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Just like the games that came before it, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is rife with collectibles. To get the Nooks and Crannies trophy, as well as access to all of the game's cheats, you'll need to collect Rift Apart's Gold Bolts.

Gold Bolts are scattered around each of the game's levels. Some are easy to get, while others are hidden in out-of-the-way places, requiring either cunning or a handy gadget to get. Below, we've detailed all of the Gold Bolt locations in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart so you can start collecting them before picking up the Map-O-Matic.

Spoilers follow below.

[Note: Aaron Bayne, David Carcasole, and Jonathan Moore contributed to this guide.]

How to Find All of Rift Apart's Gold Bolts

Corson V, Nefarious City

Nefarious City on Corson V is the first area you are able to explore in Rift Apart. In order to get every Gold Bolt in the level, you’ll need to play through the entirety of the first story mission and interact with the Phantom NPC to get the Phantom Dash gadget.

You can collect the first two Gold Bolts without the Phantom Dash gadget. However, you must have the gadget to get the third. 

Gold Bolt 1

A map for the first gold bolt location on Corson V.

Ratchet in Nefarious City factory with a gold bolt hover over his head.

The first bolt, (Phantom Dash not required) can be grabbed at any time. It's immediately after the cutscene with Ms. Zurkon in the Nefarious City Bazaar.

To the right of Ms. Zurkon’s shop is a path leading to a ledge looking out over the rest of the city. Follow the path to the end. Climb the wall on your right with the Magneboots.

Once you on the higher level, Ms. Zurkon will alert you that there is a Spybot up the stairs and at the end of the path ahead, which is also where you’ll find the gold bolt.

Get to the top of the stairs, and rift tether to the platform above and to the right of you. Open the door to the first shipping room you pass through. Climb on the boxes to get to the exit. Instead of leaving, jump on the conveyor belt, and use it to get to the other side of the room to find the first gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2

A map for the second gold bolt location on Corson V.

Ratchet standing next to a steel fence with a glowing gold bolt in front of him.

You don’t need the Phantom Dash to get the second Gold Bolt, either, but you’ll have to at least start the story mission first to find it.

Follow Phantom out of the club, and when you reach an enemy encounter in a park with holographic trees, look to the path on the right side of the holographic tree on the far right.

Follow the path to find two rift tethers, which lead you directly to the second Gold Bolt and some raritanium.

Gold Bolt 3

A map for the third gold bolt location on Corson V.

Ratchet standing in a Nefarious City street looking at a gold bolt under a blue sign.

The third Gold Bolt can only be retrieved using Phantom Dash, so it's likely you won't get it your first time in Nefarious City.

When you return, exit your ship on the landing platform and look for a wall you can run along on your left. Using the Phantom Dash, run along the wall and land on the platform immediately below you, where you’ll find the final Gold Bolt for this area.

Sargasso, Outpost L51

You’ll find another three Gold Bolts on planet Sargasso, Outpost L51, the Mort’s Gelatonium Factory. Come back to Sargasso after having completed your first full mission, since it's easier to grab two of the three Gold Bolts then.

Gold Bolt 1

A map for the first gold bolt location on Sargasso.

Rivet standing on a platform looking at a gold bolt on a small mesa.

The first Gold Bolt can be found before you leave Sargasso for the first time, but after you’ve completed the story mission.

Go behind the Morts main building for the Gelatonium Factory, right where your ship is parked, to find a platform you can get to using your rift tether.

Gold Bolt 2

A map of the second gold bolt location on Sargasso.

Rivet standing next to yellow boxes while looking at a gold bolt near water.

The second Gold Bolt can be found immediately in front of the Gelatonium Factory across the broken bridge. It's at the end of the large area to your left, next to the water.

Head towards the small Gelatonium tower, and walk along the platform to the back of it.

Gold Bolt 3

A map of the third gold bolt location on Sargasso.

Rivet riding Trudi the dragon, flying toward a gold bolt floating in a large, orange ring.

The third Gold Bolt takes the longest to get because you’ll need to help Trudi and collect some Zurpstones first.

It’s in the skies, in the middle of a ring not far from the main Gelatonium Factory.

Scarstu Debris Field, Zurkie’s

The Scarstu Debris Field is where you'll find Zurkie’s, as well as all of the arena challenges and three Gold Bolts. Two of the three must be won in the bronze and silver medal challenges.

The bronze-medal challenge is available when you get to Zurkie's for the first time. You’ll have to revisit Zurkie’s for the silver-medal challenge, which becomes available a few story missions after your first visit.

Gold Bolt 1

A map for the first gold bolt location in Scarstu Debris Field.

Rivet standing on a Magneboots platform, looking down at a gold bolt below.

The only Gold Bolt you can find outside of the bronze- and silver-cup challenges is cleverly hidden underneath the platforms that hold up Zurkie’s parking lot, accessible only by using your Magneboots.

Land your ship, and head to the landing platform with a bright pink ship. It's to the right and below from where you’re parked. There you’ll find a wall you can climb with your Magneboots.

This will take you below Zurkie’s parking lot. Once you round the corner, you should see the Gold Bolt. Jump over to the other magnetic platform to retrieve the bolt.

Savali, Urfdah Mesa

Savali is where you’ll get your Hoverboots, a key traversal gadget in Rift Apart. The Gold Bolts here are a little trickier to obtain than those in previous levels, mostly because they require multiple steps.

The third Gold Bolt won’t actually be available until much later in the game. Spoiler warning for the explanation of Gold Bolt 3 below!

Gold Bolt 1

A map of the first gold bolt location on Savali.

Ratchet standing beneath a round, floating robot near a gold bolt.

The first (and simplest) Gold Bolt to find on Savali is one that will be riding on the back of a hovering platform, towards the bottom right of the map. It's right next to a Pocket Dimension.

Simply chase down the platform with your Hoverboots, and land on the big green button to disable the shield before grabbing the bolt.

Gold Bolt 2

A map of the second gold bolt location on Savali.

Ratchet standing in a foggy cave, looking at a gold bolt hovering on a small platform.

The second (and trickiest) Gold Bolt to obtain is one that is sitting in the middle of the map. But you can't get it from there. You’ll need to go to the top right corner of the map where you’ll find a series of pressure pads with an archway at the start.

Use your Hoverboots to glide over each pad, following the wire to a portal. The portal will take you to the platform with the Gold Bolt, back in the middle of the map.

Gold Bolt 3

Ratchet standing next to a glitch puzzle and gold bolt.

The third and final Gold Bolt on Savali is only accessible towards the end of the game, so here, again, is your spoiler warning.

On your return to Savali in an attempt to stop Emperor Nefarious from acquiring the dimensional map, you’ll need to access the underground temple where the monks have hidden it.

Clear Nefarious’ forces, and gain access to the temple. Before going into the temple, find the door behind you with a terminal infected with a virus. Use Glitch to solve the puzzle.

This is the final Glitch puzzle in the game, and also the most difficult, so fair warning it could take a couple of tries to complete. Once you’ve opened the door, you can get Savali’s last Gold Bolt.

Blizar Prime, Blizon Mines

You'll need to constantly switch between dimensions to navigate the Blizon Mines map properly and gather up all of the area's collectibles. 

Because you’ll need to access all areas of the map, it's recommended you finish the story mission here and return to collect all the Gold Bolts.

Gold Bolt 1

A map showing the first gold bolt location on Blizar Prime.

Rivet running underneath a gold bolt in the Blizon Mines.

The first Gold Bolt is to the left of the landing pad, but in the dimension with the unexploded Blizar Prime. To get it, you’ll need to switch to the dimension with the mines, then switch back to the destroyed Blizar with the blizon next to Ms. Zurkon.

Follow the only path forward on the magnetic platforms. Go around to the room with another blizon crystal to smack and, for a final time, swap back to the version of Blizar with the mines.

Once you’ve swapped back, take the path left of the out-of-order bridge and stay left. You’ll find a small staircase to a secluded area with the first of three Gold Bolts.

Gold Bolt 2

A map showing the second gold bolt location on Blizar Prime.

Rivet standing next to a large purple crystal, looking up to a bolt on a platform.

This Gold Bolt is in the destroyed version of Blizar Prime, so it won’t show up on your map if you are still in the non-destroyed version.

This one can be found in the Mining Hub, which you can teleport directly to from your landing pad. Go there in the non-destroyed version, and use the blizon sitting atop a rock, with some handy boxes to jump on to get to it.

When you switch back to the destroyed Blizar, you should see the Gold Bolt right in front of you, hovering over a magnetic platform.

There is a set of stairs on your left leading to a broken magnetic platform. Jump from one platform to the next using your Magneboots to reach the Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt 3

A map showing the third gold bolt location on Blizar Prime.

Rivet on an asteroid, standing near a purple crystal, gold bolt, and boxes.

The third Gold Bolt can be found along the way to complete the side mission on Blizar Prime. Head towards the missing chef from the Mining Hub, and you’ll eventually find yourself in a large clearing with three blizon crystals.

After clearing out the local fauna, switch to the destroyed Blizar to once again use a series of magnetic platforms to get to the second blizon crystal. Hit it, and then use the rocks to navigate over to the third blizon crystal. Hit the third crystal, and you’ll have found the last Gold Bolt on Blizar Prime.

Torren IV, Molonoth Gulch

Torren IV is the land of The Fixer, but it is also home to two very appealing Gold Bolts. To access them, you'll need the Hoverboots acquired on Savali.

Gold Bolt 1

A map showing the first gold bolt location on Torren IV.

Ratchet standing in front of a gold bolt on Torren IV.

Acquiring the first golden bolt of Torren IV is just a short skate away from the landing platform. Following the path from your ship, you’ll have a quick fight with some Amoeboid. Rather than taking the sling towards town, veer right.

You'll see a ramp. Using your Hoverboots, use the ramp to get over the small canyon, grind along the rail wall, use a sling, and land on the platform where you will find the first God Bolt.

Gold Bolt 2

Ratchet grinding a rail toward a gold bolt in an industrial area.

Make your way to the back of the town (towards the location of The Fixer), you will come across a set of rails. Jump on the rails.

You’ll have to jump between rails to avoid passing rail carts. Eventually, you will come to a blocked orange tube. Jump onto the rail on the left, and as you bend round to the right, a rift will appear on your left.

Pull yourself through the rift, and you will land on another railing. Stay on this railing, and it will take you straight to the collectible.

Cordelion, Kedaro Station

Cordelion is another of Rift Apart’s dimension-split levels, and it requires you to find blizon to access all of its collectibles.

Gold Bolt 1

A map showing the first gold bolt location on Cordelion.

Ratchet standing on a snow mound while looking to a floating platform.

After arriving on the aquatic planes of Cordelion, you’ll have to fight your way through a wave of Nefarious’ robots, before you climb to the top of a short tower, shown in the map above.

Some dimension swapping Blizon will be waiting for you to take a swipe, transporting you to an even wetter (and colder) version of Cordelion.

In the other dimension, go back down the stairs you used to climb up, and approach a mound of snow. Looking out to the sea, spot another platform with some blizon in the distance.

Go to the other side of the platform and use your Hoverboots to skate towards the snow mound. Leap into the air using your double jump. While your jump isn’t enough to reach the platform, a rift will allow you to teleport to the platform. Hit the blizon to reveal your first Gold Bolt in this area.

Gold Bolt 2

A map showing the second gold bolt location on Cordelion.

Ratchet by a gold bolt in the underwater base on Cordelion.

The second of Cordelion’s Bolts is quite easy to find. Once you’ve taken the elevator down into its underwater base, follow the corridor until you spot your first Amoeboid.

On your left, you should hear and eventually see a broken door struggling to open. You will see a rift on the other side of the door, allowing you to pull yourself through. The Gold Bolt is on your right.

Gold Bolt 3

A map showing the third gold bolt location on Cordelion.

Ratchet underwater on Cordelion, standing by a gold bolt.

The third and final Bolt on Cordelion is the hardest to find. You’ll have to fight your way through most of the underwater base, avoiding the ever-terrifying monster Juice in the process. However, once you reach the point in the map shown above, make your way out into the water, and follow the magnetic paths.

The path will split. Keep an eye out for a propeller, where you can veer off to the right. You will then be able to jump onto a wall with your Magneboots, following it up and over onto a new platform. The Gold Bolt will be hidden behind some coral growth.

Ardolis, Pirate Base

Ardolis is the mechanical pirate haven in Rift Apart, where two Gold Bolts can be found. Finding both collectibles will require the Speedle, which are first encountered on Sargasso. You'll also need to fight through another Glitch trial.

Gold Bolt 1

Ratchet on a pirate ship on Ardolis.

After saving Pierre, follow the docks in the direction of Skull Mountain. You will eventually come across a Speedle. Jump on the Speedle, but do not use its boosting abilities just yet.

Avoid the first speed ramp by slowly passing on its left, and then turn right into a slanted rock. Use the boost as you hit the ramp of the rock, quickly turning left (in the direction of Skull Mountain).

The Bolt is floating above some explosive crates, though your boost should send you soaring into it. Don’t worry if you hit the crates and die; your collection will still be counted.

Gold Bolt 2

A map showing the second gold bolt location on Ardolis.

Ratchet in Skull Mountain near a gold bolt.

Continuing on your path with the help of the Speedle, you will eventually reach the Pirate Trails inside Skull Mountain. You will first be tasked with memorizing the order in which five mechanical pirates sing.

Once completed, a door will open. On the other side, you will be greeted by a Grunthor corpse. You can see the collectible on your left in a container, but it's inaccessible. Look on the right is a box to start a Glitch segment.

In the trial, you’ll have to destroy 10 virus nests by finding key points that disable the nests' shields. After destroying all 10, you will return to Ratchet, and the Bolt will be accessible.

Viceron, Zordoom Prison

Viceron is the final location in Rift Apart’s campaign, and home to the Zordoom Prison, as well as three Gold Bolts.

Gold Bolt 1

A map showing the first gold bolt location on Viceron.

Rivet in front of a gold bolt on Viceron, purple sky in background.

The first Bolt is available in one of the early areas of Viceron, and you should start out at the point shown in the map.

Phantom Dash through a shielded gate, noted by the large “115” on the wall. Afterward, you'll fight several enemies. After defeating them, follow the path to the left, then right, dashing through the gates in the process.

You will eventually see a pirate ship, with the Gold Bolt in the middle.

Gold Bolt 2

A map showing the second gold bolt location on Viceron.

Rivet standing on a platform above a gold bolt, looking down at the water below.

If you are playing through the campaign while looking for the Gold Bolts, the second in Viceron can be found after you have rescued Clank, and first see Ratchet and Kit in their cell.

Fight through the enemies, and turn diagonally right instead of heading straight towards the cell. Jump on top of a boxed crate to find the second Bolt hiding behind it.

Gold Bolt 3

A map showing the second gold bolt location on Viceron.

Rivet in a prison cell block looking at a gold bolt in a cell.

The last Gold Bolt in Rift Apart can be found in the main prison area. After finding Ratchet and Kit’s cell, you will have to disable the power source for the prison, unlocking all of the prisoners in the process.

Once you return to the cell area, run along the same platform to reveal the final Gold Bolt hidden in one of the cells.

And that's it! You've collected every Gold Bolt in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. You now have the Nooks and Crannies trophy, but more importantly, access to all of Rift Apart's cheats, like infinite ammo and more. For more tips, consider hacking out our other R&C: Rift Apart guides.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: CraiggerBear Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/4j5wc/ratchet-clank-rift-apart-craiggerbear-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/4j5wc/ratchet-clank-rift-apart-craiggerbear-locations Mon, 28 Jun 2021 11:02:13 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart's "UnBEARably Awesome" gold trophy requires you to find all nine of the CraiggerBear collectibles hidden throughout the game. This is a requirement for those looking to max out the trophy list with the "Masters of the Multiverse" platinum, and is essential for any completionist.

The CraiggerBears were created in honor of Craig Goodman, an Insomniac Games artist who had previously worked on Ratchet & Clank, but passed away in late 2019. They are the only collectible in the game not marked on your map when you pass them, and they provide no real benefit outside of the trophy they earn you.

All but one CraiggerBear are located along the main path of progression, but that doesn't mean they aren't easy to miss. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear Locations

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #1

The first CraiggerBear can be collected after you meet Mrs. Zurkon of Rivet's Dimensions.

You will eventually come to an orange "Club Nefarious" sign as you search for the club. Once you come to this sign, take a left and go down the stairs to find a stall with a purple awning and a green robot. Directly across from this robot will be a stall with the bear.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #2

The next Craiggerbear can be found in Rivet's Hideout.

You will not be able to collect it at first, as you have to take care of the Seekerpede who abducts Clank before you can snag it. After doing so, you can return to Rivet's Hideout and grab the CraiggerBear off of the purple couch.

You can return to the hideout by following the same path of switches you had previously flipped to get inside, then jumping up the boxes at the end.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #3

CraiggerBear number three can be found in Zurkie's, the bar on Scarstu.

This bear is located in the reception area, and can be grabbed right after your weapons are taken away from you. It is sitting on top of a small orange and white box to the left of the receptionist's counter.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #4

The fourth Craiggerbear is the only one of the nine Craiggerbears that requires you to go out of the way to get it, as you wouldn't typically go to this spot where it's found.

It can be found on Savali, at the Mountain Temple during the section of the Gauntlet of Trials / Doom where you have to hoverboot across some floating rock bridges. This is at the southernmost island of Savali.

Once you are across the first rock bridge, instead of going right and across the second, hop up the rocks behind the fence in front of you and drop down to the small platform. The Craiggerbear can be found next to some vases.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #5

This one can be found on Blizar Prime and is very hard to miss. When you first land here, progress along the main path normally until you reach the Blizon Crystal.

Punch the crystal to go to the Intact Dimension. Go inside and hit the next crystal to go back to the Ruined Dimension, then continue along to the next crystal to transport to the Intact Dimension again. Here, you can find the Craiggerbear on a pile of junk, a few meters north of the crystal.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #6

The sixth CraiggerBear is on Torren IV, in the Little Junktown market.

After you land, swing away from your ship and continue forward. You will find the CraiggerBear to your right, next to a pile of televisions, across from Mrs. Zurkon. Look for the orange awning.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #7

The seventh one is on Cordelion, chilling in a pile of snow, very early in the level.

Head to the top of the tower from your ship and smack the Blizon Crystal, which will warp you to the snow-riddled Ruined Dimension. Slide down the icy stairs and look to your left as soon as you reach the bottom. You should see some scrap metal with the CraiggerBear behind it.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #8

The next CraiggerBear is at the end of the Pirate Trials on Ardolis.

In the room where you get your armor piece, the bear can be found sitting next to a treasure chest in the sand, to the right of the exit door. If you miss this on the first run through, you can take the elevator up and hop across the walkways and boats to reach the same room again.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart CraiggerBear #9

The final CraiggerBear can be found in the same room where you free the Resistance and save Clank.

It can be found in the cell that housed Captain Quasar and Phantom, across the room from Clank's cell. It is sitting atop a bench. Grabbing this bear will unlock you the "UnBEARABLY Awesome" trophy. Now it's time to sweep up the rest of those trophies for your platinum.

And that is how you get all the CraiggerBears in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which is surprisingly easy to do. If you found this guide helpful, we've got a handful of other Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart guides.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Top 10 Best Weapons https://www.gameskinny.com/js10q/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-top-10-best-weapons https://www.gameskinny.com/js10q/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-top-10-best-weapons Tue, 22 Jun 2021 14:10:47 -0400 David Carcasole

1. Ryno 8

This should be no surprise for long time Ratchet and Clank fans. The Ryno is almost always the best weapon in whatever Ratchet and Clank game it appears in, and Rift Apart is no different in that regard. It is of course, extremely powerful and deals heavy damage to your enemies but what makes this version of the Ryno better than the rest and better than all the other weapons in the game is not how effective it is, but rather what it fires. 


The Ryno 8 can open portals to other dimensions, and as such Insomniac decided this was the place to put all the Easter eggs they could. You'll open dimensions to Horizon Zero Dawn and drop a Sawtooth on top of an enemy. Or watch Jak and Daxter pop out of a portal. Or the Cooper gang's van. It is an endless cycle of fun Easter eggs from PlayStation's past while being the most effective tool of destruction in your arsenal. 




That is the definitive top 10 best weapons list for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Which weapons would you have put on this list? Would you have changed the order? Let us know in the comments below! And check out our other Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart guides here on GameSkinny.

2. Drillhound/Drillpack

The Drillhound is the weapon tied with the Topiary Sprinkler for my own personal favorite new weapons. It locks on to your enemies and, rather than just firing a heavy drill, fires a tiny drill robot who wants nothing more than to burrow into the ground only to launch into the sky and explode on your enemies' faces. 


Hearing and watching the robots dive at your enemies is probably one of the funniest animations in Rift Apart, I'm pretty much always laughing when I use this gun. It also packs a considerable punch, and after unlocking the ability to lock on to multiple enemies at once, it becomes an even better mix of everything that makes a good Ratchet and Clank weapon. It has more personality than any other weapon and is only just a little less fun to fire than our top spot. 

3. Topiary Sprinkler/Toxiary Sprinkler

The Topiary Sprinkler is a new weapon introduced in Rift Apart and as far as the new additions go, it is currently tied with one other new weapon for my favorite new addition. It deploys a turret which showers your enemies in a special water which makes them into.. topiaries?!


Not only does it have an impressive and funny effect on your enemies, but it stuns them for a significant amount of time to allow you to pile on damage. It'll also shower your enemies in acid after leveling it up, which makes it even more effective than it already was. 


The Topiary Sprinkler is potentially the best passive weapon ever to be introduced in Ratchet and Clank, and I sincerely hope Insomniac brings it back for future titles. 

4. Ricochet/Wreckochet

The Ricochet is another new weapon to the Ratchet and Clank series, and I'm already getting the feeling we'll be seeing it again in future entries.


It fires what is essentially a pinball, and after you hit your enemy for the first time, you can keep pressing R2 to hit them again and again. It makes for a very effective weapon and for some really funny animations. 


It also singlehandedly re-creates the feeling of a pinball machine, at least in aesthetic, with an incredible barrage of lights and sounds with each bullet. It's the kind of intuitively Ratchet and Clank weapon that makes old fans like myself more than aware Insomniac has not lost their touch, but rather sharpened it. 

5. Mr. Fungi/Ms. Fungal

Mr. Fungi, or Ms. Fungal as it eventually levels up into, is the first passive weapon on the list and it is both the return of an old classic from the series while being its own unique weapon.


Now, the Zurkon family all play different key NPC roles within Ratchet and Clank, so Insomniac created the Fungal's to replace them.  Mr. Fungi is the Rift Apart take on Mr. Zurkon, a classic weapon from Ratchet and Clank which spawned a tiny robot with one goal: destroy your enemies. 


The mushroom version of Mr. Zurkon is a very worthy successor, with it being just as effective as Mr. Zurkon was in previous entries thanks to it helping you take out multiple enemies without spending a bullet.


It's also hilarious listening to the little lines between Ms. Fungal and Mr. Fungi take out your enemies as a family. It's both funny and heartwarming.

6. Lightning Rod/Lightning Strike

The Lightning Rod is where in this list we start to see weapons that bring plenty of personality and hilarity to combat while also being highly effective. It fires tiny bolts of electricity, which will cause your enemies to be stunned as they twitch and shake in a very funny cartoonish matter. 


What also puts the Lightning Rod at number six is that when you kill an enemy while they're being electrocuted, enemies nearby them will immediately be electrocuted as well. It is very effective, and it's pretty funny to watch the different electrocution animations for each enemy. They're all worth it. 

7. Blackhole Storm/Blackhole Vortex

The Blackhole Storm is a rapid fire machine gun that is a brand new weapon for the Ratchet and Clank series. It is highly effective when taking on large crowds of enemies at once because you can keep an almost constant barrage of bullets flying their way while avoiding oncoming attacks. 


Though it doesn't suck enemies into a blackhole the way its name might suggest. What it does do after you've reached level five is cause enemies defeated by the Blackhole Vortex to implode in a bright purple spectacle, hitting everything unfortunate enough to be close by and putting on a heck of a light show.

8. The Enforcer/Executor

The Enforcer, or the Executor, is again one of the most powerful weapons in the game. What gives it a step over the Headhunter and Burst Pistol is it's usefulness, since it is an extremely powerful shotgun that can help get you out of many a sticky situation. 


Its personality comes from the amount of destruction it lays down, eventually making your enemies catch fire after you have upgraded it enough. The flash of lights you see emanate from this quadruple barrel is always entertaining, though it does little much to distinguish itself otherwise.


With all the other bright lights and spectacles to be seen from weapons we'll see shortly, the Executor ends up falling towards the back of the pack. Though it is still a very effective weapon you should probably make regular use of. 

9. Burst Pistol/Blast Pistol

The Burst Pistol, or Blast Pistol as it is later known, is actually the first weapon you'll acquire in the game. It is also one of the weapons we recommend you upgrade first. So why then has it seemingly barely made the list?


The answer is really in its simplicity. It is a straightforward weapon that yes is very effective, especially after unlocking the three shot spread and upgrading its rate of fire. It is quite lacking in a sense of personality or comedic output though, which is why it falls to the back of the list. 

10. Headhunter/Migrane

The Headhunter or as it's later called the Migrane is one of the more powerful weapons in the game, which is honestly the main reason it's cracked the top 10 best weapons. It is your classic sniper, though it also comes with the added ability to slow down time when pressing down fully on L2. 


Slowing down time mixed with the fun animations you'll see enemies perform as you blast them straight on their forehead with this weapon definitely makes it a solid entry into the series and in Rift Apart, though it is not a very useful weapon for most scenarios due to its short range.


Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart could be argued as one of the best entries in the series for its weapons alone, with each tool of destruction either being the return of a classic staple or the introduction of a new favorite (in most cases). 


There are a total of 20 weapons to collect in the game, but only those available on a first playthrough will be considered for this list.


Even though I would have liked to include the Pixelizer it is one of the best weapons available you don't unlock it until you've started challenge modeRift Apart's version of new game plus.


If you've purchased the deluxe edition of the game or pre-ordered Rift Apart, you were given access to the Pixelizer from the start. So consider this honorable mention a PSA if that's you. 


A good Ratchet and Clank weapon is more than just an effective tool in combat. It also has to have personality and comedic factor. The best weapons are those that have all these elements, and all 10 of the weapons listed here have those elements as well. 

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart — How to Get the Fully Stacked Trophy https://www.gameskinny.com/j6jkz/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-how-to-get-the-fully-stacked-trophy https://www.gameskinny.com/j6jkz/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-how-to-get-the-fully-stacked-trophy Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:24:24 -0400 David Carcasole

There are 20 weapons to collect in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and you'll have to unlock all 20 to earn the Fully Stacked trophy. But there is more to it than just collecting enough bolts to buy each weapon from Ms. Zurkon.

This quick Ratchet and Clank guide will tell you how earn the Fully Stacked trophy and be one step closer to the platinum for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Also, if you're jumping into the series for the first time, don't forget to check out our guide for beginners and our guide on which weapons to upgrade first

How to Earn the Fully Stacked Trophy

Earning the Fully Stacked trophy means finding each weapon in the game, and there are essentially three things you need to do if you intend on acquiring it. Purchase every weapon from Ms. Zurkon, collect all the spybots, and beat the game. 

Shopping Spree

Ratchet wearing a visor and standing in front of a stack of crates on a dark beach.

Bolts in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart are only good for buying two things: weapons and ammo. In previous entries, this also had to be balanced with armor, but all armor pieces are collectibles this time around, so your bolts are more streamlined than ever. 

Ammo will almost never cost you a lot, so make sure to buy as many weapons as you can every time you stop at a Ms. Zurkon shop. It's also important that you obtain weapons as quickly as possible, since switching between them and layering on damage is imperative to combat. 

Just make sure to sweep up your bolts after a battle and be on the lookout for smashable crates at all times. Making both of these regular practices goes a long way to earning every weapon much quicker. 

I Spy A Spybot

The Spybots may at first seem like your run-of-the-mill collectible, providing more information on each planet that you may or may not necessarily want, depending on how into the story and setting you are. But finding each one is absolutely imperative not just to getting the Fully Stacked Trophy, but also for getting one of the best weapons in the game. 

The Ryno 8 is an Easter egg machine and the return of a classic weapon for the series. The Ryno is always one of, if not the most powerful, weapons in every Ratchet and Clangame it appears in, and usually needs to be acquired through finding different pieces of a whole blueprint.

In Rift Apart, every Spybot includes a piece of the blueprint for the Ryno 8. Find all 10 Spybots, and Ms. Zurkon will build you the Ryno 8 for free. If you're having trouble finding them, you can look at our guide for how to get the Sargasso spybot, which is a little trickier than the others.

Also, don't forget to do the side mission on Ardolis the first time you arrive there. It'll reward you with a Map-O-Matic, a gadget that reveals every item on each map. It is, for obvious reasons, very useful for finding all collectibles, including Spybots. 

Get Ready for Challenge Mode

The purple challenge mode screen from the save slot menu.

The last thing you'll need to do is simply beat the game. There are two weapons that will only be made available to you after you've beaten the game and then entered into a new game plus, or Challenge Mode, as it's called in Rift Apart

The Bouncer and the Pixelizer are both only available once you've entered into Challenge Mode. However, anyone who purchased the deluxe edition of Rift Apart or pre-ordered the game will have access to the Pixelizer from the start. Though, you still need to beat the game to get the Bouncer.


That is everything you need to do to acquire the Fully Stacked trophy in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. You can get the Ryno 8 and all other weapons on your first playthrough, so don't expect it to pop until you've gone into challenge mode and picked up the final two weapons. 

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Tips and Tricks Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/9j5br/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-tips-and-tricks-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/9j5br/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-tips-and-tricks-guide Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:25:01 -0400 David Carcasole

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is finally out on PlayStation 5. One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, it is the continuation of one of PlayStation's most beloved franchises. 

With its history, there are many aspects of the game that have been well established. But whether you're a long-time fan or playing for the first time, this Rift Apart tips and tricks guide covers the basic methodology for combat, exploration, and collectibles.

From how to use your wrench effectively to understanding expert movement and picking up all of the game's shinies, the tips and tricks below will help you make the most of your time in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Your Wrench is Your Friend and Great for Crowd Control

Ratchet in a fighting stance holding his trusty wrench with red tress in the background.

The first thing anyone should know about playing a Ratchet and Clank game is that the wrench is an absolutely vital part of gameplay. Your wrench is your first and best weapon within every Ratchet and Clank game, and you should aim to be familiar with it. In Rift Apart, Rivet's hammer works in the exact same way, so everything bout the wrench below follows for Rivet's hammer, as well. 

It is excellent for crowd control, as you'll often find yourself surrounded by multiple enemies. The ground slam is an exceptionally strong attack that will do away with enemies at any point in the game. This doesn't mean you should use your wrench all the time, though that is a strategy that shouldn't be overlooked. 

You'll also want to use your wrench as a way to save ammo, since the ammo crates you find might not always have the ammo type you need. It's worth mentioning as well that in arena challenges, which require you only use one weapon, you can still use your wrench without being penalized for it. 

Strafe and Use the Phantom Dash

Ratchet using phantom dash to escape an enemy.

More important than which weapons you use, how you move across the different battle areas is vital to your survival. You'll strafe far more often then you'll walk, moving side to side with a jump here or there to avoid oncoming fire. Like in previous Ratchet titles, don't be afraid to move and jump liberally in battle

This is where Rift Apart also introduces a new mechanic, the Phantom Dash. It's a dash move that lets you move through enemy attacks without taking damage, though it does take about half a second for the landing animation to finish. That can leave you open to attacks from time to time, so be careful with your timing. When in doubt, jumping immediately as you land can help you avoid an attack that would have otherwise hit you when landing after a dash.

Don't Forget to Zoom Around with the Hoverboots

Ratchet using hoverboots to glide above the ground.

Rift Apart also re-introduces a fan favorite from the series, the Hoverboots. These now let you speed across the map, something extremely usefeul for quick getaways in combat and for exploration

You'll find that until you get your Hoverboots and the Phantom Dash, many areas are blocked off. Ratchet & Clank has a history of making players utilize their gadgets to find every nook and cranny, so make sure to backtrack through planets you've already visited once you get your Hoverboots.

Look Up for Collectibles

Gold bolt hovering about Ratchet in a factory.

When I say look up, I mean that looking around each room before you leave is always worth it. Rift Apart has more than a few collectibles that are simply hiding away on platforms above, only accessible with your Rift Tether.

If you've looked around an area and are still having trouble locating a collectible, look at your map. Collectibles will appear on your map after you've been near them, and you can even place a pin on them, which helps lead you directly to whatever you're looking for. 

That Shiny Stuff is Helpful

Rivet standing to the right of a Raritanium deposit in front of a lava flow.

There are six different types of collectible items in Rift Apart:

  1. Bolts
  2. Raritanium
  3. Armor
  4. Spybots
  5. Gold bolts
  6. Lorbs

Each of them serve their own purposes, and they're all important, though some are more important than others.


Bolts are the main currency in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart with which you'll buy weapons and ammo, so they are important to pick up and farm any chance you get. Enemies drop bolts like crazy after defeating them, but make sure to go and grab them, since they don't float to you automatically.


Raritanium is what you use to upgrade weapons, which makes it just as vital as Bolts. You'll find Raritarium scattered across each map, so keep an eye out. It has a distinct blue glow and crystal design. Sometimes it is attached to the side of a structure, sometimes it's on the ground. Just keep an eye out.


Armor can be found on regular maps, but it's mostly found within pocket dimensions, which are short platforming puzzles on each planet. Each piece of armor comes with a passive upgrade that increases when you find the rest of the set. Find all three armor pieces and gain the maximum bonus. For example, the Galactic Ranger armor gives you a 20% increase to melee damage.

The best part is that because the bonuses are passive, you'll always have the bonuses because you collected the armor, so no need to wear it if you don't like the style. 


Spybots aren't exactly necessary to find in the way Bolts and Raritanium are, but you'll want to find all 10 for several reasons. Along with some backstory on each planet in Rift Apart, each spybot gets you another piece of the blueprints for the Ryno 8, an ultra-powerful weapon and Easter-egg machine. You'll also get the Aim to Misbehave trophy in the process. 

Gold Bolts

Gold bolts and lorbs are the two collectibles that would be categorized as the least necessary to collect, though I do recommend it. Gold bolts provide cheats like infinite ammo, and fun skins, game modifiers, and additional stickers/frames for photo mode. Getting 5 Gold Bolts gets you the Nooks and Crannies trophy, too. 


Lorbs are Lombax Orbs, they are only found on Savali. Collecting them all will give you an armor set. They also provide some more information regarding the lore around the Dimensionator. The armour set you acquire is the Wasteland armour set, which gives you a decrease in damage taken from the local fauna of each planet. 

Weapon Wheels Are Like Orges, They Both Have Layers

Ratchet and Clank weapon wheel highlighting blast pistol.

The last aspect you'll need to understand about Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is, of course, your weapons. The franchise is infamous for its wacky, fun, and over-the-top arsenals, with Rift Apart continuing that legacy.

You'll quickly find your favorites as you go, picking up some over others depending on your play style. But what's important to understand about combat in Ratchet & Clank is that you need to utilize the entire weapon wheel

Layering on different attacks and effects is key to wiping out large groups of enemies and doing heavy damage to tougher enemies and bosses. Mr. Fungi, the Topiary Sprinkler, the Glove of Doom, and the Bombardier are all weapons made exactly for high damage and crowd control.

While you let one of your weapons do the shooting or stunning for you, all you have to focus on is layering that damage with your more traditional weapon of choice. This helps keep the pressure on while you make a quick dodge or regroup and recover health.

If you don't layer on multiple effects at once, fights will simply take a lot longer, and you'll find yourself constantly low on ammunition for the weapons you do use. It's ultimately a recipe for making things more difficult on yourself, which no one wants to do.


So there you have it! Whether you've played a Ratchet & Clank game before or not, I hope this guide helped you understand how best to succeed in the new PS5 exclusive. If you're looking for more information on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, check out our guides on how to acquire get all of the Zurpstones for Trudi as well as the weapons you should upgrade first.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Weapons to Upgrade First https://www.gameskinny.com/pa32k/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-weapons-to-upgrade-first https://www.gameskinny.com/pa32k/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-weapons-to-upgrade-first Thu, 17 Jun 2021 20:42:03 -0400 David Carcasole

Weapons are important in every Ratchet and Clank game, and Rift Apart continues that legacy with a varied and wacky arsenal. But there's more to your guns than their cool aesthetic. Each of them can be leveled up through collecting Raritanium, and consistently upgrading your weapons is imperative for late-game survival. So, which weapons should you upgrade first?

Since Raritanium lives up to its name for being well, rare, you'll need to pick and choose where and how to spend it. While that decision can boil down to your preferred playstyle, there are some specific weapons you should focus on early in your playthrough. 

This Ratchet and Clank weapons guide will walk you through which weapons you'll want to focus on first. In other words, the weapons that will aid you the most at the beginning and be consistent throughout the rest of your playthrough. 

Blast Pistol

Blast Pistol

It shouldn't be a surprise to see the Blast Pistol on this list. It's the first weapon you get in the game, but don't think that you won't need it once you buy a second weapon. The Blast Pistol works extremely well as a rapid-fire weapon to keep pressure on enemies while providing consistent damage

It's also extremely easy to strafe and avoid enemy projectiles while you hold down "R2" to let your pistol go to work.

Leveling it up and spending Raritanium will earn you a weapon with the speed of a submachine gun with a three-shot spread. Its usefulness cannot really be understated; it can be helpful in practically every fight you face. It's not the best weapon in the game, but it is arguably one of the most versatile. 

Topiary Sprinkler

Toxiary Sprinkler (Topiary Sprinkler)

The Topiary Sprinkler or Toxiary Sprinkler is a passive weapon that works by throwing a turret, though rather than showering your enemies with bullets, the sprinkler sprays them with water that transforms anything into a living garden. This works to effectively trap your enemies in an earthy prison for a few seconds while you get in some devastating hits. 

Passive weapons in Ratchet and Clank have always been a key element to core gunplay, but Rift Apart takes it to the next level where you'll find it far more difficult to survive enemy encounters by not using them. More than anything, it is important that you pick at least one passive weapon to focus on, though the Topiary Sprinkler is arguably the best passive gun in the game.

It stuns multiple enemies at once, the damage you do while they're trapped adds on to damage from the sprinkler, and once you've leveled it up across both experience points and Raritanium, you'll have a reliable support weapon you can always use in every situation, especially boss battles where it can help you burn through a bosses health.


Peacemaker (Warmonger)

The Warmonger, or the Peacemaker as it's known when fully upgraded, is your classic rocket launcher. You'll get it later in the game than the previously mentioned weapons, but it is just as imperative to focus on it when you do get it.

The first upgrade you'll want to acquire is the homing rockets upgrade, and once you have that, you've now started to build on one of the best weapons in Rift Apart

The rockets do excessive amounts of damage, though they will at first be slow to fire. That trade-off offsets the more you spend Raritanium on it.

The Warmonger is a classic fan favorite Ratchet and Clank weapon for its simplicity and power. There isn't much to understand other than it is a powerful weapon that you'll want to have fully upgraded by the time you reach late-game encounters.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod

The Lightning Rod is another new weapon introduced in Rift Apart. It's a mixture between the Blast Pistol and Topiary Sprinkler in terms of use. It fires like the Blast Pistol, and after piling on damage, it will eventually stun your enemies, like the Topiary Sprinkler. 

It also affects multiple enemies the more you upgrade it. When you finish off an enemy with the Lightning Rod, any enemy close by will automatically be electrocuted as well.

Upgrading the range, auto-aim, and arc of the Lightning Rod will help to give you a strong weapon that can deal heavy damage on its own while giving you the opportunity to layer on further damage.



The Drillpack is as hilarious as it is useful. You're not launching drills that lock on to enemies; rather you're launching tiny drill kamikaze robots that dig into the ground and launch directly into your enemy's face.

Upgrading the Drillpack earlier in the game lets you lock on to multiple enemies at once. The Drillpack is also likely to knock over or partially stun enemies with the force of its impact, giving you an open window for the kill.


There you have it! Five weapons that you should absolutely focus on upgrading first when playing Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Of course, some of your choices may differ depending on your specific playstyle, and if that's you then let us know in the comments which you recommend! For more Rift Apart, consider heading over to our Rift Apart guides page

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones Guide: How to Get the Sargasso Spybot https://www.gameskinny.com/cftjg/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-zurpstones-guide-how-to-get-the-sargasso-spybot https://www.gameskinny.com/cftjg/ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-zurpstones-guide-how-to-get-the-sargasso-spybot Mon, 14 Jun 2021 13:20:30 -0400 Aaron Bayne

There are a lot of collectables scattered around Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and while most are relatively simple to find, Zurpstones, which are specific to Sergasso, can be a little confusing to locate. They're part of the Help Trudi side quest, but getting them all isn't exactly easy. 

This Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zuerpstones guide will walk you through how to find Zurpstones, why you need them, and what you get for all of your efforts.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones Guide

Help Trudi Side Quest 

Zurpstones are locked to an optional side quest in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which becomes available after liberating the Sargasso Outpost and the resident Morts. Besides the main hub area – where your ship is located – you’ll see one of the Morts tending to a dragon-like creature called Trudi.

Mort will ask you to collect Zurpstones for Trudi, who is a poor wee soul too tired to collect them for herself. You’ll first be tasked with collecting 30 Zurpstones for Trudi, which can be very easily located nearby.

For reference, Zurpstones are purple plants littered throughout Sargasso.

Just head back towards your ship's location and jump the collapsed bridge with a Sneedle. The first batch of Zurpstones will be surrounded by some of Nefarious’ men. Zurpstones can also be found:

  • At the nearby factory
  • In Rivet’s hideout
  • Along with most central ground-level locations

The good thing is that Zurpstones are marked on the map, making the process of collecting them a bit more efficient. 

Return to Mort and Trudi

Once you have collected your 30 Zurpstones, return to Mort and Trudi. You will be rewarded with a pair of Space Boots.

However, Mort will then ask for another favor: collect 60 Zurpstones. Collecting 60 Zurpstones will unlock one of 10 Spybots scattered throughout Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. This time, however, you can do it with the help of Trudi, who can fly you around the map.

Collect Zurpstones with Trudi

Annoyingly, you cannot collect Zurpstones while riding Trudi. You must find select perch points to land on, and then collect the Zurpstones on foot.

Trudi’s perch points can be found in the southern half of the map, and typically have Zurpstones nearby.

Once you have collected all ground-level Zurpstones (45), you’ll unlock the ability to breathe fire as Trudi. This allows you to collect Zurpstones that are located in previously unreachable places, such as the tower and cylinder peaks, as well as high ledges.

Again, refer to your map for directions, and the Zurpstones will typically stand out with their purple hue.

Collect the Spybot

Once you have collected all 60 Zurpstones, return to Mort. He will reward you with the Sargasso Spybot. Spybots unveil information about each world they are located on, and by collecting the other nine Spybots – found across Rift Apart’s worlds – you will be able to access an ultimate weapon from weapons vendor Ms. Zurkon. 

And that's how you find and collect all of the Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones for Trudi to get the Sargasso Spybot. For more guides on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, be sure to stick around with GameSkinny.