Renegades  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Renegades  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Renegades CS:GO team get an extra life from a NBA player Wed, 31 Aug 2016 12:46:09 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Recently, the Renegades, a Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, found themselves under new ownership via NBA Player Jonas Jerebko. The Renegades were previously owned by Christopher "Montecristo" Mykles. Jerebko reports that his acquisition of the team was an opportunity he couldn't refuse.

After purchasing the Australian team, they were moved to a training center in Michigan. Around this time, he has also created a Call of Duty team formerly known as Ground Zero. The team will play under the Renegade name and compete in the Call of Duty World League Championship in September.

The team was purchased for an undisclosed amount when negotiations for contract renewals failed with Mykles. The 29-year-old NBA forward's purchase of the team's rights includes their in position in WME | IMG's ELeague and in ESL. Jerebko originally had planned to become active with eSports in 2017.

Jerebko also intends to bring credibility to the sport and recognize the player's rights.

"The Call of Duty players we were negotiating with were under contract last year and weren't getting paid for three to five months," Jerebko said. "That's not going to happen with me. You get a paycheck on time.

The long-term plan will be to expand the Renegades to include teams for League of Legends, Halo, and Overwatch.

Fans of eSports can look forward to the renewed Renegades' performance going forward.

Riot Punishes Team Renegades and TDK Mon, 09 May 2016 04:16:37 -0400 Ian Ilano

After weeks of investigation, two competitive League of Legends teams have found themselves at the mercy of Riot Games. Renegades and TDK, both competing in the LCS and NACS respectively, have reportedly violated a number of competitive rules, preventing them both from competing in future official League of Legends tournaments.

A number of violations has forced Renegades to disband in the next week.


In 2015, previous team owner, Chris Badawi, was accused of persuading a player to switch teams whilst still under contract. The act, commonly referred to as "poaching," has since been banned by Riot Games. After numerous investigations into the matter, Riot decided to remove Badawi as the team owner and ban him from participating in the LCS for one year. New reports caught the current team owner, Christopher Mykles, giving Badawi a 50% stake in the team, violating Badawi's one year ban from the league.

Evidence has also been discovered that proves Badawi engaged in confrontational conduct with management and players. Despite being banned from having any association or affiliation with teams, reports say he has been in close contact with team members. 


For violating LCS rules, Renegades is no longer allowed to participate in any future Riot-sanctioned league. The team is expected to disband by May 18 and sell all of their rights and legal claims to its official LCS berth.

Additionally, due to his existing problematic history, Badawi is permanently banned from having any association with a team competing in a Riot-sanctioned league. Current owner Mykles is also banned from holding any ownership or coaching position until the start of the 2017 Summer Split.

Team Dragon Knights

TDK has not submitted truthful documents regarding their recent player trade.


LCS rules require that all teams be truthful and forthcoming about all trade agreements between teams. TDK has been accused of providing incomplete and inaccurate documents regarding their most recent trade. According to LCS rules, deliberately hiding a relationship or additional information that exceeds acceptable limits is forbidden from the league.


For violating its team agreement by being untruthful regarding trade requests, TDK will not be allowed to compete in the Championship Series Summer Split. TDK will have until May 18 to sell its current spot. 

And given previous issues with team ownership, current owners Chris Shim and Sean Shim have been permanently banned from holding any association or affiliation with any competing League of Legends team.

Since last year, Riot has taken a hard stance against toxicity and rule violations.

Both teams are expecting to sell all their rights and legal claims by May 18. Current players will be given a grace period to find a new team.

This is proof that Riot Games continues to stand by its strict stance on competitive rulings. Perhaps this, and future punishments, will continue to dissuade other teams from engaging in similar behaviors.