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Players have been saying that Destiny needs private matches for player vs. player since the game's Alpha. Now they've been confirmed to be added in the upcoming Destiny: Rise of Iron, and it has a lot of implications.

Private matches allow you to create a PvP lobby, for your friends, that you're able to customize. You can choose the map, the game mode, and even the time of day. Players will also be able to choose score and time limits for their games, along with the option to enable Light Levels, which basically makes it matter if you're wearing stronger gear than other players.

With private matches players will be able to test things out with their friends without having to worry about the competition of regular Crucible. This means that we can start getting even better weapon reviews, map strategies, along with being able to showcase things in a much more effective way. Currently, there's no way to reliably try to match against your friends if you wanted to test something.

Another reason the addition of private matches is a big deal, is for the competitive Destiny PvP scene. In the game's current state it's very inconvenient for players to try to arrange tournaments. They basically use the in-game matchmaking and search for a game in the old 3v3 game mode lobby at the same time as their opponents, then they just hope that they match against each other. 

Now with private matchmaking, structured tournaments with set rules are a possibility. This may in turn lead to a bigger PvP community with more new interest. MLG has already expressed interest with competitive Destiny and has already tweeted about sign-ups for a 3v3 Skirmish tournament with a cash prize. 

Aside from giving people a place to privately test their competitive skills, private matches also give players the opportunity to have fun arcade style games. You can test the limits of what's currently available in-game, and even try out what it would be like to play 6v6 Elimination, or 4v4 Control. If your friends co-operate you could even have some more fun and run snipers only, or even play hide and seek. Can't forget to mention the opportunity to call people out for a one on one ("1v1 me bruh!").

Private matches are a welcome addition to Destiny. The community's cries have finally been answered. I can't wait to see the crazy content that gets generated through them, and also what direction this will take PvP in general. Guardians can hop into private matches when Destiny: Rise of Iron releases on September 20th, 2016.

Many Star Wars Battlefront fans preemptively disappointed, EA takes more heat Tue, 20 Oct 2015 11:51:15 -0400 Liam J Hamilton

It has been announced via Twitter that Star Wars: Battlefront will not include the ability to set up private matches at launch.

This means you won't be able to have any exclusive blaster-fuelled matches with friends - at least at launch. DICE has not ruled out this option out as a later addition. But it isn't a lot to ask for, it's a really simple ask by today's standards in multiplayer gaming.

This news comes shortly after mixed reviews from the Battlefront beta and this may just be the tip of the "Oh no!" iceberg for potential customers of EA. There has been a catalogue of announcements from EA in regards to Star Wars Battlefront that have not gone down well with fans.

The reports saying it will not have a single player campaign probably evoked the most negative response from fans of the franchise. This has been a staple in all previous Star Wars games. Another major negative is that the game does not feature space battles like the previous Battlefront titles. The third most notable would be the lack of the sequel trilogies in the game.

Many fear all of the aforementioned will be available at a premium through DLC; the Season Pass being priced at $49.99 adds heat to those concerns.

Star Wars Battlefront fans have taken to social media to express their frustrations: 

These responses should be worrying for EA: with just under two months until the release, EA is in dire need of some good press to reconnect with the fans and customers of this beloved franchise. 

Star Wars Battlefront will release on 17th November.

Star Wars Battlefront will not support private matches at launch Mon, 19 Oct 2015 05:17:04 -0400 shox_reboot

Looking to jump into Star Wars Battlefront with just your friends on Day One? You're in for a bit of disappointment, as the developer states on Twitter that the game "will not have private matches at launch".

This isn't too bad, provided a patch gets added later on in the future that allows private matches to be set up. EA has done so before in some of their games, most notably with Titanfall. You'll just have to deal with playing against or with randoms for now, though.

Players can still party up with their friends using the features offered by each of the platforms. Xbox One recently raised the bar on that front as well by increasing the party limit from 8 to 12, so if you've got a load of friends who're buying Battlefront and own an Xbox One, well...go crazy. 

I'll just stick to charging in by myself. 

Battlefront is set to release on November 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.