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Plot Holes? What Plot Holes?


Plot holes happen. In movies, books and games we see them everywhere and while some can easily be ignored some just leave you scratching your head.


One thing for sure is Five Nights at Freddy's isn't a a game without plot. It has a definite story but it just falls short in the complete telling. 


Hopefully, I didn't ruin the game for you too much. So now it is your turn; what are some plot issues you've noticed in the game?


I Recognize That Voice


I won't argue whether or not Phone Guy and Purple Guy are the same person but what isn't up for debate is that Phone Guy is prevalent in all three games which is a big issue in terms of continuity and plot. 


Remember how I mentioned that FNAF is obviously a linear story? Well, Phone Guy dies in FNAF 1 (or fakes his death, as some theorize) yet we hear his voice in FNAF 2 and FNAF 3. Now I know that Phone Guy's voice in FNAF 3 comes from found recordings, but in FNAF 2 there is no mention of the calls being recordings. Phone Guy also makes it clear that you are at a brand new location also notes the differences between the two offices i.e, no doors.  


I guess Scott couldn't get a second voice actor. 


I wonder if Phone Guy is going to make one last call in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Last Chapter


Oh Where, Oh Where Has Springtrap Gone?


I don't mean after the Freddy Fazbear Attraction burned down, I mean where was he during games one and two? I can't be the only one wondering and hoping his obscure whereabouts isn't just because Scott didn't think of him until the third game.  


According to a phone call in FNAF 3, there's a closed off room that no one has been in. So we assume that Springtrap was hiding in there the entire time. It also can be assumed as well that the Attraction was built off of one of the original Pizzerias, meaning he was there the entire time and not moved there. 


Given that all five children were killed in the first game, or at least prior to it, we assume that the killer met his fate in the same timeline. I don't know how long it takes for a spirit to come back and possess and animatronic but.. if Springtrap was still in the backroom or had gotten up, wouldn't someone on day shift gone back and noticed the pool of blood?


Ironically enough, the FNAF 3 Night 3 recordings specifically designate off-camera safe rooms for employees to go to bleed out.....you know, just in case the springs accidentally go off....


I've seen the argument that Springtrap is holding onto life. So you're telling me that within the last year or so, Springtrap hasn't bled to death? That is to say, he miraculously missed a spring going off into his head and insta-killing him. Sure.


But back to what I was saying, if a foul odor was coming from animatronics that bodies were never found inside of; assuming someone checked, I can just imagine the stench that would have been coming from Springtrap. You know, a fairly very noticeable strong stench that I think someone would have investigated. 


Where's the Blood and Guts?


Speaking of blood and mucus.....Springtrap, you have some explaining to do.


The whole idea behind Springtrap's character is that he is the murderer who lured and killed the five children that we learn about in the first installment. He also got spooked (according to FNAF 3) and jumped into a spring loaded suit accidentally killing himself in the process.


Ok, great. So we get the origin of his character. Even better, Scott threw in some randomly generated Easter Eggs that show there's a decomposing body within the mutilated costume. Even better! But once again, where's the blood and guts? 


Springtrap looks more like an abandoned costume that got treated a bit better than Mangle instead of a walking coffin mixed with a new-age Iron Maiden. Sure, the murderer's body might not have been so badly penetrated by springs to have his entrails hanging out but ideally, according to logic at least, blood stains would be all over the suit. If you're into horror, as I would assume you would be if you're playing this game, then you know how all that works. 


The Animatronics Sound Gross, But Really Aren't


Have you ever been told that something sounds worst than it really is? Well this is one of those times, especially in regards to the games antagonists. 


If you read the newspaper clippings in game one, you probably saw the complaint about the animatronics smelling bad and having mucus and blood coming from thier eyes and mouths. Unfortunately, we don't see any of this. In fact, throughout the entire game, the animatronics look well kept.


Ok, I hear the arguments. But let's assume that the animatronics are regularly cleaned up during the day time. Sure, but like any good horror movie or game, things go bump in the night and change. We play a security guard on the night shift which means we would see these changes but not once do we see blood or mucus. 


Also, the addition of mucus makes no sense to even be present let alone in the eye for a good reason; ready for an bio lesson? The main kind of mucus within the eye is typically found in the corner of the eyes and tends to accumulate when we sleep. These kids were murdered, not put to sleep. Other kinds of eye mucus would include that caused by allergies, infections such as pink eye, and viral conjunctivitis, which can cause itchy watery eyes. All forms of these eye mucus' are nowhere excessive that it would leak outside of the eye holes of any of the animatronics. 


Well, the mucus came from the mouth? Just as unlikely. Mucus in the mouth typically stems from allergy issues that have caused mucus from the nasal cavity to drain into the mouth and into the throat. Excessive salivation is a medical condition, but is more so associated with dehydration. Once again, the kids supposedly stuffed into the mascots are long dead and even if they managed to secrete mucus from the mouth just like with the eyes, you would not see it. 


Killer Convicted. Case Closed. 


I have many questions when it comes to FNAF but my first one has always been: if someone was arrested, why is there even a game?


I know after the first game, people wanted to theorize that there was no real security guard or even Fazbear's Pizzeria; we were actually playing as the murderer in a never ending nightmare of a guilty conscience. Really, the theory would have made sense had there not been two other games that pointed in a completely different direction.


It is points like this one that really makes me doubt that Cawthon had any intentions to turn the game into a franchise, thus not really thinking things through. 


But, wait! People get convicted of crimes that they didn't commit all the time, you say. True, but there is a second clipping prior to the one shown that says the man convicted was caught on video surveillance footage taking kids to the back room. 


It has already been decided that the murders happened before FNAF 2 and, despite initial thoughts, the game seems to be linear, yet games 2 and 3 suggest that someone else killed the five children. If that's true, what's the point of mentioning that someone has been arrested and charged for the murders? There is no mention anywhere else in the game that perhaps the wrong person was convicted and the killer still out there....you know ,because Springtrap....


The mention, whether true or not, does nothing for the plot of the story at all. 


I'm going to be honest with all of you, I can't stop talking about Five Night's at Freddy's... but not for the right reasons. 


Five Night's At Freddy's might be a cult favorite given the unique style and gameplay it offers, but unique gameplay doesn't make up for the blatant missteps within the entire franchise in regards to the plot and consistency. There have been some excellent theories and FNAF easter eggs, but some things don't add up.


If it was just one game, maybe it could be easily overlooked but seeing as Scott Cawthon is working on a fourth and, thankfully, final Five Night's at Freddy's, all just can't be forgiven just yet.


Don't get me wrong, the game is certainly not a novel and I don't expect everything to be written out for me. Missing elements can be a great thing as it keeps fans thinking and interested; however, when things contradict other previously stated points there's an issue. Unfortunately FNAF has lots of contradictions. 


So, with that being said; here are the biggest plot issues within the current trilogy. 

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Ironically enough, even with the beheaded Chica shining her light on the wall, the Marionette is an easy thing to miss. We're used to seeing the Marionette from the front, so seeing it from the side might have thrown you for a loop. Whether or not this is a replica isn't clear as the Marionette you see via hallucinations is quite withered. 


Toy Bonnie


This Easter Egg is a tough one to see if you're playing the game fast and your monitor is dark, but it is there. If you pay attention on the 5th night, you can find a figurine of Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 on the far right of the desk. This is the only night that it will show up.


Springtrap Poster


Disappearing posters seem to be a trend in the Five Nights at Freddy's games, including this one. It is undoubtedly Springtrap and while it doesn't seem to be tied to anything bad, it is a bit unsettling given that there are no other signs of Springtrap's existence. It makes you wonder if the poster is a hallucination or if the yellow animatronic used to be part of the Freddy gang. You can only get a glimpse of this poster on Camera 10. 


Five Nights at Freddy's 4?


Everyone who defeats the game will get the newspaper clipping that announces that the latest Fazbear franchise has burned to the ground. However, not everyone will play around with contrasts to discover that Springtrap is hiding in the dark just behind the Freddy figurine. This alone has fans convinced that there will be a fourth game. 


Golden Freddy


It wouldn't be a Five Nights at Freddy's game if Golden Freddy didn't make an appearance. Aside from the missing Bonnie, Golden Freddy is the only animatronic in the game who doesn't make an attempt to outright scare you, or crash your system. He simply appears on the far left of the office at will. 


Paper Plate Bonnie or Crying Child


If you've played Five Nights at Freddy's 2, then you've seen this image before. Known as Paper Plate Bonnie by many, it also happens to greatly resemble the crying child posters seen in the first game. Either way, this image randomly appears in the office so you may or may not have seen it.


Another Glimpse of 'Purple Guy'


Surely you've seen or at least heard of the three random and horrific images of Springtrap trying to pull off his head revealing 'Purple Guy'. If you haven't, that's ok. The random generation doesn't appear in all game plays but, sooner or later you will see Springtrap on the camera's crawling through the vent. Camera 15 gives a good shot of 'Purple Guy's' lower jaw, something that you could have easily missed while panicking to close the vents. 


Lurking Springtrap


Springtrap lurking around the office door is really easy to miss because he moves so quick. I've only seen this happen on night 5 during a system error. If you're paying attention, you can see him moving to hide back behind the corner when you take down your left screen. 


Static Freddy


We're no stranger to Freddy making unprecedented subliminal appearances in the game so we didn't expect any less in the third installment. Enshrouded by static, Freddy shows up on the first night while you toggle through the camera during the phone call. It's a quick flash but it is undoubtedly him. 




Balloon Boy, Chica, Freddy, Marionette and Foxy aren't the only hallucinations that show up in the game, they're just the only ones that show up in and around the office. Mangle also makes an appearance, particularly on Camera 4 hanging from the ceiling but, you don't have to worry about her showing up anywhere else. You'll still need to act fast though, as Mangle will disable your audio via screeching. 


I am still here.


And so are plenty of other things, so move over Springtrap, or at least stay by the door until I'm done. 


Nowadays, the majority of games have hidden goodies and it is just a matter of finding them. Five Night's at Freddy's 3 is no different. Springtrap isn't the only thing that can be easily missed when you're jumping from one camera to another. Five Night's at Freddy's 3 is full of little Easter Eggs that you may have very well missed due to your anxiety, constant rebooting, camera toggling and panic attacks. While the antagonistic animatronic hides in the shadows, Five Night's at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon, has placed plenty of other not so obvious details in the game that you may have glossed over.

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Love or hate'em, you're going to spend a lot of time with Springtrap while playing Five Nights at Freddy's 3. He is the game's only real animatronic, after all.

Three things make dealing with Springtrap difficult:

  • Having to lure him with audio
  • Recurring camera, audio, and ventilation errors (especially after Night 3)
  • He can be really hard to see

Unlike the bots we've dealt with before, Springtrap is both agile and (to some degree) intelligent. He moves at irregular intervals at Night 4+, and there are a few spots per room where he can be. Most of my deaths in-game have simply come from the fact I can't see him thanks to the static and his weird positioning.

Equipment Management

It's important to know where he is at all times, and unfortunately that becomes really difficult later on, because the equipment at Fazbear's Fright is barely functional. When your ventilation system conks out every two hours, and your security cameras every 30 minutes, it might be time to ditch that retro equipment and get something that actually works.

I've tested both rebooting one of the three systems every time Springtrap relocates, and waiting for them to get errors. Unfortunately, his weird movement timing at Night 4 and above can make this unreliable -- and often equipment will break anyway. That said, it is worth a try if you're having too much trouble.

Avoiding Phantoms

Even with all of the information here, you still have to deal with him among the phantoms and errors. You always have to address errors as soon as they happen, but you can cut down on how many phantoms you have to deal with by keeping a close eye on Springtrap.

If you see a phantom on a camera (such as the Chica face in the arcade cabinet or Balloon Boy), immediately switch to another camera to avoid unnecessarily losing time. This does not help with the Freddy phantom, as he has no camera presence.

Moving Springtrap

As you've surely found out, you can lure Springtrap around the building using the audio function in the camera system. He will follow the sound to the room it was broadcast in.

There are two things in particular you need to remember when luring him around the building:

  1. He will only hear it if you broadcast in a room next to where he is. 
  2. Sometimes he will ignore it completely, which wastes some time.

You need to know where he is before you can really use the audio well. For example, if Springtrap is on Cam 8, you can lure him to Cam 9, Cam 7, and Cam 5. If he's on Cam 7 and you use audio in Cam 9, he will not go in that direction. So you really need to do your best to keep an eye on him.

The best place to lure Springtrap

The best place for any homicidal animatronic is as far away as possible from you, right? Right! And in Freddy's 3, that is Cam 10.

You can have an easier time of managing Springtrap by moving him between Cam 9 and Cam 10, which are in the furthest room from your office. This means it will take him longer to walk to you -- though he certainly will climb into the vents.

The one problem with Springtrap being able to get into the vents any time you want, is that you have a pretty short amount of time to stop him in there. It doesn't help that camera and ventilation errors happen very frequently near the end of the game either.

If he leaves the area, you need to find him ASAP and wrangle him back in using audio. Once he's out of your sight, it doesn't take long for him to find his way to the office.

An alternative to Cam 9 and Cam 10 lies in Cam 5. There is only one vent connected to the room Cam 5 is in, and there are three exits. Using the audio right after he leaves the room generally leads him right back in. That said, Cam 9 and Cam 10 are more reliable, because Cam 5 is closer to you.

Finding Springtrap

Finding him is probably the most difficult part of Freddy's 3, thanks to all the static, hardware errors, and Springtrap's sort-of sneakiness. 

Let's take a look at all of Springtrap's screens (static-free!) throughout the building so you have a better idea of where to look as you're flipping through the cameras. If you don't know where to look, you are going to have a much tougher time than if you did. 

The vent cameras are not included here because it is pretty obvious if he's in a vent or not. However, all screens otherwise are listed and sorted below based on which camera he's in.

Cam 1

Cam 2

Cam 3

Cam 4

Cam 5

Cam 6

Cam 7

Cam 8

Cam 9

Cam 10