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Flying Wild Hog are taking Shadow Warrior 2 in a new direction that differs quite a bit from past titles. As opposed to the linear level design of the previous titles, Shadow Warrior 2 is taking a more open approach to its levels. That, along with the new features and mechanics, may not appeal to long-time fans of the series.

Bringing Borderlands to Japan

Some of the new gameplay mechanics are similar to that of Borderlands. While the previous title was a linear level-by-level game, Shadow Warrior 2 operates from a hub. While at the hub, players will be able to accept quests and upgrade abilities.

All the missions except for story-specific events will take place in procedurally generated levels. The generation includes randomized enemy positions, terrain, buildings and weather conditions.This new feature plays into the story that revolves around different dimensions. 

Enemies also have health bars, damage points are shown and there are different variations of enemies, including Supreme enemies. Supreme enemies are much bigger, tougher and deal more damage than their normal counterparts. Both the scaling enemies and hubs are features reminiscent of Gearbox Software's Borderlands franchise.

There will be over 70 weapons to get your hands on. All weapons can be leveled up and tuned. You will be able to level up weapons by killing enemies who will drop gems to add elemental properties to your gear. 

Why would it not appeal to everyone?

Shadow Warrior 2 is leaving behind the level design it is known for. As far back as 1997, the entire series has always been linear. This choice of design has its merits. Let's be honest, we all like to play a simple and straightforward game from time to time.

Open levels or open worlds can be awesome, but with so many games now adopting this, it is nothing new. Linear games are often more rare nowadays than the open-world variety. Not to mention linear gameplay is what is expected of the series. 

The lack of this expected familiarity alone may be off-putting to some fans. That is not including those who do not like procedurally generated levels.

I feel the linear design is what a lot of fans of the 2013 reboot loved. It was a first person shooter that wasn't trying to be modern or fancy. It has some modern mechanics but the game is still very 90's at its heart. Modernizing the sequel too much runs the risk of losing that nostalgic spirit and simplicity.

As for the new features and mechanics, they could also make things too complicated. Like the level design, the name Shadow Warrior brings a sense of simplicity to it. Perhaps this simple nature also fuels the series' nostalgic joy.

What are my thoughts on the game?

Personally, I am excited, but anxious. I generally enjoy games with procedurally generated levels. I do wonder if it the right choice for a series like Shadow Warrior. Flying Wild Hog's games have always been about bringing the 90's back to the FPS genre.

We first saw this from their first title, the old-school FPS Hard Reset and its expansion. This later continued with the reboot to Shadow Warrior. I can't help but feel that Shadow Warrior 2 may be leaving behind what makes the studio unique.

Between the new features, mechanics, procedurally generated levels, and the four player co-op, Shadow Warrior 2 sounds like it is jumping on the modern FPS bandwagon. We already have plenty of games with such features, without this doing the same. I can only hope that the game does enough to separate itself from others while also keeping the nostalgia of the first.


Stay Cool with Gunpoint Dev's Heat Signature https://www.gameskinny.com/9aemx/stay-cool-with-gunpoint-devs-heat-signature https://www.gameskinny.com/9aemx/stay-cool-with-gunpoint-devs-heat-signature Mon, 03 Feb 2014 17:59:38 -0500 Nicole Long

Suspicious Developments released a video of its upcoming stealth game, Heat Signature.

Tom Francis, who also created indie spy game Gunpoint, calls Heat Signature "a space stealth game about sneaking up on ships while trying to stay cool."

In this game, players attempt to sneak up and board unsuspecting ships. All the game's ships and stats are randomly generated, making each one a different challenge. 

At first you'll spawn into the world as a random class of character, with a certain goal or objective that requires you to board ships and hack terminals for more information. One play session of Heat Signature may ask you to kill a target, while another may challenge you to track down and steal a rare ship. -David Hinkle (Joystiq)

The video footage includes many interesting game features. As you board ship you must either sneak around or kill the crew on board. Sometimes the ships map makes this difficult or security systems such as guards and terrets can block your path. 

Francis says in the video that some of the randomly generated ships may appear impossible to board without being seen. He offers a possible solution -- players can board a small ship, eliminate the crew, and then steer it into another ship. The collision causes damage to both ships. The damage that happens to the crew-filled ship actually causes them to build another air lock at the crash site - creating another entry-point and a possible solution to an impossible puzzle.

The game isn't complete yet, but so far it looks like a fun way to pass the time.

There is no release date for Heat Signature. Francis has set up a mailing list for PC players who are interested in news or in testing the game. For those looking for updates on the game's creation, follow the game on Twitter.

For more on the developer's previous game, check out ShackAttackMike's review

Capcom's PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Free-To-Play! https://www.gameskinny.com/beryh/capcoms-ps4-exclusive-deep-down-will-be-free-to-play https://www.gameskinny.com/beryh/capcoms-ps4-exclusive-deep-down-will-be-free-to-play Sat, 21 Sep 2013 23:39:06 -0400 Ryan Chizmar

Following up on the new screenshots that were recently released comes news that Deep Down, Capcom's new randomly-generated RPG exclusive to the PlayStation 4, will in fact be using the free-to-play model.

The news was announced yesterday by Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's current president of Worldwide Studios. In the tweet he also announced that they plan on starting open beta near the launch of the PS4 in Japan, which would put it around February 2014.

Even though it will be free-to-play I still hope they do something about that lighting!

This seems to be an interesting move on their part considering how unpopular the free-to-play model has become in recent years. According to several responses on the above tweet, people have already changed their mind about the game and have said they don't plan on playing it anymore.

One of the downsides to free-to-play is that some F2P games have become essentially what is known as "pay-to-win" where players can pay real-life currency to purchase upgrades via an in-game cash shop, thus making them have an advantage over those who choose not to pay or simply cannot afford to pay.

Details on how they plan on implementing the free-to-play model have yet to be released, so only time will tell if Deep Down will be "pay-to-win" or not.

What are your thoughts? Have you lost interest upon learning Deep Down has gone free-to-play? Or are you still excited for the game? Let me know in the comments below!

New Screens of Deep Down Released! https://www.gameskinny.com/ysdiu/new-screens-of-deep-down-released https://www.gameskinny.com/ysdiu/new-screens-of-deep-down-released Thu, 19 Sep 2013 00:21:42 -0400 Ryan Chizmar


The last photo released shows the battle with the dragon yet again, but from a different angle. Once again, the lighting on the main character doesn't make sense to me at all. The fire effects look really nice but I think there probably should be a bit more smoke and ash.


All-in-all, I'd say the screenshots look different from the video. That's not to say that the game doesn't look good, to me it just looks like the game needs more work to be done. I do like the concept of the game so I will be looking forward to hearing more about it as news is released.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!


Another picture of the dragon in what looks to be a battle sequence. The lighting on the back of the character in the foreground doesn't look natural at all considering where the light source is and the way the light is shining on the dragon. The graphics however look rather good but I can still tell that it's a video game.


This image features the dragon that is shown in the video I added in slide one, as well as what appear to be soldiers or knights going to fight it. The lightning effects look pretty good but the concrete walls on the left and right side of the foreground look a bit odd to me. Also, the dragon doesn't look as detailed as in the video.


At first glance this might seem like some really nice graphics, but I noticed some pixelation on one of the fingers in the foreground. Also the armored person doesn't look all that realistic to me. His face looks a bit awkward. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but only time will tell.


Last week during Sony's conference in Japan a demo was shown of the new randomly-generated RPG being produced by Capcom, Deep Down. The PS4-exclusive title looks to give a new life to the role-playing genre by having everything from dungeons, maps, weapons and even monsters being randomly generated. This will give each player a unique experience they can call their own.


Not much is currently known about the game except it is based around the ability to look into the past just by touching an object. This week Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono released several new screenshots for fans to enjoy. In this article I'll give my opinion on each one.