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The long-awaited sequel in the Tekken’s main series is here… and available on PC, which is a real treat for those who don’t own a console yet.

Tekken is a favorite fighting game of many generations of gamers since the times of Tekken 3 that was a massive international hit on the very first PlayStation console. But up to this moment it was never available on PC, which greatly limited the availability of this excellent fighter.

In Tekken 7 you will be able to see the end of the epic Mishima clan saga, try out all the new and old modes, and even experience the game in VR. Now, let’s get deeper into each of these features!

Story Mode: “Father, I will tear you to pieces”

With that “heart-warming” phrase begins the story mode of Tekken 7 -- the one that should have answered so many questions regarding the Mishima clan. Then, the first fight begins with a ridiculous clash between a little boy and his father that doesn’t end well as you would assume.

The story goes on showing the present world being engulfed in a terrible war provoked by Jin Kazama -- an heir of the Mishima clan, who’s gone missing. So Heihachi returns and reclaims the order in the clan with an announcement of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

Usually, PC ports of exclusive console games rarely turn out well, but Tekken 7 is an exception, and the game runs very well even on the low-end machines.

After thirteen chapters of testosterone-infused fights accompanied by the short cutscenes, we finally get to see the end of the epic Mishima clan saga. Or is it so? Well, one of the major characters dies (not going to spoil which one), but that doesn’t mean that the story is over in a full sense of that word.

If you expected a massive resolution at the end, then you will most likely be disappointed. But in all honesty, story mode was never a distinguishing characteristic of the Tekken series -- it has always been about the arcade/versus modes, and by the looks of things, from now on will always be about the online battles. That is where the game really shines.

Combat Mechanics, Graphics and Optimization

Tekken 7 introduces a few really powerful new combat mechanics, such as Rage Arts, Rage Drive, and Power Crush. The Rage Arts is especially interesting, as it allows you to deal insane amounts of damage, when your character is on the brink of death.

At first, it may be challenging to activate this ability, especially for the new players, but you can always learn how to activate the Rage Arts offline. It is always a good idea to switch to Practice Mode that allows you to keep the Arts activated throughout the entire match, so that you don’t have to wait until your character drops below the 25% HP mark.

The only drawback of the Practice Mode is that it has absolutely no frame data available for each of the characters, so if you take your fighting skills seriously, you will need to search for it outside the game.

But let’s not get distracted. The new combos not only work well, they also look fantastic! But the animations in the Tekken series have always been mind-blowing, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Since the new game runs on the Unreal Engine 4, you can imagine how detailed and polished all textures look even at 60 FPS.

Usually, PC ports of exclusive console games rarely turn out well, but Tekken 7 is an exception, and the game runs very well even on the low-end machines.

Player and Character Customization

Since the game is now fully adapted for online battles, the players can customize their tags, which can be unlocked through Treasure Battles or simply by winning online and earning the fight money. There is a huge pool of options that allow you to change the look of the health gauges and the fighters themselves.

You can change your characters’ appearances by adjusting their clothes, hairstyle, make-up, and other fun stuff. It’s really nice to see such a diversity for each of the fighters, where every player’s character can look different and really fit their own particular tastes.

There are all kinds of styles available from grungy and trashy to cute and fluffy -- the choice is all yours. But that’s not it! The custom animation sequences are also available, and in this way you can start a fight by representing your character in some cool cinematic way.

Online Tournaments

Just like the story mode suggests, you can create your own tournaments in Tekken 7. You will have two options: single or double elimination. Also, you can limit the tournament to only a few private persons, or make it open to all global players.

A normal tournament may last for up to one hour, but it really depends on how many slots you have opened, and if you have the simultaneous battles activated or not. If you do have them activated, then it will go faster, since there is no queue as such, and if you get bored, you can always spectate other players fighting each other.

You can change your characters’ appearances by adjusting their clothes, hairstyle, make-up, and other fun stuff.

The overall presentation of the tournament mode is fantastic, and it can really create a solid foundation for the global competitive scene for Tekken 7. You can follow the changes in the brackets live as the players progress through the stages of the tournament, and even win prize fight money.

Many players will also be interested in solidifying their position on the global leaderboards, but this, of course, requires a lot of grinding/fighting on the ranked ladder.

Verdict: 8/10

The gameplay is what’s making Tekken 7 a truly great game, and if you want the story, then go look for it somewhere else. Fortunately, the subpar story element cannot distract you from excellent combat mechanics and animations.

On a technical level Tekken 7 is definitely the best installment in the series with its rich customization menu and online tournament modes. There is also a VR support, but it is something of an acquired taste, and does not translate well in the actual fights.

And, if you ever dreamed of becoming a professional gamer, Tekken 7 gives that chance to everybody. You can start earning points right away in online modes and earn the place in the Tekken World Tour that will start on June 16 in Orlando, FL.

Tekken 7 Beginner's Guide: Rage Arts and Rage Drive Move List https://www.gameskinny.com/8vkfz/tekken-7-beginners-guide-rage-arts-and-rage-drive-move-list https://www.gameskinny.com/8vkfz/tekken-7-beginners-guide-rage-arts-and-rage-drive-move-list Fri, 02 Jun 2017 09:56:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

Tekken 7 introduces a few new combat mechanics, and Rage System is definitely the most powerful among them. It has two options for you to choose from during your fights: Rage Arts and Rage Drive. One is mostly used to break through attacks, while the other one can mitigate even the strongest combos.

In this guide you will find a complete Rage System move list with both PC and console controls for each character in Tekken 7.

How to Use Rage Arts and Rage Drive in Tekken 7

Rage Arts

Your Rage Art is a super blow that can disrupt your opponent’s combo and push through with some massive amounts of damage. This type of move allows you to finish off your opponent in the most unexpected way.

You can only activate Rage Arts when your life total drops below the 25% mark and your character starts glowing red. The lower your life total is, the harder your character will hit.

Rage Drive

The second option is far more advanced, and each character has their own way of using Rage Drive. You should try it on different characters and see how want to use it.

Just like Rage Arts, it is activated after your life total drops below a certain mark, and your character will glow in blue color.

Note that two characters -- Akuma and Eliza -- have no Rage Drive combinations.

Rage System Move List

Character Rage Art Rage Drive
Eliza  b+3+4 --
Panda b+1+2 f,f+1+2
Lee/Violet d+1+2 d/f+3+4~f,N
Bob d/f+1+2 f,f,f+3+4
Nina d+1+2 f+2+3~F
Akuma 1,1,f+3,2 --
Kazumi d+1+2 f,f+1+2
Master Raven d/b+3+4 f+3+4,2
Miguel b+1+2 d/b+1+2
Kuma b+1+2 f,f+1+2
Eddy b+3+4 f,f+3+4
Yoshimitsu b+1+2 u/b+1+4
Dragunov d+1+2 f,f,f+1+2, d/b+1+2
Hwoarang d+3+4 d+3+4,4
Law 1+2 d/b+4,3+4
Asuka d/f+1+2 f,f+1+2
Shaheen 1+2 d/b+2,4~d/f
Kazuya d/f+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+1+4 or f,N,d,d/f+1+4~U/F
Heihachi d+1+2 b+2,1+2
Claudio d/f+1+2 b+4,2~f,f
Lucky Chloe 3+4 d/f+3+4 or FC d/f+3+4,1+2
Lili 3+4 d/f+3+4,3
Lars 1+2 1+2
King d/f+1+2 d/b+1+2
Jack-7 b+1+2 b,d/b,d,d/f+1,2
Bryan d/f+1+2 b+1+2
Steve 1+2 d/f+3+4,1+2
Paul 1+2 d,d/f,f+1+2
Xiaoyu b+1+2 d+3,3+4
Josie d/f+3+4 f,N,d,d/f+3+4
Jin b+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+1+2,3,1
Devil Jin b+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+4,3+4
Katarina 3+4   1+2
Gigas 1+2 f+3+4
Leo d/f+1+2 f,f+2
Alisa b+1+2 f+2+3,3+4 or f+3+4
Feng d+1+2 b+1+2


Move List Legend
Notation Move
  u  Up
  d  Down
  f  Forward
  b  Back
  N  Neutral
  f,f  Forward Dash
  b,b  Back Dash
  SS  Side Step
  SSL  Side Step Left
  SSR  Side Step Right
  SW  Side Walk
  SWL  Side Walk Left
  SWR  Side Walk Right


Notation Attack
  1 Left Punch
  2 Right Punch
  3 Left Kick
  4 Right Kick
  1+3 Left Punch + Left Kick
  1+2 Left Punch + Right Punch
  2+4 Right Punch + Right Kick
  3+4 Left Kick + Right Kick
  2+3 Right Punch + Left Kick
  1+4 Left Punch + Right Kick

Come back soon for more Tekken 7 guides at GameSkinny!

Tekken 7 Is Going to Be the Best Fighting Game in Years https://www.gameskinny.com/kwkmt/tekken-7-is-going-to-be-the-best-fighting-game-in-years https://www.gameskinny.com/kwkmt/tekken-7-is-going-to-be-the-best-fighting-game-in-years Tue, 16 May 2017 06:00:02 -0400 Sergey_3847

With the return of fighting classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, Bandai Namco had to give its fans the one thing they’ve been waiting on for so long. It took seven whole years for Namco to finally release the next Tekken game in the main series, and the launch date is fast approaching -- Tekken 7 is scheduled to hit shelves on June 2, 2017.

The much anticipated sequel introduces new fighting mechanics, lots of new and old characters, and concludes the story of the Mishima clan with a blast. The game's producers announced that Tekken 7 will be darker than ever before, and will be augmented by a couple more expansions.

Does Tekken 7 have the  power to take back its status as the world’s best fighting game this year? By the looks of it so far, there is definitely a chance.

A New Approach to Storytelling

Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima

Tekken has always been an excellent fighting game, but it never really had a solid storytelling element. In the previous parts of the series, all story points were presented in a sequence of short cutscenes that appeared between the fights.

In Tekken 7 you can expect to see a complete storyline that will take up to 10 hours to finish. It will answer many questions from the past games, and will mostly focus on the conflict between the members of the Mishima clan.

The story mode follows the similar pattern as the one in Mortal Kombat X, where you can’t choose the characters to fight with, but you have to play with the ones offered by the plot sequence. This mode is recommended for new players, as they will learn a lot about the lore of the Tekken series, and practice their fighting skills beginning from the very basics.

Rage Arts and Other Cool Mechanics

If you don’t care about the story, and you just want to try out all the new combat mechanics, then you can start off with the arcade mode or go online and fight other players from around the world. In this regard, Tekken stands out from other fighting games in that you can’t just smash random buttons and win -- you actually need to know how to fight well.

Rage Arts

The most interesting type of mechanic introduced in Tekken 7 is Rage Arts, which utilizes the Rage System from Tekken 6. Rage can be activated on its own or during a combo, but only when the character’s health drops below the 10% mark.

This is an especially interesting technique, since it can change the pace and the result of the match-up. The competitive scene will definitely be happy to learn all the possible Rage Arts in the game, as they can single-handedly win tournaments if used properly.

If you think that using Rage Arts is cheating, then don’t worry, as there is a way to block even such a powerful blow -- simply by sidestepping and ducking. However, you must be highly reactive, since there won’t be too much time to execute even a simple blocking move.

Power Crush

This new type of move may even be more broken than the Rage Arts, as it allows players to keep damaging their opponents even when they are in the middle of their own combo. However, you will still take damage from your opponent, and you are still vulnerable to lows and overthrows.

Basically, Power Crush will allow the players to finish off their opponents even when they are Raging, which wasn’t possible in the previous games of the series. It’s a dangerous precedent and will most likely make many players rage for real.

Screw (Kirimomi)

Screw, also known as “tailspin”, is a new combo extender that replaces Bound in Tekken 7. It allows players to send opponents in midair into a full rotation frenzy til they land on their backs. This elegant move breaks walls and keeps dealing damage, while completely disrupting the opponent’s flow of attack.

With these new mechanics Tekken 7 offers a fresh look at the older characters -- and makes you want to try out all the new characters, too.

Ten Powerful New Characters

Akuma -- guest character from Street Fighter universe.

Most of the characters in Tekken 7 are well-known returning characters from the previous games in the series -- such as Bryan, Yoshimitsu, and many others. But in addition to the 27 old characters on the roster, we get 10 new ones. And the most interesting one is Akuma -- a guest character from Street Fighter universe.

You could see the concept of merging two different worlds in the same game before in Street Fighter X Tekken. But this is the first time in history that we'll see a guest character appear in a main title of the series. There will also be two more guest characters coming with planned DLC packages sometime in the future.

Akuma looks and moves a little differently than he does in Street Fighter, just so that he could fit in with the rest of the characters in Tekken 7. Akuma’s Rage Art -- called "Shin Shun Goku Satsu", or "Wrath of the Raging Demon --is especially destructive. Let’s just say that when he unleashes his combo, the screen goes all black and something very, very bad happens to his opponent…

Among the rest of the new characters, the most interesting ones are: Gigas (red male behemoth creature), Kazumi (Japanese empress), and Raven (the game's first black woman fighter). All the characters have their own unique styles of fighting and Rage Arts, so Namco really hit the bull’s eye this time around.


Tekken 7 is packing excellent graphics, a full roster of interesting characters both old and new, a fleshed-out story mode, and a brand new take on the fighting genre with Rage Arts and other interesting abilities. There's a lot more innovation happening here than we've seen in recent fighting games, which puts this main series Tekken entry a cut above the rest. And I'm willing to bet that it's not just going to be the best fighting game of this year -- but the best one we've seen in years as well. 

Do you agree that Tekken 7 will take the title of the best fighting game of the year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!