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It wasn't too long ago when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds showed up on the PC landscape and unleashed a seismic wave of "fight to the death" battle royale frenzy. This was quickly followed (and, arguably, utterly demolished) by Epic Games' FortniteAnd while both games are currently neck and neck with their nearly concurrent mobile releases (having fully saturated every other platform on the planet, they're both making an effort to gain smartphone domination), this doesn't change the fact that other contenders may already be leagues ahead. 

Following in the initial wake of PUBG's rise in popularity, Chinese mobile mega corp NetEase Games threw everything at the metaphorical wall in the hopes that something would stick. Four separate mobile PUBG clones were pushed into the market (three of which made it into North America) with astonishingly few microtransaction opportunities. The intention appeared to be grow market share now, reap the rewards later. 

It seems to have worked. Rules of Survival is NetEase Games' most polished effort, and definitely the most popular, with more than 200 million downloads and 150 million players registered worldwide on both Android Google Play and Apple App Store (plus the game recently launched an even prettier version on PC through Steam). Not content to remain a copy, Rules of Survival has been releasing updates non-stop, and this latest Death Race mode is one more departure from its PUBG clone roots.

How do you play Death Race mode?

This brand new vehicle-based mode allows up to 15 teams of four players (each team gets one vehicle) to participate in massive shootouts and vehicular smash-ups as they race around Ghillie Island trying to remain the last car standing. 

The team leader starts out as the driver by default although you can swap out who gets designated driver duties once the match has begun (Since RoS is a battle royale game, most players consider it the least fun role to play. I felt a little like I was playing Mario Kart and it wasn't a bad switch up). 

Since you can't get out of the car, ramps have been added willy-nilly throughout the map for flying vehicle adventures, and drops pop up on the road like Temple Run upgrades that you drive through to collect. Air drops are common, so when you come across one, shoot it up and collect on the goodies that fate has given you. 

The object of the game is to keep your vehicle from exploding and killing everyone, so collision-smashing your way through other players is not the most ideal way of making it to the top. It's on the other three players to provide most of the vehicular murder. 

Tips for the Driver

Communication is key. You have a real edge, especially if you're playing on one of the mobile versions, if you are able to communicate well with your teammates. Most of the players are playing in public and probably won't be shouting into their mics, some also won't have headphones. (If you're playing on PC, the likelihood of player coordination on the other teams goes way up.)

This is especially important because while the driver is the one in control of the car, all players in it can mod it. While this is handy in terms of making repairs after taking damage, it is much more inconvenient when it comes to vehicle buffs (e.g. changing camo, oil, etc.).

Springs in particular will affect the driving mechanics the most, so it's much more in your favor if you are the one calling the shots on what's happening to the vehicle everyone else is riding around in. 

Choosing the Right Vehicle

The team leader gets to choose what they'll be driving throughout the match. From the outset you have a choice between four different vehicles: armed jeep, convertible sports car, off-road vehicle, and pickup truck. 

Each have their own advantages. For example, if you're thinking of sticking strictly to the roads, there's no better car than the convertible for acceleration and speed. Considering how this particular game mode litters the roads with ramps and acceleration pads, it's well worth it if you want to keep it to the streets.

If you're anything like me, you'll run off the roads and plow through the fields a lot so the off-road or higher defense vehicles might be a better call. 

Drive Sporadically As Needed

And only when needed. Let's face it, it's hard enough hitting a moving target when you are also situated on a moving target yourself. Give your teammates a break and give them a better chance at hitting what they're aiming at. 

Testing out your juking skills comes when it's time for you to escape - if, for example, the other vehicle has gone full ramming speed on you, and/or your car is really close to death. Live to fight another 10 minutes by whatever getaway means possible. Your teammates can help by shooting valiantly at your pursuers, but you can foil them by leading them to crash into trees and rocks with some tricky driving.

Check Your Chopper

They don't tell you ahead of time, but there are upgrades in the loot crates that drop throughout the map that will allow you to transform your vehicle (instantly) into a helicopter. 

Figure out the controls ahead of time so you don't get stuck trying to figure out how to change altitude partway through a battle, just when you got your hands on a hell of game changer. 

Tips for the Passengers

Communication is as important for the passengers as it is for the drivers. The driver has plenty of other concerns that you don't have to worry about - namely keeping your car upright and moving as necessary. It's your job to do most of the call outs, especially in areas with lots of buildings, where you can often find other teams just lying in wait. 

Note: Remember that while the team leader starts out by default as the driver, you can always ask to swap seats and take on the role for yourself. 

The passenger role is mostly straight forward. Shoot the other teams, alert your teammates to help you in murdering everyone else. It helps to keep an eye on your vehicle too, but that should mostly be the driver's job to know when it's necessary to bug out of a firefight.

Unlike other vehicle-based battles, players aren't able to exit their vehicle, so you don't need to watch out for players on foot sneaking up to your vehicle to mine it to kingdom come. 

Take Charge of Trunk Inventory

While taking care of the car should mostly be the driver's job, there are three passengers to split up the business of shooting everyone else. Communication is key, but at least one person should always check out what's going into the trunk and it probably shouldn't be the one operating the vehicle.

All players can access the trunk inventory by going through the backpack button. You'll pick up gear and upgrades by driving through them, and you'll often clog up what space you have with stuff you just don't need (e.g. unnecessary ammo for the wrong guns). Drag it off to dump and discard. 


That's it! This guide specifically refers to play tactics in the Death Match vehicle mode. if you're looking for guides specifically tailored to regular battle royale mode in Rules of Survival, you can check out some Tips for Staying Alive. Stay tuned for more guides and ways to stay on top of the scoreboard!

Rules of Survival Guide: How to Troubleshoot Bad Game Performance Wed, 06 Dec 2017 10:36:49 -0500 Stephanie Tang

If you're a fan of the Battle Royale genre ... well, millions of players are right there with you. Popularized by the smash hit that is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the ripple effect throughout the FPS genre has been enormous.

Poised to cash in on this Guinness World Record-breaking game phenomenon is Chinese publisher NetEase Games with an impressive four mobile PUBG copycats, all free to play and (at least for right now) all void of game-altering in-app purchases.

It looks like the premise that all players must start on completely common ground has thrown a bit of a wrench in the traditional mobile market because NetEase seems a lot more interested in building a player base now and worrying about really getting down to making money later.

If you want to bring the fun of PUBG away from the PC, mobile is definitely a pretty fun and easy way to go, especially right now. As on PC, however, you will find yourself facing inequalities in hardware performance between you and other players.

You can't always help the phone you're playing on, and if that's your bottleneck, upgrading is a pretty expensive, and extensive, way to fix your problem. Before you run out and drop big money on a new iPad, check out some of these common, can't hurt to try, fixes for poor game performance.

  •  Restart the game app. This is particularly important if you've already been playing it for a while, and it's probably one of the easiest fixes. Doing so clears up your cache and should help your graphics run a little smoother after every few games.
  • Quit out of all your other apps. Contrary to popular belief, it won't actually help your battery life much to close out your apps if you're running low on juice, but it is supposed to help a little with the RAM situation.
  • Turn down the graphics quality. In a perfect world, it'd be nice to play the game looking its very possible best. If you're not playing on a top-of-the-line device though, you're going to run into some hard limits (usually in the form of bad lagging), and sometimes you'll have to sacrifice the game looking pretty to it running well. Do this by accessing the settings (bottom-right corner, it's small) and checking off Power Saving as outlined below. By default, you are set to Balance.

  • Update the game. This will come up particularly if you've had it open/suspended for a while or even if you're experiencing some unexpected game downtime. Updates roll out fairly often, so you could be running behind on game version, and/or the servers might be down for maintenance. Even if you have your phone set to automatically update apps, check it out on the Apple App store or on Google Play accordingly. You never know when permissions might change and you're going to need to manually update.

It's important to note that sometimes it isn't the hardware that's the problem behind poor gaming experience. As a once chronic sufferer of spotty data connection, I'm well aware of how often slight connection drops look like bad game performance. So make sure it's not!

  • If possible, play on a strong WiFi connection. This is the best case situation that you can work with, of course, which means that you can't always do it. But it can be a really easy way to determine whether or not your connection is causing you more trouble than it's worth when you're on the road. I've tried to play games on 3G. You can do it. Barely. But when a few seconds of downtime and lag is all it takes . . .

If you're already working with the best connection that you're going to get, there are still a few things you can do that can help make your game a little more manageable to play.

  • Check that you're on the right server. It's probably unlikely that you're on the wrong server ... first of all because there really aren't that many in this game, and also because the game tends to default you to the right one (that is, in the region closest to you). It's also just good practice to check, because the game will let you know whether or not the server is full or busy as well, and that can have an effect on gameplay (this will affect all players on the server pretty equally, which won't be as bad, but it still won't be pleasant).

As your absolute last resort, if your connection is really kicking the crap out of your gameplay, you can choose to turn off voice chat in your settings.

If you're running into other problems not covered above (I, for example, couldn't even access the game for a few days because of constant crashing out on load screen), you can try to contact the developer through the store page. Who knows, your feedback might help them fix the game.

(I've also seen a fair amount of responses from people leaving poor star reviews on the game, but these tend to be canned responses that don't actually address helping you in any way.)

Hope this gives you a few ideas on improving game performance! If you're looking for tips on actual gameplay, check out these articles for tips on how to play to win and where to land to get some good guns.

Rules of Survival: Where to Land and Grab your Guns Sun, 26 Nov 2017 12:58:30 -0500 Stephanie Tang

Ever since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds broke records and took names, the world was primed for a new era of copycat Battle Royale-style games. And man, did we get 'em!

Rules of Survival by NetEase Games is a super-detailed and very pretty dare-I-say knockoff of PUBG gameplay built for Android and iOS. It's far from the only one. The same developer also released Survivor Royale with the same premise and game design. Fortnite Battle Royale is also starting to climb the popularity ranks on console. 

The tips in this guide are quite specific to the map in Rules of Survival, however the tips offered in this guide can be applicable to all of the above games. Check it out! If you're having trouble with game performance, check out this article.

On dropping in and arming up

You begin each match by parachuting out of a plane - but you do have a fair amount of control when you jump, where you intend to land, and how fast you dive down to your destination.

In all instances, wherever you choose to drop, parachute down as fast as you can.

It goes without saying that where you drop down depends a great deal on your play philosophy: whether you intend to drop right into the action, or you start as far away from them as possible and wait for them to slaughter each other off first.

The following are not hard and fast rules, but are good places to pick up weapons as quickly as possible because very quickly; your bare hands just aren't going to cut it. 

Bitter Lake

The reason why you'd want to drop into Bitter Lake are the most obvious:

  • It is the absolute largest area on the map.
  • It's smack dab in the center which puts you at an advantageous spot to start maneuvering once safe zones start taking effect.
  • It's loaded with plenty of buildings for you to comb through for equipment.

It is also one of the busiest sections of the map and for good reason. All those buildings house some pretty fantastic weapons (I've pretty consistently found high drops of assault rifles, pistols, and SMGs in these buildings plus ammo) but if you're going to dive for them, dive fast because others are gunning for the same goods you are.

Rust Bay

The above is actually pretty good advice for all three of these places. Rust Bay is a little further away from the center of action, but loaded with weapon and equipment caches so you won't be the only player interested in touching down in this area. Be ready for combat fairly quickly.

Training Base

High risk, high rewards. This area is small and quite close to Bitter Lake where a lot of the action happens, so lots of it spills over into Training Base quite quickly. This is one of the easiest places to find a vehicle and the weapon drop isn't bad so consider getting in and getting out as quickly as you can.

Other good spots to drop in

Since the way the plane comes in at the beginning of each game changes a little every time. It's usually in your best interests to get on the ground as quickly as possible.. and sometimes that means you're hopping off far away from the areas outlined above. These are two areas more which are also okay to land in if your plane passes over them right away.

  • Research Edifice: This likely won't nab you the greatest amount of loot, but you're likely to find some basics, and you'll be in a good position to cross over into other high-occupancy areas of the map in terms of both distance and preparedness if you're quick enough at rummaging.
  • Safe Store: There's quite a few options for loot here, even high-damage weapons like assault rifles. Its close proximity to Wheat Town means spillover from players dropping down in there is likely to happen quicker than you'd like for a medium-drop area where you're going to need to scavenge a little while longer.

I've seen some other suggestions for landing areas including at Thermal Power since these are areas that don't get a lot of traffic. That's a separate strategy and if you come across a sniper rifle and scope, this can be a devastating camp spot - at least for a little while, until safe zones start closing down on you.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure that you aren't unarmed for long. Your opponents certainly won't be. If you found this guide useful, check out our other Rules of Survival guides!

Rules of Survival Guide: The Basics of Staying Alive Sun, 26 Nov 2017 12:51:26 -0500 Stephanie Tang

Even unfinished, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been raking in gaming awards (most recently Best Multiplayer Game and PC Game of the Year at the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards) and Guinness World Records... so it seems self-evident that PUBG clones are bound to start popping out of the woodwork.

Enter Rules of Survival by NetEase Games - a shockingly polished mobile game available on Android and iOS that follows in PUBG's virtual footsteps almost to a T. What's truly surprising is its meteoric rise to the top of the App Store charts - and all of it without any discernible affiliation with the makers of PUBG - and how the world (so far) seems to simply shrug and go along with it.

There are a few others that have garnered a fair following including Survivor Royale also by NetEase but with half the player count, and the more arcadey-looking Fortnite Battle Royale on Xbox. Many of the play tips that apply to Rules of Survival in this article and these tips for PUBG will also apply to the above games.

On playing mobile

This game is pretty cool for those players who are constantly on the go and can't stay tethered to a PC or Xbox for long... although I would argue that if you're in it for the win, you're in it for the long haul, and no 15 minute morning commute is going to land you a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

(No, the game doesn't actually go so far as to say that on the win screen, but they do inform you that you're downright savage!)

  • Keep a charger handy for this one if the games start to get long. Players should be aware that like many good-looking mobile games, Rules of Survival is going to eat into your battery life.
  • Try to find somewhere you won't be distracted. Not always possible, but a train full of jostling elbows is not going to help your aim, which is already going to be complicated by the fact that you're using virtual controls, not a controller or mouse and keyboard.
  • Take some time to play around with the control schemes. This game has put a ton of effort into customizing controls. Even if you like the default controls (and even I, as one of those oddball players that play on default on nearly every other game in existence, decidedly did not), you should at least check out the Advanced menu and turn on "double tap to turn around."
  • Learn the controls before you play for real. Hard as they tried to make this easy to play, virtual controls are not the same as physical - you are very much limited to confining almost all play to your thumbs, even more so than on controller. Aiming, moving, shooting, and trying to look around is clunky and difficult. (Tip: If you start off at a sprint for a few seconds, the game will lock it on, allowing you to switch over to other maneuvering/action buttons.)

Get moving

Be careful about the terrain that you're in... it goes without saying that the more open the area, the more vulnerable you are.

  • When in tall grass, if you really want to move fast through it, at least keep yourself crouched as you run. You can also choose to go down on a belly crawl if you're more concerned about not being seen at all.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage. Hills, buildings, stick close to them to avoid being seen for as long as possible.
  • It's okay to stay hunkered down in a building for a little while while the initial murder spree is happening. Keep on your toes in case anyone else decides to enter your particular house, but  it's not a bad idea to wait it out a little while to scavenge and organize first.
  • Watch the map. You'll want to open this up from time to time (make sure you're under cover when you do), because the safe zones will change and so will bombardment zones. The HUD will give you some indications, but don't ever forget the big picture stuff when location is so important.

Pick your supplies

Don't let the fact that you pop into the map bare-fisted and swinging worry you. There's plenty lying around for you to pick up, so it's okay to be a little discerning about what you do. As a pack rat and perpetual "but what if"-er myself, this was a particularly hard thing to learn.

  •  Choosing guns: Unless you're firmly planted in a sniping spot with a rifle, spray and pray is largely how you're going to get to the top of the scoreboards in this game. Handguns are nice to have, but you're likely going to want a little more punch and a bigger clip and precision shooting is hard on mobile when you've got to keep moving while you're shooting.
  • Armor up! Anything that can take some of the hit for you is definitely worth having. Grab what you can. 
  • Don't pick up what you don't need. You've got limited capacity, don't clog it up with ammo of the wrong type or too many bandages. Prioritize!
  • Shut the door behind you when you walk into a house and listen for sound cues of other people horning in on your territory.

Stick with your team

While gunning solo might be the most true-to-form Battle Royale style, the game offers the chance to play in duos and a team of four. If you choose these modes, stick to that strength! Having someone else to rely on vastly ups your odds.

Keep these things in mind when you're considering running off: 

  • It's possible to revive you if you get downed. 
  • It's much, much easier to set up a camp spot when you've got extra scavenger hands and extra eyes at your back. 
  • If you're going to range in a vehicle, you're going to want someone around that can provide you adequate cover fire. 
  • It's possible to play with friends! If you can coordinate, you have a huge advantage already over pretty much any and all other teams.

Of course, the opposite is also true. If all of you stay stuck to each other, you have a much higher chance of getting wiped out together too. Who knows who could sneak up on you with a grenade.

Stay close, but not on top of each other. Play it smart!

Other things to note

  • Don't hack: It should go without saying that this tactic is lame and a pathetic way to land on the scoreboard. There are a few hacks out there already; I've seen a few that will drop your recoil down to nothing, for example. But it requires .apk downloads, workarounds, and usually more access to fishy software than I'd want on my own personal phone. Really, let's just not. 
  • Slow and steady: It's an Aesop's fable, but it's also a truism of this game type. If you look like you're going to lose a firefight, bug out. Live longer; someone else may come along to kill that guy for you. You can always heal up if you're hurting, but not if you're dead.
  • Play the odds with loot drops. Occasionally loot crates will drop from the sky with supplies. When faced with these, lots of players get struck by loot fever and run for them - even if they're way out in the open. If you're looking to narrow the playing field, getting yourself situated and picking off these looters may get you some of your best kill streaks.

Got all of the basics down and want some advice on where to parachute in and where to get your hands on the best guns? Check out this guide!

If you're having issues with game performance, check out this article.

Good luck, and fight smart!