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Many of us are familiar with one of the golden rules of the Internet - if it exists, then there’s porn of it. Commonly known as “Rule 34”, this sacred law has perverted countless of our beloved franchises, from Star Wars to My Little Pony. Unfortunately, video games are no exception. The Legend of Zelda, the Halo series, Star Fox -- these are just some of the big names that have been totally reimagined as cartoon internet porn. A new contender has entered the arena, however -- an intellectual property that exploded on the internet in porn form before its game even came out. Yes, we’re talking about Overwatch.

Blizzard’s new team-based character shooter, and the company’s first new intellectual property in 17 years, has inspired a gigantic wave of Rule 34 porn, both graphic stills and videos. With several subreddits dedicated to the pornographic scenes, and videos hosted on Pornhub, it’s no question that Overwatch porn is immensely popular. In fact, on the release date of the open beta on May 5th, Pornhub reported that searches containing the word “overwatch” had increased by 817 percent.

Most of these videos or images feature Tracer, Widowmaker, or Mei, the three most iconic female characters in the game. Male characters such as McCree and Hanzo are shown sometimes as well, but not nearly as often.

What differentiates the Overwatch Rule 34 popularity from many other franchises is the fact that Blizzard itself has taken direct action in order to contain it, likely for fear of negative attention to the game. Many of the images and videos of Overwatch heroes performing lewd acts on each other are character models ripped directly from the game, using Source Filmmaker (SFM). This means that these SFM videos are not fanart, but actually manipulated versions of Blizzard’s own art. Reddit user “spornm” was one creator of these videos, and uploaded the DMCA takedown notice they received to Reddit.

It’s likely that Blizzard wants to contain this almost exclusively because of the in-game model usage, where fans or young children who could be prospective players may see confusing images and not necessarily be able to differentiate between game images or porn images. Unfortunately for Blizzard, thousands of porn parodies have been created in the past under the protection of fair use, and so it’s kind of a toss-up to see how this might turn out. Pornhub is still well-stocked with Overwatch videos as of right now, so we’ll just have to see how seriously Blizzard takes this issue in the up and coming weeks.

If you'd like to read more about Overwatch (and not about porn), check out the rest of our Overwatch articles and guides. 

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A hands-on (ha!) with PornHub's NSFW BangFit mobile game Mon, 23 May 2016 06:07:22 -0400 Joshua Potter

You have to hand it to the marketing team over at Pornhub, they definitely know how to be innovative. When I first saw their video for their newest mobile game BangFit, I thought it was a joke.

Recently PornHub has been making news fairly regularly for things such as their wonderful April Fool's joke replacing all their actors with vegetables and renaming their titular title to CornHub. This was then followed up by their decision to join in on the virtual reality craze by dedicating an entire portion of their site specifically for utilizing virtual reality consoles such as the Oculus Rift. 

Their newest endeavor is not a joke however, and PornHub has actually followed through on developing an app that tracks your um....movements...and measures out how many points you've burned by successfully keeping up with the Miami Vice-esque synthetic drums and electronic keyboard.

The game also tries to be accessible. They keyword here being tries as, it only allows for players who fit the demographics of a solo male or female or a "two player" mode that only seems to fit M/F partners; sorry F/F and M/M couples. If you have a couple friends there's also a three player option, but once again, only supports a M/F/F role. The game however DID only get released, maybe we'll see more in future releases.

In an effort to actually review this as one would any other mobile game, I decided to give this a try. There is no app to download, you simply visit their mobile site and enter a code on your PC once you've connected via home network. After that you pick how many "players" will be involved, a video plays with the aforementioned jaunty tune. What follows is a rather silly workout themed adult video with a beat system that would make Parappa the Rappa blush. As you beat along, your phone tracks your movements and records your points. Here's how I did - not well.

First off, I wasn't using the product as intended. I was merely shaking my phone as I tried to keep up with what I personally thought was a rather offbeat tap system. Why even have music if it doesn't follow the rhythm you're supposed to hit? I've played enough Elite Beat Agents to know how this is supposed to work.

Secondly, I had to do this twice, since my tablet got disconnected twice from the WiFi that was practically one foot away from my computer. Every workout course runs about ten minutes, and their definitely NSFW graph details how many calories you can expect to burn. Spoiler: Not a lot.

Third, my hand got tired from shaking my Samsung Galaxy up and down around the third "sexercise", so I just gave up and let it finish by itself while I went and got some Doritos. This isn't a case study in my sex life, don't judge me. I already have BangFit telling me I'm a geriatric at 29, I don't need that from my reader base as well.

Finally, I couldn't use the recommended BangFit Band because they're already sold out. I can't even tell you how much they cost, since there is no price on their website. Does anyone own one of these? What did it run you? Also I notice it has a headphones slot. Nice addition, PornHub!

In the end I'm not sure my experience was really what they had intended, so I can't quite say I'm the electric dynamo they told me I was as I sat here bouncing my arm up and down like an idiot to 80s synth-rock and the adult equivalent of "follow the bouncing balls". What I can say is that the experience as a game is not quite there yet, even aside from my blundering about.

In this day and age you'd think PornHub would have opted for more inclusivity for their player base for their game. Girls just wanna have fun too, after all. Also, dropping connection "mid-workout" is definitely going unnoticed were I to be using the product as advertised, which would discourage me from playing the game at all. Finally I'm not sure how much of a turn on having a phone smack against you would be, but if the Internet has taught me one thing, it's that every niche has a calling.

Also I don't know who SRK is but i'm going to bet one of his arms is swole.

The Skinny


  • A unique idea and a first for a company who dares to try something new.
  • The score board is just hilarious.
  • As a matter of fact, the entire concept is ridiculous to the point of actually having a chance to work and see some development.
  • It blows my mind that they didn't include same-sex couples.
  • Poor connection issues.
  • Why are the "taps" off beat to the music and the action on screen? At least get one of those right!
Fallout 4's release leads to sizable loss in Pornhub's web traffic Mon, 16 Nov 2015 08:08:52 -0500 Daniel R. Miller

Sometimes video games really are the most important thing in our lives. So much so that we completely rearrange basic tenants of our livelihoods to make whatever game we are playing our top priority. 

Apparently this was the case upon Fallout 4's release, as the popular adult entertainment site, Pornhub recently reported that Bethesda's latest post-apocalyptic wasteland romp (pun intended) caused the site to lose a pretty significant amount of web traffic.

Per Pornhub:

Starting at 5am traffic began to drop, down as much as 10% from 7am till noon. In the afternoon traffic returned to normal, but after 6pm it dropped again when we assume that 9-5 workers arrived home and fired up their games.

Using Google's affinity analytics data, the site's admins have apparently determined that a fairly significant portion of their traffic also happen to be gamers and they have been able to break down the types of games individual users are interested in based on their searches. And as such, they went a step further to see the percentage of fans per genre that left the site, presumably to play Fallout 4.

What's interesting here is how far down RPG fans are on the list, considering that Fallout 4 is an RPG itself; though you could make the case for the game as an Action-RPG, in which case, Action fans are the 2nd most lost demographic.

Quick take: I couldn't help but laugh when this story broke all over the internet. I knew that a number of people all over the world were mysteriously "calling in sick" on November 10th (Bethesda's Pete Hines even wrote out a doctor's note for people to give their employers), but I didn't think the game's popularity would extend to such lengths.  

Incognito Fallout 4 footage from Gamescom featured on Pornhub Wed, 12 Aug 2015 11:38:06 -0400 Courtney Gamache

A few lucky attendees at Gamescom were presented with Fallout 4 footage never before seen by the general public; where one viewer recorded some tidbits of gameplay that's been spreading around the internet like the plague.

After being taken down by websites such as YouTube, the footage has found a home amongst the Pornhub website. 

Terrible footage output, but such an uproar

While the footage filmed at Gamescom isn't the best format and honestly very shotty, hardcore Fallout fans have been gushing over the partial screen view that this ballsy attendee filmed. The video has been removed from all file-sharing websites and YouTube upon its discovery, but somehow it's remained intact on the Pornhub website under the title "HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE." For decency reasons we won't link the video here, but you're free to check it out for yourself, but know that there will be some inappropriate content for young viewers and the work environment. 

The seven-minute long video has been hidden under the radar from Bethesda by using tagged categories such as "big ass," "POV," and "homemade."

While it's gained popularity with over 100,000 views, it's hard to grasp the hype about the video due to the terrible visuals and audio. While it is giving out some gameplay information, it does lack quality.

Fallout 4 Hype Products

There is still just under two months left before Fallout 4 launches on November 10th, and Bethesda has been doing their job in building hype among their fans. A few ways Bethesda has been keeping everyone on their toes includes some retail items they've been announcing that accompany the gameplay for Fallout 4.

One of the giant products Bethesda has launched is the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide for assistance in the game, and the Fallout Anthology that includes all released games up until Fallout 4

Do you think this quality of video is worth the hype that's been going around the internet?