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Mario literally wears many caps in Super Mario 64, including the Metal Cap. Like the Wing Cap, it can be a little tricky to find, but it's key to nabbing certain Stars. As with the original 1996 version of 64, having the Metal Cap makes navigating certain hazards a whole lot easier in the 3D All-Stars version of the game.

Here's how to quickly get the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64 and where you need it to get some extra Stars.

Get the Metal Cap in Hazy Maze Cave

You'll have to progress a bit in Mario 64 before you can get the Metal Cap. It can be found in a sub-stage in Hazy Maze Cave, the game's sixth level, but you can't get there until you face off against Bowser for the first time in "Bowser in the Dark World."

How to get to "Bowser in the Dark World"

To do that, gather at least eight Stars, head to the big Star door in the Castle Mezzanine area, and drop down the trap door in the hallway with the Peach/Bowser painting.

Deal with Bowser, and then make your way to the Castle basement. The pool of liquid metal there is your portal to Hazy Maze Cave.

Navigating Hazy Maze Cave to get the Metal Cap

Once you arrive, head left. Long jump (run+crouch+jump) over the gap, and follow the path down to the underground lake.

Swim over to Dorrie, and ignore the Star on the island for now. Jump on Dorrie and face toward the ledge with a door. A friendly beastie will ferry you over.

Go in, deal with the obstacles, and drop down into another metal pool. This takes you to the Cavern of the Metal Cap.

Work your way to the end of the cave, and activate the green ! switch. If you get caught in the current, it shoots you back out front of Peach's Castle, so don't do that.

Now, go back to where the transparent green block was when you first landed in the Cavern of the Metal Cap. Hit it to grab the Metal Cap, then gather up the eight Red Coins for a Star.

Like the Wing Cap, the Metal Cap only lasts for 60 seconds, but you can refresh it or get a new one by hitting another green block.

Metal Cap Stars in Mario 64

After the Cavern of the Metal Cap, there's only one spot where you absolutely need the Metal Cap to acquire a Star, though there are a couple where having it makes life easier.

Dire, Dire Docks "Through the Jet Stream" Star

The only necessary one is Dire, Dire Docks for the "Through The Jet Stream" Star. Once you swim through the rings and activate the Star, you need to turn metal to withstand the jet and acquire the Star.

Hazy Maze Cave "Navigating the Toxic Maze" Star

The Metal Cap makes dealing with the miasma easier in Hazy Maze Cave's "Navigating The Toxic Maze" since you don't take damage from the poison while metal.

Wet-Dry World Stars 

Going metal is also helpful in dealing with the underwater portions of Wet-Dry World where you're raising and lowering water levels, though you don't need it for any specific Star.

That's all you need to know about how to get the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64. If you're looking for more help with 3D All-Stars, be sure to check out our other 3D All-Stars guides, including how to get Yoshi and complete Blooper Surfing in Super Mario Sunshine. If you're trying to blast away the wall in 64, we've got you covered there, too

Super Mario Sunshine Blooper Surfing Guide Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:31:25 -0400 Dylan Webb

Included as part of the Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, Super Mario Sunshine brings a classic adventure to modern audiences but with it come some old frustrations. That’s particularly evident in Sunshine’s second stage, Ricco Harbor. Unique to this location is Blooper Surfing, something that can really be a pain.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to best tackle this challenge, as well as which Bloopers are the best and how to change Bloopers. 

How to start "Blooper Surfing Safari"

“Blooper Surfing Safari” appears in Episode Two. The game immediately points out a cave that has its entrance covered in Gooper oil, a result of your previous boss fight with Gooper Blooper. 

As you begin, a wooden pier appears to your right. On it are three different colored Blooper Racers: Green, Yellow, and Pink. It’s important to choose your Blooper carefully as each has different attributes.

Which Blooper is the best Blooper? 
  • The Green Blooper has the best handling but the lowest default speed
  • The Pink Blooper has the worst handling but the highest speed
  • The Yellow Blooper offers an easy middle ground

All three Bloopers can reach the same top speed, which you can adjust by simply pushing the joystick forward.

Navigating the race course

The racecourse itself contains numerous obstacles including spikes, spinning walls, stationary blocks, moving blocks, and more, so be careful.

Colliding with any objects will cause Mario to lose a life and corners are rather tight. As such, we recommend the Green Blooper here but keeping that top speed high where possible.

Get a Shine for completing the race (and a secret one later)

Completing the course in under 45 seconds will reward you with a Shine Sprite. If you beat it but take longer, the Pianta won’t be impressed and throws you out of Ricco Harbor instead.

After completing Episode Two, a secret Shine Sprite can be obtained by replaying "Blooper Surfing Safari" and beating it in under 40 seconds.

For better odds of success, make use of shortcuts by jumping over the two walls near the end, rather than cornering them.

Blooper Surfing in Episode 6

Blooper Surfing reappears in Episode 6, “Red Coins In The Water." As you may have guessed, this involves collecting eight red coins in a race across Ricco Harbor.

To start this race, ground pound the big red switch. You'll only have two minutes to collect them all, so be quick!

Like before, there are numerous obstacles to avoid but your best course of action is to follow the trail of yellow coins, as these lead to each red coin. Here are the exact locations of each of the red coins: 

  • Three are located between the floating buoys.
  • One is spotted by the platforms near the helipad
  • One next to the submarine, you’ll have to jump to obtain it.
  • One is wedged between two boats
  • One is found underneath the helipad.
  • One is located under a platform.

After collecting all of the red coins, return to the pier to collect the Shrine Sprite. Be careful, though: you can crash if you're not careful. 

How to get off a Blooper

To avoid crashing into the pier or the ring-wearing Pinata when going for the Sprite, it's best to get off your Blooper. To do so, jump into the red Rocket Nozzle box, located in the southeastern section of the map. You'll see a red steel platform within the major construction zone, and the Nozzle box is on top of it.

You’ll need to go out of your way to do either of these, but the alternative is just riding into the Shine Sprite, which risks running yourself into the pier and undoing all your hard work.

That's all you need to know about the Blooper Surfing Safari and how to get off a Blooper. For more on Super Mario Sunshine and the other games in the 3D All-Stars collection, be sure to check out our other 3D All-Stars tips articles, including how to get Yoshi in Sunshine and how to get the wing cap in Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine Yoshi Guide: How to Get Your Dinosaur Pal Sat, 26 Sep 2020 11:41:40 -0400 Dylan Webb

Super Mario Sunshine is finally back, coming as part of Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Like in many Mario adventures, Yoshi joins you along the way, but if you aren’t careful, you can make significant progress before he even shows up. As such, you might be wondering how to unlock Yoshi as they're needed to eventually reach the final level.

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll soon be reunited with our trusted Dinosaur companion. Luckily, Yoshi can be found quite early on in Super Mario Sunshine.

How to Get Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine

Unlock Pinna Park and defeat Snooza Koopas

Your first step is unlocking Pinna Park, which is available after collecting 10 Shines and witnessing Princess Peach getting kidnapped yet again. You need to complete Episode 4 of this stage, “The Wilted Sunflowers," which involves getting rid of some Snooza Koopas across the Park’s beach area.

That doesn’t involve any special requirements, so just wait until they get flipped over and jump on them to defeat these enemies.

Beat Shadow Mario

After finishing the stage, Shadow Mario appears in Delfino Plaza, and he has a stolen Yoshi Egg. It’s a standard chase sequence for Sunshine and like always, you need to keep hosing him down with F.L.U.D.D until he falls.

Once Shadow Mario is defeated, you can begin the process of hatching the Yoshi Egg. 

Yoshi Egg Location

After the Shadow Mario encounter, the egg appears in a different location. It can be found to the left of your starting point upon loading up Sunshine, on a nearby roof. 

How to hatch the Yoshi Egg

It’s not as simple as getting Yoshi to come out of the egg, though. Yoshi Eggs signal a fruit they want, which must be brought to them before they emerge.

Fruits can be found at the fruit market near the Lighthouse, and different fruits change Yoshi’s color. The iconic Green Yoshi isn’t among them, sadly, but there are three other options:

  • Orange Yoshi – Papaya or Pineapple
  • Pink Yoshi – Bananas or Coconut
  • Purple Yoshi – Durian or Pepper

The colors signal more than just a visual change, though. Yoshi can spray enemies with a unique juice attack that turns them into specific platforms.

  • Orange Yoshi turns them into stationary platforms
  • Pink Yoshi turns them into ascending platforms
  • Purple Yoshi turns them into forward-moving platforms

Juice also dissolves the orange goop barriers you find across Delfino Plaza, which cannot be breached by F.L.U.D.D's standard water spray.

Note: You may have noticed the red pipe across Delfino Plaza's rooftops with a pineapple stuck in it. Get Yoshi to eat this to unlock Sunshine’s 5th stage, Sirena Beach.

Does Yoshi appear in other locations? 

Outside of the Plaza, Yoshi only appears in a few different chapters across each area that usually make use of the juice attack to reach different areas.

How to keep Yoshi alive

Yoshi also has a juice meter, which they slowly go through as you play. If the juice meter runs out, they’ll disappear. To keep Yoshi alive, you must feed them more fruit via their tongue grab.

Make sure Yoshi doesn't touch deep water either; any contact will make them immediately disappear.

That's all you need to know about finding Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine. If you're looking for more help with 3D All-Stars, be sure to check out our other 3D All-Stars guides, including how to find the wing cap and blast the wall away in Mario 64

Super Mario 64: How to Get the Wing Cap Fri, 25 Sep 2020 12:35:22 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Wing Cap is Super Mario 64's most iconic item, but finding it isn't the most straightforward thing in the game. Of course, you're going to want to grab the Wing Cap because not only is it a cool-looking addition to Mario's wardrobe, it helps you get floating coins and stars, and it helps slow Mario when he's falling.

Our guide covers how to get the Wing Cap, how to control Mario in flight, and how to complete some of the trickier Wing Cap Star challenges in Super Mario 64 for 3D All-Stars

How to Get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

You'll need to gather 10 Stars before the Wing Cap becomes available. That should be easy enough, with four stages available almost from the start.

However you choose to get the Stars, head back to the Castle Lobby once you've acquired your 10th Star. There's a shaft of light shining on the sun icon in the lobby. Switch the camera mode so it's looking over Mario's shoulder, then look up at the light.

You'll be transported above the Castle and automatically have the Wing Cap, but there's one more step to get the Wing Cap outside this stage.

Head down to the platform, and activate the red switch to make all red blocks solid. These red blocks cough up Wing Caps in certain levels moving forward.

The Wing Cap only lasts for 60 seconds. Hit the red block again to either refresh the cap or acquire it anew.

Fly around the towers and collect all the Red Coins to earn a special Star.

Super Mario 64 Wing Cap Controls

Mario's Wing Cap controls use an inverted scheme.

  • Landing: Do a Ground Pound (press "ZL") to land.
  • Takeoff: To fly, do a triple jump, and Mario stays in the air after the third jump.
  • Flight controls: Move the left stick down to make Mario fly up, and move the stick up to make him fly down

How to Complete "Wings to the Sky"

The next Wing Cap challenge is "Wings to The Sky." It's in the first stage, Bob-omb Battlefield, and you can complete it once you've activated the red switch as mentioned above.

"Wings to the Sky" is a Coin collecting mission, but this one has you soaring through Coin rings instead of collecting Red Coins.

Once you start the level, head right, near the first ramp, and hit the now-solid red block to grab the Wing Cap. Now go back to the start of the stage.

Enter the cannon there, then aim roughly near the floating island. Accuracy doesn't matter here, since Mario starts flying at the end of the blast arc.

It's best to land on the island now, then refresh the Wing Cap at the block there.

Then, drop into the cannon on the island, and aim at the Coin rings. Aim just a touch higher than the center Coin, and fire the cannon. Depending on how the flight goes, you may need to re-try a few times to get all of the coins, but there's no time limit.

Wing Mario Over The Rainbow

There's one other Wing Cap secret stage, opposite the entrance to Rainbow Ride. Go through the painting, and you'll start Wing Mario Over The Rainbow. It's much the same deal here: fly around, snag eight Red Coins, and get the Star.

That's it for how to get the Wing Cap in Mario 64, as well has how to use it and how to complete the "Wings in the Sky" challenge. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario guides.

How to Blast Away the Wall in Super Mario 64 Fri, 25 Sep 2020 11:50:53 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Whomp's Fortress puts Mario through the paces with its vertical shenanigans, but one star is trickier to get than the others: Star six, Blast Away The Wall. The wall near the cannon is a big one, and there's little in-game indication where you should aim to blast through it.

But we're here to take the confusion way. The method is the same regardless of which Super Mario 64 version you're playing — vanilla or in 3D All-Stars.

How to Blast Away the Wall in Super Mario 64

Blast Away The Wall is the sixth star in Whomp's Fortress, but you can get it at any point.

Climb up the fortress until you find the pink Bob-omb. You can do this the easy way by flipping back up onto the left wall near the dirt ramp right at the level's start.

Speak to them, and they'll open the cannon hatch right next to you.

Hop in the cannon, and look to the right. There are two walls you can break, but you want the one under the Red Coin (pictured above).

You'll want to shatter the corner of the wall. However, you should take into account the blast's arc and aim just a bit higher so you don't smack into the wrong spot lower down.

After that, let fly, and you'll know right away if your aim was accurate. If so, the wall's corner will break off, revealing the Star. Whether you hit the right spot or not, Mario loses a wedge of his power meter, so don't try this if your health is low.

Go back to the cannon, and aim roughly above the Star. The game's a bit forgiving here and lets you grab it even if your aim is slightly off.

And that's all you need to know about how to blast away the wall in Super Mario 64. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario 3D All-Stars guides in the coming days.