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Having a dominant pitcher in Road to the Show mode for MLB The Show 16 can be one of the most exhilarating experiences the game has to offer. There is nothing quite like taking a perfect game into the late innings for a chance at history. The tense nature of pitching truly adds something amazing to the game. 

Our most recent MLB The Show 16 guide profiled how to make a hall of fame caliber position player, but provided little information on creating a pitcher. This guide will tell you all you need to know about creating a hall of fame worthy pitcher in Road to the Show mode. As with the last guide, we'll start with the first feature you will encounter in Road to the Show mode.

Customizing and creating your pitcher

Road to the Show mode allows you to completely create a pitcher from scratch. You will be allowed edit a variety of things, including pant length, glove color, and more. But the most important thing you will do in customizing your ideal pitcher is to pick the pitches you would like them to throw.

Your first pitch should be a good old 4-seam fastball. Some of you may want some more movement on your fastball, but the dart-like 4-seamer will come in handy when you need to put a pitch right on the black.

Your second pitch should be some type of off-speed pitch such as a curve ball or a change-up. In order to make your 4-seam fastball a feared pitch, you must have a feared off-speed pitch to set it up. This will keep the hitter off balance and allow you to keep the advantage during the at-bat.

Your third pitch is your decision -- just don’t choose a knuckleball because it is just too unpredictable. You will be able to add more pitches by using training points, but it's best to stick to 3 pitches early on in year career mode. Too many pitches to focus your training points on will cause some of your pitches to be weak links. You should focus on having two dominant pitches.

Focusing your Training Points


There is no other way to impress the scouts other than to pitch well. We will get to how to do that in a moment, but first you must understand how to spend your training points.

You will see three different types of menus where you are allowed to upgrade your player. One section is fielding and base running -- and you should completely ignore base running. Don’t completely ignore fielding, but it is not as important as your pitching statistics, obviously.

As much as it may hurt for you to do this because everyone wants to hit homers, you MUST ignore batting. Wasting your points to create a crummy pitcher who just hits well is not worth it and you probably won’t make it past the minors.

This brings us to the pitching menu, where you will spend nearly all of your training points. You will see things such as stamina, pitching clutch, HR/9 innings, and a couple of other specific attributes. You will also see your actual pitch statistics. This is where you will focus your training points.

4-Seam Fastball

Your best and most reliable pitch should be your fastball. There are 3 different fastball statistics to upgrade: control, velocity and break. Focus all of your points on the Velocity and Control attributes and DO NOT put anything into Break. This pitch is supposed to be the pitch you can locate anywhere and with good speed. You want to be able to control it and you want it to be at least 95 mph. 

Off-Speed Pitch

 Your off-speed pitch is the exact opposite of your fastball. You must focus your training points on Control and Break instead of Control and Velocity. The more break you have on the pitch, the more it will move, making it harder to hit. You should still use some training points on your off-speed pitch velocity. The faster you throw the off-speed pitch, the harder it will be to hit -- especially if you have a lot of movement on it and can control wherever it goes.

How to pitch 101

Here come the tips that will allow your RTTS pitcher to be a dominant force in the big leagues. The first tip is to use the pitching meter display and keep the ball icon visible. This will make locating your pitches and as hard or as soft as you like. The ball icon when your pitcher is on the mound has the option to be visible, visible but faded, and not visible at all. Make sure you make the ball icon visible at first, because you will not be able to see where you are throwing the ball. You will only be able to move the analog stick to where you think you are throwing the pitch.

The next tip would be to throw to the corners. If you are up in the count 0-2 on the hitter, then your first obligation should be to throw a 4-seam fastball up and in. This is the hardest pitch to hit in the history of baseball and if you have pinpoint precision, you will start racking up strikeouts. Using the corners, you will be able to keep the advantage in the at-bat. Pinpoint your pitches on the corners of the plate and you will be golden.

The final tip is to develop a sinker. I know what you are thinking: "why didn’t you tell me this earlier?" Well, to be honest, I didn’t want this guide to seem like it was controlling every choice you made. You may have a phenomenal 3rd pitch and if you picked a sinker originally, then good for you. However, the sinker MUST be the first pitch you incorporate into your repertoire. The sinker pitch can sink from the middle of the plate to the left or right inside corner and is simply devastating. If you have the patience to develop a good sinker, then it will become your best pitch.


There you have it...apply what you have learned in this guide and you are more than on your way to the Hall of Fame. One thing I did not mention in this guide that was mentioned in the other and should go without saying is to use the perks system. The perks system will allow you to create situational advantages for yourself in a game throughout your career.

 To recap:

  • Use the pitching meter and ball icon display
  • Pitch to the corners, 0-2 count is fastball up and in
  • Develop a sinker pitch
  • Use the perks system

MLB The Show 16 is out now for PS4 and PS3.

Road to the Show in MLB The Show 16: How to make a hall of fame caliber player Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:30:01 -0400 Eric Adams

MLB The Show 16 will be hitting stores tomorrow and gamers are eager to start hitting some home runs. Most of you will pick up the game, give Road to the Show a shot and immediately think you are Babe Ruth, only to realize that you are merely a rookie. Don’t you fret, there are a few things you can do to make your player a real stud. Before we get into that, let’s discuss the very beginning of Road to the Show mode.

Customizing and creating your player

In Road to the Show, you will create a baseball player and be able to choose which position you would like to play along with a multitude of other customizations. Those customizations include batting stance/pitching motion, bat and glove color, batting gloves, uniform modifications and plenty more. Don’t worry about choosing a specific region from where you are from. Whether it is East, West, Central or International, this decision will have no impact on your player and how he performs.

The most important thing you will do when creating your player is assigning stat points. When you first make a player, you will be assigned a certain amount of stat points. What you do with your stat points will determine what type of player you create. If you want to be fast then you put your points in speed. If you want to aim for a gold glove then you should work on arm strength and fielding. If you want to be a singles and line drive guy then work on contact. Home run hitters will pour the points into the power department.

Use your points wisely and try not to worry about not spreading them out enough. You are headed to the minors to work on your skills regardless of what you do so don’t worry about maxing out a certain attribute. Speaking of maxing out an attribute, you should max out Contact and Power simply because batting is how you get most of your points as long as you aren’t a pitcher.

Impressing the scouts

The next step after creating your player is taking part in Bowman scout day to determine your draft stock. At Bowman scout day, you will take part in fielding and hitting drills. How you perform in these drills will determine your scouting report, which you will see at the end. It is here where you will be introduced to the brand new Showtime feature. When fielding the ball, entering Showtime mode will slow down time, allowing for a better reaction to the situation at hand. When batting, you are allowed to use the Showtime feature one time and not on every pitch, or else this would be too easy.

Depending on how you do at Bowman scout day, you will then be given a draft projection. You will be able to play two more games against other draft hopefuls from around the world that will either help or hurt your draft stock depending on how you perform. You will then be drafted, and just like that, you are playing baseball for the minor league affiliate of a Major League squad. Time to progress through the ranks and prove that you belong in The Show.

Tips and tricks for racking up stat points

Your player will start off with an overall of about 65 or less. While you are sure to play like a 65 overall minor leaguer, there are some things you can do in the settings to increase your chances of performing well. The better you play in your games, the more points you will receive to increase your stats.

My first suggestion for helping you perform better is a simple new feature that is making its debut in MLB The Show 16: the perks system. Perks are available when you enter the training and perks menu from the Road to the Show home screen. In order to use perks, you must be a certain overall in a certain attribute. So the perk that allows you to slow down pitches may require a 75 overall plate vision attribute in order to use it. While you may not be able to use some of the better perks right away, there are still perks you can use relatively early on that will help you on your journey to the majors. Long story short, use the perks. They can help you pitch better, field better and hit better, so why wouldn’t you?

The next suggestion relates to when you are batting. You will most likely use the camera angle that puts you in the catchers POV. You will notice your strike zone, at least for the first pitch, and then it may disappear, but you can modify that so it stays throughout the at-bat. Here is the hint, turn on and use the reticle. By reticle, I mean a little oval shaped outline that will act as your hit box. Putting the ball right in the middle of this reticle will result in better contact and better chances at getting a hit. It may take some getting used to, but it makes hitting much easier. There are plenty of other options that will change the way you hit, such as the timing preference, but this is the easiest feature to adjust to. This reticle makes hitting much simpler.

The final suggestion may come as a surprise to some veterans of the game and might even be disagreed with. The trick is to turn off guess pitch. The guess pitch feature allows you to guess the type of pitch and where it will be in the strike zone. If you guess correctly, then you will have a better chance to hit the ball. However, guess incorrectly and you will be penalized and put at a disadvantage. Being a long time fan of the franchise, I can assure you that you are better off turning guess pitch off entirely. The risk is not worth the reward here, and you will be at peace knowing that you are not putting yourself in a hole before even seeing a pitch.

Carry Over Saves

As was the case with last year’s edition of The Show, there will be carry over saves for the Road to the show mode. This means you can continue your players’ career from where you left off in the previous installment. Assuming you can still use the perks system, this will offer a nice reward for players who put in the time and effort from last years installment.

Creating a Pitcher

"I don't like pitches up and in, especially fastballs" - every hitter ever

Didn’t want to leave out something for those who wish to bring the heat, so here is my only piece of advice. As a pitcher in MLB The Show 16 (or any MLB The Show game for that matter), your strikeout pitch should always be a fastball up and in. Trust me when I say that this pitch just works. It also works best if you use the 4 seam fastball option, so make sure that is one of your first three pitches. I know some of you may want some movement and opt for the cut-fastball, but the 4 seamer works best. Up and in and you always win. Watch the strikeouts pile up, and as long as you continue to work on your accuracy and pitch power, this pitch will remain your bread and butter.

From Rookie to Veteran to Hall of Famer

MLB The Show 16 offers baseball fans the chance to become the player they have always wished they could be. It is a game that can exhilarate with the best of the sports games and is certainly worth the time of baseball fans who also play video games. However, it only releases on PS4, so sorry about that Xbox owners.

While on your journey to Cooperstown, make sure you remember the three suggestions that will help along the way. Make sure to:

  • Use the perks system
  • Turn off guess pitch
  • Turn on the reticle feature for hitting

By doing all of that, you will ensure success and start performing like an all-star. MLB The Show 16 releases for PS4 and PS3 tomorrow. Play ball!

Get ready to play ball, MLB The Show 16 hits stores tomorrow Mon, 28 Mar 2016 11:57:09 -0400 Eric Adams

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and the king of sports video gaming will wear the crown once again tomorrow. MLB The Show 16, the latest installment in The Show franchise, will be out for PS4 and PS3 tomorrow, March 29.

There are plenty of updates and changes to this installment in the MLB series. The yearly improvements have been noted to change the gameplay, with one huge new addition being the Showtime feature. With the Showtime feature on, you will be able to slow down a certain situation in which you are taking part. So when fielding a ground ball, time will slow down so you can appropriately react to the play at hand.

And yes, this also means that the Showtime feature will slow down time for one pitch of your choosing during an at-bat. The Showtime feature is, however, limited to one pitch per game. There goes the hope of a home run per at-bat, sorry to the cheesing community.

Along with player updates and the Showtime feature, there are a multitude of new additions that make this installment of The Show worth your while. Be sure to pick up a copy tomorrow when the game comes to PlayStation consoles.

MLB The Show 16 buying guide Mon, 21 Mar 2016 16:21:50 -0400 Eric Adams

MLB The Show 16 is the latest installment in The Show franchise and -- if it is anything like its predecessors -- it is sure to be a home run. The game revives revamped fan favorite game modes such as Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, while also adding new features such as the showtime feature. The showtime feature will allow players to slow down gameplay during an at bat or while fielding the ball. If you started a player in last years game, then you can bring the player to this years edition using the carry over saves feature. 

Pre-ordering MLB The Show 16 will have its benefits. Pre-order bonuses include 10 standard packs and 1 player rep rookie card. For those who pre-order on the PlayStation Store, you will also receive three exclusive MLB themed PS4 avatars along with the packs and player rep card. Those who pre-order at GameStop will receive five bonus item packs along with the packs and the rep card.

The game is available in three separate editions, which are detailed below:

Standard Edition - $59.99

  • The basic game 

MVP Edition - $69.99

  • 5,000 in stubs
  • 1 sponsor pack
  • 10 standard packs
  • 31 MLB themed PS4 avatars
  • 1 Opening Day pack
  • MVP Edition steel book

Digital Deluxe Edition - $99.99

  • 11,000 in stubs
  • 1 sponsor pack
  • 20 standard packs
  • 31 MLB themed PS4 avatars
  • 3 Opening Day packs

Which of these editions of the game is the one for you? Well, if you don’t really care about card packs or avatars, then you can rule out the $100 Digital Deluxe edition. From there, it is hard to argue with all of the offerings of the MVP edition for just a measly $10 more. I’d say the MVP edition offers you the most value.

 MLB The Show 16 releases on PS4 and PS3 on March 29th, 2016.

MLB The Show 16 is one month away from release Tue, 16 Feb 2016 10:19:13 -0500 Eric Adams

Spring is right around the corner and so is a new installment in the MLB The Show franchise. MLB The Show 16 looks to build on one of the more impressive sports gaming franchises and, if any past year is an indication, it is not likely to disappoint. A slew of new features have been added to this year’s edition of The Show and returning is the carry over saves from last year’s edition. Let’s go into depth on those features to see what is in store for us this year.

Carry Over Saves

Introduced in last year’s installment of The Show, carry over saves allow you to continue your Road to the Show or Franchise campaign from last year’s game. So, instead of restarting from the minors or from scratch, you can continue on your path to Cooperstown.


This brand new feature will allow players to slow down time during a game. That’s right, you can make your player go full matrix mode in order to dig out a ball in the hole or properly see the ball go from your bat and into McCovey Cove.

Road to the Show Improvements

The best career mode in any sports game will be getting some new features this year as well. These features include a new training system and new animations once your player completes season and career milestones. Another new underrated feature is the ability to play an entire series without returning to the Road to the Show menu.

MLB The Show 16 will have a lot to offer when it comes out March 29th. Along with the regular version of the game, an MVP edition along with a digital deluxe edition have been announced and the details of what is included in the both editions can be seen in the image at the top of this article. MLB The Show 16 hits PS4 and PS3 soon so get ready to play ball!