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EA SPORTS is continuing their yearly tradition of simulating the upcoming NHL season, and has simulated the 2016-2017 season using NHL 17, and the results are right here, right now!

Is this picture accurate?

This isn't the breakdown of each and every team's results, but we have EA SPORTS have simulated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place from each division here today. If you wanted to know which teams NHL 17 has predicted to place high, see below:

Eastern Conference:


  1.   1. Tampa Bay Lightning - 107 pts
  2.   2. Montreal Canadiens – 99 pts
  3.   3. Washington Capitals – 97 pts


Metropolitan Division:

  1. Washington Capitals – 97 pts
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins – 93 pts
  3. Philadelphia Flyers – 93 pts
 Atlantic Division:
  1. Tampa Bay Lightning – 107 pts
  2. Montreal Canadiens – 99 pts
  3. Florida Panthers – 93 pts
Western Conference Standings:
  1. Nashville Predators – 110 pts
  2. Dallas Stars – 107 pts
  3. San Jose Sharks – 107 pts
Central Division:
  1. Nashville Predators – 110 pts
  2. Dallas Stars – 107 pts
  3. Chicago Blackhawks – 102 pts
Pacific Division:
  1. San Jose Sharks – 107 pts
  2. Los Angeles Kings – 93 pts
  3. Edmonton Oilers – 85 pts

Stanley Cup Finals



Congratulations on a well-earned hypothetical victory Nashville! 

End of Season Award Winners:
  • Presidents’ Trophy: Nashville Predators
  • Conn Smythe Trophy: Filip Forsberg (NSH)
  • Hart Memorial Trophy: Connor McDavid (STL)
  • Art Ross Trophy: Connor McDavid (EDM)
  • James Norris Memorial Trophy: Brent Burns (SJS)
  • Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy: Vladimir Tarasenko (STL)
  • Vezina Trophy: Carey Price (MTL)
  • William M. Jennings Trophy: Martin Jones (SJS)
  • Frank J. Selke Trophy: Anze Kopitar (LA)
  • Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Nicklas Backstrom (WAS)
  • Calder Memorial Trophy: Auston Matthews (TOR)
  • Ted Lindsay Award: Connor McDavid (EDM)

Will EA SPORTS' simulation be correct? Will NHL 17's victorious outcome for the Nashville Predators become reality? Only time will tell.

For those of you interested in the actual NHL 17 game, it is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, and you can watch the trailer down below:

Warlords of Draenor's final PvP season coming to a close Mon, 11 Jul 2016 05:21:02 -0400 Kevin Malkiewicz

Blizzard has announced that the final PvP season for Warlords of Draenor will come to a close on July 19th. The end of this third and final PvP season means players can begin to prepare for the “Legion” pre-patch and full release of the next expansion.

As with every other conclusion of a WoW PvP season, any remaining PvP currency (Conquest and Honor points) will be converted to gold. Rated Battlegrounds and Arena matches will no longer be available after July 19th as well. With only a little more than a week remaining, now would be the time to grind out ratings for rewards, such as this sweet Warmongering Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling.

Season 1 of Legion PvP will begin after the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion on August 30. Major class and balance changes are on the horizon with the upcoming expansion. Enjoy these last waning moments with your favorite characters, and get excited for the new content on the horizon.

League of Legends Season 5 New Jungle Guide: Gromps and Smites and Dragons, Oh My! Fri, 05 Dec 2014 19:23:38 -0500 TheCasualGamer

There will be a lot of unfamiliarity with the new jungle for weeks to come and it is only fair I use my existing knowledge to benefit the less fortunate. This week we are going to be taking a look at all the changes to jungle camps, routes, and neutral objectives.

Jungle Camps

Red Brambleback

This scary looking tree isn't Maokai but killing him feels just as satisfying. Killing this guy is going to imbue you with the Crest of Cinders.

This unit's physical attacks apply a debuff that slows the target's movement speed by8 / 16 / 24% (5 / 10 / 15% for ranged attacks) for 3 seconds and a DoT that deals 8 + (2 × level) bonus true damage twice. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer.

In addition to the Crest of Cinders, Smiting the Brambleback instantly restores 20 percent of your maximum health.

Smite Priority: Medium

Blue Sentinel

No Malphite didn't get a new skin either. Killing the Sentinel grants the Crest of Insight to the killer.

This unit regens 25 flat mana regeneration per 5 seconds and 0.5% of their maximum mana (or energy) per second and has 10% cooldown reduction on their abilities. If slain, this buff transfers to the killer.

In addition to the Crest of Insight, Smiting the Sentinel restores 25 percent of your maximum mana over 2 seconds.

Smite Priority: Lowest


This guy is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. He takes some mushrooms and grows to 5 times his normal size. Smiting the Gromp will grant you Gift of the Toadstool:

Attackers are poisoned for 6 (+ 6 per level) magic damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 90 seconds.

Note: It is possible to gain this buff without killing the Gromp but it can only be obtained once per spawn.

Smite Priority: High


Sentinel Jr. has replaced the golems. These guys look like a mix between the Sentinel and a turtle. Smiting the Krugs grants Gift of Heavy Hands.

Stuns minions and monsters every 1st and 5th hit. Your first attack against a turret deals 50 (+15 per level) true damage but consumes this buff. Lasts 90 seconds.

Note: It is possible to gain this buff without killing the Krugs but it can only be obtained once per spawn.

Smite Priority: High


CAWWWWWWWW! I think even Swain would be scared of these deformed looking parrot-lizards. Smiting the Razorbeaks grants Razor Sharp.

Gives you a warning and magical sight for 10 seconds when an enemy ward spots you. Lasts 90 seconds, with 1 charge.

Note: It is possible to gain this buff without killing the Razorbeaks but it can only be obtained once per spawn.

Smite Priority: Highest


These probably look the most menacing of any new jungle monster. Don't worry though they don't bite, too hard. Smiting the Murkwolves spawns a Rift Spirit.

Summons a Rift Spirit that watches over a portion of the jungle. Lasts 90 seconds, but that timer goes down when the spirit chases enemies.

Note: It is possible to spawn a spirit without killing the Murkwolves but it can only be obtained once per spawn.

Smite Priority: Own, Low // Enemy, High


Whenever possible look to smite the Razorbeaks. Clearing wards should be a high priority as a jungler and the Razor Sharp buff will help you accomplish that goal. Secondary smite targets are Gromp and Krugs for their help in increasing your jungle clear speeds. Buffs should now only be smited if they are under contention or you are low on the respective resource and are not going back to base. The most situational smite is Murkwolves depending on vision control, which camp and time of game but is generally acceptable before returning to base.

Jungle Routes

Blue Side: High Sustain

When starting on blue side with champions that can sustain well in the jungle the path you should follow is generally Krugs (Smite Krugs) --> Brambleback --> Razorbeaks --> Gromp (Smite Gromp) --> Sentinel.

This path starts with help from the duo lane and makes use of the most efficient smite buffs for early jungle clearing.

Blue Side: Low Sustain

When starting on blue side with champions that can't sustain well in the jungle the path you should follow is generally Krugs (Smite Krugs) --> Brambleback --> Razorbeaks --> Recall (Purchase Jungle Item) --> Gromp (Smite Gromp) --> Sentinel.

Again starting with the help of the duo lane, you will need to back after the third camp to prevent dying to jungle creeps and falling behind.

Purple Side: High Sustain

When starting on blue side with champions that can sustain well in the jungle the path you should follow is generally Gromp (Smite Gromp) --> Sentinel --> Murkwolves --> Krugs (Smite Krugs) --> Brambleback --> Razorbeaks.

The mirrored start for purple side means you should start at the Gromp with help from the ad carry and support. Once again making sure to smite the targets that increase jungle clear speeds.

Purple Side: Low Sustain

When starting on blue side with champions that can't sustain well in the jungle the path you should follow is generally Gromp (Smite Gromp) --> Sentinel --> Murkwolves --> Recall (Purchase Jungle Item) --> Krugs (Smite Krugs) --> Brambleback --> Razorbeaks.

You should have the idea by now, just back after camp number three or suffer the wrath of the Brambleback.


Fiddlesticks: Fiddlesticks does not require a jungle item to be successful. Start with an amplifying tome and take down Sentinel and proceed much like the Season 4 jungle.

Warwick: Warwick is free to start anywhere on the map keeping in mind the previous smite preferences. Invading after taking your first buff is generally risk free against low sustain junglers.

Nunu: Nunu should start at Sentinel (Purple Side) or Brambleback (Blue Side) and take it down without smite followed by taking the respective high priority smite target. Invading with Nunu is also fairly risk free.

Shaco: Start at Brambleback and invade immediately afterwards. Set up boxes and wait for your opponent for a quick and surprising First Blood.

Neutral Objectives

Both major neutral objectives got huge makeovers. Dragon no longer grants team-wide gold and the gained experience has been halved, now instead it grants the Dragon Slayer buff. Baron Nashor has been changed to now have a visible special attack animation (in a set order) and now gives the Hand of Baron buff.


The Dragon Slayer buff now makes players have a much more meaningful decision when trading objectives in the mid and late game, part of Riot's design philosophy.

  • Dragon's Might (1 stack): +8% total attack damage and ability power
  • Dragon's Dominance (2 stacks): +15% damage to minions and monsters
  • Dragon's Flight (3 stacks): +5% movement speed
  • Dragon's Wrath (4 stacks): +15% damage to turrets and buildings
  • Aspect of the Dragon (5 stacks, repeatable): Doubles all other bonuses and your attacks burn enemies for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. Lasts 180 seconds.

Trading Dragon for towers is no longer always the best decision. I have won 4 or 5 games already this season by heavily prioritizing Dragons. It has large comeback potential and in my opinion should be prioritized much more than before. Watch out when attempting to slay the dragon early as his damage has been significantly increased and now deals an AOE in a cone.

Baron Nashor

Hand of Baron has gone from a large boost in stats to the ultimate sieging buff. Buffing minions, lowering recall times and giving a mini-homegaurd buff is more than enough to finish a stalled out game.

Hand of Baron grants up to 40 attack power and ability power (scaling with game time)
Hand of Baron grants an aura that empowers nearby minions:
    • All Minions:
      • Now match 90% of average movement speed of nearby champions, up to a limit of 500 movement speed
      • Are resistant to slow effects
      • Non-super minions have 75% damage reduction versus area of effect, damage over time, and persistent effects
    • Melee Minions:
      • Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minions or turrets
      • Size is increased
      • +75 attack range
      • 75% damage reduction versus champions and minions
      • 30% damage reduction versus turrets (similar to cannon minions)
    • Ranged Minions:
      • +20 attack damage
      • +50% missile speed
      • +100 attack range
    • Cannon Minions:
      • +600 Attack Range
      • +50 Attack Damage, but Attack Speed is halved
      • Attacks are now Area of Effect (200 range) and deal 2x damage to Turrets.
    • Super Minions:
      • +25% Attack Speed.
      • Gain +50% Movement Speed when within 800 units of enemy minion or Turret.
Hand of Baron augments your Recall with new effects:
    • Baron buff reduces recall channel by 4 seconds.
    • A successful recall heals 50% a champion's maximum health / mana
    • A successful recall grants +50% movement speed for 8 seconds

Baron Nashor was always the most highly contested objective in League of Legends and will likely stay as such. However, It should do a much more efficient job of ending games than before with the minion empowering aura.

Wrap Up

I hope this has helped take another small edge off the overwhelming amount of things to learn on patch 4.20. Be sure to check out the guide to new items in Season 5 that I wrote this past week.

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The Final End of Season Push: Shut Up, Learn Up, Rank Up. Mon, 03 Nov 2014 10:50:10 -0500 TheCasualGamer

I constantly hear people ask, "What is the best way to improve my rank in League of Legends?" While many people often give or receive the same answers, 'don't rage' or 'buy wards', I'm going to provide you with what I believe are the most beneficial tips for grinding out ladder games and moving up the ranks.

  1. Disable /All Chat

    There is no benefit to having /all chat enabled. Communicating with the other team while in the game serves no purpose in the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy nexus. 

  2. Take A Break Between Games

    Win or lose get up and walk around for 5 minutes. Grab a glass of water, stretch, open a window, go to the washroom, anything. Breaking the cycle of the "Play Again" button will allow you to improve your concentration when you start up again. Focusing on a computer screen for hours at a time is not only detrimental to you wellness but can also decrease your attentiveness over a prolonged gaming session.

  3. Set Ego Aside, Emulate The Pros

    They didn't get to become the best at the game for no reason. Look up guides, runes/masteries and build orders for your most popular champions. "I have a setup to match my playstyle," while that may be true it's also possible that your playstyle in sub-optimal and could be improved!

  4.  Comfort Pick > Counterpick

    Especially in lower ranked games I used to see people talk about how X champion was Y champion's hardest counter because they read it on a website somewhere. That may be true, but it doesn't account for the amount of experience each player has playing their champion. Picking Fizz against Twisted Fate is well and good in theory, but if you have never played Fizz before you are in for a world of hurt.

  5. Be Annoying With Smart Pings

    I don't care how annoying your top laner thinks you are. If you look at the minimap and see a jungler coming to gank him, you better start spamming those retreat pings because there is a 99% chance he isn't looking at the minimap. Let people know where you are going every time you leave lane! Ask for help with a ping instead of typing it and missing out on last hits. The notification sound is the biggest part of team communication and will cause your teammates to look at the minimap for information.

  6. Narrow Your Champion Pool

    The only time you were ever able to play every champion with the same caliber was before you ever set foot on the Rift. You will never be able to perform as well on 80-100 champions as you could if you only played 8-10. Find your favourites in each role and stick to them. Practice, Practice, Practice!

  7. It Is Okay To Queue Dodge

    Losing 3 LP and 5 minutes is much better than losing 15 LP and 45 minutes. If your team is being extremely uncooperative or on tilt from a previous game it is often a very good time to take your 5 minute break. While I often discourage dodges based on champion picks, if your team is missing any of the 5 key roles in the team it is also a good time to dodge.

  8. Warm Up IN and OUT of Game

    There is a reason that the pros have hand warmers on stage with them. Believe it or not you will have a significantly slower reaction time if your hands are cold. In a game where literally fractions of a second can make a difference between winning and losing games it can't hurt to give yourself every advantage possible.

    Play a warm up game. It doesn't always have to be League of Legends. Play playing something that tests you accuracy, reaction time and gets your fingers moving. Things like OSU or Typeracer are good for this.

  9. Listen To Music

    Listening to music can have the advantage of improving cognitive function. Music that lacks vocals is best for this as to not introduce external stimulus or detract from the in-game sound effects that can negatively impact performance.

  10. Stop Playing The Game

    If you have lost several games in a row just stop playing the game. Whether you think you are or not the truth is that you are tilting. It's an emotional response that we have little control over as humans. You will play much worse after 3-4 losses than you will after 3-4 wins.

If you follow all these tips and take them seriously, along with not raging and buying wards, you should see an improvement in your overall ranking in time for the ladder season to close up in a few weeks.

Featured Image from devilxkat

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Details and Season Two Hints Thu, 13 Jun 2013 17:43:43 -0400 Aneudys Tejeda

Five Stories, One Episode.

The Walking Dead: 400 is our first look at what could be another Game of the Year Contender.

A new add-on episode to The Walking Dead Season 1 is coming this July for $4.99 and will detail the story of 5 survivors. 400 Days requires that you have the first episode of Season One installed in order to play. Telltale Studios additionally recommends starting with Season One since the choices you made in that story will influence the story line in 400 Days. So, in continuing this formula, your choices in 400 Days will have consequences in Season Two. To get the most unique experience, it's best to play all three on the same platform and keep all of your save files.

400 Days will have five different stories that introduce five new characters to The Walking Dead world. The new characters include: Bonnie, Shel, Wyatt, Russell, and Vince. The episode is told in an anthology style manner. Each of the five stories, which can be played in any order, takes place sometime over a period of-you guessed it, 400 days at a local truck stop. Beginning from the first day of the zombie outbreak up until the 400th day, the conclusion of the episode will wrap up all five storys. Also the outcome, which will depend heavily on the tough choices you make, will be entirely up to you.

Whether or not characters from Season One will cross over into 400 Days remains to be seen. Telltale refuses to say anything except "Who knows?". Since 400 Days is going to be linking your choices from the previous game to sculpt the story for Season 2, I feel it is almost certain. Telltale also won't say if Season Two will pick up after that 400 day period or if any characters who survive 400 Days will live to see another day in the second season. 

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be hitting PSN, XBLA, PC, iOS, and Mac in July. The newly announced version for the PS Vita will include both Season One and 400 Days, and will be released in August. And be sure to check out the award winning first season to experince one of the most emotionally triumphant games of 2013.


UPDATE: Telltale Teases The Walking Dead Season 2 Tue, 04 Jun 2013 00:32:49 -0400 Aneudys Tejeda

Telltale has just released a teaser for a new character in season two of the award winning episodic series, The Walking Dead.

Posted on their official Twitter page via the Vine App all that can be seen is a picture of a character being posted by the name of Vince as well as the text "Day 2." Nothing else is known about the character thus far.

Also spotted in the beginning is a character slightly resembling a character from season one, Christa. There is also an unknown character sporting a 'TTG' shirt.

Telltales' The Walking Dead has won many Game of the Year Awards from dozens of sites. It has been praised for its emotional story that has left many players speechless, including myself. Despite its technical hiccups, I've always found myself taken away from the game's engrossing story and bleak world. The Walking Dead has crafted a world that captures the idea of surviving this zombie apocalypse just like the comics. Needless to say, the stakes are very high coming into season two.

Without spoiling season one, the series can really go in any direction at this point and it will be interesting to see how it will use your save from the previous game to continue this fantastic story. Let's hope Telltale can strike gold again with its second season.

Additionally, The Walking Dead writer, Gary Whitta, said that more of The Walking Dead is in in the works before season two. It may be a prologue episode or just ports to Vita or other platforms. Telltale has said they're aiming for a Fall 2013 release and with E3 just days away, we will certainly see more very soon. Possibly on the second day?



It seems like Telltale just loves to tease its fans. Today they have posted another Vine showing a new character, Bonnie. This time the text reads "Day 220"



Black Ops II Hollywood Scribe David Goyer Wants To Make A Da Vinci's Demons Game (Exclusive) Mon, 13 May 2013 13:08:50 -0400 John Gaudiosi

Hollywood producer and writer David S. Goyer has helped craft comic book heroes like the Dark Knight and Superman in movies like The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel. He’s also worked with game developer Treyarch on both Call of Duty: Black Ops games. With his own hit show getting picked up for a second season at Starz, Goyer is already thinking about a Da Vinci’s Demons video game.

“If ever there were a character that you could wrap a game around, whether it be an RPG or whether it be a smaller game, it’s Leonardo Da Vinci,” Goyer said, who has begun production on the second season of the show. “There are definitely a lot of possibilities with this character and I think there are a lot of cool gameplay elements that would lend themselves really well to Da Vinci.”

It was Goyer’s last TV project, Flash Forward, that gave him is first interactive gig. Treyarch execs were fans of that short-lived series, which involved a lot of nonlinear storytelling.

“The first Black Ops game had that kind of nonlinear structures as well, and Treyarch had gotten lost in an abyss, so they thought I might be able to help them with that,” said Goyer. “I do like nonlinear storytelling. Black Ops 2 is completely nonlinear, even that we had over 15 different endings. In a weird way you’re almost writing a matrix of some scenes. We had to create a flow chart, as opposed to just beating something out in a normal fashion.”

Goyer, who is a gamer, enjoyed the challenge that video games brought, especially after working in Hollywood for so many years.

“It’s completely different... The challenge with writing a first person shooter is that the player is the main character, so you have to figure out different ways to deliver exposition. You have to be clever because you can’t cut away. Sometimes we had to figure out some ways around it. It’s much more complicated to convey exposition or information that the player has to have in order to complete the game.”

Goyer added that shooters are usually more about environments and the challenge is to get the player emotionally invested in the characters and the story.

When he has time, and between the show, the movies and two young children, he doesn’t get to play games as he once did; he does keep up with big games like BioShock Infinite. He called that an amazing game, even though he had only played a little bit of it.

“I’m sure as the kids get older I’ll play more games with them, but right now they’re too young to young... My wife doesn’t let me even have any video games in the house. I have a detached office where I play them.”

Gaming has influenced his Hollywood work over the years, especially since he has remained a fan of gaming even if his gameplay time has diminished recently.

“An obvious point of reference would be Assassin’s Creed II in terms of Leonardo showing up in that series... Thanks to comic books and video games people are more adjusted to the idea of historical fantasy, or doing revisionist takes on historical characters. And I think that’s helped with our show, because that concept isn’t something that’s done frequently in television.”

Starz has been at the forefront of embracing technology, which fans of Spartacus (like me) know from the mobile, Facebook and free-to-play console DLC games that have been released since that show first took the world by storm. With Da Vinci’s Demons, the cable TV network decided to create its first second screen app for Apple iPads.

“With the app – I won’t say that I’m an expert gamer, but I would say that I’m an enthusiastic gamer because I do play games and download app games and things like that, so I was able to add some perspective to what they were doing,” said Goyer. “The app they made for this particular show is actually pretty clever. It has some minimal RPG elements to it. It was never going to be Assassin’s Creed because it takes a long time to develop a good game and this is a new show.”

The app, which is called Citizens of Florence, syncs with the show and dynamically unlocks interactive content in real-time. Fans can explore the virtual world of Florence as a character class like an artist or banker, and learn about the real city and the actual inventions of Da Vinci. It’s the first step to what Goyer hopes will be games.

“I think it’s interesting with The Walking Dead game that they’ve done as a companion piece to that show,” Goyer said as well. “With the show continuing to go I’d love to do a full-scale console RPG for DaVinci’s Demons, which I think the show could really lend itself to something unique.”

Given Starz’ track record with games, it’s likely Goyer will get his wish, hopefully for Season Two.