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Supports...the most friendly...the most gifted...the most intelligent and probably the most underrated role in League of Legends... Well, I'm here, as a season 6 platnium 4 support main, to stick it to those arrogant mid-laners, or narcissistic junglers by explaining how some of my chosen supports can go above and beyond - by creating immense advantages during a game. This guide is written on patch 7.6.

1. Malzahar

TL; DR - Wide power spike, anti assassin, pick potential, moderate damage dealer.

My number one carry support pick is Malzahar...It's important to clarify my meaning of "carry" this sense, I mean doing a lot of damage, or taking the responsibility of kicking *** from your ADC. There are other ways to "carry", which I explain following this.

Anyways, Malzahar remains powerful throughout the entire game - a huge advantage when blind picking or unsure of other champions' power spikes. His greatest asset is his voidlings (W), which learning to use in conjunction with his E and Ult is of the utmost importance. His ultimate is a huge playmaker as well.

I've found that since the recent Malzahar "nerf", where his voidlings have a small cooldown in between casts, using the fog of war and forward vision control is extremely important to maximize Malzahar's damage potential. By casting a voidling before the enemy approaches you, then casting E, W then R, before they register the first voidling, it's nearly a guaranteed kill.

Assassins should hate Malzahar with a passion. Suppose an assassin decides to assassinate the ADC, depending on how close you are to the enemy team (as Malzahar), ulting the assassin completely shuts him down...and pretty much guarantees the kill. I can't express the importance of keeping distance from as many of the enemy champions as possible, due to the ease with which they can interrupt your ult.


2. Bard

TL; DR - Great playmaker, efficient roamer, should sync with jungler, game-changing abilities.

This is a toughie between Bard, Blitz, and Thresh...I'm sure in future articles I will discuss the others, but Bard holds a special place in my heart for play-making - since it's extremely satisfying to pull off a massive play.

First I will discuss Bard's weaknesses -- the laning phase. Although, in my Bard career I have been pretty fortunate to dominate in laning phase, there are a higher number of supports that provide more utility, sustain, and/or poke in lane over him. The best way to negate this, in my experience, is by building scaling hp seals, armor quints and marks, and MR glyphs...this extra tankiness takes off the squishy aspect and allows Bard to focus more of his sustain for the ADC. I also run 12/18 with Thunderlords - to keep a more threatening poke aspect...Another viable option (which sometimes I run), is to replace the armor quints with movement speed quints, if you prefer more of a roaming playstyle.

Now on to the juicy stuff...Bard, in my opinion, has the greatest potential, as a support, to make plays that can change the momentum of a game. His best tools are his Magical Journey (E) and Ult.

Let me start by explaining the power of his Magical Journey (E).

With this ability, Bard can create a portal through walls that allow him, and/or his team, to disengage from a fight, close distance on an enemy, get a pick, rotate around the map faster, and catch the enemy out of position. There is nothing more satisfying than recalling, having boots of mobility, walking straight to mid lane (collecting chimes as you go), then magical journeying through one of the corner walls to pounce on the enemy mid-laner.

His ultimate of course provides the ability to stop an enemy for a few seconds, greatly increasing the chances of a successful pick or gank, due to being able to position accordingly. It can also stop an entire team from taking an objective temporarily, or even eliminate a few champions (whether enemy or ally) from a team fight.

Roaming with a jungler - depending on the situation, is one of Bard's best strategies, since it allows your jungler to feel more confident in all aspects, whether getting vision/jungle dominance, or performing a gank (especially minion crash dives). The magical journey allows your jungler to gain distance he/she otherwise couldn't - which increases the chances of a gank being successful.

The amount of creativity Bard's kit has to offer is insane. Literally, pages upon pages of guides couldn't explain his potential. For instance, on a tower dive gank, as Bard, you can choose to "turn off" the turret with his ultimate, or freeze the enemy in place can choose to magical journey into the dive, or save it for escaping instead.

I know I only discussed 2 champions here, and I picked them based on their uniqueness and ability to just kick ass. As a support main, I hope this article can open some possibilities for you or help you to see these champions in a different light. 

If you'd like to see more content for the support role please make sure to leave some comments on this article and share it with other aspiring supports out there. Until then, take care and enjoy your time on the rift. 

X-Com: Enemy Within Support Build Guide Tue, 17 Jun 2014 19:11:45 -0400 Landon Sommer

The Support class is one of the few that has two very different ways to build him. He can help your troops as a healer or use his abilities to become the perfect utility soldier.

The Support soldier carries the second most useful ability for timed missions and is one of the few soldiers that deserves to appear in your squad more than once. He will add significant defense to your squad when they need it most and put them back in the game when they are down.


Smoke Grenade

Deploy a Smoke Grenade once per mission. The smoke confers +20 Defense to all units, not just allies, and lasts through the turn.

The smoke grenade is the Support signature ability. It comes up rarely just because you don't want to waste the ability too early. It is best used near the end of your activation after you have attacked with the rest of your soldiers. You don't want the smoke cloud to get in the way of your attacks. The +20 Defense bonus could really get in the way.

The cloud also makes a great last-minute defense to your troops that were left out in the wind. An Assault soldier who charged up the middle or a soldier with only a few hit points left can really benefit from this bonus defense.

The cloud can be pretty large and cover most of your squad if they are close enough. The +20 Defense effectively turns half cover into full cover and makes full cover even better.



Allows the soldier to move 3 additional tiles.

For what this ability does, it has to be the simplest wording. I highly suggest this ability choice for various reasons. The train mission from "Slingshot" and the St. Johns mission are reason enough alone to choose this option.
Paired with an Assault soldier, the Assault soldier can hit the transmitters while the Support soldier runs to the front of the train for the final trigger. Even if you only use this ability for these reasons, it will be worth it.

Covering Fire

Allows reaction shots to trigger on enemy attacks, not just movement.

Considering how important I rate the Sprinter ability, Covering Fire creates a challenging decision. Covering Fire not only allows your Support soldier to take a reaction shot when an enemy attacks, but your soldier will take the shot first. If successful, the enemy will never get his shot off. Second, abilities farther down on the list will impact this ability even further.


Field Medic

Allows medikits to be used 3 times per battle instead of once.

Tired of having your entire squad carry around medkits in order to keep them alive? Once your Support soldier can use the kit three times, it will allow you to take other inventory items instead, like the far more useful grenade.

Smoke and Mirrors

Allows 2 additional uses of Smoke Grenade each mission.

The Support is one of the few soldiers who has abilities that continue to stack all the way through the ranks. Using the Smoke Grenade three times a mission may not be that impressive, but once you get to add Dense Smoke or Combat Drugs from the Captain level, three times a mission really adds up.



Allows medikits to revive critically wounded soldiers at 33% of maximum health, instead of just stabilizing them.

This is an ability that can backfire if not used carefully. Medikits normally stabilize critically wounded soldiers instead of bringing them back into the battle. Stabilized soldiers remain down and don't draw much attention from your enemies while in combat with the rest of your squad. Using this ability will get them back into the firefight.

Problem is, they could very well be shot down again next turn and killed if they aren't protected. You won't get to choose not to use this ability. If your soldier runs the risk of being shot again, leave him down until the last possible moment, giving your squad more time to push away any threatening enemies.


Fire a barrage that pins down a target, granting reaction fire against it and imposing a 30 penalty to Aim.

Suppression is more powerful than just the ability that is listed here. The -30 Aim and the free reaction shot is nice, but a little known point is that Suppression fire also removes an enemy from the Overwatch stance. It's an excellent way to maneuver around the field by eliminating potentially deadly Overwatch shots before you move.


Smoke and Mirrors will work well with either of the options for Captain. It will grant you three uses of either Dense Smoke or Combat Drugs per mission.

Dense Smoke

Smoke Grenades have an increased area of effect and further increase units' Defense by 20.

The increase in the area of effect is about two tiles in every direction. Once you add the bonus 20 Defense from this ability, throwing a smoke grenade is virtually the same as gaining full cover on the battlefield. Just imagine if you already had cover and dropped another 40 Defense on top of that.

Combat Drugs

Smoke Grenades now contain powerful stimulants that grant +20 Will and +10% Critical Chance for all units in the cloud.

This ability just doesn't seem as powerful as Dense Smoke. Usually, you won't know your Willpower is in a bad place until your soldiers are already panicked. It will help prevent them from continuing to panic on further turns, but the damage is already done by that point. The +10% Critical Chance is a small amount by this point in the game, but every bit can count if you can reach 100% Critical Chance on a few of your soldiers.


Deep Pockets

All limited-use items in your inventory receive one extra use.

This ability got toned down a little in the Enemy Within expansion. It used to give you an extra inventory slot. Now a foundry upgrade gives the extra inventory slot. Deep Pockets can take all those one use items and add another use. This will add one more use to your medikits. With Field Medic, this will bump up to four uses per mission. It also includes two uses of a grenade or a third use of the Arc Thrower.



Medikits restore four more health per use.

Medikits are already powerful in the hands of a Support soldier, why not make them even better? The foundry can also research a medikit upgrade to add even more bonus health to the amount healed by the medikit. Once you've reached this point, you can heal soldiers from near death to full health. With Revive, you can bring back a soldier and on a subsequent turn, heal them back into fighting shape.


Allows two reaction shots during Overwatch, instead of only one.

Remember how the Support abilities keep stacking? This and Covering Fire are a fine example. You can go into Overwatch and take two shots at attackers before they even fire. This soldier almost reaches the point of being more useful offering Overwatch than actually firing on his turn.

How to build the Support?

Either you choose to go with a Support character that can heal troops from virtually dead to fighting shape or you can go with a Support soldier that can provide excellent battlefield support with Covering Fire and Sentinel. This is why taking two or more Support soldiers in one squad can't hurt. They don't have the damage that the Heavy does, or the maneuverability of the Assault, but they bring excellent balance to your squad and do exactly what they say, Support.

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