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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture was released in August 11, 2015 on PS4, and now it has finally released on Steam for PC players. The game is about people who keep disappearing in a village around the same time that an observatory starts receiving mysterious signals. You can watch the trailer for the game in the header video above.

According to The Chinese Room, developer of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, this is how the story opens:

The world ended 37 minutes ago
It is time to begin

Yaughton, Shropshire. 06:37am 6th June 1984.

Deep within the Shropshire countryside, the village of Yaughton stands empty. Toys lie forgotten in the playground, the wind blows quarantine leaflets around the silent churchyard. Down on Appleton’s farm, crops rustle untended. The birds lie where they have fallen.

The main character is the only one left in the village and being neglected by the Rapture. They can use radio signals to uncover the mystery of what happened in this "rapture". It is up to the player to figure out exactly what went down on this village's last day.

Besides the mysterious storyline, the beautiful environment and audio design are another selling point for the game.  

Abandoned observatory at night 

The abandoned farmland

Empty street in front of village houses

Clean and emptied road

A messy abandoned room

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has multiple storylines, which will allow the player to replay and explore other possibilities that lead to different outcomes.

You can pick it up now on Steam.

Destiny's New Trailer Takes Us To Mars Fri, 15 Aug 2014 12:12:01 -0400 Yasmin Curren

With Destiny's release date of September 9th approaching, Bungie have uploaded a new trailer to help ease the pain in this waiting process.

This trailer explores the red dunes of the planet Mars, one of the many battleground locations that Destiny players will be able to explore. The planet certainly lives up to its name, meaning 'Roman God of War', as the trailer shows many death-defying action scenes using the characters highly varied abilities, ranging from weapon-uses to super abilities (or, if you prefer the term, 'space magic'!)

Not only does the trailer show off the action that can be enjoyed in the game, but also the stunning detail that makes it so beautiful! Just look at Mars' red sand dunes getting lifting up into the air by the wind in front of crumbling buildings and a blinding sun, isn't that enough to get you excited? I hope this game will be able to live up to the visual expectations as well as the gameplay ones!

The trailers description reads:

What little we know of Mars may as well be a myth. We built a massive metropolis in the red dust. No one knows what remains of our lost age, now buried beneath the dunes.

With not long to wait, we'll soon be seeing for ourselves what countless planets really hold in store for a Guardian on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One! Players who pre-order the game, with a choice of different packages, can gain bonuses which will be unavailable anywhere else. These include: Vanguard weapons, gear, a player emblem and more!