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Today, Blizzard Entertainment released a PC update to the game Overwatch with a patch that makes the highly anticipated Sombra a playable character. Sombra had been teased to the Overwatch community with a controversial alternate reality game that ended in the character's announcement at BlizzCon 2016 a couple of weeks ago. 

Along with Sombra, this update also brings the new Arcade mode. According to the patch notes, this mode will allow for game types like 1v1 duels, 3v3 skirmishes, their alternating selection of brawls, or special rulesets like "no hero switching."

On top of both of those new updates, this patch also brings a new map called Ecopoint: Antarctica, which is the location where the character Mei had been stationed in the game's world. The map itself is a compact arena map made with the 1v1 duels and 3v3 skirmish game types in mind.

As always, this patch also delivers a series of character balances to a range of different heroes in the game. Notable changes include an increase in explosion damage to Pharah's rockets, a decrease in the cooldown for D.Va to call back her mech, and Widowmaker's Venom Mines no longer damaging her after exploding.

To see all of the changes made to the game, you can check the patch notes in the launcher or here on the Blizzard Forums.

Sombra Hacks LumeriCo With Your Help Wed, 02 Nov 2016 00:05:34 -0400 Lydia M

The Sombra ARG was causing a lot of mischief on Tuesday, as the Overwatch discord and subreddit got hacked.

Subsequently the Overwatch twitter announces that the LumeriCo website is under attack from 'mysterious assailants.'

With the help of various and extensive clues left by Sombra herself, players were able to 'hack' the LumeriCo website along with the e-mail of 'GFlores' which released a text file that translated to: 

Logging in with the credentials "MJimenez" (supposedly Sombras real name) and the given password, you were given access to the admin panel of LumeriCo. The MJimenez emails also provide the correct code to place in the admin panel, including the code found in the Tracer tail from the "Welcome to the Summer Games" trailer. After which you are added to the counter and the valves shown on screen are raised higher and higher.

Players and 'hackers' alike gluing themselves to their screens patiently waiting for it to reach 100%. Could it be a Sombra release FINALLY?

Not really, no.

After reaching 100% the LumeriCo website glitches along with a new message at the front page.

"I'm going to send something to thank you... I wish I could take advantage. Dasvidanya friends."

The gift turns out to be a new spray.

The LumeriCo logo is now upside down and the site on the news tab now reads:

As she says goodbye in Russian, is discovered.
The site simply states "Server overloaded. Maintenance is being conducted."

Along with Sombra Protocol 2.3 being active on the Volskaya map.

The Sombra ARG scavenger hunt continues. As we've mentioned previously, with BlizzCon approaching Sombra will most likely be officially announced this weekend.

Sombra Artwork Leaked on Blizzard Store Tue, 01 Nov 2016 08:15:13 -0400 Lydia M

A mysterious addition to the Blizzard Store Monday night included the showcase of a possible new Overwatch character, Sombra. 

Sombra has been the highlight of a clever ARG that has been ongoing since July. However, Blizzard has yet to officially confirm the new hero.

The merchandise page containing the artwork has since been removed, but a mirror of the image was posted to reddit after the discovery on Monday. 

Note that the signature at the bottom right reads "John Polidora", who just happens to be an artist who works on Overwatch.

The latest in the Sombra ARG takes you to the website of a Mexican network company with the idea of "clean energy and Internet access for the entire country at an affordable price"

In a recent post in the Overwatch universe website, LumeriCo claims to have been under scandal as documents released by a hacker, named Sombra, alleging the LumeriCo CEO Guillermo Portero used company funds to bribe public officials and creating a system of kickbacks. 

The extensive ARG has been the center of frustration for some fans, seeming like a never-ending labyrinth. 

Considering this leak has come mere days before BlizzCon there's a solid chance an official Sombra announcement will be out this weekend.

Bastion Finds Another Sombra Clue in Overwatch Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:03:12 -0400 Lydia M

Back in July, Blizzard started an Alternate Reality Game to tease their latest Overwatch character. In the ARG, the hero "hacks" the Blizzard forums, maps, and developer videos, leaving clues for readers to decode. Fans soon figured out that the hero's name was Sombra.

The first sight of Sombra was in the hero release video for Ana. If you pause at the 1:16 and 2:11 marks, you'll see a flash of numbers and letters. Once de-coded, they reveal two phrases:

"She who has the information, has the power..."


Check out the video below to see for yourself:

After an extensive amount of hidden codes, fans were lead to with a countdown that ended on Tuesday, October 18th. What happened at the end of the countdown? Nothing.

Then today, October 19th, a Redditor posted a video of Bastion prompting a response from a computer monitor in Dorado. The Bastion response in Morse code can be converted to a website, for a company at the end of the El Dorado Map. The phone number provided on the site gives you a message that translates to 'TAKECONTROL', leading you to which leaves a hint similar to the amomentincrime countdown.

The website also provides a login screen, which it seems no one has been able to crack quite yet.

Sombra has been quite a popular ARG, but considering it's been going on since July, fans are getting frustrated with the lengthy hype.

Blizzard will most likely utilize BlizzCon in two weeks for its 'official' Sombra announcement.