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Upon entering the second main area of Palamides Temple, players are greeted by a door with seven jewels embedded in a circular pattern upon its surface. There are three blue teardrop-shaped jewels and four white diamond shaped jewels.

Tales of Berseria asks you to light all seven of the jewels in order to unlock the door and proceed with the story. If you skimmed our Beginner's Guide, you know this is a sign the rest of the area is begging to be explored -- and you should do so, if you haven't already.

So you've searched the area top to bottom, broke a crumbling wall, looted chests behind a couple of waterfalls, discovered an amazingly skinny elevator thing, and returned to the door only to find the four white diamonds lit. Not even the singular blue teardrop that was glowing originally is lit anymore. What gives?

Well, as you might have guessed, the blue teardrops symbolize the water chalices that you've been messing with for some time now. The teardrops glow blue when their corresponding chalice is full. With this in mind, head out to refill the chalices you previously emptied.

Branch out into both of the side rooms and activate the chalices just at the top of the stairs. Once you return to the main doorway, you'll find that the left and right teardrops are both glowing. Just one more teardrop to go.

But it couldn't possibly be, could it? Not the chalice connected to the waterfall that lets you enter this very room. If you went out there and reactivated that chalice, there wouldn't be any possible way of getting back in, would there?

Actually, there is a hidden portal that you can use to sneak back into the central area, so you needn't worry about locking yourself out. Assuming you didn't lock the side-rooms behind waterfalls again by reactivating the wrong chalices, that is.

Head back out to the entry area and reactive the main chalice, locking you out of the door you just came through. Afterward, climb the stairway and head into the room on your right. There you'll find the portal that leads to a back corner of the western room in the central area.

Now when you head back out to the locked door you'll find all seven of the jewels glowing. Congratulations! The jeweled door has finally deemed you worthy enough to pass.

Curious about Tales of Berseria's Grade Shop? Stuck on another puzzle? Well, don't you seem the inquisitive type! Go ahead, leave us a comment -- we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Best of luck on the rest of your adventures!

Tales of Berseria - Grade Shop Guide Fri, 27 Jan 2017 07:58:10 -0500 Autumn Fish

The Grade Shop is back at full force in Tales of Berseria with the return of the Grading system of old. Instead of donating items like we did in Tales of Zerestria or collecting titles like Tales of XilliaBerseria returns to the series' roots of Grading the player off of their performance in battle.

For the uninitiated, the Grade Shop is where you go to purchase buffs and upgrades for your New Game Plus (NG+) playthrough. The shop becomes available after you finish the game.

Since the game doesn't entirely end after you finish it, you have the time to farm for Grade before heading into NG+. The best way to earn more Grade is to go out and battle a bunch of monsters. Going after boss monsters such as Code Red Daemons also grants a bonus to the amount of Grade you can get.

After finishing up in Palamides Temple, you receive the Marathoner's Ventite, which unlocks a Grade bonus for chaining battles together. The Grade bonus increases with successive battles. Note, however, that the chain breaks if a character dies, if you flee, or even if you save.

Additionally, playing on higher difficulties can net you more Grade per battle. However, if you perform poorly, it can also take away more Grade per battle, so be smart when choosing the difficulty you want to farm Grade on.

Grade Shop

The Grade Shop in Tales of Berseria offers a plethora of options for those wishing to get a leg-up on their NG+ playthrough. Unfortunately, we do not have access to official English names or descriptions at this time. What follows is a translated list of the Grade Shop from the Japanese version of the game.

However, rest assured knowing we'll update this list with official English names and descriptions -- alongside where to find the shop and how much total Grade you can earn -- as soon as we discover the Grade Shop for ourselves.

  • Library (0)
  • Title (50)
  • Shop Rank (100)
  • Equipment Mastery (400)
  • Artes Count (50)
  • Magic Wind Crystal (100)
  • Magic Ice / Ignis Crystal (100)
  • Magic Steel / Silver Crystal (100)
  • Cooking (50)
  • Expedition (50)
  • Katz Spirits (50)
  • Tales Coins (50)
  • Consumption Items (600)
  • Special Items (50)
  • Visual Items (50)
  • Herb Growth (1000)
  • Inventory Expansion (0)
  • Arte Acquisition Rate x2 (0)
  • Always Wandering (250)
  • Level Up Bonus (500)
  • Character Changer (500)
  • Half Experience (10)
  • Double Experience (0)
  • Triple Experience (3000)
  • Double Gald (0)
  • Build Drop (1300)
  • Strengthening Charge Half Price (0)
  • Double Grade (0)
  • HP + 1000 #1 (0)
  • HP + 1000 #2 (500)

Note: Anything that costs 0 Grade is free of charge, but you must still purchase it for the effects to carry onto NG+.

I did my best to modify the unofficial translation so it fits with what we know of the official English translation -- however, I left alone anything I was unsure on. For example, I feel like Visual Items is referencing Fashion, but I'm not 100% positive about that.

Tales of Berseria Grade Shop Guide NG+

Be sure to check back for our completed Grade Shop list once we get our hands on the official translation. How are you enjoying Tales of Berseria so far? Do you have any more tips or information to add to the Guide Shop discussion? Sound off in the comments below!