Trade-ins  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Trade-ins  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Is Star Fox Zero Flying Back onto Shelves? Wed, 25 May 2016 10:19:54 -0400 Joe Passantino

It appears that the near decade-long wait for a new Star Fox game was not worth it for many gamers. According to, select Tweets from store-goers show shelves filled with pre-owned Star Fox Zero copies. Based on these, Wii U owners seem to have grown tired of the release fairly quickly.

You can check out a couple of the Tweets below:

Nintendo released Star Fox Zero on April 22 in North America. Bearing some similarities in gameplay to Star Fox 64, it was the first Star Fox main series entry since 2006's Star Fox Command for Nintendo DS. It had been over 11 years since the last home console Star Fox game: Star Fox Assault, released in February 2005.

Because of the unusually long wait, Star Fox fans have been eagerly anticipating this year's installment. Based on this small sample, it does not look great for Nintendo in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you own the game and plan on keeping it, or at least seeing it through to completion, check out our guide to unlocking all levels. You can also measure your opinion on the game against GameSkinny's by reading our Star Fox Zero review.

What do you think of Star Fox Zero? Were these traders too quick to ditch the game, or were they justified? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Source: PlatinumGames Inc. Official WebSite

Microsoft exploring the idea of digital trade-ins for Xbox One Mon, 21 Mar 2016 10:40:32 -0400 Scott Simpson

A customer survey that popped up on Reddit over the weekend appears to show that Microsoft is looking at ways to advance the appeal of buying games digitally by exploring player interest in offering a 10% sell back option for digital store purchases.

10% might not sound like much to many. It's just $6 in store credit from a $60 purchase, but it at least gives gamers an option for games they no longer wish to play, rather than just being stuck with them, as is currently the case for games bought on the digital store.

It's not the first time the company has probed the idea of migrating to a more digitally driven console, with their initial plans for the Xbox One receiving considerable backlash when they were revealed at E3 2013. As well as wanting to bind physical purchases to a user's Xbox Live account (restricting gamers from trading in or even sharing purchases), Microsoft also wanted to make the console online-only, whereby players would have to check in every 24 hours or find themselves locked out of playing their own games. There were even discussions about removing the disc-drive, making the console entirely digital.

This survey indicates the company are seeking a more subtle and progressive approach to moving away from physical medium, and it seems the industry as a whole is keen to move in this direction, with digital games making up an estimated 92% of total PC games sales back in 2013. This latest inquiry by Microsoft shows they have no intent to stop pushing their digital agenda. The question is, is that what gamers actually want?

What are your thoughts on digital games? Do you think that is the direction consoles should be heading in? Or do you prefer having physical copies for your gaming collection? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.

Walmart Video Game Trade-In Won't Hurt GameStop: Here's Why Mon, 24 Mar 2014 05:31:24 -0400 Xavier's

Beginning on March 26th, retail empire Wal-Mart will expand into dealing with video game trade-ins throughout their stores.

This of course means a person who brings in a used video game can be compensated for it, albeit only store credit and not physical cash. The value of course will fluctuate from old games and new, 35 dollars or even more. As of now, businesses Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and others also offer video game trade-in programs that offer store credit or cash for video games.

"Gaming continues to be an important business for us and we're actively taking aim at the $2 billion pre-owned video game opportunity," 

-Duncan Mac Naughton, chief marketing officer for Wal-Mart U.S.A.

GameStop shares reportedly down 4.53 percent to $37.95 a share. This entry into the market however, should be nothing but a minor disturbance for the likes of GameStop and its powerful profit margins.

GameStop has a vital card to play in the ongoing war with numerous companies and the used game market: incentives.

With discounts and bonus points galore, gamers are vastly more attracted to the powerful reward catalogues. An ace in the hole surely, GameStop has the advantage of an established program, Power-Up Rewards, that will prove formidable for the likes of Wal-mart.

GameStop has built a loyal customer base.

There is no shortage of consumer support that GameStop has accumulated over the years. People have grown accustomed to and even grown dependent on GameStop therefore will naturally venture to the enterprise for all their gaming fixes. 

GameStop Employees Know Games

Employees from GameStop have unprecedented experience with the trade-in business as well as reliable support from a pretty sizeable database. Meanwhile in Wal-Mart land, we have workers who must learn this new trade and dive into the field with unsure tactics and questionable performance.

In the battle of Wal-Mart versus GameStop, we're the real winners. 

All in all, this is a brave business attempt by Wal-Mart that is sure to keep GameStop at least on a leash we as the buyers can benefit from. With more completion, there are going to be some inevitable sales, with wicked discounts and more money on our trade-ins. Let's see who will provide the best overall deals with individuals about their used games.