting around from different angles. That blue car drives on the wall and hits the ball while it is on the roof and flying upside down! Everyone is flying around with no logic at all. 


Are we sure this is legal?

Running Up the Wall

How many physics laws got broken right there?


The car drives on the wall then he jumps hitting the ball, when he flies back towards the wall jumping again looking for the ball doing some crazy movements there and shooting a goal.


What we can't deny is how amazing and fun that is!

The Perfect Ace

Here we see the blue team trying to shoot a goal. But then, the orange car comes out of nowhere to whiff it back and land a super goal. Total madness!


Goodbye physics!


Rocket League falls under the funny (and very new) genre of vehicular soccer video games. Developed and published by Psyonix, it's often described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars." If that sounds like it isn't physically possible, it definitely isn't. 


Rocket League breaks real life physics all the time. But some plays are just so crazy that they seem to shatter the (admittedly lax) laws of physics in the game as well. And we're about to see some really impressive plays that break it in some insane ways. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

11 Rocket League Plays That Will Make Your Day Mon, 05 Dec 2016 03:00:02 -0500 Caio Sampaio


Last but not least, comes a YouTuber from my native land, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


He goes by the user name “Rato Borrachudo” and attempted to play through the night while live streaming.


When the exhaustion of playing games for several hours kicked in, he fell asleep during a match of Rocket League.


Despite the notorious disadvantage of not being awake, he still managed to score a point. Insta win!


A good match of Rocket League is an intense experience, but that does not mean it cannot contain some humor.


In a game featuring as many variables, unexpected events can occur and when they do, it is time to sit back and take a good laugh.


This list featured an unconscious player scoring a goal and some moves that make us wonder if they were based on skill or luck, but this is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the experiences Rocket League can produce.


Invite your friends for few rounds and be sure to have a good time.


Scoring a goal in Rocket League can be difficult and matches can sometimes end in a 0X0 tie.


Some players; however, manage to score a point with ease, by touching the ball only once.


Watch the video above to discover how.


Another instance of "death from above" and another case in which it is hard to judge whether skills or pure luck were the decisive factor.


Regardless, there is one thing we know for sure: this is not the type of move you get to see every day.


Cars can have many uses in Rocket League and as players explore the possibilities of the game, new utilities appear.


This is the case in this video, in which a player uses his car as a pedestal to place the ball onto. He waits for another player to hit it and score the goal.


In order to score a goal, you must put the ball inside the designated area.


Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


Some players; however, opt for a more drastic approach and throw one of the opponents into the goal as well.


Watching novice players attempting to tackle the game can be cringey for experienced players, but in this case, it turned out to be funny.


Watch as several players fail miserably in scoring the simplest of the goals, until someone finally lands the winning shot.


In a game as intense, and often times as chaotic, as Rocket League, many elements can come into play, but some of them can catch the players completely off-guard.


This is the case when mother nature decides to make an appearance and throw a wind whirl of changes onto the field. 


Scoring an epic goal does not mean much if do not celebrate accordingly.


Surprise yourself with an incredible score and wait for the celebration... 


The physics of Rocket League allows players to get creative in their strategies, but sometimes they need to improvise as they go.


Watch as this dynamic duo creates a form of cooperation that you probably haven’t seen yet.


The move of their lives.


Another one that fits into the "luck or skill" category.


This player turned his car into a torpedo and delivered "death from above" to the opposing team.


He also made sure to add a soundtrack to the video that makes sure everyone understands how epic his move was. 


We start the list with a move that may divide our audience. Was it pure luck or was it planned? Or perhaps a combination of both?


It is up to you to decide. Let us know what you think in the comments.


Someone in the video game industry was audacious enough to wonder what would happen if racecars and soccer were combined into one thing. The result was Rocket League.


Featuring an innovative concept, this game allows players to be creative in their tactics, but sometimes things do not go according to their plans and the outcome can be hilarious.


With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 11 plays from Rocket League that will brighten up your day.

Top 5 Favorite League of Legends Plays in Week 8 of LCS Thu, 17 Mar 2016 14:45:17 -0400 | Narz |

What makes League of Legends such an amazing eSport to watch is the crazy team fights we see. They can be a victory or loss in mere seconds, regardless of whether the team is up in gold or not.

So, from Week 8 of the LCS worldwide, I present some of my favorite plays and highlights to show. Let's begin!

SBENU Vs KT: Baron Steal

Ssumday blows shoutcasters minds when he Baron steals right under SSB's nose. The follow-up is a clear cut escape, but regardless -- you gotta hand it to him to have the courage to pull that stunt brilliantly.

Froggen's Record-Breaking Creep Score

Froggen wow'd the world with a new CS World Record of 764. But let's be's Froggen we're talking about, after all.


In this one clip, we see Fox take CLG for a bumpy ride to their graves. Sadly, Keith wasn't performing too well in this match-up against CLG. 

Immortals Vs Team Dignitas

We see DIG's Kirei perform amazing Explosive Cask to knock Huni back for an stunning kill! Always check yourself!

Renegades VS Counter Logic Gaming

REN's Freeze goes HAM on CLG, knocking DoubleLift out without anyone noticing, and 1v2's Bjergsen and Svenskeren. Someone is feeling frisky.

This are just my favorite picks, but what are yours? Let me know your favorites below. Be sure to link videos too!

(Tip) NBA 2K Pick and Roll Guide for Unfamiliar Ballers Thu, 23 Oct 2014 21:35:11 -0400 Chris_Lemus

Every new sports video game brings fresh features, deeper play calling, and more abilities to alter the scheme. While these updated controls allow for greater flexibility, going back to the basics can bring fourth a game winning strategy.

Fundamental basketball is not only what the San Antonio Spurs used to defeat the Miami Heat in last year’s finals, but it is a strategy effective enough for NBA general managers to vote them as favorites to win this year’s NBA championship. Spurs head coach Greg Popovich’s unselfish playbook is under appreciated when compared to star studded teams like the Heat, but despite his mundane style, the three-time NBA Coach of the Year lead his players to all five of the organization’s NBA titles. Four of those titles came during an 11-year span.

Popovich encourages his players to pass with the aid of screen rolls, commonly known as the pick and roll. This play involves an offensive player using a stationary position (screen) to block a defender from moving. Screens can be set for players who do not have the ball, but this guide shows how to create multiple opportunities from one screen set for the ball carrier.

The NBA 2K controller layout features one button that calls this play, typically selecting a forward or center to set the screen. No matter which low post player is selected, pressing one button can still work as an advantage. 

The Basics of the Pick and Roll:

The most inciting reason for setting the screen is to create a big shot or strong drive to the basket for the ball carrier. The best scenario, though, is for the pick and roll to create three different scoring opportunities. While this play can free the ball carrier, the screen setter also becomes an option if he runs towards the basket (roll). If both players are defended, the third option is to pass the ball to an open teammate near the top of the three-point line (the wing area) for either an open shot or new play.

To help create the most opportunities, a screen should be called on the left or right third of the court. Selecting the play at the top of the court does not create enough space to open up moves to the basket or passes to the wing.

Example one: Driving with the pick and roll

This first example includes the execution of both a drive by the play caller and roll by the screen setter.

Here, Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams positioned himself on the right side and called for a pick, set by power forward Kevin Garnett.

Williams decided to drive to the basket, and Garnett chose to roll towards the inside. While New York Knicks guard Richard Fulton could not react in time, center Tyson Chandler will come over to help the defense. Considering Chandler’s size and ability to defend a shot, the best scenario Williams could hope for is a person foul by the 7-foot-1 center. Thus, the option for Garnett to receive the pass becomes a priority, which could still work, but Chandler is in a position to defend both players.

The best option in this situation is to pass. In order for Chandler to help against the screen, he had to leave the player he was already defending. With Nets center Brook Lopez without a defender, he has the open opportunity to make a high percentage shot.

Example two: Passing to the wing from the pick and roll

The second example includes another passing opportunity presented in a different situation. Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade called for a pick, and power forward Udonis Haslem came to establish the play.

Even though the ball carrier moved to one side of the court, the Spurs made the appropriate adjustments to defend both Wade and Haslem. Two big men, power forward Tiago Splitter and center Tim Duncan, move cover Haslem while point guard Tony Parker stopped Wade from driving. Just like Chandler in the previous example, Parker had to leave his assigned player to cover a new opponent. In this case, point guard Mario Chalmers is wide open on the wing to shoot a three-pointer.

There is also a second pass option. Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard is cheating away from Heat small forward Lebron James to help defend center Chris Bosh and the painted area. Wade could make a direct pass to James, but the distance would be enough for Leonard to cover James. In order for James to receive an open look, a second pass should be made after Chalmers receives the ball to draw Leonard further away from the Heat’s small forward while Parker continues to defend wade.

Example three: Resetting the pick and roll

Finally, the pick and roll situation could also be used to help the move the ball for another play. In this possession, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul is on the left side of the court where power forward Blake Griffin will set the screen.

Both Paul and Griffin accomplished their tasks of driving and rolling, but the Houston Rockets were still able to place defenders to guard against the first two options of the pick and roll. Although a third Clipper is looking to move behind Paul to get open, a Rockets defender is already approaching to the wing area. An unsuccessful pick and roll does not necessarily mean a failed possession, especially with 17 seconds left on the play clock. The best situation is to pass the ball back out and call another play, which may ultimately lead to a scare.

Using multistep plays from the playbook with various motions across the court can be effective, but one button opens up a variety of situations that can tailor to every style of player. The pick and roll can create a monstrous dunk or highlight reel three-pointer. While the opportunities are big, the idea of using the basic screen is a fundamental concept that should not be overlooked.