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Ever wonder if the hit TV shows, The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, merged together to make a bikers vs zombie world? Well, the upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, is giving us exactly that. After feasting our eyes on some intense gameplay of a lone protagonist fending off a seemingly endless horde of running (yes, they run) zombies, there is now updated information on the characters and creatures of the apocalyptic world of Days Gone.

John Garvin, the Creative Director of Bend Studios, gets into deal to prepare us for the extremely dangerous creatures players will face. According to him, the zombies in this world are called Freakers, mindless and feral beasts that are hungry for human survivors. There are two kinds of Freakers: the Newts and the Hordes. Once again explained by Garvin, Newts are the hunter types that hunt from the shadows, while Hordes are Freakers that hunt in enormous packs. On the up side, players are given a tough protagonist that they will control.

The main protagonist is named Deacon St. John, a drifter, bounty hunter, and bad ass biker. Not much is known about his backstory, but this is the guy who will help players survive in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. This is everything that has been revealed about Days Gone, so far. Playstation players, get ready.

Meet Deacon St. John, the anti-hero protagonist of Days Gone Wed, 22 Jun 2016 13:08:43 -0400 Eric Adams

Motorcycles and machine guns, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. In the new PS4 exclusive Days Gone, gamers will take control of anti-hero Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter just trying to survive in the freaker infested landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Judging from his vest, it is easy to tell that Deacon was previously a part of a motorcycle gang before things went south. Everything going to hell sure didn’t get between Deacon and his motorcycle though as - judging from the gameplay reveal - riding the bike will be a big part of the game.

It has been stressed from the developers at Bend Studios that Deacon will need to rely on crafting in order to survive. It is also apparent that, being a former MC of a motorcycle gang, Deacon will do things in the game that will clearly move him more towards being an anti-hero rather than a full blown protagonist. 

The combat is certainly brutal when it comes to killing freakers. Freakers, by the way, are the zombie-like creatures chasing Deacon throughout the gameplay trailer. Bend has assured gamers that the open world of Days Gone is constantly a threat. You never know when a horde of freakers will break through a wall and close in on Deacon.

It is clear that Deacon St. John has suffered losses that are dear to him. He certainly no longer has his motorcycle gang with him and his story seems to be an interesting one.

How did the world get like this? What happened to his motorcycle gang? How did he become a bounty hunter? These questions and more will be answered when Days Gone is released for PS4. Unfortunately, no release date has been given so be on the lookout for more information about Days Gone in the coming months.