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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, is a card game originally created as a side mission in The Witcher, will be moving into closed beta Tuesday, October 25th. Starting at 7pm CEST CD Projekt Red will be sending out invites to those that signed up for the closed beta. If you signed up for the closed beta, you are all set. An email will be sent out explaining what to do for either the PC or Xbox One. There will be more than one wave of invites sent, so hold tight if you do not receive an invite right away.

Still unsure whether you want to join in on the beta? CD Projekt Red will be streaming Gwent: The Witcher Card Game live on their Twitch channel Monday, October 24th at 7pm CEST. Chatting with developers, opening card kegs and discussing deck building are all on the schedule for their cast. If you decide that you want to be a part of the closed beta, you can sign up after the closed beta begins. 

Once a popular mini-game in the hit RPG The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Gwent is now standing on its own. Did you play Gwent in The Witcher 3? Are you planning on taking part in the closed beta? Let know in the comments below.

All The Witcher Games on Sale on Tue, 17 May 2016 08:36:46 -0400 ESpalding

All of The Witcher games are currently on sale over at The sale, which started yesterday (May 16), sees the entire The Witcher series with up to 85% off their original price. The sale is in celebration of the next The Witcher: Wild Hunt expansion, Blood & Wine, which is due to release on May 31.

The details of the sale prices are as follows:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 50% off
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Hearts of Stone - 10% off
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt & Expansion Pass (Hearts of Stone & Blood & Wine) - 33% off
  • The Witcher 2 - 85% off
  • The Witcher - 85% off
  • The Witcher Adventure Game - 85% off

The sale is on until Wednesday, June 1st, 5:00pm UTC /  10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 19:00 CEST so you've got plenty of time to catch up with what Geralt has been up to before the next installment.

Forget Hogwarts, you want to attend the Witcher School! Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:15:03 -0500 shox_reboot

Remember that childhood fantasy you used to have of receiving a letter the day you turned eleven, inviting you to attend one of the most prestigious magical schools in -insert country here-? 

I do. I also remember being the saddest eleven-year-old on his birthday.

Fast forward to the present. We all loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game probably left a small part of you wishing that you could be a badass monster slayer like Geralt.  

What if I were to tell you that you could experience that? For a few days? That's precisely what you could do if you choose to attend the Witcher School at the Moszna Castle in Poland. 

For a few days, you get to forget about the real world and take part in a LARP, a live action role-playing game where the participants get to physically act out their characters' actions. In this case, participants get to act out as a student at the Witcher School and take part in a number of activities. 

The official description given by the Witcher School:

During the game you will become an apprentice going through a rigorous witcher training: you will learn fencing, archery and alchemy; you will hunt monsters, unveil secrets and intrigues; and finally, you will face tough choices and discover the consequences the hard way.

One cool side note to add is that you are provided with all the equipment necessary for the duration of the game and you get to keep any items you craft during the 'lessons'. 

You can get the full details about the game right here. This includes the price, timetables, terms and conditions, and so on. To participate you have to buy a ticket for 350 EUR (~$380) which grants you entry to the game in which you will participate for three days without breaks. 

Those of us unlucky enough to be outside of Poland will have to take care of travelling costs ourselves. 

Keep in mind that this game is designed for adults due to the emphasis the game places on interactions between participants. You are taking part in a game based in the world of The Witcher, after all.

Don't worry, though, you won't be using real swords and it all takes place in a controlled setting.  

What do you think? Would you be willing to participate if given the chance? The tickets are on sale right now for the session beginning on the 17th of March and ending on the 20th. 

I know I would. If my wallet could tank the travel costs. 

-Images courtesy of the Witcher School facebook page-

Best Reviewed Games of 2015 Tue, 29 Dec 2015 06:21:02 -0500 Curtis Dillon


There you have it, the very best 2015 had to offer! With each passing year the industry becomes more and more diverse, in both representations and game types. That list of 10 games includes 2D platformers, a physics engine, an interactive drama, a gothic action/adventure game whose soul (get it) purpose is to kill your spirit, and 5 RPGs of vastly varying styles, scopes, and mechanics. It's a very diverse list that shows how wonderfully varied the industry has become. There really is something for everyone.


But as is customary, we must now look ahead to 2016 and become giddy with excitement, or, as is the case with too many people, bemoan and criticise everything.... whatever floats your boat. Regardless of how full your glass is, 2016 looks amazing. Truly. It looks like it has the potential to blow this year out of the water, and that is saying something. So be sure to check back soon for a list of the most anticipated games of 2016!


What was your favourite game of 2015? Do you think Metal Gear Solid was a worthy winner? What is your most anticipated 2016 game? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny! Happy new year!


1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metacritic Score: 95% (User Score: 7.1)

It's hard to disassociate Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with the absolute disaster that is the Konami/Kojima break-up. Thankfully the drama that it was is all but over, although I dare say Konami's troubles are not, and we can get back to just focusing on the games. That being said, MGS V presents a challenge to us gamers, do we praise the game and celebrate its creator, therefore lining the pockets of the horrid Konami? Or do we shun the game, therefore snubbing Konami but also ignoring the lifetime accomplishment of one of the best creators ever? It's a conundrum, but given the love for the game and the impressive sales figures, I think it's the former.


Regardless of all that crap, Metal Gear Solid V really is an incredible game. It might not have the insane story beats of the previous instalments, or the classic boss battles, but it marries gameplay, side stuff, and level design, like few others can. This isn't even really a Metal Gear game, it's a completely different kind of game that shows Hideo Kojima's growth as a game developer and an auteur.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was a fantastic return for the series but also a fitting send-off to the man who started it all. Regardless of everything that went down with Konami, Kojima can rest easy knowing he put out the very best game of the year and one everyone will be talking about for years to come.


There have certainly been sandbox action games that have given me a bigger world to roam, or more little icons to chase on my minimap, but none have pushed me to plan, adapt, and improvise the way this one does. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain doesn’t just respect my intelligence as a player, it expects it of me, putting it in a league that few others occupy.


                                                                                                      - IGN


2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Metacritic Score: 93% (User Score: 9.1)

The Witcher series started life as a PC game. With the second instalment it found its way onto the Xbox 360 as well. The games had a ton of clout amongst those that played them, but that number was too few to make a big splash. For whatever reason then, when The Witcher 3 was revealed, and announced for PlayStation as well as Xbox and PC, all gamers suddenly turned their heads and stared wild-eyed at the insane-looking RPG.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was all the talk when it was first shown off at E3 2013, winning Game of the Show from numerous outlets. Bear in mind, E3 2013 was just a few months after we were told PS4's and Xbox One's were even real, so when The Witcher demo was shown off, the visuals on display blew everyone away.


Thankfully, the game actually lived up to, and exceeded, all of the lofty expectations we had. It is a gigantic, beautiful RPG, with colourful, believable characters, great story, and consistently enjoyable mechanics. The level of detail, the depth of content, and the overall quality of the package puts every other RPG to shame. The Witcher 3 is quite possibly the best role-playing game ever made. 


One of the best role-playing games ever crafted, a titan among giants and the standard-setter for all such games going forward. Where the Witcher 2 sputtered to a halt, The Witcher 3 is always in a crescendo, crafting battle scenarios that constantly one-up the last, until you reach the explosive finale and recover in the glow of the game's quiet denouement.


                                                                                          - GameSpot


3. Undertale

Metacritic Score: 93% (User Score: 8.3)

An unabashed love-letter to Nintendo classic, Earthbound, Undertale is an amazing 8-bit RPG with real emotion, humour, and a memorable story. What starts off as a fairly standard game, which you think you've played before, turns out to be so much more and teaches you to love all over again.


In a year when we got role-playing games like The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and Pillars of Eternity, it would be very easy to overlook the somewhat childish looking Undertale, but that would be big mistake. The game plays with your expectations at almost every turn, and so keeps you on your toes throughout, while delivering a really heartfelt, memorable story.


The gist is that you play as a young man who falls underground and must find his way out, to get away from the monsters that lurk there. Sounds fairly straightforward and familiar, but don't be fooled. There's not a whole lot I can say without spoiling elements of the game that are better left unsaid, so go play it for yourself and experience a very different type of RPG.


You wouldn't know it with a passing glance, but it's one of the most progressive and innovative RPGs to come in a long time, breaking down tradition for the sake of invention, with great success.


                                                                                      - GameSpot


4. Bloodborne

Metacritic Score: 92% (User Score: 8.6)

Ahhhh Bloodborne, we had a very love/hate relationship didn't we? I never did finish Bloodborne, I played for around 30 hours and decided to call it quits for the sake of my psyche and my liking of the game. That's to say, Bloodborne is a crushingly-hard game that will punch you in the face until you think you can't get up. But then you do, and you kick its ass and there's few better feelings in all of gaming.


I say that as someone who gave up, but I most certainly had those moments; be it beating Vicar Amelia, or the god-damn Blood-Starved Beast. My 30 hours with Bloodborne were very memorable and I will certainly return to the haunting streets of Yharnam someday, cause apparently I like abuse.


In all seriousness though, Bloodborne is the absolute peak of the "Souls" formula, marrying it with more enjoyable mechanics and some of the best graphics/atmosphere you can find anywhere. If Dark Souls decided to procreate with CastleVania: Symphony of the Night, this would be the result, and holy crap is that one beautiful, albeit evil, baby.


Bloodborne is one of those experiences that totally consumes you when you're involved in it and working to see all that it has to offer. In that sense it's the digital edition of a round-the-world trip to foreign continents, each turning of a corner providing equal helpings of excitement and trepidation. 


                                                                                           - Telegraph


5. Tales From The Borderlands

Metacritic Score: 89% (User Score: 8.2)

When Telltale Games revealed its partnership with Gearbox and Borderlands it was largely overshadowed by the announcement of a Game of Thrones game on the same dayFast forward to the end of 2015, both series' are finished and there's only one that people are talking about, and it isn't Game of Thrones.


I won't waste time or space by stating why Game of Thrones was not good, and it really was not, I'd much rather spend that time gushing over how good Tales From The Borderlands was.


Playing as both Ryhs and Fiona, gamers got a very different look into the world of Borderlands, and it was amazing from start to finish. Rhys, a scorn Hyperion stooge who sets out to screw over his new boss, and Fiona, a fast-talking con artist who aims to screw over Hyperion, come together in unlikely circumstances and set off on a hilarious, action-packed journey to find the treasures of a Vault. The voice-acting from Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Chris Hardwick, Laura Bailey, Erin Yvette, Patrick Warburton, and Nolan North, were all sublime, making the journey that much more fun and immersive.


Every episode begins with an awesome musical intro that always sets the tone for what is to come, and throughout five episodes the pace never lets up. Without spoiling anything, Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler, is one of the best episodes Telltale has ever done, and home to one of the very best fight scenes I've seen in years.


I don't even care about Borderlands, but I cannot recommend this enough, to fans and non-fans alike. This is Telltale Games at its best.


Tales from the Borderlands concludes with some series-defining moments and choices, solidifying it as one of Telltale’s best, if not the strongest offering the studio has put forth in several years.


                                                                                     - Gaming Trend


6. Pillars of Eternity

Metacritic Score: 89% (User Score: 8.4)

A game that is very much a callback, and yet evolution of, classic RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, and Neverwinter Nights, Pillars of Eternity is a fantastic isometric RPG that shows the genre still has a place in today's world.


A huge, sprawling world, rich mythology, detailed graphics, and involving story, Pillars of Eternity is everything an old-school RPG lover could ask for, while being a great starting place for those looking to finally take the plunge. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth) made Pillars of Eternity with the love and influence of all the classics, while putting its stamp on the genre forever. Sadly, it seems the game will never find its way over to consoles, according to Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart.


Pillars of Eternity is a masterclass in role-playing game development, recapturing the essence of the genre's past triumphs and repackaging them for a universal audience.


                                                                                          - Digital Spy


7. Fallout 4

Metacritic Score: 88% (User Score: 6.0)

To say Fallout 4 was a highly anticipated game is, like saying people enjoy Star Wars, a gross understatement. This time last year we didn't even know if Fallout 4 was a thing but here we are, almost two months after the game released and, despite some warranted and unwarranted backlash, it was a resounding success.


Fallout 4 brought back that familiar style of gameplay, zany characters, massive world that begs to be explored, and yes, the glitches. Everything that made the previous games great were abundant in Fallout 4, but Bethesda also added settlement building - making use of all the junk you incur in the wasteland - far better shooting mechanics, vastly upgraded power armour, weapon and armour mods, a lot more verticality to the map, and much better visuals. All in all, Fallout 4 was more Fallout but with fantastic additions to the formula. More please!


Fallout 4 has all the ambiance and history that made its predecessors such wonderful places to get lost for hours at a time, with a much more coherent set of stories within it. That Bethesda has integrated a major building and crafting tool while finally building a great-playing game almost feels like a bonus.


                                                                                               - Polygon


8. Super Mario Maker

Metacritic Score: 88% (User Score: 8.7)

2015 was not a great year for Nintendo; mediocre games, uncharacteristic delays, and the sad passing of a legend. But 2015 was also the 30th anniversary of the company mascot, Mario. It was with this anniversary in mind that Nintendo gave us its most creative and unexpected game to date, Super Mario Maker.


In Super Mario Maker, you are the creator. Nintendo have given you the reigns to create your very own Mario levels, with a tool-bag that expands over the course of 9 days. You'll start by creating fairly straightforward levels based on what you've known of Mario but after a short while you'll be throwing Goomba's into blocks, putting wings onto Boo's, and generally making life hell for whoever is foolish enough to step into your twisted vision of Super Mario. This is an addictive experience that showcases the zany creations of players worldwide, it's just a pity it comes out on a system that is likely to bite the dust next year.


Brimming with positivity and encouragement, Super Mario Maker's brilliant toy box gives you everything you need to easily create and share some truly fantastic levels.


                                                                                  - GamesRadar


9. Ori and the Blind Forest

Metacritic Score: 88% (User Score: 8.6)

Ori and the Blind Forest was a highly anticipated Xbox One game coming into 2015, but I don't think anyone knew just what they were getting into. Ori looked like a fun, charming platformer that you'd breeze through in an hour, maybe two. However, it turned out to be a heart-breaking game with soul-crushing difficulty.


The first few minutes of Ori and the Blind Forest are truly very sad, and done so in a way that isn't ham-fisted or overtly tugging on those heartstrings. Then the game begins and it's a straightforward 2D platformer. A couple of hours later though you're still playing and the gameplay has gotten significantly deeper to reflect the increasingly complex level design. Simply put, Ori is a very hard game that lures you in with its cuteness.


A terrific blend of story, gameplay, and graphics, Ori and the Blind Forest is an unforgettable debut for indie developer Moon Studios.


                                                                                              - EGM


10. Kerbal Space Program

Metacritic Score: 88% (User Score 8.0)

Who would have thought a silly little game about rocket physics would have been so dang fun? Kerbal Space Program was presumed to be another I Am Bread, Octodad, or Goat Simulator, but where those games wore out their welcome pretty quickly, KSP just became more addictive.


Building a rocket ship out of random parts proves to be a tricky hurdle at the start of the game, but the first time you get it off the ground it makes it worthwhile. Of course, it comes crashing down in a blaze of horror just seconds later, but that fleeting sensation of hope and accomplishment make you start all over again.


A perfect blend of science and slapstick, and a robust and compelling sandbox of possibility. Simply outstanding.


                                                                                           - PC Gamer


2015 is the year the PS4 and Xbox One really matured. There have been excellent games on both systems this year, far eclipsing everything from 2014.


We got the long-awaited finales to blockbuster series' like Batman and The Witcher, we got impressive debuts with Bloodborne and Life Is Strange, and we got highly anticipated returns in the form of Fallout and Metal gear Solid.


All in all 2015 was a seminal year for gaming.


At this time year of year we're all looking to 2016 and impatiently awaiting the likes of Uncharted 4 and Gears 4, but it's also the time of year to look back on what made 2015 great. And this list compiles the very best of the year in question.


The following 10 games are the highest rated games in 2015, as per Metacritic. The list will not contain remasters, ports, or re-releases, so don't expect to see GTA V on PC, or Shovel Knight on PS4/Xbox One. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's jump in and reveal the crème de la crème.

Live action "Witcher" film coming 2017, are we headed for a video game movie renaissance? Fri, 06 Nov 2015 08:46:23 -0500 John Adamczyk

For decades now, it seems that movies based off video games have been doomed to obscurity at best, or are commercial and critical flops at worst.

However, as video games and the stories behind them have become increasingly integrated into our culture, the past stigma that seems to have been associated with the idea of a "video game movie" is slowly dissipating. More video game movies than ever are on the horizon - and they seem much more promising than those of yesteryear.

The announcement made by Platige Films, that a movie based on The Witcher, is coming to theaters worldwide in 2017, is a crowning example. 

The company responsible for The Mummy (and a personal favorite film, Rat Race) has partnered with Platige Films, who have really proven themselves this year with their involvement in the cinematics of The Witcher series, most notably as of late, "The Trail."

With The Witcher finally getting a movie, it seems we might be entering a sort of game-movie revolution, a do-over from the old days of universally panned game films. And yes, The Witcher might have started as a hit Polish fantasy series, (and even had a critically panned movie made after it in 2001, six years before the release of the first Witcher game) but the thing that earned it worldwide attention was, without a doubt, the video game series, and when this movie comes to theaters in 2017, chances are the people who are going to see it (myself included), are out there because they loved the games.

But let's look at the big picture, shall we? 

We've got the Warcraft movie coming in 2016, along with Assassin's Creed, and there's even a Five Nights at Freddy's film in the works (and say what you will about the games, it's a brilliant and terrifying idea for a movie). 

And now? We've got The Witcher coming in 2017. 

Compare these huge-budget titles to some of the game movies of yesteryear, like Resident Evil or, god forbid, the fever dream that was the Super Mario Bros Movie.  

It seems clear that, with the growing popularity of the video game industry, combined with an upswing in the kinds of directors and producers willing to take up the mantle of making a legitimately good video game film, that the announcement of a Witcher film is yet another sign that we've stepped out of the age of the critically-panned video game film and into the realm of taking the stories and worlds that gamers know and love and translating them into something everyone will find worth watching.

Or at least, let's hope. 

Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone expansion out now Tue, 13 Oct 2015 08:35:23 -0400 astik_anand

Witcher 3, one of the best selling video games of 2015, received it's first paid expansion Hearts of Stone last night. The expansion pack, priced at $9.99, is now available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is also available through Witcher 3's expansion pass priced at $24.99, which also includes the next expansion Blood and Wine. You can buy it from here.

According to CD Projekt RED, developers of Witcher 3, the expansion pack will take over 10 hours for completion.

"Hearts of Stone will take Geralt on an all-new adventure into the wilds of No Man’s Land and the nooks and alleys of Oxenfurt, where he’ll try to complete a contract from the mysterious Man of Glass," added the company's website.

The expansion pack was designed for only 30+ level characters but is available to everyone. The add-on also brings back Shani, the medic from the original Witcher.

Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, the next expansion pack, were both announced on 7 April 2015. The latter is expected to be released in early 2016.

It is noteworthy that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt topped the charts in UK and Japan upon release in May 2015. The game sold over 6 million copies worldwide in the first six weeks following the launch.

Witcher series PC bundle on sale until Sept. 10 Fri, 04 Sep 2015 08:11:57 -0400 Andrea Koenig

With news hitting recently that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt reached 6 million sales last week, it's clear that it's one of the biggest games of 2015. Now, gamers who haven't had the chance at it can get it on sale. 

Not only can you get The Witcher 3, but you'll be able to get the other games on sale too. This includes:

  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - $1.49
  • The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings: Enhanced Edition - $2.99
  • The Witcher Adventure Game - $3.99
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - $41.99

Or you can buy the complete PC bundle of all four Witcher games for $50.46 on

These sales only apply to PC versions of the games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is only available for Windows, while the other games are available for both PC and Mac.

This sale is limited time, so buy now to get your complete Geralt experience. This sale ends Thursday, September 10th at 11:59PM ET (8:59PM PT).

Queens of Blades: Top 10 sword-swinging divas Wed, 02 Sep 2015 02:30:02 -0400 David Fisher


This brings us to the end of our top 10 list of sword-swinging divas. I have got to admit... unlike the Girls with Guns list I did last week, this list was actually quite difficult to come up with. It's great that there's a decent selection of swordswomen, but the problem is that not many of them are well known or playable.


I guess this is where I leave it to you, readers! What other sword-maidens can you come up with? Where would you put them on this list? Do you disagree with my placements? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments section below!


#1: Nariko - Heavenly Sword


When people think of swordsmen with a god complex, over-the-top fighting, and twin chained blades they often think of God of War's Kratos. When angry feminist extremists ask me why there isn't a female "God of War", my answer used to be the most obvious: "Athena's Revenge" doesn't exactly fit the character. However, ever since 2007 I've been able to avoid getting slapped across the face by pointing at this beauty here.


Nariko is the oppressed heroine of Heavenly Sword, a character who has literally spent her entire life being belittled by her clan on the grounds that ever since her birth she "should not have been." Everyone believed Nariko to be a curse, a portent of doom, and she eventually accepted this as truth. However, this would not stop Nariko from becoming the savior of her people by wielding the Heavenly Sword, fully aware of the fact that it would consume her soul as a result.


Aside from essentially being a copycat in terms of gameplay to Kratos from God of War, Nariko is one of the strongest female protagonists in the history of gaming. Why? Because she literally takes the place of the male hero without any modifications for the sake of gender roles. When she says that a deity "would be reborn, in the body of a mortal man" she is quite literally quoting the archetype of a Kratos-like hero. As such, she is the embodiment of the female power fantasy.


Nariko - to date - is the only female character who does this without a love interest, without losing a loved one, nothing. She doesn't even have the tired cliché of a woman using her cunning or agility over brute strength. She slaughters her enemies with brute force alone, and does this because it is her duty as the hero. Nothing will stand in her way of saving her people. Plain and simple.


Since Nariko is such a stellar representation of what a warrior lady should be like, she earns the spot of #1 on this list.


#2 Bastila - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


If Darth Revan is the most powerful Jedi in the history of the Star Wars universe, then Bastila Shan is the most powerful female Jedi. Why? Because she was the one who took Revan down during the Jedi Civil War.


Bastila Shan is by definition one of the most force talented Jedi in the Star Wars franchise. Able to use the power of Battle Meditation, Bastila is capable of micro-managing entire armies while simultaneously demoralizing their enemy. On top of that, Bastila is a skilled Jedi Sentinel, capable of adeptly wielding force powers while combining them with various lightsaber techniques.


While fighting alongside her commander - and later lover - Revan, she is an unstoppable force. To this day, she is considered one of the greatest Jedi of the Old Republic. Her legacy has continued on for generations, survived by Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Considering the fact that she is arguably the second most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe, Bastila Shan earns the place of #2 on our list of female warriors.


#3: Sonya - Heroes of the Storm/Diablo III


While the Barbarian's official name in Diablo III can range from 5up4h_S14y3r to Barbie thanks to the name-your-own-hero system, her canonical name is found in Heroes of the Storm as Sonya.


Sonya is a simple barbarian. She sees demon, she hits it until it is dead. Sonya's dream date consists of hunting demons, collecting legendary items - usually only to smelt them at the armory later, and killing the Lord of Terror, Diablo. Her other interests include: smashing boxes, destroying tombstones, and defiling sacred temples... or maybe that's just my play-through.


In any case, Sonya definitely gets my seal of approval for being a stand-up kind of gal. With a huge list of abilities used to smash, decapitate, and otherwise mangle demon hordes, I can't imagine a better candidate for the 3rd on this list.


#4: Rayne - Bloodrayne


7 years before we got the sexy power-trip video game that was Bayonetta, we had Rayne of Bloodrayne origin.


With Rayne, what you see is what you get. Besides her obvious sex-appeal design, Rayne is a confident, sarcastic, intelligent, and somewhat deadpan character. A dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) brought up as an assassin, Rayne's number one talent is killing absolutely everyone in the most brutal way possible. This means tearing people in two, spinning them around on her blades and cutting them up into pieces, or simply taking a bite into her prey and drinking their blood. She is not your professional assassin type though, for constantly flirting or taunting her opponents is basically second nature to her.


As a result of her dhampir blood, Rayne has a number of vampiric abilities such as feeding on her enemies, enthralling opponents, super-high reflexes, and a number of strength enhancements.


With this repertoire of skill and power, Rayne earns a spot at #4 on this list.


#5: Momohime - Muramasa: The Demon Blade


Momohime is the female protagonist option for Muramasa: The Demon Blade. According to the instruction manual, Momohime is a "princess of Narukami who has been possessed by a demon", the demon in question being Jinkuro. A talented warrior, Momohime's abilities are only enhanced after she is possessed by the spirit of Jinkuro - a fallen demon warrior who seeks to reclaim his demon blade.


Over the course of her journey, Momohime slays countless hordes of Japanese mythological creatures and warriors using the Oboro Style of fighting. With a demon blade of her own, she is a nearly unstoppable powerhouse of destruction. However, she does lose some points due to the fact that her personality - outside of her fusion with Jinkuro - basically boils down to protecting her betrothed, and others she loves.


As such, Momohime gets the 5th spot on this list.


#6: Hildegard von Krone - Soul Calibur IV


Hildegard stands as one of the most respectable characters on this list. Unlike the greater portion of female characters in the Soul Calibur series, Hilde is not sexualized in the least, choosing to wear gratuitous amounts of armor instead. Not only that, but Hilde uses a unique fighting style in the game that blends together quick swordplay and a spear. Hilde is also one of the few newcomers to the Soul Calibur series that has fought both the Soul Calibur veterans, and the newcomers since Soul Calibur IV was the last game to feature many of the original cast members.


Oh, and she's technically fought Ezio Auditore, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Starkiller too... so I guess there's that.


This set of accomplishments places Hildegard von Krone at #6 on this list.


#7: Impa - Hyrule Warriors


While Princess Zelda displays her skills with a sword in Hyrule Warriors as well, it's Impa who best represents women in a battlefield setting. Cool, collected, and able to effortlessly wield a sword almost twice her size, Impa is the toughest of the tough. In Hyrule Warriors, Impa is constantly on the vanguard against Ganon's forces. Whether it be the fire-breathing King Dodongo, The Imprisoned, or even Ganon himself, Impa is ready to take them down.


Since Impa usually takes the back seat in Legend of Zelda games, I'm glad to see what Team Ninja did to her character in Hyrule Warriors. This iteration of the classic Legend of Zelda character gets the spot of #7 thanks to her over-the-top delivery of enemy horde desolation.


#8: Ciri - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, the Lion Cub of Cintra (ain't that a mouthful?) is the secondary protagonist of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and is a talented sword-fighter, much like her adopted father, Geralt. She tends to prefer a faster-paced style of combat, dashing between enemies before striking them with her two-handed sword, making her a lethal foe to face. However, her abilities are somewhat limited as she only has the ability to quickly teleport around.


I could go on to rant about her backstory, but it is so convoluted that I probably wouldn't be able to do it justice. You can, however, check it out on this wiki or, you know, play the game yourself.


Considering her limited skills, and her somewhat basic concept design, Ciri gets the spot of #8 on this list.


#9: Lyndis - Fire Emblem 7


If I had to choose a swordwoman to best represent the females in Fire Emblem, I would have to choose none other than Lyndis. While Lucina is the fan favorite nowadays, Lyndis is much better, and for a number of reasons at that.


Let's talk about her character first. Lyn is a 15 year old young woman from the plains of Sacae. While living there, Lyn has fought off numerous bandit attacks after her mother and father were slain. It was not until a wandering tactician came about that she eventually learned that she is the granddaughter of the Marquess of Caelin (basically the king). In her time traveling across the war-torn landscapes of the Fire Emblem world, Lyn has fought numerous assassins, archers, knights, and even a dragon! That's quite the rep for someone who's younger than her fandom rival, Lucina.


Then there's the matter of plain old statistics. While Lucina has a slightly higher luck and resistance rating at level 10, Lady Lyndis pretty much doubles or at least surpasses all of Lucina's other stats at the same level. These differences only get further separated once the two become great lords at which point Lyndis actually triples Lucina's resistance while everything else gets doubled. When equipped with the Mani Katti, Lyn's critical hit ratio would rise so high that she would basically make minced meat out of Lucina before she even had the chance to blink.


Besides, who could possibly turn down a girl with this awesome critical hit animation?



All of this lands Lyndis at #9 on the list.


#10: Wonder Woman - Injustice: Gods Among Us


In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Wonder Woman is both the bad guy, and the good guy. Depends on which world, I guess. What is constant, however, is that she kicks butt. Hard.


Wielding a sword and a shield, Diana is able to take on just about every other superhero in the game. In fact, she is such a great warrior that she is the only one the alternate world Superman could possibly imagine replacing his long-time love interest Lois Lane with. Considering her abilities are almost identical to the Man of Steel's, who can blame him?


Considering the fact that Wonder Woman is a superhero (meaning she's just about invincible thanks to plot armor) there might be some questioning as to why she doesn't rank higher on this list. There are two simple reasons: the first is that she's not technically a video game character, and second is that she is better known for fighting with her fists. Want to argue against me on that? Go ahead. But this Amazon is only getting the position of #10 on this list.


Honorable Mention: Sarah Kerrigan - Starcraft


Okay, so technically Sarah Kerrigan doesn't use blades in game. In fact, she rarely uses them at all. But we do know two things about Kerrigan: when Narud takes on her form to fight her, he uses a Psi-Blade, and when she is the Queen of Blades she uses her exceedingly sharp claws to cut through the tough armor of enemy tanks. While these don't necessarily count as "swords" or "blades" per se, Kerrigan gets an honorable mention on the grounds that if Wolverine can get on a list with sword masters, then so can she!


Besides, what kind of list about the "Queens of Blades" would this be if the Queen of Blades herself wasn't on it? Huh?


(Tough crowd...)


Last week I did a top 10 list of gun-totting women in video games, but after a bit of research I found an even less represented group of females: sword maidens! Just about every top-10 list about masters of the blade in video games has a slew of beefed up males. Few of them - if any - have women! Seriously guys, women with swords are awesome too, right?


So today I'm going to fix that void, and fill it up with this top 10 list of sword-buckling heroines! To fit the criteria of this list, the character must rely on some form of bladed weapon during combat (excluding daggers), and be able to take on at least one enemy twice their size or multiple enemies at once.


With our criteria set, let's take a look at the Top 10 Video Game sword-swinging divas!

Ex-Witcher devs announce Seven, a Thief-inspired isometric RPG Tue, 18 Aug 2015 11:29:53 -0400 Daniel R. Miller

Fool's Theory, a new independent development studio made up of former Witcher developers have unveiled their upcoming RPG, Seven.  

Seven is a 3-D isometric role-playing game that is inspired by Looking Glass Studios' classic stealth adventure series, Thief.  According to their website, players will take on the role of a lone traveler and will be able to explore a non-linear, sandbox world.  It also looks like the developers will be applying their experience from their time on the Witcher series by offering branching choices that have moral consequences.

Arguably the most intriguing aspect about Seven is what it's trying to accomplish in terms of differentiating itself from other isometric titles. By and large, players have very little interaction with the game environment, following pretty rigid, pre-defined paths. Most interactions come down flipping switches, entering and exiting doors, or the occasional destructible object. Seven wants to try and change how the player moves about the environment, by introducing parkour climbing mechanics for added vertical mobility.

Seven is described as a world that is "beyond post-apocalyptic," where man has attempted to rip God out of the heavens and bring him down to the earth to answer for the sufferings of humanity. Obviously, this has taken a toll on the world, where once great metropolis' are little more than ruins to be plundered.  

Everything revealed thus far (which isn't much), points to a game world that will combine science fiction and fantasy elements, referencing a faction called the Biotek Order, Technomagi, and something about the earth "farting out buildings" with "pipes full of magic". Hey, they said it, not me.

Witcher 3's MODkit will be the only mod support, says developers Fri, 14 Aug 2015 08:07:37 -0400 Marshall Jenkins

It turns out that the newly released MODkit for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be all that the company puts in terms of mod support for the highly acclaimed RPG. Going against what fans, including us, expected due to the successful REDkit for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Community Lead and Website Coordinator for CD Projekt RED Marcin Momot tweeted this morning that MODkit will be the only content creation support for the game for the foreseeable future.

While this kit is welcomed by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt modding community, it pales in comparison to the previous iteration as MODkit allows only for the customization of in-game assets rather than the creation and implementation of new ones. Creating new areas, characters, weapons, and quests will all be impossible in the kit's current state.

We will continue to monitor the community's reaction as details for their mod support become clearer. You can find more details about MODkit as well as a link to download on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's official site. 

Limited modding tool released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Fri, 14 Aug 2015 05:57:14 -0400 Marshall Jenkins

CD Projekt RED has been very loyal to PC gamers in the past with its overwhelming support for their projects on the system. The release of REDkit for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was met with immediate praise and utilization from the Witcher community and is still used today. Complete customization was available with full access to the games many assets which allowed creators to craft their own adventures with little resistance from both CD Projekt RED and the toolkit itself. 

- Fans of the series should know this statue should not be here

With the release of The Wicher 3: Wild Hunt, content creators were itching for the developer to show them the man behind the curtain and release its modding tool to the public. CD Projekt RED has finally released its tool, but on a much smaller scale than before. 

MODkit allows for the manipulation of in-game models including their aesthetics as well as their stats.

Players may substitute existing models and "insert new models in the game world in place of existing ones." Instead of allowing players the full arsenal of world crafting tools, changing textures will have to suffice. While this is a bit disappointing in comparison to the previous iterations kit, content creators can expect the release of the full arsenal of creative tools at some point in time. That being said, expect a wide variety of unicorn and motorcycle skins for your trusty horse by the end of the day. 

How to play Gwent in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Wed, 03 Jun 2015 19:24:51 -0400 Ford James

Gwent is a card game introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red.

Being a Witcher can be stressful and arduous at times, so it’s nice to sit down with an ale in hand and gamble away your hard earned crowns. Gwent definitely has its flaws, but as a minigame it’s a solid addition to an already magnificent game. While there is a tutorial for your first ever Gwent game in the White Orchard inn, a lot of players don’t play for a while after then when they come back to it they’re confused. If you’re one of those players or you just fancy a refresher course, this is for you!

For anyone interested in playing Gwent but unfamiliar how it works; it’s supposed to simulate two armies in battle. You have three types of Unit cards: Close Combat, Ranged and Siege. These go in their respective rows on the Gwent board and many have additional bonuses, such as being able to draw a card from your discard pile and play it instantly or increasing every other card’s attack power of the same type by 1 point.

A high scoring first round with two Monster decks

Each card has an attack power, ranging from 1-10 and two special Hero cards with 15. Hero cards are notable characters from the Witcher series, such as John Natalis and Iorveth and are immune to all positive and negative effects caused by other cards. Previously mentioned were the Northern Realms and Nilfgaardian Empire faction decks, however there are also two more; Scoia-tael and Monsters. Each faction has a specific bonus, for example Scoia’tael gives you the option to choose who goes first while Nilfgaardian Empire wins any round that ends in a draw.

The objective of the game is simply to have a higher total attack score than your opponent at the end of each round and to win 2 out of 3 rounds. Each player draws 10 cards at the start of the game and has to figure out how to best utilise all 10 without drawing any new cards. It’s a good idea not to go all out in the first round as you risk losing rounds 2 and 3.

A dominating performance in the final round

You can also get special cards with various bonuses, for example there’s 3 different weather cards which take all Close Combat, Ranged or Siege cards down to 1 attack power for that round, or you can get a Commander’s Horn which doubles the attack power of all the unit cards on a selected row. Each faction also has 4 different card variations of their leader; an example of this would be Emyr van Emhreis is the leader for the Nilfgaardian Empire and you can choose which bonus to start with. One is the ability to draw a card from your opponent’s discard pile while another is to look at 3 random cards in your opponent’s hand.

Special Cards:

(Weather) Biting Frost - Reduces all Close Combat cards to 1 strength

(Weather) Impenetrable Fog - Reduces all Ranged cards to 1 strength

(Weather) Torrential Rain - Reduces all Siege cards to 1 strength

(Weather) Clear Day - Removes all weather effects from play

Scorch - Destroys the highest rated card(s) on the board

Decoy - Retreat one card back to your hand

Commander’s Horn - Doubles the strength of all cards on one row

Card Abilities:

Morale Boost - Boost every card on one row by 1 point, except for the played card

Scorch (Close Combat) - Destroy your opponent’s strongest Close Combat unit if their Close Combat strength is 10 or above

Spy - Add to your opponent’s strength but draw 2 cards for yourself

Hero - Not affected by any positive or negative effects

Tight Bond - When placed next to an identical card, both cards double in power. Triple if there is 3 identical cards next to one another

Medic - Revive a card from your discard pile and play it instantly

Agile - Can be played in either Close Combat or Ranged

Muster - Plays all cards with the same name and ability from your deck instantly

Leader Cards:

King Foltest (Northern Realms):

The Steel-Forged - Destroy the opponent’s strongest Siege unit if their Siege strength is 10 or above

The Siegemaster - Double the strength of your Siege units, provided a Commander’s Horn isn’t already in play

Lord Commander of the North - Clear all weather effects from play

King of Temeria - Play an Impenetrable Fog card provided you have one in your deck

Emyhr var Emreis (Nilfgaardian Empire):

The Relentless - Choose a card from your opponent’s discard pile and place it in your hand

The White Flame Dancing on the Graves of his Foes - Cancel your opponent’s leader ability

The Emperor of Nilfgaard - Look at 3 random cards in your opponent’s hand

His Imperial Majesty - Play a Torrential Rain card provided you have one in your deck

Francesca Findabair (Scoia’tael):

Queen of Dol Blathanna - Destroy your opponent’s strongest Close Combat unit if their Close Combat strength is 10 or above

The Beautiful - Double the strength of your Ranged units, provided a Commander’s Horn isn’t already in play

Daisy of the Valley - Draw an extra card at the start of the battle

Pureblood Elf - Play a Biting Frost card provided you have one in your deck

Eredin (Monsters):

Destroyer of Worlds - Restore one card from your discard pile to your hand

Bringer of Death - Discard 2 cards of your choice and withdraw 1 from your deck

King of the Wild Hunt - Double the strength of your Close Combat units, provided a Commander’s Horn isn’t already in play

Commander of the Red Riders - Choose any weather card from your deck and play it instantly

Interested in playing Gwent versus your friends? Now you can with the Gwent Tabletop Simulator Mod!

Struggling to win at Gwent? Here's my Top Ten Tips for Gwent!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt becomes the biggest UK launch of 2015 Wed, 27 May 2015 11:23:54 -0400 Ford James

The third installment in the Witcher series released last week and has smashed the previous occupant of the top spot, Battlefield Hardline, by an impressive 53% in the first week.

Wild Hunt also had an outstanding performance compared to the second installment, Assassins of Kings, selling 608% more in the first week. However, Assassins of Kings was only released on PC initially whereas Wild Hunt was released across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

As far as physical copies go, 63% were sold on PS4, 32% on Xbox One and 5% on PC. This doesn’t include digital downloads which is undoubtedly how a large majority of the PC crowd got their copy.

Somewhat surprisingly Farming Simulator 2015 is at the number 2 spot, likely due to its recent release on both previous and current generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles while Grand Theft Auto V is sat at No. 3.

Here’s the full top 10:

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  2. Farming Simulator 2015

  3. Grand Theft Auto V

  4. FIFA 15

  5. Project CARS

  6. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

  7. Battlefield Hardline

  8. Mortal Kombat X

  9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  10. Destiny

Worldwide, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already closing the gap on the lifetime sales of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings with 1.5 million units sold already compared to the 1.7 million of the second installment.

"Sales of the third part will be many times higher than with our earlier games. Preorders indicate this," said CD Projekt Red’s (The Witcher developers) chief executive Adam Kicinski in an interview with Reuters.

One thing’s for certain at least; Wild Hunt is CD Projekt Red’s biggest hit yet.

All stats and figures are according to Chart-Track

The Witcher 3 Patch 1.04 update makes graphical pop-in much worse Tue, 26 May 2015 13:02:36 -0400 OrganisedDinosaur

The Witcher 3 received an update yesterday in the form of patch 1.04 for the PC version. Although the game itself was received with critical acclaim, the patch has been much less welcome.

Since its release, gamers have complained of issues ranging from texture problems to total game crashes. 


 Geralt checks the patch notes...

The full list of changes as listed on The Witcher's official website:

-Rebinding of all keys is now available after switching on the ‘Unlock Bindings’ option in the Options\Key Bindings submenu.

-Corrects an issue in the dialogue system that might have caused dialogue looping in certain scenes.

-Fixes an issue with incorrect behavior of Wild Hunt warriors after they were affected by the Axii Sign.

-Corrects a bug that caused spontaneous combustion of gas clouds.

-1280 x 720 resolution is now properly displayed as a valid resolution option.

-Fixes boat stuttering in cutscenes.

-Texture rendering quality for the high and ultra presets has been improved.

-Further improvements made in NVIDIA Hairworks performance.

-A few additional gwent cards are now available in the Prologue area.

-Fixes an issue where users with usernames incorporating non-Latin characters were unable to import saves from The Witcher 2.

-Includes a series of overall stability and performance improvements.

-Fixes issues related to alt + tabbing and minimizing the game window.

-Updates the game icon.

-Enlarges the loot pop-up window in the UI.

-Fixes an issue where, in certain circumstances, the comparison window could extend beyond the game borders in the UI.

-Upgrading items included in gear sets no longer destroys rune sockets on said items.

-Introduces small tweaks in the UI for gwent.

-Corrects some missing translations in localized versions.


Not only did these improvements fail to impress, they did not even include the most eagerly awaited feature - a greater control over graphical tweaks. The overall consensus seems to be that the patch has made the game worse and not better.

Several commentators on the official website are threatening to return their copy of the game if the issues persist. YouTuber vBDKv uploaded a video (above) which highlights some of the issues such as pop in which has become noticeably worse with this patch.

Hopefully CD Projekt Red won't waste any time in fixing these issues.

An Unbelievable World is Revealed in the New Witcher 3 Trailer Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:39:52 -0400 Victor Ren

A five minute trailer was released by CD Projekt Red for their new game, the much anticipated Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The trailer covers everything about the game, while introducing you to the beautiful and exciting Northern Realms.

The game is packed with seemingly endless features. The trailer shows off horseback racing, getting drunk then waking up with a hangover, treasure hunting, brawling, exploring, playing cards, and even making true love, while meaningless love is also an option. Although the creepiest option might be partaking in ancient rituals where you'll witness women licking blood off of each other, it looks like there will be enough to do for hours on hours of play.

Along with the massive world, the trailer touches a bit on the story as well. Without giving too much away, the narrator tells us about how the story will intertwine aspects of religious fanaticism, war crimes, and even a little bit of racism. Sounds like we are in for a crazy ride.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be coming our for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One on May 16th. The game will also have 16 free pieces of DLC planned for it, and two major expansions packs that will add an immense amount of playing time to the already huge game. 

The Witcher 3 will be 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:05:58 -0500 Brian Spaen

A German gaming website has revealed the resolution and frame rate for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in their preview.

Based on a rough translation from Gamestar, who was able to play the game on PC and consoles, The Witcher 3 was able to run at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 while just at 900p on Xbox One. Both versions ran at 30 frames per second.

On PS4, the game wasn't as perfect as their gaming rig with some blurred textures. However, the differences were barely noticeable when playing it at a distance from the TV like most PS4 owners will be doing.

Along with the higher resolution and sharper textures, the game also looked more vibrant than its Xbox One counterpart. However, developer CD Projekt RED hasn't confirmed the final numbers and the Xbox One port could be improved before release.

Is the resolution difference a big deal?

Playing at 30 FPS on both consoles didn't bother Gamestar when making the transition from PC. Considering how much detail is in The Witcher games, don't expect that number to go up on PS4 or Xbox One. It's already going to take a powerful rig to play the The Witcher 3 at ultra settings as is.

It also didn't bother the writers that the resolution was different. All three versions looked very similar and ultimately gorgeous. The bigger deal Gamestar dived into were the impressive lighting effects that really brought the main character and landscape to life. That's an experience no one will miss on any platform.

Image credit: Forbes

Broken Launch Titles Reason for The Witcher 3 Delay Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:30:58 -0500 Brian Spaen

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed for a second time, and the developers explain other popular titles that have had game-breaking glitches at launch is the reason behind it.

CD Projekt RED Board member Adam Kicinski said that the gaming public is turned off by all the problems of "badly polished games" recently released. They needed to take the time to fix them all in The Witcher 3.

"There's a lot of small errors though, because the game is huge. It's the only reason behind the delay...We don't want to release the game with bugs that undermine the gameplay."

Originally to be released in the fall, The Witcher 3 was pushed back to February 2015. However, Kicinski said that date was set too early. The game is now set to release on May 19, 2015, on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It's a good move from the developer to delay the game. Games like Driveclub and Assassin's Creed Unity are some of the titles that had lots of bugs in them. Seeing graphical glitches can be funny, but demoralizing to people who spend all their time and hard work into a game they want to be proud of.

The Witcher 3 is published by Warner Bros. in North America.

Image credit: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

CD Projekt RED Delivers New Information About The Witcher 3 Through Sexy Infographic Sat, 26 Oct 2013 19:41:37 -0400 Max Jay

Wouldn't it be nice to be playing The Witcher 3 for 100 hours when it releases? Imagine 50 hours of the main arc and 50 hours of glorious, blood-drenched, monster-filled, politics-driven side quests.

Fortunately enough for all fans of the Witcher an infographic released by CD Projekt RED has confirmed this - and many other interesting tidbits about the upcoming next-gen release.

The infographic was released to commemorate the sixth anniversary of The Witcher series. Speaking of six; that's how many millions of units The Witcher has sold thus far. Which is quite impressive for such a dense game. 

**I don't like math, but I love some of these numbers.**

The infographic also reveals that the size of The Witcher 3's world is larger than the two previous games combined. And solace will soon come for those vexed by Geralt's inability to jump (he can jump now).

Perhaps the most exciting thing displayed is the amount of dialogue included in the game thus far. For anyone who has sat through the previous installments, they will be either annoyed or delighted to know that there are more lines of dialogue in The Witcher 3 than there were in either of the previous installments. The infographic stated that The Witcher and The Witcher 2 had 20,000 and 23,000 lines of dialogue respectively. The Witcher 3, however, will have more than 30,000 lines under its belt - which means lots of decisions, lots of talking and lots of fantasy-like political jargon.

**Nobody fart. That's how this whole thing started.**

This increase in dialogue will lead each and every person that plays it to one of 36 endings, which is more than both The Witcher and The Witcher 2 had combined.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is set to release in 2014. For more on The Witcher 3 and the recently announced The Witcher comic book click here for my interview with CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse.

What are you most excited to see in The Witcher 3? Is it the increase in dialogue, or perhaps the ability to lift Geralt off the ground with a hefty jump? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I won't hunt you down and kill you using a plethora of really complicated dialogue trees and awesome badass potions.

The Witcher Comic: Delving Delving Deeper into the Woods with Rafal Jaki and Nick McWhorter Thu, 17 Oct 2013 15:04:24 -0400 Max Jay

It was announced during New York Comic Con that the revelatory game series, The Witcher, would be receiving the comic book treatment from none other than Dark Horse Comics (Star Wars, Mass Effect).

I caught up with Rafal Jaki, Business Development Manager at CD Projekt RED and Nick McWhorter, Director of Custom Programs at Dark Horse Comics to see what new and exciting things we can expect from the The Witcher comic.

A New Tale

The Witcher is an expansive universe and there are many times and places in the canon where the comics could take place and thrive with a compelling story. “There are many timeframes where Geralt’s whereabouts are not accounted for,” Jaki told me. He went on to say that the events of the comics would unfold prior to the fist game, and within the empty spaces of the short stories (written by Andrzej Sapkowski).

Taking place prior to the games ensures that Geralt’s memory is intact, and as a result readers may see some new sides of his life that they have not yet been privy to. 

“We think of this as something like the Star Wars extended universe,” Jaki said, “we feel that The Witcher world and Geralt as a character is so appealing that we’d like to broaden the audience of that.” As is such, the comics will be their own stand-alone story.

Jaki said there will be connections that can be drawn to the short stories and the books – but Dark Horse and CD Projekt wanted to make it accessible to those just discovering the series, or even people that have no interest in the games at all.

“We try to not assume that everybody knows who Geralt is, who are the Witchers and what’s in the world. So we try to explain it in a way that it’s very soft.” Jaki explained, “we’re trying to soften it up and trying to make it relevant to the story.”

**Seems pleasant enough, right?**

Taking place prior to the games ensures that Geralt’s memory is intact, and as a result readers may see some new sides of his life that they have not yet been privy to. Jaki said the comics are going to focus a lot on the monster hunting aspect of The Witcher, which is a huge part of both the short stories and the video games.

In relation to The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Jaki says there will be no direct story connection. “The comics are not directly tied to The Witcher 3, they are, however, going to be tied by monsters. You’re going to see some monsters that are only coming to The Witcher 3 and the comic book.” Jaki even said by reading the comics you can get background on some of the monsters that will be making an appearance in W3 that would otherwise remain a mystery to the players.

The Writing

When hearing of an IP expanding into a different medium, there is always an audible groan from the fiercest fans. Will this new addition be a faithful rendition of the style and tempo of the already established universe, or will it demolish out love for a well rounded series a-la Star Wars: Episode One? Well, put your torches and pitchforks down, because it seems like were in good hands in regards to The Witcher.

Eisner Award winning writer Paul Tobin is penning The Witcher comic, which is a great relief as he is apparently very knowledgeable about the lore of The Witcher world.

“He really knows this, he knows this more than any American I know.”

When speaking with Jaki and McWhorter they glowed when Tobin’s name came up. They both said he has a great understanding and respect for the universe of The Witcher, which allowed him to really click with the team when discovering the direction of the comic. “He really knows this, he knows this more than any American I know,” McWhorter chuckled while describing the first story meeting with Tobin, “it was excellent – it led to such a smooth approval process when we were talking about story to have someone who had such an understanding of the world and I think the quality of the book is really showing that.”

**Awe-inspiring screenshot from The Witcher 3.**

“Paul introduced several new characters,” Jaki chuckled, just before lamenting not thinking of them first. “We felt that this [Tobin’s Work] is something that fits in our universe,” Jaki added, “something that fits with CD Projekt and Dark Horse.”

McWhorter added that Tobin’s deep understanding of the source material allowed him to create characters that fit with the established world and would contribute to the world in a meaningful way. He said generally writers that are adapting from another source do not have as much insight into the origin of the lore, so it could be taken as an extreme vote of confidence for the quality and consistency of the upcoming comics.

"You'll always find a twist in our stories, and this is not something we're going to give up."

The Art

On top of the already mountainous amount of talent attached to the comics, Dark Horse has gotten Joe Querio (B.P.R.D) to do the art for The Witcher. McWhorter said Querio’s rendition of monsters is very fitting of The Witcher lore, and it seemed like and easy choice when pairing them up. He explained that Querio’s work on B.P.R.D. and Lobster Johnson made him the perfect choice for The Witcher when getting the partnership off the ground.

Jaki concluded the interview by saying, "You'll always find a twist in our stories, and this is not something we're going to give up.The first issue will be releasing on March 19th, and I think I can speak for every fan of The Witcher when I say I’ll be at my comic store to pick it up.

What has you most excited about The Witcher comic? Is it the brand new story, or a chance to get into the un-fractured mind of Geralt of Rivea? Sound off in the comments down below!

More Books Should Become Games Fri, 21 Jun 2013 17:04:04 -0400 Zach Long

With the success of The Witcher games, I can't help but wonder why more book franchises don't choose to enter the realm of video games. I think that more games should be based off of books, especially the fantasy genre. They can do what CD Projekt RED has done and follow the character and the world, or they can follow the story. Here's what I think.

Following the Story

If you follow the book too closely that makes the game far too linear. You could have your missions based on events that occur in the book but don't make the game revolve around the book. If you do want to follow the story because it's a great story, then there are a few ways to go about that:

Character Growth

If your book starts off with a powerless character, I would start there. By allowing the player to grow and develop with the character in the book, then you're allowing them to get attached to the main character. By doing this they will get emotionally involved and love the story even more.

Epic Battles

If the book has a war in it, take them there. Whatever part the main character plays in the battle make your player have that part. Let them wander through the battlefields clashing swords or gunfire.

Allow For Change

If you were to follow the story precisely as it is in the book, it might not be as exciting for someone who's read the book and knows exactly what's going to happen at each step of the way.

In order for there to be excitement for everyone you should allow for course-altering actions to take place. I would recommend talking to the author about this as he/she might have had something else in mind that their not using anymore, that could make for some great alternatives that greatly impact the outcome of the story.

The World

If you love the fantasy world and think that the story that's been told there is great, but you want to do something original with that world, then I think that it can be done. If you implement all of the great things about the world then there's nothing stopping you. Add in content that the book maybe missed or maybe the story takes place between books or before the series even begins. Most fantasy series have elaborate details about the world the books take place in and a history that already exists. Use that stuff to propel your work into greatness, assuming the author is on board.

The Character

If there's a particularly entertaining or powerful character in the world, use it. Whether it be a bad guy or a good guy, tell their story. CD Projekt RED has done that with Geralt of Rivea and it has turned out very well for them. With the upcoming The Witcher 3, it looks as though they're going to expand on his story even more. If you can find a character who is compelling and has interesting history, that adds for some great gameplay that you can put in, be it flashbacks, or them becoming powerful or emotional. 

Final Words

I just think that books are a great starting point for video games. It allows for more freedom than if they were turned into movies because books take hours to read and video games take hours to beat. I think more authors should look into making their masterpieces into video games to allow more people to see what they've come up with, and possibly even get more sales for their books.