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Mission Panels are a brand new addition to Pokken Tournament DX. Completing them unlocks a slew of new Trainer Customization options that were absent in the original Wii U version. If you have the tenacity to complete every objective on a Panel, you receive an extra title and some cool graphic art.

Some of those objectives get a bit crazy, though, while others are simply difficult to understand -- particularly if you're new. Whether you need help with an objective you're stuck on or are simply looking for the most efficient method to complete them all, we've got everything laid out for you right here.

Pokken Tournament DX Mission Panels Guide

You find Mission Panels in the Ferrum League. Each League features its own Mission Panels, and you need to battle in that League if you want anything you do to count towards objectives. When you complete all 12 objectives, you sometimes unlock another Mission Panel for that League.

Completing 6 objectives nets you a key that can be used to unlock any one thing on the board. If you keep the key, however, you'll receive a bunch of Poke Gold when you complete the Mission Panel.

Whether or not you decide to tackle objectives while progressing through a League doesn't matter -- there's no way in hell you'll be able to complete every Mission Panel before the Promotion Test. Because of this, I suggest completing them in either Free Battles or the Promotion Test itself (for extra experience points), that way you don't risk your rank if you lose.

Ferrum League Mission Panels Guide Pokken Tournament DX

There are over 15 types of objectives mixed in throughout the Ferrum League. Some are rather simple while others seem insurmountable at times. Though, with a little ingenuity -- and some tips from your's truly -- you'll soon overcome any and all Mission Panels that stand in your way.

Let's dive in!

The Most Efficient Way to Complete All Mission Panel Objectives
  • Battles: Complete a set number of battles. It doesn't matter if you win or lose.

  • Wins: Win a set number of battles.

  • Poke Gold: Earn an allotted amount of Poke Gold from battling. Winning the Promotion Test over and over is the fastest way to earn Poke Gold for this objective. Note that any extra Poke Gold you receive from completing a Mission Panel or finishing the League doesn't count.

  • Battle Pokemon: Win a set number of battles with the specified Battle Pokemon. Note that you must change your Partner Pokemon in order to use a different fighter in the Ferrum League.

  • Support Pokemon: Call out the specified Support Pokemon a set number of times. These usually come in pairs, one for each Support Pokemon in a set. Be sure to use either the Standard or Support Focused Cheer Skill. For each battle, pick the Support Pokemon you've used more of for the first round, and the one you've used less of on the second round. The goal is to get off at least 1 Support in the first round and 2 in the second by taking advantage of the full charge you get from Standard and Support Focused Cheer Skills. Always shoot for calling more Supports if possible.

  • Grabs: Successfully grab an opponent a set number of times.

  • Counter-Attacks: Successfully land a counter-attack on an opponent a set number of times.

  • Critical Hits: Successfully land a critical hit a set number of times. Critical Hits happen when you use the Attack Triangle to thwart an opponent's move. You either need to counter while they're attacking, attack while they're grabbing, or grab while they're countering -- grabbing while they're shielding doesn't count. You'll know you got a crit when your opponent is engulfed in orange sparks and "Critical Hit!" appears over your HP bar. Since computers are a little hard to realistically predict, I tend to stick with using counter-attacks to complete this objective.

  • Phase Shift: Initiate a Phase Shift a set number of times. Note that it has to be your hit initiating the Phase Shift, otherwise it won't count.

  • Synergy Burst: Win a battle while in Synergy Burst mode a set number of times. Note that this objective counts every round, so if you manage to finish off both rounds with Synergy Burst active, you'll get 2 points for the battle. Note that there are earlier versions of this Panel that only require you to activate Synergy Burst instead of finishing with it.

  • Burst Attack: Successfully land a Burst Attack a set number of times. The computers don't tend to defend against burst attacks very often, so this shouldn't be a problem, just make sure it hits. I suggest using Shadow Mewtwo's Burst Attack, since it both charges quickly and has a huge area of effect.

  • Power: Gather 3 or more Synergy Power orbs in 1 round a set number of times. You have to collect these in the same round, it can't be throughout the battle. However, you can do this every round for multiple objective points per battle. If you're confident in your abilities, try purposefully losing a round for the chance to get 3 points towards the objective in one battle.

  • Regain Recoverable HP: Regain 180 or more recoverable HP within 1 round. This one is tricky since you can only heal the dark green sliver on your HP bar, but with Support Pokemon like Espeon and Creselia alongside a Synergy Burst or two, you should reach this goal with conscious effort. If you're having trouble, be sure to use Shadow Mewtwo.

  • Battle Results: Achieve 4-star or higher battle results a set number of times. A 4-star is nothing to sneeze at, and you're going to need to do well with your Attack, Defense, Technique, and Bonus grades for a chance at this result.

  • Perfect Victories: Achieve a Perfect Victory a set number of times. In order for a victory to be considered Perfect, you have to knock out the opponent without taking any damage. Since Perfects are counted every round, you can get up to two per battle if you're careful.

  • Combo Damage: Land a high damage combo attack. The damage you need to reach for this objective is entirely unclear, but you should be able to pull it off if you look up some high damage combos on YouTube. The combos provided in the dojo are often simply too weak for this Panel. If you're struggling, try using a Power type, like Machamp, or any other Battle Pokemon that packs a punch, such as Gardevoir.

  • Negative Status: Afflict an opponent with a negative status a set number of times. This objective is far easier to complete when you're using a Pokemon with access to a lot of debuffs, like Croagunk, Sceptile, or Decidueye. Note that it still counts when you reapply a negative status that's already active, so feel free to spam your debuff moves.

Note: Check your progress by highlighting the objective on the Mission Panel page and pressing 'A'.

How to Quickly and Efficiently Complete All Mission Panel Objectives Pokken Tournament DX Guide

A completed Mission Panel.

With that, you now know exactly how to complete each Mission Panel in the Ferrum League quickly and efficiently. Be sure to check out the rest of our Pokken Tournament DX guides  for more hot battling tips.

Pokken Tournament DX: Ultimate Guide to Stats, Skill Points, and Leveling https://www.gameskinny.com/i7j86/pokken-tournament-dx-ultimate-guide-to-stats-skill-points-and-leveling https://www.gameskinny.com/i7j86/pokken-tournament-dx-ultimate-guide-to-stats-skill-points-and-leveling Wed, 20 Sep 2017 10:28:14 -0400 Autumn Fish

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When you level up a Battle Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX, you receive skill points to spend on stats that augment your fighter's abilities. They may seem rather straightforward at a glance, but did you know that some stats have hidden properties?

That's right. Knowing these secret functions really changes up the way you think about allocating your skill points. In this guide, we'll go over every property of all 4 stats, and outline a few tips for best allocating your skill points for your Pokemon and leveling up quickly.

Hidden Stat Properties in Pokken Tournament DX

Each Battle Pokemon on the roster has the potential to reach level 100 -- meaning that, all in all, you have 99 skill points to spend. You may either dump all of your skill points into one stat, or spread them out to your preference.

There are 4 stats to spend your skill points on in Pokken: Attack, Defense, Synergy, and Strategy. The game gives a rather decent, if brief, description of each one, but it certainly doesn't tell you everything that's going on under the hood.


"Boosts attack and increases the amount of damage you deal."

Of course, Attack is pretty straightforward. Every 10 points invested into it nets you a 1% damage increase. Pumping it up to 100 gives you a whopping 10% extra damage on top of any other buffs. In a fighting game like Pokken, that's really nothing to sneeze at.


"Boosts defense and decreases the amount of damage you take."

Defense is a similar deal, except it's not quite as effective as Attack. Maxing it out at 100 only gives an 8% flat bonus to defense, meaning you need to spend about 12 to 13 points for just 1%.


"Increases the duration of Synergy Burst and increases the boost you get to attack and defense."

As you can see, Synergy is already listed to do a lot of things. Not only does it increase the duration of Synergy Burst mode and your attack and defense while it's active, but it also increases the rate at which you fill your Synergy Burst Gauge.

At 100, it doesn't quite meet the heights of maxing out the attack and defense stats on their own, only actually reaching 8% and 6% respectively while in Burst. However, it does boost the actual Burst Attack's damage by quite a lot more than a maxed attack stat does.


"Shortens the charging time for your Support Gauge and enhances support effects."

Strategy boosts the abilities of your Support Pokemon by quite a bit. This only increases damage dealt and healed, though, it doesn't affect any of their other functions.

Hidden Stat Properties and Skill Point Allocation in Pokken Tournament DX Ultimate Guide

How to Allocate Skill Points in Pokken Tournament DX

When it comes to stats, Attack is the obvious winner for most situations. It's flat out better than defense (and you shouldn't be getting hit anyway), and you're always benefiting from the damage boost, unlike with Synergy and Strategy.

However, it can be fun and even smart to mix things up on certain Pokemon. For example, Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge takes well over a round to fill up and would really benefit from the charge boost a maxed Synergy stat provides.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of supports or play a Pokemon like Braixen, investing into Strategy is always a solid option. The increased charge rate means you can pull off Support Cancel combos more often, and may even help you get out of a rough spot.

Of course, all of this talk on skill points and stats is moot if the Battle Pokemon you plan on playing aren't leveled up. 

The Fastest Ways to Level Up in Pokken Tournament DX

There are a couple of ways to go about grinding for levels. The first and most accessible way is to tackle the Ferrum League. If you have it unlocked, then complete the final league's Promotion Test over and over again for the best experience. If not, simply completing the Ferrum League is actually pretty good experience, as well.

If you happen to know a friend with a high online ranking, though, you could ask them to train you in a Friendly Match. While online, experience is simply calculated based on the opponent's rank -- it doesn't actually matter what mode you're playing in. Note, however, that you have to win in order to get the most experience.

And finally, remember to hit up the Daily Challenge every day. Completing the objective rewards the Pokemon you used with 3 levels while a random Pokemon on your roster receives an extra 2. (Note that if the Daily Challenge happens to be a Team Battle, the reward is split and the participating Pokemon only get 1 level each.) That's 5 free levels a day, and while it may essentially be for random Pokemon, you never know when you may want to pick up another fighter, and it never hurts to have a head start.

fastest way to level grinding Pokken Tournament DX Ultimate Guide

With that, you know everything there is to know about skill points, stats, and leveling up Pokemon. Be sure to check out the rest of our Pokken Tournament DX guides while you're here.

Pokken Tournament DX Beginner's Guide: Tips on Becoming a Pokemon Champion https://www.gameskinny.com/xhhnn/pokken-tournament-dx-beginners-guide-tips-on-becoming-a-pokemon-champion https://www.gameskinny.com/xhhnn/pokken-tournament-dx-beginners-guide-tips-on-becoming-a-pokemon-champion Mon, 18 Sep 2017 10:45:01 -0400 Autumn Fish

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Pokken Tournament DX releases this Friday, and after duking it out for over 20 hours on my early copy, I quickly noticed that a lot has changed for the Switch version of the game. On the surface, this is essentially the same game we saw on the Wii U, but -- aside from the five new Battle Pokemon -- there are a bunch of neat additions and quality-of-life improvements that veteran players are sure to appreciate.

Whether you're a new or returning player, there are plenty of options to utilize here that help tease out your true potential as a Ferrum League Trainer. If you diligently follow the tips outlined in this beginner's guide, you'll become the envy of the Ferrum Region in no time.

Become the Very Best in Pokken Tournament DX 

There are a number of things to go over in this beginner's guide, including the Farrum Region Map and Main Menu, how to best utilize Practice Mode, the benefits to practicing against Players instead of CPUs, how to watch and study Replays, and all things Unlockables.

Ferrum Region Map: The Main Menu

New Features Pokken Tournament DX Beginner's Guide Main Menu

There's a lot going on with the Farrum Region Map and Main Menu in Pokken Tournament DX. Let's go over everything you need to know so you're not overwhelmed. 

  • My Town -- Access and change all of your settings.
    • Battle Record -- View your Offline, Online, and per-Pokemon battle records and check out your recent and saved replays.
    • Profile Settings - Change your Trainer Name and customize the look of your character, your title, and your comment.
    • Pokemon Settings -- Change your Partner Pokemon and reallocate their skill points.
      • Returning players should note that you no longer have to select your three favorite Support Sets.
    • Advisor Settings -- Change your Cheer Skill, Nia's Outfit, and how often Nia will shout advice at you during the heat of battle.
    • Options -- Remap your controls and adjust the sound and language settings.
  • Practice -- Brush up on your skills and try out new combos.
    • Tutorial -- Run through everything you need to know about battling in Pokken Tournament DX.
    • Free Training -- Freely practice combos and advanced techniques in a controlled environment with plenty of settings to fiddle with.
      • Note that connecting a second controller to your Switch now allows for a second player to take control of the 'test dummy'.
    • Action Dojo -- Run through every move a Battle Pokemon has available to them.
    • Combo Dojo -- Run through six combos on your chosen Battle Pokemon.
  • Ferrum League -- Battle through the single-player story with your Partner Pokemon.
  • Daily Challenge -- Take on CPU Trainers with preset Battle and Support Pokemon for the chance to earn extra levels for various fighters on your roster.
  • Single Battle -- Fight custom matches against CPU opponents.
    • Basic Battle -- A regular-styled Pokken battle.
    • Extra Battle -- A sort of rogue-like battle where orbs spawn on the field that could either boost or hinder your abilities.
    • Team Battle -- A battle with no rounds where each side picks three Pokemon and fights to see which team will be the last one standing. When a Pokemon faints, that team sends out another Pokemon without giving the other team a chance to heal theirs, kind of like a Singles Battle from the main series Pokemon games.
  • Local Battle -- Fight a custom match against another player on the same Switch.
    • Battle modes are the same as the ones found in Single Battle.
    • You may either use Split-Screen mode to fight from both perspectives or duke it out on the same screen, forcing Player 2 to play from Player 1's perspective.
  • Wireless Battle -- Fight a Basic, Extra, or Team Battle against nearby players through the Switch's local wireless connection.
  • Online Battle -- Fight Basic Battles against other players online.
    • Rank Match -- Fight for your online ranking against other players of a similar rank.
      • Players who disconnect repeatedly in this mode receive a warning symbol next to their name.
    • Friendly Match -- Fight against other players online for fun. You may even set a password (a.k.a. VS Code) to play with friends.
    • Group Match -- Create or Join a group to battle against other players in the group. Turn on Rankings to create and manage makeshift tournaments.
    • Ranking -- Display individual online Point Rankings, Win Rankings, Trainer Rankings, and Pokemon Rankings.
    • Replay -- Search for other players' replays, view your own, and toggle your automatic upload settings.
Practice Mode Pokken Tournament DX Beginner's Guide Tips
Regularly Brush up on Your Pokken Skills in Practice Mode

Trust me when I say that Practice Mode is not just an over-glorified tutorial. It's there for a good reason: to keep your skills sharp and to lab new techniques. Whether you're a beginner or a Pokken veteran, you should dip into Practice Mode regularly so that you're ready to give it your all when you battle for real.

If you're new to the game, be sure to complete all of the Tutorials. Not only will it go over the basics like the Rock-Paper-Scissors Attack Triangle, but you'll also learn about essential, advanced techniques like Counter-Attack-Dash-Canceling (CADC).

If you're looking for a new main Partner Pokemon or simply want a refresher on your moveset, head to the Action Dojo. The Action Dojo is a walkthrough of every move available on a Battle Pokemon, including follow-ups.

Once you've chosen your main Partner Pokemon, head into the Combo Dojo. There are six example combos per Pokemon to master here. Usually, two or three of them are simple and reliable enough to use frequently in battle, while the others require precise input timing or simply aren't optimal.

Hop on into Free Training to practice scenarios against a CPU or, preferably, hook in a second controller and face off against a friend of a similar skill level.

Practice Against Players, Not CPUs

Assuming you want to get good at fighting other players and not just clearing the Farrum League, you'll want to be practicing against players, too. If you have a friend nearby that plays Pokken, invite them over for some 2-player Free Training and maybe a few Wireless Battles.

If not, practice regularly with people of a similar skill level in an online Friendly Match. If that's not an option, try out Rank Match. Don't worry about losing your ranks, those come and go. The system is designed to place you with people near your skill level, so as you improve, so will your rank.

Replay Theater Pokken Tournament DX Beginner's Guide Tips

Watch and Study Battle Replays in Pokken Tournament DX

Replay is a new and desperately needed feature in Pokken Tournament DX. Now, not only can you view your most recent and saved Ranked, Friendly, Group, and Wireless Battles, you can also search online for replays from anyone who uploads them to the Replay Theater.

Replays let you view the battle from either perspective and see the inputs either player made as it unfolds. With these features, you really get the chance to learn from the best. After all, if you want to keep up with the fierce competition, you have to learn the tricks the pros have hidden up their sleeves.

Pokken Tournament DX Unlockables

Quite unlike the Wii U version, the Switch version actually has all Battle Pokemon, Support Sets, Cheer Skills, and Stages unlocked from the start. This leaves only Trainer Customization options and Titles to unlock. There are five ways to go about collecting these:

  • Lucky Bonus -- Getting a Lucky Bonus after a battle nets you Titles and random Trainer Customization items that you haven't bought yet.
  • Achievement -- Reaching certain milestones unlocks new Titles.
  • Ferrum League -- Winning your Promotion Test in the Farrum League unlocks a slew of new Trainer Customization options.
  • Mission Panels -- Complete the objectives on these panels in the Ferrum League to receive exclusive Titles and Trainer Customization options.
  • amiibo -- Tap amiibo on the System Menu (press X on the Ferrum Region Map) up to 5 times a day for the chance at exclusive Trainer Customization options.

Beginner's Guide Pokken Tournament DX Rewards

And that's everything you need to know before booting up your Switch on Friday and becoming the very best. Keep your eyes peeled for more Pokkén Tournament DX guides coming your way!