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After several large scale closed betas with thousands of 64-player war zones, Tripwire Interactive still didn't quite manage to squash all the launch bugs with Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

That's just life for PC gamers -- especially with major launches of multiplayer games with huge numbers of players. If you've been experiencing various Rising Storm 2 bugs and errors, we've found workarounds for many of the most common problems.

Having an issue we don't cover below? Let us know in the comments and we'll look for a resolution!

How to Fix Camera Zoom In

If you start sprinting right after spawning at any time during the match, oftentimes the camera will automatically zoom in without any keyboard or mouse input.

The workaround until a patch is released is quite simple. Just stop moving for a second, then drop your currently held weapon and then pick it back up. This seems to completely fix the zoom problem and let you run as normal. It's not entirely clear why this fixes the problem, but it does.

Sprinting actually slows you down with automatic zoom in

How to Unlock the Soundtrack or Extras

If you picked up the Rising Storm 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, you are supposed to get the soundtrack and various extras to download. However, these have not actually unlocked for anyone yet. There's no workaround at this point -- the issue is being worked on between Tripwire and Steam, and should be resolved with an upcoming patch.

How to Fix Being Stuck On Launch Screen

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam may be trying to compile shaders -- causing hangs and apparent lock ups or crashes when it launches on some systems with certain graphics cards that don't play well with the game.

To check if this is causing the issue, pull up your computer's Task Manager and see if there's an entry labeled "shadercompiler.exe" that's running. If it is, simply waiting a minute or two usually resolves the issue -- if it doesn't, close the process, restart your computer, and launch the game again.

How to Fix Crashes And Stutters on Windows 7

There is a known issue with Windows 7 users experiencing various crashes and performance problems. This is resolved by manually updating the device driver for your graphics card, and then installing this update directly from Windows.

How to Fix VNGame.exe Error and Other Random Crashes

Some crashes will have to be fixed with a forthcoming patch, but for now any crash that displays the VNGame.exe crash error can typically be fixed by deleting and reinstalling specific files. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Navigate to the path C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games
  2. Look for a folder either titled "Rising Storm 2" (if you pre-ordered or bought the game after launch) or "Rising Storm 2 Beta" (if you played the closed betas and then the full game)
  3. Delete that folder entirely. 
  4. Head back to Steam and verify the integrity of the game install, which will re-download the correct versions of all the files in that folder.
    1. To start this process, right-click the Rising Storm 2 link in your Steam library and select "Properties," then navigate to the "Local Files" tab and click "Verify Integrity Of Game Files."

In most cases this should resolve the problem -- if it doesn't, or you have connection issues immediately after the verification process, it means you have to entirely uninstall and then re-install the game.

 Verifying Rising Storm 2: Vietnam File Integrity

When you've finally managed to get the game running properly, you may be in for an exceedingly difficult time if you aren't used to realistic, squad-based war shooters.

Don't want to get cut to shreds immediately on spawn? Check out our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam guides to staying alive:

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Squad https://www.gameskinny.com/qas5x/rising-storm-2-vietnam-tips-and-tricks-for-running-a-successful-squad https://www.gameskinny.com/qas5x/rising-storm-2-vietnam-tips-and-tricks-for-running-a-successful-squad Tue, 30 May 2017 17:19:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

After several rounds of closed betas, release day is finally upon us for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam -- and we can assault and defend zones in Vietnam with massive 64 player maps!

As a realistic shooter with two very different sides to play, there are a lot of ins and outs to this game to learn that will have the average FPS fan scratching their head -- or more likely screaming "cheater" and ALT-F4ing away to request their Steam refund.

Don't be that guy! This is one of those squad-based shooters you've got to git gud at before you'll manage to rack up a kill count. If you are just getting started, be sure to check out our basic guides below -- otherwise read on for tips on running and being part of a successful squad.

Playing Viet Cong in Rising Storm 2

The the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Army is a fairly different from the standard "run and gun" experience of playing the invading U.S. soldiers, so this throws players off a bit when first getting into Rising Storm 2.

If you are on the VC/NVA side, always set your traps as you explore a zone. There's no point in hoarding them, and friendly players on your squad don't set them off, so place 'em wherever you want. These can net you kills even after you die and ensure your side keeps a zone in its win column without active defenders.

 Gaps like this are perfect for placing traps

Also be on the lookout for climbable objects like vines and drain pipes on the side of buildings that give you an advantage over the more heavily armed U.S. soldiers.

The VC's advantage is its mobility and knowledge of the terrain -- use it! To simulate this in-game, you can also crouch in leaves and lie in wait in tunnels to screw with the enemy recon abilities.

When the U.S. has the high ground in city streets or raised buildings, don't be afraid to pull out those old school stick grenades. There's no need to endanger yourself by going into combat with a gun and hope you shoot first when a grenade takes care of everything for you.

Leading A Squad in Rising Storm 2

On the U.S. side, don't forget that your squad spawns at your location, unless they specifically choose a different spot. This means you need to stay out of kill zones and shouldn't be running directly into the fight. If you are getting torn to pieces, it means your group is going to continue getting torn to pieces as they respawn on your position.

On the North Vietnamese side, your soldiers do not spawn on you, they instead spawn in a tunnel that you place on the map. The key here is to set it near a zone you are trying to take, but not directly on or next to that zone, so your team doesn't get cut to pieces as soon as they spawn. Try placing it somewhere just out of sight of the heaviest fighting so you don't encourage spawn camping.

  • Note: Don't forget -- after the tunnel is placed, you can behave like any other soldiers and run into the fray, since your soldiers will keep spawning at the tunnel even after you die.

While playing the U.S. side, be on the lookout for tunnels! The enemy knows where your group is going to spawn ahead of time, so there's no reason not to return the favor and keep tunnels suppressed.

 VC Spawn Tunnel

Calling In Artillery in Rising Storm 2

As team leader in Rising Storm 2, your responsibility is to call in strikes to aid in capturing zones. First and foremost -- know where your squad is! Calling in either napalm or sustained strike artillery without team coordination is worse than not calling in any artillery at all.

After coordinating with your team, either verbally through chat or by having someone re-conning in a helicopter, there are several ways to call in artillery strikes:

  • Call in a strike from the Loach light recon helicopter.
  • Click the fire button while looking through the binoculars at a strike position.
  • Throw a smoke signal grenade. (This is particularly helpful if you aren't in a good position for popping out of cover without getting sniped.)

Artillery strikes may seem like a solution to every problem, but they frequently aren't. The key here is knowing when and how to use them.

The continued barrage of sustained strike artillery prevents your guys from advancing, so it's not as useful to call in on a specific point you are trying to capture but can't get through. In that instance, use the single strike napalm instead to clear a path to quickly run through.

Calling in artillery behind your current location is often a better idea to prevent the enemy from approaching and killing your guys while trying to take a zone. You can also cancel artillery support if you are hitting your own team.


Now you know how to keep your squad together and alive long enough to capture a few zones. See you in the jungle, soldier!