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The much-anticipated Hello Neighbor has changed quite a bit since our last look at the previous Alpha build, as Alpha 4 now features an actual control keymap list (huzzah!), improved UI, a working day/night cycle, and some very creepy mannequins.

Most of the same controls and tips and we covered before are still applicable here, as is our previous stealth guide to distracting the neighbor. But the newest game version has been expanded and has some key differences. We cover them all below in our complete Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 walkthrough below.

Keep in mind that there are other potential routes to reach the ending -- this is just the way I went on my first playthrough!

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Puzzle Solving Guide

To get started, remove the box from the yellow car trunk right outside your house and grab the red key. You won't need this till way at the end though -- so if you need inventory space, just set it on the ground somewhere you can pick up later.

Red Key Location

Head around to the right hand side of the neighbor's house and use two or three boxes to create a makeshift ladder so you can reach the open grate near a window. Throw any object smaller than a box -- like a shoe or a banana peel or even your flashlight -- to hit the switch visible through the grate.

 Grate With A Hidden Switch

Head inside the house and go down the hallway to the corner where you can either head up to the second floor or find a section of hallway blocked off with boxes.

Since you hit the switch, a new door will have opened, leading to an extremely long ladder that heads straight up. You'll need this route open to get across the neighbor's weird Dr. Seussian-style home that has no rhyme or reason to its floor plan.

The Ladder Shortcut

About three quarters of the way up you will see an opening on your left. Head inside and tap the big red button on the generator inside this room. You should now see the roller coaster track just to the side, but ignore it for now (although we will return here several times later).

Head down the stairs in the corner and open the regular door (ignore the door in the floor that drops straight down). Take a deep breath and jump across to the roller coaster tracks.

Yes, you will have to do this several annoying times, because the jumping and physics still aren't perfect in this Alpha version. (Note: Jumping is easier if you have an umbrella in hand and use it while falling, which slows your movement.)

 Jump Attempt #1 Of ???

Immediately down and across from you is a boarded red window, and below that is a white landing platform. Jump to the platform, then grab the mannequin and smash out the window in front of you. Head inside the window, then jump down through the hole in the left corner of the room.

Heading Down

Head over to your left towards a blocked entrance and crouch down. You should see a red and blue magnet device just poking out of the shelf blocking your way -- grab it!

Remove the chair blocking the nearby doorway and head through to a hallway filled with paintings of eyes. Turn right, then take the first door on your left. There will be an empty spot in front of you and a platform over to the left just out of reach.

Get ready for another annoying sideways jump to reach that platform. Pull down the painting off the wall here to reveal a hole into the next room. Use the magnet to pull a blue key out of that room.

If Your Inventory Is Full, The Key Drops To The Ground

Jump back across the annoying gap and turn left to open the door at the end of the hall filled with eye paintings. Flip the big yellow switch on the wall near the stairs to open the iron fence. Now you can freely move between the first and second floors of the house.

Go through the opened fence and head up the stairs to the locked door, which can now be unlocked with the key you just picked up. Now you have unrestricted access to the upper third floor, and more places to run and hide.

Unlocking The Third Floor 

Head through the nearby door and look on the wall to see a crowbar stuck to the wall. Throw anything against it to break it free, then use the magnet to pick it up. Don't touch it with your hands -- it's molten hot!

Instead, go all the way back down to the first floor and throw the crowbar in the kitchen freezer, where you can also pick up the blue keycard. The keycard isn't needed until the very end of the game though, so you can safely leave it here for now.

Cooling Down The Crowbar

If you don't have an umbrella yet, grab one from just behind the the front door. Head all the way back up the infinity ladder to the room where you jumped out onto the tracks before.

Do so again. But this time, instead of going for the platform, you are aiming to land just beyond it to go through a hole in the blue floorboard. Be sure to deploy your umbrella, as you are jumping to get more maneuverability!

 Jumping Through The Hole

You will land in a control room -- pull the lever and press the big red button to start the tram moving across the coaster track. This will break the various obstacles preventing you from accessing track areas. Head down the hole in the floor to your left to get back on the ground. 

Once more, head up the ladder to the room with the track. But instead of jumping down, just walk forward through the part of the wall that was previously boarded up but is now broken and allows direct access to the track.

Run across the track through a blue room and keep going down until you reach a yellow room that was previously visible through the control room glass. Remove the chair from the control room door, then head inside and hit the red button again to move the tram forward slightly.

Go all the way back the way you came until you reach the original track room. Go out the opposite end, where you should see the tram in front of you and a large silver pipe to your left. Jump out on the pipe and head up, then turn around and use the umbrella to reach the top of the tram.

 The Mary Poppins Form Of Travel

From the top of the tram, jump across to the roof and then head all the way up until you see a small silver door with a yellow danger sign. Open it up and throw something in (like a box or a shoe) to stop the gears from moving.

Now for the tricky part. Head back down into that main track room you've been in several times. Look for a hole in the wall near the ceiling that's filled with boxes. Build a box ladder to reach the hole, then pull out all the extra boxes blocking your path and throw them anywhere. Carefully jump up and to the side to enter the room through the cleared hole.

Yes, it's ludicrously frustrating, and you'll probably do this a dozen times. It seems to work best if your box ladder is at least 5 boxes high. When you finally achieve sweet, sweet jumping victory, head through the door in this room and grab the yellow key on the floor near the large metal cylinder.

 Reaching This Room Will Have You Smashing Your Keyboard, Guaranteed

If you need inventory room at this point, you can get rid of the blue key and the magnet -- just make sure you have the yellow and red keys in your inventory. Go the ground floor and head down the hallway leading towards the ladder. Instead of going forward toward the ladder, turn left and go through the wall of boxes, then unlock the back door with the yellow key.

There will be a very creepy segment here, after which you return to the main game area. Head back up to the roof where you gunked up the gears (you may have to turn on the tram in the control room to get it in position to reach the roof again). From the roof, look down and jump onto the upper part of the steel pipe.

 Adventures In Home Ownership

From the pipe, turn and face left -- then very, very carefully use the umbrella to jump out onto the box with the yellow roof. Go down the ladder into the box, then use the red key to unlock the door inside.

Get ready for a weird segment. After completing that segment (I won't spoil it for you, but it's fun), make sure you have the blue keycard in your inventory and then go back to the ground floor and grab the cooled crowbar out of the freezer. 

You can now remove the boards from the basement door found on the main floor of the house in the living room (with the crowbar in your equipped item slot, hit "e" while looking at each of the nails).

 Unlocking The Basement Door

Next, use the keycard to open the electronic lock -- and you can finally reach the bizarre ending.

Have fun, and let us know if you took any different routes or found any other secrets that we missed in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4!

Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: How to Solve the Elaaden Vault Puzzle Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:41:54 -0400 Synzer

At this point in Mass Effect Andromeda, you know the vault on a planet is the key to restoring it and making it viable for an outpost. Each vault is different though, and there are 3 monoliths you need to solve before you can even step foot into the vault.

I'm going to go over everything you need to know about the monoliths and what to do when you get inside the Elaaden vault.

How to Solve the Elaaden Monolith Puzzles

Thankfully not every monolith has the long, complex sudoku puzzles that Voeld had -- but there is at least one. I'm going to list each monolith as North, South, and West, then go over what you need to do at each one. The header image above has each monolith circled, with the direction next to them.

North Monolith

This monolith has 3 glyphs that are easy to find by scanning. The challenge comes after finding all 3 glyphs. Once you go back to the console, you have to do a complex sudoku puzzle, similar to those on Voeld. If you are having trouble, check out the solution pictured below:

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

West Monolith

This monolith has 3 glyphs, but thankfully no sudoku puzzle. The puzzle comes from reaching the 3 glyphs. Scanning will reveal where the glyphs are, but you won't be able to reach them at first. 

You will need to interact with another remnant console nearby -- separate from the main one -- to raise some platforms. These platforms will allow you to reach the glyphs so you can scan them.

After scanning all 3 glyphs, you can interact with the main console to activate the monolith.

South Monolith

This is very must like the West Monolith in that it does not have a puzzle other than finding the 3 glyphs.

The same concept applies here, but there are 2 different terminals you have to turn out this time. Multiple platforms will raise once you do this, and you will be able to reach the glyphs to scan them. After you have done that, go to the main console to activate the monolith.

Entering the Elaaden Vault

After you've activated all 3 monoliths, the vault will appear to the east of the West Monolith and near a Forward Station. I also have it marked on the header image.

When you enter the vault, you will need to activate the console above where you enter. After that you will see 5 consoles in front of the door, with beams coming from some of them.

1st Vault Puzzle

To open the door, you must get the beams to come from all 5 at once. Starting from left to right they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Whenever you activate a console, it will turn off or turn on certain beams. To solve this puzzle, activate console 5, then console 4. Don't activate any of the others, and the door will open. 

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

Continue through the vault, killing or sneaking past any remnant. Ignore the first console you see -- which just makes escaping harder -- and go until you get to another room with consoles. 

2nd Vault Puzzle

Drop down to the left first, then activate the console on the platform, which turns all the harmful bubbles into safe bubbles. Go to the farthest right bubble and activate the console to build part of the bridge in the middle.

Now, head back up to the center and activate the 2 consoles to raise the platforms to the right. Jump to each platform and activate the consoles. After that, jump back to the 2 consoles in the center and activate both again. This will cause 4 beams to go to 1 spot, which activates another platform with a console that will open the door ahead.

Now simply go through the door and walk all the way around until you reach another console. This will complete the bridge in the center room so you can reach the purification console.

Bonus Puzzles

If you go to the left side of the room and continue past the plant, you will find many Remnants, as well as a huge one. Defeat them all to gain access to a bonus room.

This room has a Sudoku puzzle -- the hardest one I had to complete so far. If you do it, you get skill points and access to the final puzzle. The solution is below:

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

You will notice five consoles all around the room and most will have a light block next to them. There is one that does not -- activate that console. Continue to activate the consoles that do not have a light next to them until a 6th terminal appears. Activate this to unlock the door so you can escape through this room once the purification process begins. There is also a chest that you can pick up through the door during your escape.

Resetting the Vault

Go back to the center room, follow the bridge to the final console, then activate it. Now all you have to do is run back through the vault towards the room with the 6 consoles and sudoku puzzle, and activate the console to reset the vault.

That's all for my guide on the Elaaden Vault Puzzle in Mass Effect Andromeda. Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to check back soon for more guides and tips!

Grow Cube solution walkthrough guide (with pics) Thu, 22 Sep 2016 10:21:22 -0400 Tobbpitt

Grow Cube has been a flash game for well over a decade but the iOS and Android versions of the game came out just this year, bringing a whole new audience to EYEZMAZE's fascinating Grow series of puzzle games.

Grow Cube itself has always been the most popular of EYEMAZE's games, perhaps because it's one of the first or because it's the easiest for people to functionally wrap their heads around. Figuring out the order of items to have the people manipulate the cube for everything to level up adds a certain charm the other Grow games lack.

This guide will cover the basic version of the game and not Grow Cube Omega, which is still Japan-only.

We're going to go through the process step by step -- with links to images showing the effects of the item you've chosen so you can make sure you're doing it right. Completing the game is a simple 10-step (one for each item) process, and the final result is worth the trouble!

If you don't want to read what happens, just skim through the headers telling the item order. 

Item 1: People

You can do either water or people as your first item, as long as the opposite is your second (so people for turn 1 and water for turn 2 or, water for turn 1 and people for turn 2).

Not much happens when you put your first item down in any case.

Item 2: Water

Placing the water down causes your people to dig a small pond. Here's what it should look like.

Item 3: Plants

The people you put down will carve a small stream into the cube on this turn after you put down the plants. The stream will make the top layer of the cube turn green to look like grass instead of dirt. Your cube will look like this.

Item 4: Basket

Like with all the other items, your timing with the basket is important. If you're playing Grow Cube without a guide you may see the basket explode on the fire instead of level up. 

On this turn your people will carve out some of the land at the top of the cube and your plants will grow. Here's what it should look like.

Item 5: Pipe

The pipe not only needs time to grow, it needs certain parts of your cube to be carved out. You're putting the pipe down now to get started and let your bucket level up into a vase, which your people will put a plant into as well as carve out a cave. The pipe is just going to be hanging there for now.

Item 6: Fire

It's finally time to put down the fire! Your people will make a plant bridge to the vase, which levels up again and is ready to be put on the fire. They also carve a hole next to the fire and clean out some more around the cave. Your cube should look like this.

Item 7: Saucer

This turn your pipe should extend into the hole your people dug last turn. Not only that, but they light a fire in the cave! The cube is really bustling now and your journey is almost over. Your cube should look like this.

Item 8: Bone

Your plants keep growing and your saucer changes this turn, and your people run some water down the side of the cube with some new irrigation. Only two more steps to go. Here's what the cube should look like now.

Item 9: Ball

The saucer grows to new heights this turn and your people make good use of the surrounding plants and the boiling pot to make a mysterious yellow ball. What could they use it for? If you've followed the instructions so far, you're about to find out.

Item 10: Spring

The spring is the final item you put down and your cube should transform in some surprising ways this turn. I won't spoil it in text, but if you want to see the final result in image form, here you go.

See? That wasn't so hard. Grow Cube has been stumping players for years and the solution seems so simple written out. Congratulations on your fully grown cube!

There are no secret endings in Grow Cube, but if you want more games like it I highly recommend EYEMAZE's other games like Grow Park, Grow RPG, and Grow Jungle.

Zero Time Dilemma: Escape the Pod Room! Fri, 08 Jul 2016 05:44:29 -0400 ChrisDeCoster

If there's one thing worse than being stuck with Eric and Mira in Zero Time Diemma, it's being stuck with just Eric and no Mira.  Since, Eric's starting to go off the deep end pretty quickly, you'll have to keep your wits about you and take on this puzzle by yourself.  This puzzle has a lot of distractions to get caught up on, but just focus on the little details and you'll do just fine.

How to Escape the Pod Room in Zero Time Dilemma
  • To the left, there's a hammer in a glass case. To get the hammer, you'll have to solve the two puzzles at either end of the case.  These puzzles are pretty self explanatory (just think of that Rush Hour game with the plastic cars) and these two are probably the easiest in the game.
  • Equip the hammer, then use use it to hit the red circles on the ground.  This will cause sections of the room to turn.
  • Hit the circle facing toward you.  Now another section of the room should turn as well.
  • Keep turning the room until you see a glass panel like the first one. There are two more block puzzles to solve to get the driver handle.
  • By this point, you've probably turned the first section of the room around completely.  If you haven't, do that now, and then check the strange shaped panel on the left.  Examine the slot at the bottom, and you'll get the driver tip, which you can combine with the driver.
  • Turn the third section of the room around so it's on its side. Examine the glass panel on the side to play (you guessed it) two more sliding block puzzles.  These ones should be fairly easy to solve, though.
  • Open the cover to find a note and a gear-shaped hole.  Put the driver in the hole to get to the next mini puzzle.
  • There are three rings with numbers on them. The goal of this section is to get the number in the center down to zero.  Blue numbers subtract from the total, red numbers add to it.  It may take a bit of trial and error, but it shouldn't be too difficult.
  • A contraption will rise from the ground.  Put the driver in it and turn the room so that the green lines match up. This will cause a final glass panel to appear, with a shotgun inside.
  • To get the shotgun, you'll have to solve (all together now) two more sliding block puzzles.  These puzzles are the hardest in the level, so just remember which areas you'll have to clear out to solve them.  From there, it should be easy to figure out which pieces go where.  Also, keep in mind that only one piece can move at a time, so interlocking them together too early is a good way to get stuck.
  • Once you have the shotgun, fire it at the button.  It'll break the glass, and you'll be able to push it and escape.
Next is the "decision" section of the game, and it's one of the easier ones to get stuck on.  

Here's how to get out without any spoilers:

  • You'll be asked for a name. Any character's name (including Zero) will get you a game over, and kick you to the fragment select scene. While you'll get to see a lot of different dialogue for each name, you won't get anywhere.
  • To get out, either wait for the timer to run out or type "I dont know" (the game won't let you use apostrophes).  Doing so will let you progress to the next fragment without a game over.

And that's how to survive the pod room!  Congrats, you managed to seek a way out and escape with your life.

What Zero Time Dilemma level are you stuck on? Let us know in the comments and we'll help you out!

Bungie Is Aware Of Your Destiny Connection Issues Thu, 11 Sep 2014 08:44:08 -0400 Landon Sommer

Bungie is aware that college students across the country are have connectivity issues with Destiny. Some players still haven't been able to start their games due to an error that goes by the name of Centipede. The tag #fixcentipede has started to trend as players await a solution.

The cause? Many college campus servers are set up with a configuration that does not support some features of the game, blocking the game through the servers. Bungie has already sent out an attempted solution, if you have administrative permission on your local network settings.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem for college students with no admin access. If they are lucky, they might have an IT department that is willing and able to fix the problem, but most are still waiting to play the game. Bungie is telling players to be patient as they should soon have information to share with college network admins.

While this may help some, it is likely the college networks won't be too worried about opening up their settings for Destiny. With max level players already walking around the lunar landscape, it's no wonder players are upset. Hopefully, Bungie is also working on a game-side solution to work around the network permissions.