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Every year since 2004,  Iceland's capital of Reykjavik has been besieged by internet spaceship enthusiasts. The locals, as well as much of the wider video game industry, find themselves scratching their heads as they try to figure out what it's all about.

In April 2013, once again, hundreds of EVE Online fans gathered on the far-flung North Atlantic island whilst thousands more watched from around the world. It was the momentous tenth anniversary of EVE Online's single-sharded server going online and an intrepid band of Swedish documentarians were there to ask the question: What is EVE Online?

This is the second A Tale of Internet Spaceships trailer. The first trailer, released earlier this year, focused more on the team as they experienced Iceland, Fanfest and all the craziness that goes with it. Petter Mårtensson commented,

"The last one was a private thing we did, but that we wanted to share. This is an actual teaser trailer to give a bit of a taste of it."

Enjoy the trailer above, featuring CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, spymaster turned media mogul Alexander 'The Mittani' Gianturco, intergalactic beefcake Marcus 'Roc Weiler' Dickinson, New Eden's answer to Brangelina Bagehi and Sindel Pellion, along with glimpses of many others.

Sadly no footage of then Executive Producer Jon 'CCP Unifex' Lander's stage-dive. I guess they're keeping their powder dry on that one.

The full documentary is due out "before Fanfest" next year.

EVE Player Celebrities - The Fitness Guru: Roc Wieler Sun, 14 Jul 2013 19:06:39 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Roc Wieler is a character created for a video game. Marcus Dickinson is the guy who created him. Somewhere along the way, the distinction between the two was lost, but that seems to have been part of the plan.

Roc's Ramblings is one of the EVE Bloggeratti's longest-serving members. Over the years he has delivered his own unique brand of content to the EVE Universe; quality fiction, insightful commentary, stirring soundtracks, themed recipes and fitness regimes.

This may seem like an odd mix of content for a sci-fi MMO blog, but Roc Wieler is perhaps the epitome of the EVE player in that he doesn't fit a stereotype.

His journey from flabby desk jockey to avatar-inspired athlete has been well documented elsewhere, even becoming a feature article on CNN.

The Roc-Marcus machine has delivered much more content besides, with his self-taught musical talents resulting in eclectic compositions which have been well enough received for online sales to have funded a new kitchen for his wife.


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