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There are many unhappy streamers and viewers alike after Twitch's recent audio copyright laws, which came as a surprise to users of the site. This implements automated censorship of thousands of archived videos, muting flagged audio.

Twitch CEO Emmet Shear started a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread in an attempt to answer the masses of questions that the public had about these radical changes. He started the thread by explaining that Twitch won't be censoring live video, only audio, to put Twitch users worst fears to rest. Unfortunately this announcement was not enough to keep users happy; Shear's answers were constantly down-voted, leading to many being hidden behind a 'warning'. 

Thanks to Reddit user, Rotsuki, Shear's answers have been documented for all to see the details of this interesting thread. These include:

Firstly, the burning question we all wanted to ask when this issue first arose...

DooplissForce: Did Twitch need to change up things? Was there some sort of issue or problem that sparked this? If not, why then did Twitch change stuff?

Shear: We did need to change things. This is laying groundwork for some work in the future you guys are REALLY going to like. We've been intending to do this for some time, but it took us a while to identify and select a content identification partner and get the system up and reliable.

Twitch users also pointed out the lack of communication in the lead up to these changes...

twitchThehoods: Shouldn't you have built an appeals process before implementing a system with these results?

Shear: Probably, but no v1 is perfect.

SirSnugglybear: Why was no advanced notice given before these policy changes were implemented?

Shear: Simply put: we screwed up and should have announced it ahead of time. Sorry.

So, why mute audio over copyright issues when the video is still allowed?

Aniviasrevenge: Are you taking the stance that streaming audio isn't fair use? If you believe it is not, what is your rationale for believing streaming video is fair use?

Shear: Game companies have the public stance (and private stance directly with Twitch) that they allow anyone to stream their games. This isn't a fair use argument, it's a generally available license that you're taking advantage of.

Broadcasting unlicensed music in the background is not fair use either, and there is no generally available license. Therefore this is not something that we want our broadcasters to accept liability for (nor do we want to accept liability for it either).

They're completely different cases, and the logic is different in each.

People of Reddit/Twitch also kept a positive attitude, finding out how to make the best of this situation and what the future of Twitch may hold...

J4nG: Is there a process a streamer can go through if they believe that their videos have been unfairly flagged and muted?

Shear: For now, please email if you think there's a problem. We're working on building an appeals system since that's obviously important. And no, I can't comment, it says so right in my original post.

Oosband: What are the future plans for the audio technology you're using? Will it expand to live content? and will we see any changes to the current VOD system?

Shear: Future plans: increase the scan resolution so that we don't have to flag 30 minute chunks at a time, identify why things have been flagged, institute an appeals system, make sure there isn't any original game music on the flagging list.

We have no plans at all for it to expand to live content.

Many more questions were answered by Shear which you can check out on the Reddit thread. One thing is obvious though: the audio copyright system is here to stay. In theory, its bugs, such as muting streams who have by-passed copyright laws like the DotA 2 International 4 stream and even one of Twitch's official videos, should be resolved in the future.

Lastly, when asked by cosmowright why people should continue streaming through Twitch instead of finding another streaming platform they answered with:

Because we care about you and your viewers, and we want every broadcaster on Twitch to be protected from potential liability. No matter how remote you might feel the issue is, we aren't willing to run the risk someone's life gets ruined over this.


Mass Effect Devs Discuss its Future at Comic-Con! Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:13:21 -0400 Yasmin Curren

So... Who's looking forward to the next Mass Effect? (I AM, I AM!) But how on Earth (or any planet for that matter) do they plan on continuing without Commander Shepard?!

Some questions could be answered on Saturday, July the 26th in this years San Diego Comic-Con where BioWare will be 'sharing their experiences in shaping the next Mass Effect game with new possibilities while staying true to the critically acclaimed series.' Either this or they will just tease us with open-ended answers, but either way I'm excited to hear what they have to say.

Mass Effect developers from the Edmonton and Montreal studios will sit the panel, including: Carl Boulay (lead animator), Fabrice Condominas (producer), Mike Gamble (producer),Noel Lukasewich (senior artist) and Jessica Merizan (community manager). So make sure to have your questions at the ready! Will you be reusing planets? Have you thought of any cool new species? Will there still be awkward relationship decisions? Will there ever be a nod towards Shepard's story or past decisions? These are just a fraction of my own.

If you're lucky enough to be attending Comic-Con this year then make sure to be in Room 25 ABC at 2pm early enough to grab a seat; with over 200 people claiming to attend already on the Comic-Con website it's bound to fill up quickly!

But if you can't wait that long then make sure to join in with molding the next Mass Effect game yourself by filling out the Mass Effect fan feedback survey. This quick survey mainly asks what you enjoy most about RPG games, which for myself has to be exploration and character development. What are you hoping will be included in the next Mass Effect?

"We start by asking fans what they want... New places, new characters, new people to fall in love with. We're taking you to a whole new region of space."

- E3 2014 Mass Effect 4 Trailer 

[SPOILERS] A Link Between Worlds Q&A Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:58:57 -0500 Courtney Gamache

One of the lucky ducks to get his hands on A Link Between Worlds would be GameXplain. He's been uploading bits of footage from his adventures of A Link Between Worlds, and now he's held a Q&A for everyone's benefit. If you had questions regarding how a A Link Between Worlds works, or had some doubts, GameXplain's video will sort it out.

How Dungeons Work

The way the dungeons work in A Link Between Worlds is a bit different than the precursor Zelda games. Everyone must start out with an initial dungeon, but then you're free to explore to your heart's content. If you wish to see some dungeon play, it can be found here. Each of the dungeons has their own musical theme, and there's about as many dungeons as in A Link to the Past. Some new additions would be mini-dungeons which haven't really been utilized in older Zelda games.


A character named Ravio is introduced in the beginning of the game, and he owns a shop where you'll be purchasing items from. The only essential items required to beat the game would be the ones for rent/sale in his shop, but there are upgrades available for weapons that make the game easier. When playing A Link Between Worlds, you don't have to worry about getting your hands on Rupees because they're easy to find in the game. 


If you've played A Link to the Past, the controls will feel a bit similar. To swing your sword you press B, and hold it down for a spin attack. This would be the same in most Zelda games. As usual in hand-held devices, A would be your button for talking to people, picking up items, and opening chests. The X and Y buttons are used for things such as bombs and arrows, while the right trigger activates your shield to raise, and left trigger activates the Pegasus Boots. I'm unfamiliar with the Pegasus Boots, but they seem very helpful. As the D-pad controls the camera, there are no gyro controls.

Gameplay in A Link Between Worlds

The gameplay of A Link Between Worlds is considered very good. The frame rate stays smooth, while giving the player the classic Zelda experience. A main focus within the game would be turning into a painting, which lets Link avoid certain traps. This painting ability is seen within the original gameplay trailer. Some type of quick travel is available in the game, which will become needed with all the side-quests available. According in GameXplain, to complete the game fully at 100% it will take roughly 18 hours.

Compared to A Link to the Past

If you haven't played A Link to the Past, don't worry, it's not a necessity as much as a benefit. There are some similar puzzles and foes as in A Link to the Past, but A Link Between Worlds is entirely its own game. Within A Link Between Worlds, there is about 50% original content, and 50% references to A Link to the Past. That being said, the gamer has more freedom in A Link Between Worlds than in previous Zelda games. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of finding out about story-lines, you won't find out what happened to Link and Zelda after A Link to the Past.

Aside from the Game

Although A Link Between Worlds is becoming a huge hype because of its release in 10 days, there are many other things Nintendo has worked on for this release. There is a special 3DS XL that's A Link Between Worlds themed. If you've been unsure about this, they have videos up of the unboxing. Even with this new console, they've even produced and launched a TV commercial that has aired in the United States, making all Zelda fans swoon.

After seeing all these spoilers about the game, I can't wait to see how it really turns out. So far I haven't seen any complaints that could tarnish the reputation of Zelda or Nintendo. All in all, I'm still very excited for November 22nd, and the hype that comes with it.

Bag O' Questions About The Elder Scrolls: Online Are Answered Mon, 07 Oct 2013 22:53:53 -0400 Corey Kirk

I don’t like the Elder Scrolls games. I like the lore. The stories behind the scrolls, Tamriel, and the whole universe is a great story, but the games themselves just don’t live up to me. I find the gameplay rather dull and once I look at the open-worldness of the game, I am often disappointed by the linear narrative that I have witnessed in the games. I can hear the screams of you, my lovely readers, as you exclaim in all CAPS “YOU’RE PLAYING IT WRONG!!!” Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. My point is that the lore of the game is the only reason I still have an interest in The Elder Scrolls.

So when ZeniMax Online Studios announced back in May of last year that there would be an MMO based on The Elder Scrolls called The Elder Scrolls: Online, I was excited to say the least. A game that is truly massive and focused more on the lore of the universe? Sign me up! However, as time went on, many valid questions from people like me and those who enjoy the games arose:

“You have teased the existence of veteran points. Can you elaborate on how to get them and what you can do with them?”

“I've had one question on my mind for the longest time: will we see a huge amount of wildlife or a hunting activity/skill of some sort?”

“Will there be items or spells players can obtain that will cast an appearance illusion over them, making, say, a Breton look like an Argonian or a frost troll for a limited amount of time?”

All of the answers to those burning questions can be found in the latest AMA Variety Pack 8 on the official ESO site. One of the more important features, Veteran Points, is discussed and provides a clear look into how the system will work. Click here to take a look!

Even though I don’t enjoy the previous games, I am definitely excited to see this game in action and looking forward to learning all I can about it until the official launch. The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to release sometime in 2014.

So are you excited about The Elder Scrolls Online? Comment below!