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How to upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy is a fairly straightforward process, but if you want to make several characters’ weapons better, it’ll take some time and patience. You likely won’t get to upgrade everything in your first playthrough, but it’s worth grinding for materials to enhance the weapons of the main Wolffort bunch.

If you want an easier time during key votes, you’ll be glad you did. This Triangle Strategy guide tells you everything you need to know about upgrading weapons.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Triangle Strategy

You can upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy as soon as you unlock the Encampment by speaking to the smithy, and this is also how you enhance a character’s abilities. Triangle Strategy doesn't feature equipment aside from accessories, and you can’t change weapons. Instead, you spend materials to add bonus attributes to weapons, such as enhancing accuracy or, slightly less logically, boosting a wielder’s HP.

Each weapon has three upgrade levels, and each upgrade level has three to five unique skills or abilities. Some abilities are an “either/or” situation; you can obtain both by unlocking one, but only one of the abilities can be active at a time.

Abilities cost materials – stone, timber, fiber, and a few others – which take time and in-game money to obtain. Similar to class promotion, it’s best to think carefully before deciding which weapons you want to upgrade. If you press “ZR” or “ZL” in the smithy’s character choice screen, you can organize characters by HP, TP, and weapon strength, a handy way to help decide which warrior might benefit the most from a weapons upgrade.

Finally, it’s worth noting that upgrading a character’s weapon makes them closer to Serenoa, which means you’ll have a slightly easier time convincing them during major votes. This only applies to the initial round of Hose Wolffort characters. Extra recruits, including the Chapter 3 recruit, don’t count.

Where to Get Weapon Upgrade Materials in Triangle Strategy

Most of your weapon upgrade materials drop as spoils in battle, though you can also purchase them in limited quantities from the sundries shop (the portly merchant/Lionel) at the Encampment. He refreshes his stock in each chapter, though you’re still limited to around three or so of each main item each visit

You’ll also find upgrade materials as spoils during battles and mock battles as blue item bag drops. Equip a character with the Golden Pinkie Ring to increase your chances of getting Spoils.

Other rare items, such as Silver and Leather, are found during exploration segments or as rewards for completing certain story missions. These are much rarer, so again, think carefully before deciding who gets the weapon upgrade.

That's all you need to know about how to upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy, but check out our other Triangle Strategy guides for more tips and tricks.

Triangle Strategy: How to Get All Endings Fri, 11 Mar 2022 14:30:19 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Figuring out the endings for Triangle Strategy might seem overwhelming with all the pivotal choices you can make throughout the game, but the three main conclusions boil down to one key vote at the end in Chapter 17. Other choices made before that point and the sum of your Convictions play no role for them.

Triangle Strategy’s best ending, the Golden Route, is more involved, though. Working towards it involves making the right choices in certain chapters. Here's what you need to know about it and the other endings.

All Triangle Strategy Endings

We won’t spoil what happens in each conclusion, though some mild spoilers are naturally involved. The decision for each of the endings happens at the beginning of Chapter 17, where Roland, Benedict, and Frederica each propose a way forward. Each route except the true ending involves breaking ties with one important party member. 

Triangle Strategy Aesfrost Ending Choices & Consequences

  • Vote for Benedict’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Roland.

Triangle Strategy Hyzante Ending Choices &Consequences

  • Vote for Roland’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Frederica.

Triangle Strategy Roselle Ending Choices & Consequences

  • Vote for Frederica’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Benedict.

You’re also dealing with just four undecided votes, so your Convictions and the conversation choices made play an important role in deciding which route gets voted on. You'll have a better chance of persuading any character if you use them in battle frequently, upgrade their weapons, and promote their class.

As always with these votes, we recommend saving beforehand and re-loading if you don’t get the outcome you want for any of the endings. There’s a further two chapters regardless of which route you wind up in.

How to Get Triangle Strategy’s True Ending

Unlocking a fourth option during the Chapter 17 vote involves making the right choices starting in Chapter 7. If you’ve met the criteria, Serenoa will say “There must be another way” after mentioning the Scales will guide the party.

The requirements are:

  • Chapter 7: Don’t use the fire traps if you defend Roland (there’s no consequence if you give him up, though).
  • Chapter 9: Help Sorsley Ende in his illegal salt trade.
  • Chapter 10: Tell Svarog of Roland’s identity (only possible if you help Ende).
  • Chapter 11: Defend the Roselle.
  • Chapter 15: Visit Symon in the Wolffort demesne (this means you won’t recruit Cordelia).

Again, these choices are available regardless of your Convictions. After saying “There must be another way,” Serenoa asks himself a few questions. You should answer:

  • Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?
  • Might Lord Svarog be the key?
  • We can expose the truth hidden in the Goddess’s statue.
  • They’re of the Consortium.

You lose no one in this ending route and gain an additional two chapters after the usual, for a total of 21 chapters. This is also the only way to recruit General Avlora.

That's all you need to know about Triangle Strategy endings, but make sure to check out our other Triangle Strategy guides for more tips and tricks.

Triangle Strategy: How to Recruit All Characters Fri, 11 Mar 2022 12:41:06 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Triangle Strategy recruitment is a bit of a mystery, at least on your first playthrough. Characters are tied to important choices you make, and it’s never certain which decisions may lead you down which path.

That goes double when you factor in characters tied to the game’s Convictions system, the finer details of which remain blocked off until your second playthrough. This Triangle Strategy recruitment guide clears through the fog and breaks down what you need to do for each character.

How to Recruit All Characters in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy has two recruitment methods. The first is automatic, as a handful of new units join your cause as part of the main story. The second is a bit more complex and involves the opaque – until New Game Plus – Convictions system. Most of Triangle Strategy’s recruitable characters become available in Character Stories after you meet their Conviction requirements. 

View their side stories from the world map, and they’ll automatically join. The problem is you can’t see your current status in the three Conviction categories, – Liberty, Morality, and Utility – until you’ve cleared the game once, so it’s a bit of a guessing game until then. 

Triangle Strategy Story Recruits

These are the characters you’ll add automatically during the campaign. Since most of these join during some of Triangle Strategy’s branching missions, you won’t be able to recruit every character in one playthrough. Note that some story spoilers follow in this list.

Chapter 3 Characters

  • Rudolph the archer: Visit Aesfrost instead of Hyzante
  • Corentin the ice mage: Visit Hyzante instead of Aesfrost

Chapter 11 Characters

Your choices in this chapter won’t bear fruit until Chapter 15.

  • Travis the bandit: Deliver the Rosellans
  • Trish, the bandit’s daughter: Defend the Rosellans

Chapter 15 Characters

This chapter is also when you'll have either Travis or Trish join your group.

  • Milo the dancer: Return to Wolffort’s demesne
  • Cordelia the cleric: Remain in Whiteholm

Chapter 17 Characters

  • Avlora: Only if you’ve unlocked the Golden Ending

Triangle Strategy Optional Characters

The bulk of Triangle Strategy’s characters are optional and can only be recruited if you meet their Conviction requirements. Story progress seemingly doesn’t matter here. You can recruit Julio as early as Chapter 5, for example, or as late as Chapter 12. The Character Stories prompt will appear on the map screen when a new one is available to view.


  • Aptitude: Can cast spells of any element
  • Recruitment: 110 Morality, 275 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can create copies of herself and enhances the range of attack items
  • Recruitment: 450 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Reduces enemy TP and gives your units extra TP
  • Recruitment: 275 Morality, 110 Utility


  • Aptitude: Can heal allies and herself when performing a follow-up attack
  • Recruitment: 275 Utility, 110 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Lays traps and turrets, can place ladders for easier climbing
  • Recruitment: 450 Morality


  • Aptitude: Uses items twice in one turn and enhances the effectiveness of healing items
  • Recruitment: 500 Morality, 400 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Uses strong, far-reaching lightning and wind magic
  • Recruitment: 400 Utility, 500 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can provoke enemies or convince them to leave the battlefield
  • Recruitment: 400 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Increased range for bow attacks and deals higher damage to foes that are further away
  • Recruitment: 400 Morality, 500 Utility


  • Aptitude: Can pass behind enemies and performs a counter after evading close-range attacks
  • Recruitment: 1,050 Utility, 750 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Draws enemy attacks and has boosted defense when attacked from the front 
  • Recruitment: 1,050 Morality, 750 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can increase ally speed and rewind time to the previous turn
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Utility


  • Aptitude: Immune to status ailments and uses skills that take effect based on the target’s HP
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Morality


  • Aptitude: Abilities take effect depending on the tile targeted
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Liberty

That's all you need to know about recruitment and recruiting all characters in Triangle Strategy. Depending on your playstyle, some are better than others. See our tier list here for more. You'll also need to promote squad members, and we talk about that over here. For more, make sure to check out our other Triangle Strategy guides.

Triangle Strategy: Best Characters Tier List Fri, 11 Mar 2022 12:23:58 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Building the best possible team early on in Triangle Strategy may be a difficult task, as many of the top characters come around later in the game. Still, you can do really well with some of the starting characters and make up the rest of your party using additional recruits further on.

This Triangle Strategy guide will focus only on the best characters in the game, the ones you should focus on recruiting as quickly as possible. You will learn about their abilities and when you can recruit them for your team.

Triangle Strategy: S-Tier Characters

Anna Pascal

  • Class: Spy
  • Weapon: Iron Dagger

Anna can easily become an invaluable member of any team due to her Act Twice ability, which allows her to perform two actions during a single turn. But note that this does not relate to her moves, as she can only move once per turn.

Her second-best ability is Take Cover, which makes her invisible for two turns. This effect remains unbroken until you decide to attack or face an enemy directly. You can recruit Anna Pascal at the end of Chapter 1.

Roland Glenbrook

  • Class: Spear Knight
  • Weapon: Lance

Roland is a king of mobility, as he can move through multiple squares, deal damage to distant enemies, and even push them back several squares away.

His best ability is Flash of Steel, which allows him to strike with his spear any enemy within five squares. If you still can't reach your target, then use his Rush skill, which allows him to run through four squares and strike enemies within three more squares.

You can get this excellent DPS character right before the Exploration segment of Chapter 2 begins.

A-Tier Characters

Benedict Pascal

  • Class: Tactician
  • Weapon: Cane Sword

Any team will sooner or later need the help of a solid support character, and Benedict is indispensible throughout the entire game, giving him a spot on this best characters tier list.

Benedict has several excellent skills that raise both the magical and physical defenses of allies, but his two best abilities are Now! and Twofold Turn. The first allows him to rearrange the turns of allies, and the second grants any ally two actions next turn.

But the best part about Benedict is that he joins your party by default at the start of the game.

Erador Ballentine

  • Class: Shieldbearer
  • Weapon: Kite Shield

Although Erador may not have the best abilities, he can be an excellent tank in combination with Benedict's Bulwark ability, which raises Erador's physical and magical defenses for three turns.

On top of that, Erador automatically counterattacks all hits coming from adjacent enemies, which can make things way easier for the rest of your crew.

You can recruit Erador Ballentine during Chapter 1.

Hughette Bucklar

  • Class: Hawkbow
  • Weapon: Shortbow

While Roland can reach pretty far with the help of his mobility skills, it would be wise to recruit at least one true ranged character for your team, such as Hughette.

Her best ability is Shadowstitching Arrow, which not only deals physical damage to a distant enemy, but also immobilizes them for two turns. This opens up a whole window of opportunities for the whole team.

Hughette can join your team before the Exploration segment of Chapter 2.

B-Tier Characters

Julio Wrightman

  • Class: Advisor
  • Weapon: Curved Blade

All characters in Triangle Strategy are highly dependant on TP in order to execute their skills properly. So Julio may not be the strongest character in the game, but he is definitely very useful. He is the one who can supply your allies with extra TP.

His two best skills are Finish Them! and Inheritor. The first grants an ally two TP points with no drawbacks, and the second can transfer all of Julio's TPs to an ally if needed be.

The only way to recruit Julio is through Character Stories.

Narve Oparyn

  • Class: Sage
  • Weapon: Oak Rod

Healers can be of great help to all party members, and if they can help with other things too, then its even better. That's what puts Narve on our best characters tier list.

Narve can use Sanctuary ability to heal all allies at once, and then produce a Whirlwind, which not only deals magical damage to all enemies in an AoE fashion, but also changes their orientation.

Just like Julio, Narve can be accessed only via Character Stories.

Geela Breisse

  • Class: Physician
  • Weapon: Rod

If you can't get Narve, or you feel the need for the healer as soon as possible, then consider Geela, who can be recruited during the first chapter.

You can grant HP either to one ally with Mend Wounds, or provide heals for all party members with the help of her Sanctuary spell. In both cases you will be well protected from the incoming damage.

Those are the best characters in Triangle Strategy. Though these are who we consider prime team candidates, there are others that may better fit your playstyle. Learn how to recruit all characters here. And if you are looking for a class promotion system guide, then follow the highlighted link.

Triangle Strategy Class Promotion System Explained Tue, 08 Mar 2022 17:17:39 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Understanding Triangle Strategy's class promotion system is key to improving your chances on the battlefield, though it’s not something you learn much about until well into your adventure. Changing classes unlocks a few chapters into the game, though you’ll need to do a bit of grinding if you want to promote everyone in your party.

This Triangle Strategy guide will tell you when you gain access to the various tiers of the class promotion system, as well as what items you'll need to actually promote characters. 

How Does Class Promotion Work in Triangle Strategy?

Class promotion involves using a specific item once a unit reaches a certain level, and the system won’t unlock until one of your characters reaches Level 10. That’s roughly around Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 if you’re not grinding much. You need a Medal of Bravery to promote a unit to its intermediate class.

Once you’ve met both requirements for class promotion, speak to the Sundry Shop owner in the Encampment – the one where you can spend Kudos – and choose to promote the unit.

The next class promotion unlocks when a unit reaches Level 20. This time, you’ll need a Medal of Valor, but the process is still the same. Speak with the Sundry Shop owner, choose a unit to promote, and boom: you’ve got an elite class. Triangle Strategy has no branching class system, so the class choices on offer with the class promotion system are all you get.

When to Promote Classes in Triangle Strategy

As soon as you can. Unlike other tactics games, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there’s no benefit to remaining in a basic or intermediate class longer than you have to. Using the class promotion system to advance classes adds more TP to your meter, which means more chances to use special skills. It also boosts stats and unlocks more abilities to learn, so not promoting only harms your team.

How to Get Medal of Bravery and Medal of Valor in Triangle Strategy for Class Promotion

The Sundry Shop sells both the Medal of Bravery and the Medal of Valor, though you can also obtain them as Spoils in combat. So far, it seems like there’s a chance of either Medal dropping in any fight, whether it’s a mental one for grinding or an actual story battle.

Give a character the Golden Pinky Ring – Lionel, if you want to grab some extra money with each set of Spoils earned – to increase the chances of Spoils dropping. The ring is available for purchase at the encampment for 5,000 coins.

Since it takes time and grinding, you’re better off deciding ahead of time which members you want to improve through class promotion. It's also worth noting class promotion is entirely separate from weapon upgrades. Your stats benefit from class promotion, but you'll still want to invest in weapon upgrades as well.

That's all you need to know about Triangle Strategy class promotion, but stick around for more Triangle Strategy guides in the coming days.