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It's been a long journey for the two teams that took the stage today at the SMITE World Championship. They battled their way through the brackets, survived some seriously close calls, and arrived at the end of it all with only one task in mind: winning. 

For the first time in SMITE Pro League history, two European teams fought it out in the finals -- Team NRG and Obey Alliance.

NRG came into the match defending the world championship title they earned under the Epsilon name last year with more than a year-long winning streak under their belts. But Obey didn't seem too daunted, as they've spent most of the regular season scrimming against NRG and learning from them as a team. So the question going into this matchup became: would the students be able to beat the teachers and end NRG's hot streak?

Not this time around. While Obey did take a game off NRG and did their best to force the match to a full 5 games, they couldn't quite make it happen and NRG once again walked away with the World Championship title.  

Game 1

Winner: NRG
  • NRG: Janus, Chronos, Khepri, Bellona, Thor
  • Obey: Scylla, Thanatos, Tyr, Jing Wei, Sylvanus

As most viewers have come to expect from EU matchups, the early game began with both teams dancing around and poking each other away from buffs for several minutes before moving in to secure anything. Obey had the better early damage, though, and managed to push NRG far enough to take parts of their jungle. 

First Blood finally went to Obey at 6 minutes, but NRG retaliated with a pick of their own for a 1-1 trade. It didn't seem to faze Obey, though, as they kept pushing and took the first Gold Fury just a few minutes after. 

Clearly aware that they hadn't come online enough to sustain in team fights, NRG pulled back and started looking for individual picks across the map to bide time until they could keep up in larger engagements. They found a single kill and 1-1 trades, and the next engagement was a 3-0 sweep in their favor. 

After another 2-for-2 engage at the Gold Fury and a much cleaner 2-for-0 engage a few moments later, NRG was sitting pretty with a decent lead. But Obey wasn't inclined to give up, and they managed to get an 0-2 engagement that opened the way for them to take the first Fire Giant. 

Using buff momentum, Obey started laying on the map pressure and took 2 Phoenixes. They couldn't secure the end of the game, though, and got pushed out after losing a few members. Afterward, NRG stole two more Fire Giants and eventually moved in to make a 5-0 wipe on Obey that gave them the win in Game 1. 

Game 2

Winner: NRG
  • NRG: Chronos, Khepri, Poseidon, Rata, Tyr
  • ObeySylvanus, Vulcan, Erlang Shen, Camazotz, Jing Wei

Once again, Obey took early control of the jungle by stealing a red buff from underneath NRG. But NRG retaliated by grabbing first blood, then another 2-1 trade at the Gold Fury. 

As the early game faded to mid game, a few unfavorable engagements for Obey proved that NRG's Poseidon ults were simply too much to handle. Obey tried to recover some ground by diving into an enemy tower for 2 kills, but NRG kept finding good picks that prevented them from securing any sort of lead. Pretty soon, Obey's frontline was too far behind in levels to keep up during engagements. 

Snowballing their lead and keeping the map pressure heavy, NRG grabbed a Gold Fury and an enemy Phoenix before regrouping and looking to the Fire Giant. They were able to steal the Giant from Obey, but they lost 3 of their members in the process. NRG recovered, though, and got 4 picks in an engagement at the Gold Fury that cleared the way to Obey's base. 

Obey did their best to defend against the wolves at their door, but NRG landed a 5-man sweep without losing a single member. With respawn timers nearing 60 seconds, Obey could do little but watch as NRG took their Titan and the second game win. 

Game 3

Winner: Obey
  • NRG: Zeus, Chronos, Geb, Amaterasu, Nemesis
  • Obey: Sylvanus, Ratatoskr, Sol, Poseidon, Mercury

NRG started out strong this game, grabbing an early First Blood in a 2-1 trade. But Obey quickly began to take an early lead with their jungler and nab better map control, which put them in a better position to take a game off NRG. 

Their lead only increased as they carefully chose which objectives to take in this high-stakes game. They nailed a 4-3 engagement that fell in their favor, then snuck another 2-1 cleanup that lost them Sylvanus but won them the Gold Fury. 

NRG tried to lay down the law with a 2-0 engagement not long after, but Obey was simply too far ahead and wouldn't relinquish anywhere near enough map control for NRG to get into a more advantageous position. 

Both teams clashed again at the Gold Fury, and Obey came out on the better end of the 4-3 trade. Almost as soon as the Fury respawned, the teams were at it again. But this time, Obey completely wiped NRG and secured the objective. 

NRG tried hard not to give up their defenses and even made a Fire Giant steal, but ultimately it wasn't enough. Obey waited for the next Giant respawn, forced a fight that NRG wasn't ready for, then used the respawn time to take the Titan and their first win of the match. 

Game 4

Winner: NRG
  • NRG: Poseidon, Ratatoskr, Erlang, Freya, Terra
  • Obey: Sylvanus, Fenrir, Vulcan, Janus, Thanatos

Everyone was wondering if Obey would be able to force this match to game 5, but NRG was clearly on top of their game from the outset of Game 4. They took first blood with a triple kill in a 3-1 engagement, then landed another 2-0 engage in the jungle not too long after. 

Obey found a few good picks with a 2-1 engage and a Gold Fury steal, but NRG's immaculate rotations were just too much. Obey could dominate in team fights, but NRG kept finding the right picks after disengaging to keep Obey from gaining too much ground. 

With the kill advantage going to NRG and the map pressure advantage going to Obey, it looked like it could be anyone's game. Obey secured the Gold Fury in a 2-0 engagement, but it was the last fight in which they came out ahead. 

The next engagement at the Fire Giant was a 3-0 wipe for NRG, after which they rotated over to take the Gold Fury and clear all Tier 1 and Tier 2 objectives.They kept forcing their way down the map to the right Phoenix, but couldn't secure it. Intead, they backed off to clear out the enemy jungle instead so Obey couldn't farm it. 

NRG picked up another Fire Giant buff a few minutes later, then another Gold Fury immediately after. With tons of momentum behind them, NRG cleared all of Obey's Phoenixes and broke the base defenses. Though they paid with three members, it wasn't long until they had all respawned and took another Fire Giant. 

Tired of biding their time and riding high on a map advantage, NRG made their final push into Obey's base to take the Titan and win the game. 

So for the second year in a row, the boys of NRG are the World Champions for SMITE on PC. As we move forward into the Spring Split and all the changes happening in Season 4, only time will tell how much longer NRG can defend their title and keep their winning streak alive. 

Hi-Rez Expo 2017: SMITE Console Finals Highlights and Results Sun, 08 Jan 2017 12:05:30 -0500 Auverin Morrow

It's the last day of this year's Hi-Rez Expo, and the top SMITE teams in the world are going head to head in intense matches for the ultimate championship title. After a hard-fought week of sets (and upsets), two teams remained in the SMITE Console League -- Team Eager and Soar G2A.

With the Season 1 Console Championship title on the line, these two North American teams battled it out on the worlds stage to see who would claim the biggest win of the SMITE season. It was a well-played set on both sides, but Eager came out on top in the end with a 3-1 record over Soar.

Game 1

Winner: Eager
  • Soar: Odin, Thor, Scylla, Terra, Jing Wei
  • Eager: Nike, Awilix, Zeus, Sylvanus, Chronos

Soar started strong in this game, racking up 3 kills on Eager at just two minutes in. A few aggressive engages from Soar kept Eager on the back foot. But the early lead must have gone to Soar's head, because they quickly lost their footing as Eager pushed back. 

At the 10-minute mark, Soar made a messy engage with a wasted Thor ult. Eager punished them for the bad call by picking off two kills. Soar tried to make up for it by taking Gold Fury a minute later, but they overextended and wasted another Thor ult -- netting Eager another 2 kills for free. 

Soar continued making sloppy calls, and Eager patiently waited for their mistakes, then played an excellent countergame. The next engage ended in a 2-1 trade in Eager's favor, bumping them up to 9 kills over Soar's 8 and putting them firmly in the lead. 

Between Eager's clear calls in comms and Soar's insistence on picking team fights rather than farming objectives, Eager's strong lead only snowballed harder as the rest of the game played out. Soar quickly started losing objectives, with Eager steamrolling several Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers. In a 2-2 engage at mid lane, Eager took the mid Phoenix and put some serious pressure on Soar's base. 

At 27 minutes, Eager initiated once again and came out on top in a 3-1 trade, which cleared the way for them to take the Fire Giant for free. Just three minutes later they landed another triple kill and pushed into Soar's base to bring down the Titan as well. 

Game 2

Winner: Eager
  • Soar: Sylvanus, Odin, Susano, Zhong Kui, Cupid
  • Eager: Nike, Hun Batz, Zeus, Xing Tian, Chronos

Just like Game 1, Soar hit the ground running in Game 2. They took the first blood, then made a few more picks in their lanes during the early phase. Eager was able to knock out a few Soar members here and there, but the next major engage at 12 minutes didn't go in their favor. Soar landed a quadra kill on Eager for free, then rotated through multiple lanes to take control of the jungle and grab as many Tier 1 towers as they could. 

Eager didn't take kindly to getting wiped out, and during their next engage turned a fight around for a 4-0 trade in their favor. Soar managed to pick off one member after the disengage, but it wasn't enough to hold their advantage. 

After that brutal team fight, it was clear that Chapo (Soar) was getting a little bit too tilted to keep his head in the game. Eager kept punishing his Sylvanus to keep his healing out of the equation, and it was clearly getting to his head. Comms for Soar started to crumble around the same time that Eager's anti-healing came online in full force, which lead to a snowball lead for Eager. 

Around the 25-minute mark, the teams clashed again in a 3-2 fight, which fell in Eager's favor. This let them grab a Tier 2 tower and increase their map pressure. After their full team had respawned, Eager moved in for a 5-1 wipe on Soar. With the lane clear and the respawn timers too long for Soar to do anything, Eager brought down the middle Phoenix then took the titan for the second game win. 

Game 3

Winner: Soar
  • Soar: Odin, Scylla, Terra, Cupid, Hun Batz
  • Eager: Tyr, Awilix, Ra, Sylvanus, Sol

Once again, Soar came out of the gate swinging in this game. They took the first blood, then farmed their side of the map until they grabbed a 2-0 engage with Eager at 7 minutes. One more pick in lane left Soar ahead at 4 kills to 0 by the 10-minute mark. 

With Eager playing from the back foot, Soar would not stop the pressure in their lanes. They forced several team fights in the next few minutes, relentlessly forcing Eager's gods back to base and sneaking away jungle objectives. 

Things were looking grim for Eager by 22 minutes, with Soar up on kills 17-6. Eager quickly lost several Tier 1 and 2 map objectives, which they simply weren't able to recover from. In spite of concerted efforts to group up and sustain in team fights with the Sylvanus heals, they kept getting split up and picked off one by one. 

At 26 minutes, Soar stormed into their base and took the Titan for their first win of the match. 

Game 4

Winner: Eager
  • Soar: Scylla, Odin, Jing Wei, Guan Yu, Ne Zha
  • Eager: Sylvanus, Nike, Chronos, Ratatoskr, He Bo

Continuing their streak for the match, Soar grabbed the first blood and got in some good early-game aggression at the outset. But shortly after landing that pick, Eager turned around and made Soar pay in a 2-1 trade. Soar retaliated again with 2 free kills for themselves, then found another 2 shortly after. Eager made a pick too, but were still trailing behind with half the kills at 6-3. 

At 8 minutes, a fight in the mid lane fell in Soar's favor, and it looked like they might start snowballing their lead like they had in the previous game. But an engage in the jungle left them looking a little unsteady after Eager got a few key kills, and Eager fed off that momentum to grab three more during their next engage at the Gold Fury. Although they weren't able to secure it before having to disengage, they rotated back soon after to grab the Gold Fury and 4 more kills on Soar. 

Eager nearly took the Fire Giant uncontested, but Soar came in at the last second to try for the steal. They couldn't pull it off though, and lost 2 people in the fight. Soar tried to regroup, but Eager's map pressure was simply too much and they couldn't hold their ground. 

Not too long after, Eager made their final push into Soar's base to take the Titan and the match win -- earning them the first Console Championship title and a pretty penny in prize money, too. 

All that's left now is the PC World Championship game, where the reigning champions NRG will take on EU team Obey. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news as the action unfolds at Hi-Rez Expo 2017!

Hi Rez Expo 2017: Paladins Invitational Highlights & Results Sun, 08 Jan 2017 09:40:31 -0500 Seth Zulinski

It's the last day of the 2017 Hi-Rez Expo, and the best pro teams for SMITE and Paladins have gone head to head for the world championship titles in their respective games in some truly intense match ups. 

The day kicked off with the final round of the Paladins Invitational -- the inaugural tournament for Hi-Rez Studios' new arena shooter. It was looking like a long road ahead for Burrito Esports in this best of 7 matchup for $150,000, however, as they'd yet to win a set against their European rivals, and winners of the Paladins Dreamhack tournament -- District 69.

The match went to a full 7 games, as both teams brought everything they had to the world stage. But in the end, Burrito emerged victorious and took home the first ever Paladins championship title. 

Bans: Timber Mill, Fishmarket

Game 1

Frog Island

Starting off in the open Frog Island, Burrito lands a solid roster of Sha Lin, Viktor, Evie, Maldamba and Makoa to face off against D69's Androxus, Cassie, Ruckus, Fernando, and Ying line-up.

While the double frontline "Ruckus meta" role call was in contention only a few short weeks ago, D69 demonstrated the power of the green-skinned game-winner with a powerful 4-0 victory on the map.  

It was a strong opening statement from the fightin' 69, and reminders of Dreamhack for the mighty Burrito. 

Game 2

Jaguar Falls (1-0 favor D69)

The standard lineups for the set start to coalesce, as D69 drafts their familiar Fernando and Ruckus comp, backed by Androxus, Maldamba and Pip, while Burrito picks up a well-rounded quality team of Makoa, Evie, Ying and the Bow Bros Cassie and Sha Lin. 

Burrito rallies hard from their 0-4 loss in game 1 and storms the first point, taking it in Overtime and making good on the conversion for a 2-0 lead. 

69 wins the second heads up, however, and takes their overtime victory on the objective, but fails the conversion (with a little help from an Evie ultimate). 3-1 quickly turns to 3-2, however, D69 claims the next objective, and refuses to be shut down twice in a row, scoring the conversion and bringing the game to 3-3. 

In a desperate battle in which overtime lasts for all time, D69 again fires up the Ruckus machine and brings home the last point, scoring the map and a hefty 2-0 lead in the series. 

Game 3

Serpent Beach (2-0 favor District 69)

Now with pick priority for the first time in the draft, D69 tired of challenging Makoa and scoops up the turtle-tank first thing, followed by Androxus, Sha Lin and Maldamba, and tried to fill out their double front line comfort strategy with the competitively under performing Barik -- as the boys of Burrito had themselves drafted the Ruckus Wrecker comp with Ruckus, Fernando, Cassie, Evie and Ying. 

They may be on the back foot in heads up LAN victories, but the Burrito is first for a reason -- quickly conquering the D69 comp with their own game and taking the first point, but failing the conversion. Crushing the next point with a clean 100-0, Burrito takes it to 2-1... but quickly falls to 2-2 as D69 claims their second successful defense. Third try's the charm, however, as Burrito's Shipa (on Sha Lin) goes on an absolute rampage, claiming the point -- and the conversion, landing their fourth point for the game, and their first game in the series. 

Game 4

Ice Mines (2-1 favor D69)

Back in the driver's seat, Burrito claims the Makoa slot and fills out their squad with Sha Lin, Evie, Maldamba and Pip. District fires back with their Fernando, Ruckus and Androxus core, rounding out with Cassie and Ying. 

D69 rallies from their last game and starts off strong, quickly claiming a point and a conversion, putting Burrito in a 2-0 hole to dig themselves out of in the Ice Mines. 

Dig they do, however, and while they fail the conversion, they do grab the next objective and put their name on the board, 1-3. With an incredible last minute cap, pulling back from 99-0, they claim the next point as well but can't take it home. Now 3-3, Burrito's Laizy (on Evie) snags the last heads up with, the fourth point, and the momentum in the series bringing the match to a tie. 

Game 5

Frozen Guard (2-2 tied favor)

Both teams find their comfortable rosters as Burrito nabs their Makoa and Bow Bros core, backed by Evie and Ying, while D69 Lands Fernando, Ruckus, Androxus and has their two tanks backed by double support -- Maldamba and Pip. 

Burrito grabs the first point but just can't seem to close, landing the game at an early 1-1. The clocks ticking on their second capture, but as D69's PERDO winds up an Androxus ult to try and storm the point, bonkar's Sha Lin takes the wind right out of his sails, nailing the Ultimare and securing the second point for Burrito - but not the second conversion. 2-2. 

D69 nails point 3, and Sha Lin can't snipe Burrito's way out this time as the conversion lands, scoring D69's fourth point and the map. 

Game 6

Jaguar Falls (3-2 favor D69)

D69 nails the Makoa pick, Bow Bros and the support-squad wombo combo Pip and Maldamba, while Burrito supports their Fernando, Ruckus, and Androxus core with Evie and Ying. 

The Ruckus wrecking machine was strong the last round on this map, and continues to be as the roles are reversed -- but it's bonkar's Cassie holding down the fort as Burrito claims the first point from a nail biting shootout at 99-99%. 

The hardest fight was over there, however, as Burrito channels the first point momentum into reminding D69 they're #1 in the EU for a reason, and flipping the game 1 script as they railroad D69 with a 4-0 victory. 

Game 7

Frog Isle (3-3 tied) 

Down to the wire, the end looks an awful lot like the beginning -- Burrito first picks Makoa, grabs Cassie and Sha Lin, and rounds out with Maldamba and Pip. D69 decides if it ain't broke, they aren't gonna fix it - -grabbing Fernando and Ruckus early, followed by Evie, Androxus and Ying. 

It was a clean sweep the same as game 1 -- but the roles were unfortunately for D69 reversed, as bonkar's Sha Lin shows Shipa he's not the only wind in town, and rolls a massive killing spree into a 4-0 for the boys of Burrito. 

Winner: Burrito Esports

It was a dark start for the Burrito Esports squad, as it looked like a repeat of Dreamhack, but from that 0-2 start came a delicious Cindarella story as they clawed and scraped their way back from the brink to emerge from the Best of 7 Invitational finals as the world champs (and $150,000 richer). 


The finals may be over, and the winners crowned, but Paladins is just getting started -- soon entering Season 1, and with a serious pathway to professional play, the team shooter will mark developer Hi-Rez's third professional gaming circuit and a clear cut method for those teams who stand together to make it to next year's world stage. 

Be sure to stay tuned for coverage of the other finals here at Hi-Rez Expo, too, as both the Console and PC SMITE World Championships are still ahead. 




SMITE Super Regionals 2016 Finals Recap and Results Sun, 20 Nov 2016 16:19:11 -0500 Auverin Morrow

The road to the SMITE World Championships is getting shorter and shorter by the day. With a little less than two months to go until the best of the best take the worlds stage, Hi-Rez Studios just wrapped up its annual Pro League Super Regionals event.

Four NA teams and four EU teams came to the LAN stage at Hi-Rez Studios' eSports Arena in Alpharetta, GA -- all hoping to claim their place at this year's World Championships in January. After many hard-fought battles in the semi-final rounds, four teams remained to face off for the regional champion title. EU teams NRG and Obey went head-to-head first, followed by NA teams Eager and Soar G2A. 

Here's what you missed in these action-packed best-of-five matches. 

EU Finals Match: NRG vs. Obey

3-0, favor of NRG

Game 1

Going into this match, NRG was the clear favorite. Comprised entirely of members from last year's world champs Epsilon, there was little doubt that NRG would come out victorious.

They took an early lead in Game 1, bulldozing over Orbit in every lane to push multiple objectives and gain nearly complete control of the map. They were able to take two Phoenixes before Obey finished taking down all of NRG's Tier 1 towers. 

Obey did their best to mitigate the damage NRG did to their objectives by poking the Fire Giant long enough to let the Phoenixes respawn, but the distraction didn't last long. NRG pushed hard into Obey's base, taking the Titan and the win with more than 2 times more kills than their opponent. 

Game 2

The second game in this match didn't go much better for Obey than the first. NRG took the first blood at three minutes in, and then farmed an early lead. Obey managed to sneak in and take the Gold Fury at seven minutes, but paid for it with a player's life. 

It looked like things might turn around for Obey after a beautiful taunt play from Athena that caught four NRG members, but NRG was able to turn it around for a 3-2 trade in their favor. Obey tried to make up for it by moving in on the Gold Fury. Once again NRG was able to push them out, but wasn't able to secure the Fury for themselves. 

Several minutes later, both teams clashed again at the Gold Fury, but this time NRG came out on top of the scuffle, wiping four Obey players without losing any of their own.

With a 13k experience lead and a 7k gold lead, NRG was unstoppable. They soon pushed their way into Obey's base and secured the Titan, winning the game with nearly 4x more kills on the board than Obey. 

Game 3

This was Obey's last chance to even out the match score and keep the regional championship dream alive. And for the first several minutes, it looked like they were going to just that. 

Obey hit the ground running, taking First Blood in a 1-1 trade with NRG. They lost three members in a scuffle at the Gold Fury, but took two NRG players with them and kept them from securing the bird. Obey returned soon after to take the Gold Fury for themselves at 12 minutes in, then took the second one immediately after respawn at 17 minutes. 

Riding on the slight lead they gained from a few advantageous team fights, Obey moved to steal the Fire Giant from NRG with a well-placed Scylla ult. But NRG's Isis made it there just in time to pop her own ult and secure the Giant, squashing Obey's lead and pulling out a 4k experience and 5k gold advantage. 

Through some smart farming and a few more well-executed scuffles, Obey looked like they might take another lead. But NRG wasn't about to give in, and kept pace well through the mid and late game.

With Obey's comp advantage in the late game starting to become more prominent, NRG knew time was ticking. Obey made a bold move for the Fire Giant and managed to secure it, but it cost them four players and a Phoenix. Still, NRG didn't push for the win just yet. They bided their time a little more just to play it safe. 

Finally, NRG made a move on the Gold Fury that cost them two members. Another scuffle at Obey's right Phoenix shortly after fell more in NRG's favor, though, and they were able to take all three Phoenixes and the Fire Giant uncontested.

All it took was one last team push (and a 3-0 sweep in the ensuing fight) to take the Titan and the win. And with that, NRG walked away with the EU Champion title. 

NA Finals Match: Eager vs. Soar G2A

3-1, favor of Eager

This set of games was a wild ride. It looked like it might be another sweep, but Soar made a valiant effort to take home the championship title. But ultimately, Eager came out on top. 

Game 1

Eager started off strong, taking the First Blood and two more Soar members in a 3-2 trade that fell in their favor. Even though Soar tried to hang back and farm their lanes, Eager poked them relentlessly to gain a slight map and XP advantage. 

At just seven minutes in, Eager made a move on the first Gold Fury and took it without any issue. After a few more team fights, the Fury respawned and Eager took it a second time. While Soar tried to recover from the advantage and map control that Eager had taken, Eager went for a third Gold Fury at the 21-minute mark. This left them with a 10K experience and 8K gold leads. Shortly after the respawn at 26 minutes, Eager took their fourth and final Gold Fury of the game. 

With a clear advantage from all their captured objectives, Eager widened their lead by pulling a 3-2 trade on Soar and taking the Fire Giant as well. With such a strong lead, they managed to take all Tier 1 and Tier 2 objectives before Soar was able to push a single tower. 

After one final team-fight that ended with a 5-0 wipe in Eager's favor, the path was clear to take the mid-Phoenix and push to the Titan for the first win. 

Game 2

Soar didn't take kindly to such an overwhelming defeat, and came out swinging in the next game. They took First Blood at less than one minute in, but this didn't seem to intimidate Eager at all. After this initial loss, Eager poked Soar relentlessly until they regained their advantage, then took the Gold Fury shortly after at 11 minutes in. 

Soar retaliated with a 2-0 team fight in their favor, and came out on top in another 2-2 trade shortly after. Eager tried to poke them and avenge the 4 deaths Soar gained on them, but their timing just wasn't there and they couldn't seem to make a cooperative effort in team scuffles. 

Despite their scattered timing, Eager took the second Gold Fury at 18 minutes, then took the advantage in a 2-1 scuffle in the jungle. Shortly after, they took another Gold Fury to take the lead once again. 

Both teams danced around each other until around the 26-minute mark, when Eager made a move on the Fire Giant and secured it. With the buff in hand and Soar at a serious disadvantage, Eager took their fourth Gold Fury at 30 minutes in. 

Less than a minute later, Eager managed to wipe out all five Soar members, then stormed their base to take the Titan and the Game 2 win. 

Game 3

It looked like it might be the end of the road for Soar, but they pulled out a solid win in Game 3. 

Eager took the First Blood in a 2-0 trade less than two minutes in, and then came out on top of another scuffle with Soar just a few minutes later. But it was the last time Eager had the advantage in this game. 

Soar managed to make a 2-4 trade in their favor during the next team fight, then secured the Gold Fury at 11 minutes in. Another 2-0 fight in their favor (and an impressive 6/0 KD record on Andinster's Thor) gave Soar a healthy lead. They snowballed this into another 2-0 trade that widened their advantage and gave them a few Tier 2 objectives as well. 

Soon after, Soar dominated in a team fight that left four Eager members dead, then pushed the enemy's mid-Phoenix to take their first win at 26 minutes. 

Game 4

This was a tense game, as Soar's fate hung in the balance. But ultimately, Eager regained their footing and came out victorious. 

First Blood went to Eager at four minutes in, and soon after a 2-2 jungle fight put Eager at even more of an advantage. Soar tried to poke them out in lane and grab some key jungle objectives, but Eager was too aggressive and had too much map presence for them to make much progress. 

At 10 minutes in, Eager took their first Gold Fury. Shortly after the fury respawned, the teams clashed again and Eager came out on top with a 4-0 wipe, thanks to a fantastic quadra-kill from Zapman's Rama. At 16 minutes, the second Gold Fury fell to Eager as well. 

At the 21-minute mark, Eager had a serious lead -- up 20k experience and 15k gold over Soar. They took the third Gold Fury at 22 minutes, but Soar retaliated by wiping three of their members a minute later. 

Seemingly undaunted, Eager took the Fire Giant as soon as they respawned, then pushed all of Soar's objectives to gain total control of the map. Soon, Soar had no towers and no Phoenixes, while Eager still had five towers and all birds up.

This clear advantage encouraged Eager to end the game quickly, easily taking Soar's Titan at the 26-minute mark. They walked away with a top seed for the World Championships and the title of NA Champions. 

What's Next for Eager and NRG? 

After a series of long-fought and hard-won battles, Eager and NRG have earned themselves automatic spots on the Worlds Stage in January at the SMITE World Championships in Atlanta, Ga. The other Super Regional participants will have to battle their way through the brackets to have a shot at the ultimate championship title -- which will definitely be fun to watch in the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more SPL action and coverage of the biggest SMITE event of the year. 

Wings Gaming are the Dota 2 TI6 Champions Mon, 15 Aug 2016 05:28:21 -0400 Ken How

On the final day of the Dota 2 TI6 Main Event, it came down to two final teams -- Digital Chaos and Wings Gaming -- to face off for the championship title. The winner of this Grand Finals match at KeyArena in Seattle would take home the first prize of $9.1 million, while the second prize is $3.4 million.

Digital Chaos (DC) had come off with an incredible three-game series against Evil Geniuses, which brought them to the Grand Finals stage to take their revenge on Wings Gaming -- who had previously knocked them down to the Lower Bracket. Both teams looked strong into the Grand Finals in a best-of-five series (BO5). But Wings ultimately came out on top. 

Game One

A quick first blood was drawn just after the horn was triggered, as DC picked up a kill on Wings' Storm Spirit, but lost both early Bounty Runes at the river. DC looked confident at the start of the game. By the 5th minute of the game, Wings went for a three man gank at mid lane to take down w33, but he managed to counter-kill the Storm Spirit before his death. Wings began to rotate around the map to find some pickoffs once Faith_bian's Slardar had his Blink Dagger online to bounce them back into the game. Although they had the kill lead, DC had the map control advantage after securing most tier 1 towers on Dire side.

Wings continued to gain more advantage as the game progressed, managing to deny their top tier 2 tower and winning a team fight against DC's push. However, DC found an opening at the 23rd minute near the Roshan pit, as Wings were trying to take it down. Sloppy moves by Wings allowed DC to crush their line-up and claim Roshan. 

DC was in control throughout the rest of the game, getting kills across the map. And with such an advantage, they rushed into Wings' high ground in the top lane and took a set of barracks. Wings was hopeless in the end and called GG in the first game of the Grand Finals.

Game Two 

This time around, Wings secured the first blood to their name. We saw smart plays by Y's Oracle, as he juked into the treelines (to buy some time) when three of DC heroes tried to kill him. On the other side of the map, however, his teammates managed to kill Moo's Doon at the bottom lane. DC soon secured themselves two kills on Wings' Slardar and Sand King at the top lane. Even after the tenth minute, both teams looked fairly even. Although Wings had a slight advantage on kills, they were down with two towers going to DC's favor.

Going towards the 20th minute, Wings was ready to claim another advantage in the game as they started to find kills around the map. They went for a smoke gank and found two kills in their Radiant jungle. After securing those kills, they went to take Roshan without being contested by DC. A team fight broke out near Roshan's pit at the 37th-minute mark, and Wings managed to kill two cores alongside one DC support. MiSeRy's Naga ultimate was used to control the fight, but that was not enough to save his teammates.

Moments after, Wings took down another Roshan and DC was were caught off guard by Wings' initiation, losing three heroes to the death timer. While Wings marched to DC's high ground, Resolution's Razor was caught by Shadow's Chronosphere and cost them more heroes. DC was forced to call GG at 40th-minute mark.

The series sat tied at 1-1. 

Game Three

First blood went to Wings once again at bot lane, as Moo's Timbersaw was unable to escape from Faceless Void and Oracle. Both teams traded kills for the next couple of minutes in the early phase of the game. Wings began to take the game lead once again, perfectly rotating around the map to find kills as soon as their ultimates were online. They were playing meticulously, as they were ahead in the game and had full map control that they intended to keep. Wings' team fights were on point with their skills, securing more and more kills in their favor. DC had no answer to Wings' playstyle, and thus the score stood at 20-7 by the 20th-minute.

In a desperate move, DC managed to sneak and take down the Roshan without Wings knowing. With Aegis going to DC's way, they started feeling a little confident with the current state of the game, although Wings looked unstoppable. After failing to secure any team fights, DC found an opening to kill three of Wings' heroes, giving a triple kill to Resolution's kill streak. From then on, DC found their momentum in the game. But it just wasn't enough.

After Wings secured the Roshan at 35th-minute, DC was countered-ambushed by Wings, who crushed DC's line-up and killed four heroes. Wings took the advantage by pushing DC's high ground, and DC was unable to contest orndefend their base.

After DC lost two sets of barracks, they were finding it harder to come back from the loss as Wings' heroes were strong. And by the 45th-minute, DC called GG. Wings totally outplayed DC in this game, which gave them a 2-1 lead in the series.

Game Four

Wings was one game away from claiming their championship title. Could DC make a come back for a 2-2 draw and go for a decisive game five?

Once more, Wings started off with a good counter kill on DC heroes, who tried to initiate on Wing's Elder Titan. But it was instantly traded by DC. Both teams were able to find some kills through the next few minutes, but DC managed to find an opening at top lane to initiate on Wings and kill three heroes -- including Shadow's Anti Mage. They soon gained map control.

After Wings started to get items on their heroes, they started to move around the map to counter DC's aggression. Although they managed to start a good team fight, they did not have enough burst damage to kill any DC heroes. By the 22nd minute, DC lead the scoreboard with 19 kills to 8 for Wings. 

The game changer happened at the 25-minute mark, where w33's Slark tried to pick off the Batrider. But he failed his attempt, and Faith_bian's Axe managed to end w33's Wicked Sick streak with an 800 gold bounty to his name. DC struggled to find the opening to recover from the fight and lost Moo's Beyond Godlike streak with a 1200 gold bounty to Blink's name. DC lost three heroes, and the gold swung to Wings' favor after the fight.

Wings then headed to Roshan's pit to reclaim the Aegis, while DC made their way to Roshan's pit to stop the Roshan kill. But Misery was caught by Axe's Berserker's Call with Elder Titan's Earth Splitter/Echo Stomp combo at the choke point near the Radiant jungle ramp towards the Roshan. Wings took a good team fight in addition to taking down Roshan.

By 30 minutes in, Wings had the game under control and slowly took down some towers. However, DC did not give up hope, they managed to clean up three heroes from Wings and took down Aegis too. Minutes later, Wings managed to secure another team fight -- taking down the aggressive Slark and  sending two more heroes to the fountain. They went offensive toward the bottom high ground to force a buyback/team fight from DC. In a desperate moment to save their barracks, DC burned through a lot of buybacks but could not stop Wings' push and lost their bottom barracks. Wings were minutes away from winning game four and taking the championship title. 

With his buyback on cooldown, w33 made another desperate moved and tried to sneak-kill Axe near the Dire ancient. But his attempt failed -- and due to his aggressiveness, his death timer was extended, which opened up the door for Wings to take down the mid barracks. 39 minutes into the game, in the final fight at the top lane, Wings obliterated DC and DC was unable to contest the game anymore and called GG. Wings Gaming won game four with a score of 3-1. 

Wings are the International 6 Champions after a fantastic run throughout the tournament. Congratulations!

Here are the TI6 final standings.
Dota 2 TI6: TI4 Champions Eliminated Mon, 15 Aug 2016 05:06:40 -0400 Ken How

The fourth day of the International Main Event commenced with a match of East versus West as the last European team, Liquid, faced off against the Chinese powerhouse, Newbee.

Newbee, the former TI4 champions were sent to the to the lower bracket by Evil Geniuses after an epic showdown by both teams in the Upper Bracket Quarter Finals in the Day 2 of TI6 Main Event. This time, Newbee faced Liquid in a best-of-three series in the LB elimination match. 

Game One

The first match of the series began with Newbee drafting the Batrider and Lifestealer, with a strong team fight controller Naga Siren to allow them to reset or escape from Liquid. Liquid responded with a Keeper of the Light and an Ember Spirit, which was countered with a Nyx Assasin to destroy the Radiant line-up.

Liquid got off to a good start, as Kuroky got himself a double kill in the first minute of the game. FATA, on the other hand, was very effective with his early game ganks, which brought Liquid to an advantage of 9 kill score to 0 by 14 minutes into the game.

With Liquid's advantage into the mid phase of the game, Newbee were forced to play it safe, retreating from their own Dire jungle. Liquid gave all they have to pressure Newbee from gaining any advantage thus, delaying Hao's Lifestealer farm and Naga Siren's Radiance, which were key for split pushing. However, all of Liquid's heroes were capable of pushing and clearing creep waves to pressure all lanes.

As the game went on, Newbee felt the lane pressure, and they decided to send Nyx with infested Lifestealer to roam around the map and look for kills. They managed to pick off both Ember Spirit and Mirana with huge streaks to their name, and regained the Chinese team's momentum in the game. Soon after, Naga Siren was farming well and fully slotted before the 35th minute. During that moment, Liquid went to siege Newbee's high ground. But they were sloppy with their execution, which turned the whole situation around; Newbee won their first team fight and successfully defended their base, then claimed Roshan.

Moving forward towards the late game, Liquid found themselves losing multiple team fights to Newbee's heroes, which became difficult to deal with. Around 45 minutes, Newbee claimed the middle barracks. This time, Liquid's formation started to fall apart. After Liquid claimed Aegis, Newbee rushed into Roshan's pit for another team fight, killing two of Liquid heroes. At that moment, Matumbaman decided to go for Divine Rapier to defend Newbee's high ground aggression. With aegis in hand, Liquid decided to go for a team fight to find an opening to end the game, but Newbee's ability to control team fights turned the scuffle around. Matumbaman lost his Divine Rapier and the first series was claimed by Newbee.

Game Two

The second game's draft was pretty similar to the first game, but with a mix of uncommon heroes in the draft such as Chen and Undying.

First blood was spilled at top lane by Morphling on kpii's Batrider, giving Matumbaman a good start into the early phase of the second game. Unfortunately, Chen was unable to find an opening to go for a gank on any Liquid heroes. By 10 minutes, Newbee was unable to gain any good team fights to their advantage. One team fight at the Dire jungle had crippled Newbee's game progression, where Morphling got a triple kill to Matumbaman's name. Shortly after, Newbee had lost their game coordination, and they got picked off all over the map. Unable to handle the pressure, they surrendered the game by 17 minutes to go for a decisive game three. 

Game Three

For the final game of the series, Mirana and Shadow Demon were picked again by Liquid. Newbee picked Morphling for themselves, but Liquid gave them the Anti Mage and Axe surprise.

In the early phase of the game, both teams went full on aggressive mode, exchanging kills. Newbee managed to get four kill score, as compared to two on Liquid. Matumbaman's Anti Mage had a fantastic early game, uncontested free farm and gaining about 10.k net worth. But Newbee's aggression on mid tier 1 tower at 11th minute turned everything around. Liquid managed to defend their tower and turned the fight in their favor. Ater some of Newbee's skills went on cooldown, Liquid secured four kills to their name. 

Toward the 19th minute, Newbee went to contest Roshan while Liquid was inside the pit to take it down. Newbee's attempt to ambush failed -- Liquid tore them apart and won the team fight. Newbee struggled to regain momentum after the fight, in addition to the pressure of lanes being pushed towards Newbee's base. Liquid once again dragged Newbee to another choke point to force another team fight, and Newbee had throw all their skills just to bring down Anti Mage's Aegis.

With all Newbee's skills on cooldown, Liquid ran over them in a devastating fight and forced the GG call at 36 minutes.


Despite a good come back by Newbee in game one, it did not deter Liquid from jumping back on the track and eliminating Newbee from TI6. Liquid secured top 8 placement and will be facing Fnatic in the following LB match. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more highlights, recaps, and results.  

Dota 2 TI6: Former TI3 Champions Eliminated Mon, 15 Aug 2016 04:56:28 -0400 Ken How

During the third day of the Main Event at the Dota 2 International 2016, the first match of the second lower bracket commenced. Two teams were eliminated, so which teams prevailed?

Alliance, the former TI3 champions were sent down to the Lower Bracket (LB) by EHOME in the Upper Bracket (UP) during the Quarter Finals on Day 2 of the TI6 Main Event. Alliance will be facing Fnatic in a best-of-three (BO3) series in the LB elimination match. The winner of this series secures the top eight seed in The International with a guaranteed prize of over $500,000.  

Game 1

The first game started with a standard draft for both teams. Their setups were pretty common in the current meta, with Drow Ranger pushing line-up and Sven strong in the farm/team fight strategy.

Both teams played passively during the early phase of the first series. First blood was secured by s4 on his Mirana with the help of EGM on his Elder Titan to kill MidOne on his Storm Spirit. By 10 minutes in, there were four kills in total, as both teams were focusing on farming.

At 12 minutes, Alliance continued to push the tier 2 tower at the bottom lane while Mushi's Sven farmed the ancient stacks on the opposite side of the map. By then, Sven's farm increased dramatically and his net worth gap widened compared to the rest of the players in the match. With help from 343's Bounty Hunter, Fnatic consistently placed aggressive wards on the map to create space for the Sven to continue farming and avoiding team fights. The pace of the game for the entire match was pretty passive and there were a few kills every now and then.

At the 28 minute mark, Fnatic smoked into Roshan's pit to secure themselves the Aegis and soon after Roshan fell, a team fight broke out just outside the pit. Ohaiyo's Slardar initiated with three-man slithereen crush and killed the Elder Titan. Storm Spirit went too aggressive on Mirana and was killed by Admiral Bulldog's Tidehunter under the mid lane tier 2 tower. Another fight broke out at 32 minutes in when Bounty Hunter tried to sneak into the Alliance's squad and Loda's Drow Ranger was killed on the spot -- his teammates were unable to save him in time and the fight went Fnatic's way after killing another two heroes. 

Alliance tried to take Roshan and Aegis at the 40-minute mark, but Fnatic jumped in and took the last hit, and Bounty Hunter grabbed the Aegis. Trapped in the pit, both teams took a huge fight resulting in four deaths on Alliance, while Fnatic lost the Aegis and Sladar. 

From there on, Fnatic took down Alliance's bottom barracks by using Shadow Demon's disrupt on Sven to create more illusions. Another fight broke out in the Roshan's pit near the 50-minute mark, where Alliance was initiated on by Sladar and Storm -- killing two of Alliance's supports and secured another Aegis and cheese.

Towards the end of the game at 62 minutes, Fnatic forced a high ground push, taking down Tidehunter almost instantly before he could even use Ravage. With no buyback status on Bulldog, Alliance took a massive hit in their team fights and used buybacks on the rest of the team after each death but, Fnatic's heroes stayed strong without any casualty. The last team fight ended with MidOne's ultra-kill in the process and GG was called by 63 minutes. 

Game 2

Alliance this time opted to pick their comfort heroes such as s4's Puck, Bulldog's Nature's Prophet, Loda's Lifestealer, and Akke's Enchantress, which are good at early game aggression. At the beginning of the game, Ohaiyo's Batrider was caught by surprise near the top rune and s4 secured the first blood. From then on, Alliance kept on with their aggressive play style to prevent Fnatic from finding any space to farm on the map.

By 15 minutes in, Alliance had 13 kills while Fnatic only had three. Alliance looked strong during the 20th minute with a 10k gold lead over Fnatic. Before the time hit 30, Fnatic took a good team fight with one casualty while Alliance (who looked unprepared) lost three cores and one support hero. After that fight, both teams' experience were at an equilibrium point. 

Immediately, Alliance heroes marched down to kill Roshan and rushed to push down top lane. Unfortunately, s4 with Lifestealer infested was hit by an arrow by Dj and died instantaneously, causing Fnatic to storm out of their base to take out three more heroes. Another unfortunate death came to s4 and Loda at the bottom tier 2 tower, where they were picked off by Fnatic and gave up a set of bottom barracks.

Fnatic soon transitioned into mid lane barracks and went for the last team fight, and wiped Alliance in the process. Alliance was forced to call GG as Fnatic attacked the Dire ancient at 39 minutes.


Shoutout to the former TI3 champions. They really recovered quite well in game two despite a rough game one. Fnatic showed their resilience in their gameplay despite a bad start, and won the match with a clean 2-0 sweep. which guaranteed them the top 8 placement.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more highlights, recaps, and results.  

This week in LoL eSports: the 2016 Summer Split Playoffs Begin Mon, 15 Aug 2016 04:27:19 -0400 ChocolateCat42

If you’re behind on the LCS standings, be sure to check out the past two articles covering the EU and NA LCS regular season finals and the LCK regular season finals.

Greetings, Summoners, from the fields of Valoran! This week saw the EU and NA LCS Playoff Quarterfinals and the LCK Rounds 1 through 3. While technical difficulties led to a delay in the Quarterfinals for the EU, this week’s games in all three regions gave viewers plenty to discuss in the meantime.


The LCK has marched to the beat of its own drum with Summer Split scheduling, and the Playoffs are no different. Rather than going over three weekends, the region’s champions flew through their bracket this week and will be having finals next week.

In Round 1, we watched Samsung Galaxy sweep Afreeca Freecs in a Best of Three. Round 2 saw SSG take on their next challenge with KT Rolster in a Best of Five. KT took a page out of SSG’s playbook by sweeping the set and moving on to Round 3 against SKTelecom T1.

LCK fans were treated to a full five rounds, with KT and SKT exchanging game victories. In the end, KT took three victories to win the set; they will face ROX Tigers in next week’s finals.

This week's highlight comes from SSG vs KT. During a bid for Dragon, KT gets a clean ace against SSG before going for Baron and simultaneously taking a tower. Follow this link or skip to 57:53 in the video below to watch the play.


The EU LCS Quarterfinals are only half over, with technical difficulties causing the match between H2K and Fnatic to be delayed until Tuesday. The set between Giants and Unicorns of Love, however, proceeded as planned and gave fans something to talk about while we wait for the next match.

UOL took off with an early lead by clinching Game 1, but GIA didn’t want to go down without a fight and took the Game 2 victory. Not willing to back down, UOL proceeded to win the next two games, claiming their right to the first slot in the semifinals. UOL will face Splyce next weekend in the Semifinals; G2 Esports will challenge the winner of Tuesday’s match between H2K and Fnatic.

With the delay in Quarterfinals, it comes as no surprise that this week's highlight is from UOL vs. GIA. In Game 3, UOL made a bid for Baron, and GIA tried to snatch it away. UOL slayed Baron before GIA took down a few of their members. It looked like it could be a clean sweep for GIA, but UOL Exilah's Vlad came out on top with a double kill. Follow this link or skip to 35:51 in the video below to watch the play.


The NA LCS Quarterfinals started off with Cloud9 versus Team Envy. C9 claimed victory in Game 1, but NV came from behind to snatch the Game 2 victory. C9 was not deterred, however, and won the next two Games for a 3-1 set victory.

Next up was Counter Logic Gaming versus Team Liquid. CLG also took their first Game win, with TL coming back in Game 2. Like C9, CLG would not be defeated as they swept the next two games for a 3-1 ultimate victory. Next weekend’s Semifinals will see Cloud9 take on the Immortals while Counter Logic Gaming faces TSM.

This week's highlight focuses on C9 vs NV in Game 3. In a hint at what was to come, C9's Sneaky and Smoothie overcame a level disadvantage in the bottom lane to grab a double kill for First Blood. Follow this link or skip to 11:04 in the video below to watch the play.

Be sure to check in next week for the LCK Finals and the EU LCS and NA LCS Semifinals! See you on the Rift.

Dota 2 TI6: Most Favorable Team Eliminated in an Unexpected Run Thu, 11 Aug 2016 06:07:27 -0400 Ken How

During the second day of the Main Event at the Dota 2 International 2016, we witnessed what is arguably one of the most memorable moments in all of TI6. Top-tier (and fan-favorite) team OG has been knocked out of the running for the championship title. 

OG vs TnC - Game 1

No one ever expected OG, the most favorable team to win TI6, to lose to underdog team TnC from the SEA region. But led by a veteran player Jimmy 'Demon' Ho, TnC outran them with a clean 2-0 win. 

OG somewhat revealed their strategy by first picking Drow Ranger, then a mid lane Medusa and off lane Faceless Void to counter-initiate any gank attempts on their glass cannon carry. TnC drafted a Lifestealer to combo together with the Axe bomb strat to counter OG's lineup. 

In the early phase of the game, Fly's Witch Doctor attempted to kill Eyyou's Elder Titan, but was counter-killed for a first blood. After trading kills on both sides, TnC looked solid with their scores -- but with OG's Drow strat they walked away with multiple tower destructions in their favor just after 10 minutes. TnC kept on with their aggressive moves to find kills, but OG dodged fights and bought space for Medusa to farm by split pushing lanes. 

The first team fight broke out around the 14-minute mark when both teams smoked into each other near the Dire side tier 1 bottom lane, where the Drow was caught by an Axe-Lifestealer infest bomb. With that kill, TnC managed to slaughter two more OG support heroes while Medusa and Faceless Void made it out alive.

At around the 16th minute, Drow was again jumped on by Axe, who secured the kill to slow down OG's lane push. TnC kept on their tempo to find more kills, but the fight near the Roshan pit was a disaster as the Axe-Blink-Berserkers Call failed to secure any kill -- resulting in a lost team fight and OG securing the Aegis. From then on, TnC lost map control and more towers fell to OG's hand.

But the tide has turned 27 minutes into the game, where OG was caught by surprise with an invisible Phantom Lancer infested by Lifestealer, and with a successful Berserker's Call, TnC secured four kills. At that moment, TnC regained momentum. OG attempted to bounce back into the game with a Roshan attempt. SamH's clutch played on his Axe Call, busted down Moon's Faceless Void in the Roshan's pit, and then turned the whole fight into a bloodbath and managed to kill four more OG heroes.

To further cripple OG's momentum, TnC went for a smoke gank at the 34-minute mark, but they failed to jump into anyone, and this time OG went for a counter smoke to find another opening to start a team fight. During that moment, SamH again caught them by surprise with Raven's Lifestealer infest bomb to decapitate four more heroes. With the advantage, TnC took down multiple towers in less than a minute and pushed the top and mid lane to secure more gold in their bank. But TnC showed respect to OG, as they immediately backed off once all OG heroes respawned -- leaving both top and mid barracks exposed.

Around the 45-minute mark, both teams were lingering near the Rosh's pit to find an opportunity to start another team fight. And this time, TnC stormed out at OG support heroes and again sent four of them to their deaths.  After the fight, TnC safely took down Roshan and went for their objective, taking down the mid lane barracks to force buybacks on Miracle's Medusa to defend the melee barracks. Shortly after, OG's top barracks were destroyed, and TnC was set to take down the bottom lane.

At 54 minutes, TnC stormed into OG's defensive position to take down the whole team and forced OG to call GG.

OG vs TnC - Game 2

This time, roles were swapped in the drafting phase. TnC opted the Drow Ranger strat with the strong Vengeful Spirit aura for extra damage. OG answered with a classic Tiny-Io combo combined with more magic burst damage to counter the Drow Ranger line-up. TnC last picked Huskar-Dazzle to counter OG's magic burst line-up.

Fly showed aggression on his Ogre Magi to slow down the push timing from the Drow line-up. OG won all three lanes and managed to score 7 against 3 on TnC. At 13 minutes, OG went for a smoke gank towards their tier 1 top tower to stop the TnC's push and killed Drow Ranger with the Tiny toss into the rest of OG's heroes, then killed additional three more heroes.

At 14 minutes, three TnC heroes smoked to take down Roshan and secure themselves an Aegis, but they were isolated and forced a fight with OG on the way out of the Roshan's pit near the Radiant jungle. This resulted in three deaths for TnC heroes and a wasted Aegis. 

But then OG overextended their aggression to try and kill the Huskar under the mid tier 2 tower, while TnC was prepared to save Huskar with Dazzle's Shallow Grave and turned the fight into a four-man Chronosphere, thus killing the Tiny. Two TnC heroes hit the deck, and OG tried to cover their losses by engaging another fight near the Radiant ancient creep camp, but OG lost two more heroes. TnC regained momentum after gaining heaps of gold and experienced from the fight.

Another fight broke out near the Radiant jungle at 21 minutes, and OG attempted to kill Drow. But with SamH clutching on his Faceless Void, TnC caught three OG heroes and soon after crushed four OG heroes while the only survivor, Moon's Dark Seer, escaped.

At 25 minutes TnC took down Roshan in less than 15 seconds to secure themselves their second Aegis and were in control of the game. There were no notable fights during the Aegis buff duration, and after five minutes it was reclaimed. TnC began to feel the split push pressure from OG and constantly being outmaneuvered. 

At 40 minutes, Miracle's Ember Spirit was caught by TnC's Huskar and Drow while he was split pushing the bot lane to create space for the remainder of the OG squad to claim Roshan and Aegis. Halfway through the Ember's death timer, TnC managed to pick off two supports heroes to allow them to push OG's high ground. OG responded with a huge Dark Seer Vacuum-Wall combo with Tiny's Avalanche and some buybacks to defend their high ground. With a successful defense, OG managed to kill two of TnC's core heroes and they went on an offensive mode to kill the Huskar -- but failed to do so, resulting in Tiny's death. 

After a couple of minutes,  both teams started to play passively by pushing out lanes to chip some damage on each other's lane tower to recover the buyback cooldown times. At 46 minutes, Miracle's Ember was killed in a Chronosphere while pushing the top tier 3 tower. With Ember's death, TnC took the opportunity to go for a GG push after taking down the mid tier 3 tower to force a buyback on Ember. During this period, Io relocated Tiny to the radiant's bottom lane to take down a set of barracks. TnC traded with OG by taking down OG's middle barracks. 

OG claimed their second Aegis at the 50th minute and kept all lanes pushed out to balance out the game to their advantage. TnC went for a smoke gank to rush towards the OG squads to take down Tiny in a Chronosphere, forcing an instant buyback on Tiny. Another fight broke out at 56 minutes when OG's Tiny tried to take down Huskar, but Faceless Void tossed an isolation Chronosphere to hold the remaining OG squad to take down n0tail's Tiny (with no buyback).

A Divine Rapier was purchased by Miracle at 58 minutes to counter the pushing aggression by TnC. In the meantime, TnC went 'yolo' mode to go for another GG push at mid lane. Huskar killed Io and SamH dropped another mind-blowing Chronosphere, capturing Tiny and taking him down. Miracle was soon to fall, and OG called GG. Thus they were eliminated from TI6.

TNC jumped all over OG for a 2-0 series win. 

The main event will continue tomorrow as the winning teams from both stages face off to get one step closer to the Championship title. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more highlights, recaps, and results.  

Dota 2 TI6 Main Event Day 1 Recap: Tears Shed, Fan Favorite Teams Eliminated Wed, 10 Aug 2016 06:49:45 -0400 Ken How

The Main Event of the Dota 2 International 2016 began with an introductory speech by Valve's co-founder, Gaben Newell, with his casual polos and thongs.

The opening ceremony continued with a violin performance from Lindsey Stirling and other awesome performances for the audience. After those performances ended, the audience was were given the chance to meet and greet their favorite team players.

Then the real action began. 

The Upper Bracket


The first series began with the most favorable team in TI6 -- EU team OG going against the chaotic Korean overlords MVP Phoenix. In game 1, OG was leading the early game. Unfortunately, at the 16-minute mark of the game, the Koreans managed to win their first team fight by killing four OG players near the Roshan's pit, leaving Miracle as the only lone survivor.

The turning point of the game came around the 27-minute mark, where Miracle was picked off by the whole MVP squad, giving away his Beyond Godlike streak on top of the track gold from the Bounty Hunter. MVP then won another team fight and secured the Aegis of Immortal by killing Roshan. After the fight, Miracle got picked off by the Korean squad, who secured themselves a set of barracks against OG. Soon after, MVP outplayed OG in team fights and took the Game 1 victory in under 40 minutes.

In the second game of the series, OG went for a strong pushing strat with N0tail's Terrorblade and a team fight controller on Cr1t's Naga Siren, while the last pick was reserved for Miracle's Outworld Devourer. MVP went for a good team fight draft with AOE damages. But most initiation by Forev's Faceless Void was crippled by Cr1t's Naga Song of the Siren and turned the team fights all around. Poor Chronosphere placement by Forev caused MVP unnecessary deaths.

Soon after, MVP played a little defensively, although QO's Alchemist managed to farm good items in spite having lost many team fights. Despite the good farm on Alchemist, the other heroes on MVP were not performing as well and lost most of the fights. With the OG's pushing force, MVP was forced to tap out to continue into a decisive game three.

In the final match-deciding game, MVP picked QO's signature hero, Phantom Assassin and MP's Invoker with an Axe for Forev, backed up by Ogre Magi to provide extra attack and movement speed. OG answered with an anti-push line-up made of Fly's Keeper of the Light and Miracle's Tinker

Once Forev's Axe reached level 6, he started to roam and gank with his teammates. Within five minutes after his rotation, MVP managed to pick up a few OG heroes and Forev earned himself a Blink Dagger. With extreme aggression from MVP, Axe did not die the entire game and often caught 2-3 heroes with Berserker's Call to win a couple of team fights. MVP managed to control the pace of the game and sent OG to the lower bracket after 30 minutes of an endless bloodbath. 

The Lower Bracket

Secret vs LGD

The Loser Bracket best-of-one (BO1) matches commenced later in the day, with the most anticipated match between the all-star Team Secret, lead by the former TI champion Puppey, against LGD Gaming, lead by another former TI champion Xiao8. Although both teams are considered to be the top tier, most favorable teams before coming into TI, unfortunately, one team had to go home.

Team Secret opted for a greedy farming/pushing strat with Arteezy's Alchemist, EternalEnvy's Terrorblade, and Bulba's Beastmaster -- who could demolish towers quickly when coupled with Puppey's Vengeful Spirit. LGD went with a more balanced draft with heroes such as Ember Spirit, Juggernaut, Mirana and Kunkka. These heroes are capable of clearing creep waves effectively to counter the pushing line-up of Secret. 

LGD's early game looked promising with Maybe's Juggernaut, who dominated his mid lane against Arteezy's Alchemist. With LGD's lane advantage, the Chinese squad continued to apply more pressure to all lanes. Alchemist was forced to rotate to another lane to farm up his items and avoided team fights as much as possible. As the game moved into its middle stages, Secret's support heroes were picked off a couple of times to save the cores from dying to LGD. By 15 minutes, LGD managed to take down all tier towers under their advantage with minimal deaths.

In the mid game, LGD's high ground push was stalled with Secret's high ground defense. While Secret gained some momentum to counter push LGD's creep wave, they managed to claim Roshan's Aegis. LGD's strong pushing power simply put Secret to play defensively by sending heroes' illusions to counter push the lanes.

As the game progressed, both teams slowed down their aggression. Secret somewhat managed to regain their momentum and got their items slowly. Then they kept on defending their high ground while LGD continuously pushed the top lane.

LGD continuously attempted to march their way towards breaking Secret's high ground, and Secret showed their resilience by having pieliedie's Shadow Demon toss defensive disruptions to protect his Secret teammates. After kicking back and forth between two teams, Secret managed to take a few favorable kills, and LDG did not secure the top barracks. 

Towards the end of the match at the 65-minute mark, Puppey set up two kills on LGD supports -- but LGD took it as an opportunity to kill both Arteezy and EternalEnvy, then took down the fifth Roshan and stormed through Secret's defences. Securing both Aegis and Cheese, LGD's Ember Spirit bought a Divine Rapier and forced one last team fight to isolate Terrorblade and crushed the remaining Secret line-up -- thus sending them home.

Na'Vi vs Liquid

The last series of the day ends with another elimination match between two teams. This would be the most emotional match in TI6, where one team would have to say goodbye to their TI6 chances in this BO1 play-off. 

Na'vi's Artstyle managed to secure first blood at the beginning of the first game and managed to get more kills after rotating into the bottom lane. By the 10-minute mark, Na'Vi controlled the game with a 5-3 kill score against Liquid

The first team fight broke out as Na'Vi aggressively chased down heroes near Radiant tier one and tier two tower mid. Both teams extended themselves by throwing all spells at each other with three deaths on both sides. Despite having the same number of kills, the Bounty Hunter's track gold gave Liquid the upper hand. The first Aegis was claimed by Na'Vi, but the game got tougher for them as the pace slowed down and Liquid started to go for objectives.

At 27 minutes in, Liquid initiated a team fight with Naga's Song of Siren to cancel General's Chronosphere on his Faceless Void. Winning that team fight gave Liquid heaps of gold and map control, and they used this advantage to claim the first set of barracks. However, Na'vi used buybacks to defend their mid lane barracks and used the opportunity to sneak into the Roshan pit. But before Na'Vi could take down Roshan, Liquid stormed into the pit to force another fight and crushed Na'Vi with two deaths.

Soon after, Liquid managed to claim the first set of barracks in the mid lane and constantly killed Na'vi heroes in their base during another team fight. Liquid pushed through the bot lane and claimed another set of barracks. Na'Vi tried to force the last team fight inside the Dire jungle. Unfortunately, Faceless Void was disabled inside his Chronosphere and Naga Siren popped her Song of the Siren to reset the fight and cleaned Na'Vi off the map, forcing them to call GG. 

Liquid kept their hopes alive for now in TI6, but sadly for Na'Vi (the fan favorites), they will be eliminated. 

friendly hug in between Dendi and Kuroky.

The Main Event will continue tomorrow. Stay tuned for more Dota action!

This Week in League of Legends eSports: Summaries and Highlights from LCK Week 11 Mon, 08 Aug 2016 04:37:24 -0400 ChocolateCat42

If you're behind on current LCS standings, don't forget to read last week's article summarizing the NA and EU LCS Finals and LCK Week 10.

Greetings, Summoners!

All things must come to an end. Last week it was the NA and EU LCS Summer Split Regular Season; this week, the LCK follows suit. After one last week of battle, the teams have crowned a champion.

If you missed a match of the League of Legends Championship Series this week or didn't have time to watch them all, check below for summaries and highlights from LCK Week 11.


Week 11 started off early Monday with Samsung Galaxy going up against Afreeca Freecs. While AFS managed to claim Game 1 victory, SSG came back in Game 2 and claimed the win, before also winning Game 3 for ultimate victory. Tuesday brought us ESC Ever versus CJ Entus. Like Monday’s set, ESC claimed Game 1 only to lose Games 2 and 3 to CJ.

Wednesday brought two sets, with SKTelecom T1 against Jin Air Green Wings and MVP against ROX Tigers. SKT claimed Game 1, but JAG came back in Game 2. The match came down to a tie-breaking Game 3, and SKT walked away with the win.

Our highlight this week comes in two parts from SKT vs. JAG Game 3. Even though JAG didn't take the win, Jungler showed us some impressive skill by stealing Baron and the Dragon in a span of 3.5 minutes. Follow this link and this link or skip to 3:24:07 and 3:27:32 in the video below to watch the plays.

After the excitement of SKT and JAG’s contest, ROX gave viewers the first sweep of the week as they dominated MVP.

Thursday brought us another sweep as KT Rolster dominated CJ Entus. Going into the Friday double set, ROX Tigers continued the trend by sweeping Afreeca Freecs. Longzhu Gaming then swept SKTelecom T1.

Saturday gave us Jin Air Green Wings challenging ESC Ever and KT Rolster against Samsung Galaxy. JAG claimed Game 1, but ESC put a stop to the pattern of sweeps by snatching Game 2. In the end, JAG would not be denied as they claimed ultimate victory with the tie-breaking Game 3. For the last game of the season, KT gave fans another sweep as they dominated SSG.

With Week 11 complete, the LCK Regular Season Summer Split bracket has been finalized as follows:

1. ROX Tigers 15W-3L 
2. KT Rolster 13W-5L 
2. SKTelecom T1 13W-5L 
4. Samsung Galaxy 12W-6L 
5. Afreeca Freecs 8W-10L 
6. Jin Air Green Wings 7W-11L 
6. MVP 7W-11L 
6. Longzhu Gaming 7W-11L 
9. ESC Ever 5W-13L 
10. CJ ENTUS 3W-15L 

The Week to Come 

With all three regions finishing their regular seasons, it’s time for the Playoffs! Starting Monday, Aug. 8th, the LCK, NA LCS, and EU LCS will launch their quarterfinals. The Playoffs for the NA and EU LCS will cover three weekends, while the LCK will be a tad more scattered with their schedule. The Playoffs use a Best of 5 format, so there is plenty of room for surprises.

See you on the Rift!

Dota 2 TI6: From the Wild Card to the Main Event Wed, 03 Aug 2016 04:43:33 -0400 Ken How

The Wild Card round has ended with two teams eliminated from the biggest tournament in DOTA 2 history -- compLexity Gaming from the NA region and Execration from the SEA region.

Congratulations to EHOME and Escape Gaming, who made it to the last two spots at the TI6 with the remaining 14 Teams. The 16 Teams will be divided into Group A and Group B, and they will play in a round-robin format. The Group Stage (GS) will kick off from 3rd August (9AM PDT) to 5th August. 

The Round-Robin Format

All matches played in the Group Stage will be in a best of two series. Teams will be rewarded points for the following:

  • A win (2-0) will secure 2 points.
  • A draw (1-1) will secure 1 point.
  • A loss (0-2) will get 0 points.

The top four teams in each group will proceed to the Upper Bracket in the Main Event while the lower four teams will proceed to the Lower Bracket in the Main Event.

Good luck to all teams and GGWP!

This Week in LoL eSports: Summaries and highlights from NA and EU LCS Week 7 and LCK Week 8 Mon, 18 Jul 2016 06:19:27 -0400 ChocolateCat42

If you're behind on current LCS standings, don't forget to read last week's article summarizing NA and EU LCS Week 6 and LCK Week 7.

If you missed a match of the League of Legends Championship Series this week or didn't have time to watch them all, check below for summaries and highlights from the NA and EU LCS's Week 7 and the LCK's Week 8.


Week 8 in the LCK started off early Monday with MVP vs. SKTelecom T1 and a clean sweep for SKT. Tuesday gave us another sweep with Samsung Galaxy taking the win against Jin Air Green Wings. The string of complete victories continued with the first set on Wednesday, when ROX Tigers vs. KT Rolster ended in ROX’s favor.

ESC Ever vs. Afreeca Freecs ended with a bit more tension -- ESC took the beginning lead, but AFS came up to grab Game 2. Unfortunately for AFS, their momentum didn’t last, and ESC walked away with the 2-1 victory.

Longhzu Gaming came in for this week’s fourth LCK sweep by dominating CJ Entus. In the first Friday matchup, Jin Air Green Wings vs. KT Rolster started off with a victory for KT, but JAG came from behind to win Game 2. Once again, however, victory in the 2-1 set went to the early winner as KT walked away with the Game 3 win. The day’s second set saw MVP vs. Afreeca Freecs, and AFS added another sweep to the list.

LCK Week 8’s highlight comes from Day 5, with MVP vs. AFS Game 1.

MVP made a run for the enemy nexus in an attempt to claim victory. They took down an inhibitor and both nexus turrets and got the nexus itself down to 300 hp, but AFS swept in with an Ace and stole their chance. Follow this link or skip to 4:40:07 in the video below to catch this impressive play.

The week rounded off with two sets: Samsung Galaxy vs. ROX Tigers and Longzhu Gaming vs. ESC Ever. ROX walked away with a sweep, but ESC wouldn’t go down to LZ without a fight. LZ took the early lead with a Game 1 win, but ESC claimed Game 2. Ultimately, LZ reclaimed victory with a Game 3 win.

With the victories and losses added to the rankings, LCK’s Team Standings bracket is currently a close race.

First is claimed by ROX Tigers at 10W-3L, but SKTelecom 1 is just behind at 9W-3L for second. Right on their heels are both Samsung Galaxy with 9W-4L at third and KT Rolster in fourth with 8W-5L. The gap starts to widen in the bottom half of the rankings, starting with Afreeca Freecs in fifth holding an even 6W-6L. Sixth is currently held by MVP with 6W-7L, and seventh goes to Jin Air Green Wings with 5W-8L. Eight belongs to ESC Ever at 4W-8L, and Longzhu Gaming is just behind them at ninth with 4W-9L. CJ Entus remains in tenth with 2W and 10L.


Heading west, we catch up with the EU LCS in Week 7, which ran Thursday and Friday. Switching to the Best of Two and point scoring, we’ll start off with Unicorns of Love vs. Giants and a clean sweep for UOL. G2 Esports vs. Splyce, however, gives us our first tie of the week before Team Vitality claims a sweep against ROCCAT. The week’s second tie was between Origen and FC Schalke 04, while Fnatic swept H2K to finish off the day’s matches.

With the match claiming attentions as Week 7’s first tie, it might not come as a surprise that SPY vs. G2 gave us this week’s highlight.

Game 2 was steadily working in G2’s favor, but the big turn came during a vie for Infernal Dragon. G2 started to take on the dragon before finding SPY hiding in the bushes. G2 took matters in hand, with Expect getting a Quadra Kill and G2 claiming an Ace. Follow this link or skip to 39:41 in the video below to witness G2’s dominating play.

The next morning gave us Unicorns of Love vs. Team Vitality and Giants vs. Splyce. UOL and VIT walked away with a win each and thus another tie, while SPY swept GIA. The lunch hour saw G2 Esports sweep H2K, while FC Schalke 04 tied Fnatic. The last match of the week saw Origen sweep ROCCAT.

With the week’s points tallied, the rankings going into Week 8 are settled.

G2 Esports holds the lead with 28 points. Fnatic claims second with 25 pts, and Splyce is right behind them in third with 24 pts. H2K has fourth with a total of 18 pts, while Giants is just behind in fifth with 17 pts. Unicorns of Love also have 17 pts, but they are showing in sixth place with one less win than Giants. Seventh is held in a tie, as both Team Vitality and FC Schalke 04 have 16 pts and three wins. Origen holds ninth with 13 pts, and Roccat sits in tenth at single digits with 8 pts.


Across the pond and back into Best of Three, we join the NA LCS in Week 7. We started off Friday evening with Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming and Phoenix1 vs. NRG Esports. CLG took the first victory in Game 1, but IMT took the ultimate win with Games 2 and 3. P1 started off their set with a win before NRG took Game 2. P1 took back their victory in the tie-breaker, claiming Game 3 and thus the set.

Saturday morning brought us Echo Fox vs. TSM and NRG Esports vs. Team Envy, with TSM and NRG claiming clean sweeps. The second half of Saturday gave us Cloud9 vs. Apex and Phoenix1 vs. Liquid. APX took an early lead in their set by claiming Game 1, but C9 came from behind to snatch Games 2 and 3 and win the set. Meanwhile, TL swept P1.

Sunday started with Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming. CLG took the first win, but C9 refused to go down undefeated and claimed Game 2. Ultimately, CLG got back their momentum to secure Game 3 and the win.

This week's highlight comes from C9 vs. CLG Game 2.

It takes place right as C9 is starting to gain momentum in the latter half of the game. The highlight is split between two lanes, but C9 has some very clean plays against CLG that push them further into the lead until they claim the game. Follow this link or skip to 19:40 in the video below to view.

In Immortals vs. Echo Fox, IMT took both Games 1 and 2 for a sweep. Sunday -- and, thus, Week 7 -- wound down with Liquid vs. TSM and Team Envy vs. Apex. TSM kept up the Sunday sweeps, but APX’s Game 1 victory was the only one NV allowed before snatching Games 2 and 3 for the win.

With the wins and losses for the week added to the bracket, the standings going into Week 8 have TSM still undefeated in first with 14W.

Immortals is just behind in second with 13W-1L. The gap widens to third, where Liquid and Cloud9 both hold 8W-6L. Fifth gives us another tie with Team Envy and Counter Logic Gaming both boasting an even 7W-7L, Seventh goes to Apex with 5W-9L, and NRG Esports holds eighth with 4W-10L. Phoenix1 is trying to work their way up from ninth with 3W-11L while Echo Fox still sits in tenth with 1W-13L.

The Week to Come

LCK Week 9 starts off with Longzhu Gaming vs. ROX Tigers on Monday. Tuesday gives us KT Rolster vs. MVP, and Wednesday we’ll see Samsung Galaxy face off with SKTelecom 1 before Afreeca Freecs challenge CJ Entus.

Thursday gives us one set when ROX Tigers vs. ESC Ever, but Friday and Saturday will once more both boast two. Friday starts off with Longzhu Gaming vs. Jin Air Green Wings; once their set concludes, Samsung Galaxy will take on CJ Entus. Rounding off Week 9, we’ll see Afreeca Freecs up against SKTelecom 1 and ESC Ever taking on MVP.

Week 8 for the EU LCS will once more run Thursday and Friday, starting off with Fnatic vs. Splyce and H2K vs. Team Vitality. Thursday’s lunch hour will bring Origen vs. Giants and G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love, while FC Shakle 04 will take on ROCCAT in the day’s last match.

Friday morning brings us Origen against Fnatic and H2K versus Splyce. G2 Esports will challenge FC Shalke 04 in the midday while Unicorns of Love goes against ROCCAT. The week will round off with Giants versus Team Vitality.

NA LCS Week 8 will start off Friday evening with Immortals vs. NRG Esports and Echo Fox vs. Apex Friday evening. Saturday afternoon will see Counter Logic Gaming take on Team Liquid while Team Envy challenges Cloud9. Shortly after, TSM will challenge Phoenix1 and Apex will go up against Immortals. Sunday gives us the last for sets of the week with NRG Esports vs Liquid, TSM vs. Team Envy, Cloud9 vs. Phoenix1, and Echo Fox vs. CLG.

Did any of this week's great plays catch your interest? Are you rooting for a specific team in any of the three leagues? Did someone play your favorite champion? Let us know in the comments!

EVO 2016: Puff too Tuff, Hungrybox Comes Back to take Grand Finals Mon, 18 Jul 2016 05:24:23 -0400 Phil Fry

At EVO 2016, Super Smash Bros Melee saw a tournament pool of two thousand players demonstrating their abilities and showcasing several noteworthy moments of hype. But when it was all said and done, Team Liquid's Hungrybox clutched the win from Alliance's Armada and claimed his first EVO Grand Final victory. 

The last two games of the very last set went down to a single stock match between Hungrybox's Jigglypuff and Armada's Fox. After an impressively aggressive Puff play by Hungrybox, Armada -- who won the Melee bracket at EVO 2015 -- failed to recover onstage at Pokemon Stadium. 

Throughout all of EVO 2016, Hungrybox adopted a much more aggressive style of play than his previous matches in 2015, and this yielded great results for him. Usually, Jigglypuff play is much slower than a match between two space animals (Fox and Falco), or other top tier characters because of her floaty nature. 

Apart from Grand Finals, this year's Melee bracket saw the addition of S2J to the top 8, making him the first player to bring Captain Falcon to that position at an EVO tournament. 

EVO 2016 Melee Top 8: 

  1. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
  2. [A]rmada (Fox)
  3. PG|Plup (Shiek, Fox)
  4. C9|Mang0 (Fox)
  5. Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon)
  6. FOX.MVG|Mew2King (Shiek, Marth) 
  7. G2|Westballz (Falco)
  8. CLG|PewPewU (Marth)

[Source for cover image]

DreamHack Summer 2016: Tournament Results & Remaining Schedule Mon, 20 Jun 2016 09:21:05 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

As we speak, DreamHack Summer 2016 is taking place in Jönköping, Sweden. The event is a 24/7 festival that has both a Summer and Winter event. Since its establishment in 1994, DreamHack has celebrated all things nerd with LAN parties, cosplay, music, internet and gaming culture.

DreamHack is also host to many eSports tournaments. Some teams, like Panthera in SMITE and District 69 in Paladins, have already walked away with a shining Grand Champion title. But for others, the competition is still ongoing. Here are the standings for some of the games and teams in attendance.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

Group A Winners: Team Immortals

Group B Winners: Team Nip

Monday, June 20th Schedule
(All times are CEST)
  • 10:30 - Show start
  • 11:00 - Semi Final #1 - GODSENT vs Immortals - BO3
  • 14:30 - Semi Final #2 - Astralis vs NiP - BO3
  • 19:00 - Grand Final - BO3



The grand finals for Paladins just wrapped up a few hours ago. After SoaR Gaming and District 69 faced off in an action-packed match, District 69 walked away with the Grand Champion title.


Reigning world champions Panthera took the Grand Finals stage with NA team SoaR in a best-of-five match. But after three straight wins, Panthera took the Grand Champion title and the prize money.


Heroes of the Storm

Semi Finals #1: MVPBlack vs MYINSANITY


Today's schedule
  • 12:15 - Preshow 
  • 12:30 - Semi Finals 1 - BO5
  • 14:30 - Semi Finals 2 - BO5 
  • 16:30 - Grand Finals - BO5
Street Fighter V 
  • First Place: BX3|Phenom (Necalli, M. Bison)
  • Second Place: RZR|Fuudo (R. Mika)
Super Smash Bros. Melee  
  • First Place:  TSM|Leffen (Fox)
  • Second Place: mYi|Ice (Fox)
Mortal Kombat XL
  • First Place: PxP|A Foxy Grampa (Mileena - Piercing)
  • Second Place: PLG|Tekken_Master (D'Vorah - Swarm Queen, Kotal Kahn - Sun God)
Pokken Tournament 
  • First Place: AngelDarksong (Blaziken)
  • Second Place: Justinpig (Gardevoir)

The eSports tournaments are still ongoing -- and if you're fan of the featured games, there's certainly much to be excited about.

SMITE World Championships 2016 Grand Finals Results Sun, 10 Jan 2016 15:00:45 -0500 Auverin Morrow

Two world champions were crowned today at SWC 2016. Neither of the two best-of-five matches we saw today made it past Game 3 -- EU team Epsilon shut out the NA dark horse Enemy on PC, and EnvyUS dominated fellow NA team Cognitive Gaming on Xbox. 

Along with the World Champion title, Epsilon left the stage with a $500,000 prize, while EnvyUS earned $75,000. Here are the highlights from the Grand Finals:

Epsilon vs. Enemy

3-0, favor of Epsilon

Game 1 Picks: 

  • Epsilon: Ymir, Neith, Thor, Sol, Sobek
  • Enemy: Osiris, Hun Batz, Zhong Kui, Chiron, Serqet

Epsilon started strong in this game, taking first blood and an early lead. A 2-2 scuffle helped Enemy even out the lead, but it didn't last long. Epsilon landed a 5-0 wipe that gave them the Gold Fury, then another 4-0 that gave them an even bigger advantage. They came dangerously close to Enemy's base with another 4-0 fight in their favor, then made a move on the Fire Giant. Enemy forced them out, but couldn't commit to taking it themselves.

After another advance, Epsilon took the Fire Giant, which left them with a 15K EXP and 17K gold lead. At just 28 minutes in, Epsilon went for the Titan kill with a 22-7 kill count on the board.

Game 2 Picks: 

  • Epsilon: Thor, Neith, Geb, Isis, Tyr
  • Enemy: Bellona, Serqet, Zhong Kui, Chiron, Bacchus

Enemy looked a little bit better in Game 2. Epsilon nabbed first blood, but Enemy retaliated with a 3-1 fight that went in their favor. They took the Gold Fury shortly after. But an extended engagement following the Gold Fury respawn helped Epsilon close the lead. They managed to steal the Gold Fury, but it cost them 3 members. Enemy got a little too bold in their engagements, and an over-extension during a tower siege resulted in a 4-1 scuffle, favor of Epsilon. 

This marked a turning point in the game. The map was clear for Epsilon to take the Fire Giant, and they managed to make a 5,200 gold swing in 10 minutes. A long dance around the second Fire Giant eventually fell in Epsilon's favor,  and they nailed another 4-0 wipe on Enemy. Enemy took the Gold Fury, but it wasn't enough. Epsilon farmed the map a little longer, grabbing another 4-0 fight, the Fire Giant, and a few more objectives. A devastating 5-0 sweep in their favor left Enemy's Titan totally vulnerable, and Epsilon took the game. 

Game 3 Picks: 

  • Epsilon: Sol, Thor, Geb, Sobek, Medusa
  • Enemy: Athena, Neith, Hun Batz, Osiris, Zhong Kui

Enemy shocked everyone by stubbornly sticking with their Zhong Kui pick, which hadn't worked out at all for them in the first two games. We expected to see an Agni pick, which mid-laner Khaos had been making some stellar plays with in other games. 

But at the outset of Game 3, it looked like Enemy might force the match to Game 4. First blood went to Epsilon, who also took the Gold Fury with just 3 minutes on the clock. But Enemy grabbed an early advantage by landing a 2-1 and 3-1 trade on Epsilon. After that, Epsilon started winning most encounters, but the gold and experience lead still sided with Enemy, who farmed the map for some key objectives. 

This lead must have gone to Enemy's head, because they started making messy engagement decisions. Epsilon was able to wreck them in several team fights, landing a 4-0 wipe that cleared the way for them to take the Fire Giant. After landing another 5-0 slaughter, they skipped the Phoenixes to go straight into Enemy's base. They took down the Titan and sealed their place as the reigning World Champions. 

Xbox One Invitational: Cognitive vs. EnvyUS

3-0, favor of Envy

Game 1 Picks:

  • EnvyUS: Xing Tian, Athena, Xbalanque, Serqet, Kukuklan
  • Cognitive: Bellona, Chiron, Zhong Kui, Hun Batz, Sobek

Game 1 was almost dead even for the first 10 minutes. Envy started to take a slight lead after that, with a few more kills on the board. Two 2-1 encounters gave Envy a considerable lead, and by the 35 minute mark they'd increased the kill count to 13-6 in their favor. With a 10K gold and EXP lead, they took a Tier 2 objective. After a 4-2 encounter fell in Cognitive's favor, they were able to take the Fire Giant away from Envy. 

Cognitive tried to make a comeback, but they got completely wiped out. Their base was left wide open for Envy to move in and take the first win of the match. 

Game 2 Picks: 

  • EnvyUS: Bellona, Chiron, Kukuklan, Mercury, Geb
  • Enemy: Xing Tian, Athena, Bastet, Neith, Hel

In a slow (and rather strange) start, Envy grabbed the Gold Fury and Cognitive took down a Tier 1 tower before first blood was finally drawn at 16 minutes in. Enemy's strategic map farming in the early game had gotten them a serious advantage, and Cognitive had trouble standing up to them in team fights. They managed to nail a 3-3 trade to earn a slight lead, but Enemy wiped them out a few minutes later. This let Enemy grab several objectives, snowballing their lead until they were up 18K EXP and 15K gold.

Cognitive knew they couldn't hang on much longer, and they started a surrender vote. It didn't come through, but Envy quickly grabbed the Fire Giant and made their final push on the Titan to take the Game 2 win. 

Game 3 Picks:

  • EnvyUS: Chiron, Athena, Thor, Hades, Osiris
  • Cognitive: Bellona, Odin, Zeus, Kumbhakarna, Freya

Cognitive started strong in this game, landing a 3-1 trade when they moved in for first blood. They maintained a steady lead until the 16 minute mark. They overextended in the mid lane, and it was the proverbial arrow in their knee. Envy gained a slight advantage that snowballed as they took objective after objective. They turned a 6-6 kill count into an 18-9 lead in just over 10 minutes.

Once Envy got the Fire Giant buff in hand, they breached Cognitive's base to take down all three Phoenixes. They could have ended the game there, but instead they returned to farm the map and grab another Gold Fury before making the final push toward Cognitive's Titan. Their victory in Game 3 gave them the match, and they walked away as the very first World Champion team for Xbox One. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for dev interviews and more SMITE updates as we begin to look forward to Season 3!

SMITE World Championships 2016 Semi-Finals Results Sat, 09 Jan 2016 16:35:31 -0500 Auverin Morrow

In today's semi-final matches, the top 4 NA and EU teams went head-to-head to earn a seat in the Grand Finals tomorrow. There was a serious upset as the reigning world champions, Cloud9, were unseated in this round.

Here are the highlights from today's semi-finals round:

Paradigm vs. Enemy

3-1, favor of Enemy

In this match, the NA dark horse team Enemy took on the top EU team, Paradigm. Paradigm got a 4-1 trade on Enemy early on, but Enemy quickly recovered and took the early lead. After landing a 3-0 wipe on Paradigm, they took the first Gold Fury. But Paradigm fought back, sacrificing one member for a 5 kill retaliation that helped them close the lead.

Paradigm went for the Fire Giant to take the advantage, but Enemy forced them out and took it for themselves, along with 2 kills. With a 12K gold and EXP lead, they bided their time and farmed the map until they could take the second Fire Giant. Paradigm had only toppled one map objective by the time Enemy breached their base and took the Titan. 

Paradigm came back with a vengeance at the outset of Game 2, drawing first blood at less than a minute in. Their aggression was a little too risky, though, as they pushed a fight at the Gold Fury that cost them 3 members. It looked like Paradigm might be able to recover, though, because they nabbed the Gold Fury and took down the first tower at the 20 minute mark.

Not long after the first towner down, Enemy snuck an uncontested Gold Fury kill and a Tier 1 tower before Paradigm could react. Enemy closed the lead with a few key team fights and objective grabs. After a 4-1 scuffle in their favor, Enemy took the Fire Giant and headed toward Paradigm's base. After another 4-1 trade, they forewent the Phoenixes to go straight for the Titan kill and the Game 2 win. 

Paradigm finally got a win on the board in Game 3. After they took first blood, Enemy tried to retaliate. But the few jabs they got in weren't enough to grab a solid lead. Paradigm kept taking map objectives until they pushed Enemy off the Gold Fury at 20 minutes, then took the Fire Giant uncontested just a few minutes later. Enemy got one more 3-0 trade on them, but it didn't stop Paradigm. They snowballed their lead until they took the base and their first victory of the match. 

Game 4 was the deciding game for this match. Enemy took first blood, and Paradigm took the first tower. In a 3-1 scuffle, favor of Enemy, they took the Gold Fury while Paradigm claimed a Tier 1 to mitigate the advantage. Enemy snuck the Gold Fury at 25 minutes. A long dance near Paradigm's middle Phoenix eventually resulted in a 4-0 wipe in Enemy's favor, and they took the Fire Giant and a free Gold Fury. They used this lead to push hard into Paradigm's base, skipping the Phoenix kills to land the lethal final blow. 

Paradigm was knocked out of the running for Worlds, and Enemy will move on to the Grand Finals tomorrow. 

Cloud9 vs. Epsilon

3-2, favor of Epsilon

As the reigning world champions, Cloud9 was the clear favorite going into this match. But Epsilon challenged them in ways they've never encountered before, and they just weren't ready for it. 

Epsilon started strong, with a quadra-kill for first blood. They took the early lead, and it looked like they would hold it from start to finish. But after shutting down a few key team fights, Cloud9 evened out the lead and started taking major objectives. The first Fire Giant and a Gold Fury fell to them. Epsilon tried to push back and got in a few good jabs, but Cloud9 took the second Fire Giant and used that momentum to secure their win. 

Game 2 didn't go nearly as well for Cloud9. During picks & bans, Epsilon nabbed an imposing lineup that proved far too much for Cloud9. First blood went to Epsilon, and they gained a steady lead. With most of the map under their control, they were able to dominate Cloud9 in every encounter. After a few Gold Furies and a Fire Giant kill, Epsilon was unstoppable. They tore through the rest of map and ended the game with three times as many kills as Cloud9 -- a whopping 21-7. This got them on the board and evened out the match. 

Cloud9 didn't want to go down so easily, so they fought back hard in Game 3. Epsilon took first blood with a double kill, and got a slight early lead. But at the 15 minute mark, Cloud9 grabbed the Gold Fury and took that lead for themselves. This snowballed as they began farming the map and putting a lot of pressure on Epsilon. They successfully took the Fire Giant, and put Epsilon in their place in every team fight. At Epsilon's base, Cloud9 nailed a 3-0 wipe and took the Titan down, earning them the match advantage. 

Epsilon did not take kindly to their Game 3 defeat, and they came roaring back in Game 4. In typical EU fashion, they took the Gold Fury early on -- grabbing it at 4 minutes in, before they even drew first blood. With a considerable lead supporting them, they went for the Fire Giant. But Cloud9 did their best to stop them.

Epsilon came out on the winning end of most scuffles due to some serious dominance from Fenrir, but Cloud9 had heavy map control. But this wasn't enough to stop Epsilon from taking the Fire Giant at 25 minutes in. They rocketed ahead to a 17K gold and EXP lead, which made it easy for them to land a 3-0 wipe at Cloud9's base. This evened out the matched and forced it to Game 5. 

After suffering so much at the hands of Fenrir in Game 4, everyone expected to see him banned immediately in Game 5. But Cloud9 inexplicably let him through -- a mistake that turned out to be fatal. Epsilon went into this game with a powerful lineup of Bellona, Geb, Sol, Medusa, and Fenrir.

First blood went to Epsilon once again, and they took an early lead that they didn't relinquish until the game was finished. After two 2-1 trades in their favor and a Tier objective grab, Epsilon had a healthy 6K gold and EXP lead at 17 minutes in.

Cloud9 tried to recover by forcing team fights, but Epsilon was just too much. A 3-1 trade and 4-0 wipe fell in Epsilon's favor, and they took the Fire Giant without a problem. Cloud9 had absolutely no map control, and didn't take a single objective the entire game. After another 4-0 wipe, Epsilon took Cloud9's Titan and knocked the reigning champs out of the running for another Worlds win.

Epsilon is moving on to face Enemy in the Grand Finals tomorrow. 

Xbox One Invitational: EnvyUS vs. Eager

Game 1 was a landslide win for Envy. They took first blood, but the match was relatively uneventful from early to mid game. Envy nabbed a few kills here and there during scuffles, steadily earning themselves the lead. They made a quick push toward the 25 minute mark, and objectives started falling fast in Envy's favor. They closed out the game with a 17K EXP and 13K gold lead.

Envy took first blood and an early lead in Game 2, but once again the early and mid game was relatively uneventful. Tier 1 objectives didn't start falling until well past 20 minutes, and Envy was consistently shutting down scuffles. But Eager tried to close the advantage gap by farming the map and getting a few key kills. But Envy wasn't willing to give up their lead, tearing down Eager's defenses in team fights and putting lots of pressure in the mid lane.

Envy took the Fire Giant at 36 minutes in, putting them at about a 10K EXP/gold advantage. With more than double the kills on the board, they went for a hard split push to take down the last of Eager's defenses. Just past the 40 minute mark, Envy made their final push and wiped 3 Eager members before taking the Titan and the match with a 19-8 kill count. 

Envy will move on to tomorrow's Grand Finals to face Cognitive Gaming.

What's Next

Tomorrow we'll be moving into the Grand Finals round, and we'll see the Grand Finals match of the Xbox One Invitational. All of tomorrow's matches will be best of 5. Here are the upcoming games for Sunday, January 10:

  • 11:15 AM: Xbox One Grand Finals (EnvyUS vs. Cognitive)
  • 3:45 PM: Enemy vs. Epsilon

To keep up with the action, you can watch the official stream on the SMITETwitch channel, or follow @SmitePro on Twitter. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more updates as we continue to cover this event live from Atlanta!

SMITE World Championships 2016 Quarter Finals Results Fri, 08 Jan 2016 17:35:25 -0500 Auverin Morrow

After the placement rounds on Day 1, six teams remained in the SMITE World Championships. Today they returned to the stage to play best of 3 matches, trying to earn a seat in tomorrow's semi-finals.

But none of the matches we saw today made it to Game 3. In three of the four sets, teams from China and Brazil were knocked out by NA and EU superpowers. The last match of the day pitted two EU teams against each other, but the set was still one-sided. 

Here are the highlights from the Quarter Finals:

Paradigm vs. Oh My God

2-0, favor of Paradigm

At the outset of Game 1, it looked like Chinese team OMG was going to be trouble for Paradigm (EU). They took first blood and an early lead, but Paradigm stole the first Gold Fury kill. A few key kills helped Paradigm even out the game. OMG made themselves vulnerable by splitting up too much before they were ready, and Paradigm nailed a 4-1 wipe on them. They took the second Gold Fury, then traded 2 members for 5 OMG kills just a few minutes later. Then they repeated themselves with another Fury kill and one more 5-2 trade in their favor. They took down the Fire Giant, then pushed into OMG's base to take the game. 

OMG had a lot at stake in Game 2, but Paradigm was unstoppable. They took first blood with only 19 seconds on the clock. They took the Gold Fury early on and earned a strong lead. They consistently locked down team fights, picking off OMG's gods in every lane. This lead snowballed, and Paradigm took the game with an 18K EXP and 10K gold lead, along with an impressive 30-8 kill count. This second victory knocked OMG out of the running for SWC this year. 

Enemy vs. Pain Gaming

2-0, favor of Enemy

NA team Enemy took on Pain Gaming (Brazil) in this set, and Pain got off to a good start in Game 1. They took first blood and the Gold Fury, but the objective came at a price. Pain lost two towers consecutively, and Enemy nabbed the advantage from them. The Gold Fury went to Enemy, then they landed a 4 kills on Pain. They brought down the Fire Giant shortly after, and a 3-0 trade cleared the way for them to take the Titan and the game. 

Game 2 did not go well for Pain. They took first blood, but Enemy landed the Gold Fury just a few minutes in. Better teamwork and superior map farming gave Enemy a strong lead in the early game, and this snowballed into a landslide win. A second Gold Fury, the Fire Giant, and a 5-0 wipe were just a few of the major plays from Enemy. It wasn't long before they went for the Titan and won the game. They did so with total map control, as well -- Pain didn't take a single objective the whole game. 

Enemy will move on to the semi-finals, but the road has come to an end for Pain. 

Cloud9 vs. Qiao Gu Reapers

2-0, favor of Cloud9

The reigning world champs, Cloud9 (NA), took the stage for the first time at SWC 2016. They dominated the entire match, completely shutting out Chinese team QG. 

In Game 1, Cloud9 had 5 kills on the board at 2 minutes in. QG didn't get their first kill until the 10-minute mark, leaving the kill count at 10-1. Cloud9 took two Gold Furies and forced several team scuffles. With 19 kills on the board at the 23 minute mark, Cloud9 moved in on the Fire Giant. A 5-1 encounter cleared QG's base for them to take the Titan. They wrapped up the game at 27 minutes with a 25 kills -- exactly five times as many as QG. 

Game 2 went much the same way, with 6 kills under Cloud9's belt at the 3 minute mark. They took the Gold Fury early on, and QG only managed to get one kill in while Cloud9 racked up 15. QG's mid-lane phoenix fell at 18 minutes in.  A Fire Giant kill and a few more team encounters earned Cloud9 the second game, with a hefty 30-6 kill lead over QG. This knocked the Chinese team out of the running for the World Champ title. 

Fnatic vs. Epsilon

2-0, favor of Epsilon

This seemed to be the only fairly matched game of the day. In their regular season, EU teams Fnatic and Epsilon are scrim partners. So they know each other's play styles fairly well. 

Game 1 was the longest game of the day. We didn't see first blood shed until Fnatic landed a kill at 12 minutes in. Epsilon tried to make up for Fnatic's early lead by taking the Gold Fury, but Fnatic made two members pay for it. This was the last scuffle where Fnatic came out on top. Epsilon came from behind and took the second Gold Fury, then landed a 5-0 wipe on Fnatic during a scuffle at the Fire Giant. With no Fnatic members to stop them, Epsilon turned their attention from the FG to their base instead, quickly taking the game. 

Epsilon dominated from start to finish in Game 2. Fnatic made a grave mistake by allowing Janus through the ban phase. Epsilon's mid player, Yammyn, is a master of Janus play -- perhaps the best in the world. And his performance today was no exception. Epsilon took first blood and the first Gold Fury, racking up a healthy 9-3 kill lead early on. Fnatic had absolutely no map control at any point, grabbing only two tower objectives as Epsilon farmed camps and Gold Furies. After slowly picking off all 5 members of Fnatic, Epsilon took the Fire Giant and began pushing into their base. Fnatic knew their run was over, and they surrendered as soon as the base was breached. 

What's Next

Tomorrow we'll be moving into the Semi-Finals round, and we'll see the second semi-final game of the Xbox One Invitational. The PC matches will be best of 5, and the Xbox match will be best of 3. Here are the upcoming games for Saturday, January 9:

  • 11:15 AM: Paradigm vs. Enemy
  • 3:45 PM: Cloud9 vs. Epsilon
  • 8:15: Eager vs. EnvyUS

To keep up with the action, you can watch the official stream on the SMITETwitch channel, or follow @SmitePro on Twitter. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more updates as we continue to cover this event live from Atlanta!

SMITE World Championships Day 1 Results Thu, 07 Jan 2016 18:43:18 -0500 Auverin Morrow

Today was the first day in the SMITE World Championships 2016. Eight PC teams went head-to-head in the initial placement rounds, and the night wrapped up with the first semi-final round of the Xbox One Invitational.

Two teams were knocked out of the running for worlds, while six moved on to face off with each other and the top seeds in the Quarter Finals matches tomorrow.

Here are the highlights from the best-of-one placement rounds:

Placement Match 1: Epsilon vs. Isurus

Winner: Epsilon

This match marked the first time that a Latin American team and an EU team played against each other this season. Unfortunately, it didn't go well for Isurus. The casters called this match a "death by a thousand cuts." Isurus had a very promising lineup, but Epsilon's tanky picks were just too much. Epsilon took an early lead, which they snowballed into a game win with little resistance -- due in large part to an amazing performance from their jungler, Adapting, on Hun Batz.

When their titan fell, Isurus still didn't have a single kill on the board. The game was a total shutdown, wrapping up with a 15-0 kill count, an 18K experience lead, and a 14K gold lead, all in favor of Epsilon. 

Placement Match 2: Oh My God vs. Pain Gaming

Winner: Pain Gaming

In this match, Latin American team Pain Gaming squared off with Chinese team OMG. OMG took first blood, but they weren't able to nail a solid lead. Around mid-game, a team fight broke out at the Gold Fury, ending with a 4-1 trade in favor of Pain, which gave them the first tangible lead of the game.

They used this momentum to push hard to the OMG base, pulling out another 4-1 fight in their favor. This cleared the way for them to take the game. 

Placement Match 3: Avant Garde vs. Enemy

Winner: Enemy

Enemy absolutely dominated in this game. By the 10 minute mark, they had a hefty 14 kills, while Avant Garde only managed to get 3 on the board. This steady lead only grew as the game went on, and Enemy put consistent pressure on Avant Garde. AG was just a little too timid in team fights, and it cost them dearly.

Enemy wiped them out 5-1 near their base, then pushed to take their titan and the game. 

Placement Match 4: Qiao Gu Reapers vs. Fnatic

Winner: Qiao Gu Reapers

At the outset of this game, it looked like QG might pull out the win, which would have upset the NA/EU domination that had been happening thus far. Fnatic took first blood, but QG made them pay the price for it by taking a few kills themselves.

However, Fnatic proved too much for them to handle. After they had taken the Gold Fury, they snowballed their lead. They ended the game with a 26-5 kill count, plus a 17K EXP and 15K gold lead. 

Placement Match 5: Epsilon vs. Pain Gaming

Winner: Epsilon

Match 5 was the closest one of the closest of the day. Both teams were neck-and-neck with 2-2 kills at the 20-minute mark. But Epsilon came out on top of a crucial 5-1 wipe that turned the game in their favor. They extended their lead by taking two towers and the Fire Giant uncontested.

Pain tried to make up for it by grabbing the Gold Fury, but it wasn't enough. Epsilon cleared every map objective, then bided their time until they could take the second Fire Giant, which took them into Pain's base and won them the game. 

Placement Match 6: Enemy vs. Fnatic

Winner: Enemy

This was the first match of the tournament that pitted an NA team against an EU team. Fnatic hit the ground running -- they took first blood at just 54 seconds in. By the five minute mark, they had scored the Gold Fury. But Enemy's Xing Tian started to dominate the game around the half-hour mark, grabbing a crucial 4-0 wipe on Fnatic.

Enemy baited Fnatic at the Fire Giant and came out on top, then started pushing hard on map objectives. Fnatic tried to take a stand at their middle Phoenix, but Enemy wiped 3 of their players and took the Titan down. 

Placement Match 7: Isurus vs. OMG

Winner: OMG

This game was Isurus' last chance to continue playing at Worlds. And though they fought hard, OMG proved to be far too much for them. By the time their Titan fell, they'd accumulated a meager 6 kills -- not nearly enough to compare to OMG's 17 kills.

Because of this loss, Isurus will be leaving the Worlds stage in Atlanta to wait for the start of Season 3, where they'll hopefully come back with a vengeance. 

Placement Match 8: Avant Garde vs. QG Reapers

Winner: QG Reapers

After the Isurus vs. OMG match, this was the last elimination game for the PC placement round. It looked at first like Avant Garde might become the first Oceanic team to move up in Worlds, as they took an early lead following an aggressive team fight. However, QG quickly retaliated by wiping out three of their players. Despite QG's considerable gold and EXP lead, Avant Garde made valiant (and often effective) efforts to protect their map objectives and stall, if not stop, QG's progress.

But after a devastating 4-1 wipe, Avant Garde could no longer defend their base. With  24-9 kill count in their favor, QG took the game and knocked Avant Garde out of the running for Worlds. 

Xbox One Invitational Semi-Final 1: Aware vs. Cognitive

2-0, favor of Cognitive

This best of 3 match was a total shutdown for Cognitive. They took first blood in game 1, and managed to take a Gold Fury before Aware got their first kill on the board at the 15-minute mark. That was the only kill they got the entire game. After a 4-1 sweep in Cognitive's favor, they pushed into Aware's base to take down the Titan and finish the game with a 19-1 kill count. 

Initially, it looked like Game 2 might go a little bit better for Aware. Cognitive took first blood at 41 seconds. They nailed a 3-1 encounter in their favor, but Aware fought back and showed a stronger defense than we saw from them in the previous game. They got several more kills on the board, but the improvement just wasn't enough. At the 22 minute mark, Cognitive finally took the first objective, then quickly took down 2 more towers uncontested. Once they landed the Fire Giant, they ended the game with a 16K EXP and an 11K gold lead. 

Aware has been knocked out of the running for the Xbox One Invitational, but Cognitive will move on to face whichever team wins the second semi-final round on Saturday.

What's Next

Tomorrow we'll be moving into the Quarter Finals round. Each of these matches will be best of 3. Here are the upcoming games for Friday, January 8:

  • 11:15 AM: Paradigm vs. OMG
  • 2:15 PM: Enemy vs. Pain 
  • 5:15 PM: Cloud9 vs. QG Reapers
  • 8:15 PM: Epsilon vs. Fnatic

To keep up with the action, you can watch the official stream on the SMITE Twitch channel, or follow @SmitePro on Twitter. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more updates as we continue to cover this event live from Atlanta!

SMITE MLG Pro League NA Grand Finals Results Sun, 06 Dec 2015 13:20:34 -0500 Auverin Morrow

Today was the second and final day in MLG's SMITE Pro League Grand Finals. Two teams took the stage at the MLG.TV arena in Columbus, Ohio. The winning team took home a $25,000 prize, but both teams earned a seat in the Xbox One Invitational at this year's SMITE World Championships. 

The day's matchup consisted of one best of 5 round between team Eager and Cognitive Gaming. Here's how it played out:

Eager vs. Cognitive

3-2, favor of Eager

Game 1 got off to a slow start, but Cognitive eventually took first blood. Shortly after, they came out on the winning end of a 3-0 team fight, which left them with a considerable gold and EXP lead. We saw a lot of sloppy engagement from Eager, as they were putting way too much faith into a weak early game Hel. Eager did, however, manage to steal the Gold Fury from Cognitive. Cog's vengeance was swift, and they nailed a 4-0 wipe on Eager. This gave them room to take the first Fire Giant, but the game was still rather young and they didn't want to make a premature assault on the base. Instead, they bided their time and cleared some minor objectives as they waited for the second Fire Giant to spawn. Once it did, they took it down and quickly breached the Eager's base. At the 23 minute mark, Eager's titan fell and Cognitive won the game.

Eager bounced back in Game 2, taking first blood and an early lead with just a few minutes on the board. They took both the first and second Gold Furies, which left them considerably ahead of Cognitive for most of the game. By the time Eager started moving in on the enemy base, they had over a 12k gold advantage. As they made their final push into Cognitive's base, it became clear that there was no stopping them. A vote to surrender notification popped, and shortly after the titan collapsed as Cognitive gave in.

Cognitive didn't fair much better in Game 3. They took first blood, but their lead didn't last very long. Eager quickly caught up and gained the advantage. A 2-1 team fight in their favor at the Gold Fury, which they were able to take, put them even farther ahead. By mid-game, Eager had a comfortable 13k lead. After knocking out 3 of Cognitive's members, they were able to take the Fire Giant uncontested. They didn't waste any time in pushing to Cognitive's base. It wasn't long before the titan fell and Eager took the game and the match advantage. 

Going into Game 4, it looked like Eager might not let the match go to Game 5. First blood went to Cognitive, but Eager pulled out a really strong lead. Just when it looked like Cognitive might not be able to recover from the beatings they were getting in team fights, they did some smart farming on the map that helped them even out the lead. Eager tried to shut them out by taking the Fire Giant, but Cognitive held the lead and took the next Gold Fury. They rode that momentum for a while and earned a steep lead. Eager just couldn't hold up their defenses and their titan quickly fell as Cognitive evened out the match and forced it to Game 5. 

From the outset of the deciding game, it was clear that Eager wasn't going to give up the match without a serious fight. They took first blood, and only entertained a slight back-and-forth with Cognitive before they grabbed a solid lead. Eager had 5 kills on the board before Cognitive managed to squeak out 1. They took the Gold Fury after bullying Cognitive away, then the game started to landslide in their favor. With a 12 kill lead over Cognitive, Eager breached their base and took down the titan, winning the game and the match. 

Because Eager already earned a seat at the Xbox Invitational through the UMG tournament, Cognitive Gaming gets the open spot in spite of their loss today. In addition to that seat, Cognitive is walking away with the $10,000 second place prize. Alongside the title of NA Xbox One Champions, Team Eager will be taking home a $25,000 first place prize.

What's Next

Now that this tournament is over, there's nothing left on this year's professional circuit besides the SMITE World Championships in January.  We'll be seeing both Eager and Cognitive Prime at the Xbox One Invitational, alongside the many teams that qualified for Worlds throughout the professional season. 

Follow @SmitePro on Twitter and stay tuned to GameSkinny to get all the latest information as we move closer to worlds.