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If you're playing online with other people, servers are kind of important. They're the part of the network that allows you to actually do the whole "interacting with others" thing, after all. MMORPGs usually have different servers to facilitate different languages and locations as well as specific rulesets, so that players can either experience a more open PvP environment or a more roleplaying-heavy game. All of these things are important.

And almost all of these things will change.

Server changes are not wholly inevitable, but they're pretty common with any long-running game. There are merges, there are rule changes, there are expansions that change the makeup of servers, there are new servers that your group is considering swapping to, and so forth. Unless you're dealing with one of the handful of single-shard MMOs on the market, you will have to deal with server changes sooner or later. So let's talk a little bit about how to deal with major changes on your home server.

Understanding the nature of the change

There are a lot of different things that can happen with servers, but for the purposes of this article we're going to group them into two broad categories: mechanical changes and community changes.

Mechanical changes are things like a change to a server's ruleset (say, from RP-only to RP-PvP), turning on an expansion's features, rollbacks, and the like. Fundamentally, the population of the server has not significantly changed, but what the people on that server might value or be looking for has changed in a major way. Your guild's main way of generating money may no longer be viable, or people might have more need to be in a guild than in the past. But the community is still present, and the people you knew before are still around and active.

Community changes are usually server merges, but they can also include things like World of Warcraft's cross-realm zones, new chat modes, game integration, and so forth. These changes mean that the mechanics of the game likely aren't changing significantly, but the people in the game will be different. During the all-too-common server merges, you'll be seeing people you didn't know before, often encountering traditions you didn't know, and so forth. Or perhaps the servers will just be moved to a new location, affecting the ping rate of players in various ways.

Both of these will require some flexibility in dealing with a changing environment, but the bright side is that pretty much everyone else on your server will be dealing with the same issues at the same time. The down side, of course, is that this means you're not necessarily all working together.

The economy will shift

Whenever you have a major server change, this is a constant. Your guild probably has a way of making money if you have a guild bank, or it has a way of having wealthier members provide some sort of necessary financing otherwise. That means providing income on a regular basis, and all of that is going to change when a major change happens.

When a mechanical change goes down, your economy is shifting because what was super-valuable before may or may not still have any value. Crafting ingredients that were hard to get before the expansion might still be hard to get, but the items they make may no longer be worthwhile. Community changes, on the other hand, mean that communities are all going to be dealing with a very different player makeup; there may be a larger or smaller number of people selling the same things, and depending on the differences of the existing server communities, differing emphasis will be put on certain items.

The smartest thing to do, then, is to prepare ahead of time. Sell the stuff your guild had been hoarding for a rainy day, make your money, and then pull back. Put a moratorium on money-making for a bit until you've seen how the new economy will shake out and what's still valuable. You might miss out on an opportunity or two by being cautious, but you'll also avoid sinking big money into something that might not pan out. If previously rare items are suddenly selling for a pittance, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can make a killing; the value may never go back up, and you don't want to be left holding the bag.

Hold back a little bit. Sure, you might miss a deal, but you might also miss out on buying a lot of things only to watch their value fall further.

Culture shock

With server merges, this is a big deal. The server has certain accepted rules about how things are done, usually, based on time and what's worked. Rare enemies are pulled five minutes after the first sighting, for example. Quest enemies have a queue in place. New players learn the accepted rules of a given server or server cluster. But another server might have different rules, like only pulling an enemy after no one responds that they're coming to kill it, and you have to deal with a server full of people who think that there are different behaviors which count as rude.

The usual effect for guilds is to dig in. "We're from server A, and we're doing things like server A has always done things!" And that's a great way to ensure that you get left behind.

See, the fact is that once the merge happens, you're not in server A or server B, you're on server AB, and new rules need to be in place. So your best bet is to instead recruit people from the other server, welcome them, and understand the culture there. Use a mix of rules, and be flexible as things settle into place.

For mechanical changes, there's less culture animosity, but there's still some learning to be had as things no longer work the way they once did. Here, again, it's a matter of having good behavior rules in place for your guild as you wait for an overriding cultural imperative to become dominant. As long as your guild does its best to be respectful, you may very well have a hand in shaping the server culture as a whole to be respectful and polite to other players.

Progression issues

This affects both sorts of changes equally, but in different ways. With culture changes, suddenly the top progression groups or the most competitive PvP groups are at odds with one another for that distinction; they're pulling from the same crop of players. For mechanical changes, suddenly there's a question of what progression actually matters, and whether or not progression actually ought to continue.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer for this particular problem; a lot of push-and-pull is necessary. It's important, for example, to evaluate where you are in progression when you're getting close to the edge of a major change, and asking the important question about whether or not continuing is worth the effort. Remember that "no" is a valid effort; you could not want to compete in a more competitive environment or when the mechanics are shifting rapidly.

Most important is the matter of sticking by your guild's focus. If you're trying to focus on progress, continue to do so, but give yourself the space to change your lineup or experiment with new sorts of content. It may or may not be exactly what you had planned, but like all of these items, you need to be ready to roll with the changes.

ArcheAge getting server "Evolutions" and new servers next month Sat, 15 Aug 2015 14:56:04 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Love it or hate it, ArcheAge is definitely has a unique place in the current MMORPG market -- but anyone not on the up and up in regards to the game's housing and economic system may be really perplexed as to why Trion is simultaneously removing and adding new servers to the game next month.

Three things are taking place in the middle of next month that ArcheAge players should be aware about:

  • Multiple low-population servers are being merged into brand new single servers. This is what Trion is referring to as server Evolutions.
  • Servers transfers will be taking place for players who would rather join the ranks on the high population servers than go through with an Evolution.
  • New Fresh Start servers are being added (one for NA and the other for EU) with separate auction house clusters than the other servers, for a "launch-like" experience. These require brand new characters.

All three of these things are pretty big deals, since players currently on low population servers are going to lose their land in the merges and transfers -- if you're on one of the affected servers, you might want to take off work the day the Evolution to get some land.

Server Evolutions

The servers being merged during the Evolution are as follows:

North America
  • Inoch and Calleil are being merged to make Hanure.
  • Ezi and Lucius are being merged to make Nazar.
  • Naima and Enla are being merged to make Kraken.
  • Aier and Orchidna are being merged to make Anthalon.
  • Nui and Janudar are being merged to make Leviathan.
  • Melisara and Nebe are being merged to make Sirothe.

Servers not mentioned above will not be affected during the Evolution process, though players on the current servers mentioned above have the option to transfer to an already-present server. Players who are currently on a high population server are exempt from all of the above.

The new servers will be almost completely fresh, and as such there will be a land rush on the day they are released. But their economies will be tied with the high population servers because of the auction house clusters. Only the brand new servers, Morpheus (NA) and Rangora (EU) will have separate auction houses from the other servers.


If you're ready to jump ship from your current server and aren't too keen on being merged with another low population server, you better get ready to go through with the server transfer process lasting from August 25th to September 4th. This is the only window you will have to get a free server transfer during the Evolution process.

Those who apply to be moved to another server will be migrated on September 8th, before the 1.8/2.0 patch and Evolution.

There is a whole list of transfer restrictions found in the transfer and Evolution FAQ that you should read so you can get ready.

The big patch will be happening in the middle of September, after which ArcheAge will finally be sitting at the 2.0 version of the game and the new Fresh Start servers will be live.

Even if you aren't included in the Evolution process, you should read the transfer and Evolution FAQ to read about the (potential) guild cap and what is going to happen to property on Diamond Shores with the 2.0 update. Be sure to pop any questions you have in the megathread on the official ArcheAge forums asking for player questions to be answered on August 20th. Good or bad, the game is progressing next month and it's good to be in the know.

Server Changes Coming to RIFT Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:57:23 -0400 Mary Yeager

MMO's are known for server changes. Gamer populations rise and fall as players leave and others come back or play the game for the first time. RIFT has announced that they have server changes coming beginning October 23rd for both North American and European servers.

The development team for RIFT at Trion Worlds has release a community announcement listing the changes and stating that they have been working to bring Telarans "a unified universe of RIFT shards per region." These changes they believe will be for the good of all who play RIFT.

Change #1

One aspect of the server changes that the developer team has focused on is by increasing server population on existing servers by merging a few servers. This will help players on older hardware also be put on servers with newer hardware. Random pools for dungeons and warfronts will also be increased, making it where players will see different people as they queue up instead of the same players over and over.

Change #2

Another feature the development team has been working on and is set to deploy is multiple language support. This will be of greater interest to players that do not speak English. Now if you speak other languages (such as French or German), you can now do so in the game. Content will be available in multiple languages through the server architecture.

Server Migration Information

Starting October 23rd in North America and October 24th in Europe, RIFT will begin to migrate the following shards to their target shards.

North American Servers

  • Necropolis to Seastone
  • Shatterbone to Wolfsbane
  • Threesprings to Deepwood

Europe Servers

  • Volan to Bloodiron
  • Bightweald to Gelidra
  • Argent to Zaviel
  • Nomi to Briesol
Inactive Names

RIFT has also stated in an email to users that they will also be removing inactive names to allow them to go back into the pool of names that can be used before the unification process. The email should list characters that need to be logged into to preserve the name. Though to be safe, log into all your characters that you wish to preserve the name to.