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Black Desert Online regularly receives new patches and updates that may provoke errors for certain users. One of the most common errors associated with a new patch is the Xigncode error 0xE019100B that usually occurs right after you install new content.

Xigncode is an anti-cheat system implemented in Black Desert Online that often conflicts with other files. This guide will help you deal with this annoying error, and you will have no trouble installing any further updates whatsoever. Actually, there are a few reasons why this error could happen.

Reason 1: Software Incompatibility
  • If you get the Xigncode error after the update, try restarting your PC and launch BDO again.
  • If the error still occurs, close all unnecessary programs that might be working in your start-up panel.
    • Type “msconfig” in your command line, go to the “StartUp” panel, and deactivate all programs listed.
  • Scan your PC for any possible viruses or malware.
  • If none were found, then temporarily disable all antivirus and malware software that might be actively scanning your PC for the duration of your gameplay.
Reason 2: Avast Deepscan

If you’re using the Avast antivirus program, you will need to turn off its Deepscan feature.

  • Open the Avast main window, go to “Open User Interace”, and activate the cogwheel in the top right corner.
  • Go to “General Settings” and turn off the “Enable Deepscan” feature.
Reason 3: File Incompatibility

If the error still occurs, this means that your antivirus software is conflicting with the updated files.

Every antivirus software has an exclusions list of files that can be added to prevent the antivirus from scanning them. Here is the list with all the BDO files that you must add into your antivirus' exclusions folder:

  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xm.exe
  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xxd-0.xem
  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xcoronahost.xem
  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xm.exe
  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xxd-0.xem
  • \Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xcoronahost.xem
  • C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys


At least one of these methods should do the trick, and if you still didn’t manage to fix the error after trying them out, then you need to send your log directly to developers of BDO. And, if you’re looking for other Black Desert Online guides, then check them out right here:

Impact Winter Guide: Beginners Tips and Tricks Wed, 24 May 2017 09:55:30 -0400 ESpalding

Released on May 22nd, Impact Winter is a winter survival game developers by indie studio Mojo Bones and published by Bandai Namco. You play as Jacob, the leader of a small band of survivors who are trying to stay alive in the hope that help comes. There has been a giant meteor impact which has plunged the world into an eternal winter.

I'm not normally one for survival games but there is something about Impact Winter that's hard to put down. It's a simple enough premise, but the gameplay is harder than you think. So once you finish the tutorial, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed. But this beginner's guide is going to give you some key tips that will help you get started on the right foot. 

Beginning Tips and Strategies for Impact Winter

Never Leave Home Without Being Prepared

Before you head out, you really should make sure you have a good kit ready!

Firstly, make sure you have a Campsite Tent. When you get to somewhere important, you can pitch a permanent tent that has a number of functions. There is a fire to warm you up, a tent to take shelter or sleep in, and a deposit box.

I found the deposit box to be essential! When you are out scavenging and you find that you have too much stuff in your bags, you can put things like food and drinks into the deposit box for safe keeping. If you then go to sleep in your tent, the clever little Ako robot will "teleport" all that back to the stores in the Church!

Next, take a couple of Signpost Markers (crafted by Blane), because you can put these little babies in the snow wherever you are, and they will always point back to the Church. This is a godsend when Ako has used up all his battery power and the mini radar is disabled!

Other things to make sure you have with you are:

  • Lockpicks in case you find any doors or cabinets which need breaking into
  • Food and water to keep hunger and thirst at bay
  • Something you can burn on a fire in case you need to sleep at a campsite
Pick Up Missions From the Survivors in the Church

Inside the Church there are four different people and each on has their own job to do -- Wendy cooks and is the medic, Blane is the "tinkerer" and makes all the tools you need to be out in the snow, Christophe is the nerd and programs your Ako unit, and Maggie is the carpenter and mechanic.

After the tutorial is over, a book icon appears above everyone's head, indicating that they have a quest/mission for you. There is no quest log to keep track of everything, so to stop you from getting confused I recommend doing one mission at a time. Because these missions mostly require going out to scavenge, you can head out with one goal in mind.

As food and medical supplies are scarce, it is a good idea to stock up as much as you can before focusing on anything else. So start your quest-grinding by talking to Wendy. She will ask you to get her cookery book from her house. There is lots of food in her kitchen -- head out with empty bags and take it all!

Ako Can Do Lots of Stuff...Use Him!

Christophe is such a genius, isn't he? I made the Ako-Light to help you out while you are outside in the cold. Ako automatically joins you whenever you leave the Church. The tutorial tells you how to use him, so I won't go into that too much. But do make sure you're taking advantage of Ako, because he can do some very useful things if you dig a little bit!

Best Locations and Crafting Recipes in Impact Winter

Useful Locations to Hit in the Early Game

I've already mentioned that Wendy's storyline is a good place to start your game, and the area she sends you to is vital to giving you a head start in terms of resources. Her house is in a residential area called Maple Street, which lies is west of the Church. There are 2 other houses available on Maple Street that are also full of items to stock up with.

Another great location to head to is St. Lazarus Memorial Hospital. It's not far from the Maple Street location, and is another place in Wendy's storyline. This two-story hospital is full of food and medical equipment. There's also a mission to go and retrieve medical journals for Wendy so that she can learn how to make medicine.

Grove Street is northwest of the Church and is another little residential area containing 3 houses. Make sure you use Ako-Light's sonar near the house 05, where you will find a key. This key will unlock the ammo cabinet in house 05.

In this area, there is also a Nomad trading center. Nomads take seeds as currency -- so if you find them, loot them (they don't take up any space is your backpack).

To the northeast, you will find a hotel called the Sunny Inn. The top floor can be accessed above ground, but the lobby can only be accessed through a nearby ice cave. In the lobby, there is a bar -- so alcohol and snacks are a-plenty!

Useful Crafting Recipes

While all of the crafting recipes are useful in one sense or another. There are some that you should get materials for as soon as you can:

Storage Lvl 1 

This is an upgrade for Ako-Light that allows you to increase the storage slots in your bag to 11x6 slots. You should be able to find all the materials for this recipe the one place at the Grove Street site:

  • Screws (small)
  • Colander
  • Wire (short)

Campsite Tent (Small)

To be able to cope with longer periods away from the Church, you will find that you need to have quite a number of campsites. As I mentioned earlier on in this guide, Blane is the guy who will craft these Campsite Tents for you. But first, he will need:

  • Pipe (large)
  • Cotton Sheet
  • Duct Tape

Wooden Door

From the get-go, you are not only up against the extreme conditions, but also the other survivors from the outside. There will be instances when a scavenger will sneak into the Church to steal from your stores and could injure members of your party. To help prevent this, Maggie can craft a Wooden Door to boost the Church's defenses:

  • Plank (large)
  • Wooden Shingle
  • Nails
  • Spring (small)
  • Bolts (small)
  • Glass Pane

Plan Before You Venture

You need to get into the habit of planning what you are doing and where you are going before you actually set out. Sometimes, doing tons of things in one go won't work. Going out on a food run and then collecting other bits and pieces won't benefit you in the long run. Stay on the course that you first decide, but try and remember where the other bits are because you can always go back for them later.

As I've said before, there is no quest/mission log -- so don't start too many missions at one time, because you will forget what the requirements are. There is so much gear and materials out there that you might pick up the wrong thing.

That wraps up our beginner's guide for Impact Winter! What strategies have you been using to survive this chilly wasteland? Let us know in the comments below!

Getting Started Running a Thief Guild with Killers And Thieves Tue, 23 May 2017 17:44:29 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ever wanted to be kingpin of your own medieval crime syndicate? Taking more of a birds-eye view approach than your typical stealth game, Killers And Thieves puts you in charge of the local guild of ne'er-do-wells.

It's up to you to recruit, maintain, and train a cadre of larcenous scum not above earning coin through some good old fashioned villainy. And this guide has some extra tips to help you out!

Killers And Thieves Basics

Every aspect of the game is about balancing risk vs. reward. Should you put a full four thieves onto a mission to get a 98% success rate, or should you keep a few available for other things like training, heists, and carousing to improve morale? Should you take your best thief on this heist, or leave them at headquarters in case things go sideways?

There are several ways to mitigate those risks and ensure you have the highest possibility of success in the early portions of the game.

Teach Your Thieves Knife Fighting

First and foremost, save up the five training points necessary to give a second thief the Knife Fighting skill. You'll need more than one character with this skill fairly early on for several missions, but only Candle starts the game with that critical skill.

It's a short and simple tip, but one that will make many of your heists go a lot more smoothly.

     If Candle is jailed or wounded without a backup fighter, you won't get very far

Train High Stat Thieves Even Higher

Some thieves start with extremely high levels in one particular stat. You want to be focusing your training coins on these characters whenever possible.

For instance, it's an extremely useful investment to focus on upgrading Candle's Strength skill. She's got the highest starting Strength by a mile, and due to a special skill, she never dies. If she falls in combat, instead she goes to jail or is simply wounded for a few days. There's no reason not to make her a powerhouse tank capable of keeping your other thieves alive and out of jail in any given mission.

Eventually you will come across a mission that requires a skill or stat level that none of your current thieves have acquired. When this situation pops up, there are two main options, both of which require a time investment:

  • Option 1: Plant a thief or two in a tavern with the "recruitment" option to increase the number of potential killer recruits. With a thief on that job, continuously advance the day by clicking the gold wheel until a new recruit with the required skill shows up at your headquarters.
    • New recruits come available every 1-3 days in the lower-right square of your headquarters building.
  • Option 2: Instead of hiring someone with the skill, you can unlock it yourself. Left click anywhere on a district map to initiate your own custom heist where you can earn experience points. Be sure to stake out an area first before engaging in these custom heists to ensure the loot will be worth your time, and you know how many guards to expect.

 Assigning a thief to recruitment duty

Heists And Skill Load Outs

Essential Skills for Heists

Successful heists are rarely undertaken with a single thief alone. If you want everyone to make it out with a good haul, at least one character will need Knife Fighting and one will need Lock Picking -- for saving captured thieves and accessing blocked areas, respectively.

From there, your skill choices are all about stealth and knowing what dangers lie ahead. You always want to know what's in the room next to you so there isn't a surprise encounter with a guard. Unless you have no other choice, you should pretty much always be sending thieves into houses with either the Vigilance or Eavesdrop skills.

Know When to Get the Hell Outta Dodge

While on the ground level, your thieves never draw attention unless they were previously spotted by a guard or shouted at by a commoner. Inside a building, though, being spotted means a chase will ensue or the guards will be called.

Each thief can only hide for a set amount of time, determined by skills and their Stealth stat. Pay attention to the eye that appears underneath a character – when it starts counting down, you are running out of hiding time. When it hits red, it's time to high-tail it out of there and have that thief go back down the ladder to exit the level, as they will no longer be able to avoid guards or people wandering around buildings.

Watch Your Encumbrance

Besides the hide counter, keep an eye on the colored number on the upper left side when you click a character's icon – if it hits yellow or red, your thief is carrying too much loot and will be less stealthy and move slower. To balance loot versus weight, you may want to avoid picking up loot that's worth less money, or instead have your current thief nearing his weight capacity leave the mission and send in a different pickpocket.

The carry capacity counter needs to be monitored

Take Advantage of Weird Guard AI

Inside buildings, guards are based on line of sight, so be sure to close doors behind you. Guard behavior is also quite erratic. Sometimes they'll wander around a single room, sometimes they'll patrol in a loop, and sometimes they'll just stand stock still.

That latter option can be quite problematic if you've got a thief hidden and the hide timer is ticking down. If that thief doesn't have Knife Fighting, you are almost certain to get arrested.

Here's where the rest of your team comes in. Have another thief get the guard's attention and give chase. A thief with Knife Fighting is an obvious option, although you are then going to ensure a bigger guard presence on future heists.

There are plenty of other options to utilize, however, like Alchemy. This nifty skill lets a thief immediately go invisible for a very brief time and then continue running. This is perfect for distracting a guard that's standing still, and then escaping without getting captured -- giving your other hiding thief an opportunity to get back on the move.

Don't discount the Acrobatic skill as another strong contender, either. Even if you are spotted, the guard can't leap several stories to follow you or jump from window to window between buildings.

Choose Your Skills Wisely

When training for new skills, don't forget a critical gameplay element - you can't unlearn old skills! Three is the max, and when you hit it, that thief will have that skill load out forever. So you'll want to plan ahead for situations like the ones mentioned above and make sure your thieves are more than prepared. 

Vigilance offers an excellent view of the surrounding rooms

Money Management

Running a guild is more than just evading the guards and looting homes. You've got to keep your ledgers balance as well!

Recruit Wisely

First and foremost, don't just recruit a ton of thieves right off the bat -- they all cost weekly upkeep in addition to a base price. Rather than keeping a bunch of thieves who aren't frequently used, it's better to have a steady, stable crew with the right load out of skills. From there, buy a backup or two to keep in place for when one dies or gets arrested, or when you need someone on stakeouts but everyone else is busy.

The skill, stats, and boons/drawbacks for every thief are randomized, so it's cost effective to wait for a better recruit to appear than to buy one now with a serious drawback or low stats. 

Cash In After Heists

After a successful heist, always strive to sell items at the best locations for the best prices. Check the current conditions of the district through the icons in the upper-right corner to see what sells best in that area. 

Collect That Sweet Dough

Finally, don't forget you have to actually collect your payments for stolen goods that are fenced through store fronts -- it doesn't just show up in your bank account automatically!

Goods sell for more in the Skardway, but it has a higher guard presence

Those are all the basics you need to know to get started. What other Killers And Thieves tips and tricks have you figured out that we should be trying? Let us know in the comments below, and happy heisting!

Crash Club: Drive and Smash City - Tips & Strategies for New Players Sun, 21 May 2017 13:01:00 -0400 Miranda Kirk

Crash Club: Drive and Smash City is a new game from PrettyGreat Pty. Ltd. Your goal is to smash and destroy everything and everyone in your way -- or not. It's all up to you in this game.

Play against actual humans and destroy their cars, destroy the city, and beat your competition to tokens and extra perks. By destroying the city you'll find tokens, upgrades, and weapons to destroy the competition.

Take a look at our strategy guide to increasing the damage you unleash on the city, and you'll be on your way to victory. 

How to Dominate in Crash Club: Drive and Smash City

Stay Out of the Action at First

When you first enter the arena, you'll need to build yourself up before you'll have much impact on other players. You could be entering the match with someone who's bought several upgrades and already outclasses you. So spend the first couple of minutes gaining weapons, tokens, and planning out your strategy while you let the big guys destroy themselves a little bit. 

It's a lot like the Hunger Games -- watch everyone else duke it out right from the get-go, then get in on the action once their numbers have thinned out a little.

Buy Weapons and Permanent Upgrades

Once you have some tokens, head on over to the Stop-N-Go and get yourself some weapons. Get some permanent upgrades as well that stay with you until your current round is done. If you stay alive, those permanent upgrades will come in handy and are worth the tokens.

Find Green Gems With Gem Radar

All over the city, there are five gems hidden away that you'll have to search for. They are hidden in objects throughout the map. Destroy these objects and you'll get the gems.

But if you are searching and searching without finding a single gem, make sure you're keeping an eye on the gem radar! As you get closer to finding the gem, the light will start flashing. This lets you know that you are close. Keep looking in that area and you'll have your gems.

Hide Out at the Stop-N-Go

Someone is chasing you, you have no weapons, and your life is on the line. What do you do? As long as you have one token, you can stop at a Stop-N-Go -- and it might just save your life. You can hide away at the Stop-N-Go any time you find yourself in a sticky situation.

The city never changes, so after a few rounds you'll be able to easily remember the locations of each store just in case you're in a bind. 

Buy Cars with Gems

Those green gems you've been collecting? Take those and buy new cars! Once you unlock more tiers of cars, you'll have an even better chance of getting a legendary car which has three perks built in. By improving your ride consistently, it'll be easier to beat out any competition that focuses only on destroying things and not the upgrades. 

That's it for this guide! Now get out there and smash things -- and if you've found any helpful secrets for success in Crash Club: Drive and Smash City, tell us about them in the comments below!

Gwent Beginner's Guide on Deckbuilding and Winning Tactics Tue, 16 May 2017 11:40:51 -0400 Sergey_3847

The standalone Gwent card game is a slightly different experience than the one found in The Witcher 3. It offers a whole new perspective on deckbuilding, decision-making, and leveling up. The game has been in closed beta for some time now, and everyone who has received the invitation can start playing it for free.

But before playing, you must know what it takes to create your first competitive deck, how to play it well using winning tactics, and how to take your deck to the upper echelons of success. This guide will help you start playing Gwent in the right manner, which will hopefully prevent you from making too many mistakes.

How to Build Your First Deck in Gwent

Before building any type of deck in Gwent, you must first introduce yourself to all five factions that are currently available in the game. Each faction has its own advantages and dedicated archetypes. So take some time in the beginning and play all starter decks in casual format to get the feeling of each faction’s abilities.

You can open your Kegs and spend Ore to buy more cards, but don’t craft anything using Scrap yet. After you play with each faction’s decks, you should decide which one you like the most, whether it’s Skellige and Northern Realms that rely on base strength, Nilfgaard that draws you more cards, Monsters that produce and buff tokens, or Scoia’tael, which lets you choose who plays first.

After you make your decision, you can mill the cards of other factions, and in this way, you will have enough Scrap to craft your first competitive deck for the faction of your choice. Focus on your deck and train as much as you can. In time, you will have enough Ore and Scrap to start building another deck.

As soon as you reach level 10, you will be able to climb the ladder against other top players. The rewards will get bigger and you will get more Scrap to craft more and better cards. At that point, you won’t need to mill anything anymore. Instead, just keep all the cards that you open and focus on playing more matches.

Deckbuilding Tips and Tricks

Each deck in Gwent may include up to 4 Gold cards and 6 Silver cards. Gold cards are especially important, as they usually decide the result of each match-up. What;s more, they are immune to most effects in the game. Silver cards are just as effective, and you should try to fill all the available slots in your deck with these powerful cards.

The most powerful neutral Epic card in Gwent is Geralt. It costs 200 Scrap to craft, and it is the best possible investment in the beginning of your run. You can use it in any type of deck, and it will always play a significant role in every match-up.

But besides Geralt, you will need to play some other cards, too. The minimum requirement is 25 cards per deck, and the maximum is 40. It is wrong to think that the more cards you have, the better your deck is. On the contrary: try not to overextend; keep your decks at 25 cards -- in this way, you will have a larger chance of drawing your most powerful picks.

One of the most fundamental win conditions in Gwent is the card advantage. So, when it comes to Common cards, be sure to include effects that draw you more cards. For example, Elven Mercenary is a cheap card with premium effect, as it draws another card from your deck, although a non-Golden one.

Another tactic to draw all your special cards sooner involves playing cards with the Discard effect, such as Clan Dimun Pirate. It removes all other Dimun Pirates from your deck, and this increases the chance of drawing your Gold cards.

Winning Tactics for Gwent


One of the most controversial but truly powerful tactics in Gwent is Spying. It involves Disloyal spies (e.g. Prince Stennis) that play on the side of your opponent, but give you something in return -- usually, more card draw. You should play them in the second round (after you win the first one), which you will lose, but as a result, gain more cards for your victory in the third and final round.

Igni and Scorch

Geralt: Igni is one of the strongest cards in Gwent, and that is why you should always play around it. Igni destroys the strongest non-Gold units on the enemy’s row, if that row has 20 or more strength in total. This means that you should never put more than 19 strength on one row.

Scorch (which destroys the strongest non-Gold units on the battlefield) is another dangerous card that you should always be aware of. Try not to play two or more powerful cards with the same strength, or they will most likely get destroyed.

Neutral Cards

When crafting new cards, don’t make a mistake and spend your Scrap on Ciri and Decoy. You can get both of them as a reward for reaching levels 18 and 20, respectively. Instead, use it to craft universally powerful neutral cards that can be used in any deck. Here are a few of the best ones:

  • Yennefer: The Conjurer -- removes 1 strength from the strongest opposing non-Gold units.
  • Ocvist -- removes 1 strength from all of the opponent’s non-Gold units, and then returns to your hand.
  • Aeromancy -- spawns either Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog, or Torrential Rain.


In the end, play a lot and learn as much as possible about the most popular archetypes in the current meta (as this is a beta build of the game, there may be some aspects that eventually change). But when you know what your opponents have in their decks, it will be easier for you to play around the most dangerous traps.

Come back soon for more Gwent guides at GameSkinny!

Injustice 2 Mobile Beginner Tips and Tricks Thu, 11 May 2017 15:36:17 -0400 Synzer

Injustice 2 is officially out for mobile, and it has some changes from the original game. The fighting and graphics are updated, alongside a new gear system, new characters, and more.

If you are just getting started with -- or played the first Injustice mobile title -- you will want to check this guide out to get a better understanding of what is going on.

This guide will go over everything you need to get started in Injustice 2 mobile, including:

  • Getting Started: The basics of the game.
  • Game Modes: Description of each and what you get for playing them.
  • Hero Classes: Including strengths and weaknesses.
  • More Tips: Even more tips to help you in the game.

Getting Started in Injustice 2 Mobile

Even though it's a mobile game, Injustice 2 is a pure fighting game. You can do even more types of attacks now than you could before, so there's a lot of possibilities for approaching this new title.


Tapping performs basic attacks, swiping right performs a dash attack, swiping up performs a jumping attack, swiping down performs a crouch attack, and swiping left will dash away from the opponent.

If you tap while far enough away, you will perform a ranged attack. You can also hold the icon on the bottom left of the screen to block.

As you fight, you will fill up your meter under your health bar. At certain levels, this allows you to perform special attacks. Filling the bar completely will allow you to perform your ultimate attack.

injustice 2 mobile combat

Characters and Energy

You can have up to 3 characters on your team at once, and they can switch out during battle. It is usually a good idea to have a balance of different character classes -- which I'll talk more about in an upcoming section of this guide.

Unlike the last game, you have a general pool of energy as opposed to separate character energy. This is the same energy system that nearly every mobile game has, so most people will be familiar with it.

Each battle takes energy, so when you're low, you will need to wait for it to recharge.


Your heroes can now obtain up to 5 different pieces of gear. This gear increases certain stats, and you get a bonus for equipping multiple pieces. All gear also has a base effect that is always there -- and as you level up you can get a Chance effect. These only happen periodically.

The gear set bonuses are always active, as long as you keep the required number of pieces equipped. These bonuses happen at 2, 3, and 5 pieces.

Daily Objectives and Achievements

These are things you can complete to get rewards such as money, experience, and more.

The objectives refresh daily, so you can complete them more than once. They usually just ask you to keep playing the game at a fairly basic level, with challenges like completing 4 normal campaign battles, or upgrading a character's ability.

Achievements are one-time completions, but offer better rewards and even pieces to unlock characters.

Game Modes

There are multiple ways you can play the game. The main mode is called Campaign.


This is your main way to level up your Heroes and obtain gear. You will go through a series of fights which end in a boss fight. Each fight gives you money, experience, and sometimes loot.

injustice 2 mobile campaign

The boss fights give you more experience than the normal fights, and will earn you character shards for the boss battle the first time you complete it. These shards can be used to increase the Star Rating of your characters, which makes them stronger and unlocks more options.


This mode lets you play through the story of Injustice 2. You will fight as set characters and will not gain any experience or money. There are achievements for completing these, so they can still benefit your other characters.


This is the versus mode, though you will not play against live players. Instead, you will play against other players' teams while they're controlled by A.I.

This mode has a separate energy system from the rest of the game, and it is per character. This means that if you run out of energy with your characters, you can switch in others if you have more than 3.

There are daily and weekly rewards given depending on your current rank. The weekly rewards give you special arena currency that you can use in the arena shop. This allows you to buy character shards and gear.

Resource Missions

These change daily and allow you to get extra XP capsules, which can be used to level up your characters. Each day is a different class type and Sunday offers credits instead of XP capsules.


Finally, we have operations. this is a big part of the game, especially if you can't constantly play it or run out of energy. This mode allows you to send your heroes out on missions to get experience and more.

You will have to wait real-time for the mission to complete, and you can't use the characters while they are on missions.

The higher your character's Threat Level, the harder and longer missions they can complete. You can also use Power Gems to upgrade your operations to give more bonuses. These include, Completion Speed, XP, chance at gear, Credits, and chance at gems.

I highly suggest upgrading this, because it will give you the most benefit in the long run and let you level up faster.


This is unlocked once your profile reaches level 10 -- which is separate from your individual character levels. You can level up your profile by completing daily objectives and achievements.

Challenges are limited-time battles that let you get special character shards you can not get otherwise. You get the shards by winning the challenge battles, but you can only do 2 each day for each difficulty.

Each time you beat one battle, you unlock a harder battle, which grants more shards for winning.

Hero Classes

Not all characters are the same. Each hero has a class which is strong against and weak to another class. There are 5 types of classes in the game.

  • Tech: Strong against Might, weak to Metahuman
  • Agility: Strong against Metahuman, weak to Might
  • Might: Strong against Agility, weak to Tech
  • Arcane: No strengths or weaknesses
  • Metahuman: Strong against Tech, weak to Agility

More Tips for Injustice 2 Mobile

Mix up your attacks

Just like normal fighting games, it's a good idea to mix up your attacks instead of doing the same thing repeatedly. Put a crouching attack in the middle of a combo if the opponent blocks. You can also link your basic attacks into your special attacks

Stay on top of operations

injustice 2 mobile operations

Upgrading your operations so that they give better benefits is a great idea -- and be sure to always have heroes on missions. This will allow you to continually get stronger even with you are not playing.

Upgrade Abilities and Unlock Talents

Even as your hero levels, their abilities won't get stronger unless you upgrade them with credits. Pay attention to what each ability does, and focus on upgrading your important abilities first.

I suggest working on 1 ability for each character first, since you can't always use all of your abilities multiple times in a fight.

Talents also need to be unlocked, so be sure to spend the credits to unlock them for all your active characters. You can even reroll them until you get something you want.

Focus on Boss levels in Campaign

If you are having trouble beating levels, go back to a previous boss level. These are repeatable and give more experience than the normal battles. You also get a chance at gear.

Even if you get gear that you already have, you can destroy duplicates to get upgrade powder. You can use this to level up your other gear.


Those are all the tips I have for starting in Injustice 2 Mobile. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own I should add!

Fast Break: Essential NBA Playgrounds Tips for Starting Strong Tue, 09 May 2017 16:43:26 -0400 Nick Lee

With over 200 current and former basketball players at your fingertips, there are a number of ways to go into NBA Playgrounds and dominate the court. To actually stake your claim in the Hall of Fame, you're going to need to divide your game into a few essential elements every time you play. These include scoring points, successful defense, utilizing the special meter, and upgrading your player. Combining these elements will ensure more wins than losses.

So what do you need to do with each of the mechanics listed above? Let's take a look.

Learn Animations to Time Your Shots Right

The most essential element in all sports games, NBA Playgrounds follows NBA 2K17 in that the timing the release of your shots is vitally important. And to get that timing just right, you'll need to learn the shooting animations inside and out.

At the exact peak of shooting, you have to quickly release the shoot button in order to score. Additional points are rewarded as you get closer to perfection with your shot timing. This is true for layups and dunks, in addition to regular shots within or beyond the three point line. Learning the animations will ensure you can time your releases well and rack up as many points as possible. 

Time Your Defensive Maneuvers, Too

If you're playing defense, timing your shot blocks is essential -- because no one wants to be poster-ized, and getting dunked on in this game is always in grand fashion.

Don't Be Afraid to Play Dirty

Stealing is half the game in Playgrounds, and angering your opponents is a big part of the fun in this game. When going for the steal however, you'll have to know when to sprint away and when to keep going.

This game also has another exclusive feature that allows you to play by street rules -- the push button. This does exactly what it says. When your opponent has the ball, you can just push them down. While a little cheap at times, this move won't become a major crutch while you play, because the special meter reduces with each of the "dirty" tactics you use. So luckily you won't get pushed down every time you get the ball, but you also won't be able to use it freely on your opponent either. So pick the best times to utilize it and maximize your control of the court.

Keep Your Special Meter Full

The lottery pick system is the Playgrounds' version of in-game bonuses rewarded during play. Performing the moves like alley-oops, blocks, steals, and monster dunks will fill up your special meter. Once that special meter is full, your team gets a randomly selected bonus to their shots. This includes things like a guaranteed shot the next time you shoot, or bonus points for every successful offensive or defensive action.

The pushing tactic we mentioned earlier comes back to bite you here, as you'll notice the special meter decreasing as your play style becomes more aggressive and dirty. So playing a clean game will get you more bonuses, but effectively playing dirty will rocket a good player into unstoppable greatness.

Stick With A Core Team and Level Them Up

At the end of each match-up, you can upgrade your players of choice to continue using them down the line. If you win your match-up, the game gives you a player card pack that unlocks more players on the massive roster. So when you start your career in this game, it's probably best to find your team and stick with them. Players with leveled XP on a team will outmatch lesser developed teams before the match even begins. Changing teams too frequently will essentially restart your progress and hurt you in the long run.

In addition to this, certain players also have signature moves that can give you a certain edge depending on your specific playstyle. So find the team members who vibe best with how you like to approach the game, then level them as much as possible so you can keep slam-dunking on your opponent in every match.


NBA Playgrounds is more intricate than most older arcade basketball games, and it rewards players for skillful gameplay without being too hard to pick up. Follow these tips each time you play, and in no time you'll be dominating the game with your team of choice.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in NBA Playgrounds here at GameSkinny!

How to Finish Outlast 2 on Insane Mode Without Reloading the Camera Battery Wed, 03 May 2017 12:10:04 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

Achievements and trophies are part and parcel of modern gaming. The incentive to go to extra lengths and challenge yourself is an exciting prospect, and it's something that Outlast 2 knows all too well. 

The "Messiah" achievement/trophy asks that players complete the game on Insane mode without reloading the camera's battery. The camera is basically your vision throughout the game, and Insane mode has no checkpoints or save function. It also shares Nighmare mode's difficulty level. With these factors combined, getting this achievement is much, much easier said than done. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help make your foray into this ridiculous challenge a little more bearable.

Strategies for Getting the Messiah Achievement in Outlast 2

Tip 1: Know The Game Inside-Out

This sounds painstakingly obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough. Complete everything else before tackling a no-battery-reload Insane run. This means:

  • Find every collectable
  • Complete all other difficulties
  • Complete at least one speed run
  • Finish every other achievement/trophy

If you've accomplished all of this and still aren't confident enough, play through the game again and again. Completing multiple runs until you know the best routes and enemy patrols is the best way to learn. It sounds simple, but it's the best method of being prepared for everything the game can throw at you.

Tip 2: Turn Up Your Brightness

Outlast 2 is a dark game. It's hard to see anything without your camera, so you'll need to compensate for the lack of light. Knowing the game inside-out does help, but it may not be enough on its own. What you'll want to do is:

  • Turn up your own TV's brightness until noticeable effects are reached
  • Adjust the in-game gamma for extra brightness

The game doesn't suddenly become a walk in the park after this. Don't expect to see absolutely everything, but certain segments will become much less daunting. And being able to see at least a little bit more will allow you to conserve as much battery as possible.

Tip 3: Abuse Other Game Mechanics 

You can still use the camera until its battery eventually runs flat, but what about after that? There are a few in-game systems that you can take advantage of in order to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Night vision

You can't totally rely on it once the camera is rendered useless, but using night vision in short bursts can help lead the way through tricky spots. You will want to save longer uses for particular chase sequences that require quick reflexes.

2. Sprinting

Whenever you are close to danger, having a full sprint at the ready will help you to escape if the sudden need arises.

3. Hiding places

Use those barrels and closets! If you have to hide, do it. It's sometimes the only option to get out of a tough situation. 

Good Luck!

There's no fool-proof way to accomplish the Insane no-battery-reload runbut with these tips you should hopefully be one step closer in getting there.

Have you braved this challenge in Outlast 2? Let us know how you fared and what tricks you used in the comments below!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Collecting Coins Guide Sat, 29 Apr 2017 16:56:15 -0400 Craig Snyder

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a unique and action-filled title that hit the Switch eShop recently. It's another game that follows the trend of Nintendo taking classic games and putting a fresh spin on them. I wrote about how they've done this for many of the Switch's fighting games here

After picking it up about a week ago, it took me quite a while before I felt like I could put it down and continue on with life. I'm still playing through the game today, but I've managed to come across a massive tip on how to progress through (arguably) the game's most tedious task.

Collecting coins is a big part of this Metroidvania title. The game is kept fresh and set apart from being a vanilla platformer by introducing RPG-esque mechanics, like acquiring armor and weapons. However, the way you get these armor and weapons isn't by farming mobs -- it's by visiting the many shops set throughout the game. They're not cheap though, so you effectively are farming mobs… except you get to pick your "drop" by spending the coinage you get from them on whatever you want. It's a nice touch and gives some freedom of choice to the user.

That being said, no one wants to spend day and night grinding for coins. Let me show you the optimal strategy.

Farming at the Sphinx

From the hub world, you want to go to the windmill and then jump up to the second door. Go through that door and continue right until you reach yet another door. Go through it and then you should find yourself in a desert level.

When you get to the desert, keep going left until you find the pyramid. Make your way over to the pyramid, avoiding the clouds on the way, and on the left side (at the bottom of the pyramid) you should find a Sphinx.

Get comfortable, because you're probably going to be here for a while.

There's a single pig-like enemy here that you're going to farm over and over. He should drop a bag of anywhere between 25 and 68 coins per kill, which is massive compared to anywhere else in the game. He's the only enemy that spawns here, so you can chill and listen to some music without feeling like you're under the stress of constantly dying while you beat this guy up. Once you've killed him, you can enter the door and exit it again to instantly respawn him.

If you're doing this efficiently, you should be able to make well over 1000 coins in an hour. With some of the best items in the game being just over 3000 coins, that's a small time investment to pay to get completely decked out with the game's best gear!

Let us know in the comments below if you manage to find a better place to farm in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. If you need any more help finding the spot, just ask and we'll get back to you.

Strategies for Getting Started in Krosmaga, the Epic Strategy Card Game Tue, 25 Apr 2017 05:36:23 -0400 Glitchieetv

Krosmaga is a strategic card game available for free on Steam. An easy to play, hard to master game, it mixes cards and tower defense. The tutorial is in-depth, but getting going can still be difficult. The following are some tips and tricks to get you winning in Krosmaga.

The Basics

There are some basic things to know about playing Krosmaga. The goal of the game is to destroy two of your enemies Dofus'. This is harder than you would imagine as there are 2-3 fake Dofus shuffled into the real ones so you have to guess which lanes have the real Dofus.

There are three types of cards in the game: minion, spell and infinite. Minions are the creatures you play each turn. Spells are used to buff up your minions, destroy enemy minions or attack opposing Dofus' directly. Infinite cards are rare cards that are super powered. Only one of each infinite can be included with a maximum of 5 infinites per deck.

A deck is comprised of 45 cards pertaining to a certain God along with neutral cards. Only three copies of a card, excluding infinites and krosmics, can go into a deck. Each god has a different feel to their deck, with some focusing on healing and others focusing on outright destruction.


Each turn the player draws one card. A player can only have 10 cards in their hand at a time. Cards use AP in order to be used. Each turn your AP pool gets larger. Minions can only be summoned on the farthest row away from the enemy Dofus. Destroying fake Dofus' unlocks another row for summoning.

On the board there are 3 prisms which creatures can collect. The blue star gives the player 1 AP into their reserve, which stays each turn even if unspent. The reserve can be used any turn to increase the AP available that turn. The black orb gives the players a curse which can be used to deal one damage to an enemy Dofus. The orange card symbol allows a player to draw a card.

Minions have a variety of abilities. Death triggers when the minion dies. Appearance triggers when the minion is first summoned. Counterattack happens whenever the minion is attacked. Other abilities are active throughout the game. Combining the various abilities with spell cards are the key to winning.


There are 3 main modes in Krosmaga: Play, Dungeon and Draft. Dungeon mode costs in game currency to play each round and rewards the player with cards upon winning. Draft costs 150 in game currency. Working like other CCG arenas, Draft makes the player build a deck on the spot then battle other players until defeated a certain number of times.

Play mode breaks down into 3 other modes: Training, Unranked and Ranked. Training pits the player against AI and is the perfect place to learn the game. as well as needed to unlock all 8 Gods. Unranked pits player aainst player but is less competitive than Ranked. Ranked features various levels and a ladder to show off the most skilled Krosmaga players.

How to Win

While winning may seem simple, there are various strategies that can be enacted. One way is through brute force. Send as many minions running down all the lanes as possible. Getting minions to the Dofus' is the hardest part, so high health minions are the most beneficial. Ranged minions are good for taking out enemies without dying themselves.

Another is using curses, given by the black prisms, to destroy a Dofus while focusing on other lanes. Use spells to keep enemy minions away while beefing up your own minions. Healing spells can help keep your Dofus' alive while you search for the enemy's.

Be aware of enemy minion movement. Some minions have high MP, movement points, that allow them to move many tiles at once. Keeping at least one minion in each lane is a safe way to protect your Dofus'. Once a minion reaches a Dofus there are very limited ways of getting rid of it. One is to use a spell to repel it or destroy it. The other is to summon a minion with an Appearance ability that does damage to another minion, or to all minions in that lane. So protecting your Dofus before a minion reaches it is critical.

There you have it. The rundown on what is needed to get started in Krosmaga. What are some tips or tricks you have stumbled upon while playing?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Beginner's Guide and Tips Mon, 20 Mar 2017 09:59:47 -0400 Synzer

Mass Effect: Andromeda brings back core mechanics from previous games in the franchise, while also adding new, interesting concepts. There is plenty to do in this game and most veterans will find much of it to be familiar.

Anyone new to the game can get overwhelmed with everything available, so I'm going to go over some tips that anyone starting the game should keep in mind. Even if you have played past games, there are some new things you will want to check out and understand.

Training and Skill Areas in Mass Effect: Andromeda

When you create your character you can choose a training background. This is mostly what you want your starting power and unlocked skills to be, but it also determines what free Profile you will unlock later. The unlocked skills section means which skills you can start upgrading, not what skills you start with. You only start with one free ability.

Note: You will be able to obtain any of the skills in training later -- it will just take longer to get them if you don't start with them.

Charge, for example, usually requires nine points in Biotics before you can unlock the skill. Scrapper instead gives you the ability at the start and unlocks Charge so you can upgrade from the beginning.

Below is a list of what Profile each training unlocks. You can still unlock all of the Profiles, but you'll have to put points in different skill areas. Check out my Mass Effect Andromeda Profile Bonuses guide for more details.

  • Biotics Training -- Adept Profile
  • Leader -- Sentinel Profile
  • Operative -- Infiltrator Profile
  • Scrapper -- Vanguard Profile
  • Security -- Soldier Profile
  • Technician -- Engineer Profile

mass effect andromeda profiles

Skill Areas in Mass Effect: Andromeda

There are three skill areas in which you can put points as you level up and complete quests.

  • Combat -- Skills that increase Gun damage and give you active abilities, such as Grenades and Special shots.
  • Biotics -- Skills that increase Biotic damage and unlock Biotic abilities, such as Pull and Singularity.
  • Tech -- Skills that increase Tech damage and unlock Tech abilities, such as Overload and Incinerate.

Shields and Armor in ME:A

Sometimes enemies have Shields or Armor. This is indicated by a different colored shield or armor bar above the enemy's health bar. These must be taken down before you can damage their health bar.

Shields are Blue and can be taken down by skills like Overload. Certain guns or upgrades can also do extra damage to shields. Most skills and guns tell you how effective they are against shields and armor.

Armor is Yellow and can be taken down by skills like Incinerate. Just like Shields, certain guns or upgrades can deal extra damage to armor as well.

Keep in mind there are also some abilities and guns that will not do much damage to the enemy if they have shields or armor.

Jumping and Dodging Brings New Options to the Mass Effect Universe

The jetpack really changes combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda and also helps with exploration. Remember you can always dodge in combat, and use your jetpack/biotic powers to jump around the battlefield. However, it is not a good idea to spend the whole battle doing this unless you have a good defense, as doing so may put you into certain precarious situations. 

Be Sure to Scan and Loot Things -- Everything

Scanning is important because you get new info and materials. These materials are used for researching blueprints and crafting various items.

Looting is something most RPG players are familiar with, but was only big in the first Mass Effect game. It makes a return here, so don't forget to loot after battle.

mass effect andromeda scanning

Detonate Biotic and Tech Combos for Big Damage

A huge part of Mass Effect: Andromeda's combat system is setting up ability combos. Some abilities can "prime" an enemy for a combo, while others detonate them.

An example of this would be freezing an enemy with Cryo Beam, then hitting them with Overload. This deals extra damage and can sometimes cause extra effects. Learning how your abilities -- and your squad's abilities -- interact with each other can considerably change combat.

Take Some Time to do Side Quests in The ME:A Universe

Some people may not like doing side quests, but there are often great benefits for doing them. One of the early simple side missions gives you three skill points, so I'd say they are mostly worth it.

Make Time For Strike Team Missions

Early in the game, you will get the option to send soldiers out on Strike Missions. These missions can give you multiple rewards, such as money and items.

mass effect andromeda strike team missions

There are also special Apex Missions that give you greater rewards. These missions have a special symbol next to them and can be completed in multiplayer, as well as by the Strike Teams. You do not need to do them in multiplayer if you don't want to -- it is only an option.

Leveling and Leveling Companions is Important

When you level up, you get Skill Points to put into any skill of your choice. But don't forget about your companions! They will also get points to put in their own skills, so be sure to upgrade them.

You should also look at what each available squadmate can do. You cannot change their weapons, armor, or what types of skills they can use, so pay attention. Picking the right squadmates can greatly change how hard a fight will be.


These are all the tips I have when starting Mass Effect: Andromeda. Let me know if you any other questions or tips of your own!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beginner's Guide with Tips and Tricks Tue, 07 Mar 2017 09:26:04 -0500 Sergey_3847

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, is officially out. And if you haven’t played the two beta tests that preceded the release, then many things about this Ubisoft game will be new to you. The world of Wildlands is huge, and there are a lot of things to consider when you're first starting out.

This beginner’s guide will give you the most important tips on how to make the best out of each mission, and how to finish the game without dying too often. Here’s what you need to do after you’ve created your character.

Find and Gather Supplies

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide

Supplies are necessary for you to be able to unlock character skills. There are four types of supplies in Wildlands: Food, Medicine, Fuel, and Comms.

The supplies can be found scattered around the enemy territories inside barrels, crates, and various caches. You can leave markers tagging the supply locations, so that the rebels can get them later -- this‘ll give you bonus points.

However, the best way to obtain lots of supplies at once is by accomplishing supply missions that get unlocked after you collect intel from the enemies. These supply locations will be tagged on your TACMAP.

You can also intercept the cartel’s trucks that carry lots of supplies. These types of side missions may grant you up to 2,500 units, and the further you progress the more supplies you will need to upgrade your character.

Upgrade Skills According to Your Playstyle

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide

The character’s skills tree allows you to ugrade your Weapons, Drone, Items, Physicality, and Squad. You need to figure out what kind of playstyle suits you the best, and according to that you can choose the right skills.

Weapon Skills
    • You can go a full-on offensive mode, and it would be wise to unlock a Grenade Launcher that will allow you to destroy vehicles at once.
    • On the other hand, you can choose being stealthy, and in this case upgrading your Suppressor would be a better solution.

Item Skills

    • Again, if you choose to be offensive, then unlock the C4 explosive in your Items skills tree, and use it to your advantage in various situations.
    • But if there is a need to approach the enemy lines in an unexpected way, then choose Parachute and use it to jump off the helicopter.

Physical Skills

    • Physical traits such as Stamina and Health are very important, but if you get yourself under the fire far too often,consider upgrading the Bullet Resistance skill.
    • If you want to play stealthy, but you feel like you still need time to learn, then choose the Detection skill.

Drone Skills

    • In case you rely strongly on information about the enemies in the area before you charge at them, then you will be using your surveillance drone quite often.
    • Be sure to upgrade the Range and the Mark Area of your drone -- both of these skills will give you more information about the territory of your interest.

Squad Skills

    • Lastly, working with your teammates together is an excellent way to efficiently take down enemies -- the Extra Sync Shot is what you will need here.

Unlock Fast Travel Points

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide

The map in Ghost Recon: Wildlands is absolutely huge, and finding and unlocking fast travel points will make your walkthrough much easier. Every province of Bolivia has them -- they’re called Rally Points, and indicated as white houses with flags on the TACMAP. However, they need to be discovered first.

Just follow the main campaign sequence and you will be directed at new locations. As soon as you stumble upon an active fast travel point, the game will immediately announce and tag it for you on the map.

But there are a few things to know before you can use this feature:
  • You can fast travel only between the points that you have unlocked.
  • You can’t use fast travel points while in combat or when you are being detected by the enemies.
  • In order to fast travel, open the TACMAP and click on the white house of your destination.

Travelling by Land, Water and Air

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide

Rally Points are great, but there is still a lot of driving involved in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. There are 60 vehicle types in the game, but you will mostly travel on land using cars and motorbikes.

While driving you need to know a few things:
  • Don’t try to use shortcuts in Bolivia -- usually it leads to overturns and fatal vehicle damage.
  • Don’t override civilians -- the game can punish you for that (this is not GTA).
  • Don’t come too close to the enemy base on your vehicle -- the sound of the engine may spur the enemies.

When you need to cover huge distances, but you still haven’t discovered too many fast travel points,consider using a helicopter or an airplane. It’s not very convenient in terms of controls, but you will get to any place you need much, much faster. The aircrafts can be located on airfields and large open areas.

And lastly, some of the Santa Blanca facilities will be located on water, but don’t worry -- there is always a boat waiting for you somewhere on the shore.

Come back soon for more Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands guides at GameSkinny!

Sniper Elite 4 Beginner's Tips Guide: 10 Things to Know Before You Start Wed, 15 Feb 2017 06:19:36 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Sniper Elite 4 is the most refined, mechanically sound entry in Rebellion's long-running sniper-sim series. It's also one of the most complex entries in the series: key mechanics are more robust, roving enemies are smarter, and maps are (much) bigger. But there are a few tips and tricks you should know before getting started.

It's not just about sniping anymore. If you want to survive World War II and make it out of Italy alive, you're going to have scout, sneak, and slay your way through SE4's eight missions. But before you start your tour of duty, there's some intel you should have.

So gear up soldier. Here are our 10 things to know about Sniper Elite 4 before you start.

Sniper Elite 4 Tips and Tricks Guide

1. Hone Your Skills on the Shooting Range

Like any soldier running off to war in some unknown land, it's best to get in some basic training before you ship out. That's where the shooting range comes into play for SE4 -- it gets you up to speed with all the game's core mechanics and helps you learn in a (semi) relaxed environment. You won't have enemies shooting at you, but you will have to contend with moving targets and targets on timers.

Whether you want to better understand windage and bullet drop, test out your submachine gun, or get a few headshots in with your pistol, there are three separate ranges where you can do all of that. What's more, you're also graded on your performance for each range (bronze, silver, and gold).

Doing well and achieving a high score on each range gives you ribbons and experience points, the latter of which helps you rank up and unlock more branches of your skill tree.

2. Pay Attention to Your Load-Out

Although it's debatable if any one weapon is better than another on SE4's lower difficulty settings, it's clear that your loadout matters for the balls-hard "Authentic" mode, which incorporates real bullet physics, realistic magazine sizes, and more. Keeping that in mind, you'll definitely want to get used to checking your loadout before each mission, if you're playing that mode.

However, if you're not a masochist, your loadout is still important because it's where you upgrade your weaponry. Whether you're looking for more accuracy for your Thompson machine gun or increased muzzle velocity on your Carcano M91/41 sniper rifle, your loadout is where you'll look to find what in-game feats you have to perform to get those coveted upgrades and new skins for your weapons.

What's more, alongside nifty (and super helpful) upgrade and skin progress trackers, you can also buy new weapons and supplies in your loadout. Depending on your playstyle, you may want to take along suppressed rifle ammo to help silence your shots, or you may want to take extra bandages and medikits if you know you're probably going to get shot a lot.

3. Use Your Binoculars -- Copiously

Binoculars are a soldier's best friend, especially a sniper behind enemy lines. And unlike some games where binoculars are simply getting an up-close look of both your enemies and the terrain, Sniper Elite 4's binoculars serve a greater purpose: they help you truly learn about your enemy before you engage them.

There's a big difference in AI tendencies between a Jager trooper and a regular Nazi foot soldier. By scanning enemies, you're able to tell what weapons they're carrying, if they're nervous or calm (which affects their patrols routes and belligerence), what items they're carrying (such as medikits), and even if they've got family back home.

Additionally, you can use your binoculars to tag enemies and environmental objects, helping you easily pick them out in a bind or follow them through the map. The latter is especially helpful because once enemies are highlighted, you're able to follow their white silhouettes as they move about, even behind buildings, doors, and walls.

Unfortunately, and as you may have already guessed, tagging enemies doesn't work in "Authentic" mode -- because reality.

4. Stick to Stealth & Distraction Whenever Possible

Sniper Elite 4 is a game of stealth and subterfuge, but realistically, there are times when shit hits the fan. It's inevitable. However, the more you stay in the shadows, the better off your SE4 experience is going to be. The game just isn't built for running and gunning.

Instead, use the environment to help you stay hidden as much as possible. Hide in bushes, crawl along walls, and shoot out bright lights. Create distractions and sneak by unsuspecting (albeit nervous) Nazi soldiers by blowing up generators or trucks -- or even by throwing rocks or using a whistle. The possibilities and methods of approach are nearly endless, only bound by your awareness and your imagination. 

5. Plan Your Approach

Sniper Elite 4's biggest map is three times as big as the largest Sniper Elite 3 map. That means that while you can go about completing your objectives in any order you'd like, doing so may take you much longer than necessary. Consequently, planning your route through each of SE4's gigantic "open world maps" is right up there with being stealthy.

Before each mission, pull up your map to get a lay of the land. You'll be able to see your objectives and the terrain that lies in your way, making sure to account for wide open fields, cramped city streets, or a single point of entry that's sure to be heavily guarded.

Also keep in mind that you can hover over each objective on the map and get a rundown of what you're looking for in that region. You'll also be able to find out how far away that objective is from your current position, while also having the ability to track that particular objective until you've completed it.

Again, as with many other Sniper Elite 4's systems, you're not able to take advantage of the aforementioned feature in the game's "Authentic" mode. There, your map acts only as a traditional map, showing you the lay of the land.

6. Understand Troop Movements & Your Radar

Nazis are smarter than ever before in Sniper Elite 4. In SE3, Rebellion upgraded their fascist AI to make them more cunning and ruthless. But here, in SE4, these mobs are cut from a different cloth.

Sure, on the easiest difficulty setting, Nazi soldiers are mindless automatons that can't tell up from right, but raise the difficulty even one level and it becomes apparent that the new triangulation feature allows soldiers to find you really (really) quickly.

To avoid easy detection and a firefight, make sure that each of your shots is masked or that you move positions after each kill. If you move, make sure it is a good distance away from your previous shot -- you can't just move 20-30 feet and expect the AI to be clueless.

Make sure to keep an eye on your radar.

  • If a yellow ring appears around your radar and the white dots representing soldiers also turn yellow, that means those specific soldiers (those colored yellow) are actively searching for you in the immediate area, but don't know your exact location.
  • If a red ring appears around your radar and the white (or yellow) dots representing soldiers also turn red, that means your cover has been blown and those specific soldiers know your exact location.
    • A red triangle will also appear around the player's icon on the radar. As long as this triangle remains on the player's icon, Nazi soldiers know the player's position. If that triangle moves off of the player's icon on the radar, that means those soldiers have lost sight of the player and will investigate his last known location.

7. Be a Modern Day Ezio Auditore

Sniper Elite 4 has brand new traversals to help you sneak and assassinate better than ever before. You're able to jump gaps, hang from walls, shimmy alongside buildings, and more. That also means you've got plenty of options for taking soldiers down outside of sniping.  

Take advantage of this to score some truly brutal silent kills. These kills not only help you conserve ammunition, but they also net you some pretty solid experience points.

Pro tip: If you're sneaking up behind a soldier and he sees you, run directly at him and initiate a melee kill before he raises his gun. This automatically resets suspicion and cover -- unless another soldier also sees you.

8. Don't Leave Bodies Lying Around

Keep suspicion low by hiding bodies in bushes, throwing them in the ocean, or storing them in anywhere else out of sight. When a soldier sees a body, suspicion is automatically raised and enemies begin to search the immediate area. If you're going full stealth commando, this is one of the first things you're going to want to take care of.

However, a fun trick is to booby trap bodies. This can be fun and efficient. Strap some TNT on a body or place mine underneath it and leave it for others to find -- then blow it sky high.

9. Search Bodies for Documents & Items

But before you do hide a body, make sure to search it for important items and documents. Scavenging is a big part of Sniper Elite 4's meta game. Without searching bodies, you'll most likely run out of ammunition, bandages, mines, and other useful items.

Secondly, you'll also come across collectibles, like "Last Letters" and other "Miscellaneous Documents." But one of the best reasons to loot bodies, specifically officers, is to find "Duty Rosters." These have the locations of all the soldiers in a particular area, and immediately tag everyone for easy snipping.

You can also find safe codes on officers. This keeps you from having to rouse attention by blasting safes open with satchel charges.

10. Mask Your Sound

Some maps in SE4 have environmental objects or vehicles that create loud sounds. These will mask your shots, making it difficult for soldiers to triangulate your position. But that's not it. There are also ways to create sound if you need to, like sabotaging a generator to mask sniper fire.

You'll know when your sound is masked when a white, pulsating sound meter appears at the top of your screen (shown above). Fire then to stay hidden.


Being the world's deadliest sniper isn't a walk in the park. It's dangerous business. But with these tips, you'll have the drop on Italy's unwelcome guests -- and on step closer to bringing World War II to and end.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides on Sniper Elite 4.

WWE Champions Guide: Fusing Wrestlers Into Superstars Wed, 08 Feb 2017 07:05:05 -0500 Jonathan Moore

One of the best ways to get new wrestlers in WWE Champions is to take advantage of daily and weekly deals in the game's loot store. However, if you're not too keen on slapping down real dollars to get some truly badass WWE superstars on your roster, there's another (albeit luck-of-the-draw) way to quickly enhance your wrestlers: It's called fusion.

In this guide, we'll take a look at how fusing wrestlers and superstar posters with wrestlers and superstars already in your roster can bring massive dividends to your wrestling game -- sometimes even for free.

What is Fusing in WWE Champions?

The answer is pretty straight forward. As you're playing WWE Champions, you'll find that through loot, mission rewards, and road-to-glory prizes, you'll also come into the possession of various wrestler posters. These posters act as wrestlers that you can add to your active superstar roster.

Most often, you'll probably find that you acquire these wrestlers via "The Road" and "LT Tours" game modes. Why? Because each set of missions and bouts has a boss at the end of its rope. Beating these bosses will net you the character poster of that wrestler, effectively adding him to your roster.

After some time playing, you'll also discover that, as was the case in my situation, you'll have, for example, two Kanes or two The Rocks. But don't worry about what to do with them: The game tags you in here.

Remember when we talked in our WWE Champions Guide: How to Enhance Your Wrestler and Evolve Your Superstars about evolving and enhancing wrestlers, and how to do it? Well, it's not all about talent ranking, but also star ranking (the color and amount of stars a wrestler has on his poster) that makes your wrestlers more and more powerful.

And that's what fusing your champions can help you do faster: evolve and enhance your superstars without having you grind for coins or in-game cash. Fusing superstars also means that you're able to enhance and evolve your wrestlers without having to acquire the necessary tokens for each enhancement or evolution -- greatly speeding up the leveling process.

So How Do You Fuse Wrestlers?


It's a pretty easy process. When you acquire a new wrestler that's already on your roster, that wrestler poster can then be fused with the superstar already on your roster to make that particular superstar more powerful. The new poster will be automatically placed in your roster. So, to fuse wrestlers and superstars:

  1. Open your roster
  2. Look for the wrestler with the green "Fuse" banner across his profile
  3. When you manage your wrestler, the poster you've just acquired will be to the right of the wrestler's avatar
  4. Click "Fuse Up" -- if you have the required coin -- to enhance your wrestler to a new star level
  5. You can fuse wrestlers from Bronze to Silver to Gold and beyond

That's it on fusing wrestlers in WWE Champions. Make sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides and check out our Beginner's Tips for Getting Started in WWE Champions.

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Surviving in the Exiled Lands Tue, 07 Feb 2017 14:45:05 -0500 Sergey_3847

Conan Exiles offers various multiplayer options on different servers for you to try out. Each server may have its own rules and requires an individual approach when it comes to survival. However, there are certain basic elements that can be applied at any stage of the game.

This guide will give you some of the most important tips on how to survive in Conan Exiles no matter which type of server you have chosen to play on. After you create your character, you will be thrown into the deserted world of the game. From there on, it’s up to you how exactly you want to move forward.

But here are a few tricks that you may find useful on your journey.

Satiating Thirst and Hunger

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

You wouldn't believe how often people die from thirst in this game. So, if you want to live long in Conan Exiles, don’t forget to pay attention to the food and water indicators in the upper left corner of your screen.

Getting water requires you to simply approach any water source and press “E,” when you’re close enough. Food, on the other hand, is a bit trickier. You will find plenty of insects and other miniscule beings, but they are not that efficient for satiating hunger. Your best bet are eggs that can be snatched from the big nests lying around -- just make sure that their parents aren’t hiding nearby.

You will also encounter many wild animals on your way, such as rabbits, turtles, ostriches. If you manage to kill them, you will be able to cook them on a camp fire. Cooking meat is important -- it will stay fresh longer.

Beware: raw meat can turn into a rotten meat, which will give you food poisoning.

Crafting and Building

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

You will need to craft yourself some clothes that will protect your body, and other useful tools that will come in handy when you decide to build your first base.

Start by collecting branches, stones and plant fibers that can be seen everywhere on the ground. Just with the help of these simple components you can craft your first pickaxe and a hatchet. These primitive weapons can help you kill animals and take off their hides.

When you reach level 5, you will be able to craft a hunting bow -- an extremely useful weapon in the harsh environments of the exiled lands.

Stones and wooden branches are not only used for crafting tools, but also for building your first base -- so again, gather them as much as you can. You will need over a hundred stones and about as much wood to be able to build your foundation, walls, ceiling, and doors.

Later in the game you will be able to use iron and steel, and craft advanced tools and weapons. For this you will need either to learn blacksmithing or tame a thrall with the corresponding skill. As for building, you’ll need to make a furnace and a blacksmith's bench.

How to Tame Thralls

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

There are plenty of NPCs, or “thralls,” in Conan Exiles, and they all have different skills that can be used for your own benefit. But first you need to tame them and force them to serve you by putting them in the Wheel of Pain.

The process of taming thralls is as follows:
  • Build the Wheel of Pain at your base
  • Craft a truncheon and use it to knock out an NPC
  • Craft fiber bindings and use them to bind the unconscious NPC
  • Bring the NPC to your base and put it in the Wheel of Pain
  • Put some food in the NPC’s inventory, something that is easy to make -- gruel, for example.
    • But in truth, they eat anything you give them, so it really doesn’t matter that much.
  • The Wheel of Pain will be activated and the will of your thrall will be broken.

Some thralls are easier to tame than others, but the hardest ones are usually warriors or archers that can help you fight enemies. However, this doesn’t mean that peaceful NPCs are useless. On the contrary, a blacksmith can be extremely useful for crafting you some new weapons, or a tanner can provide you with new clothes.

These types of thralls are exceptionally useful, as they build things faster than your character. So let them work, while you go hunting and killing.

Worshipping Gods and Summoning Avatars

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

Currently, you can worship three gods in Conan Exiles (four, technically, but Crom is agnostic and gives you no powers).

The god of your choice will let you build their altar right away. But in order to craft shrines of the rest of the gods, you must find their corresponding priests. Gods can be worshipped by committing sacrificial acts.

  • The first god is Yog, who grants you special weapons and armor, if you will eat human flesh in his name.
    • You can find his priest, Nunu The Cannibal, in the southern part of the map.
    • You will need to build an altar for him, called “The Pit of Yog.”
  • The second god is Mitra, who grants you an ability to craft holy weapons, armor and a symbol of Phoenix.
    • Mitra is the god of right and justice and he can be worshipped with the help of Jamila, the Pirate Queen.
    • Jamila can be located in the eastern part of the map.
  • The final god is Set, who gives you powers against poison and an ability to turn snakes into arrows.
    • Set’s priest is Mek-kamoses, and he resides in the northern part of the map.
    • If you want Set’s powers, you need to sacrifice humans on his altar.

When you reach the highest level of worshipping gods, you will be able to summon the gods’ avatars -- giant creatures that have an immense destructive power. But this element of game comes much later in your adventures.

Come back soon for more Conan Exiles guides at GameSkinny!

4 Beginner's Tips for Getting Started in WWE Champions Fri, 03 Feb 2017 11:56:43 -0500 Jonathan Moore

WWE Champions is a new type of royal rumble for Android and iOS devices. Instead of pulling off flashy button combos, you’ll be stylin’ and profilin’ with a flick of the wrist in this match-3 strategy puzzle RPG. Think Bejeweled meets Hulkamania meets light upgrade elements (because features). 

Wait, what?

Yeah, it’s a little weird to the ear, but once you lay down your first Stone Cold Stunner or Diamond Cutter and stand atop that hell-in-the-cell, you’ll want to know how to be the best wrestling manager Jerry “The King” has ever seen.

And that’s what we’re here to do. It takes training to be the best, so before you get out there in the ring, keep reading for beginner advice that you won't find in the game's tutorial.

Tips for Getting Started in WWE Champions 

1. Grapple Big Gem Combos in WWE Champions to Deal Big Damage

Bouts in WWE Champions are turn-based, with each wrestler getting a turn to unleash devastating moves and finishers. There’s no time limit to finding matches across the board, so take your time when looking for rows and columns of matching gems.

Just like in many other match-type puzzle games, you’ll want to match gems of the same color in the longest gem combos you possibly can. So, be on the lookout for four, five, and even six-gem combos and chains. The bigger the combo, the more damage you’ll deal to your opponent.

Breaking four gems in a chain will automatically clear the row, while breaking five gems in a chain will net you an extra turn. 

  • Tip: There will be loot boxes strewn across the board. Don’t bother with those at all, unless you’re just laying the smack down on your opponent. Matching loot boxes may (sometimes) net you some cool loot or upgrades, but most of the time, losing a crucial turn and not dealing damage to your opponent just isn’t worth it.
2. Pump Up the Crowd (and the Damage) with Specials and Finishers

Make sure you’re also paying attention to the color of your specials and finishers. There will be three moves (two specials and a finisher) on top of the pin bar (between the gem board and the wrestlers in the ring) that are each different colors. These color correspond to the colors of the gems you’ll need to break to power up those specific moves.

So, if your finisher is red, you’ll need to break red gems to power your finisher. Breaking gems that are colors not used by your specials and finisher simply deal regular damage, but don’t account for any powerups.

  • Tip: When your opponent’s health gets low, but no matter what you try to do you just can’t pin the sweaty bastard, use your finisher. Your finisher will instantly pin your opponent when he’s low on life juice. In these situations, you’ll be glad you focused on powering up your finisher throughout the match.
3. The New World Order is Made of Classes – Choose the Right Wrestlers


You’re building a team of wrestlers to take on the world and dominate the rankings. This isn’t some mamby-pamby walk in the park. So choose the right wrestlers for the job.

Just like in the real ring, not every superstar wrestler has the same strengths and weaknesses. In fact, there are classes of wrestlers that are stronger and weaker against others in WWE Champions. Choosing which type before each match is crucial to your victory.

Tag in these superstars to piledrive your opponents into oblivion:

  • Strikers: Strong against Tricksters
    • Color: Grey
    • Symbol: Fist 
  • Powerhouses: Strong against Acrobats
    • Color: Red
    • Symbol: Free Weight
  • Technicians: Strong against Powerhouses
    • Color: Green
    • Symbol: Wrench
  • Acrobat: Strong against Showboats
    • Color: Blue
    • Symbol: Wings 
  • Tricksters: Strong against Technicians
    • Color: Purple
    • Symbol: Cobra
  • Showboats: Strong against Strikers
    • Color: Yellow
    • Symbol: Microphone

Each wrestler class is also associated with a specific color. This color means that if you break a gem that’s the same color as your wrestler’s class, the damage from that subsequent attack will be increased.  

What’s more, each wrestler has a talent score (in the box above their heads), which lets you quickly gauge how powerful that wrestler is against his current opponent.

  • Tip: Wrestlers who are strong against other types of wrestlers deal an automatic 25% more damage to those opponents. So, for example, using a Powerhouse against and Acrobat will automatically increase your attack power by 25% for the match.

And a Few Quick Bonus Hits to Send You on the Road to Glory...

Always level up your team whenever possible.

Don’t let your money or gold coins go to waste. It is crucial for your success that you increase your wrestler’s talent and special/finishing move acumen via the management screen.

Use recovery packs sparingly.

It may be tempting to do, but while using recovery packs DOES get your wrestler back into grappling shape immediately, it’s damn hard to come by the packs naturally. Use them strategically, especially when you’ve got a big match against a hulking superstar. Superstars can also be healed by enlisting faction help or simply waiting a few hours time. 

Do missions. Seriously.

This is basically your easiest and fastest way of getting cold hard cash, the currency you’ll need to unlock more wrestlers. They’ll also help you unlock mission bags, which have other special loots in them.

Don't leave matches, but do replay them.

Don't leave matches prematurely by closing the app. Doing so will drastically reduce your wrestler's HP, even if you've just used a recovery pack.

Replay matches to get loot and overall experience to your player rank, which helps you unlock new game modes. 


That’s it for this beginner’s guide to WWE Champions for Android and iOS devices. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides!

10 Rocket League Plays that Break Physics More Than Usual Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:02:58 -0500 Henri Herrera


All the Rocket League plays we've seem here are so insane that physicists might start to question their own existence and what they're doing with life.


Despite how physics-breaking the game can be and how intense it can get, it's always a good game to have fun with. And that's why Rocket League is so popular.


From driving on roofs and walls, to doing crazy jumps or shooting upside down and making insane goals...this game don't stop giving us surprises. And the players keep making it even more awesome with their imagination, skill, and awesome (or lucky) plays.


I hope you enjoyed the show and had as much fun watching it as I did making it. If you still have some popcorn left and want to see more Rocket League action. go ahead and do it! After that, you'll just have to wait and see what other amazing plays and surprises Rocket League gives us in the future.

Going It Alone

A one car team! The red car suddenly grabs control of the ball in the air and doesn't want to lose it. The blue car tries hard to make a steal, but red car jumps a second time and shoots an amazing goal! (So amazing we'll forgive how blatantly it defies physics.)

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's What?

Here we see the horned car chasing the ball, when it suddenly jumps and grabs the control of the ball entirely. Not wanting to let go, the car starts driving on the wall and then flying like a plane to shoot a physics-breaking goal!




That yellow car was trying its best to take back ball control, but our driver hops up on the wall and keeps going. Then in amazing payback for the attempted steal, the champion car crashes the yellow car then jumps to shoot a goal with the car upside down?!


Completely insane play.


Here we see two different views of the same play. The orange car has control of the ball and loses it. They try to recover, but the red car has other plans. It does two jumps and shoots an awesome goal on the third! 


Literally zero f*cks given about physics here, folks. 

Breaking Space-Time

This is a whole new level of physics-shattering action. 


Watch as this car makes some crazy moves towards the ball . You might think all is lost when the ball goes through the roof, but suddenly it appears on the other side of the field and hits the goal. 


Weird things happens in this game...


So we cheated a little and included multiple physics-breaking plays here.


In the first one, the car does some crazy jumps and save the life of its team. In the second play, we see the car doing some head-turning moves while shooting an unbelievable goal.


And check out the amazing save in that third one! It's almost as impressive as the Hail Mary goal that the pink car pulls off in the last clip.


These are some insane plays with cool effects. What's better than that, right?

The Upside Down

This certainly isn't Stranger Things, but the physics in that arena look like they belong in The Upside Down.


Look at all the cars boosting around from different angles. That blue car drives on the wall and hits the ball while it is on the roof and flying upside down! Everyone is flying around with no logic at all. 


Are we sure this is legal?

Running Up the Wall

How many physics laws got broken right there?


The car drives on the wall then he jumps hitting the ball, when he flies back towards the wall jumping again looking for the ball doing some crazy movements there and shooting a goal.


What we can't deny is how amazing and fun that is!

The Perfect Ace

Here we see the blue team trying to shoot a goal. But then, the orange car comes out of nowhere to whiff it back and land a super goal. Total madness!


Goodbye physics!


Rocket League falls under the funny (and very new) genre of vehicular soccer video games. Developed and published by Psyonix, it's often described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars." If that sounds like it isn't physically possible, it definitely isn't. 


Rocket League breaks real life physics all the time. But some plays are just so crazy that they seem to shatter the (admittedly lax) laws of physics in the game as well. And we're about to see some really impressive plays that break it in some insane ways. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

How To Be Successful In Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile Tue, 03 Jan 2017 10:17:37 -0500 JakeElman

I'm not one for false phrase. So when I say that Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile is one of 2016's best mobile games, let it be known that I'm deadly serious.

Of course, calling it one of 2016's best mobile games does come with a caveat. While this game did originally release back in 2014 to some negative feedback -- hardcore fans were disappointed with the use of micro-transactions and the lack of involvement from series creator Chris Sawyer -- additions to this game made through patches and updates have made it both playable and addicting.

As with any Roller Coaster Tycoon game, the basics are simple: build an amusement park, create an awesome roller coaster, and charge people $20 dollars just to use the bathroom. 

But, how can you possibly make your theme park the best there is? How can you make Six Flags resemble a flag that's been stomped on? What can you do to make Disney Land look like Mickey Mouse spearheaded a ruthless P.R. campaign? 

Today, we're here to guide you through just some of the basic tips on how to be successful in Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile.

Avoid Wasting Your Tickets

I was debating on if I should lead with this one or not -- but with how important microtransactions are to this game...I had to. Not unlike games such as The Simpsons' 'Tapped Out,' Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile will encourage you to spend your 'tickets' -- the game's special currency -- as a way of building things faster.

But like those games, why waste the special currency that you need to spend your own, real-life money on? You may be tempted to take advantage of some deals that are going on and spend three dollars on 28 tickets -- and if you are, go for it -- but don't then immediately start blowing those tickets away.

Instead, save them for when you absolutely need to use them -- like if your park is going down the drain and you absolutely have to have that new attraction finished. Or if the IRS comes and starts asking you about funneling your company's money through a GoFundMe page...

Let The Goals Help You

The idea of goals in a game that encourages you to build your own state-of-the-art theme park may seem silly, but they're only here to help you truly reach your full potential. For beginners -- or those who are a bit rusty, like myself -- having a goal as simple as building a chain carousel or moving your major attractions around can be a huge help in getting your park to tip-top shape.

The Roller Coaster Tycoon series has always been about using your imagination, but sometimes you need to step in a certain direction here or there to really get the creative juices flowing. Admittedly, I was a bit confused on what direction I should go to for my 'Other World' theme park (we unfortunately could not get King Yenma's mahogany desk as an attraction), but some of the goals the game assigned me gave me an idea on where to put this one thing or why I should hold off on that other thing.

But, don't let the goals blind you. Otherwise, you may have an accident on your hands...

Avoid The Dorkly Fate

Fine, maybe I just wanted to put this video in here, but seriously: pretend that this is a legitimate theme park that wants to at least try to keep people safe. With how advanced these mobile games are getting, you never know when a virtual lawyer is going to pop into your in-game email system...

Use Your Imagination!

The Roller Coaster Tycoon series has always been about using your imagination, but sometimes you need a step in a direction here or there to really get the creative juices flowing. Oh, right, I said that already.

Seriously, though, that's what this game is about! I'm in the minority of people who try to play this realistically because Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile is about being creative and making the ultimate theme park with the greatest ride imaginable. 

It's like when as a kid, you went to a theme park on a Sunday because your family wanted to take a break from the norm of work, school, taxes, and sleeping on the couch. That's what this game is about: taking a break from the norm to create something memorable. 

What tricks and tips do you use to make your theme park successful? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

How to Raise Park Value In Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile Sat, 31 Dec 2016 06:00:01 -0500 JakeElman

The true challenge of Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile lies in the game's basic objective: creating the most amazing theme park out there.

As with any Roller Coaster Tycoon game, the basics are simple: build an amusement park, create an awesome roller coaster and charge people $20 just to use the bathroom. In the process, you'll be tasked with finding ways to make your theme park a must-visit for touring families and people who want some exhilaration in their life.

But, how can you possibly raise your park's value with all of the other great parks already vying for your customers' collective attention? Today, we're here to guide you through just some of the basic tips on how to be successful in Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile.

Add Different Rides

So you've built your park and given it a name, but you're going to need some rides to make people want to visit, right? You're going to want to build the "most awesomest ride ever seen by the people" and one that puts all of Disney Land's rides to shame, I get it. But you can't just think that one ride will be enough to draw people in.

That's where your other rides, like carousels and bumper cars, come in. You will have to grind a bit to unlock some of the later attractions, but it will all be worth it as you see your park's value start to skyrocket.

A couple of quick things to note and to keep in mind:

  • As you'd expect, building attractions isn't automatic. Rather than waste your tickets on them, just put your mobile device on the charger or do something else to let the time go by.
  • It won't hurt to play it safe and go with some of the cheaper rides here and there, but diversity always helps raise your park's value.
  • The bumper cars look awesome and I wish I could go for a bumper car ride. You should build bumper cars. Everyone loves bumper cars. 
See What Your Fans Want

As your fans finish their rides and hope to God they don't vomit all over their children, you'll often see little notifications above them; sometimes, it'll be something useless like them telling you to check your notifications, but other times, they'll suggest adding something new to your park.

Unlike other games, morale and park value don't necessarily seem to be tied to one another here, but that doesn't mean you can't take your patrons' opinions into consideration. Though you may not think that the opinions of virtual people matter -- and to an extent, you are right -- think about what they want and keep it in mind for when you unlock more attractions.

Who knows? Maybe what they want is exactly what your park needs...

Be Creative!

The Roller Coaster Tycoon series has always been about using your imagination, but sometimes you need to step in a specific direction here or there to really get the creative juices flowing. Oh, right, I said that already.

Seriously, though, that's what this game is about! I'm in the minority of people who try to play this realistically because Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile is really about being creative and making the ultimate theme park with the greatest ride imaginable.

Think about what you would want in your dream theme park. Would you want an Asian restaurant right next to a pizza place, or just a place full of different rides? This is your place and the goal is not only to just to make money, but to make something that people -- both virtually and in real-life -- won't forget.

It's like when as a kid, you went to a theme park on a Sunday because your family wanted to take a break from the norm of work, school, taxes and sleeping on the couch because your phone bill had some mysterious numbers on it. That's what this game is about: taking a break from the norm to create something memorable. That will keep patrons coming back time and time again. 

That's what this game is about: taking a break from the norm to create something memorable. That will keep patrons coming back time and time again. If you raise your park value enough, you'll be able to do that -- and make all your virtual patrons happy. And that, of course, will make you happy, right? 

What tricks and tips do you use to raise your theme park's value? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

How to Kill Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game Fri, 30 Dec 2016 01:06:00 -0500 Sergey_3847

Those who’ve been following the development of Friday the 13th: The Game are well-aware of the fact that the development team has stated on several occasions that it is absolutely possible to defeat Jason Voorhees. The question is -- how?

People all over the web have been trying to figure it out, and many agree that since the game is asymmetrical there needs to be a win condition that comes up very rarely during the gameplay. Actually, players who had the chance to chat with the developers stated that this condition comes up once every 75 game sessions.

So, first of all, you need to have a lot of time and patience to be able to kill Jason, and secondly, you need to know the win condition to be able to spot it at the right time. Below is described one of the ways how to kill Jason in Friday the 13th.

Stun and Knockout Jason

Since Jason Voorhees is a playable character in the game, he has his own level of stamina and health. However, he is extremely strong, so it’ll take a few stuns before you will be able to defeat him. Many players believe that the more times you manage to stun him, the weaker he becomes.

There are several ways how to stun or knock down Jason in Friday the 13th. The most effective way is to hit him with a machete or an axe, and you need to make sure that you hit the head, as it is his only truly vulnerable part of the body.

After you’ve weakened Jason by stunning him several times, you will be able to knock him out using a baseball bat. It will put him down for about 10 seconds, which gives you a lot of time to prepare for the next step.

Remove the Mask and Kill Jason

Jason Voorhees is constantly wearing a hockey mask on his face that serves as both a disguise and a protection. But if you managed to knock him out, his stamina will drop sharply and he will become much more vulnerable.

So the next step that will get you closer to killing him is to make sure that you can break his mask. This may require an involvement of several counselors, so probably don’t try it alone. Surround him and keep hitting until the mask goes off.

Finally, you need to have enough time to deal damage and kill Jason for good. You must find a way to keep Jason stunned for as long as possible, and the only way to do it is to set up a bear trap, which may hold Jason for an entirety of 15 seconds.

This is still not a sure thing, since Jason needs to step right into it. Also, the trap can be easily spotted, and that’s why it’s so hard to kill him. But if you manage to get him trapped, and then hit his unmasked head, there is a huge chance that you will be able to take him down.


At this point people have been expressing their doubts about the possibility of killing Jason in the beta of Friday the 13th, and many will probably just wait for the official solution and the release of the finished game.

Yes, the chance of killing Jason is extremely small, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Anyhow, let us know if you’ve found any other way to kill Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game in the comments below.