Stretch Goals  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Stretch Goals  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Re:Legend Confirmed For Nintendo Switch Wed, 09 Aug 2017 14:24:36 -0400 Erroll Maas

The Kickstarter campaign for Re: Legend, a crowdfunded RPG  by Magnus Games supported through the Square Enix Collective, has reached its seventh stretch goal, and will now be available for Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. 

Backers will now be able to select the Nintendo Switch as their preferred platform at the end of the campaign. If backers have opted for multiple copies, they will be able to choose a different platform for each one.

To celebrate gaining 3,000 backers, the team has also revealed new Magnus -- the Triemer Snail and its evolved form, the Steel Triemer Snail.  Additionally, the results of the weapon and armor design combination choice as voted by fans was revealed to be the Sunraid Ryder Set armor with the dual sword weapon.

Further stretch goals include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, new bachelor and bachelorette options, as well as two stretch goals yet to be revealed

Re:Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 and will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The crowdfunded campaign for the game will end on August 26. You can check out the Kickstarter page for more information, or to back the project before the campaign ends. 

What Ever Happened to Chronicles of Elyria? Tue, 28 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0400 Paige McGovern

In June 2016, Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter ended with 10,752 gamers pledging a grand total of $1,361,435 to make their dream game a reality. Here’s a previous article about the Kickstarter's progress and the main concepts of the game.

However there’s been a lot happening with the game's development since then, and there are a few reasons why everyone should be excited about Chronicles of Elyria’s potential. 

Soulbound Studios Partnered with Technology Startup Improbable

Just two days before the Kickstarter ended, Soulbound Studios, the indie game developer behind Chronicles of Elyria, announced their partnership with Improbable. The world of Elyria is now being developed on SpatialOS, a revolutionary new platform that allows many servers and engines to power a massive world. Designed to make the MMO development process as smooth as possible, developers working with SpatialOS, like Soulbound, can focus more on the RPG aspect of their games.

Improbable has also partnered with Google to utilize the platform further.

The Game Has Continued Its Fund and Growth

Since the launch of the Chronicles of Elyria store, potential players have been able to contribute through PayPal and a layaway system, both of which weren't payment options during the Kickstarter. Because of this, Chronicles of Elyria’s total earnings has gone up to $2,294,104.

In only a couple of days, the game's funding from backers has gone up by several thousand. This is a significant jump from the $500,000 in self-funding the game initially started with, and the additional $500,000 investment after the Kickstarter met its crowdfunding goal. Not to mention that the amount of received funding only continues to grow.

In the last year, Soulbound Studios has added to their team:

  • Engineers
  • A lead programmer
  • A lead technical artist
  • Two character artists
  • Two animators
  • Two designers
  • An environmental artist
  • A community manager
  • A graphic designer
  • A web developer
  • Another programmer
  • A producer 

Although the team is still small, they have grown immensely from where they started. Of course, there are many challenges ahead, but if any company is as aware, active in their community, and committed to deliver their mission, it’s Soulbound.

There's a Full List of Planned Stretch Goals

Soulbound Studios plans to implement all of the following stretch goals, including Digging/Burying, which barely met the stretch goal requirement at the end of the year.

Wards of the State -- The implementation of this stretch goal will allow for players to start the game as a Ward. Those who choose this option will have more character customization and flexibility in skill values and attributes.

Gambling -- The addition of gambling will allow players to create and play mini-games in taverns and inns. Players will be able to play dice and card games—dealing cards, rolling dice, and making poker faces!

Pet and Mount Customization -- Just as it sounds, players will be able to customize their pet or mount to their liking when this feature is implemented.

Tunneling -- Players will be able to dig underground to create tunnels and structures, adding more depth (literally) to the possibilities in Elyria.

Digging/Burying -- This feature will allow players to dig into the ground and bury items to hide them from others.

Soulbound Studios -- and the Community -- Continue to Prove How Much Influence the Player Will Have on the World

In the world of Elyria, a player walking through town at night can light a torch with a lantern, place objects anywhere, pick them up again, pick a lock, and more.

On a much broader scale of interaction, all towns, counties, and kingdoms will be run entirely by the characters in the world. Even NPCs will have designated roles and complex interactions with players.

Every planned server is already set to have many player-run kingdoms, such as the Kingdoms of Blackheart and Ashland on the NA-W server, the Kingdoms of Vornair and Riftwood on NA-E, the Kingdoms of Nirath and Arkadia on EU, and the Kingdoms of Carpentia and Lor Voskara on Oceanus. Of course, these kingdoms may not last. A kingdom can be overthrown if its citizens are not happy with their ruler. Servers will be uniquely affected based on their individual kingdoms and technological advancements.

For the full list of kingdoms and roles that have yet to be fulfilled, check out the official forums.

The World is Planned to be as Diverse as it is Beautiful

Soulbound Studios has revealed an impressive list of planned biomes: arid desert, savanna, rocky mountains, temperate steppe, swamps, wetlands, tropical rainforest, tundra, and taiga, among others.

In addition, Elyria’s stunning snow accumulation was featured on GameSkinny last year.

PAX Demo Content Was Released

After only a few months of full production, Soulbound Studios shared a preview of their demo content. This pre-Alpha run showcased parkour through Silver Run Mines. 

Watch the preview below:

To catch up completely on all that's been happening with Chronicles of Elyria and Soulbound Studios, follow their Facebook page and read through the developer journals on the official site.

Anew: The Distant Light Adds New Stretch Goal to Kickstarter; Includes Potential Switch Port Thu, 16 Mar 2017 05:54:20 -0400 Greyson Ditzler

Anew: The Distant Light, an intriguing looking 2D exploration-driven shooter from studio Resonator Games, has added a new stretch goal to it's campaign with only few days left to go and with nearly full funding. 

With nearly 99% funding (at time of writing) and only a few days left to go, the first stretch goal for Anew has been added to its campaign page.

The stretch goal is for $35,000, surpassing the funding goal by $5,000, and includes (but is not limited to) expanded localization, speed run features, minigames, a new area as well as a new mechanic, boss, weapon, vehicle, and last but not least, "Nintendo Switch feasibility research". 

The team is merely making the promise that reaching this goal will give them the ability to look into making a port of the game for the Switch. It is a promise that they will do everything they can, but they cannot guarantee it.

If you'd like to see a more in-depth discussion on our impressions on the game, you can read about our expanded first impressions of Anew.

Anew: The Distant Light has three days left before it's Kickstarter has concluded, and you can view the page as well as the stretch goal update on Kickstarter.

Bloodstained adds Amano artwork as stretch goal Tue, 09 Jun 2015 08:08:57 -0400 K.W. Colyard

The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Collector's Box will now include a poster created by legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. Koji Igarashi's Kickstarter announced the inclusion of Amano's artwork less than 24 hours after the campaign had reached the $3.5 million stretch goal set to include a PlayStation Vita port.

Kickstarter backers who donate $250 or more will receive the Collector's Box when Bloodstained launches in 2017. Amano has also agreed to sign prints for ten individuals who give $800 or more.

In addition to the Vita port, the campaign announced that backers have achieved the Orchestrated Tracks stretch goal, which will offer Igarashi's team the opportunity to "use live instrumentation where it makes sense." Bloodstained promises gamers a diverse soundtrack, which will include orchestral, rock, and 8-bit tracks.

The Bloodstained Kickstarter has three days left on the clock. At the time of this writing, Igarashi and crew have made their original $500,000 goal more than seven times over. The remaining stretch goals include an online challenge mode, a third playable character, and a prequel mini-game.

Igarashi's Bloodstained Will Have PS Vita Version Mon, 08 Jun 2015 20:35:50 -0400 OrganisedDinosaur

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has reached yet another of its stretch goals and will now also be released on PlayStation Vita in both physical and digital form.

For the uninitiated, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a gothic side-scroller from Koji Igarashi, the legendary designer and producer whose credits include several Castlevania games. Perhaps most notably, Igarashi (known as IGA) acted as the assistant director for critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, making him one of the godfathers of the gothic action platformer genre.

Bloodstained is a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series and resembles its ancestor both in appearance and in gameplay. The game was due to be released on PC and current gen consoles, but with the achievement of this latest stretch goal ($3,500,000, seven times the initial target of $500,000) the game will now also be released on the PlayStation Vita.

Definitely reminds us of Castelvania

Previous stretch goals had added new modes, characters difficulties and even additions such as an artbook. Further stretch goals exist including a prequel mini game and you have until June 14th to back the project. The lowest pledge that secures a copy of the game is $28 with all sorts of bonuses available for higher pledges.

The Vita edition of the game will hopefully support cross save with the PS4 as well as touchscreen support. A new game from the Castlevania director IGA will be a fantastic addition to the all too small library of the struggling Vita. The style of game plays well on the system with no compromises likely to be needed to bring the full experience to the handheld.

Have you backed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night?

Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless Free to Play on Steam This Weekend Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:29:38 -0400 Jessa Rittenhouse

If you've never played Endless Legend or Dungeon of the Endless, now you have a chance to try it before you buy - both games are free to play through the weekend on Steam.

French developer Amplitude Studios is offering this free Steam weekend to promote their growing community, GAMES2GETHER. By playing each of the games at least once this weekend, players contribute towards a series of stretch goals offered by Amplitude. By sharing the news of the free weekend with others who then play the game, players can work towards unlocking more and more of those goals, including item packs for both games, a special event for Dungeon of the Endless, a Hero Pack of Team Fortress 2 characters for Dungeon, and more.

If that's not enough, as part of the free weekend promotion, all Amplitude games in the Steam catalog are on sale - Endless Legend and Dungeon are 50% off, and Endless Space is 80% off.

If you're looking for new games to play, free Steam weekends are a great way to go, but hurry - the free play and the sale only last until Monday, April 20. 

Crowfall Kickstarter Goal Met, Stretch Goals to be Hit With Backers Pledging Thousands of Dollars Each Fri, 27 Feb 2015 06:30:57 -0500 Autumn Fish

Crowfall dropped its vision on Kickstarter 4 days ago, at the time of writing, and they just reached their goal of $800k this morning. This up-and-coming "Throne War simulator" MMO has started a wildfire in the gaming community, with dissatisfied MMO fans screaming for more diversity. The WoW-Envy of recent years has been truly uninspiring for gamers for the past ten years, and it seems like a change of pace is not only desired, it's demanded.

Individual backers have even been throwing thousands of their own dollars at Crowfall:

"Just bought your highest tier [$10,000]! I believe in you all keep up the great work!

".... I feel every penny is well spent, and like us all we want to see this come to fruition."

-Talrune, Kickstarter Comments

With ArtCraft Entertainment's Crowfall Kickstarter Goal now met, they decided to introduce two stretch goals to the mix:

Crowfall Stretch Goal 1 - $1.0M

Upgrade Visual FX, Female Centuars

The first goal is quite simple: they want to hire a graphical FX specialist. Right now, ArtCraft Entertainment has their 3D character modeller creating all of their special effects. With an FX specialist, not only will the FX look visually stunning but their current 3D designer will be able to go back to character models, which means new gender variants of gender-locked races.

Crowfall Throne War Simulator Kickstarter Funded Stretch Goals Announced

Crowfall Stretch Goal 2 - $1.3M

Mounts and Caravans

In the core module of Crowfall, transporting materials currently consists of using your players inventory — which, if you haven't noticed, uses a Diablo-style grid space. Your inventory will fill up really quickly if you're trying to gather a lot of resources to, say, build a castle. This is where mounts and caravans come in — to transport your hard-earned goods. Just be careful not to get attacked on the way back!

Crowfall Throne War Simulator Kickstarter Funded Stretch Goals Announced

Congratulations, Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment hit an outstanding $800k with Crowfall less than 72 hours after the Kickerstarter campaign launched. With 26 more days to go, who knows what heights they could reach? It looks like the community really wants it, but will it stay hot?