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That's it for the first five Kingdoms, now on to the next!


Did you have trouble with these Moons, too? Were there other Moons in these Kingdoms that gave you a similar run around? Let me know in the comments below!




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Wooded Kingdom - No. 33 A Treasure Made from Coins

This Moon assumes a lot from the player, and requires you to go a bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to exploring.


The Deep Woods is a section of the Wooded Kingdom not found on its map, and must be entered by actually falling off the world at specific locations. Once there, you have to find a Coin Coffer -- which are invisible until approached -- that spawns near one of the seed-dispensing robots. Then it's just a matter of locating the little creek that runs through the area, and coughing up anywhere from 300-500 coins on the small plant growing between some fallen coins, until it gives you a Moon.


While I was able to find the Deeper Woods by myself the first time I visited the Wooded Kingdom, I was at a loss when it came to interacting with the sprout I saw growing in the creek. 

Sand Kingdom - No. 55 Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze

This is another very simple Moon that eluded me until I happened to throw Cappie at the skull sign. 


Just as you may expect, you can get this Moon by having your hat swing on the top of the skull sign in the invisible maze stage.


While the Sand Kingdom didn't have any extremely challenging Moons, this one for some reason threw me for a loop. It's a good thing Cappie comments on whether or not a stage is complete when you enter it, because otherwise I would've missed it!

Cascade Kingdom - No. 25 Sphynx Traveling to the Waterfall

Here's another very easy Moon, but one that's so out of the way you might've missed it. 


In Cascade Kingdom, there's a pair of Binoculars right next to the Odyssey's landing point. Looking through it, you'll be able to see two HatShips flying in the sky -- but you may notice one looks a little off. Zooming into the second HatShip reveals that it's just a Sphynx with a sail, and you'll receive a Moon as a reward.


Finding this Moon required another Google search from me, and I couldn't believe it when it worked. Another excellent example of just how much thought Nintendo put into hiding these Moons!

Cap Kingdom - No. 07 Slipping Through the Poison Tide

I scoured what I thought was every corner of Bonneton before I gave up and consulted a guide to find this Moon. It's not difficult to get, but it is one that requires a good eye.


In a stage on the back of Top Hat Tower, you must capture a ParaGoomba and fly across waves of poison, grabbing Moon pieces on the way, to reach the exit. However, flying under the farthest platform and through the broken fence will lead you to a second Moon, hidden behind a high wall!


When I played this stage the first time I didn't even think to look beneath the platform at the fence, and probably wouldn't have spotted it if it weren't for the Internet. 

Mushroom Kingdom - No. 31 Secret 2D Treasure

You can find the entrance to this stage slightly west of Peach's Castle, in the form of a well. This 2D platforming exercise felt more like a mean Mario Maker creation than an actual in-game stage!


To get the Moon, you must traverse a 2D world that'll pop you back into 3D if you ever "fall" out of it, making those spinning 2D backgrounds with shifting gravity pretty tough to navigate. What's more, they're orbited by Fuzzies, and you'll have to dodge barrages of Bullet Bills!


This stage left me exasperated the first few times I attempted it, and bewildered when it seemingly never ended. Perseverance is the key to reaching the Moon in this stage, just keep trying and you'll get farther and farther the more you do.


After beating Super Mario Odyssey and discovering the amount of post-game content that still awaited me, I decided to retrace my steps and 100% the game. This meant collecting all the purple coins and, of course, the Power Moons. I realized very quickly that this was easier said than done, as Nintendo got pretty creative when it came to hiding these Moons. 


What better way to document my progress than with a silly internet listicle? As I go through the game, I'll be choosing one Moon per Kingdom, with every five Moons being a new article!


So, what exactly lands a Moon on this list? Well, what I'm calling Ridiculous Moons fall into any of these three categories, which are not mutually exclusive:

  1. A moon so hard to get I had to stop trying out of frustration.
  2. \n
  3. A moon that's extremely easy to miss.
  4. \n
  5. A moon that's so conceptually hard to find that I needed the Internet's help.
  6. \n

And as an obligatory warning, I'd recommend not reading this article until after you beat the game, because as you may expect, SPOILERS ABOUND!


Let's get started!

Super Mario Odyssey: Complete Outfits and Costumes Guide Tue, 31 Oct 2017 10:29:12 -0400 Craig Snyder

Super Mario Odyssey is out and it's the most aesthetically pleasing Mario game to date! We thought the Switch hit it big with the world they gave to us in Breath of the Wild, but Odyssey is getting rave reviews that no one seemed to expect. It's hard not to be captivated by a game this beautiful.

Part of being so beautiful comes from allowing the player to be as beautiful as they want to be, and in Super Mario Odyssey there are dozens of hats, outfits, and full costumes that allow you to personalize your experience while advancing through each kingdom. In this guide, I'll show you how to get each of those cosmetics!

Shop Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Crazy Cap Shops are scattered all throughout Super Mario Odyssey's kingdoms, and this is where you'll be snatching up most of your outfits and hats.

There's only one shop per Kingdom, so locating where to purchase them by using the table below should be simple. For example, a costume sold in the Sand Kingdom is found at the Tostarena Crazy Cap Shop.

Costume Parts Cost Kingdom
Aviator Cap & Aviator Outfit 5/10 purple coins Lost
Black Fedora & Black Suit 50/150 gold coins Metro
Black Top Hat & Black Tuxedo 5/10 purple coins Cap
Builder Helmet & Builder Outfit 5/10 purple coins Metro
Caveman Headwear & Caveman Outfit 5/10 purple coins Cascade
Chef Hat & Chef Suit 5/10 purple coins Luncheon
Classic Cap & Classic Suit 50/150 gold coins Mushroom
Clown Hat & Clown Suit 50/150 gold coins Gourmet
Cowboy Hat & Cowboy Outfit 20/25 purple coins Sand
Employee Cap & Employee Uniform 50/150 gold coins Sand
Explorer Hat & Explorer Outfit 5/10 purple coins Wooded
Fashionable Cap & Fashionable Outfit 50/150 gold coins Lake
Football Helmet & Football Uniform 50/150 gold coins Moon
Golf Cap & Golf Outfit 20/25 purple coins Metro
Happi Headband & Happi Outfit 20/25 purple coins Bowser's
Mario 64 Cap & Mario 64 Suit 15/20 purple coins Mushroom
Mechanic Cap & Mechanic Outfit 50/150 gold coins Wooded
Painter's Cap & Painter Outfit 20/25 purple coins Luncheon
Pirate Hat & Pirate Outfit 50/150 gold coins Seaside
Resort Hat & Resort Outfit 5/10 purple coins Seaside
Sailor Hat & Sailor Suit 20/25 purple coins Seaside
Samurai Helmet & Samurai Armor 5/10 purple coins Bowser's
Scientist Visor & Scientist Outfit 20/25 purple coins Wooded
Snow Hood & Snow Suit 5/10 purple coins Snow
Sombrero & Poncho 5/10 purple coins Sand
Space Helmet & Space Suit 5/10 purple coins Moon
Swim Goggles & Swimwear Free Lake

Amiibo Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, the outfits and hats you get from Amiibo figures aren't exclusive and you can get them by other means. However, having Amiibos on hand is definitely a good shortcut. Amiibo figures are pretty valuable as they come with special power-ups. For example, a Mario Amiibo will grant you 30 seconds of invincibility.

The table below shows full costumes with their corresponding Amiibo figures.

Costume Parts Amiibo
Classic Suit & Classic Cap Mario or 8-bit/Smash Mario
Gold Mario Suit & Gold Mario Cap Gold/Silver Mario
Luigi Suit & Luigi Cap Luigi or Smash Luigi
Wario Suit & Warior Cap Wario or Smash Wario
Doctor Outfit & Doctor Headwear Dr. Mario
Waluigi Suit & Waluigi Cap Waluigi
Diddy Kong Suit & Diddy Kong Hat Diddy Kong or Smash Diddy Kong
Mario's Tuxedo & Mario's Top Hat Wedding Mario
Bridal Gown & Bridal Veil Wedding Peach
Bowser's Tuxedo & Bowser's Top Hat Wedding Bowser

Power Moon Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Collecting Power Moons is going to be one of the most difficult parts in your 100% completion of the game, but luckily you're rewarded by unlocking the ability to purchase cool outfits and hats along the way.

The table below separates costume parts. For example, the Luigi Suit requires 160 Power Moons and costs 200 gold coins.

Costume Parts Power Moons Cost
Luigi Suit & Luigi Cap 160/180 200/100 gold coins
Doctor Outfit & Doctor Headwear 220/240 200/100 gold coins
Waluigi Suit & Waluigi Cap 260/280 200/100 gold coins
Diddy Kong Suit & Diddy Kong Hat 300/320 200/100 gold coins
Wario Suit & Wario Cap 340/360 200/100 gold coins
Bowser's Tuxedo & Bowser's Top Hat 420/440 2000/1,000 gold coins
Bridal Gown & Bridal Veil 460/480 2000/1,000 gold coins
Gold Mario Suit & Gold Mario Cap 500/520 2000/1,000 gold coins
Metal Mario Suit & Metal Mario Cap 540/560 200/100 gold coins

Secret Outfits and Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Aside from purchasing caps with coins and unlocking outfits with Amiibos figures, there are a few outfits and hats that are obtainable otherwise.

Captain's Hat

The Captain's Hat can be obtained in Cascade Kingdom. You gain it automatically after restoring power to the Odyssey.

Boxer Shorts

The Boxer Shorts can be purchased at any of the Crazy Cap Shops after completing Cascade Kingdom. It costs 1,000 gold coins.

Hakama Suit

The Hakama Suit can be purchased at any of the Crazy Cap Shops after obtaining 380 Power Moons. It costs 500 gold coins. Unlike the other Power Moon costumes, it does not come as both an outfit and hat.

Mario's Wedding Costume

You get Mario's Tuxedo and Mario's Top Hat automatically after reaching the Moon Kingdom.

King's Costume

You get the King's Outfit and King's Crown in Rabbit Ridge automatically after completing the Dark Side area.

Invisibility Hat

You get the Invisibility Hat automatically after completing the Darker Side area.

Skeleton Suit

You can obtain the Skeleton Suit by reaching the Mushroom Kingdom and beating the game. It can then be purchased at any Crazy Cap Shop. This is the most expensive outfit in the game!


You didn't collect all those coins for nothing, so take a break every now and then to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey and get yourself some new threads. You'd be surprised how much more enjoyable the game is when you switch up your look every now and then! Do you have a favorite costume or do you know of any not listed above? Drop me a comment below and I'll check it out!

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Super Mario Odyssey: Ultimate Guide to the Post Game Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:02:11 -0400 Autumn Fish

So Bowser is thwarted, Princess Peach is saved, and all is right in the world again. Logically, this would be where Super Mario Odyssey ends, right? I mean it is a Mario game, after all.


In a surprising twist of fate, Nintendo has graced Mario with his first grand post game adventure. There is a slew of things to do, including unlocking and collecting new Power Moons in each Kingdom, completing new Kingdoms with unique challenges and rewards, buying new outfits from the shop, following new questlines, defeating powered up bosses, and unlocking the secret ending.

Unlock New Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey with Those Strange Metal Blocks

After defeating the final boss and returning to an old Kingdom, Cappy may point out that the weird, giant metal block that's been plaguing your subconscious for the entire playthrough is now glowing brilliantly. If you head on over and whack the block with your cap or ground pound it, it'll sparkle and fly into the air, exploding into a bunch of tiny new Power Moons to collect throughout the Kingdom.

If Cappy doesn't point out the metal block, that's because you haven't finished the story in that Kingdom yet. Focus your efforts on completing the main objective, there, to earn access to the metal block.

Unlock New Power Moons with Metal Blocks Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Unlock and Complete New Kingdoms with Special Challenges

There are 3 new Kingdoms to unlock after beating the game. You're actually dropped into the new Mushroom Kingdom as soon as the credits finish rolling. It's a full Kingdom, complete with many Power Moons and purple coins for you to find. There are a ton of delightful throwbacks and special secrets to discover here, too. You may even redeem your in-game achievements for Power Moons by talking to Toadette inside the castle. It's an amazing post game treat for long-time fans.

The other two Kingdoms are unlocked by collecting more Power Moons. Dark Side, which unlocks once you collect 250 Moons, is a kingdom of rabbits with a boss rush challenge that has you facing off against all incarnations of the Broodals back to back. If you manage to complete the boss rush, you win a sweet new outfit and the Kingdom expands with a plethora of hint pictures and hard new levels.

Darker Side is the final Kingdom, unlocking after Mario collects a whopping 500 Power Moons. Here, you're tasked with completing a taxing platforming segment with dangers around every corner. If you manage to finish it, you're rewarded with another special outfit.

Unlock New Kingdoms and New Outfits Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Unlock and Purchase New Outfits in Super Mario Odyssey

The shop greatly expands after defeating the final boss. Alongside receiving an unlimited supply of Power Moons to sell you, shops also offer new character customization options depending on how many Moons you have. You need 560 Power Moons in order to buy everything the shop has to offer, and that's not to mention just how many coins you need to afford it all. (If you need help earning the funds, be sure to check out our guide on Grinding Gold Coins.)

Follow New Questlines and Complete New Challenges

After defeating the final boss, new NPCs are scattered across every Kingdom. Some of them, like the Koopa Troopas, will challenge you to something like a race and reward you with a Power Moon or two if you win.

Then there are a couple of more special questlines that pop up. For one, Princess Peach isn't in her castle after the credits roll -- she's instead found traveling around every Kingdom in a rather linear fashion. There's also a Musical Toad that appears in a few different Kingdoms and asks you to utilize your brand new Music List function to show him a specific type of song in exchange for a Power Moon or a new song.

Unlock the Secret Ending Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Defeat Powered Up Bosses

When the Mushroom Kingdom unlocks, you get the chance to replay all of the non-Broodals bosses by finding their paintings. You may even replay the final boss by finding that painting in the Wedding Hall. In order to replay the Broodals, you'll need to do the boss rush at Dark Side.

If you collect every unique Power Moon in the game, you unlock a powered up version of the final boss. You'll find a new painting of it in the Wedding Hall. If you complete it, you earn an exclusive image that basically serves as proof that you collected all of the Moons and defeated a powered up final boss. But the game doesn't end there -- oh no.

Unlock Super Mario Odyssey's Secret Ending

There is a secret ending to unlock, but you need to collect 999 Power Moons to see it. You won't reach 999 if you collect unique Moons alone, so just buy what you're missing from a shop. Once your Odyssey clicks 999 Moons, just head on over to the Mushroom Kingdom and enjoy the surprise.

All in all, there's plenty of secrets in store for Mario's first proper post game. No matter how much of it you decide to tackle, you're bound to get more than a few extra hours of enjoyment after the credits roll.

For more tips on this epic, globe-trotting adventure, be sure to check out our Super Mario Odyssey guides.

Super Mario Odyssey Guide: Grinding Gold Coins at Beginning, Middle, and End Game Sat, 28 Oct 2017 23:34:23 -0400 Autumn Fish

Super Mario Odyssey tosses the classic "collect 100 coins in each world" motif in favor of a design that lets you build up a massive store of gold coins to splurge on all sorts of character customization options or even extra Power Moons if you're so inclined. Thing is, some outfits are so expensive that they'll literally leave you penniless -- and don't think Moons are cheap either.

In order to acquire the funds necessary to afford what you're after, you might find yourself inclined to grind for the gold coins. Luckily, there are a few good spots where you can grind for coins rather rapidly depending on how far you are in the main story.

Grinding Gold Coins in Super Mario Odyssey's Cascade Kingdom

After finishing the Cascade Kingdom for the first time and taking off in the Odyssey, the level changes a bit--allowing you to access new places. Return to the Cascade Kingdom and walk up the path, crossing the bridge and continuing until you come face to face with a Chain Chomp. Toss Cappy at it to capture it and then fling it at the rock column on the wall.

The rock breaks to reveal a warp pipe that leads to the top of the cliff where you unlock the Top of the Big Stump checkpoint. From there, check the opposite cliff side and drop down to enter the Cappy Door. Inside you'll find a T-Rex and a bunch of little hedgehogs.

The goal here is to capture the T-Rex and stomp the life out of every last hedgehog unlucky enough to be trapped in the same room as you. Every hedgehog stomped gets you 1 gold coin, and with over 100 littering the room, you're bound to earn a hefty chunk of change by grinding here. Once all of them are smashed, you'll even get a Power Moon, which equates to an extra 5 coins for all subsequent runs.

Grinding Coins in the Cascade Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Grinding Gold Coins in Super Mario Odyssey's Snow Kingdom

After clearing the blizzard by progressing the story in the Snow Kingdom, you'll notice a planter pot on the platform just across from the Odyssey. Its acorn is found on the big glacier in the middle, just to the left of the entrance to the village. Swing your hat at the ice encasing it to set the acorn free.

With the acorn in hand, return to the foot of the cliff where the planter pot is and use a ground pound or Cappy on the stump to create a gust of wind to carry you and the acorn up to the top. From here, simply toss the acorn in the pot and climb the beanstalk to the top to enter a secret level.

This level revolves around hopping off of flowers and hovering through coin rings on your way to the finish. If you manage to collect every coin ring on your way through the level, you'll come out 200 gold coins richer. You have to replace the acorn if you accidentally fall, and It takes longer than the spot at Cascade Falls, but it's a fair bit more entertaining than mindlessly smashing hedgehogs.

Grinding Gold Coins in the Snow Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide   How to Grind Gold Coins in the Snow Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Grinding Gold Coins in Super Mario Odyssey's Bowser's Kingdom

The best coin grinding spot is, of course, hiding in the depths of Bowser's Kingdom. Head to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint and turn around. Take a right on the roof before hitting the ledge and follow it to the dropoff with coin rings. After dropping down, kill the ogre and hop down again to the roof below.

You'll find an acorn on the other side of a spiked obstacle course from its planter pot. Take the acorn to the planter pot and ride the beanstalk to the top in order to access the secret level.

The important thing to remember while grinding this level is to not move at all from the moment you enter the level. Just toss out your cap, grab the speed flower, and jump when the yellow lines prompt you to. All of the coins are lined up in a row, so there's no way you can miss any of them if you just never touch the left thumbstick.

A successful run of the level nets you 170 coins. If you ground pound at just the right moment at the end of the level, you'll catch the coin rings and come out with an easy 180. Toss on some Netflix and you'll have the coins you need before you know it.

How to Grind Coins in Bowser's Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide   Grinding for Gold Coins in Bowser's Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Farming Gold Coins in Bowser's Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Using these grinding spots, you'll soon be drowning in so many gold coins that you'll never want for another outfit or purchasable Power Moon again. For more tips on Mario's latest globe-trotting adventure, be sure to check out our Super Mario Odyssey guides.

Super Mario Odyssey Beginner's Guide: Tips for Finding Power Moons Fri, 27 Oct 2017 20:31:25 -0400 Autumn Fish

In Super Mario Odyssey, you go on a world-trekking journey to stop Bowser from marrying the again-kidnapped Princess Peach. As you chase Bowser from Kingdom to Kingdom, you must collect a bunch of Power Moons to use as fuel for your snazy hat-ship called the Odyssey.

Power Moons may seem rather sparse to the naked eye, but they're actually hidden all over the place if you know where to look. In this beginner's guide, we'll outline all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to find heaps and heaps of Power Moons.

Tips for Finding Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey

Power Moons are lurking around every nook and cranny for those observant enough to find them. They're found by searching for hidden areas, completing challenges, breaking sparkling objects, ground pounding suspicious spots, and observing potential captures.

Stay Observant, Explore Every Nook and Cranny

The levels in Super Mario Odyssey are packed to the brim with moons. There is something around each corner, and if you hope to find every Power Moon, you have to comb through absolutely everything. Make sure to turn the camera around frequently to examine your environment -- you never know when a Moon might be hiding right underneath your feet.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny for Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey Beginner's Guide

Search for Hidden Areas

There are hidden areas and paths all over the place if you can spot them. Whether it's a short passage hidden behind a wall, a secret level, or a painting that takes you to another world, there are absolutely hundreds of opportunities to find Power Moons everywhere.

Complete Challenges

Scattered all across various Kingdoms are Challenges that, if completed, reward the player with a Power Moon. You'll find all sorts of challenges, like jump roping, racing, slots, musical notes, and more. They can really put your motor skills to the test, but with enough practice, you'll earn their Power Moons before too long.

Break Sparkling Objects

While exploring Super Mario Odyssey, you'll occasionally stumble across something that sparkles. It might be a small rock, it might be a wooden crate, or it might be a tough stone cube. Whatever it is, you should do everything within your power to break it -- anything that sparkles is definitely hiding a Power Moon.

Ground Pound Suspicious Sparkling Spots Tips for Finding Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey Beginner's Guide

Ground Pound Suspicious Spots

There are suspicious spots and objects all over the place just begging for a slice of Mario's signature butt-slam. You'll find bits of raised ground -- sometimes sparkling -- that will pop out rewards if you use a Ground Pound on it. Sometimes you'll find a Power Moon for your troubles, so it's definitely worth checking out.

It's not always raised ground, however. Sometimes the controller will rumble when you near a Moon and the only way to reveal it is by performing a Ground Pound on top of the spot that rumbles the most. Other times, you'll come across various objects that don't look super steady, and Ground Pounding them may reveal yet more Power Moons.

Observe Potential Captures

Often, the capturable objects or enemies in the area are instrumental in finding many of the Power Moons in a Kingdom. Each creature has its own set of abilities that are useful for solving various puzzles while capturable objects often help you reach otherwise inaccessible areas. You need to be intimate with all possible captures if you hope to find every Power Moon in the game.

All in all, Power Moons are littered absolutely everywhere. For additional hints, remember to use the amiibo function or even the Hint Toad when it unlocks after initially clearing a Kingdom. Be sure to check out some more of our Super Mario Odyssey guides while you're here.