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Last year, Summoner's Con was the first League of Legends convention on the west coast. It was hosted by Sp4zie and featured special guest appearances by major pro players, teams, cosplayers, and rioters. The pioneers of the event, Kevin Khandjian and Cat Valdes, ran a successful 1-day convention bringing in hundreds of League of Legends fans from all over the country (including me from NYC). Now, eSports HQ is hosting the first east coast League of Legends convention: LEc².

LEc² (‘L E c squared’) stands for League of Legends East Coast Convention, which will be held at Fredericksburg Expo Center in Virginia. LEc² includes League of Legends tournaments, personalities, cosplayers, DJs, artist allies, exhibitors, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament.

The convention is hosted by the talented YouTube League of Legends star Sky Williams, and will feature special guest appearances from over 36 YouTube League of Legends Content creators, Twitch streamers, journalist, pro cosplayers, and more.

The east coast con has drawn the interest and sponsorship of many big-name companies, like Corsair and Razer. Unlike Summoner's Con, which ran for one day, LEc² is being held on both June 12th and June 13th.

To get your tickets, head on over to their website here. Or experience it vicariously via my articles (to be posted on Game Skinny), Twitter, and Instagram!

Summoner's Con League of Legend Youtubers Panel Sun, 09 Nov 2014 05:43:11 -0500 | Narz |

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Summoner's Con brought out the most successful League of Legends YouTube content creators out in full force to discuss their early beginnings, struggles with negative comments, moments of growth, and aspirations. Special guests for the panel included Sky Williams, Instalok, Blakinola, Spazie, Uberdanger, lilypichu, Gbay99, The Peace Pigeons, POVCody, and Lunity.

Online troll's non-discriminative negative commentations of other's hard work show no remorse. Regardless of the amount of good, entertainment, or hardwork is invested you will always find people willing to discredit it. Instalok's Patrick Boyle speaks about negative comments he received daily and how to use it to aspire to greatness.

Most League of Legends YouTube stars didn't think their creative content would amount to what they have now. Most of their beginning were humble and sporadic with no expectations of success. Sky Williams beginnings was just as humbling as he never imagined he would be admired for his "realness" and humor. After Sky made his first video and uploaded, he faced a daunting question from his fans that in turn propelled him to his career.

Never think for a moment that all YouTube sensations simply make videos for a living. Just like many who pursue their passions and dreams, Blakinola spills the beans about the real struggle of balancing his passion of making League of Legends Youtube content and life.

The internet is a cruel place and Lilypichu knows it better than anyone. For this one star,even having received countless harassment about her physical differences, she continue to strive to do what she loves.

Uberdanger's story starts from a humble beginning in a different genre. Who would have guessed this star's beginning was not in League of Legends! It just goes to show, it doesn't matter who you are or what games you play. Persistence and diligence does pay off.

Negative comments are abundant in a lot of YouTuber's channels. It is sad to say, but no one is free from it. In regards to comedy vs musical YouTube content, Sky discusses the struggle language and negative comments play in content creation.

Have you ever wondered how YouTubers find material for their videos? Well look no further! Sky lets us in on the #1 secret to making YouTube content golden.

These stars are no different from you or I. Young minds with the courage to follow their hearts and dreams. Most are discriminated, shutdown, even harassed for their aspirations. Regardless of sex, gender, passions, or locations the amount of negativity does NOT outweigh the good. Even in the large span of comments these YouTubers receive, they explain that there is more good than bad. Focusing on the bad can almost always disrupt the motivation one has to achieve their dreams. However, Sky gives the best advice for those aspiring to become content producers.

Be YOU! Do not try to be someone else, but let who you are be that which people come to watch. Also, do it to make yourself happy. Don't do it for the money cause it is shit at the beginning. And don't read the comments either!!

Most of you may get to this point and ask why put yourself through something that it not as financially rewarding? Why do it when it is emotionally tolling, with a demanding schedule, and sprinkled by negativity? In the words of Blakinola, "Nothing compares to the positivity that comes from the work that we do. We do this because of the fans. We love the fans and that is what drives us to continue going."

First Summoner's Con Fosters League of Legends Passion Wed, 05 Nov 2014 05:01:02 -0500 | Narz |

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Summoner's Con is the first ever one day grassroots convention focused solely on the well-known game League of Legends from Riot Games. The convention got its name from the terminology Riot Games uses for anyone who plays their game, summoners.

Hosted by popular League of Legends YouTube sensation Spazie, the all day con was filled with a panels, meetups, artist ally,  challenger sessions, exhibitor booths, summoner matches,  and more. From the time doors open until they closed, festivities abounded with all aspects of hobbies revolving League of Legends.

The beauty about Summoner's Con was that it is truly for gamers and by gamers. Planning began in 2013 when Cat Valdes and Kevin Khandjian co-founded Summoner's Con when they decided they wanted to set out and build something that would bring everyone connected to the game together. Pros, coaches, fans, rioters, artists, and summoners traveled from all over the country to not only share their love for League but have fun. In an introduction panel for the convention, Cat vocalized how important it was to nurture the love of League.

Meeting incredibly talented League artists from all over was a true gift. Artwork from live drawings, shirts, digital art, knitted hats, plushies, and figurines were available for purchase. Each artists with the fiery passion and zeist for League of Legends showcased their work as fans pour to take photos and get signage. Later in the day, a panel featuring the artists discussed the trials and successes of a League artists. Men and women whom put aside their trials and tribulations to pursue their passions and dreams.

Previous and current voice actors from League of Legends made an appearance at the convention. Hosted by Aj Mazur,  the panel discussed the trials, tribulations, successes and reason why League of Legends transformed their careers.  Popular YouTube personalities gathered for critical discussion on their success and struggle with being a League of Legends YouTube Content Creator. Top pro LCS team's managers and analyst conducted a round-table talk and Q&A about the financial, personal, and professional aspects of managing a professional League of Legends team. Summoner's Con would be nothing without its dedicated and creative cosplayers. 

The phenomenon that is League of Legends is a revolutionary concept creating a holistic dynamic community brought together for the love of a game. Check out video coverage of the con below!