Slime Rancher Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Slime Rancher Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Slime Rancher: How to Get the Deluxe Chicken Coop Wed, 13 May 2020 15:04:26 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Keeping carnivorous slimes is a more involved task than just keeping herbivorous ones in Slime Rancher, whether you're going out and picking up hens on your own or have got a chicken coop set up on Far, Far Range.

I personally like to keep chickens using two different methods:

  1. Tossing a ton of them in the Overgrowth and letting them do their thing.
  2. Keeping chickens in coops in key areas (and away from pens full of carnivorous slimes) for easy access.

You'll probably be most comfortable keeping your chickens in a coop, which costs a mere 250 Newbucks to build and a mere 1,275 total to get up and running efficiently between its three basic upgrades.

There is a fourth chicken coop upgrade that will grant a huge boost to your chicken production and make taking care of them easier overall: the Deluxe Upgrade.

The Deluxe Coop allows for double the chickens in a coop. Not only that, but it sucks up elder chickens to keep your chicken production moving. Very handy!

How to Unlock the Deluxe Coop Upgrade

The Deluxe Upgrade for the chicken coop isn't available until you unlock the Mochi's Manor ranch expansion, and then begin trading.

How to Unlock Mochi's Manor

Mochi's Manor can only be unlocked once you:

  1. Open one of the two Slime Gates highlighted in the image below this list.
  2. Unlock the Grotto ranch expansion.
  3. Trade with Mochi via the Range Exchange, after doing the above.
How to Get the Upgrade

Once you've done all of the above and Mochi's ready to partner up with you for big Newbucks, it's time to get to work at Nimble Valley. Nimble Valley should open up when Mochi's Manor is open.

You have to trade Mochi a total of 600 Quicksilver Plorts to unlock the Deluxe Coop upgrade, at her personal Range Exchange at Mochi's Manor.

Quicksilver Plorts are collected at Nimble Valley, and you'll have limited time to collect them each time you head inside. Nimble Valley works differently from the rest of Far, Far Range and you cannot suck up Quicksilver Slimes to take back to the ranch.

Once you unlock the Deluxe Coop, you'll be able to upgrade your chicken coops to the new and improved version for a small 650 Newbucks.


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Slime Rancher: Dervish Plort Statues Locations Mon, 11 May 2020 18:35:53 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There are only three Dervish Statues for you to find in Slime Rancher's Glass Desert. Despite their small number, finding all three can be frustrating. You'll want to get the Dervish Fountain restored if you want to start farming their plorts, which means you've got to find the area's Dervish Statues.

Below, I'll show you exactly where to find them so you don't have to. 

Slime Rancher Dervish Fountain Location

To get started, you'll have to find the Dervish Fountain found in the Glass Desert. The location of the fountain is marked with a red circle in the partial image of the Glass Desert below.

In this area are three Dervish Plot Statues, each one in a different spot within the area and at a different altitude (to really shake things up). You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for them, as they're not particularly large either.

Luckily, your journey thus far has been a handful already, so you're well-prepared to take on this task with the help of your trusty jetpack.

Dervish Plort Statue Locations

You can seek these out in any order.

Dervish Plort Statue One

Entering the fountain from the east, you should be able to look up at the top of its northwest corner and see the first Dervish Plort Statue on the ledge. Find your way up and around the wall to be able to use your jetpack to reach it.

Dervish Plort Statue Two

The next statue is in a hole just outside of the fountain, just check the location of the red dot in the image above.

Dervish Plort Statue Three

This one can be found on the wall on the far side of the area from the fountain. It's a quick jetpack from the fountain to the wall where you can find this statue.

And with that, you'll see an increase in Dervish Slimes and can start your Dervish Plort empire! Or just enjoy the slimes' company, they are pretty darling. Check out our other Slime Rancher guides here on GameSkinny.

Slime Rancher Emergency Return Guide Wed, 28 Nov 2018 13:54:15 -0500 Josh Broadwell

There's a lot going on in Monomi Park's Slime Rancher, from a range of subsystems to keep up with to a large number of critters to keep track of. One of the more obscure features is found in the game's pause menu: Emergency Return.

The game doesn't exactly tell you what this option does or why it might be handy. But this guide will.

What Is Emergency Return?

First, finding this option is simple. Pause the game, and look for the option second from the bottom.

There's a reason it's right near Save and Quit as well, because it's not an option you should frequently use.

Slime Rancher's Emergency Return feature does basically what it says: it automatically returns you to your farm.

It sounds nice, but don't use it glibly. When you choose Emergency Return, you lose all items on your person at the moment, and time progresses to the next day (or beyond) as if you were knocked out.

Why Use Emergency Return?

With that in mind, it might seem like there's little point in having such an option. However, it comes in handy at a few points. Polished as Slime Rancher is, the game still has many glitches. One of them is clipping.

Often, when you're running all out, you'll clip through some of the environment and get stuck, with no way to fix the glitch. Emergency Return lets you escape the situation with relatively minimal cost.

The same goes for glitching in the Slime Sea. Venture too far out, and the game starts behaving oddly since you aren't really supposed to go that far in the Sea. But Emergency Return resolves the issue without crashing the game or losing all your progress.

Another common issue Emergency Return helps with is the jetpack glitch. Tempting as using the fully upgraded jetpack to fly over Slime Gates may be, it also makes the game glitch out. Emergency Return is your only salvation there too.


Emergency Return is a handy feature in dire situations, but make sure you're careful when selecting it. As the name implies, it should only be used when absolutely needed.

Let us know in the comments if you've encountered any of these glitches, and be sure to check out our other Slime Rancher guides.

How to Open Treasure Pods in Slime Rancher Thu, 03 Aug 2017 18:15:14 -0400 Ty Arthur

After gaining a cult following in Steam Early Access, the adorable physics based game Slime Rancher has not only hit consoles, but is now this month's first free Xbox One title in the Games With Gold program.

If you haven't started building your own sprawling slime ranch and battling off harmful Tarr invasions yet, now is the time! Finding rare plorts is the main way of getting Newbucks and upgrading various aspects of your ranch -- but there's more than just plorts to be harvested across the game's map.

While exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Far, Far Ranch, you'll come across dozens of tantalizing treasure pods hidden just off the beaten path. None of these pods open on their own however, and sadly there aren't any magic keys lying around. So it will take a little more effort to crack these pods filled with goodies!

Slime Rancher Treasure Crackers

To open the various green, blue, and purple treasure pods scattered around the game map, you need a corresponding treasure cracker keyed to each of those three tiers of pods.

All three types of treasure crackers don't become available until after unlocking The Lab (for 10,000 Newbucks), building any Extractor, and then allowing it to run a full cycle.

After your first Extractor runs its cycle, you can buy the initial treasure cracker MKI for $4,500 Newbucks, which opens any of the standard green pods you come across in the Ancient Ruins, Dry Reef, Indigo Quarry, and Moss Blanket areas.

The upgraded treasure cracker MKII costs $9,000 Newbucks and is available after buying the previous model and building 35 gadgets in The Lab. With this model added to your Vacpack upgrades, you can open any of the blue treasure pods found in the previously mentioned areas and the Glass Desert.

To unlock all the final purple pods, you need to buy the treasure cracker MKIII for $25,000 Newbucks after building 100 gadgets in The Lab. These pods are found in every area of the game, but tend to be a bit more hidden or in out-the-way areas on islands.

Previous updates to the game seemed to tie Extractor cycles to unlocking the second two treasure cracker models, but that no longer appears to be the case in the full release version -- all you need to do is buy gadgets and have the requisite number of Newbucks.

  Buying the Treasure Cracker MKI

Slime Rancher Treasure Pod Rewards And Locations

So what exactly do you get with your fancy new MKI, II, or III treasure crackers added to the Vacpack gun?

Slime Rancher treasure pods contain various slime science blueprints, random resources, decorations for your ranch, or occasionally coveted golden plorts for a big Newbucks boost. 

There are specific numbers of each type of treasure pod, all scattered across the game in the following numbers and locations:

19 Green Treasure Pods
  • Ancient Ruins: 2 pods
  • Dry Reef: 7 pods
  • Indigo Quarry: 4 pods
  • Moss Blanket: 6 pods
 29 Blue Treasure Pods
  • Ancient Ruins: 6 pods
  • Dry Reef: 6 pods
  • Indigo Quarry: 6 pods
  • Moss Blanket: 4 pods
  • Glass Desert: 7 pods
37 Purple Treasure Pods
  • Ancient Ruins: 6 pods
  • Dry Reef: 2 pods
  • Indigo Quarry: 6 pods
  • Moss Blanket: 7 pods
  • Glass Desert: 16 pods

More updates are still slated to land for Slime Rancher in the future, so expect more pods to arrive, as well as the possibility of a fourth golden tier with a rumored new treasure cracker!

Have you found any other treasure pods we missed? Let us know in the comments section below! If you need more help with this cutesy but addictive game, be sure to check out all our Slime Rancher guides for more tips and tricks:

How to Get Strange Diamonds in Slime Rancher Sun, 09 Jul 2017 20:45:56 -0400 glados131

Slime Rancher is an adorable game. It also boasts a large sandbox world to explore, with different varieties of slimes to add to your ever-growing farm around every corner. With such a large world, a means of fast travel is invaluable, and luckily, such a feature exists. One of the many things you can build is a teleporter. There are ten different colors you can craft, and each comes in a set of two you can place in any two locations in the world. You can then instantaneously move between them. The recipes for the various sets vary, but the one ingredient they all share is a strange diamond.

Where To Look

You'll need exactly one diamond for every teleporter set, but how to go about finding them? Well, as a rare resource, it won't be easy. Further complicating matters is that it's not location exclusive, so there's really no place you can go to improve your chances other than to pray that RNG is in your favor. There is, however, one thing you can do to improve your chances-- though it may take a while.

Improving Your Drill

To find strange diamonds, you'll need to use a drill. One way to maximize the chance of a payout is to put down as many drills as possible. However, not all drills are created equal, and if you have the patience, you can greatly boost the odds of picking up a diamond by getting a better one.

There are four tiers of drill, with each higher tier granting a higher chance of obtaining rare resources like strange diamonds, but each has a different method of obtaining its blueprint. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Tier 1: Novice Drill. You have the blueprint by default.
  • Tier 2: Advanced Drill. You can buy the blueprint in the Builder's Shop, so this is probably the easiest of the higher-quality drills to obtain.
  • Tier 3: Master Drill. The blueprint is in a Treasure Pod in the Glass Desert. You'll need the Treasure Cracker upgrade.
  • Tier 4: Titan Drill. The blueprint is a reward for reaching rank 23 with 7Zee. Better start saving up those Newbucks!

As for actually building the drills, they all require increasing amounts of Pink and Rad Plorts. The first two also require Rock Plorts, while the last two require Mosaic Plorts.

Once you've gotten the drill(s) of your choice, it's time to deploy them wherever you'd like and start hoping for some strange diamonds. Happy hunting!

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Slime Rancher guides!

Where to Find All Slime Gordos in Slime Rancher Sun, 14 May 2017 19:36:18 -0400 ReverendShmitty

According to their official descriptions, Gordo Slimes are "a rare phenomenon that occurs when multiple Slimes of the same type congregate. The result is that the Slimes seem to merge together into a much larger Slime that is seemingly incapable of movement. A Gordo will eat until it bursts, causing all the Slimes to separate once more, as well as revealing whatever object it was that caused the Gordo to form in the first place."

What this means for you Slime Rancher players, is by finding them and feeding them until they pop, you can get crates, slime, and special rewards unique to the different types of Slimes you come across!

To help you get your mitts on that sweet, sweet loot, here's a handy dandy list of locations for every one of those big, beautiful Gordo Slimes:

Boom Gordo

Ancient Ruins

To the left of the first archway near the end of the area, you can see the back of the Boom Gordo down to the left. Follow it and go through the door, then hover counter-clockwise around the edge until you find its cute little face. Then blow it up.

Honey Gordo

Moss Blanket

On top of a small cliff in the second area, near a water spring, you can find this fella propped up on the precipice. Take the walkway for a scenic view or fly up on your own if you just can't wait to make it explode.

Phosphor Gordo

Dry Reef

After seeing the Rock Slimes and going through a tunnel, make a left turn and leap over the wall you come to. On the other side, turn around and go into the nearby cave. Your loot awaits.

Pink Gordo

Dry Reef

1. On the ledge heading toward the second area, you'll see a missing section in the nearby fence. Go through it and you'll find your pink prey marooned on an island.

2. On your trip to the top of the Arch Island, after you've removed the second Tabby Gordo, you'll find this bubblegum blob just waiting to be blown up.

Quantum Gordo

Ancient Ruins

Go the Construction Site and look down to the right on the pathway to find a lower, hidden passage. Ascend the slope until you find a wall trigger and an open doorway. Go right, following another path, then turn around to find this Jabba the Hut impersonator.

Rad Gordo

Indigo Quarry

In the beginning of the cave area, you'll find a pillar of rocks. Fly up it with your jetpack, onto the next pillar, then soar over to the upper area. You'll soon find a wooden ramp. Take it, then turn left. On your right, near some green crystals, you'll find this deadly Slime irradiating his own cave.

Just be aware that this bad boy's radiation field will grow the more you feed it.

Rock Gordo

Indigo Quarry

1. Exit the entrance tunnel that brought you into the caves, and you'll find this living-loot-launcher sitting in a small inlet in front of you.

2. Behind the area requiring you to fly over a dilapidated bridge to access, this rockin' Slime is in the left side of the pit, accessible by a handy little ramp.

Tabby Gordo

Dry Reef

1. At the end of the Dry Reef, at the Moss Blanket bridge, turn right and you'll see this cat-like Slime chilling on a teleporter.

2. After unlocking the sandy area after the canyon, you'll find this kitty near the beach, avoiding the water on its own little island.


And there you go! Just remember to bring plenty of food and you can make all those Slimes explode and unlock sweet prizes like slime keys and teleporters. 

What else could a Slime Rancher possibly need?


How to Harvest Phase Lemons in Slime Rancher Fri, 12 May 2017 14:37:38 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

When playing Slime Rancher, Phase Lemons can be tricky little suckers to find and harvest. They are said to be from a different time (or even a different reality) than our own. As such, Phase Lemon Trees often appear and disappear seemingly randomly. 

This is a pretty big frustration for players who are trying to collect them. But with the tips in this guide, you'll be well on your way to having more Phase Lemons than you know what to do with. 

Where are Phase Lemons Found in Slime Rancher?

To find Phase Lemons, you will need to travel to the Ancient Ruins. To access the Ancient Ruins, you will need a plort from the following 6 slimes: 

  1. Tabbies
  2. Phosphors
  3. Rocks
  4. Honeys
  5. Booms
  6. Rads

If you don’t know where the Ancient Ruins are, then head toward either the Indigo Quarry or Moss Blanket Island. You can get to the Ruins from either of those locations. 


Phase Lemon trees pop up in all sorts of places across the Ancient Ruins, and never stay in one place for very long.

Getting the phase lemons, however, is relatively simple. Find a Phase Lemon tree that’s ripe with visible, yet translucent, lemons on the tree and shoot a fruit at it. You can also then use a Phase Lemon to plant your own Phase Lemon tree.

Phase lemons ripe for the taking on a phase lemon tree. 

That wraps up our guide for finding and harvesting Phase Lemons in Slime Rancher! Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

How to Get to Moss Blanket Island in Slime Rancher Fri, 12 May 2017 12:31:11 -0400 Jaleesa Mitchell

Remember the 90s when slime was all the rage on Nickelodeon? Remember how exciting it was to create and play with your own mushy, gooey, slime? Well, Slime Rancher gives you all of that fun without the mess!

This game has loads of fun places you can visit -- but the Moss Blanket Island is definitely one of the most valuable. It's a "smorgasbord of resources" for players to take advantage of, but getting there can be pretty difficult. How do you do it? We've got the answer!

See the circled island? That's where we want to be.

How to Get to Moss Blanket Island in Slime Rancher

Getting to Moss Blanket is simple, really. On the bridges leading to the Moss Island, there are smaller islands to the left heading towards it. One of them has a teleporter that takes you right where you want to go.

Getting back to the ranch is simple as well. There's a teleporter at the 'end' of the Moss Blanket. Since there are a variety of slime types there, The Tarr appears frequently -- meaning you need to travel with care. But don't forget your slime key! Otherwise you might get stuck.

How Bout That Slime?


Slime Ranch is a fun game with slime, jetpacks, adventure, and did I mention slime? Once you find your way to Moss Blanket Island, you'll be rolling around in plorts and Newbucks. And it will all be thanks to slime!

What's your favorite spot in Slime Ranch? Have you travelled to Moss Blanket Island? Let me know in the comments!

Slime Rancher - How Do Gordo Snares Work? Fri, 28 Apr 2017 04:50:35 -0400 Erroll Maas

Gordo Snares are a new slime science gadget item introduced in the Version 5.1 update of Slime RancherThese snares can be placed down and allow you to lure Gordo Slimes -- rare slimes created when multiple slimes of the same type merge together to create a much larger slime seemingly incapable of movement -- with food and also allows you to put the Gordo slime wherever you would like to.

To use a Gordo Snare, properly place it on the ground and shoot food into it to use as bait. You'll have to have plenty of patience and a bit of luck if you're trying to obtain a particular Gordo. Gordos will also burst when given enough food -- 70 to 80 pieces normally, but this number is cut in half if the pieces happen to be its favorite food, which then is only 35 to 40 pieces -- causing them to create a number of smaller slimes of the same variety and in a handful of different items. Gordo Snares also allow players to bring Gordo slimes to hang out at their ranch.

When using Gordo Snares, it's best to continually farm Pink Gordos, as they're much easier to feed since they don't have a favorite food, and will be satisfied with whatever food you feed them.  Pink Gordos (pictured above) also give most of the same rewards as any other Gordo Slime would once it explodes.

Make sure to be careful when feeding Gordos of the Boom or Rad varieties, because they can be dangerous. Boom Gordos create a huge explosion when popped, while Rad Gordos (pictured above) emit a radioactive aura which can fill the entire room it's in, causing you to take damage, and water cannot remove this effect like it can with smaller Rad Slimes.

There are some newly introduced Gordo Slimes which can be created from Gordo Snares and currently cannot be found in the wild, including Hunter Gordos (smaller Hunter Slimes pictured above) and Crystal Gordos. As of the time of writing, there are currently eleven obtainable and explodable gordos in the game you can go out and find when going to certain areas including: two Pink Gordos, two Rock Gordos, one Phosphor Gordo, two Tabby Gordos, one Quantum Gordo, one Boom Gordo,  one Rad Gordo, and one Honey Gordo. Of course, all of these Gordos can be found by using Gordo Snares wherever there is a gadget spot as well.

One other notable feature, is if you add a fashion pod -- certain fashionable but not useful accessories -- to a Gordo slime you find or create with a Gordo Snare, such as the Shady Fashion Pod Sunglasses (pictured above), all the slimes the Gordo creates after exploding will have the same fashion pod.

The Gordos created and obtained from Gordo Snares can be found anywhere there is a gadget spot.

We hope this guide helped you understand how the new Gordo Snares work, and if there's anything we might be missing, let us know in the comments!

Slime Rancher new rancher's guide to Far, Far Range's slimes Fri, 19 Feb 2016 03:39:12 -0500 Ashley Shankle

There aren't a ton of slimes to wrangle and raise yet in Slime Rancher, but more are on the way in future updates, and what's currently available is more than enough for a few hours of fun.

Not all slimes are equal -- some are hazardous to your health, some are more mischievous than others, and some are worth far more than others. You need to know the ins and outs of each type to rake in those Newbucks with efficiency!

First things first

Of course there are a few things to know about slimes before you get into the meat of it. Check out these points on slime habits, raising, and mutating.

Largo slimes and Tarrs

These big globs are created when a normal slime eats a Plort from another type of slime. When this happens, the slime takes on the properties of the type of Plort it ate. For instance, if a Rock Slime eats a Pink Slime's Plort it will become a Pink Rock Largo.

Largos will give two Plorts when they eat, one for each slime type its body is made of, but they will not eat Plorts of their own type. A Pink Rock Largo will not eat Rock nor Pink Plorts, but it will eat other types -- and if it does, it will become a Tarr.

Tarr can be dealt with by either:

  • Tossing them into the sea
  • Spraying them with water obtained from geysers or ponds
  • Throwing them in an incinerator
  • Throwing them in ponds

Spraying Tarr with water or tossing them into a shallow water source like a pond often is not instantaneous, but it will do in a pinch. If you don't feel like dealing with Tarr in an area, just leave and come back later. They will dissipate in time, but all the other slimes in the area will be eaten in the process.

Keeping slimes happy

It's important you keep the slimes on your ranch happy, not only because they give Plorts when fed (and feeding makes them happy) but because they get irate when hungry.

An irate slime will try to escape from its Corral or make extra attempts to get into other slime's Corrals if they are free range. Some also have bad habits that just get worse when they're hungry -- for instance, Pink Slimes will stack themselves into towers against walls when hungry.

A happy slime is a non-disruptive and profitable slime.

To raise Largos or normal slimes?

It's really up to you which "style" of slime you decide to go with. I prefer a combination of both depending on the side of the ranch.

Largos take up about three times the space as a normal slime but give two Plorts when fed.

It's more difficult to keep several Largos in a Corral than standard slimes because of their size. They are prone to breaking out, even on Corrals with Air Nets, and should be kept in moderation outside of Corrals for easy crop and Plort collecting.

Standard slimes have two benefits over Largos:

  • Standard slimes are smaller and you can fit several in a single Corral comfortably.
  • Most standard slimes (aside from the Pink Slime) have favorite foods. When a slime eats its favorite food it gives two Plorts instead of one.

Let's get back to business and take a look at the actual stars of the game: the slimes! We'll start with the most basic of all slimes, the one and only...

Pink Slime

The Pink Slime is the first one you run into and you find them all over Far, Far Range. Their Plorts sell for the least but there are so many Pink Plorts everywhere that there's no good reason not to pick them up.

Pink Slime have a bad habit of stacking atop one another to escape or get to food, especially when they're unhappy. Keep them fed to keep them from wreaking havoc on your ranch.

These slimes do not have a favorite food. The benefit to Pink Slimes is Largos that are half Pink Slime will eat anything.

Tabby Slime

The community favorite, of course. The Tabby Slime is one of the cutest in the bunch, and it's a staple of any ranch -- for better or for worse.

Tabby Slimes are the most prone to escaping from their Corrals, and they often do it for no reason whatsoever. It's not uncommon to find a Tabby Slime who has escaped just hanging out outside the Corral waiting to be let back in.

These little troublemakers will also pick up food it can't eat and carry it around. This is a bit irritating if you happen to be keeping them free range and they pick up crops they have no use for, but overall it's harmless.

Tabby Slimes love to eat any type of meat but their favorite food is Stony Hens.

Rock Slime

These are the first slimes any new rancher comes across that is actually harmful, but luckily enough they aren't hostile by default.

Rock Slimes are easy to take care of and are not especially prone to climbing atop one another. Instead, they like to roll around -- which can be dangerous for you if you're in their Corral to collect Plorts.

These are easier to raise than Tabby Slimes because they don't try to escape anywhere near as often and they eat vegetables, which are easy to find and quick to grow. Their favorite food is Heart Beet, which is relatively rare.

Rock Slime Largos are generally too large to be worth bothering with.

Phosphor Slime

These glimmering blobs of happy light can only survive in the dark, and any rancher wanting to raise them needs to bear that in mind.

Phosphor Slimes can be raised in your primary ranch if you install a Solar Shield to a Corral, but they are best raised in the Grotto area because it's dark by default. Plus there's no denying they're at their cutest in the dark.

Unlike other slime varieties, these have wings and can fly short distances -- which means any Corral you have them in needs an Air Net to keep them in. They have an adorable habit of grabbing one another and floating to the top of the Corral, which can lead to break outs if you have too many in a single Corral at once.

Phosphor Slimes love fruit, but their absolute favorite food is the Cuberry.

Boom Slime

These are the second harmful slime you can collect in Slime Rancher and they cannot be collected until you unlock the Moss Blanket area.

Boom Slimes explode frequently, often without provocation, making them the most dangerous slimes to raise. This is even the case in a Corral, as their explosions can hit you even if you're on the outside if you're too close. The trade-off is their Plorts sell for 30 Newbucks by default.

Be aware any Largos that are part this slime will have the same explosive tendencies. It's a great idea to install Plort Collectors on any Corrals with Booms and Boom Largos.

Like Tabby Slimes, Boom Slimes live off a diet of meat. Their favorite food is the Briar Hen, also found in the Moss Blanket.

Honey Slime

Let's be honest: who really can resist the Honey Slime? No rancher I've met could resist snatching a few up once they open up the Moss Blanket.

Honey Slimes are sickeningly sweet and other slimes just can't get enough of their delicious Plorts. This sounds cute, but it means other slimes will constantly try to break into Honey Slime Corrals to munch on their Plorts.

Any rancher looking to raise this slime needs to plan their ranch carefully so slimes that are better at escaping (like Tabbies and various Largos) aren't tempted by Honey Plorts.

As expected, the Honey Slime eats fruit, but its favorite food is the Mint Mango.

Puddle Slime

You just might miss these little guys the first time you wander into the Moss Blanket, but they're probably there hiding in the pond.

Puddle Slimes live in the water instead of on land. Watch out! If you put a Puddle Slime on the ground it will disappear, and their Plorts will dissipate as soon as they touch dry land.

Puddle Slimes are exactly what the Pond plot is for. If you get lucky enough to grab a few of these happy little slimes, be sure to put them into a Pond plot as soon as you can. They give one Puddle Plort every 6 in-game hours and do not eat food.

These slimes cannot be fused into Largos, and they do occasionally jump out of their water and die.

Gold Slime

I never seem to be able to get screenshots of these little money buckets when they come out -- probably because I want that 200+ Newbucks payout for their Plorts.

Gold Slimes give the most valuable Plorts in the game, and of course the slimes themselves themselves cannot be captured and raised.

How to get Gold Plorts?

You're not the only new rancher to try to suck up Gold Slimes and you won't be the last.

In order to get Gold Plorts from Gold Slimes, you need to first spot a Gold Slime in the wild -- they spawn randomly and often for short periods of time. If you see one, you need to shoot whatever items (not slimes) you have at it to make it drop Gold Plorts.

Gold Slimes disappear faster the closer you are and the only way to get Gold Plorts from them is by trying to hit them with other items you have in your Vacpack. Hit them, and you'll get at least one Gold Plort. Worth the effort!

These are by no means all the slimes that will be present in the full release version of Slime Rancher, but they're what we've got now and the variance between each one is hopefully a sign that what's to come will be even better.

Use the information given here to improve as a slime rancher and roll in the Newbucks! If you're new to the game you may also want to take a look at my Slime Rancher ranch overview guide to make the most of your facilities.

Slime Rancher - Ranch guide and overview for new slime wranglers Wed, 17 Feb 2016 12:48:48 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Slime Rancher just might be one of the cutest games in Early Access, if not on Steam entirely. There's something to be said about the relaxation power of collecting, feeding, and protecting your own personal smiley slime horde.

Slime Rancher is a fairly simple game in its current version, but there's still a lot new ranchers need to know as they try to make the most of their time in Far, Far Range. It's entirely too easy to get excited and throw a bunch of slimes on your ranch, only to find a Tarr slaughter situation on your hands.

There are two primary ways you can keep slimes:

  1. Let them run free range around your ranch
  2. Put them in a Corral

Allowing your slimes to run free range means you don't have to deal too much with overcrowding in a single Corral, but it's not as easy to feed them all and collect their Plorts.

You have to keep your slimes separated based on what you want, or else you risk having your ranch overrun by Tarr. And you can do this by using the most basic of plots on your ranch: the Corral, which costs 250 Newbucks.

You can add a Corral (or another type of plot) by interacting with one of the many plot stands around your ranch.

You start with one Corral you can toss slimes into, but beware! It's not as easy as shoving your slimes into a Corral and leaving them there. Some can fly or bounce their way to freedom, not to mention breaches due to overcrowding.

There are several Corral upgrades costing varying amounts of Newbucks, the game's currency. They're all useful, but some are more useful than others for the average rancher.

Higher Walls (350 Newbucks)

These walls double the height of the Corral to make it more difficult for slimes to escape.

A must-have for any Corral, as Largos and Tabby Slimes will have more trouble escaping and slimes stacking atop one another and it's needed to make the Air Net upgrade worth it.

Air Net (425 Newbucks)

Anyone who wants to raise Phosphor Slimes or Largos outside of the Grotto has to have not only an Air Net on a Corral, but also a Solar Shield.

The Air Net covers the top of the Corral to prevent breakouts, but can only withstand a certain number of hits before dissipating for a short time. It only does so much to prevent slime breakouts caused by overcrowding, but is profoundly useful for Phosphor raisers.

Solar Shield (425 Newbucks)

The second upgrade you need to raise Phosphors. Phosphor Slimes and Largos can only survive at night, and the only way you can block out the sunlight on your ranch outside of the Grotto is via the Solar Shield.

A Corral with all upgrades except the Music Box.

Auto Feeder (500 Newbucks)

This nifty little device feeds you corralled slimes at regular intervals to make them pop out those Plorts and to keep them happy.

You have to manually add the foods you want to feed your slimes to the Auto Feeder by shooting the food into it. It will only feed slimes in that Corral, but it's a great timesaver! Easy constant storage for needed food types.

Plort Collector (500 Newbucks)

The ultimate convenience! No longer do you have to manually suck up your slimes' Plorts. At least, not in that Corrall.

The Plort Collector will suck up Plorts for you, so you don't have to thrust yourself into a Corral full of Boom slimes or suck up all your slimes with their Plorts, then spit the slimes back out again.

This one's the ultimate convenience upgrade, but it's not necessary to make money early.

Music Box (350 Newbucks)

If you don't want to spend too much time feeding your slimes or are having to stretch one type of food across two types, the Music Box may be just the upgrade you need to keep your slimes happy.

The Music Box soothes your slimes so they take longer to get irate. It's useful in general, but it's especially useful for Boom Slime ranchers.

Other ranch plots

Corrals aren't the only way to use the plots on your ranch. There are a number of other plots you can put down to make your ranching life easier.

Garden (250 Newbucks)

You can grow fruits and vegetables using a Garden, which is great if you don't want to have to run around the entirety of the map every time you need to restock on particular fruits and vegetables.

You can shoot one fruit of vegetable into the depository on the plot to have it start growing that food. Beware free range slimes eating your crops!

The Garden has several upgrades:

  • Sprinkler (500 Newbucks) - Waters your crops and makes them grow twice as quickly.
  • Nutrient Soil (350 Newbucks) - Uses higher quality soil, making your crops always give the maximum amount.
  • Scareslime (425 Newbucks) - Keeps roaming slimes off your crops. This isn't necessary if you don't have free range slimes and it will scare slimes in nearby Corrals -- use with caution and plan your ranch accordingly.

Sure, you can throw unwanted stuff into the ocean -- but isn't it more fun to burn it?

The Incinerator is a good investment if you have trouble keeping your Largos away from other slimes' Plorts. Just grab the Tarr and shove them in the Incinerator to deal with them quickly and easily. Also good if you just want to be able to get rid of stuff (slimes included) easily while working around your ranch.


You like Tabby Slimes, right? A Coop is probably a good investment.

This set up is not recommended.

The Coop allows you to raise chickens right on your ranch so you don't have to go searching for them. Try to avoid having more than a dozen to a Coop and remember you need at least one Roostro to get to chicken breeding.

The Coop has a few upgrades:

  • Higher Walls (350 Newbucks) - Doubles the height of the Coop just a with a Corral. Keeps the chickens in and the slimes out (mostly).
  • Spring Grass (425 Newbucks) - Attracts bugs for your chickens to eat, in turn making them lay eggs at double the rate.
  • Vitamizer (500 Newbucks) - Helps your Chickadoos mature into Hens and Roostros faster.
Pond (450 Newbucks)

You want to raise Puddle Slimes, right? Of course you do, they're basically free Newbucks. It's time to give them some water to live in.

Puddle Slimes can't survive on land and their Plorts disappear if they touch ground. The Pond is the only way to keep them on your ranch and it is well-worth the effort.

You can refill the Pond's water by going to one of the many small geysers out in the wild and sucking up the water.

Silo (450 Newbucks)

Simple storage for a simple life! Just shoot an item in and it will store it.

The Silo can be upgraded to provide additional storage slots. It starts with one and can be upgraded to four. Great for storing particular types of Plorts on days they aren't worth much.

  • Slot Upgrade 1 - 500 Newbucks
  • Slot Upgrade 2 - 575 Newbucks
  • Slot Upgrade 3 - 650 Newbucks

Ranch facilities

So you raise slimes on your ranch, what else can you do there? Not much but sell Plorts, set up structures, and upgrade your abilities -- wait, those are Slime Rancher's primary progression. That's not a "not much".

These facilities are easy enough to find around your ranch.

Vacpack Upgrades

This structure is easy to find and may be your first go-to if you want to suck up slimes and their food efficiently.

The Vackpack Upgrades structure lets you upgrade your Vacpack above and beyond its initial abilities, letting you upgrade your health, energy, pack capacity, and jumping abilities via a jetpack.

The primary upgrades are listed below, but they certainly aren't the extent! Each upgrade sans Pulse Wave has multiple tiers.

  • Dash Boots - Halves energy consumption when sprinting
  • Heart Module - Increases your health by increments of 50
  • Jetpack - Gives you a jetpack for temporary flying, can be upgraded for less energy consumption
  • Power Core - Increases your energy by increments of 50
  • Pulse Wave - Lets you push slimes away if they're crowding you
  • Tank Booster - Increases your Vacpack capacity by increments of 10

Whenever I start a new game, I tend to get the Tank Booster right away to increase my carrying capacity. But some ranchers may find investing in the Jetpack or Garden, Coop, or Silo structures to be more beneficial.

Range Exchange

This building lets you trade items with NPCs each day. Some trades are worth it and some aren't -- it really depends on what you have and what you need.

You can shoot the requested items into the Range Exchange and once you've fulfilled the request, the traded items will pop out of the machine.

Plort Market

Your best friend -- aside from your cuddly little slimes.

The Plort Market lets you sell your collected Plorts to make those much-needed Newbucks to upgrade your Vacpack and improve your ranch.

Each Plort has a different default Newbucks value, and that value changes per day based on how many of a Plort type you've sold recently. The default Plort values are as follows:

  • Pink Plort - 7 Newbucks
  • Rock Plort - 15 Newbucks
  • Phosphor Plort - 15 Newbucks
  • Tabby Plort - 15 Newbucks
  • Boom Plort - 30 Newbucks
  • Honey Plort - 30 Newbucks
  • Puddle Plort - 30 Newbucks
  • Golden Plort - 200 Newbucks

These values will change on Day 2 and continue to fluctuate as you progress.

The House

Your house doesn't have much use, but you do get mail and you can sleep in it to make time just fly by. Pretty useful if you ask me.

Ranch expansions

There are two ranch expansions at the time of writing.

The Grotto

The Grotto is a dark and gloomy place.. just perfect for Phosphor Slimes!

There are 5 plots in the Grotto and no pesky sunlight to stop your Phosphors from living it up. You can unlock it on the Western side of your primary ranch with 1500 Newbucks.

The Overgrowth

The Overgrowth is the most obvious ranch expansion and it's the one that will benefit most slimes, with lots of growing fruits and vegetables. It has four plots to make use of and can be unlocked on the Eastern side of the ranch near the entrance for 1500 Newbucks.

These are just the basics of the ranch in Slime Rancher, but there's a lot more to see! A handful of slimes can be found around every corner of Far, Far Range and raising them to rake in those Newbucks is a real task. Knowing what you can do with the ranch is just one part of the game, but it's home sweet home.