Price Drop Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Price Drop RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Nintendo 2DS systems are getting another price drop Wed, 11 May 2016 09:37:57 -0400 David Fisher

The Nintendo 2DS will be getting yet another price drop effective May 20th, 2016. This is according to an official Nintendo of America post made just hours ago on Twitter.

That's right. The Nintendo 2DS system will be sold for only $79.99, $20 less than its previous retail price of $99.99. Not only that, but the 2DS will still come with a free copy of Mario Kart 7 as a digital download. At $79.99, the price of the actual device is just $20 above the price of triple-A games for home consoles. This price drop comes only several days after the trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, so it would be no big surprise if the two announcements are related.

The 2DS was originally launched in the October of 2013 as an alternative to the 3DS and 3DS XL. The handheld console provides all the features of the original 3DS system, except the design is non-collapsible and lacks the 3D gimmick the latest Nintendo handheld generation is known for. It was priced at $129.99 at launch, and has since seen several price drops alongside its siblings.

PlayStation Vita Sales Quadruple After Price Cut in Japan Wed, 06 Mar 2013 02:56:23 -0500 Ashley Shankle

PlayStation Vita owners in North America might feel a little left out after Sony denied the handheld would be getting a price drop outside of Japan. We may not be getting the price drop, but it certainly had a huge effect on Japanese Vita sales.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano, the PS Vita's sales have increased four-fold since its price drop in the region. If this is the case, then the handheld moved over 40,000 units in the week since February 28.

We'll have to wait for the official NPD numbers, but an increase in sales is good news for Vita owners everywhere. The low install base is a detriment to the console, as studios are less likely to develop on a platform that doesn't sell. With more units out there, we may be seeing a more diverse array of Vita titles in the future -- and who knows, we may get that price drop sometime this year as well.

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Vita Price Drops Feb. 28 in Japan Mon, 18 Feb 2013 04:13:32 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Sony revealed during its PlayStation Vita presentation that the Vita will be seeing a price drop to 19,980 yen in Japan. This will affect both the wi-fi and 3G models starting on February 28.

Hiroshi Kawano, head of SCEJ, wants the handheld to have the same success as the original PSP in the region, saying he wants the Vita to be "everyone's Vita" during the presentation stream.

The Monster Hunter series was the main draw of the PSP in Japan, and the Vita's lack of a big-name series is putting some hurt on the handheld. A price cut and some stellar titles may be just what the doctor -- and consumer base -- ordered this time around.

There has yet to be an announcement on a price drop in other territories, but it would not be a surprise considering the new model patent floating around. Expect an announcement focusing on North America and Europe soon.