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PlayStation Now is supposed to be Sony's response to Xbox Game Pass, the service commonly known as the best deal in gaming. Despite the large library of games offered through PlayStation Now, the service continues to falter, consistently taking one step forward and two steps back.

The latest example is the addition of the PS4 versions of Borderlands 3 and Marvel’s Avengers.

These games are available to PS5 owners through PS Now via backwards compatibility. While their upgraded versions are available for those who have outright purchased the games, they're unavailable for PlayStation 5 owners playing them through PS Now. 

PlayStation has found great success and been fairly consistent with its other subscription service, PlayStation Plus, which not only lets players enjoy games online but offers other great perks as well, such as steeper discounts on select games during sales, early access to demos, exclusive content, and, most importantly, complementary games each month. 

PlayStation Now, however, has not been as successful.

The most recent user numbers for PlayStation Now reveal only 2.2 million players use the service. Compare that to PlayStation Plus’ 41.5 million user base. Granted, these services play much different roles in the PlayStation ecosystem, but it is still noteworthy that the gap between them is so vast.

Especially in comparison to similar services in the sphere of Xbox. 

Xbox Live, the oldest of these services on Microsoft's platform, boasts a user base of over 90 million, while its up-and-coming sibling, Game Pass, recently hit 18 million users. Sure, it is still a large gap between the two services, but it is shrinking rapidly.

From September 2020 to January 2021, Game Pass subscriptions grew by over three million users, while it took PlayStation Now a year to grow by just one million. Before that, it took Sony years to get one million PS Now subs.

As it stands, the gap between Game Pass and Xbox Live will only continue to shrink as Microsoft keeps making first- and third-party games available on Game Pass the same day they launch (Square Enix's Outriders being just the latest example).

So what’s the deal with PlayStation Now? Why aren't PlayStation users buying into the service?

PS Now's massive library gives players access to games from three console generations, many of which can be downloaded rather than streamed. New games are added to it each month, and many of them are recent releases — like Marvel’s Avengers. In theory, it should be an automatic home run with the install base. 

But even as good as PS Now may seem, not only has it been an arduous journey for the service to reach its current form, it still has a variety of issues contributing to its tepid growth, many of which come down to marketing and execution. 

All these years later, there still exists the misconception that PlayStation Now is purely a streaming service. In the beginning, yes: it was a streaming-focused service. But in 2018, Sony started allowing users to download games. It was a great step forward for PS Now, as the service's poor streaming quality was one of its biggest flaws.

But there was (and still is) a catch: PS3 games can't be downloaded. At all. 

And while the library contains PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, not every console generation is treated with the same care. For example, there are only 16 PS2 games available on PlayStation Now (though some were remastered for PS3 and PS4, making that number slightly larger if you take those into account). Either way, it's astounding that one of the largest gaming libraries on a single console is ostensibly absent from a service offered by the same console's manufacturer. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the PS4 library is the best aspect of PS Now. But as a service meant to provide ready access to games from three console generations, PS Now's focus on its PS4 catalog is to the service's detriment, especially as more PS5s are sold and those cross-gen games don't provide cross-gen access, as is the case with Marvel's Avengers and Borderlands 3

While there are 700 games available between the three platforms, there are still significant absences, too, whether they be first- or third-party titles. 

Neither the first two Dead Space games (EA) nor the first two Resistance games (Insomniac) are available through the PS3 section of the service, yet the third entry in both series is.

PS Now is also missing titles like Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction, yet includes others like Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest For Booty, a game that was originally released as standalone DLC taking place after the events of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction

It's all so needlessly confusing and inconsistent. 


After seven years on the market, players are still confused about PS Now's role in the PlayStation ecosystem, not to mention its features and inclusions. Do subscribers even know they can play PS Now games on PC? 

The reason Game Pass continues to gain traction is because Microsoft is very clear on what Game Pass is, and, more importantly, we are clear on what Game Pass is because of that. Add to that Game Pass allows players to download games and access the best versions of those games, and GP has a recipe for continued success. 

Considering previous missteps, it isn’t very surprising that as PlayStation Now begins to integrate PS4 games that have upgraded PS5 versions, access to those next-gen versions isn't included (at least yet). It's a shame that some subscribers are forced to buy a title if they want the next-gen version of it, especially when they are likely subbing to PS Now to avoid that very scenario. 

Here's to hoping PlayStation changes course sooner rather than later. Change could very well be brewing, according to a report from VGC, in the form of an entirely new response to Game Pass. Whatever the case, we'll have to wait and see what Sony does. 

PS Now Games for January Cooking Up Lost Legacies on the Horizon Wed, 18 Dec 2019 14:06:17 -0500 Josh Broadwell

PlayStation Now is set to get three new games to start the new year. These January 2020 PS Now games are some pretty big titles, too. Though they're a tad older, users are sure to be excited to finally get their hands on some of Sony's best games. 

Here's what subscribers can expect on January 2.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a gorgeous, open-world game that's as compelling now as it was when it released two years ago. You'll follow the tale of Aloy, who is naturally a Chosen-One type (this is an RPG after all) and watch her emotional journey unfold across a bizarre landscape.

But the real joy here — and one reason we loved it so much — exploring Horizon's massive world, and it's partly because the game cuts down on the bloat of things like its crafting system.

Overcooked! 2

Sequels have to navigate that tricky balance between rehashing old material and being too new. Fortunately, Overcooked! 2 manages that tightrope walk pretty well. It's the same wild, zany action you (might) know and love from the first game, garnered with a generous dash of new obstacles, locations, and scenarios to work your way through.

Like all good recipes, Overcooked 2 is versatile as well, good for solo or co-op play with the young'uns.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was something of a departure for the beloved Uncharted series. It shifts focus from usual protagonist Nathan Drake to other important characters from Uncharted 4, and in doing so, it offers a fresh take on the franchise.

That's good, since the rest of the game is basically pure Uncharted, for better and for worse. But hey, it's free with PS Now.


That's it for January's PS Now games. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PS Now news as it happens. And if you're wondering what the difference between PS Plus and PS Now is, we've got you covered

PS Now is now on PS Vita Tue, 04 Aug 2015 12:33:07 -0400 Steven Troya

Yup, it's finally here. PlayStation Now is finally arriving for the PS Vita.

With the Vita joining the PlayStation family in the PS Now subscription service, you'll be able to enjoy games like God of War III and Dynasty Warriors 8, all games announced for the August lineup.

With more games on the way, you can check out the upcoming games currently announced for the service: 

PlayStation Now is a service that allows you to play PS3 games on any console, handheld, and Smart TV that the service supports.

You can try out PS Now with a 7-day free trial, in which you will be charged $19.99 each month afterward, should you choose to continue your subscription. Of course, the aforementioned games aren’t the only ones available to the PS Vita. You’ll have more than 100 games to try out and they’re all free for a week if you try out the service.

Lack of AAA Games on Vita is Tough, But Sony Has a Plan Mon, 12 May 2014 19:37:55 -0400 Derek Paulus

PlayStation Vita sales were nothing impressive upon its release, selling fewer units than its PlayStation Portable predecessor the first Christmas week on the market, but Sony has plans in mind to still make the Vita more of a success.

Director of product planning and platform software innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Don Mesa, addressed a fan's comment on a PlayStation blog regarding better development of AAA games for Vita. Mesa said that the "economics simply don't work" with the current model.

"We have to do something different to get AAA games on Vita. We accomplished it to a certain degree by making PS4 games work on Vita via remote play," Mesa said. "PS Now will be another way, streaming PS3 games on Vita. I can’t wait until PS Now is out on Vita – I hope you’ll try out the experience and let me know what you think."

PlayStation Now was revealed earlier this year and is intended to launch this summer. The service will allow PS4 and PS Vita users the ability to stream PS3 games on their consoles.

Time will tell whether this new service will increase PS Vita's popularity amongst gamers looking for handheld consoles, but achieving success in the market is more difficult than ever. Sony's PlayStation UK managing director, Fergal Gara, told Play that sales of the Vita weren't what was expected.

“The PSP and Vita landed into considerably different worlds,” he said. “As far as the Vita is concerned, the advent of handheld gaming on phone and tablets complicated the marketplace. While we believe that the Vita is a specialist device that does the job better than other alternatives, people can only carry so many devices – and the people that want the very specialist experience is not as large as the pool of people that just want any gaming experience available to them on the go."

Gara said that while the Vita is not expected to reach the same level of sales success as the PSP, its "new role with the PS4 has only just begun."

Rumor: Sony's E3 Plans Potentially Leaked Thu, 08 May 2014 04:55:45 -0400 Elijah Beahm

Well Sony fans, you may get an early peak at what Sony has in store. An anonymous source has supposedly just leaked Sony's E3 plans. Approached by the source, DualShockers has what looks to be most of what's in store at the Sony press conference. In addition to the leak, they've reconfirmed with a second source on all the first party game reveals in bold.

- Uncharted PS4 3 Minute Trailer showcasing "In-engine" footage interspersed with gameplay segments. Visuals are supposedly unprecedented and set a benchmark for console graphics. Summer 2015 release date. It looks absolutely stellar. Features tropical setting and differing time periods with Nate/Francis.

- Media Molecule's new title will be a landmark title for Morpheus. 3D world building, beautiful, quirky visuals. Extremely creative and fun. Possibly related to the "Entwined" trademark filed last week by SCE (not sure). Late 2015.

- Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PS4 as 1080p 60FPS repackaged title in the vein of Gran Turismo 7: Prologue. Stunning visuals, extra features (social connectivity, new tracks, dlc etc). Coming mid-late 2015.

- God of War 4 teaser will be present - will be CG with snippets of in-engine footage. A little early for reveal, but is designed to offset negativity surrounding canceled new IP and generate excitement - also to partially offset CG announce of Gears of War at Microsoft presser. Late 2015. Date wont be announced.

- Kill Strain trademark is related to Syphon Filter reboot for PS4. Sony Bend working on revamping the franchise. Stealth, beautiful visuals and a possible Winter 2014 title. Bend finally getting to join the big boys.
Wipeout is also making the transition to PS4. Source is unsure of who is developing it, but hints that it could be Sony London, Evolution, or Firesprite.

- Quantic Dream has a trailer prepared - unsure whether it is penciled in for Gamescom or E3. Sony will be watching Microsoft's presser earlier in the day to gauge whether additional titles will need to be slotted in to dampen hype. Expect Dark Sorcerer- like visuals in real time. Off-topic, but still relevant - they are close to deal to become a Worldwide Studios developer, along with Ready At Dawn.

- Speaking of Ready At Dawn, The Order:1886 will get a stage demo. Big title for Fall 2014. Sony is expecting great things from said title - franchise hopes rest on its performance.

- Ninja Theory working on a PS4 exclusive - possible Heavenly Sword sequel which was shelved a number of years ago. Quite far into development.

- Sony London will be at E3. First AAA title in many years. 3rd person title. Gorgeous. They're back with a bang,

- Guerrilla Games bringing their RPG to E3. Provocative setting - very interesting. Insane visuals as usual. A good reaction to the title is expected. Will please the hardcore.

- Sucker Punch busy at work on an inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC. Really cool. New powers. Possible new setting. E3 debut.

- Sony Japan Studios debuting two, maybe even three titles. Project Beast - spiritual successor to Demon Souls. The other is The Last Guardian. Retooled for PS4, possible Winter 2014 title. The Other title is shrouded in secrecy.

- Evolution will give Driveclub some time in the limelight. It's shaping up to be incredible with jaw-dropping visuals. Demo release will be timed with the press conference.

Ubisoft, EA, Konami, Capcom, Warner Bros., Activision, Square Enix, and possibly Take-Two (to announce the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V) will all be in attendance as well for their various third-party games. There will also be new PS Plus instant game collection announcements, an update on Playstation Now, and The Last of Us 2 the grand finale.

How much of the list is accurate we'll only truly know when E3 hits, but some things seem far more likely than others. PS Plus and PS Now news fits, as does the cavalcade of publishers.

With GTA V PC finally happening, a next-gen console version does seem inevitable as well. What's harder to believe is something like The Last Guardian. Worse, even though some people (myself included) would love for it to be true, I highly doubt Heavenly Sword 2 is in development for PS4. It'd be incredibly exciting if all of these were true, but it's likely we will only see a fraction of them.

What in the above list would you like to see at E3? Do you think any titles are likely or unlikely? Let us know in the comments below!

Pachter On PS Now: "This Has No Prayer of Working" Wed, 05 Feb 2014 11:55:02 -0500 Fathoms_4209

Sony proudly unveiled their new PlayStation Now streaming service, which will come to the PlayStation 4 this summer.

However, industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks it's a really terrible idea. Speaking to Game Informer (as cited by VideoGamer), Pachter says Now is  "joke" and no publisher is interested in participating. That would be a serious blow to Sony if the prediction proved accurate.

"PlayStation Now is a joke. There is no publisher that is going to license content that's less than two-years old because they would be concerned that they can't sell as many copies if they make it available for subscription or rental."

SCEA marketing vice president John Koller disagrees, claiming that thus far, publishers have been "exceedingly bullish" on the concept of Now. That being said, Sony hasn't yet announced any third-party partners for the service.

"This has no prayer of working. None."

If you weren't aware, PlayStaiton Now lets users stream PlayStation titles to devices like the PS4, tablets, smartphones and Bravia TVs.  Right now, they're running a beta test that appears to be going along well.

Pachter may have a point

It's a strong statement, but maybe he's not far off the mark. Publishers will have to consider the prospect of sacrificing sales if they make a game available for subscription or rental. Furthermore, gamers will have to embrace yet another streaming service on top of ones they've already got, such as Netflix.

Report: PS4 to Support PS1/PS2 Games Via Emulation Tue, 28 Jan 2014 10:43:24 -0500 Fathoms_4209

For many gamers, backwards compatibility is important. After all, it's tough to keep four generations of hardware hooked up to the TV.

Therefore, if you're a PlayStation 4 owner, you'll be happy with this news: According to a Digital Foundry report, Sony's new console will not only support PS3 games via the upcoming cloud service, it'll also support PS1 and PS2 titles. The latter will be handled by standard emulation.

The cool part is that the local emulation will produce high-definition improvements. The emulation currently available on the PS3 doesn't offer this feature, if you didn't know. Internally, the PS3's firmware contains emulators for PS1, PS2 and PSP, while the Vita can handle both PS1 and Vita titles. Given the history, shouldn't we expect the PS4 to be even more capable?

The report claims that the same internal emulator found in the PS3 is scheduled to hit the PS4. Also:

"...we understand that Sony is actively pursuing the ability for older titles to run without the blurry upscaling seen on PS3, suggesting that native HD resolutions are being targeted. Assuming this intention carries through to final code, we'll be seeing an effect similar to the resolution scaling seen on unofficial PC emulation of Sony's consoles, as well as a great many of the 'HD remasters' we saw on PS3 - where original assets were rendered at a higher resolution, often without any actual remastering at all."

When all this technology is in place, we'll have access to tons of PlayStation titles!

Custom-Built PS3s Set to Power PlayStation Now Fri, 17 Jan 2014 07:41:00 -0500 Fathoms_4209

We know that PlayStation Now will be available on the PS3, along with other devices in the PlayStation universe. What Sony didn't add, however, is that Now will be powered by custom-built PS3 units.

According to a Digital Foundry report, Sony has built special PS3 hardware that will power the upcoming streaming service. They're using "custom console units" built into a single rack server so basically, Now's servers are PS3s.  Just... well, special PS3s. Said Richard Leadbetter:

"Gaikai was primarily a software team, but once it was bought up by Sony it was suddenly faced with a problem that could only be tackled by bespoke hardware. In creating new PS3 servers for the PlayStation Now, the team worked closely with their new colleagues in engineering, creating a new PS3 adapted to the cloud streaming challenge."

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of these specially designed PS3 consoles. Maybe those will pop up at some point in the future. The concept isn't totally alien; you may recall that early on in the previous generation, we heard reports of the PS3 being used as a supercomputer. In fact, scientists linked PS3s to take advantage of the console's prodigious power. Various studies really benefited, supposedly.

Will PS Now be as popular as Sony expects?

The idea of Now is simple. After all, there are streaming services everywhere these days, and Sony's isn't much different. If you want to rent a game, you can do so at any time, and you can play it on any Now-enabled device. Convenience and accessibility are keys to the experience; if it's easy and cheap, consumers are probably fine with it. The question is, are gamers?

Sony Compares PlayStation Now Subscriptions To Netflix Thu, 09 Jan 2014 08:23:29 -0500 Fathoms_4209

Sony recently unveiled the new PlayStation streaming service that is set to debut this summer.  It's a promising digital feature but most gamers just want to know:

"How much will it cost?"

Well, according to a new PlayStation Access video, Sony says those familiar with the Netflix streaming service will know what to expect.  Basically, prospective Now members will see Netflx-like subscription packages when PS Now arrives.

Netflix currently charges $8/month, and that allows users to stream video content to two screens simultaneously.  For $12/month, you can stream content to four screens.  For the time being, we don't know if PlayStation Now will support multiple-screen streaming, but here's hoping it will. Also, don't forget that games within the Now service will be "fully featured," in that you can save your game, earn Trophies, and play online.

Will gamers ante up?

For the record, PS Now will be an additional cost on top of PlayStation Plus, the service required to play games online with the PS4.  Plus costs $50/year, so will gamers be willing to throw in a little extra cash on a monthly basis to rent games through Now? Many consumers weren't too happy to learn that Plus would essentially be a requirement in the new generation; perhaps they're not overly eager to pay for yet another digital-based service.

Personally, I still like the idea of buying something and owning it. Digital is not tangible and that has always bugged me.