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Iteration 11's latest Space sim Early Access title Void Destroyer 2 just received a new update. The update adds a much-needed addition of new missions for players to embark on. The new missions now make obtaining faction ships much easier.

A variety was needed

One of the main features of a Space sim is the large array of choices given to the player. This includes the game offering various missions. Upon releasing in Early Access, Void Destroyer 2 had a variety of missions but more were needed.

While missions are a primary source of obtaining money they are also required for other reasons. One of the features of the game is the ability to buy ships that belong to specific factions. One example would be the unique ships of the Bounty Hunters.

In order to be able to buy their ships, you must first increase your reputation with them by completing missions. To begin with, you only have one mission type with the Bounty Hunters and it is not an easy one either. This made it very hard for players to get their hands on the more powerful bounty hunter ships, also making missions extremely repetitive when continuously working for one faction.

More missions more variety

The new missions added into the game include:

  • Steal cargo pod
  • Combat escort
  • Repair ship
  • Combat scout
  • Defend asteroid field
  • Mining escort
  • Destroy smuggler cache

Some of the missions are similar to those in the game from the beginning. The combat, mining escort, and combat scout missions are similar to the escort and scout missions in the game since release. While the other missions are completely different. They are sure to give players some new adventures into the Void Destroyer 2 universe.

They are also allowing for an easier increase in faction reputation and giving a bit more variety to the gameplay. The new additions bring the total generated missions up to 30. The developer hopes to add another 20 or so for the final release.

What is next?

While announcing the missions update, Iteration 11 also included what is being worked on next. The first of the next three updates is fixing up the Fleet screen in the Overworld. Something that I mentioned needed a bit of work in my preview of the game. This should take about a week.

After that, the developer will be working on Ship capturing. Presumably, this will allow the player to capture enemy ships. The next feature to be worked on after that is Base capture. As to exactly how the capture features will work is currently unknown.

Since the Void Destroyer 2's release on September 22nd, it is being continuously updated. The new missions are the third update since the Steam Early Access release. Prior to the missions update, the game received a fleet management update and a fuel mechanic update. It appears that the game is going to continue with regular ongoing new features, fixes and mechanics.

What do you want to see updated, added, or fixed in Void Destroyer 2? Let me know in the comments below.

Void Destroyer 2 now available on Steam Early Access https://www.gameskinny.com/0scfp/void-destroyer-2-now-available-on-steam-early-access https://www.gameskinny.com/0scfp/void-destroyer-2-now-available-on-steam-early-access Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:45:43 -0400 Damien Smith

Iteration 11 released Void Destroyer 2, the sequel to their first game of the same name on Steam Early Access today. Void Destroyer 2 is a sandbox space sim inspired by classics such as Freelancer, the X series, Privateer, and Homeworld. 

What is Void Destroyer 2?

In the game you take on the role of a Stub. A Stub is a cyborg that has had all its memories and identity removed when it was human. Stubs are solely created for use in war. Upon completing your training you are sent out into the universe with only a mysterious figure to follow up on.

What you do and what you become is up to you. You can follow up on the mysterious figure or go about your way. You can become a mercenary, miner, trader, pirate, commander of a fleet, even build an empire. The choice is yours.

What are the games features?

The game may be in a very early stage of development, but it already has an impressive list of features.

  • Open sandbox for you to explore
  • Fly any ship - from small fighters to huge carriers
  • Multiple control methods from direct flight to capital ship oriented schemes
  • Own multiple ships? Easily give them orders via RTS control method or easily switch direct ship-to-ship control. 
  • Time dilation (slow down time) - make time for decisions and tactics
  • Missions and events
  • Be a pirate; then, become a pirate overlord

These are the features that are present in the game now, and there are a host of others to be implemented as development progress. Future features include conquering territory, owning property and an engaging storyline with unique missions and boss battles.

What will you become?

Already, the game has plenty of features to keep players busy. There are various ships, missions, and options to choose from. You can start building up your fleet, mining operations, trading empire or even working your way to becoming a pirate overlord today.

Will you be playing Void Destroyer 2? What will you become? Let me know in the comments below.