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ConcernedApe has increased the dating pool in Stardew Valley by including Shane and Emily as marriage candidates in the 1.1 update. Previously only able to befriend the two, now players can marry the Joja Mart employee or the bartending seamstress. Wondering what the likes and loves of these two are so you can woo them? Well we have you covered! 

Notes on Friendship

There are a few basics when it comes to gaining hearts in Stardew Valley. One heart totals 250 points. You gain points from giving gifts and talking to a character. Giving gifts that the character likes or loves gives your friendship a big boost, so pay attention to what the character wants.


Shane is Marty's nephew, living on her farm while working at Joja Mart. His birthday is Spring 20, so you can start giving wooing him right at the beginning of the game if you choose. His loved items are Beer, Pizza, Pepper Poppers, and Hot Pepper. If you cannot make these items, don't forget to check Pierre's Shop, The Tavern, or Joja Mart for them. 


Emily lives with her sister Haley in the southwest part of town. An aspiring seamstress and the bartender at the Tavern, she is the love interest of Clint. If you feel like causing some chaos, wooing her could lead to some interesting cut scenes.

Emily's birthday is Spring 27, allowing you to start gaining hearts quickly. Her loves are Survival Burger, Emerald, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Jade, Cloth and Wool. Many of these items can be found in the mines, but can also be made or purchased.

With new cut scenes, new interactions, and new marriages, who are you going to pursue in Stardew Valley? 

What to Expect with Stardew Valley Update 1.1 Wed, 28 Sep 2016 11:10:52 -0400 sknau002

Stardew Valley is an indie PC game similar to Harvest Moon. Since its release, it's been wildly popular, often being touted as the perfect Harvest Moon game that Harvest Moon wishes it could be. The creator, Concerned Ape, recently announced update 1.1 that adds even more to the already feature-packed title. Here's everything you need to know:

More marriage options

Previously, Shane and Emily were doomed to be a forever bachelor/bachelorette. With the coming of 1.1, they will now be marriage options. On top of this, there are more interactions between you and your spouse for all options in the game, making married life feel like more of a story than an achievement.

Movable buildings

Imagine you're playing Stardew Valley. You order a silo to store all your hay. It takes a ton of material and money, and even a few days to build. Then you realize it's not where you want it! No worries, you can move them now. Who cares if that's not realistic? It's no longer a giant pain!

New Farm buildings and farm layouts

Didn't have enough to do on your old farm? Well now there's even more to do! New buildings include the shed -- a kind of catch-all building that can be customized how the player likes -- and a mill that can help create sugar. Along with this, players who start a new farm can actually pick a new layout. There's a riverland farm with access to many fishing spots, a forest farm with plenty of trees, a hill farm perfect for mining-focused farmers, and a wilderness farm for the adventuring, monster-fighting farmers.

Misc. Additions

There are also a number of new crops for each season to give the player even more options than before.  

And lastly, some miscellaneous updates such as new events for non-spouse NPCs, new items to help with farm life, and bug fixes.

Concerned Ape has expressed his focus on adding replay value to Stardew Valley. With update 1.1, the already substantial game should feel even more full of content, but he's not ready to stop there. He also has plans in the future for co-op multiplayer, localization for non-English regions, Mac and Linux ports and even console ports.

In typical one-man-team fashion, update 1.1 has been placed in the "Very soon" time slot in regards to release, according to a Twitter post not long ago.

Are you excited for this 1.1 update? Need more games like Stardew Valley to play while you wait for it to drop? Let us know in the comments!