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Every loadout in Sniper Elite 5 consists of three weapons: a sniper rifle, an assault rifle or an SMG, and a pistol. Since there are 22 weapons in total, it can be difficult to decide which are the best ones.

This tier list attempts to list the best weapons in Sniper Elite 5. It will outline their biggest advantages and weaknesses, as well as their preferable attachments.

S-Tier Weapons


  • Audible Range: 128 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 6

Out of all sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5, the SREM-1 is the most balanced and universal rifle. It has extremely low bullet drop, albeit with a slightly slower rate of fire than some other models. However, it packs a heavy punch without any attachments, controls well, and provides fairly good mobility. You could go with the M1A Carbine here, but none of the attachments give that gun the same power-to-other-stat ratios. 

The SREM-1 is an excellent weapon for stealthy gameplay, too, especially if you add a suppressor to the mix; the MAXIN 1910 is a good choice for reducing decibels. The 8x base zoom is more than enough to deal with most long-range targets, and the only thing that could see some improvement is the magazine size.

Overall, the SREM-1 can be used at any stage of the game to great effect, even with minimum attachments. The SREM-1 is automatically unlocked at the start of the game. 

Machine Pist.44

  • Audible Range: 100 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 30

The best secondary weapon is another all-rounder: the Machine Pist.44, an upgraded version of the Machine Pist.40 model, which has more control and mobility than the 44 but far less power and range. 

What really sets this assault rifle apart from the rest is its ability to hit targets equally well at close and long ranges. It has a very low bullet drop rate, which is excellent for hitting distant targets, and its iron sight makes lining up targets a breeze. 

A suppressor like the HUB L41 is a good choice if going for stealth because it reduces the audible range by 5 without sacrificing power. The standard magazine of 30 bullets will get most jobs done while adding something like the Lightened Bolt receiver increases the rate of fire with minimal negative effects. 

A-Tier Weapons


  • Audible Range: 33 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 7

The M1911 is a borderline S-tier weapon and one of the best pistols in the game, especially considering you begin with it alongside the Welrod. Taking out guards at close range is better with a pistol than a rifle, and that's why having a good third weapon is so important in Sniper Elite 5. The Model D is a good second choice, but you won't unlock it until later in the game and it's considerably less powerful even without a silencer (though its bullets can slice through helmets). 

Attachments like the Overpressure Power barrel increase power and reduce bullet drop in the M1911, and its .22 stealth conversion makes it a no-brainer for those going for pure stealth runs, even if it greatly reduces power. Overall, most attachments just make the M1911 better. 


  • Audible Range: 162 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 5

The M1903 may be one of the louder rifles in Sniper Elite 5 behind the RSC 1918 and K98k, but that can be easily fixed with a good suppressor, like the Moore-1, which actually increases power and little loss to control and mobility. Overall, it is one of the better options you have when it comes to long-range shooting.

It has a slower fire rate than SREM-1 and fewer bullets in the magazine, but its precision and damage output are more than enough to deliver one headshot after another with deadly accuracy, especially if you add attachments such as the short carbine barrel, HAL-CON 43 muzzle, and rubber buttplate. As with other rifles, any Boys Break will increase power or accuracy but at the cost of audible range.

M1A1 Gov

  • Audible Range: 120 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 20

If you're looking for a high-damage weapon with relatively low noise along the lines of the MP-44, then this SMG can be a great choice, especially for beginners. It has a very high rate of fire with better base control and mobility than the 44. 

The M1A1 Gov has a relatively small standard magazine, which needs improvement, and adding the 50-round drum doesn't take too much away from control or mobility, making it a good option. Like with the 44, the best strategy is to shoot in short bursts for better control, and since the damage from this .45 caliber is quite significant, if you're precise, you don't need more than a few bullets to put your target down.

You can further improve it with the Lightweight x2 stock and almost any rear or fore grip attachment for better handling at close range.

B-Tier Weapons

Type 14 Nambu

  • Audible Range: 65 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 8

This Japanese pistol is not as powerful as the M1911, but it gives your character a speed of movement bonus, which can play a significant role at certain stages of the game. Its mobility rating is almost maxed out in its standard form. 

It has weak damage but is incredibly quiet even without a suppressor at a 65-meter range. Add something like the SS suppressor to get it down to an incredible 24-meter audible range, perfect for stealth runs. What the gun loses in mobility with that attachment can be added back with the Quick-Draw Grip.

M1A Carbine

  • Audible Range: 105 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 15

M1A Carbine is another solid choice for stealthy sniping. It may not have the best range or damage, but it is one of the quietest sniper rifles in the game as it also has a high rate of fire and is easy to control.

Another remarkable feature of this rifle is the magazine size, which accommodates 15 rounds. This is why you can use the Small Overpressure Magazine attachment on M1A in order to increase its damage output by sacrificing some of its magazine space.

You can use this rifle in close combat without the scope, and it will be as effective as any secondary weapon. At the same time, you can deal headshots with the native sight, if your target doesn't stand further than 150 meters. 

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Those are the best weapons in Sniper Elite 5. Don't forget to check out the rest of our Sniper Eilte 5 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

Sniper Elite 5: Best Attachments Tier List Tue, 07 Jun 2022 19:44:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

Sniper Elite 5 offers deep customization for your weapons loadout, which includes a sniper rifle, a secondary weapon, and a pistol. All of these weapons can be modified using specific attachments, including scopes, barrels, muzzles, stocks, grips, and more.

This tier list attempts to rank some of the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5. You will also learn why some attachments fit sniper rifles more, while others are more effective on assault rifles and SMGs.

S-Tier Attachments

A5 Win and Co.
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Sight.

The most important thing about any sniper job is perfect visibility, when you can clearly see your target. Although this scope may not have the highest zoom at 5x, it has the cleanest visibility of all scopes in the game.

The A5 Win and Co. comes standard issue on the game's best sniper rifles, and it's one of the best for control and mobility, as well. The A1 and A2 Opticals may have 14x and 16x zoom, but you will likely only need those for long-long-range shots, such as in Mission 9. 

Lightened and Blued
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Barrel.

Almost all sniper rifles in the game have a slow rate of fire, which can be easily fixed with this barrel attachment. Lightened and Blue not only increases your rate of fire but also your aim time and equip time, which is just as important. Across all rifles capable of using this attachment, all benefit in those areas with a minimal increase to vertical recoil. 

Being able to fire faster in those times when stealth fails can save your life, especially if you are carrying something like the K98k. 

MK II Suppressor
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Muzzle.

Most sniper rifles in are very loud, and you will do yourself a favor by equipping a good suppressor, especially if you are a stealthier player.

The MK II model isn't the quietest suppressor in Sniper Elite 5, but it does strike a nice balance between bullet drop rate and compromising on power, control, and mobility. Decreasing audible range by almost 60 meters in some cases is a good tradeoff. 

A-Tier Attachments

Leather Pad
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Stock.

Stability and handling play a huge role when it comes to precision shooting, especially if you're aiming for headshots. That's why adding a leather pad stock to your sniper rifle can strongly improve the success of your shots.

This attachment increases control by a good margin while only suffering a small dip in fire rate for all weapons it is available on. 

Short Travel Trigger
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Receiver.

This attachment can be of great help to beginners who find it hard to get every single shot right. The Short Travel Trigger increases the rate of fire on your weapon without sacrificing power, so if you've missed your mark the first time, it won't take you too long to try and hit it again. 

Some other receivers dramatically reduce a gun's power, putting you at a disadvantage in certain situations. This is by far the best receiver in the game. Unfortunately, it is only available on sniper rifles.

Iron Sights
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Sight

Most scopes in Sniper Elite 5 are designed with sniper rifles in mind, but if you need a scope for your secondary weapon, then Iron Sights would be the best choice. It won't impress you with its 1x zoom, but you will notice that your aiming is much faster, which is very much needed when using an SMG or an assault rifle.

All sights for secondary weapons reduce control and mobility too much for the increased zoom to pay off. Though it is not entirely logical to put the sight on a sniper rifle, all gain increases to control and mobility and could be useful for players using a run-and-gun style. With the new ability to toggle your aiming perspective, iron sights have their place in Sniper Elite.

B-Tier Attachments

M84 or ZF39
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Sight.

Some players may prefer a more flexible variant of a scope, such as M84 (Allied weapons) or ZF39 (Axis weapons), that allows them to use different zoom modes and a generally higher rate of zoom, up to 12x in this case.

Do note that the M84 sight has very poor visibility in comparison to A5 sight, and your aiming speed will suffer as well. However, the ZF39 has increased visibility, making it a great option for those using the K98k.

Magazine Pouch
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Stock

This attachment can serve you well on your secondary weapon, as it decreases your reload time with only a small sacrifice to control. But it is not recommended to use on your sniper rifle, since it reduces aim stability, something you likely do not want to sacrifice for faster reloads.

If you want to increase your aim stability on your rifle, then use the Wooden Pad or Leather Pad instead.

Thick Grip Tape
  • Type: Foregrip

The last attachment on our list is once again recommended for secondary weapons due to its improved spread accuracy. It increases the stat on sniper rifles as well, but spread accuracy is not worth choosing over aim stability.

This may not play a huge role in close combat, but when you need to shoot your mark further away, then it can be of considerable importance.

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Those are the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5. Don't forget to check out the rest of our Sniper Elite 5 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

Sniper Elite 5 Wolf Mountain: Mission 10 Collectibles and Starting Locations Tue, 07 Jun 2022 12:15:40 -0400 Jonathan Moore

As with eight of the nine missions in the main campaign, Sniper Elite 5's Kill Hitler DLC, Wolf Mountain, has 19 collectibles to find across stone eagles, classified documents, hidden items, personal letters, and workbenches. Of course, there are additional starting locations, as well. This time there are two to secure. 

This guide will show you their location starting from left to right, then back left again, as we've tried to minimize backtracking based on the map's design. Of course, you can find these collectibles in any order you wish using the overview map below. 

Wolf Mountain Collectibles and Starting Locations

Communications Operations (Classified Document 1)

Begin the mission from the Mountain Overlook starting location and take the path left when it splits left and right. You’ll eventually crawl under a fence and see a guard tower in front of you. This classified document is in the guard tower, to the right when you reach the top of the stairs.

Additional Flak Positions (Classified Document 2)

Go to the building just northeast of the guard tower. Enter the first-floor door on the south side, and go into the first door on the left (the room in the southwestern corner of the building). This collectible is on a desk in the back of the room by a satchel charge. Pick up the satchel charge or kill and loot the officer on the second floor for a key.

Rifle Workbench

Once you’ve picked up the satchel charge or key from the officer, head back to the ivy-covered building west of the guard tower (on your right going back up the hill). Open the door on the southern side, and go down to the basement to find the rifle workbench.

SMG Workbench

Follow the main road to the eastern-most side of the map, where it begins to turn left (north), forming the bottom of an “S”. You’ll see a small wooden bridge on the right side of the road leading toward a medium-sized stone building. You can enter stealthily through the hole in the foundation on the northern side.

Alternatively, you can use a satchel charge on the door or loot the door key from a soldier in the camp with the AA gun just north (left if facing the front of the house).

Missing Inventory (Classified Document 3)

From the SMG Workbench, go to the camp with the AA gun barely north of the stone house. This classified document is on a box in the middle of the camp, near a yellow crate where you can hide bodies.

Perimeter Problems (Personal Letter 1)

Follow the road a short distance to the northwestern edge of the map, near the top of the “S” shape in the road, before it descends to the right (east/northeast).

You’ll see a green cabin on the left with a Nazi Flag, across from a clearing with sandbag walls, a parked truck, and another Nazi flag. Two Jaeger patrol on the left side, and an officer and soldier patrol on the right. This collectible is inside the cabin on a desk to the right.

Routine Reminder (Classified Document 4)

From the personal letter location, continue along the road northeast, and you’ll quickly come to a heavily-guarded checkpoint near a tunnel. This classified document is inside the building to the tunnel's right, in a safe through the door closest to the tunnel.

Stone Eagle 1

This stone eagle is in the center of the cliff above the tunnel.

Stone Eagle 2

Go through the tunnel and look to the peak of the Berghof roof on the other side for the second stone eagle.

Construction Halted (Personal Letter 2)

Continue down the road a short distance and stay right, away from the Berghof, heading toward the teahouse. There will be a green cabin on the left side of the road just before the teahouse. This personal letter is inside on a table with three chairs.

Possible Hitler Disguises (Hidden Item 1)

Go to the northern end of the teahouse to find a small, round dining room off of the main dining hall. This hidden item is on a table overlooking the front teahouse gardens.

Berghof Guardhouse Starting Location

Go toward the Berghof, staying on the right (northern) side. You’ll go down a small path leading through cliffs on either side and ending at a guardhouse checkpoint along the main road. Turn right and follow the main road beyond the checkpoint. Just before the mission boundary, you’ll see a small camp in a small open area on the right. Interact with the bonfire.

Vermin Infestation (Personal Letter 3)

Go to the Berghof and enter the garage across from the fountain in the main, front parking area. Go to the back and into the room on the right. Pick this collectible up from a small cart in the back of the room.

Fuhrer’s Personal Space (Personal Letter 4)

Climb to the roof of the garage using the vines just outside. At the top, go into the door on the left, flanked by two potted plants. This is one is on a chest of drawers on the left side of the room with the two benches.

Fuheremuseum Concept Model (Hidden Item 2)

From there, go through the doorway into the library. Go left, then quickly right through a doorway flanked by two busts. Go through a sitting room with paintings, pink flowers on the left and right, and a stairwell leading up on the right. Continue into the next small room with covered furniture; this hidden item is on the left.

Pistol Workbench

Exit that room, and turn left into the main hall. Follow it down ⅔ of the way, then turn right to see stairs going up and down in the foyer (there are three red banners on the wall). Go downstairs and turn left at the Waffenkammer sign. Blast the door open or use the key to gain access to the workbench.

Fuhrer’s Plans (Personal Letter 5)

Go back upstairs and stay right, following the path into the kitchen. This personal letter is on a table on the right side, just inside the door.

Guest of the Fuhrer (Classified Document 5)

Continue straight into the next room off of the kitchen (the one with barrels and chairs stacked on cloth-covered tables, then turn right and up the stairs by the door. Go into the second room on the right (an office) to find this piece of intel on a desk by a telephone.

Practice Pose Photography (Hidden Item 3)

Go back to the foyer (where you went downstairs for the pistol workbench) and go upstairs. At the top, go right and up another set of stairs. Go left at the top, the right to find a safe on the right side of the room with this collectible inside.

Stone Eagle 3 and Lakeside Path Starting Location

Follow the small road behind the Berghof leading north/northwest through the forest. At the end, you’ll find a cabin with a campfire to the left of it. Interact with that to activate the Lakeside Path starting location. Then look far across the lake to see another cabin and the third stone eagle on the roof.

And there you have it: all of the collectibles and starting locations in Sniper Elite 5's Kill Hitler DLC, Wolf Mountain. For more guides leading to the game's intel, personal letters, hidden items, and workbenches, like those for Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin and Mission 7: Secret Weapons, head on over to our SE5 guides mission command

Sniper Elite 5: How to Complete All Kill Challenges Wed, 01 Jun 2022 19:54:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

One of the best parts about playing Sniper Elite 5 is finding imaginative ways to eliminate Nazis, and the first eight campaign missions have kill challenges to help you do just that. The final level does not have a kill challenge, though there are several trophies and achievements associated with it that follow similar criteria. However, we won't cover how to complete those here. 

Instead, this guide will lead you through the kill challenges for missions 1-8, telling you how to pull off each assassination successfully. As you play, it may appear that some kill challenges are not working, but all of them can be completed by following these steps. Difficulty does not matter

How to Find and View Kill Challenges

You can view each kill challenge in two ways: 

  • From the mission select screen by toggling info and looking at the second field from the right.
  • From the in-mission map by toggling "Show Objectives," then scrolling down to the "Kill List" objective. 

Finally, completing each kill challenge unlocks one weapon, which can be seen in the loadout screen or in the kill list objective panel mentioned above. Weapons unlock as soon as a kill challenge has been completed. 

Some players have noted that certain weapons, specifically the K98k, can be bugged and don't unlock when completing their challenge. There's not much way around this. Attempt the challenge again until an official patch squashes the issue (editor's note: I did not run into any such bugs while completing these kill challenges).

Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall  Kill Steffen Beckendorf with an Explosion

  • Reward: M. Pist. 40. 

Steffen Beckendorf can be found in the town on the western side of The Atlantic Wall map. He patrols the road circling the town. He stops at three places along his route (marked in red above):

  • In front of the market square along the southern coast.
  • In front of Moller's office building to the west of the church. (It is the building with the Nazi banner northeast of the Resistance Safehouse.)
  • In front of the church, on the eastern side. 

In some instances, you may find Beckendorf missing. This happened once or twice to me, and I reloaded the level. It's not clear what causes the bug, but it will likely be patched eventually. 

When Beckendorff stops in the market square (about 3-4 minutes into the mission), he will patrol near several explosive canisters in the center of the area, on the southwest side. If you start from the Town Promenade, you'll have a good look at them from about 125 meters away, keeping you far enough away from the patrolling Werhmacht along the road. 

Another way to kill Beckendorf with an explosion is to use one of the Panzaerfausts found at the pavilion overlooking the ocean southwest of the town, near the Town Promenade starting location. Its arc will reach the square from the pavilion, but landing the shot is a tad tricky. 

Moving quickly enough from Town Promenade, it is possible to catch Beckendorff's Kubelwagon before it leaves its initial location. That's just northeast of Moller's Office (from the road running north/south on the northern edge of town). A simple grenade toss works. 

Other options call for laying a proximity Teller Mine in the path of Beckendorf's Kubelwagon (difficult since you'll need to get it close to the wheels), sticking a satchel charge on the back of the wagon, or simply wreaking havoc and throwing a grenade at him.  

Mission 2: Occupied Residence  Kill Friedrich Kummler with a Chandelier

  • Reward: K98k. 

Since all of the objectives for Occupied Residence are in the chateau itself, it doesn't exactly matter which starting location you choose. However, if you're just after Friedrich Kummler, the best is the Chateau Stables

Kill the sniper in the northeastern tower so he doesn't alert the other guards, then go down into the dry moat between the gardens and the mansion. Kill the guard near the first tunnel entrance on the right, and climb up the second set of vines on the right (before the second tunnel entrance). Climb into the window, then go left and upstairs to the balcony overlooking the ballroom. Kill the officer here.

Kummler, wearing the gold sash and red-striped pants, should be below on the right side if you've arrived quickly enough. He will then walk to the box of wine bottles under the chandelier. Shoot the chandelier chain; do not sabotage the chandelier or the kill challenge will not count.

Another easy way to get this is to set the difficulty to Civilian, run into the ballroom and knock Kummler out, then place his body underneath the chandelier before shooting the chain. 

Mission 3: Spy Academy  Kill Fabian Richter Using a Stealth Takedown

  • Reward: P08.

Fabian Richter is one of the three Nazi officers attending the Kraken meeting above the church in Spy Academy. Since this is part of your primary objective, finding him is easy. The best way to complete this kill challenge is to put the difficulty on Civilian and start at either the Town Wall or Smugglers Landing locations to avoid the bridge and snipers leading to the island.

Make your way through the church, stealth killing as many guards as you can on the upper levels. Once at the meeting place, kill the officer and take the key to open all three of the doors leading inside. Kill the two officers inside, one in the middle and one on the right. Richter is on the left side, wearing the grey uniform. 

Once you've done that, only one or two guards will appear to help Richter if you've taken care of them on the way up. Now use the open doors to confuse Richter, get behind him, and initiate the melee kill

Mission 4: War Factory  Kill Matthaus Elrich Using a Rat Bomb

  • Reward: M.Pist.44.

Start at the Resistance Safehouse in War Factory, and go upstairs to grab the rat bomb off of the table by the door and the resistance fighter. Take the zipline down, then kill the two soldiers on the catwalk, go down the stairs, then up another set of stairs on the left. Take another zipline across the river. 

Make your way south along the train tracks to the kill target location. A set of double doors is open on the northern side and provides the easiest point of entry. Watch out for Elrich as you enter; he'll likely be standing by the shelves in the middle of the room. 

So how do you use the rat bomb? Go to where he was standing, and you'll see a white silhouette of a rat on the floor by the shelf. Plant the bomb here (or at the location directly to your left when you enter, or on the far-left side of the room). You'll have to stand almost directly over the rat bomb silhouette for the prompt to appear. 

And now simply wait. It will take a few minutes for Erlich to speak to some other soldiers and return to the area to find the (rat) bomb. Once he does, he'll shoot it and be kaput. 

Mission 5: Festung Guernsey  Kill Baumann by Burying Him in Concrete

  • Reward: Type 100.

Like the chandelier in Mission 2, the kill challenge in Festung Guernsey requires a very specific set of actions to complete. Just burying Lanzo Baumann in concrete isn't enough. 

The Mirus Construction Site is in the northeastern portion of the map, so it's best to start at Roadside House or Countryside House if possible. Whichever you choose, go to the southwestern edge of the construction site to find a green building to the right of six concrete mixers. Baumann is in the building arguing with another brownshirt. Once they're finished, sneak in.

Knock Baumann out and carry his body to the concrete mixer on the east side of the building (between the two mixers with troughs carrying cement down into the construction site). There will be a railing flashing red that you can break, but you don't have to. Just throw Baumann over to complete the challenge. If you can't throw him over, press the designated prompt without putting him down, then throw him over.

Mission 6: Liberation  Kill Jaan Trautmaan with Poison

  • Reward: Model D.

Except for a small portion at the very top, the Liberation map is essentially split into two halves by a river running from east to west. The target, Jaan Trautmaan, is in the mansion on the far western side of the lower portion. If possible, start from the Riverside House, as it's just west of the mansion.

Regardless of where you start, enter the mansion from the northern garden; there are too many soldiers on the southern side with the drive. When you enter, look for the yellow icon on the crates to the right indicating the poison. 

Go upstairs and put the poison in the cup to the right of the door with the satchel charge silhouette. Ring the bell behind the poison on the same table to alert Trautmaan. Hide so he doesn't see you.

Just as in War Factory with the rat bomb, you may have to wait a while for Trautmaan to appear and drink the poison. I waited about 3 minutes the first time. But once he does chug it down, his demise is swift.  

Mission 7: Secret Weapons  Kill Dr. Christian Jungers with a V2

  • Reward: RSC 1918.

Dr. Christian Jungers can be found in the weapons lab in the northeastern portion of the Secret Weapons map, just southeast of the dome in the extreme north. If possible, start at the Abandoned House location to fight through or sneak past fewer soldiers. 

Once inside the weapons lab, don't worry about killing any of the other scientists you come across; Jungers is always found in the office of the V2 wind tunnel on the second story. Pacify him by knocking him out, then drop his body beneath the suspended V2 rocket in the wind tunnel. Shoot either of the two hooks holding the rocket up, and it will fall to the ground, crushing Jungers beneath it.

Sometimes it will take 8-10 seconds for the kill to register, with Jungers and the objective marker still under the rocket. 

Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin  Kill Shinji Yoshikawa with a Japanese Weapon (Type 100, Type 14 Nambu)

  • Reward: Type 14 Nambu

On your way to the U-boat pens in Rubble and Ruin, you can unlock the last gun in the campaign by stopping by the Town Hall in the northwest portion of the map. Your target is Shinji Yoshikawa, and he's one of the easier marks to assassinate.

There does seem to be a small bug with this mission. If you open your map and click show objectives, it will show the kill challenge as failed from the beginning. Disregard the "failed" message and continue with the steps below. 

Start at the Resistance Cafe if possible to avoid the southern ruins. Use the zipline in the attic to cross the street and continue toward the Town Hall. Enter through the hole in the east side of the building (in the gardens) if possible, then go through the library and upstairs. 

At the top, kill the Jaeger near the MG42 emplacement to get the Town Hall Office key, then open the door with the satchel charge silhouette. You'll find Shinji on the other side, as well as a Type 14 Nambu on a crate on the left side of the hall (in case you forgot to bring a Type 100 secondary weapon). Kill him and you're done. 

And that's how to off every Nazi target and complete their kill challenges in Sniper Elite 5. Now you have access to all of the weapons to either complete your perfect loadout or chase after the weapon masteries. For more on SE5, head to our guides hub, where we have collectible walkthroughs and more.  

Sniper Elite 5 Rubble and Ruin: Mission 8 Collectibles and Starting Locations Fri, 27 May 2022 18:28:49 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Rubble and Ruin is Sniper Elite 5's penultimate mission, and it's the last one in the campaign to have collectibles. Though you're almost done, that does mean Mission 8 is once again packed with things to find: personal letters, stone eagles, classified documents, and workbenches. As usual, we'll also show you where to find the other two starting locations for the map, which will make things like completing the kill challenge easier. 

There's a bit more zigzagging around the map this time around. Unlike some other levels, such as Secret Weapons and Liberation, Rubble and Ruin isn't exactly designed for (mostly) free movement from east to west or north to south. There's well, a lot of rubble and ruin in the way, which creates a more corridor-like labyrinth for most of the level. 

Rubble and Ruin Collectibles and Starting Locations

Secure Radio Lines (Classified Document 1)

Start the level and follow the path to the small square with the statue and four Nazis. This classified document is next to a lantern on the stack of crates just north (on the other side) of the statue.

Broken Resistance (Classified Document 2)

Continue up through the ruined building and through the room with the resistance fighter. Go through the barricade, then look down to the street below. You’ll see a bar/cafe with two soldiers. This classified document is on the crate between them.

Your Man Talked! (Personal Letter 1)

After picking up the intel above, turn around, and follow the street left. Crawl through the rubble, and go around the back of the white, shelled building ahead of you (the front door will not be open as it is in the screenshot).

Climb up the ladder, then go downstairs to get the building key on the wall. Go back upstairs and open the locked door to pick this up off of a desk across from the generator.

Resistance Report (Classified Document 3)

Continue northwest. You should have a marker for an interrogation at a bookstore. If so, go there and into the basement to find this piece of intel behind a locked cell door (you can pick up the key from an officer nearby or use a satchel charge).

If you don’t have the marker, continue north up the street in front of the house and past the fueling area with the truck and spotlight. Take the steps on the left past the barricade, car, and tall grass down. Go right between the red and blue buildings on the right, then the first opening on the right to drop down to the basement with the cell behind you.

Cafe Starting Location and Priority Pick Up (Classified Document 4)

Go back to the MG42 emplacement west of the last piece of intel and go inside the Metro Du Cafe on the left side of the road behind it. Take the stairs up, then climb up. Open the door at the end of the path to secure the starting location. Climb up the desk just inside the door to the right to reach the attic. This classified document is on the floor ahead of you.

SMG Workbench

Head northeast through the ruins toward the town hall for your kill target (Yoshikawa). There should be a blue icon on your map indicating a resistance cache in the northeast corner of the building block just south/southwest of the town hall. There is a generator inside and a ramp leading up. Take that, then climb the hanging floor section. The workbench is at the top.

Stone Eagle 1

Look toward the town hall (northwest) and above the main entrance for this stone eagle perched above the central eave window.

He’s Not the Sharpest (Personal Letter 2)

From the workbench, go to the bombed-out theater just north of the church; it’s in the middle of the building block across the street (east) from the workbench, with a glider crashed into it. Go to the southern side and upstairs to find this in a locked crate (use a crowbar) near an MG42 emplacement on the balcony looking toward the church.

Pistol Workbench

This workbench is in the church crypt. You can enter the crypt by way of the door in the northwestern corner of the main hall (there is a satchel charge on the scaffolding nearby and the crypt key at the top of the tower in a crate); through the door underneath the main steps on the northern side; or the weak wall on the northeastern side.

An “Original” Adolf (Hidden Item 1)


Climb up the scaffolding next to the crypt door and up into the hole in the wall. Then climb the ladder up one floor and jump off. The painting is leaning against the wall near the sleeping bags.

It’s Not Over Yet (Personal Letter 3) and Flagship Fuel Risks (Classified Document 5)

Head east two blocks to the Hotel Sue la Mer; there should be a blue marker for Moller’s safe in the hotel if you’ve followed this guide to this point. If not, it’s the octagonal building across the road (south) from the sewer entrance objective. It has “HOTEL” written on it in large, red letters facing the sewer. Pick up the personal letter from the downstairs office (southern side), then open the safe in the upstairs room to the right of the Rising Sun flag.

Seaview Offices Starting Location and Moller is Moving (Personal Letter 4)

Take the road west of the hotel and head south. The road will terminate at a red and white brick building with green shutters and a sandbag barricade out front. Go through the archway to the left of the entrance, then right through a hole in the wall to find the personal letter on a desk with a typewriter. Then go upstairs and open the door at the top to secure the starting location.

Stone Eagle 2

Once you’ve opened the door to secure the starting location, go through the next door (by the resistance flag) into a communications room/armory. Look through the first window on the right to the building at the very end of the beach. The stone eagle is perched on the roof.

Stone Eagle 3

Go to the road just northeast of the sewer entrance objective. There will be a checkpoint off the road and two towers on the left side. Look past the second tower to a refinery building off the map for the stone eagle to the left of two tall tanks.

Clean Out the Sewer (Personal Letter 5)

Enter the sewer, and look behind the crates on the left side as soon as you spawn into the area.

Stolen Tonto (Hidden Item 2)

If you have a satchel charge, blow open the door by the personal letter above. Then look in the crowbar crate on the left side for this hidden item. If you don’t have a satchel charge, follow the path around until you (quickly) find a room with a safe on the left side. Open the safe for the Sewer Pump Room Key.

Rifle Workbench

From the room with the safe, follow the corridor around, up some stairs, and through a green door (there’s a generator here in front of you). Go along the left side and down the ramp/stairs. Just after, on the left, is a small armory. The key is on one of the soldiers nearby.

I-400 V2 Hangar (Hidden Item 3)

Destroy the three U-boats and enter the classified U-boat pen by way of the second-story catwalk. Turn left on the catwalk inside the pen, go into the room at the end/far western corner (Funkraum 84). Then go right through a smaller room and into Kontrollraum 78. This hidden item is on four desks pushed together in the center of the room.

And that's where to find all of the collectibles in Rubble and Ruin, Sniper Elite 5's eighth mission. There's only one thing left to do: take out Moller. If you purchased the season pass or the Kill Hitler DLC separately, there are still more stone eagles, workbenches, documents, letters, and items to pick up. For guides to all other levels, like the Kill Hitler DLC, and how to complete all of the kill challenges for each mission, head over here to our SE5 tips page.

Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons: Mission 7 Collectibles and Starting Locations Fri, 27 May 2022 16:23:02 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Sniper Elite 5's Secret Weapons level has 19 different collectibles to discover, with the usual suspects of stone eagles, personal letters, classified documents, and hidden items rounding out the list. There are also three workbenches and two starting locations to unlock in Mission 7. 

In a similar fashion to our guides for Mission 3: Spy Academy and Mission 5: Festung Guernsey, we'll be covering the collectibles found in the bottom portion of the map first, moving west to east, before moving up to the top half, moving east to west, to help minimize backtracking. of course, you can take any route you wish! If you're keen, you can also go ahead and get the kill challenge for Dr. Jungers, as well. 

Secret Weapons Collectibles and Starting Locations

Intruder Sighted (Classified Document 1)

Start the mission from the Facility Overlook starting location, and go forward and down the hill. There is a shack up on the hill straight ahead of you (north/northeast) across the railroad track. A soldier will drive up on a motorcycle. Kill and search them for this intel. This can also be retrieved from the sniper at the lake-side camp north of the castle.

Pistol Workbench

Continue forward to the road, and take it left (west). Just before the bridge, there is a dirt path that veers off to the left, then continues left to go over the waterfall, and splits right to go under the bridge. Go right and down. At the bottom, turn left immediately to find a cave entrance and a barricade hiding a resistance stash behind it.

Pressurization Report (Classified Document 2)

Cross the bridge (or adjacent to it), and go to the castle beyond, in the southwestern portion of the map. Go to the top of the tower on the south/southwestern side of the castle and pick this up off the table next to the broken wall.

Stone Eagle 1

Go down one floor and exit the tower. Turn left, go through the archway with the power conduit on the ground and wall, and follow the path to the next archway. Stop there, turn around, and look up at the right (western) side of the tower. About halfway up, just behind some vines, is the stone eagle.

Lake Overlook Starting Location

Use the zipline in the northwestern tower (reach it by dropping through the floor) and light the bonfire in front of the tent when you land.

Dr. Jungers’ Schedule (Classified Document 3)

Continue down the hill toward the lake. You’ll find a lake-side encampment on the main road, just to the right (northeast) of a checkpoint. There will be an officer, a sniper, and two jaeger soldiers in or around the tent. The sniper carries the Intruder Sighted classified document.

But what you’re after is on a desk on the right side of the tent. This document can also be found at the railyard on the eastern side of the map and off of Junger himself in the Rocketry Lab/Weapons Lab.

Prufstand XII Plans (Hidden Item 1)

Now head east along the main road, and you’ll soon reach a bridge. Go across it and go right on the opposite side along a dirt path leading toward the waterfall. Look under the bridge here for a sleeping bag and this hidden item.

We Had a Deal (Personal Letter 1) and Inbound Deliveries (Classified Document 4)

Go into the train station near the eastern edge of the map and up to the second floor through the ticket office. Go left at the top, then left again into a room with a safe and this personal letter on a desk.

Inbound Deliveries is in the safe, and you can get the key off of the officer in the train station. Inbound delivery can also be retrieved from the Brownshirt engineer working on the locomotive at the train garage.

Abandoned House Starting Location

Cross over the railyard to the east, going behind the train garage. Follow the muddy path left to the Abandoned House up on the hill. Climb up the pipe next to the generator in the front.

At the top, turn right for stone eagle 2 (below), then turn left to climb around to the backside of the house. Drop down on the balcony and open the door to secure this starting location. Grab I’m Done (personal letter 2) here as well, detailed below.

Stone Eagle 2

Climb to the second story of the Abandoned House and turn right instead of left to continue climbing around. Look down, at the eastern (left) side of the hill in the middle of the pathway below the house to find the stone eagle hiding amongst the rocks.

I’m Done (Personal Letter 2)

Open the door off of the balcony at the Abandoned House and go downstairs. Check the fireplace near the dead body.

A-4B Logistical Issues (Classified Document 5)

Now head northwest to the Weapons Lab (where Christian Jungers is, just southeast of The Dome). Go to the second floor above the munitions garage to find the planning/engineering room. This is part of the secondary objective and on the four tables pushed together on the far side of the room.

Thinking Outside the Box (Personal Letter 3)

Complete the objective in the Dome’s War Room and climb the central structure (where the V2 rocket was) by way of the blue stairwell on the southern side. At the top, turn right to find this on a desk under two framed propaganda posters.

Peenemunde Lab ID (Hidden Item 2)

Descend the stairwell from the letter above, and double back at the bottom to find an opening in the central leading down. Go through the first door on the right with a Waffenkammer sign above it. You’ll enter a narrow hallway with crates stacked on the right side. Go down it and through the first door on the left into a small mess hall to find this underneath a table against the far wall.

SMG Workbench

Go back out into the hall and go to the very end. Unlock the door to reveal a small armory with this workbench.

The V2’s are Obsolete! (Personal Letter 4)

Complete the objective down in the V2 Assembly and Refueling area. Leave the control room, and go toward the southern end of the area. Climb the ladder across from the alarm and the horizontal V2. Go to the end of the catwalk and left through the doorway.

Follow the path up. Exit the door, and you’ll see a V2 launchpad in front of you. Climb the ladder to your left, open the door to another control room at the top, and grab this personal letter off of a chair to the right.

I Can’t Work Like This (Personal Letter 5)

Now head to the Lake Compound to your southwest. This personal letter is on a table by the open rocket capsule above the water, across from the yellow rocket on the trailer.

Rifle Workbench

From there, go right (north) and past the yellow rocket. Pass the control room on the right, and you’ll see an alarm and an armory in front of you. Open the door under the Waffenkammer sign to gain access to this workbench.

Luftwaffe Playing Cards (Hidden Item 3)

Leave the Lake Compound and head to the major bridge in the northernmost part of the map. Go inside the gatehouse at the checkpoint to find these on the table to the right with the radio equipment.

Stone Eagle 3

From the gatehouse, go slightly northeast to the AA gun on the dam wall (it's near the northeast mission boundary). From there, look west and down at the water flowing out of the square holes in the dam. Look inside the third hole from the end (roughly under the third V2 rocket on the train above). It's hard to see this one because of the water. 

And those are all of the stone eagles, documents, hidden items, and workbenches in Sniper Elite 5's Secret Weapons mission. For more guides outlining all of the other collectibles in the game's other levels (except Mission 9 because there aren't any!), head over to our SE5 tips hub right here.

Sniper Elite 5 Liberation: Mission 6 Collectibles and Starting Locations Thu, 26 May 2022 02:46:22 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Every level in Sniper Elite 5 has 19 collectibles to find, including stone eagles, workbenches, classified documents, hidden items, and personal letters. And Mission 6, Liberation, is no exception. If you're wondering where to find them all, as well as the two extra starting locations in the level, you've come to the right place. 

This guide is slightly different than those for other missions, such as those for The Atlantic Wall and Spy Academy. Considering the placement of collectibles in Liberation, we've broken it up into the lower portion of the map, going counterclockwise, and the upper portion of the map, also going (mostly) counterclockwise to avoid as much backtracking as possible. You can also poison Trautmaan while you're here.

Liberation Collectibles and Starting Locations

They’re Out There (Personal Letter 1)

Get to the main road at the start of the mission and let the cargo truck pass. It will park at the abandoned farm just to your right (northeast), across the road from the downed glider. The soldier carrying this personal letter gets off of the back of the truck and stands by the tractor at the shelter to the right of the house.

Unfit for Duty (Classified Document 1)

From there, head due west across the road to the Bridge Farmhouse. Go up the stairs by the truck, and turn right to go inside at the blue french doors. Turn right again, then right once more by the inner stairwell to enter a bedroom. This document is on a set of drawers in the left corner.

Hold the Line (Classified Document 2)

Exit the Farmhouse, and go left (north) toward the bridge. You’ll see a house with white shutters and Nazi flags on the opposite side on the left. Go to the radio objective on the second story, and this classified document is on a desk on the right side of the room, opposite the radio.

Stone Eagle 1

Just northeast of the house (across the street) is a U-shaped set of buildings that were used as stables. It’s now a weapons stockpile full of small cranes, engine blocks, and other supplies.

Go to the northeastern side of the area and into the section with wood scaffolding and a Nazi flag. Climb the stairs to the top. Go through the hole in the wall, and turn left toward the AA gun and stone windmill. The stone eagle is perched on the eave above the suspended pallet and crates.

Pistol Workbench

Turn around and go along the scaffolding to drop through the roof on the right side. Drop down one more level for the workbench below.

A Surplus Bridge (Classified Document 3)

Destroy the AA gun at the windmill, and go to the white brick house just to the north, where the zipline coming down from the windmill terminates. Go around that to the yard between it and a red brick house to find a beige crate and a green crate leaning against each other on the northwestern side by the road. This document is on the beige crate.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (Hidden Item 1)

From there, head northwest to the field across the road with the burning glider. Kill the bald soldier on the left side of the glider and search his body (screenshot shows him in the wreckage because I alerted him).

Vengeance is Nigh (Personal Letter 2)

Head west and neutralize the AA gun in the next field. Enter the farmhouse just west of the AA gun and climb the ladder inside. This personal letter is by the opening in the roof, on the ground by the sniper rifle to the right.

Riverside House Starting Location

Head slightly southwest across the road, northwest of Le Grande Mansion (Jaan Trautmann is). Climb the hill behind the tranch and light the bonfire behind the fallen tree trunk.

Watch Your Back (Personal Letter 3)

Go to the southern side of Le Grande Mansion, and kill the Nazi patrolling in the drive by the red car.

Resistance Fanatic Located (Classified Document 4)

Return to the farmhouse where you found Vengeance is Nigh, just west of the third AA gun emplacement. Head north from here, crossing the river using the downed glider. Enter the shelled stone house in front of you, behind the alarm; a building with Huiles De Moteur written on it will be to your left.

Go inside and upstairs. Double back at the top of the stairs and unlock or break open the door to the right. This document is inside, to the right on a dresser by the bed.

SMG Workbench and Stolen Medals (Hidden Item 2)

Leave the house the same way you entered and go into the stone building (watermill) across the street, just to the southeast, with the stone wall and generator out front. Go through the kitchen, and turn left in the next room with the cogs and stairwell. Go through the hole in the floor for the workbench and the hidden item on a table in the center of the room.

Give Me Strength (Personal Letter 4)

Continue east to the Eastern Bridge objective and into the Field Camp. Go inside the green building on the camp’s northwestern side, closest to the checkpoint and the northwestern tower. This personal letter is on a crate just inside the doorway.

Barely Escaped (Personal Letter 5)

Go north up the road from the Field Camp and veer northwest just before the map boundary. Continue north into the trenches, and look for the artillery gun on the right side. This personal letter is on an ammo crate to its right.

Incoming Armour (Classified Document 5)

From the artillery piece, follow the trenches northwest. Go up, then left, then right up some steps. Pass a small open area with a circular grindstone and generator on your left, then some steel doors on your right, which you can open with a satchel charge. Take the next right at the barrel fire and follow the trench to the next pillbox on your left. This document is on a crate by a satchel charge.

Stone Eagle 2

Continue down the same path to exit the trenches and head toward the northern town. When you get to the road, turn left and look back toward the southern town. You’ll see a shelled church in the distance. Look to the roof on the far right side, just over the front end of the cargo truck in the road, and a little to the right of the third telephone pole, for this stone eagle.

Bridge Charlie Starting Location

Turn around and head up the road to the next objective (connect the barricade explosive). But instead, go past the bridge and to the house with the purple flowers on and roses on the wall. Open the door on the southeastern side to unlock this location.

Rifle Workbench

Blow the explosives on the bridge, then climb the vines on the southeastern wall of the building where the explosive trigger is to find the rifle workbench.

Engraved Lighter (Hidden Item 3)

Destroy the Tiger tank and cross the bridge. Turn right on the other side, just past the car on fire, and enter the building on the left. Go upstairs, then double back and go into the room on the right. This hidden item is on a set of drawers with a briefcase on it by the bed.

Stone Eagle 3

Look behind the Tiger tank for the ruined building with the Nazi flag out front, just at the northeastern edge of the map. The stone eagle is in the center.

Those are all of the collectibles in Sniper Elite 5's Mission 6, Liberation. For more stone eagles, personal letters, documents, workbenches, and items in other levels, such as Festung GuernseyWar Factory, and Wolf Mountain, click the links or head over to our SE5 guides hub.

Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey: Mission 5 Collectibles and Starting Locations Wed, 25 May 2022 19:51:31 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There are 19 more collectibles to find in Sniper Elite 5's fifth level, Festung Guernsey, as well as two additional starting locations. Unlike the previous two levels, Mission 5 returns to the more open and expansive structures of The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence.

The guide below shows you where to find all of the stone eagles, classified documents, personal letters, hidden items, and workbenches in Festung Guernsey. It also highlights where each of the extra starting locations can be found. We'll go mostly counter-clockwise, but the mission's structure doesn't completely allow for that. Be sure to bury Baumann in concrete, too

Festung Guernsey Collectibles and Starting Locations

Grin and Bear It! (Classified Document 1)

Start the level, and go to the radio tower on the peninsula. Stay on the right (eastern) side past the bunker, then climb the stairs on the same side, past the alarm, when you see the beige brick building behind the bunker. Get the safe code off of the wooden table in the room with lockers at the top of the stairs.

Then go to the northeast side of the building and climb the vines to enter a second-story window. The safe is on the left inside.

Escaping Islanders (Personal Letter 1)

Take the road west to the Western Observation tower from the radio tower (the bunker immediately to the west). Enter from the eastern side on the hill, and go up one story to the top. Turn right at the top of the stairwell and enter the room with the U.boot poster next to it. This personal letter is on the shelf to the right.

Stone Eagle 1

Now go outside on the same level (there are three Nazis guarding the "roof"). Dispatch them, and look at the top of the bunker to the west/northwest for this stone eagle.

No Need to Worry (Personal Letter 2)

Leave the observation tower and follow the road east, back toward the radio tower. Follow it north (left when it turns), toward the northeast. You'll come to an east/west (left/right) crossroads and see a tower with a Nazi flag flying above it to your right.

This is Martello Tower; go to it while watching out for the tank, and kill the office on the bottom floor. Search them for this personal letter.

Getting Off the Island (Personal Letter 3) and Crystal Radio (Hidden Item 1)

From Martello Tower, head north to the farmhouse, across the field with the tank. Go into the second building on the right, past the destroyed barn on the right. Take the ladder down to find both of these collectibles on a desk.

Stone Eagle 2

Go back up and into the front yard of the farm. Look west, and you'll see St. Hamilton's Church. This stone eagle is on the left-hand side of the roof.

Rifle Workbench

Go to the church and climb the vines and bars on the southeastern side to reach the tower window. The workbench is inside.

Oafish Officers (Classified Document 2)

Use the zipline to reach the Underground Hospital entrance, in the hill past the checkpoint leading from the farm. Follow the path as it curves left, then enter the first room on the left. This document is on a desk in a linen/medical room; it's under a half Nazi Flag, half Rising Sun poster.

Transport Troubles (Classified Document 3)

Leave that room the way you entered and turn left. Follow the path all the way down to the room you see in front of you at the end. This is on the double-sided desk just inside to the right.

Harass the Huns (Personal Letter 4) and SMG Workbench

Exit that room and turn left. Leave the underground hospital and turn right once you're outside. Go up the hill to the right and break open the door to the small stone building at the top. Crawl under the table and debris to the left, then climb down the ladder to find the personal letter on a desk in front of you and the workbench on the left.

Roadside House Starting Location

Once back outside, cross the road to the southeast to find the Roadside House starting point near the edge of the map. There is a checkpoint just west of the house. Climb the vines on the northeast side to enter and open the door from the inside.

Confiscated Goods (Personal Letter 5)

From there, go northeast to the southeastern edge of the Mirus Construction area. You'll find a Brownshirt near the green building keeping a lookout over the construction area below

Todt Uniform Badge (Hidden Item 2)

From there, go to the northwestern side and the green shack with piles of rock in front of it and a Japanese flag flying to the right. This hidden item is on the first table on the right when you enter.

Stone Eagle 3

Take care of business at the construction site, and head to the Mirus Munitions Bunker to the northeast of the construction zone (southeast of the actual gun). It is on top of the bunker, in the middle. You'll be able to see it from the main road from a fairly good distance.

Countryside House Starting Location

From stone eagle 3, go slightly northeast, to the edge of the map, to find the countryside house. Climb into the attic by way of the vines on the left side, then open the door to secure the staging zone.

Comfort Bag (Hidden Item 3)

Take out the Mirus Gun, then head southwest back toward the center of the map and the Parish Farmhouse. Enter the house and take the stairs to the second floor, then go right at the top and straight to the end of the hall into the bedroom on the southwestern edge of the house. This hidden item is on a set of drawers to the right of the bed.

Drastic Measures (Classified Document 4)

Head due west from the farm to the Dollmann Observation Tower on the western coast (where you shot stone eagle 1). Go into the bottom floor of the bunker near the firing range (the only way inside), and find this sitting on a table just inside.

Cut Costs Cost Lives (Classified Document 5)

Go into the hidden facility and into the room where you need to turn the valves. Stay on the catwalk above, and go into the room on the far right. This document is on a desk on the left side (there is a safe behind the desk against the wall).

Pistol Workbench

Exit the facility to the northeast toward the exfiltration area. You'll enter a camp with a tank (if you haven't already destroyed it). Stay right and go down the trench just before the MG42 emplacement on the left. The workbench is to the right of the AA gun.

And that's where to find all of the workbenches, stone eagles, documents, letters, and starting locations in Sniper Elite 5's fifth level, Festung Guernsey. For more mission guides, like those for Mission 6, Liberation, or Mission 4, War Factory, head over to our dedicated (and growing) SE5 tips page

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory: Mission 4 Collectibles and Starting Locations Wed, 25 May 2022 14:11:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Thankfully, War Factory is a bit easier to navigate than the Spy Academy and returns to a less chaotic level structure for Sniper Elite 5. As with all of the previous maps, there are 19 collectibles to find in Mission 4, including stone eagles, letters, documents, hidden items, and workbenches. There are two additional starting locations to find, as well. 

For this guide, we'll be going clockwise instead of counterclockwise as we have for Mission 2 and Mission 3. The map is designed slightly differently, and the initial starting location, the Resistance Safehouse, is in the northwestern portion of the map instead of the south in the previous three missions.

War Factory Collectibles and Starting Locations

Klaus! You Idiot! (Personal Letter 1)

Zipline down from the Resistance Safehouse, then go left across the top of the dam. Go inside the second building, then into the first room on the right. Find this personal letter on the desk on the left side of the room.

The Suspense (Personal Letter 2)

Exit that building and continue along the top of the dam. Go up a set of stairs, then past the small train in the next area. The building just on the other side of the tracks is the pump/generator building. Go inside, then across the top floor into the pump control room on the northern side. This letter is in the back left corner of the room on a radio by a desk.

No More Games (Classified Document 1)

Leave the pump/generator building and go east into the Scrapyard. Go past the guard tower and angle left (northeast). Mantle over the back end of the rail car, and you'll see a small stack of wooden beams with a floodlight behind it, just beyond a backhoe. This intel is on the stack of beams.

Scrapyard Overlook Starting Location

From the classified document, continue northeast, crossing over the railroad tracks. You'll see two green and red locomotives. Interact with the bonfire between the left locomotive and the cliff.

Increase Security! (Classified Document 2)

From there, continue into the Refinery just southeast. Go through the roll-up door and up the ramp. Turn left at the top to double back, then right at the top of the stairs. Go left to get to the other side.

Follow the path right and down a set of stairs, then pick the lock to the first door on the left. Go right through the control room to the next room. This document is on a desk on the far side of the room.

Pistol Workbench

Leave the Refinery control room and go two doors down on the left to the armory. The key can be found on the soldier with the camouflage helmet nearby. The workbench is inside.

Your Orders Await (Personal Letter 3)

Go into the building directly west of the Refinery. In the southwest back corner, you'll see a ladder going up. Behind it, you'll see a door with a two-barred white cross on the wall next to it. This letter is on a crate in front of the door.

Rifle Workbench

Go up the ladder by the letter, then pick the lock on the door at the top. Enter the room and go to the right side, where you'll find a ladder leading down to a secret armory with this workbench.

Losing Time (Personal Letter 4)

Leave this building and go to the Steelworks, the building directly south. When you enter, turn left (east) and you'll see the Kontrollraum (Control Room) with a ladder to the right of the door. Climb the ladder to find this personal letter in the second-story room on a desk in the middle.

Gold Pocket Watch (Hidden Item 1)

Losing Time reveals that an officer has lost a pocket watch in the Scrapyard. The item doesn't seem to appear until you pick up this piece of intel. A marker appears on your map back in the Scrapyard, but the watch isn't directly at the marker.

Instead, it's on a stack of steel near the area's alarm and a generator; both are just east of the watchtower closest to the pump/generator building.

Sheer's Notebook (Personal Letter 5)

Go into the Furnace's control room on the third floor, western side. This letter is on the radio table in the back right corner.

Stone Eagle 1

Exit via the south side of the furnace. Before you take the stairs down to the road, look straight across to the far side of the complex; you'll see a building to the right of the two smokestacks on the left. The eagle is on a column on the left side.

P.1000 Ratte Plans (Hidden Item 2)

Now go southwest to the large rectangular building on the edge of the map in the Reservoir. Take the stairs in the southwestern corner of the building and follow the platform at the top to the far end. You'll find this on a cart in front of an orange double door. You could also pick this up just before exfiltrating.

Shipping Orders (Classified Document 3)

This classified document is part of the critical path and an objective in the shipping warehouse. You can find it in the safe on the second story of the warehouse, south side.

Stealth Plating (Hidden Item 3)

This personal time is on the bottom floor of the shipping warehouse, in the middle on a stack of brown and black crates.

SMG Workbench

Exit the shipping warehouse heading north. Go across the yard with the crane and construction materials to the white and brick house by the artillery. Climb the ladder on the north side and open the door to access the room on the second story.

Trainyard Office Starting Location and Ehrlich's Done For (Personal Letter 6)

Exit the building with the workbench and head due west. Go through the alleyway by the garage with the APC out front, and cross the railroad tracks to the Trainyard Office. Open the door on the right side station to get the starting location, and get the letter off of a desk inside, on the right.

Stone Eagle 2

Exit the Trainyard Office, and turn left when you leave the building. Look through the hole in the wire on the wall. You'll see an old castle tower across from you, with the second stone eagle on the left side.

Stone Eagle 3

Turn around and move slightly left so you can see the roof of the furnace building in the distance. Look just right and down from the middle for the third stone eagle.

Bureaucratic Oaf! (Classified Document 4)

Go north up the tracks, then up the stairs you find at the end. Turn right at the top and go up the ladder by the small, red-brick pumphouse. Go through the door ahead (with the yellow U.boot sign to the right of it), and grab this classified document off of the desk inside to the left.

Those are all of the collectibles and their locations in War Factory, the fourth mission in Sniper Elite 5. For more guides, including more walkthroughs for The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence, as well as how to complete each of the kill challenges, consider heading over to our SE5 tips page.

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy: Mission 3 Collectibles and Starting Locations Wed, 25 May 2022 14:10:49 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Spy Academy is perhaps Sniper Elite 5's most intricate and confusing level. Finding all of the classified documents, hidden items, letters, and workbenches in the Nazi-riddled labyrinth that is Mission 3 can be a test of will and patience. Luckily, the stone eagles are fairly easy to find and there are only two starting locations to discover, one on each side of the island. 

As with our collectibles guides for The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence, we'll be going counterclockwise, from right to left, as it's the easier of the paths to follow. Though, of course, you can go any which way you like! As a sidebar, it's worth going ahead and melee killing Richter since he's at the primary objective.

*Note: the map below says personal items when it should say hidden items.

Spy Academy Collectibles and Starting Locations

Stone Eagle 1

From the Beaumont Marshland starting point, follow the path until it opens up to reveal the cathedral and Spy Academy island. This stone eagle is on the roof of a house on the left side of the island, along the seawall, snipeable from here.

Fragile, Do Not Break (Personal Letter 1)

From there, go down the right path toward the bridge. You’ll see a truck and several crates just before the bridge, with this personal letter on the stack of crates nearby.

Won't Be Attending and Armoury Exposed (Classified Documents 1+2)

Stay along the sand on the right side of the bridge, and head toward the island. As you approach the craggy beach, you’ll see a round castle tower and a castle gate on the right side. Go through the door to the left of the gate, through the gatehouse, and up the road toward a parked truck (Karl will remark that it will make a hell of a distraction).

There is another castle tower to the left of the truck. Climb to the top of it to find both of these documents on a couch and a desk, one on the left and one on the right.

Town Wall Starting Location

After picking up those classified documents, go back down two floors, and go out the left side of the tower. Cross the small bridge going over the road below, and follow the path down and left. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll see a low wall with white paint on it in front of you. Drop down to the bottom and open the gate.

SMG Workbench

From there, follow the path left and back out to the road. You’ll see a hotel in front of you (and the truck Karl spoke about further down on your left). Turn right and climb up the wall with the white paint on it; the wall is to the left of a red car in the street. Once you climb up, turn left into a room inside the castle wall. Follow the path down to an armory, with this workbench just inside the door.

Just Attend One! and Resource Request (Personal Letter 2 and Classified Document 3)

Go back outside, and when you exit, use the pipe on the left to climb the wall. At the top, follow the path forward and up to the right. Continue through the iron gates at the top of the stairs into a small courtyard with a statue in the middle. Continue ahead and slightly left, heading toward the chapel in front of you with a black X's on the outside.

Go through a small graveyard on the way, through a window, and turn right. At the wooden lectern, turn right again through a door, then left. Follow the stairs to the top and kill the officer for Just Attend One, then search the desk for Resource Request.

It's Easy Money (Personal Letter 3)

Use the zipline to get down from the tower. Turn left when you land, and go down the stairs to the right. Take the next set of stairs in front of you up, and follow the path outside and to the right. Continue up, then double back and go into the tower in the seawall. Kill the sniper and pick this document up from the tan table on the left.

Stone Eagle 2

Go to the opening in the tower wall, and look toward the Cathedral, west/slightly northwest. You’ll see a tree with green leaves and a tower with a blue roof behind it. The eagle is above the central window of the tower from your vantage point.

Priority Package! (Classified Document 4)

Take the zipline down from the tower back to the chapel. Exit the chapel back into the small courtyard with the statue where you originally entered. Take the small path through the graveyard and low walls on the southwestern side of the area.

Turn right, then left – you’ll see a blue car and a red car past an open iron gate. Turn right, and you’ll see that you’re behind an MG42 emplacement a little ways ahead on the left. Go through the house to your left (the one with the open back door and the visible bookcase), then down a set of stairs.

You’ll see an alarm ahead of you; turn right at the alarm (there will be a striped guardhouse by the road), then immediately right again through a doorway. Inside, you’ll find this classified document on a set of drawers by the window.

Do Not Be Late (Personal Letter 4)

Continue west by way of the main road, and go past the house with the red shutters on the right, then cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you’ll see a bar/cafe on your right. There should be a soldier wearing a fieldcap here; this is Fregattenkapitan Seidl’s driver. Kill him for the note.

Note: If soldiers in the area become alerted, the driver could meet you on the bridge, near the house with the red shutters, or by the state car (more below).

Kriegsmarine Playing Cards (Hidden Item 1)

These cards are in the same building/cafe on a table to the left of the bar.

Parking Problems (Personal Letter 5)

This personal letter is in a trashcan where the state car is parked below the bar/cafe. The trashcan is to the left of the state car, between two benches along a low wall. There is a lightpost and barrel near the benches.

Smugglers Landing Starting Location

Go back up toward the bar/cafe. At the top of the incline leading up from the parking area, go through the archway to the left of the tower (just west of the bar/cafe). Follow the path down four flights of stairs. At the bottom, there will be a gate on your left. Open the gate to secure this starting point.

Pistol Workbench

Now we’re going to the upper-most level of the island for the remaining collectibles. Go back to the MG42 emplacement near the alarm (where you found Priority Package!, and follow the road up past a second MG42 emplacement.

Take the large set of stairs on the left, and follow the path left and up three more sets of stairs. At the top of the third, turn right to see a steel door with a Waffenkammer sign above it. The workbench is inside on the right.

Covert Ops Field Manual (Hidden Item 2)

From the pistol workbench, you’re headed to the rectangular building north of the cathedral, against the northern cliffs. Instead of going through the cathedral, go around the back, western side of it. Pass through the area with the alarm, then continue down the stairs.

Go through the garden area with the tree in the middle, and through the right side door. Go down the steps, then left at the boxes, past the statue. Follow the path right, then down a set of stairs, then left and through another doorway.

Go up a small set of stairs and turn right at the top. You’ll see three tables pushed together in front of you, with this on one of them.

Training Scenarios and Ornate Compass (Classified Document 5 + Hidden Item 3)

Turn around from the previous intel, and go back outside the way you came. Turn left in the area with all of the columns, then go down a set of stairs into a small garden are with statues and benches, then left up a set of stairs.

Go straight ahead into the spymaster’s office. Continue upstairs and get Training Scenarios off of the desk underneath the stained glass windows, and retrieve the ornate compass from the safe in the room adjacent to the entrance.

Stone Eagle 3

Continue on with the mission, and you’ll see this stone eagle from the bell tower above the meeting. It’s on the extreme northern side of the island, perched on stone ruins to the left of the extraction point. You can also snag it just before exfiltrating.

Rifle Workbench

This workbench is on the northern side of the building where you found the Covert Ops Manual, but it can only be reached from the outside. On the way to the extraction point, go to the northern side of the building and climb the vines on the western side. Then follow the path at the top left to the workbench.

And that's where to find all of the collectibles, workbenches, and starting locations in Sniper Elite 5's third mission, Spy Academy. For more, click the links at the top of this guide or head over to our dedicated tips page.

Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence: Mission 2 Collectibles and Starting Locations Wed, 25 May 2022 14:10:48 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There are 19 more collectibles and two additional starting locations to find and unlock in Sniper Elite 5's Occupied Residence. The guide below shows you where to find all of Mission 2's classified documents, personal letters, stone eagles, and hidden items. Like the antiques you'll need for a secondary objective, most can be found in the Chateau itself, though there are some hiding in the surrounding areas. 

As with our Atlantic Wall collectibles guide, we'll go counterclockwise around the map, from right to left. This guide also contains a few mild story spoilers, but we've tried to keep that to a minimum. You can also go ahead and crush Kummler with the chandelier, but read this guide for how to do it correctly.

*Note: the map below says personal items when it should say hidden items.

Occupied Residence Collectibles and Starting Locations

Orders of the Day (Classified Document 1)

From the Forest Clearing starting location, go up the right side of the map and to the patrol in the Woodland Ford marked by the blue icon. Kill the Nazis here and go up the embankment to the right of the MG42 emplacement. You’ll see a small shack with crates stacked around it. This piece of intel is on a crate in the middle stack.

Note: Orders of the Day can also be found on a crate on the south side of the central bridge leading to the Chateau; the crate is east of (right of) the MG42 emplacement in this area. It can also be found on a desk in Kummler’s office.

Immediate Request for Attic Repairs (Classified Document 2)

Continue up the right side of the map, through the forest, and to the Chateau Stables just southeast of the Chateau gardens. Go into the northeastern building with the Waffenkammer sign on it that abuts the road. Pick this document up off the table on the left side of the building, the same table with the bolt cutters and Old Tunnels Key.

Note: You can also find this stapled to the door near the Group Statuette (below), the same room that gives you attic access to Moeller's Office.

Pistol Workbench

Take the armory key off of the officer in the same area to find this workbench in the armory beyond the door by the table with the previous intel.

New Orders, Effective Immediately (Classified Document 3)

This classified document is behind the pistol workbench on a table. Note: I also found this document on a table on the first floor of the farmhouse in the northwestern section of the map w/ the SMG workbench. I also found it at the checkpoint at the Chateau’s main (south/central) entrance on a crate by the tent and parked vehicle.

Stone Eagle 1

From the Chateau Stables, look north/northwest toward the Chateau itself. Just northeast of the gardens and the gazebo, you’ll two buildings with high-peaked roofs attached to each other. The stone eagle is on the peak of the closest roof.

Chateau Stables Starting Location

There is an encampment with a handful of green tents across the road north of the chateau stables. Find the campfire for this starting location just barely north of those tents, on the eastern side by a stone wall and small iron gate.

Soldier Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 1) and Good Plan, Let's Do It (Personal Letter 1)

Go through the chateau gardens toward the building with the stone eagle. Kill the sniper in the tower and search his body for this hidden item. Then find Good Plan, Let's Do It on a small trunk on the left side of the tower with the sniper and soldier statuette.

Rifle Workbench

Go into the Chateau Cellars to find an armory and the rifle workbench. The cellars can be reached from three different areas:

  • The tunnel leading from the northern edge of the forest through a wine cellar, then by a bridge into the cellar.
  • A ramp leading down on the southern end of the main estate courtyard.
  • A stairway off of the ballroom.

Brother, I Have a Plan (Personal Letter 2) and Group Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 2)

Go up to the third floor of the chateau estate (you can find a dark, narrow stairwell up from the second floor; it's in the middle of the north edge of the chateau on the map). Go in the first room on the right to find this personal letter on a table. The Group Statuette hidden item is in the crate to the left of the letter.

Renovations Completed (Classified Document 4)

This classified document is part of the main objective. It is found on a desk in Moller’s office. 

Operation Kraken and Grateful Thanks (Classified Documents 5 + 6) 

Operation Kraken is found on a small desk in the right backside portion of the secret room in Moller’s Office. Grateful Thanks is found on a table under a portrait on the left side of the secret room.

Do Not Fail Me, Nephew (Personal Letter 3)

From Moller’s Office, go right and into the first room on the left (Kummler’s Office). This letter is on the personal marble desk to the left when you enter. Orders of the Day is on the bureau in front of you when you walk in if you haven't already picked it up.

Need a Scapegoat (Personal Letter 4) and Old Man Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 3)

From Moller’s Office, go left toward the northwestern end of the Chateau. Go into the second door on the left, then immediately right into a bedroom. This letter is on a trunk at the foot of the bed.

Interact with the portrait on the left side of the bed in the same room to reveal a safe with the hidden item antique inside.

SMG Workbench

Exit the Chateau via the northwestern side. Go through the orchards to the west until you reach a farmhouse near the river. Go into the attic by way of the vines on the northwestern side of the farmhouse for the SMG workbench.

Stone Eagle 2

Exit the farmhouse and go to the bridge by the checkpoint (just south of the farmhouse). Look southeast to find this stone eagle perched on a stone wall ruin on the cliffside. It's in front of a tree with red leaves and to the left of a tree with pink flowers.

Stone Eagle 3

Cross the bridge. Stop on the other side and look straight ahead (west/southwest) to find this eagle perched on a chimney on the farmhouse in front of you.

Munitions Farmhouse Starting Location

Open the wooden farm gate behind the farmhouse found north/northwest of the previous stone eagle. It's on the northwestern boundary of the map. 

And there you have it: all of the collectibles and starting locations in Occupied Residence, Sniper Elite 5's second mission. Consider also checking out our walkthroughs for Spy Academy and War Factory. For even more guides leading to the game's intel, stone eagles, and workbenches, head right over here

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall: Mission 1 Collectibles and Starting Locations Wed, 25 May 2022 14:10:34 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Sniper Elite 5's Atlantic Wall has 19 different collectibles to find, including stone eagles, personal letters, classified documents, and hidden items. There are also three workbenches and three starting locations to unlock in Mission 1. The former gives you access to new weapons and upgrades, and the latter opens up new infiltration zones similar to those found in Hitman

As does our Occupied Residence guide, the guide below shows you where to find all of those locations, moving around the map counterclockwise as we initially discovered them. There are, however, some alternative locations, which we've done our best to suss out and mention. Be sure to pick up the kill challenge for exploding Beckendorf while you're here.

Atlantic Wall Collectibles and Starting Locations

Resistance Captured (Classified Document 1)

This classified document is part of the critical path. Secure the Boathouse objective, and kill the officer to take his keys. Enter the boathouse and investigate the documents at the objective marker.

Rifle Workbench and Interrogation Block Starting Point

After meeting Blue Viper, the Interrogation Block starting point automatically unlocks. Following the cutscene, go upstairs and either pick the lock or use the bolt cutters to enter the room with the soldier. This is also part of the critical path. It's on the left side of the room next to the exit.

Picked Some Violets (Personal Letter 1)

Work your way toward the radar array in the north by staying on the right side of the map. You'll eventually come to a medium-sized white shed with a blue horizontal stripe just southeast of the array (there are two soldiers talking behind a sandbag barricade on the southern side of the building). Kill them and grab the letter off of the crates near them, with the lantern explosive on it. There is a parked truck on the right side.

Stone Eagle 1

This stone eagle is on top of a building to the right (east of) the building where you found the Picked Some Violets personal letter. It's off the map, with the stone eagle on a pillar.

Lacking Air Support (Classified Document 2)

This classified document can be found in the Radar Bunker safe in the center of the bunker. Use the safe code found on a soldier near the safe room or use a satchel charge to open it.

Atlantikwall Report (Classified Document 3)

This is in the Northern Farm safe, found in the house adjacent to the northernmost AA gun as part of the Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns secondary objective. Open with a satchel charge or get the code from the soldier in the AA gun embattlement.

Violets are Wilting (Personal Letter 2)

This personal letter is in the attic above the garage at the Northern Farm. Go up the stairs to the garage's second story (where the truck is parked), then climb the ladder. This is on the table by the hay bales and silenced Sten Mk2.

French Countryside Starting Location

Interact with the bonfire in front of the parked truck with its lights on in the field just north/northeast of the Northern Farm. 

Pistol Workbench and Beach Defenses (Classified Document 4)

This workbench is in the armory in the northern part of the Gun Battery compound. It's in the back of the green building with the two trucks parked outside. The Armory Key is on the officer nearby, and the workbench is in the back when you go inside. Then, crack open the safe in the same room, near the western door. 

Note: It's possible that the Beach Defenses collectible is missing in the safe. This happened to me on my first playthrough, and other players have reported the bug. If it doesn't appear for you, finish the mission and return to the safe on another run (that's what worked for me).  

Radio Tin (Hidden Item 1)

The radio tin can be found in the barn on a table at the Southern Farm, which is in the middle of the map just east of the dunes.

Upcoming Delivery (Personal Letter 3)

this personal letter can be found on the second story of the garage at the Southern Farm. It's on the floor at the top of the ladder near two ammo boxes.

Stone Eagle 2

This stone eagle is on top of the bunker just southeast of the dunes. The bunker is marked as a vantage point on the map, and you could get this one at the beginning of the level if you choose to go toward the dunes first.

Stone Eagle 3

The final stone eagle in Atlantic Wall is on top of the hotel just north of (across the road from) the town church in the town. The hotel is the large building with Nazi banners on it and a fountain out front. You can see the Eagle on the roof from the top of the church or snipe it from the path leading up to the hotel.

Violets Don't Wilt (Personal Letter 4)

This personal letter is in the hotel safe (code received from the officer nearby). Go upstairs and right at the top. Go to the end of the hall and into the room on the right. Turn right through the door to find the safe in a smaller room.

Resistance Photo (Hidden Item 2)

Go to the second floor of the pharmacy on the western side of the market square in the town. The square abuts the main road going through the town about halfway down, and it's just to the right of the Town Bunker that's part of the Neutralize the Coastal Defenses optional objective.

At the top of the stairs, go right and straight ahead across the hall to find this on the table on the left side.

Boches at the Door (Personal Letter 5) + SMG Workbench

Boches at the Door is in the Resistance Safehouse where you search for Marcel. It's on the sofa downstairs, across from the gramophone. The workbench is in the Resistance Safehouse attic, across from Marcel. 

FFI Flag (Hidden Item 3)

This is in the kitchen at the Western Farmhouse, which is just barely northeast of the exfiltration zone. The FFI Flag is on a sink/washbasin.

Pests in the Garden (Personal Letter 6)

This personal letter is on a table in the small pavilion on the southwestern tip of the map, almost directly south of the SMG workbench and resistance hideout, and just southeast of the Town Promenade infiltration point.

Town Promenade Starting Location

This starting location is in the extreme southwestern portion of the map on the peninsula. It's west of the Pests in the Garden personal letter. There are two paths leading west just before the pavilion, with each leading to this area.

And there you have it: all of the collectibles and starting locations in The Atlantic Wall, Sniper Elite 5's first mission. For more guides leading to the game's intel, stone eagles, and workbenches, like those for Spy AcademyWar Factory, and the Kill Hitler DLC, head on over to our guides hub for SE5