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If you play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS regularly, then you may want to consider installing the new test server that has been dispatched to Steam only a couple of days ago. It allows you to experience the newest updates before they get officially released.

However, you should be aware that these updates (coming every Wednesday) may contain bugs and glitches. But, if you want to help developers improve the game experience for the rest of the players, then here is a guide on how to set up the PUBG test server in no time flat. 

How to Join the Public Test Server (PTS) in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

First, you must have PUBG in you Steam Library, and the test server should appear right below the original game in the list automatically. Choose it from the menu and press the Install button (see the screenshot above). As soon as the new server is installed on your PC, you can start testing out the new content by launching the corresponding icon on your desktop.

If you want to know what kind of updates are coming to the game, then check the official PUBG forums. For example, the latest patch has addressed issues such as low FPS and optimization for low-end PCs. Many players have been experiencing FPS drops in the game's open areas and during intense combat animations. These issues are currently being dealt with, and they are of the highest priority for the development team as of now.

On the other hand, players who expect new items will be rewarded as well. The newest update includes a fresh model of the submachine gun -- Vector SMG. You can also improve it with the newest 2X Aimpoint scope for effective midrange combat. As for transport, PUBG now has a motorbike with a sidecar, and three new versions of the Dacia car.

Unfortunately, one patch cannot guarantee a complete overhaul of the game, so you may still experience some issues. But that’s why the test server has been created in the first place -- to assure the efficiency of the game's optimization.


Do you feel that the new test server will improve the performance of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS? Will you install the PTS for PUBG? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Last chance to test out the New Raid in Rift is Today Mon, 02 May 2016 00:25:18 -0400 Sagger Khraishi

If you play Rift and you like to raid, then today is the last day for you to hop on over to the Public Test Shard (PTS) and do the Tier 3 Mind of Madness raid for extra rewards. Until 12:00 AM May 3rd, any kill you get in the PTS gets copied over to the Live version later on.

That means, the loot you might have gotten as a drop would get replicated for your main character. If that isn't interesting enough, the raid difficulty for DPS has been cut by half for all but the final boss. So if you, and your guild, have had trouble progressing in the raid. This is your chance to be able to go further in the raid, and get as many achievements as you can.

The reason Trion is doing this now is in order to help reduce the raid difficulty to entice more players to raid. Throw in the "Comet of Ahnket" Tier 3 raid that is coming later this month -- the testing does come with its perks.

So what do you need to do to take advantage of this?
  1. You need to use your character downloaded from Live to PTS. In order to download PTS, you need to select the region from the top right of Glyph.
  2. You need to send the Rift Team a message regarding the raid time and team members so they can watch you test the raid.
  3. You need to record your gameplay, so that the Rift Team can watch for bugs that may happen during the raid. It also is to verify that you have killed what you said you killed in the raid.

And that is about it. If you have already cleared part of the Mind of Madness raid, then make sure to send a message to the Rift Team member linked in step 2 above. That way they can try to duplicate your progress on the Public Test Shard. If you are planning on taking advantage of this chance, best of luck!

Aion 4.0 Preview - Getting Around Northern Katalam Mon, 25 Feb 2013 07:44:47 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Katalam is coming in Aion 4.0, and its three parts combined prove to be the largest region in the game yet. The Northern, Southern, and Underground areas have a host of new content for level 60+ players to discover.

The Northern Katalam region is the first that players will be visiting in their efforts to reach level 65. Players of both races will receive a quest line that leads them to the region, and will be spending a lot of time trying to kill each other as they try to level. Like the Abyss, but less gloomy and more dynamic.

We won't be going in-depth into the topic of instances here, as there is only one currently available in the area. Please keep in mind that all content is subject to change during the Korean 4.0 live update and its eventual North American and European localization.

Moving Around Northern Katalam

Asmodians and Elyos occupy either side of the map, with different transportation methods and locations open to them based on which side is more dominant in the area. The below are two maps showing the transport options available to both races. Some key points to keep in mind while looking at these:

  • Orange lines show teleportation routes should a fort be controlled by that faction.
  • Yellow lines show teleportation routes should a base be occupied.
  • Blue lines on the side show racial flight paths.
  • Light blue lines show expanse of PvP area.
  • White lines are permanent teleportation routes.

The bases and large fort seen in both maps are those that must be conquered for a race to take advantage of the quest NPCs and specialty vendors found in each, much like in the Abyss. There are four entrances to Southern Katalam, which is another new zone to Aion 4.0, found at the bottom of the map.

Northern Katalam is mean to be a PVP-heavy zone, as shown by the need to conquer bases and the specialty vendors found throughout the area to encourage active PVP. Base battles are meant to be small-scale affairs while the battle for Ruth Fortress (the primary fortress in the area) are meant to be large-scale battles. This dynamic continues into the Southern zone.

Hall of Knowledge

The Hall of Knowledge instance is the one confirmed instance in the area and is available only to the race that controls Ruth Fortress in Northern Katalam. It is a solo instance available only to level 65 players and boasts a scoring system that dictates how many Abyss points and medals a player will get from completing the instance. No more information is available at this time.

4.0 is coming to North America in June. Read more here.