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Sometimes, a free trial of a game just doesn't last long enough to really gauge whether you want to throw some money down on the full title. This can make it a bit tricky to really sell your friends on a game you like, though if you could somehow gift them an extended trial, this could make convincing them so much easier. Luckily, Rainbow Six Extraction's Buddy Pass allows players to do exactly this.

How to Use the Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass allows players who own the full game to invite two of their Ubisoft friends who don't own the game to join their squad and play for free for two full weeks. This offers a great opportunity for those considering to buy the game to see if it's something they'd be happy to spend their money on.

Every owner of the game will have two Buddy Pass Tokens, which they can send to anybody on their in-game Ubisoft friends list. By sending a token to a friend, they can accept it as an invitation to join your squad and play.

How to Invite Friends

From the main menu of Rainbow Six Extraction, open up your in-game friends list and scroll through to find the one or two friends you'd like to bring into your squad. Once you find them, click on them and choose to send them a Buddy Pass Token.

Be very careful to not send it to the wrong person, as you will only ever get two tokens, and once redeemed, they cannot be withdrawn. This is all that you need to do in order to invite your friends. The rest of the process is in their hands.

How to Accept Buddy Pass Invites

In order to accept a Buddy Pass invite from your friend, you will need to download the trial version of the game, and you can do so on any platform of your choosing. If you are playing on either Xbox or PlayStation, then you will still require either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus in order to play online.

From the main menu, choose to squad up and you will have the option to accept your Buddy Pass Token. By doing so, you will be able to squad up with your friend. If you play alone at all during the 14-day trial, that will count towards your two hours the free trial gives you. 

The trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to try the game out for two hours, however if they accept a Buddy Pass Token, that two-hour timer will be paused, so long as they're playing with their friend. If you play solo, then that timer will count down. If you use up those two hours, you can still play with your friend in their squad for the full two weeks, though you will not be able to do any more solo play.

Any progress you make during your two weeks, you will maintain if you decided to purchase the full game, so don't worry about losing your stats, trophies or achievements, or anything you've unlocked in the game.

That is everything you should need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction's Buddy Pass system. If you're interested in learning more about this game, then consider checking out our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides!

Rainbow Six: Extraction Sludge Guide Fri, 28 Jan 2022 15:46:12 -0500 Serhii Patskan

There is a lot to do in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction, and one of the most elusive challenges that players get really annoyed with is the San Francisco Sludge challenge, which requires players to find Sludge and kill it without dividing. This creature is really hard to come by, and for many players the issue with Sludge not spawning is a big one.

Our guide will show where exactly you can find Sludge and provide you with tips on how to kill it without dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Fortunately, there is a specific location and setting, which allows you to see Sludge more often than in any other case.

Where to Find Sludge in Rainbow Six: Extraction

Sludge is a type of Archaean bio mass, which spawns randomly on the map. It's an orange blob of alien goo that can be found on the walls, ceilings, and floors. This thing can spawn into several more creatures, so it's important to get rid of it before it divides.

Follow these steps, if you want to find Sludge almost every time:

  1. Select "Quick Play" in the game's main menu
  2. Choose "San Francisco" region
  3. Select "Tenderloin" neighborhood
  4. Choose "Cautious" threat level
  5. Start the mission
  6. Walk upstairs into the Punk Club
  7. Detect Sludge on the ceiling or walls

It is important to select the Cautious threat level, as it allows for low-level Archaeans to spawn more frequently, and Sludge is exactly that type of creature.

It is possible that you may not get Sludge the very first time, so just extract and restart the level with the same settings listed above until you get Sludge. It shouldn't take you more than a few times.

How to Kill Sludge Without Dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction

One of the challenges will require you to kill Sludge before it divides into several other organisms. Here are a few tips on how to manage this once you find Sludge:

  • Try to not alert Sludge with your presence.
  • If it starts moving, it means that you were detected, and the challenge will fail.
  • Use a shotgun or a grenade to kill it at once, before it detects you and divides.

If you find Sludge on the floor, then it can get alerted really easily, but the ones on the ceilings are less alert, so try to find one on the ceiling to be able to complete this challenge.

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That's all you need to know on how to find and kill Sludge in Rainbow Six: Extraction. If you need more Rainbow Six: Extraction guides, then follow our dedicated hub page.

Rainbow Six: Extraction No Compatible Driver Error Fix Fri, 28 Jan 2022 06:45:33 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction requires a high performance rig to run well, making many players resort to using the Vulkan API. Unfortunately this may cause the "No compatible driver" error message to appear at launch.

Our guide will provide you with a possible fix to no compatible driver error in Rainbow Six: Extraction. You don't necessarily have to uninstall Vulkan if it helps your games perform better, but you will need to re-install your graphics drivers.

How to Fix No Compatible Driver Error in Rainbow Six: Extraction

Although Vulkan may be using the high-performance video card to run games and applications, it still requires your integrated video card to be up to date in terms of drivers. That's why you need to update your integrated card to the latest version. Many players ignore this detail and thus get the error.

Intel Integrated Graphics Drivers Update

If your PC or laptop has Intel processor, then your integrated graphics card is also Intel. You can easily update your graphics drivers by doing the following:

  1. Go to the official Intel graphics update webpage
  2. Select your corresponding Intel processor driver from the list
  3. Download and install drivers

AMD Integrated Graphics Drivers Update

In case you have an AMD processor with integrated graphics, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to AMD support webpage
  2. Select "Processors with graphics" option from the list
  3. Choose the corresponding AMD processor
  4. Download and install drivers

Remove AMD Integrated Graphics Drivers

In some cases updating AMD drivers may not solve the issue. If this happens, then you simply need to remove the AMD integrated graphics drivers altogether in the following way:

  1. Right-click on "My Computer" icon on your dektop
  2. Select "Properties" option
  3. Go to "Device Manager" tab
  4. Click on "Display Adapters" option
  5. Right-click on your integrated graphics adapter
  6. Select "Properties" option
  7. Go to "Driver" tab
  8. Click on "Uninstall Device" option

Once these procedures are done, you can start the Rainbow Six: Extraction, and the game should launch without any problems.

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Now you know how to fix the no compatible driver error in Rainbow Six: Extraction. If you need more Rainbow Six: Extraction guides, then follow our dedicated hub page.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Crossplay and Cross Progression? Thu, 27 Jan 2022 15:36:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Many recent team-based multiplayer shooters feature crossplay and cross progression to make sure you're able to play with friends on any platform and to carry experience and unlocks between systems should you choose to move from one to another. Because of that, you may be wondering if Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction follows suit.

If you're looking to take on the Archaean threat in Rainbow Six Extraction, you'll likely want to do so with two other Operatives; while the first-person shooter can be played in solo single player, it's perhaps best with a squad of three. This allows for more tactical interplay between the game's best classes, especially if you want help coordinating mission objectives or implementing more tactics in a stealthier approach.

Sometimes, it's hard to do that with random players in Quickmatch matchmaking, and inviting friends to your squad or jumping into their lobbies can be a better option. Luckily, there's good crossplay news for anyone playing on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and Google Stadia.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay? 

In short, yes: Rainbow Six Extraction features full crossplay functionality across PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. unlike the current state of Rainbow Six Siege (which will be changing soon), crossplay in Rainbow Six Extraction is not relegated to platform ecosystems.

No matter what platform you and your friends are playing on, you can play together. This applies to your friends that own the full game and those that have downloaded the Extraction trial and using Buddy Tokens to play with you.

Crossplay is automatically enabled when you begin Extraction. You don't have to do anything to turn it on. 

How Do I Turn Off Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay?

If you'd rather not play with Operators on different platforms for any reason, you can easily turn crossplay off through Extraction's settings.

  • Navigate to the "Settings" menu; the button prompt for your respective system is shown to the left of the Gear icon in the upper right portion of the screen. 
  • Choose "Options."
  • Stay in the "General" tab. 
  • Scroll to "Cross-Play" under the "Game" section. 
  • Select "Off" and press the interact button (e.g. X on PlayStation).
  • Apply changes (the necessary button prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen).

You can turn crossplay back on at any time by following the same path and, of course, selecting "On" and then applying changes.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Cross Progression?

Yes: Rainbow Six Extraction also features full cross progression across all platforms. Much like crossplay, that means you can play the game on PS4 and take your progression to PS5, or play on PC and take your experience and gear to Xbox Series X|S.

Everything is tied to your Ubisoft Connect account and stored on Ubisoft's servers for safekeeping. With that in mind, make sure to log into the same Ubisoft Connect account on each platform, as Ubisoft advises. 

And that's basically all you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay and cross progression. For more, consider heading over to our R6E guides hub, where we break down the game's best weapons, tech, and attachments, as well as provide explanations on research studies, healing, and more.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Turn Off Text to Speech Narrator Thu, 27 Jan 2022 12:54:16 -0500 Jonathan Moore

The text to speech narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction is part of the game's accessibility options. It's there to help those that may have trouble reading R6E's various menus and options, even if it doesn't read everything on the screen; it won't read text for Operators, progression Milestones, REACT tech descriptions, or codex entries, among other things. Regardless, some players are wondering how to turn text to speech off.

The process of turning off the text to speech narrator is pretty simple and only requires a quick trip to the setting menu. We'll tell you how to do so below.

Turning Off the Text to Speech Narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction

The text to speech accessibility option turns the narrator on by default when you start Rainbow Six Extraction. You have the ability to turn the functionality off when first adjusting your settings, though it's possible the narrator is still turned on when you hit the main menu.

If you don't turn off the text to speech narrator at the beginning, you can still do so at any point. 

  • Navigate to the "Settings" menu; the button prompt for your respective system is shown to the left of the Gear icon in the upper right portion of the screen. 
  • Choose "Accessibility". 
  • Set "Menu Narration" to "Off". Make sure to press your platform's requisite interact button (e.g. X on PS5) to choose the setting; simply highlighting it won't turn off the text to speech narrator.
  • Choose "Complete" at the bottom of the screen.

Those who choose to keep this accessibility option on can choose between four language options in this menu, as well: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Additionally, you can enable or disable text to speech chat, which allows the game to read aloud any text sent by other players over chat, in the "Options" menu. Select the Gear icon -> "Options" -> "General" -> Scroll down to "text to Speech Chat" in the Communication section. This is also where you can turn on/off speech to text chat, turning voice into text. 

And that's how you turn off the text to speech narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction. For more tips, including those for rescuing MIA Operators and the best REACT gadgets & tech, consider heading over to our official R6E guides hub.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Weapon Attachments Mon, 24 Jan 2022 08:32:37 -0500 Justin Koreis

There’s more to your guns in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction than punching holes in bad guys with your bullets. Each has a different assortment of optional weapon attachments, all of which serve a different but important purpose. These can affect damage, accuracy, and even whether or not enemies know you are around.

We’ve gone through all of the guns and played with all the accessories to tell you which are the best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction.  

The Best Weapon Attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction

Attachment: Suppressors

The last thing you want is to be sneaking in a bomb or smuggling away an MIA Operative and have an entire horde of Archæans come bearing down on you. That’s where suppressors make all the difference.

These all but silence the gunfire of your weapons, allowing you to pick away at enemies completely undetected. Though that comes at the expense of reduced damage, suppressors are still one of the best weapon attachments in the game, especially for slow, methodical stealth play. A well-placed shot to weak points will instantly kill most Archæans.  

Attachment: Extended Barrel

Many weapons suffer a loss of damage and accuracy over a long range. That’s a problem when you are trying to eliminate enemies at a distance, making the long barrel one of the best weapon attachments in R6E.

The long barrel is exactly what it sounds like: an attachment that extends the length of the gun's barrel. This boosts the effective range of your weapon, allowing you to be fully lethal at range, staying out of the clutches of pesky chimera.

Attachment: ACOG Sight

Any time a gun gives you the option, consider putting on one of the higher zoom ACOG sights. The slow, deliberate action of R6E lends itself to careful shooting, especially with the clearly identifiable weak points on the Archæans. That puts the ACOG on this list of best weapon attachments.

Often you can eliminate enemies through distant walls or drop them at a distance with a single, well-placed shot.  

Attachment: Vertical Grip

There are two primary types of gun stabilizers in Rainbow Six Extraction. Angles Grips reduce the recoil of individual shots. That’s nice and all, but if you are firing individual shots, then you probably have time to line up your aim again.

The Vertical Grip attachment upgrade doesn’t reduce recoil, but it does force it into a very tight pattern. It is much easier to unload a full magazine from your machine gun into a tough chimera if all you need is to put consistent pressure on your thumbstick or mouse to hold your aim.

For that reason, the Vertical Grip is the clear choice as the superior weapon stabilizer and one of the best weapon attachments in the game.  

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Guns perfectly outfitted with the best weapon attachments make your objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction easier to attain. You'll live to fight another day. For more tips and tricks, click the links above or check out our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides here on GameSkinny.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operator Loadouts Mon, 24 Jan 2022 07:32:51 -0500 Justin Koreis

A quality incursion in Rainbow Six Extraction starts with your best loadout. A well-designed build sends you into the field with tools appropriate for your objectives, as your weapons and REACT gadgets work to help you get the job done.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this Rainbow Six Extraction guide for the best Operator loadouts and kits for some of the most common approaches to Incursions. Here is the gear you should be going after first.

The Best Operator Loadouts in Rainbow Six Extraction

Max Stealth Bundle Loadout

In R6E, many of the Incursion objectives are easiest done undetected. Building a stealth kit means your loadout helps you remain unseen, but you know where all the nearby hostiles are located.

Start this loadout with suppressors on your primary and secondary weapons (it's one of the best attachments for a reason). Now you can shoot chimera without giving your position away. Bring along a recon drone, and tag every Archæans around you. Smoke grenades will allow you to block the vision of your enemies, enabling you to sneak past or confuse a room full of enemies and eliminate them in the chaos.  

The Loud and Proud Build Loadout

Maybe your Incursion objectives force you into open conflict with the Archæans, or maybe you just feel like inflicting some violence. Either way, this is one of the best loadouts for either occasion.

Shotguns do massive damage and can be used to blast right through some walls, opening paths for you and your team. Enemies will come running, so an armored vest to reduce damage is a must. Bring along Field Wall grenades with this loadout, and enemies will have to come right up to the business end of your gun to do any damage. This kit makes you a high-impact juggernaut, with total control over the range of battle.  

The Marathon Kit Loadout

Some Incursions, especially at higher levels, become wars of attrition. Resources become scarce, and you need to carefully manage your health. That’s where the marathon kit comes in.

This loadout starts with a suppressed primary gun; you will want to have say over when and where battles happen. Now equip scan grenades. These will reveal enemies to you before you breach rooms, and locate any nearby supplies.

The most important piece of this loadout, however, is the Anabolic Accelerant. Anytime your total health drops below 50 points, this handy tool will slowly regenerate bonus health. No matter how much damage you take, you will always bounce back as long as you don’t drop to zero. That means you can keep fighting the good fight, until time runs out or the job is done.  

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It’s great to go into an Incursion with the best loadouts in Rainbow Six Extraction. But a great kit is more than the sum of the parts. These are great starters for some common situations, but you should experiment and see what works best for you and your squad. Click the links above or check out our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides here on GameSkinny for more tips.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best REACT Gadgets & Tech Mon, 24 Jan 2022 07:05:25 -0500 Justin Koreis

The best REACT gadgets laboratory tech engineers can design in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction can help you clear even the most difficult Incursions in quarantine zones. There are many pieces of tech to choose from, and you won’t unlock most of them until you advance your Milestone progression level.

To help you sort through all of the tech at your disposal, here are our picks for the best REACT gadgets in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Best REACT Gadgets & Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

REACT Gadget: XR Drone

Information is king in R6E, and nothing collects information like the upgraded XR recon drone. Not only can you drive it around to locate your objectives while you and your squad remain safely undetected, but this handy robot also comes with a scan pulse, putting it atop the list of the best REACT gadgets.

At short intervals, the XR Drone REACT gadget will ping enemies in a short radius, even through walls. It’s brilliantly useful, and something at least one member of every team should carry.  

REACT Gadget: Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are the very first piece of tech you get in Rainbow Six Extraction, and they are also the most useful outside of the XR Drone. Smoke will completely disrupt enemy sightlines, so you can sneak from point A to point B without worry of losing health and, potentially, going MIA.

These also overwhelm the senses of Archæans, creating a window for you to instantly take one down even if you have been spotted. This is especially useful during the Biopsy objective, where you need to use your takedown on a special elite enemy. With all of those possibilities, it's easy to see why it's one of the best REACT gadgets.

REACT Gadget: Field Wall

Some objectives, such as Shut Down or Serial Scan, require you to hold specific points in sub-zones while a raging hoard of Archæans tries to tear you and your team of Operators limb from limb. That is where Field Wall comes in.

This deployable cover tech is one of the best REACT gadgets because it blocks all incoming ranged attacks but allows your bullets to pass through. Drop a few Field Walls and your squad is safe to unload on enemies that have to run right into your bullets in order to do any damage. 

REACT Gadget: Scan Grenade 

Nothing makes an incursion go sour faster than breaching a room and being surprised by enemies or traps. This can lead to precious health getting depleted fast (if that happens, here's how to get it back).

Scan grenades are the ultimate tool for avoiding that fate. Throw these REACT gadgets, and after they land, they will mark everything of note in a wide radius. You can throw these through doors, windows, even shoot some holes in breakable walls and let them fly.

Knowing exactly how many Archæans, nests, and spores are around each corner can make all the difference between success and failure — and keeping your Operators alive.  

REACT Gadget: Paralysis Grenade

Aliens are vicious, especially on higher-level Incursions; sometimes they will just be too numerous and fierce to be dealt with easily. That is, unless you have a paralysis grenade.

Throw one of these and an entire group of Archæans will be immobilized and weakened. An unyielding chokepoint becomes a walk in the park, and this can be the REACT gadget that turns the tide in a pitched battle, especially against the more powerful enemies.  

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All the tech items have a use, but we've found these to be the best REACT gadgets in Rainbow Six Extraction. Experiment with different tools in different situations to find what works best for you. We’ve got other great tips, like how to heal or what Research Studies are. Find those and more by clicking the links above or by going to our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Weapons Fri, 21 Jan 2022 07:47:06 -0500 Justin Koreis

The best weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction will be your saving grace against some of the more difficult Incursions and sub-zones. The last thing you want is to be caught under-armed for any battle or gunfight (some chimera shoot back, after all).

This Rainbow Six Extraction guide outlines the best weapons in the game. Put these in your arsenal first, come to grips with R6E's gameplay, and then experiment with other loadouts.

The Best Weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction

HK 417 

The best way to avoid being overrun in Rainbow Six Extraction is to take out your enemies without being seen. Enter the HK417, the first entry on our best weapons list. It's a high-powered sniper rifle that can be equipped with high zoom optics and a suppressor to silence your shots.

Its range is long enough to eliminate Archaeans and chimera outside their visual range, and its stopping power means you can easily fire lethal shots through thin walls, taking out enemies and nests while remaining out of sight.  


Light machine guns are some of the best weapons for laying down suppressive fire on enemies, chimera included. That’s a critical ability to have if your objective in an Incursion involves defending something from an onslaught of enemies.

Holding a point is child’s play when you have the 150-round magazine of high-powered rounds provided by the LMGE. The sustained fire can eliminate crowds in a hurry and is great at chipping away at the health of elite enemies, landing it on our best weapons list.


Among the various shotguns in Rainbow Six Extraction, the M590A1 stands as one of the best weapons in the category. It has the power to eliminate standard enemies in a single shot. The force of the blow also has the power to stagger elite enemies, making it a great boss slayer.

You can even use the M590A1 to blast holes in certain walls, opening new paths for you and your squad to traverse. Sure, it’s a bit loud, but that’s part of the charm. 


The AK74 is the perfect middle-ground gun, but it's also one of R6E's best weapons. It has decent range, damage, and rate of fire. While it doesn’t excel in any one area, the versatility of this weapon means you can bring it on any Incursion and get good results when completing any objective.

You can toggle different rates of fire and add a suppressor for stealthy approaches. It’s a jack-of-all-trades that rewards skillful shooting.

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Finding the best weapons is just the tip of the iceberg in Rainbow Six Extraction. There are Operators to choose, attachments to select, and more. Click the links above or check our full array of guides here for more tips, tricks, and loadouts for your next Incursion.  

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operators Fri, 21 Jan 2022 06:54:33 -0500 Justin Koreis

The best Operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction can make all the difference, particularly on harder difficulties. Which characters and classes you and your squadmates select are critical for maximizing your odds of surviving an Incursion. The wrong squad composition can be one reason for Operators going MIA.

Each Operator has strengths and weaknesses, but a few stand above the rest. This Rainbow Six Extraction guide lists and examines the characters/classes you should play first.

The Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction


Health is a premium commodity in Rainbow Six Extraction, so Finka’s ability to temporarily give the team a health boost is an enormous difference maker in long or difficult excursions.

Using Adrenal Surge to instantly raises your health level, and brings people back from down-but-not-out status can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Finka’s Spear .308 rifle combines fast firing with good stopping power, making her a lethal member of the team and not just a glorified support class.  


The guns in Lion’s arsenal are some of the best in the game. His HK417 is a powerful sniper that can be equipped with a 3.5x scope, allowing you to target enemies' weak points from far outside their visual range.

For a more aggressive option, you can opt into his V308, a light machine gun that can eviscerate entire groups of Archæans quickly.

His motion tracker ability allows Lion to see enemy movement through walls and will mark enemies at a higher level.


Smoke is one of the most versatile Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. His L82A2 assault rifle can be silenced and fit with a 1.5x zoom scope, allowing him to sit back and pick apart enemies undetected from afar.

Smoke also has remote-detonated grenades filled with a gas that is poisonous to Archæans, but harmless to you or your teammates. They are great for clearing rooms, damaging elite enemies, area defense, and can even remove the pesky Blinding Spores if you get them stuck to you. It’s a spectacular ability to have in any situation.  


Invisibility. That’s it. That’s all Vigil needs to be great.

Playing as Vigil allows you to become temporarily undetectable by enemies. This can get you out of dangerous situations, let you move to advantageous positions, and set up stealth takedowns of elite enemies.

Even if they aren't the best R6E has to offer, his K1A and MK 14 EBR are solid weapon options, well suited to sneaking or engaging in combat. Vigil can be helpful in a squad but excels in solo play.  


More guns is never a bad thing in Rainbow Six Extraction Jäger takes this to another level with his deployable automated turrets.

You can cover your own back while on Incursions, set up traps to lure tough enemies into, or prepare defenses around objectives before waves of enemies attack. Combine those with the powerful M870 shotgun in Jäger’s arsenal, and you can hold areas against almost anything. 

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These Operators are the best of the best, but you may find others suit your play style better. It’s good to experiment. Be sure to check out each Operators page to see how their abilities will evolve as they level up. For more tips on the best weapons, equipment, and loadouts be sure to check out our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides.  

Rainbow Six Extraction: Research Studies Explained Thu, 20 Jan 2022 07:08:28 -0500 Justin Koreis

The job of Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction is to complete incursions, furthering the investigation done by the organization REACT into the cause of the Archæan infestations. This isn’t the only avenue of data collection, however. Research Studies persist between missions, offering small amounts of additional lore, cosmetics, and strong boosts to XP. 

This Rainbow Six Extraction guide details what Research Studies are, how to track progress, and how you can unlock more tiers.

What are Research Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Research Studies are optional objectives for you to complete. There are 10 sets of three Research Studies in each region, and you must complete all three objectives in a set before the next tier becomes available. You will repeat this process to unlock all of the Research Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction.

You can view the active Research Studies in the Play tab. Select a zone and then open the Studies menu. These are typically pretty simple, requiring that you kill a certain number of a specific enemy or utilize a piece of equipment in a certain way.

After you finish an incursion, return to this menu to claim each reward. This will give you a small amount of information on the results, award the bonus XP, and unlock any cosmetics tied to the specific Study.  

The Play tab will also display Research Study progress. The percentage displayed above the name of a region corresponds directly to your progress. Reach 100% and your analysis in an area is finished. You do not need to complete a specific amount of Research Studies to advance to new areas. Those are tied to your progression level, and unlock as you play the game.

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And that's what Research Studies are in Rainbow Six Extraction. They're a great source of bonus XP, and the additional world-building is a nice touch. A quick glance at the Studies menu in the Play tab before launching an incursion tells you need to know and focus on while completing your other objectives. We’ve got more in our tactics guide. Find that, and all of our guides, on our Rainbow Six Extraction page 

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Play Solo Incursions Single Player Thu, 20 Jan 2022 06:55:38 -0500 Justin Koreis

Wondering how to play solo or single player in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction? There is a way to take on the Archaeans solo if you can't squad up with friends or just want to play alone. It’s easy to get the mistaken impression that Extraction is a multiplayer-only game. There is a way to go the single player route.

Everything in Extraction is squad-focused, with complimentary equipment and Operators that work synergistically. However, the solo, single-player game can be rich and rewarding, even if figuring out how to do it isn’t obvious. 

This Rainbow Six Extraction guide explains how to play solo incursions, as well as why you'd want to go into the fray alone.

How to Play Solo, Single Player Incursions in Rainbow Six Extraction

Playing R6E by yourself is easy to set up. First, navigate to the Play tab. You won’t be using quick play or matchmaking. Instead, you need to pick which of the four levels you want to infiltrate. Only New York is available initially, but the other locations will unlock as you progress in the game.

Once you’ve chosen a level, you need to select a zone before beginning a solo incursion. Scroll down to the bottom left of this page. You must manually select which zone you want to take on. Once you make your choice, your objectives will be displayed, and you will be taken to the Operator select screen. Choose whichever character you want, and confirm your loadout to depart for your single player mission.  

There are plenty of good reasons to play solo incursions. Objectives and levels scale based on squad size. This is great if you want to keep an Incursion short and sweet. It’s also convenient for rescuing MIA operatives. You can skip straight to airlocks to bypass subzones without having to worry about wasting any teammates' time.  

Some objectives are honestly easier solo too. Stealth is more challenging with a squad. The Biopsy objective, for example, tasks you with performing a stealth takedown on an elite Archaean. It’s a lot to ask of three people to remain completely undetected. One person can easily slip by enemies and complete the task.

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Now you know how to play solo, single player incursions in Rainbow Six Extraction. Trading in the loud firepower of a full squad for a solo sneaking mission is possible and enjoyable. If you want to make the most of your Solid Snake impression, we’ve got tactics for any incursion. Find that, and all of our Rainbow Six Extraction guides, on our R6E guides page.  

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Heal Operators Thu, 20 Jan 2022 06:40:31 -0500 Justin Koreis

As you engage with hostile Archæans in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, it is inevitable that your Operator is going to take some damage, and you'll need to know how to heal Operators lest they go MIA. Unlike other shooters, where ducking behind cover and catching your breath somehow mends all your wounds, R6E makes health a precious and limited resource.

Recovering your HP as an Operator requires some specific action on your part. This Rainbow Six Extraction guide tells you everything you need to know about how to heal Operators, what the different colors on your health bar mean, and more. 

How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Base Health Explained

Health in R6E comes in two varieties. All Operators start with 100 points of their base health, represented as the white portion of the health bar. This number reflects their “real” vitality. If it drops to zero, then your operator will go down and need to be revived, or recovered in a future excursion

This health cannot be recovered during a mission. Damage to your base value persists to future missions, and any Operators below 25% health are taken out of action and are unavailable until their health recovers.

Base health is recovered by completing incursions. Once you extract from a mission — whether as with a team or playing solo — you will be awarded HP based on your performance. This value is then added to each Operator, raising them back up to the maximum of 100 points. The points are not divided; everyone gets the same amount. So if you earn 30 health points, every character will receive up to 30 HP. 

Health Boost Explained

Health boost is a different story. By default, Operators start incursions with 50 points of bonus health, represented by the blue portion of the health bar. Any damage received comes out of bonus health before base health. This is important because bonus health can be recovered during an incursion via pickups and abilities. Boosts slowly diminished over time, and do not persist from one incursion to another.

Scattered around most levels are Medkits. They can be found randomly in each sub-zone, and are commonly located in the airlocks between sections. Picking up a health pack grants an immediate 70 point health boost. This is a great way to heal Operators, and multiple Medkits can stack. Keep in mind that you cannot exceed 200 total (combined based and boost) health points.

Certain Operators have abilities that can apply health boost. Doc has Health Shots, which apply an increase to nearby Operators or himself. Finka has Adrenal Surge. It’s an instant increase to the entire team, but only for a limited duration. 

Finally, there is the Anabolic Accelerant. This is a Tier 4 tech item unlocked once you reach progression Level 18. Equip it into your loadout, and anytime your health drops low, it will slowly regenerate health boost until you are back at a combined 50 health points. The last thing you want is to have your favorite characters go MIA, forcing you to go on a rescue mission.

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Now you know how to heal Operators in Rainbow Six: Extraction. These tips will help you keep you in the fight against the chimera threat. For more on how to be the best squad you can be, check out all of our Rainbow Six Extraction content 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips & Tricks Guide: Tactics For Every Incursion Wed, 19 Jan 2022 11:56:30 -0500 Justin Koreis

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a fun amalgamation of tactical shooting mechanics and an invasive alien sci-fi premise. Your enemies, the Archaeans, are varied and possess strange abilities, and various incursion objectives put all of your operators directly in danger — and you'll likely pay the price if you don't have certain tips and tricks up your sleeve.

All you have are your guns, wits, a few cool gadgets, and a handful of class abilities. That’s more than enough for skilled Operators to succeed, and this Rainbow Six Extraction guide will highlight some tips and tricks that will help you stay alive while completing objectives.

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips & Tricks

Stealth is King 

All hell is ready to break loose at any time in R6E, and stealth is your best bet for avoiding that and staying alive against the chimera Archaeans. The vast majority of the time, there's one tip to keep in mind: you should be crouch-walking to avoid making too much noise.

Check around corners and avoid enemy sightlines whenever possible. Most operatives can equip a suppressor to either their primary or secondary weapon as an attachment. You should always carry at least one stealth-oriented weapon. This will enable you to complete some objectives undetected. 

Eliminate Sprawl 

The black goo all over the place is Sprawl. This slows down your movement and makes the Archæans more lethal. It’s also easy to remove with this simple trick: just shoot it.

You never know when a fight is going to break out, so it’s almost always worth spending the time and ammo to get rid of any Sprawl. In particular, any area around an objective should be almost completely cleared before you actually start completing your tasks.  

Smoke ‘em If You Got ’em

The very first grenade you are given in Rainbow Six Extraction is the smoke grenade, but don’t let that convince you it isn’t one of the best. Smoke grenades will blind Archæans, and there is so much utility in that. You can throw one into a crowd to allow you to sneak past. Or you can blind a group of enemies before picking them off one by one.

One trick is to use smoke grenades to block one direction while you fight enemies in another. You can even smoke an enemy right on top of you, and immediately use your knife for a takedown. This can save your entire operation when given the Biopsy Objective, requiring you to take down a specific enemy undetected with your blade.  

Go Loud, Quietly

Yes, it’s usually best to be stealthy in Rainbow Six Extraction, but that doesn’t actually mean you have to be quiet. Firing a gun or creating an explosion won’t trigger the enemy summoning howl. Some very powerful guns cannot be suppressed, and that’s no problem if you just eliminate all the enemies around you.

Explosions can actually be very useful for knocking down weak walls or luring Archæans to one location. Unseen is undetected, even if you are making a racket. Check out our best builds guide for more info, as well as our best weapons guide.

Prep Before Beginning Objectives

R6E is a thinking man’s alien shooting game. One tip to always keep in mind is that prepping is the better part of valor. Take the time to prepare before attempting to complete an objective.

  • Clear enemies from the immediate vicinity.
  • Destroy nests.
  • Close open doors.
  • Seal openings using the barricades in your inventory.  

If you are doing an objective like Sabotage, where you need to defend bombs, set up useful gadgets like mines and auto-turrets. For Specimen, where you need to lure an Archæans to a trap, clear the path in between. Starting work on an objective should be one of the last, not first, things you do.  

ABS: Always Be Scouting

R6E is significantly more difficult if you don’t know where enemies are. Locating Archæans should be the very first thing you do when you enter a subzone. Drive the recon drone (one of the best REACT gadgets) around to spot and mark enemies. Throw scan grenades before entering rooms blind or use Operator abilities that detect movement. Whatever you do, make sure you are collecting intel and moving based on that information.  

Know Your Health

Health in R6E comes in two varieties. Every operator has 100 points of standard health, represented by white in the health bar. This cannot be recovered in an incursion, taking your favorite characters out of action if it drops too low.

Temporary health, represented by blue, can be increased at any time. Any damage done to your operator comes out of temporary health first. As long as you keep your standard health up, you will remain fit for duty. Once that starts to dwindle, you should strongly consider heading for an extraction point, whether you’ve completed your objective or not. Otherwise, you risk your Operator going MIA.  

Shoot Holes in or Look Through Walls

This trick isn't very obvious when you first start playing Rainbow Six Extraction. Make sure to pay attention to walls. Your special UV flashlight will reveal enemies on the other side of destructible walls. This allows you to take them out from another room with no one being the wiser. You can even shoot small holes big enough to toss your recon drone into, allowing you to scout a room with relative safety.

Too subtle? You can always be like the Kool-Aid man and burst through walls, using explosives, Sledge’s hammer, or shotgun blasts to the studs. This is great for getting the drop on enemies, and getting directly from A to B.

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These tips and tricks are just the beginning when it comes to being an elite Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction. Don’t hesitate to experiment and try new things. You can always refer back to these tips as a refresher when you need them, click the links above, or head over to our official guides page.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue MIA Operators Wed, 19 Jan 2022 07:35:27 -0500 Justin Koreis

So, your latest incursion in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction did not go well and you've got to rescue MIA Operators. Your favorite Operator lost all their health, went DBNO, and you couldn't reach them. Now they're in a chemically induced coma, cradled in the arms of a weird throbbing tree, with only the cocoon of protective foam to keep them safe.

Fieldwork is hard! Fortunately, all is not lost, at least not forever. This Rainbow Six Extraction guide tells you how to rescue MIA Operators and get them back in your class rotation list. We know you didn’t mean to abandon your Operator in a field incursion like you are the mother to their Kevin McAllister, but these things happen.

How to Rescue MIA Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Operators go MIA for several reasons:

  • If they go down (lose all of their health) during an incursion
  • If you leave the incursion by quitting out before it's completed.
  • If you don't complete a mission in the allotted timeframe.

It's possible to lose multiple characters in a single zone or across zones. If you want these MIA Operators back in your class rotation, you need to go back and rescue them. That means launching an incursion into the exact same zone where you lost them.

If you forgot where they went down and were captured by the chimera aliens, look for the red icon on the incursion tab. You can rescue Operators on any difficulty, so don’t feel obligated to crank up the challenge if you don’t want to risk another agent going MIA.  

Once you select your incursion, you are looking for the objective MIA Rescue. The objective can be in any of the three sub-zones. When loading into an area, the objective screen will tell you which sub-zone the MIA Rescue mission is. You can complete any proceeding objectives, or just head straight for airlocks to get to where your agent was lost as quickly as possible. 

When you arrive in the same sub-zone as your MIA Operator, you will need to find them. This is easiest to do with recon equipment, such as the scout drone.

Scour the map until you see the creepiest tree of all time. A large accumulation of the gooey, black Sprawl on the ground is a good sign you are in the right area. Eliminate any enemies in the vicinity, and then use your gun to clear the Sprawl, you won't want it slowing you down.  

Walk up to your trapped Operator and follow the button prompt to start  a rescue attempt by pulling them down out of the tree. The Archæan tree will resist, and try to hold them in place. Make note of the large umbilical cord like structures on either side of the tree. At the end of each of these is an Archæans cell, which provided energy to the tree.

The cells are vulnerable when they light up. Shoot them to cutoff the energy supply. You can also shoot the light traveling across the cords to interrupt the energy flow. Keep pulling, stopping to destroy cells or deny incoming energy, and eventually the tree will surrender the operative.

You aren’t done! The Operative is still incapacitated. Now you need to carry them to an extraction point. Look for the helicopter icon on your screen, and make your march to your objective. You can only fire your sidearm while carrying the Operative, but if things get out of control, you may want to consider dropping them someplace safe while you bust out the big guns to clear a path.  

Once you arrive at the extraction point, place the Operator inside of the pod. The rescue attempt is over. They are now safe, ready to return to base. You can either extract with them, or proceed to any subsequent objectives.

The rescued operative may need to you complete another incursion or two before they have recovered enough to return to the field, but that’s a big improvement on being stuck in that tree. You will also gain a portion of the XP they had accumulated on their incursion prior to going MIA, which is nice.

If you fail a rescue attempt, the Operator isn't lost, though they will lose some of their XP progression when returning to your class lineup. Hitting Level 10 for an Operator will keep them from losing XP in this way. 

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And that's how you rescue MIA Operatives in Rainbow Six: Extraction. As you play, you will inevitably lose Operatives. As long as you follow these steps, you will always get them back, no harm done. Load into the same zone, pull them out of the Archaean Tree, put them in the pod. We’ve got plenty more tips to help you and your squad defeat those pesky aliens, find them with our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides.