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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has arrived, and with it, new loot. One of the most desirable guns is the legendary hand cannon, Bottom Dollar. This weapon has quickly shot to the top of many a guardian’s wishlist. So, what makes this gun so desirable, and how do you get your hands on one?

This Destiny 2 guide will explain what makes Bottom Dollar so great, including perks to look out for, as well as tell you how to get it and farm it for better rolls. 

Bottom Dollar Has Incredible Variety

Bottom Dollar is a void hand canon of that fires at 120 rounds per minute (RPM). This archetype has a slow rate of fire, but it hits extremely hard. However, it typically has very good range. By default, it can one-shot weaker PvE enemies, and it can kill guardians in the crucible with just three shots.  

There are two slots for perks, and each one has 12 different variations that can drop. That makes for 144 different possible combinations. 

There are multiple sets of perks that can allow you to kill most other guardians in the crucible with just two shots. Rampage will do it by giving you a damage boost after a kill. High Impact reserves will do the same if you fire shots until there are just two rounds in your gun.

Combine that with Slide Shot, which reloads two rounds when you slide, and you can chain two-shot kills, provided you land your shots. It’s incredibly lethal.  

For PvE players, perks like Multikill Clip provide increasing damage buffs when rapidly killing enemies. Fourth Time's the Charm will keep partially refilling your magazine when you chain critical hits, allowing you to keep firing for extended periods of time. And Unrelenting triggers health regeneration for rapid kills, allowing you to survive aggressive play in even the most chaotic of situations.  

How to Farm Bottom Dollar for Better Perks

Bottom Dollar can only be acquired by playing rounds of Gambit. It is a random drop at the end of matches, so you have to play all the way through to have a shot at getting one.

The good news is that makes it equally easy for anyone to get their hands on one. The bad news is you are solely dependent on RNG. However, you can increase your odds of finding Bottom Dollar by taking advantage of the optional perks on your ghost.

Go into your inventory and increase the rank of your ghost until you can unlock the mod called “Gambit Prosperity." With this mod equipped, you will have the potential to have an extra legendary item drop after a win. More legendary drops mean more chances for your ideal Bottom Dollar. This only affects matches you win though, so prepare to get sweaty.  

The best thing you can do is play a lot of Gambit, as reports on Bottom Dollar drop rates vary. Some users have reported dozens of matches without finding it.

Anecdotally, mine dropped after four matches. Two of my clanmates found theirs after a similar number of tries. Given the number of possible perk combinations, it is likely you will need to go through several versions of the gun in order to find something that works for you. But you will eventually find your Bottom Dollar God roll.

There you go. The formula is simple. Load up Gambit and grind. Your fate is in the hands of RNG. Perseverance is your best tool to get the Bottom Dollar variant you want. But if you put in the time, you too can be the proud owner of one of the best all-around weapons in the game. Matching PvP skills not included. For more on Destiny 2, head over to our guides hub for walkthroughs on Dead Man's Tale and how to use the Hammer of Proving

Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale Presage Quest Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/472bb/destiny-2-dead-mans-tale-presage-quest-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/472bb/destiny-2-dead-mans-tale-presage-quest-walkthrough Fri, 19 Feb 2021 16:51:21 -0500 John Schutt

There's a new exotic scout rifle to collect in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. It's called Dead Man's Tale, and it's the ultimate reward for the Voices From the Other Side Exotic Quest and the Presage mission. 

You won't need to jump through too many hoops to get your hands on the new gun, but the Presage mission involves light puzzle-solving and platforming that can be a bit tricky. 

In this guide, we're going in-depth on how to unlock the Presage mission and will walk you through the mission step by step to help you get your hands on Dead Man's Tale.

How to Unlock the Presage Mission

When Destiny 2 received its weekly update on February 16, 2021, a closed door in the Arms Dealer Strike quietly opened.

The door in question is at the back of the beginning area, where you and your fireteam spawn in. Kill the first group of enemies you come across, and instead of going left to continue the strike, go right and through the newly-opened door.

Beyond is a chamber filled with auto-turrets. Kill them and go through the door at the back of the room. You'll see a boss Phalanx enemy waiting for you in the hanger. Kill it, and head to the rightmost outside platform. There is a crate, and inside is a datapad containing the distress signal you're looking for. 

With the datapad in hand, go back to the Tower and meet with Zavala. He'll drop a little lore on you and send you to Reef, where the Presage mission awaits.

Open up Tangled Shore, and click Engram symbol in the top-left, which launches the mission. 

Presage Walkthrough

In a dark corner of space, the Cabal vessel Glykon floats aimlessly through a debris field. Once you load in, you'll be at the back of a loading dock. Turn to your left, and you'll see a red platform. Jump across.

Follow the red platforms and lights around the side of the ship. At the end, you'll see a platform above your head. Jump up to it.

From the first platform, jump to the small outcropping on your right.

Next, jump to the platform directly in front of you. Then turn around to the other platform.

Your next jump is a doozy. Turn back around, and look up. You'll see a platform high above your head and quite the ways away. 

There is a platform more directly above you that you could make your way onto, but it's actually easier to make the big leap. Aim for the close-right corner and try to get the maximum height out of your class's jump.

Once you make the big leap, you'll see a platform in the distance. Be careful of the overhang, and extend your jump as far as you can. You'll make it into a red-lit hallway. Proceed inside until you reach a breakable grate. Shoot through it and head to the end of the hallway, where you'll see another grate behind a pipe.

Beyond the "hidden" grate is another hallway. Head to the end, slide beneath the large pipe, then turn around and look up. You'll be able to jump into an upper hallway with an opening at its end.

There's another grate (be ready for a lot of these), which will drop you into a hanger bay. In here, you'll see a switch on your right. Flip it to open the way to the beginning of the level.

These switches are one of three main mechanics you'll be using throughout Presage. On the other side of the room, beyond a blast door, is one of the other mechanics in this mission—a Darkness door.

The Darkness door is a silvery mist that, if touched, will kill you very, very quickly. To the left of the mist is a mound of spore pods. Move right up next to them and shoot until your screen glows, and you a buff called Egregore Link. You'll have 15 seconds to make it through the mist. 

You only need to make it through the mist, though. The areas beyond will not hurt you.

Through this first mist is a large room with a bunch of Darkness flora and locked doors. There's a platform at the top left of the room — make your way up through the breakable grate.

Follow the resulting hallway to a hole in the floor, which will drop you into a large room with impassable electrical walls. 

Before proceeding forward, turn around and head to the end of the hall behind you. There's a switch you'll need to flip.

Flipping this switch will open the way to spores where you dropped in.

Go ahead and gather the Egregore Link and jump across the chasm. There's another set of Darkness doors. Which you choose doesn't matter this time. Beyond the mist wall will be some Screebs, and you'll be in the middle of the two electric walls. 

Across the way, you'll see the third and final mechanic: destructible fuses. Shoot this one, and the door hatch in front of it will open.

Head down into the dark chamber, kill the Screebs that spawn, then jump into the orange-lit area. Flip the switch there.

That switch will open the upper door on the other end of the chamber.

Beyond that door is the end of the electric wall room. Jump across the chasm and flip the switch on the far side, which will open the lower hatch and expose a circuit.

Breaking this circuit will open the hatch near the bottom of the electric wall room you just left. Head back up and then jump down. The platform in front of the hatch will rotate so you can land on it.

This hatch will lead into a horrible dark tunnel, which takes you to an equally horrible room with collapsing walls.

You'll flip one switch, and the walls will begin to close in on you, eventually crushing you flat and sending you to respawn.

You'll have to destroy at least three and as many as six circuits beneath grates on the floor. Their locations and their number are randomized, as is the exit hole, also hiding beneath a grate but marked with bright red lights.

Down the hole is a one-way dark hallway that ends in another drop, where you'll see the boss of the area: the Locus of Communion. He'll summon a bunch of Scorn enemies. Kill them and head through the door at the back of the room.

Follow the path around until you reach a large, dark room. Head beyond this room to reach the largest hanger bay yet. Be ready for a fight. This one is a doozy.

Your best bet is to stick to the back of the room and use the cover however you can. The Anarchy Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher will be your best friend here, but anything that can deal a lot of damage at range is ideal. Two Abominations will spawn, and they've got a ton of health. Don't focus them, however, as too much damage will spawn more enemies.

Instead, clear out all the lesser foes first, then work on the big guys. Don't be discouraged if you fail this fight a few times. It's probably the toughest in the mission.

Once you do finish, look out into space. There's more platforming to do.

Follow the platforms until you reach another hanger bay, then make your way up the ship and other equipment until you reach a door near the top of the room.

Head through the door and around the green-lit hallway. Fall through yet another hatch in the floor until you reach the green room with the dead Scorn in the middle.

Turn left, and you'll see another switch that, when flipped, will open the door to spores. Pick them up and head across the room to the door. Beyond it is a Darkness mist barrier. Go through that as well.

At the far end of the room you reach will be another switch. Flip it to open the door to a circuit.

Breaking that circuit will turn off the electric wall above the switch, but you'll have to shoot from across the room, as the wall will only be off for a short time. Jump into the chamber behind the electric wall and flip both switches. The first will open the way to more spores; the second will let you back down.

Head to the spores, pick them up, and go to the mist gate at the back of the room around the corner.

The room behind the mist will have some enemies to kill. There is another switch to flip at the back of the room. Do so.

That switch opens the door on the lower level of the room, but you'll need to get through a turret first.

The little room with the turret has another circuit to break. Do so, and you'll open another set of spores. Pick those up and head through the hole in the floor at the far end of the room near the switch.

You'll drop into a maze, but the actual solution to progress goes through the double grate to the spores' light and the double grates across from the spores. 

Eventually, you'll run into an intersection where more Screebs spawn. Take the left hallway to find the Darkness mist door. You'll have more than enough time to make it through.

Past this door, you'll find yourself back in the lab with the Scorn corpse. Go through the now open door to your left and through the Darkness mist. 

You'll enter a room with two orange-bar Abominations and some other Scorn enemies. Kill them and proceed to find another mist door. Look for another switch nearby surrounded by Darkness goop.

Flipping the switch will open a circuit door back towards the room entrance, hiding behind a set of pipes.

Break the circuit to unlock the door to more Spores. Head beyond the Darkness mist and into the penultimate chamber. 

Prepare for more doubling back here. Make your way across the rotating platforms, watching out for the Scorn snipers on your path. At the end of the jumping section will be a locked door and a switch. Flip the latter.

Activating the switch opens a circuit in the middle of the platforming section. Head over and shoot it.

Breaking this circuit will open the door to another Darkness mist, so go back to the area's entrance to load up on spores. The middle mist leads to more spores, which will take you out of this platforming challenge.

Beyond the final mist door, you'll see a spot for a Raid banner. Plant it and prepare for a boss fight.

How to Defeat the Locus of Communion

There are three phases to the Presage mission boss, known as Locus of Communion. 

The battle will start in the upper portion of the arena, but after taking about 20% of his first health bar, Locus will teleport away. Enemies will spawn. Clear them until only a few remain, and move to the terminals at either end of the room. The red lights above them will start to flash when they're ready to be activated.

Once activated, you'll see a message about Coolant Flush Initiated. Trouble is, you need three terminals, not two. The third is in the red room in the middle. 

Going inside will damage you over time, so unless you have a Warlock's healing rift, you need to get in and out fast. 

Once you've completed all three Coolant Flushes, you can go down into the lower area and deal damage to the boss. 

Get the boss to one-third health and the lower room will begin to heat back up. You'll have a few seconds to escape and deal with the new wave of enemies up top.

Repeat the process two more times, and you'll have completed the final encounter. A door will open at the back left corner of the top room (relative to where you first came in), leading to the final chamber with more lore and the unlock condition for Dead Man's Tale.

There's some juicy lore associated with the last room of the mission, so I won't spoil it here.

And that's how you complete the Voices From the Other Side Exotic Quest and Presage mission to get Dead Man's Tale. Be aware that your first Exotic Scout will not have random perks, but rerunning the mission will reward one with random perks and a separate pinnacle-power drop. As of right now, it seems you can only receive one random Dead Man's Tale per week, per account, so don't expect to have a Vault full of them anytime soon.

Little Nightmares 2 School Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/39m9o/little-nightmares-2-school-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/39m9o/little-nightmares-2-school-walkthrough Thu, 18 Feb 2021 11:46:53 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

School is a rough time for almost everyone, and Little Nightmares 2 knows exactly how to play into those childhood fears. Nasty bullies, losing track of your friends, teachers who are out to get you. It's all there. This walkthrough will get you through it. 

The school is the second main area you encounter in the game, after the opening section in the wilderness. There are some tricky areas here, so here's how you get through this section of Little Nightmares 2

Beware: spoilers follow

Little Nightmares 2 School Walkthrough

Getting Inside

After you leave the wilderness, you'll start prowling through a ruined city. Take in the sights as you go, and you'll eventually walk through the cafe, just before encountering the school. This is where you'll find the first main puzzle section.

After you walk through the cafe, you'll find a pile of smashed televisions. Move to the wall on the right, and Six will get in place to boost you through a hole in the wall. In the next area, climb on top of the TV missing its screen and jump to grab the rope. Swing back and forth until you kick the other TV down the hole, pulling you up to a new area.

Jump onto the ledge and move to the left. Push the TV off the ledge, and Six will ride up to the floor above you.

Go back to the right and move up the stairs. Six will approach the other side of the large gap and catch you when you leap across. Go through the door on the left and approach the TV near the top of the ledge to find a Glitching Remains.

Cross the narrow beam, and you'll enter a room with a suit hanging from a noose. Squeeze through the next door, and you'll enter a room with a television putting out a strange signal. Walk towards it. Mono will place his hands on the screen.

Use the left stick to adjust the screen until it lines up straight, then do it a second time, and you'll be transported to a corridor. Run towards the door, and you'll eventually collapse back outside the screen.

Jump through the window to help Six pull the dumpster away from the fence to enter the playground. The building is in an "L" shape, so head to the juncture up past the main staircase. There's a Glitching Remains by a dumpster (the blue arrow in the screen below).

If you climb the stairs towards the front door, then move down to the top of yet another dumpster, you'll find the Soccer Ball Hat as well (the red circle). Finally, head to the lower right and climb the bedsheet rope to enter the school.

Getting to Class

Move to the right until you find a lever. Jump and grab it, and you'll notice something odd about the painting. Run up the hall in the middle of the corridor, then go through the door. There several objects here you can pick up.

Grab one and run back to the painting. When Mono changes the way he's holding the item, throw it at the painting to knock it off the wall, revealing a new path.

In the next room, jump onto the weak floorboard. Six will start jumping on it as well. Time your jump with hers a few times, and you'll open a trapdoor to the next section. As you move through the next few corridors, watch for loose floorboards that trigger swinging traps.

Eventually, you'll encounter a door on your right that leads to a janitor's closet and a hallway leading up towards a window and a toy sitting there. Approach closely, as a locker will fall on you if you run too quickly towards it.

Once the locker falls, jump on top of it, then over the ledge to the right. In the next room, crouch and trigger the trap that sends a light fixture swinging. It will swing over you if you're ducking. Jump on top of it and over the next obstacle.

In the next room, you'll be attacked by a group of Bullies. They'll trap you in a locker and capture Six. Once you free yourself, move right, grab the hammer, and smash the bully that's looking the other direction.

The next room has a pile of broken desks and another bully. Trigger the trap, and stay close to the screen to send a bucket swinging to smash the enemy. Jump on the chair and through the window of the door on the right.

Right after you land, approach the third locker (the only one without a latch) and pull it open to find a Glitching Remains. Keep moving right, past the elevator with the padlock, and you'll enter the classroom.

The School Classroom

Creep behind the desks whenever the teacher has her back turned, pausing if she looks out at the class. Keep moving right until you enter a small room full of cabinets. Start climbing the bookshelf to grab the key, but be ready: it will tip over once you get high enough.

After it does, quickly grab the key, and hide in the open box on the floor until the teacher shuts the door. This will open a small vent that leads back to the classroom.

Keep an eye on her pattern as she moves between the desks. Your goal should be to get back behind the desks, moving towards the elevator you saw on the way in. As you approach the door, the teacher will probably spot you. Just start sprinting, and you should be fine to open the lock and ride the elevator up.

Keep moving, and you'll encounter a bully drawing with chalk on the floor. Get it to notice you, but stay out of the reach of its tether: it will run at you and stun itself. Grab the pipe on the floor by the chalkboard and smash this foe, then break open the door to your right by hitting it with the pipe.

Climb up the desk and move through the vent until you fall out, knocking bottles to the floor below. Quickly move over the beam to the open box in the top left and crouch inside, as the teacher will come looking for you.

Once she stops looking, move over the other beams. You can grab the jar to avoid knocking it over, or you can move past it and hide in the other open box if the teacher investigates again. Jump to the bedsheet rope and climb up, moving over the beams until you come to a wooden plank standing upright. Push it over and walk across quickly, hopping into the vent and moving to the library.


A shadow moves past as the teacher enters the library. Drop to the floor, and you'll see a rolling ladder; move it over one shelf and climb up to find the Tin Can Hat.

Roll the ladder all the way to the right to get on the top of some shelves. When the books fall, start running. The teacher will burst through and snap at you.

Move quickly to reach the gap to evade her, and you'll come to a few towers of books. Jump to the first, then climb sideways to the other side to jump to the next. This will alert the teacher once again. Circle around the tower to avoid her spotting you until she gives up, then jump to the next area and hide behind the pile of books until she walks through the door.

Grab the box with the handle in the top left corner of the room, and drag it to the door the teacher walked through. Jump up to grab the handle, and move to the next area.

Climb up the staircase and head to the left. Near a few bottles, you'll spot a Glitching Remains. Move past the clock to the other side of the landing, and pick up the flat circle on the floor. Set it on top of the chess piece, climb on top, then jump to the door handle to encounter the chess puzzle.

The Queen's Gambit

In the room, you'll see a bully (deactivated) attached to a piece in the center of a chessboard. Move to the right and grab the drawing of the eye. It will flip up, revealing a drawing of the puzzle solution.

Jump on the table to take the top off the queen piece. Take it to the board, but just leave it on the floor for now.

Return to the hall and take the top off the piece you used to enter the room. Bring it inside, and place it on the piece on the left of the board so you can jump on the table and grab the king top. Put the king top on the piece just below the bully.

Take the flat rook top, and place it on the piece to the right of the black king, then put the queen top on the piece on the left, so the board matches the drawing. This will trigger the light on the right of that room. Use the top of the rook to jump onto this table, then jump and grab the light to open a secret door in the back.

Grab the key in this secret compartment, then exit the room and go back down the stairs. Head to the locked room on the right, and open it with the key you just obtained.

In the next hallway, move the rolling shelves from the left side to the right. You'll move them away from a door. Push through this door to find a Glitching Remains. Then climb the rolling shelves, and go through the vent to enter the kitchen. Grab the ladle off the floor, and you'll have to beat up a group of bullies.

The timing here is tricky, but take them all out, and one's head will pop off instead of shattering. Approach this head, and you'll put it on. Then move to the vent on the right to enter the cafeteria.

Move past all the chaos, avoiding falling objects or getting too close to any of the bullies. Keep moving until you reach a small closet and the bully's head falls off your own and breaks.

For Science!

In this small room, climb the shelves in the top right to start moving upwards. Keep moving higher, walking over the wooden board on the lights, climbing another set of shelves, jumping to the rope and swinging across. Grab the brain in the jar, and throw it to the floor, then jump on the hook to follow it to the ground.

Pick up the brain, and throw it at the button on the wall to open the door. Move into the next room and through the vent, hiding under the desk until the teacher moves. When she's on the right side of the room, move to the middle section and hide. She will eventually take a knife out of the drawer and move to the next room. Push through the door to follow her inside.

Once inside, climb up the desk drawers so you're on the same counter the teacher is working at. Stay behind the jars, and she'll eventually turn her back. Pause at each section of jars, staying crouched until she turns her back each time. You'll hop over onto another table, then eventually through another vent. Climb the bookcase in this next room to go through another vent and encounter more bullies.

Pick up the hammer, and work your way through this (incredibly irritating) section of traps and bullies. You'll probably die here a few times as you work out the timing.

Eventually, you'll enter a bathroom where you'll find Six suspended in the air by a rope. Smash the bullies in this room, and use the hammer to hit the wooden boards to release your old friend. Exit through the window, cross the boards, and you'll be in a room with a piano.

Sweet Music

Use the lever in the back to lift the piano off the ground, then drop it on the floor. Climb on top of it, and time your jumps with Six to finish the hole and fall to the lower level. Approach the top left corner of this new room, and Six will boost you through the hole in the wall.

Sneak around the back of this room as Six jumps on the piano keys, distracting the bully. Grab the pipe and smash her, then pick up the key in the center of the room. Grab the screen, and Six will help you lift it open so you can reenter the piano room. Use the key to open the door on the right.

There's a bully in the next room, but keep sneaking to the right, and Six will take care of it. Pull out the drawer and use it as a step to climb over the dresser, then run up the stairs. Approach the flat surface of the cabinet near the door. Six will boost you up. Climb to the top of the file cabinet, then push the box off. This will allow Six to climb up and help you open the vent cover.

You'll find the teacher playing the piano. Only move when she's playing: if you make any noise when she stops to write, she'll catch you.

You'll need to get to the lever on the right side of the room, use it to lower the scaffolding, pull the wheeled box to the left side of the room, use that to climb back up, then cross the scaffold with Six.

She will hear you when you pry open the vent cover and chase you. Just keep moving, and you'll eventually escape to the street, exiting the school for good. Continue moving to the right, crossing a wooden plank over a chasm and wheeling a dumpster to access a high ledge, and you'll see a small alley with a paper boat in it. Approach it to get the last Glitching Remains in this section and pop an achievement.

Phew! That's it for our Little Nightmares 2 school walkthrough guide. Now you're on to the hospital. For more on Little Nightmares 2, consider checking out our other guides on hat locations and how to find all of the game's glitching remains

Hitman 3 Whiteout Challenge Guide: How to Get the Cocaine Brick and Use It https://www.gameskinny.com/owwuy/hitman-3-whiteout-challenge-guide-how-to-get-the-cocaine-brick-and-use-it https://www.gameskinny.com/owwuy/hitman-3-whiteout-challenge-guide-how-to-get-the-cocaine-brick-and-use-it Fri, 29 Jan 2021 16:04:58 -0500 Mark Delaney

Among the hundreds of Hitman 3 challenges, one of the funnier ones comes in the Berlin level, during Apex Predator, in which Agent 47 can cropdust a crowd of ravers and one of his targets with cocaine. 

If you're wondering how to complete the Hitman 3 Whiteout challenge and increase your level mastery for Berlin, here's all you need to know.

Hitman 3 Whiteout Challenge Walkthrough

Starting on the Berlin level, you'll want to get inside the biker club. From the queue outside Club Holle, run to the back of the level.

Dodge the guarded checkpoint by running to the right and hopping over the broken wall.

Keep sneaking through the few guards back there, or to make it a bit easier, change into one of their disguises when you isolate them.

You can use the nearby crowbar to distract and incapacitate them, as you may need it in a moment for something else anyway.

Head to the back where you'll see the biker garage on the left and a camera scanning the area on the right. In between those is a locked door. Use a lockpick or the crowbar to get the door open, then take the disguise of the food delivery guy who is back there on the phone.

As the delivery driver, ring the doorbell on the biker garage door. A biker will open the door but not let you in. Knock him out and hide the body in the nearby dumpster. Take his disguise too.

Now that you're a biker, you can move mostly freely. As always, be mindful of those who can see through your disguise.

Head to the room where bikers are filling statues with drugs and take the cocaine brick. 

With the drugs in your inventory, make your way to the dance floor of Club Holle where an EDM light show is going on. Far on stage right (your left) is a fan keeping the tripped-out audience cool.

Scan the guard near the stage with Instinct mode and it should trigger him checking in with his boss, signaling to Agent 47 that he's the Agent Chamberlain you're looking for.

Once he's identified (after your first playthrough, he will start out this way), stand by the fan with the cocaine brick in hand. Wait until he begins to move through the audience.

When he's close to the fan, throw the cocaine brick into the fan. This will spread the cocaine across the frontmost dancers and Chamberlain.

This will immediately unlock the Whiteout challenge, but as an added bonus, if you're looking to complete the hit, Chamberlain doesn't handle the accidental drug huff and ends up throwing up in the nearby bathroom, leaving you with an easy chance to drown him in his own vomit. Well done, 47.

That's all you need to know about how to complete the Hitman 3 Whiteout challenge. While you're here, you could also go to the basement bar and complete the Coconut Ball Surprise challenge if you haven't already. For more walkthroughs and tips, consider checking out our other Hitman 3 articles here

Hitman 3 Coconut Ball Surprise Challenge Guide: How to Knock Out Florida Man https://www.gameskinny.com/knmw6/hitman-3-coconut-ball-surprise-challenge-guide-how-to-knock-out-florida-man https://www.gameskinny.com/knmw6/hitman-3-coconut-ball-surprise-challenge-guide-how-to-knock-out-florida-man Fri, 29 Jan 2021 15:56:04 -0500 Mark Delaney

Yes, Agent 47 can be the most accurate sharpshooter, the stealthiest assassin, and the most executing tactician in all the world, but he can just as likely bonk a dude on the head with a coconut. That's exactly the case with the Hitman 3 Coconut Ball Surprise challenge in Berlin level, Apex Predator. 

If you're wondering how to complete the Hitman 3 Coconut Ball Surprise challenge, follow our guide below.

Hitman 3 Coconut Ball Surprise Challenge Walkthrough

The Coconut Ball Surprise challenge can be completed on Hitman 3's Berlin level, Apex Predator. Go down to the Basement Bar, which is on the same level as the dance floor with the pulsing EDM music and lights going wild. At the back of the dancefloor and to the left is the entrance to the Basement Bar.

Head inside and grab the coconut from behind the bar. Note that this will be considered trespassing unless you're disguised as a guard or a bartender.

Once you have the coconut in hand, head down the hall and into the next room. There should be a conversation happening between a drug dealer in a red fishing hat and others. 

Approach the dealer telling him you want to buy, and he will escort you to a private area to do business. While there, knock him out and assume his identity. Then return to where you first met him.

If not right away, within a short period, an NPC named Florida Man should show up. You can talk to him if you'd like, but he's the subject of today's coconut bonking, so take out the fuzzy object and chuck it as his head.

As soon as it hits, you'll unlock the Coconut Ball Surprise challenge in Hitman 3.

Note that the Florida Man NPC is said to move around freely, but in our time with the game, he was impossible to find unless we summoned him by disguising Agent 47 as the drug dealer. Rather than find a flashy pants needle in a haystack of ravers, we think this drug dealer workaround is your best bet to finding him in Berlin and chucking a coconut at his head. Well done, 47.

That's it for the Hitman 3 Coconut Ball Surprise challenge in Berlin. For more assassination tips, consider heading over to our Hitman 3 hub for other challenge walkthroughs and guides. 

Hitman 3 Nightcrawler Challenge Guide: How Take a Picture of the Sheik https://www.gameskinny.com/79jkn/hitman-3-nightcrawler-challenge-guide-how-take-a-picture-of-the-sheik https://www.gameskinny.com/79jkn/hitman-3-nightcrawler-challenge-guide-how-take-a-picture-of-the-sheik Fri, 29 Jan 2021 11:24:25 -0500 Mark Delaney

Of all the hundreds of challenges in the game, the Hitman 3 Nightcrawler challenge is among the creepiest. It requires you to take a picture of the Sheik sleeping in his guest room in Dubai during On Top of the World. But since there's XP on the line, we did it anyway, and you can too if you follow our guide.

It's not a difficult challenge by most measures, but it does require some patience and a quick snap of the camera when it's time. Here's how to complete the Hitman 3 Nightcrawler challenge.

Hitman 3 Nightcrawler Challenge Walkthrough

The Sheik always begins the level speaking on stage, as he's unveiling the gold-coated skyscraper you're standing in. You can find the stage at the beginning of the level.  

Notice that his outfit is darker, while everyone else dressed like him is wearing white. Keep that in mind so he's easy to find in a bit, because the first thing you'll want to do is change into the disguise of a Penthouse guard. They're the security guards with red hats who are mostly found on Level 3 and up.

There seems not to be any particular guard who is especially vulnerable, so pick one that works for you and be sure to hide the body. You don't want to cause a disturbance and get the Skeik off his path.

Once you're dressed like a Penthouse guard, head back down to the heart of the party where the Sheik will still be mingling with guests.

Depending on how long you were gone, he's either going to be at the bar, speaking with random guests, or talking with one of the targets for the level, Marcus Stuyvesant. After he does this, the Sheik returns to the bar, then tells his guards he's going to "retire upstairs."

Mind that you're intent this whole time is to simply keep following him. Don't let him out of your sight, but also be mindful of the guards who can see through your disguise and dodge them as needed.

Eventually, the Sheik will enter Carl Ingram's private room and speak on the balcony for a moment. While he is in there, break into the locked room at the end of the hall. It's his room, and you'll want to get in easily before he enters, though you could also try to walk right in behind him if you can avoid the guard suspicious of you in that hall.

After that, he will head into his room and tell his guards he is going to get some rest. He doesn't kick you out, so stay by his bed and pull out Agent 47's camera tool. 

The Sheik will only rest for a brief moment, less than five seconds rather inexplicably, so take the photo quickly, and you'll have your creepy challenge completed. Well done, 47.

That's all you need to know about how to complete the Hitman 3 Nightcrawler challenge in Dubai, On Top of the World. If you're looking for more assassination tips and tricks, we've got you covered here

Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business Challenge Guide: Where to Place the Banana https://www.gameskinny.com/4xheb/hitman-3-flying-monkey-business-challenge-guide-where-to-place-the-banana https://www.gameskinny.com/4xheb/hitman-3-flying-monkey-business-challenge-guide-where-to-place-the-banana Fri, 29 Jan 2021 11:24:04 -0500 Mark Delaney

One of the best challenges in Hitman 3 is Flying Monkey Business, which can be completed on the Dubai level, On Top of the World. If you're looking for the steps you need to complete the challenge, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business.

Here's how to get a target to slip on a banana peel while fleeing on a parachute.

Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business Challenge Walkthrough

The steps for Flying Monkey Business would be a lot more complicated, but luckily, much of it follows a Mission Story, "How the Mighty Fall," meaning the game will guide you for portions of this challenge.

To start, find one of the three bananas on the level. The easiest banana to find, if you're at least Mastery Level 4 on Dubai, is in the staff briefing room on the table. You can choose it as a starting location and already be dressed as a guard working the party.

Pick up the banana, and go to the Penthouse floor (Level 3). Head outside to where Ingram can play golf (you may know it from our Angry Birdy challenge guide). Make a manual save before placing the banana in case you need to reload for better placement. 

Holding LB+RB on Xbox, L2+ R2 on PlayStation, or ZL+ZR on Switch, place the banana directly where it's shown in the image below. This allows it to be placed as a banana peel rather than just a banana.

Notice how many tile lines it is away from the parachute (three). Be very exacting with this or you may miss your target. 

Next, head into the game's menus and choose to follow the Mission Story named "How The Mighty Fall."

For the next several steps, you'll be along for the ride, waypoint to waypoint, as you help Gray get some facetime with your two Providence targets on that level. He taunts them via video chat and tells you to "end it" when he's done, but don't.

Instead, let the scene keep playing out. Eventually, Ingram will find the panic button release and the previously locked room will open. They'll call for help having just been threatened with execution, and the whole place will soon go on alert, signaling an emergency evacuation.

The targets eventually run to their emergency parachutes (which, by the way, you can sabotage by cutting them with the kitchen knife found in the panic room.) They'll take the chutes and with their small army of armed guards, head outside to make an emergency getaway.

If you've placed the banana correctly, one of them will slip and briefly get knocked out, thus completing the Flying Monkey Business challenge. If they somehow missed it, reload a save from before you placed the banana and adjust accordingly.

Eventually, you'll get to witness the hijinx for yourself, and even pop an achievement or trophy in the process if you're playing on Xbox or PlayStation respectively. Well done, 47. That's all for the Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business challenge. For more assassination tips and tricks, we've got more guides here

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Challenge Guide: How to Get the Explosive Golf Ball https://www.gameskinny.com/lnd81/hitman-3-angry-birdy-challenge-guide-how-to-get-the-explosive-golf-ball https://www.gameskinny.com/lnd81/hitman-3-angry-birdy-challenge-guide-how-to-get-the-explosive-golf-ball Fri, 29 Jan 2021 11:23:49 -0500 Mark Delaney

Like always in this series, Hitman 3 is full of odd, obtuse, and often funny challenges for players to complete. If you're wondering how to complete the Angry Birdy challenge on Hitman 3's Dubai level, Top of the World, this complete guide will ensure you get the explosive golf ball straight to Carl Ingram's green before he tees off   and blows up!

Here's how to complete the Hitman 3 Angry Birdy challenge.

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Walkthrough

The first thing you'll want to do is go upstairs to Level 3 by the staff room. It's worth noting that if you're at least Mastery Level 4, you can choose this room as a starting area and already be clad in a waiter's outfit for easier moving about incognito. Otherwise, you'll want to grab a staff or security disguise before heading upstairs.

In this hall (the same one where you get the privilege keycard for the server room) there will be two maintenance workers. One is a man working in the corner, and another is a woman on the phone talking about an explosive golf ball she brought to work but decided not to unleash on her boss.

If you hurry while she's on the phone, you can knockout the man, stash his body in the closet in the hall, and take his disguise.

You'll also want to knock out the woman when you get the chance, as she's got the key to the maintenance room at the end of the hall.

Stash her body away as well and take the key to the end of the hall. Inside the door at the end of the hall, grab the explosive golf ball behind the red toolbox.

Next, you'll want to gain access to the Penthouse suite, up another level on Level 4. For that, take a disguise from a Penthouse security guard  the ones with the red hats.

Once you have that, you can mostly move freely, just be mindful of the occasional NPC that will spot you as an intruder if you're too close for too long. 

Go up the lavish staircase, and you'll see an interior with more rooms on the left and a balcony on the right. Head outside to the balcony and leave the explosive golf ball in the bucket of many more golf balls.

It'll be the first (and last) Ingram selects in a few moments.

With the ball waiting for its victim, you'll need to get Ingram frustrated so he abandons his loop and retires to some golf for what he wrongly expects will be a relaxing distraction.

How to Distract Ingram So He Uses the Golf Ball

It's important to know there are two levels to this area, and Ingram's path takes him up and down, through several rooms.

First, follow him until he's in the lower-level sitting room dictating an oral history of Providence into a recorder.

When it's safe, turn on the radio in the corner of the room. Careful as it's considered an illegal action and will arouse suspicion if anyone sees you do it. This will frustrate Ingram but he will resume dictating. Turn on the radio a second time to get him to storm off in a huff. 

Next, he'll move upstairs to his room. Keep following and again be mindful of the guards who will see through your disguise.

When he begins dictating in his room (where he's sitting behind a bunch of computer monitors), turn on the vacuum just outside the room to frustrate him a third and final time. This is another illegal action, so be careful.

Sensing he can't get any work done, he heads off to golf and take his mind off things. You can follow to watch the show or wait for the notice from a distance, but at that point, he's bound for the explosive golf ball.

He'll tee off, explode on contact, and maybe even fall off the side of the skyscraper for good measure. Well done, 47.

That's it for how to complete the Hitman 3 Angry Birdy challenge and get the explosive golf ball. For more assassination tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Hitman 3 guides page

How to Get the Hitman 3 Case File in Dartmoor: Death in the Family https://www.gameskinny.com/9b52h/how-to-get-the-hitman-3-case-file-in-dartmoor-death-in-the-family https://www.gameskinny.com/9b52h/how-to-get-the-hitman-3-case-file-in-dartmoor-death-in-the-family Sat, 23 Jan 2021 16:50:45 -0500 Mark Delaney

While Hitman is usually a series focused on assassinating your targets, the World of Assassination trilogy has mixed up mission objectives more than a few times. With Hitman 3, one early example is the Case File in Dartmoor, or the "Death in the Family" level. If you're wondering how to get the Hitman 3 case file, either with the safe code or not, we have you covered in this guide. 

There are, of course, several ways to get this high-security item. Below we've explained the different solutions in a method-by-method walkthrough. 

Method 1: Crack the Safe

The physical Case File is upstairs in Alexa Carlisle's Office (Level 2 on your map). It's stashed away in a safe. Besides Alexa, only the bodyguards are allowed in the room. If Agent 47 is seen inside wearing any disguise other than a bodyguard uniform disguise (or no disguise at all, of course) it will be considered trespassing. Keep that in mind when you're strategizing how to enter the room.

The safe is guarded by a four-digit keycode, but you won't find the safe code in a document, nor overhear it in conversation, like so many other puzzle solutions in Hitman. Instead, pay attention to the room around you.

How to Get the Safe Code for the Case File

First, press the button on Alexa's chair, which moves a portrait and reveals the safe. Approach the safe and notice the four images above it. They are:

  • A clock
  • A telescope
  • A fire
  • A moose

These are clues you'll need to find the keycode. Look around the room for the items related to those images. 

From the safe and looking back toward the entrance, the clock is on the right side bureau, the telescope is upstairs in the window, the fireplace is easily spotted on the left wall, and the moose is a taxidermied moose head above the entrance doors.

Approach each of them and look for a small number on a plaque nearby, usually on a wall beside each item, though the number for the clock sits in front of it.

These numbers, if entered correctly, are your safe keycode. So for clock-telescope-fireplace-moose, the keycode is 1975. Enter that code and the safe will open without any alarm to worry about. From there, make your escape or finish off Alexa if you haven't yet to complete the level.

Method 2: Make Alexa Give You the Case File

This is the most time-consuming of all ways to obtain the Case File, but it might end up your favorite method too. To convince Alexa to give you the Case FIle, you'll need to follow the Murder Mystery storyline by activating the Mission Story "Means, Motive, and Opportunity" (or otherwise following those steps if you don't want the HUD guidance).

We've already gone ahead and fully detailed the murder mystery plot. Use our guide on the Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery to eventually give yourself the opportunity to take the Case File peacefully from Alexa herself.

Method 3: Take Tokens from Fernsby and Rebecca

Entrusting two halves of the Case File with her butler Mr. Fernsby and her daughter Rebecca, Alexa has unknowingly put the pair in the crosshairs of The Silent Assassin.

Players need not ever head to the third-floor safe if they choose this route. Instead, find ways to incapacitate Mr. Fernsby the butler, as well as Rebeca Carlisle, pictured above.

When knocked out or killed, they will each drop a Case File Token. Once you acquire both, you don't even need to go upstairs. You've acquired the Case File via this alternative route.

If you've already finished off Alexa by then, you're in the clear. Head to the exit with everything you need, another job well done and the Case File on The Constant, Hitman's Big Bad.

And that's all you need to know about getting the Hitman 3 case file in Dartmoor during the Death in the Family mission. Whether you use the safe code or solve the murder mystery in "Means, Motive, and Opportunity," you've fulfilled the mission's second objective and gotten more points to your level mastery. 

Marvel's Avengers Guide: How to Unlock DNA Chests https://www.gameskinny.com/jfb7q/marvels-avengers-guide-how-to-unlock-dna-chests https://www.gameskinny.com/jfb7q/marvels-avengers-guide-how-to-unlock-dna-chests Fri, 18 Sep 2020 12:48:26 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Marvel's Avengers is built around the core concept of loot. No matter what mission you undertake, strongboxes play a big role in each. These chests contain new epic, legendary, and exotic gear that will (hopefully) level up your hero. One of the many strongboxes you'll come across are DNA chests.

When you first inspect DNA chests, they're seemingly locked. Marvel's Avengers is pretty nebulous about what you actually need to do to unlock these chests since accessing them is the best way to grab the highest tier gear.

This guide will go over how to get DNA keys, how to unlock DNA chests, and where to chests if you're having trouble pinpointing their locations. 

How to Unlock DNA Chests in Marvel's Avengers

It's important to know that unlocking DNA chests is a hard feat unless you're already in Avenger's endgame. Unlocking DNA chests requires DNA, and getting DNA is no easy task.

How to get DNA

To get DNA, you need to defeat a human boss. This means villains like:

  • Taskmaster
  • Monica Rappaccini

Other bosses such as Abomination, Warbot, and Warship will not give you DNA.

Farm DNA Keys through Villain Sector Missions

To replay past boss fights, you must take on Villain Sector missions. These can be obtained from Faction Coordinators on the Chimera or the Ant Hill, so be sure to obtain both for two chances to gain the DNA keys.

Alisande Morales giving a villain sector mission called Tame the Titan.

Where to find DNA chests in Marvel's Avengers

For the most part, the spawn rate for DNA chests is random, and they can mostly be found around many of the open environments in Marvel's Avengers.

Vault Missions

For a guaranteed DNA chest (and a SHIELD Cache), be sure to complete Vault Missions after the main campaign. Vault Missions will task you with unlocking a vault, which can be fairly challenging. You'll need to input codes, defeat multiple waves of enemies, and survive, so having a strong team is advised. But inside, you'll find high-level goodies to help power up your heroes.

Doing Vault Missions is a sure-fire way to grab DNA chests and some of the best gear in the game. For more on Marvel's Avengers, including our guide on Synthoids and how to find Sidney Levine, visit our tips page here.

Wasteland 3 Guide: All Skill Book Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/td4h4/wasteland-3-guide-all-skill-book-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/td4h4/wasteland-3-guide-all-skill-book-locations Tue, 15 Sep 2020 15:37:40 -0400 Daniel Hollis

It's important to monitor your squad's progression fairly often in Wasteland 3. By constantly leveling up companions, you'll receive points you can allocate to particular skills you wish to advance. From Brawling to Toaster Repair, there are numerous perks to consider, and one way to get those perks is to find skill books. 

Skill books are hidden items that will permanently gift you +1 in a particular skill. A majority of Wasteland 3's skill books can be found through general exploration, while others are tied to particular quests.

Below is a rundown of the skill books we've found so far, their locations, and the requirements for getting them.

Wasteland 3 Guide: All Skill Book Locations

Be the Dog
  • Perk: +1 Animal Whisperer.
  • Location: Denver Ruins, inside the airport.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Be the Dog skill book in Denver Ruins.

Weinberger Guide to Body Armor Customization 
  • Perk: +1 Armor Modding.
  • Location: Denver Ruins; talk to Sister Nancy Forge.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Weinberger Guide to Body Armor Customization skill book in Denver Ruins.

The Infantryman's Bible
  • Perk: +1 Automatic Weapons.
  • Location: Hoon Homestead; side with Hoon Homestead during Hoon vs. Arapaho debacle or loot the corpses after the mission.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Infantryman's Bible skill book in Hoon Homestead.

The Brooklyn Bridge: Sold
  • Perk: +1 Barter.
  • Location: Tellurium Mine.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Brooklyn Bridge: Sold skill book in Tellurium Mine.

The Legend of Bazooka Jim
  • Perk: +1 Big Guns.
  • Location: Patriarch's Palace at Colorado Springs, inside Victory's room.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Legend of Bazooka Jim skill book in Patriarch's Palace.

Kumite: A History
  • Perk: +1 Brawling.
  • Location: Garden of the Gods at Colorado Springs, inside Bellamy's Workshop.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Kumite: A History skill book in Garden of the Gods.

Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD
  • Perk: +1 Combat Shooting.
  • Location: Downtown Colorado Springs; complete the quest Wolfe's Hunt and follow the quest giver's instructions.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Dirk Markowitz's Stealth Squad skill book in Downtown Colorado Springs.

The Red Wire or the Blue
  • Perk: +1 Explosives.
  • Location: Arapaho Caravan; search the chests inside the building.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Red Wire or the Blue skill book in Arapaho Caravan.

Grey's Anatomy
  • Perk: +1 First Aid.
  • Location: Old Survivalist Bunker at Broadmoor Heights in Colorado Springs; go into the flooded room and search the pile of books.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Grey's Anatomy skill book in the Old Survivalist Bunker.

The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book
  • Perk: +1 Hard Ass.
  • Location: Bizarre; complete the quest Nightmare in the Bizarre.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book skill book in the Bizarre.

Negotiated Settlement
  • Perk: +1 Kiss Ass.
  • Location: Broadmoor Heights at Colorado Springs, inside the church.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Negotiated Settlement skill book in Broadmoor Heights..

Best Boss
  • Perk: +1 Leadership.
  • Location: Little Hell, inside Vic's room.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Best Boss skill book in Little Hell.

The Locksmith's Companion
  • Perk: +1 Lockpicking.
  • Location: Peterson Air Force Base at Colorado Springs; go to the Brig. The skill book is inside a locked desk.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Locksmith's Companion skill book in Peterson Air Force Base.

The Shade Tree Mechanic
  • Perk: +1 Mechanics.
  • Location: Downtown Colorado Springs; search the lockers inside the Machine Shop.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Shade Tree Mechanic skill book in Downtown Colorado Springs.

The Bleeding Edge
  • Perk: +1 Melee Combat.
  • Location: Snowed Inn Resort; go to the Cabin room and search the Doresey.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the The Bleeding Edge skill book in Snowed Inn Resort.

Natural Net Processor Manual
  • Perk: +1 Nerd Stuff.
  • Location: Department of Energy Site; search the lockers.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Natural Net Processor Manual skill book in Department of Energy Site..

Make My Day
  • Perk: +1 Small Arms.
  • Location: Yuma County, inside Godfisher Windfarm.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Make My Day skill book in Godfisher Windfarm.

Tippy Toes
  • Perk: +1 Sneaky Shit.
  • Location: Little Vegas at Downtown Colorado Springs, in a room next to Inspector Delgado.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Tippy Toes skill book in Little Vegas, Downtown Colorado Springs..

You'll Just Die Tired
  • Perk: +1 Sniper Rifles.
  • Location: Union Station; search the lockers just before reaching Morningstar.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the You'll Just Die Tired skill book in Union Station.

Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide
  • Perk: +1 Survival.
  • Location: Aspen; buy it off Opie.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide skill book in Aspen.

Fix It!
  • Perk: +1 Toaster Repair.
  • Location: Ranger HQ; after recruiting Ananda Rabindranath, it can be purchased from them.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Fix It! skill book in Ranger HQ.

Forewarned is Forearmed
  • Perk: +1 Weapon Modding.
  • Location: Tellurium Mine, rewarded by ridding the mine of all the robots.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Forewarned is Forearmed skill book in Tellurium Mine..

It Just Works
  • Perk: +1 Weird Science.
  • Location: Little Hell; search a chest in the kitchen.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the It Just Works skill book in Little Hell.

With all of Wasteland 3's skill books in hand, you'll be well equipped to tackle every quest in the game. For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to find the game's golden toasters and all Tarjan Token locations, be sure to head over to our hub for Wasteland 3 guides!

Wasteland 3 Tarjan Tokens Guide: Locations and What They're For https://www.gameskinny.com/twpdg/wasteland-3-tarjan-tokens-guide-locations-and-what-theyre-for https://www.gameskinny.com/twpdg/wasteland-3-tarjan-tokens-guide-locations-and-what-theyre-for Mon, 14 Sep 2020 11:49:18 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Tarjan Tokens are a type of currency in Wasteland 3 that you'll want to get your hands on. The collectible items can be scavenged from various locations throughout the map, and they're well worth getting your hands on. 

Unlike money, which allows you to buy items such as bullets, Tarjan Tokens aren't just another lootable item that can be sold for pennies. 

What are Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3?

Tarjan Tokens can be used to get buffs and perks in Wasteland 3. You may notice that they can be sold for a few coins, but don't sell them for coins! Instead, hold on to them and visit the Bizzare, which is located in the southern portion of the Colorado map. It is just southeast of the Clown Museum, southwest of the Knox Bison Ranch, or northwest of the Monster Army Bunker.

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of the Bizzare in the south.

Once you're at the Bizzar, enter to the interior and head to the top left corner of the area to find the Cabinet of Curiosities. Here you can exchange Tarjan Tokens for an assortment of rewards that will benefit you and your team in important ways.

The fortune-telling device at the Cabinet of Curiosities will award the party member that inserts the Tarjan Token into it with a randomized temporary buff or permeant perk.

Temporary buffs might consist of an experience bonus of 25% for 10,800 seconds, and permeant perks might gift a permanent increase of +15 constitution, for example.

The rewards only seem to affect the character who interacts with the machine, so choose carefully!

How to Find Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3's underdog perk Toaster Repair is needed to find Tarjan Tokens as Tarjan Tokens are found in broken toasters. To repair each toaster and find all of the Tokens, you will need a Toaster Repair skill level between Level 3 and Level 6. 

The toasters containing Tarjan Tokens can be found in these locations:

  • The Patriarch’s Bunker in Broadmoor Heights: Toaster Repair  Level 6.
  • Ranger HQ: In the cafeteria area. Toaster Repair  Level 3
  • Union Station: Inside the bunker. Toaster Repair  Level 6
  • Tunnels of The Wonderous: Outside the diner. Toaster Repair  Level 5
  • Ghost Town: Toaster Repair  Level 6

With all of the Tarjan Tokens in hand, you'll be able to receive "free" buffs and perks for you and your companions. Just remember that these are random and only apply to the characters actually inserting the token into the Cabinet of Curiosities. For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to find the game's golden toasters, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for Wasteland 3 guides!

Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Get the Golden Toaster https://www.gameskinny.com/0mq90/wasteland-3-guide-how-to-get-the-golden-toaster https://www.gameskinny.com/0mq90/wasteland-3-guide-how-to-get-the-golden-toaster Thu, 10 Sep 2020 16:15:17 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Wasteland 3 is host to wild and wonderful characters, many of which will accompany you on your adventure. Outside of your controllable party, numerous companions can journey with you to assist in battles. These are usually weirder than the playable characters. One said companion is a Golden Toaster that can assist you in fights by flinging fire at enemies from afar.

While the Golden Toaster sounds unusual, this companion is actually fairly powerful and can help you in a variety of situations. Getting the Toaster is a little tricky and involves some traveling around the map. So here's how you obtain the Golden Toaster companion in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Get the Golden Toaster

To obtain the golden toaster, you're first going to need 5 parts, each of which provides co-ordinates and the message: "Welcome to the Toaster Repair Academy!"

These are found in various locations on the map in toasters that need repairing. It's recommended to have a Toaster Repair skill at Level 8 in order the obtain all the items easily.

Golden Toaster Parts Locations

Molded Gold Toaster Case: Head to the Hoon Homestead. Inside the house, you will find the toaster that needs repairing on a table inside.

Map showing the location of the molded gold toaster case.

Gold Insulated Power Cord: Go to Broadmoor Heights and seek out the Wesson home, which is the southernmost house. Here, in the kitchen, you will find the toaster.

Map showing the location of the gold insulated power cord.

Gold Plated Nichrome Wire: This one is at Aspen in the north-western edge of the Colorado map. Here you will find a visitor's lodge fairly early into exploring and inside you will find a toaster that needs repairing.

Map showing the location of the gold plated nichrome wire.

Gold Infused Mica Sheeting: This one's a little tricky. After you've obtained the quest Disappeared, talk to Frank Pappas at Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs. When speaking to him, "convince" him and he will reveal the location of the Paint Mines. Early into the area, there's a path that ventures west. Follow it to find an RV and toaster at the end.

Map showing the location of the gold infused mica sheeting.

Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament: Go to Knox Bison Ranch in the south-eastern part of the world map. Help the ranchers, head to the barn and find the toaster at the top of a nearby ladder.

Map showing the location of the bi-metallic gold alloy filament.

What to Do With the Golden Toaster Parts in Wasteland 3

With all the pieces in hand, a message will appear telling you that you've constructed a golden toaster and to attend the Toaster Academy.

Its location doesn't appear on the map like other traditional areas, but to find it simply head here on the map:

Map showing the location of the Toaster Academy.

Inside, place your assembled toaster on the altar, after which your toaster will be brought to life like a Frankenstein creation and become a permeant companion for you and your squad. 

Also, be sure to loot the area for some cool rewards and resources. 

That's all you need to know about getting the Golden Toaster in Wasteland 3. For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to heal and solve the ballerina puzzle, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for Wasteland 3 guides!

Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle https://www.gameskinny.com/6icor/wasteland-3-guide-how-to-solve-the-ballerina-puzzle https://www.gameskinny.com/6icor/wasteland-3-guide-how-to-solve-the-ballerina-puzzle Mon, 07 Sep 2020 13:26:35 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Wasteland 3 is home to many tactical combat encounters and engaging conversations that can turn south at a moment's notice. Outside of this, occasionally you'll be tasked to solve a few puzzles to proceed. One such example is the ballerina puzzle at the Clown Museum.

In the Clown Museum, your mission will come to a halt as a strange puzzles blocks your path in the form of six spinning ballerinas that need to be powered up. Initially, the task may seem daunting, but it's honestly a lot easier and far less intimidating than it initially appears.

However, like a lot of Wasteland 3, its solution is purposefully obtuse, resulting in unnecessary confusion. Luckily, this guide will quick steer you in the right direction and have you back on your adventure in no time.

Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle

Player in blue coverall and rifle on back standing between three ballerinas in red dresses.

How to power up the ballerinas

On arrival, there will be six ballerinas unpowered. Nearby, a shack on the western side will have an intercom on it which you can use to speak to someone on the other side who will task you to fix the ballerinas. 

Only two of the ballerinas have power, the rest are in need of a repair to be able to be powered up. To do this you will need to pick up four Ballerina Gyros to be able to complete the puzzle.

Where are the Ballerina Gyros?

These items are actually quite easy to find and it's entirely possible that you already have one on your person if you killed all surrounding enemies in the area upon arrival. The full location list is as follows:

  • On the enemy leader's body once defeated, just north of the ballerinas.
  • Dig next to the dead pig, east of the ballerinas.
  • At the bowling alley south-west of the ballerinas, have one party member stand on the painted star. This will turn on the power and open the doors to the shed next to the alley. Loot the boxes inside.
  • Dig the debris spot under the tree, west of the ballerinas.

With all these in hand, you're ready to tackle the puzzle and move on. Simply return to the ballerinas and interact with each one. They will have an option to repair them and then another to power on. Do both on each and they will be powered up and the puzzle completed.

After this, return to the intercom to alert the lady of your completion and you will be good to go with the rest of the mission. For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to play heal and play online co-op, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for Wasteland 3 guides!

Wasteland 3 Guide: Limerick Location, Answers https://www.gameskinny.com/i0px7/wasteland-3-guide-limerick-location-answers https://www.gameskinny.com/i0px7/wasteland-3-guide-limerick-location-answers Thu, 03 Sep 2020 13:58:37 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Quite a few of the missions in Wasteland 3 demand a bit of thinking and exploration. An early quest known as "A Nightmare in the Bizarre" is one such mission, and it requires you to find limerick answers for a combination. that first appears marginally confusing, but it's far simpler than it first appears. But finding the limerick locations can be a bit of a pain. 

The quest is obtained in The Bizarre and is open to players Level 6 or higher. Once started, you'll be tasked to enter The Warrens and tackle a group of Payasos.

On arrival, only one group will be available to defeat, with the other group behind a locked door. To bypass this door, you'll need to find limerick answers and input the correct combination. This guide will walk you through it.

Wasteland 3 Guide: Limerick Locations, Answers

Where are the Limericks?

As soon as you arrive at The Warrens, focus on eliminating every Payasos in the area before searching the area. Attempting to scour the area before doing so will just be a headache. Once the area is secure, you'll find the limerick answers in these three locations:

  • On the ground by the Prison Block:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 1 near the prison block.

  • Inside the Diner:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 2 inside the diner.

  • On the ground at the Playground:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 3 at the playground.

With the limerick answers in tow, head to the computer by the locked door to advance in the quest. Once there, you'll be asked to input the correct combination.

What is the Limerick Combination?

With the three limerick answers in hand, the computer will ask you to input the correct code. However, there are actually 4 answers that are needed, meaning figuring out the last one is up to you — but luckily, we have the combination solved so you don't have to risk getting it wrong.

The combination is:

  • We're the punchline to every joke
  • But the Payaso Mejor
  • Will even the score
  • And shit down your throats til you choke

Voila! The door is open. You're free to take out the remaining Payasos in the area. Once done, return to the Bizzare to hand in the quest. After which you will receive:

  • $779
  • +15 reputation with the Monster Army faction
  • The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book which gifts a one time +1 Hard Ass skill point
  • The ability to recruit Ananda Rabindranath as a tailor at the Ranger HQ

Finding the limerick locations and getting the answers to the combination is as simple as that! For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to play co-op multiplayer and how to respec, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for the latest post-apocalyptic RPG

The Dream Machine Chapter 1 Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/oxem2/the-dream-machine-chapter-1-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/oxem2/the-dream-machine-chapter-1-walkthrough Wed, 24 May 2017 14:59:19 -0400 Damien Smith

The Dream Machine is a point-and-click adventure developed by Cockroach Inc and published by The Sleeping Machine. Players take on the role of Victor Neff who along with his wife is starting to settle into his new home. What starts off as a standard day of moving into a new apartment soon takes an unexpected twist.

This guide gives you a step by step walkthrough on how to complete the first chapter of the game in its entirety; it will also provide puzzle solutions. Please note that is guide does contain spoilers, so it is advised to only read as far into the article as you have advanced in the game.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 1 -- Stranded

When you start the game, you will find yourself stranded on a little island. The goal is to find a way off the island, which consists of finding a fishing rod, lighting a fire, catching a fish, and finding a map. Let's get started!

  1. Pick up the fishing rod propped against the left tree.
  2. Pick up the shovel stuck in the ground on the right side of the island
  3. Use the fishing rod with the ocean.
  4. Move the middle rock that sits between the two trees and pick up the lighter underneath it.
  5. Pick up the three pieces of wood at the front of the island.
  6. Use the three pieces of wood in the fireplace and then use the lighter to start a fire.
  7. Use the shovel with the ground and then look into the hole to find a worm.
  8. Pick up the worm and use it with the fishing rod.
  9. Once a fish starts biting the line, click on the rod to reel it in.
  10. Use the shovel on the fish to kill it and then use it with the fireplace.
  11. After giving the fish some time to cook, pick it up and use it on yourself to receive a map that is hidden inside it.
  12. Examine the map and note there is an X at the top of it. The circles represent the rocks and trees of the island.
  13. Use the shovel on the ground at the front of the island and examine the hole to find an alarm clock.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 2 -- Home Sweet Home

After waking up from your dream, where you're stranded on an island, you begin your first day in your new home. Throughout this section, you will need to set up a place for breakfast and get the spare apartment key from the caretaker. Let's get settled in!

  1. Turn off the alarm clock and enter the room to the right.
  2. In this room, you notice a cardboard box that is open; examine it.
  3. Move all the items in the box to the side and pick up the telephone at the bottom.
  4. Walk into the kitchen and speak with Alicia.
  5. Alicia will ask you to set up a table for breakfast. Simply pick up the cardboard box and go to the room on the left.
  6. Before placing the box on the floor, you will notice a burned letter in the ashtray by the window. Pick it up.
  7. Examine the letter and piece it together for a hint that will become apparent in Part 3 of this guide.
  8. Once finished with the letter, place the box on the floor and go to Alicia. Tell her you have set up some form of a table for breakfast.
  9. Go back into the room on the left and sit down by the box. Talk with Alicia over breakfast.
  10. After breakfast, you will need to get in contact with the caretaker. Go back to the kitchen and then back to the room where you got the telephone followed by the room to the right.
  11. By the apartment door, you will see a box. Click on it to move it.
  12. You will see a socket for the telephone behind the box. Use the telephone on the socket.
  13. Pick up the mail on the floor and open the letter.
  14. Examine the letter to find the phone number for Prosser & Ankovich. Then examine the envelope to find your home address.
  15. Use the phone to call Prosser & Ankovich, who will give you the phone number to the caretaker, Mr. Morton.
  16. Use the phone to call Mr. Morton.
  17. Wait for a knock on the door and let Mr. Morton in to receive the key.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 3 -- A Couple's Worst Nightmare

In the final part of the first chapter, you find that your first day in your new apartment turns into a couple's worst nightmare. You will need to fix the elevator, exchange words with the laziest "mover" in existence, and uncover the dark secret of Mr. Morton. Let's get down and dirty.

  1. Before leaving the apartment, enter the doorway at the back of the room. Then enter the bathroom to the right.
  2. Pick up the baby oil and leave the apartment.
  3. After calling the elevator, it will get stuck. Simply use the baby oil on the elevator to free it.
  4. Enter the elevator and head to the first floor.
  5. After exiting the elevator, make your way to the front entrance and talk to the "mover". Give in to him, and he will give you a crowbar.
  6. Go back to your apartment and to the bedroom. This is where the letter found in the ashtray comes into play.
  7. Use the crowbar on the floor by the bedroom doorway.
  8. Examine the hole and you will find a strange device. This is the first major puzzle of the game. Simply turn the dials on the device as shown in the picture below to blow the fuse.

  9. Remove the blown fuse and place your apartment key in its place to have a couple's worst nightmare revealed to you.
  10. Tell Alicia to call the police while you deal with Morton.
  11. Return to the first floor to find Morton's Office to the right locked.
  12. Look in through the window of Morton's office to see a key on the other side. Use the letter with the key to slide it to your side.
  13. Use the key on the office door and enter to end the chapter.

And there you have it, a complete step by step walkthrough for the first chapter of The Dream Machine. I hope that it has helped you throughout the introduction to the game. Be sure to keep an eye out for more walkthroughs for the other chapters of The Dream Machine here on GameSkinny.

Hello Neighbor: Complete Alpha 4 Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/wkulb/hello-neighbor-complete-alpha-4-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/wkulb/hello-neighbor-complete-alpha-4-guide Tue, 09 May 2017 18:13:40 -0400 Ty Arthur

The much-anticipated Hello Neighbor has changed quite a bit since our last look at the previous Alpha build, as Alpha 4 now features an actual control keymap list (huzzah!), improved UI, a working day/night cycle, and some very creepy mannequins.

Most of the same controls and tips and we covered before are still applicable here, as is our previous stealth guide to distracting the neighbor. But the newest game version has been expanded and has some key differences. We cover them all below in our complete Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 walkthrough below.

Keep in mind that there are other potential routes to reach the ending -- this is just the way I went on my first playthrough!

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Puzzle Solving Guide

To get started, remove the box from the yellow car trunk right outside your house and grab the red key. You won't need this till way at the end though -- so if you need inventory space, just set it on the ground somewhere you can pick up later.

Red Key Location

Head around to the right hand side of the neighbor's house and use two or three boxes to create a makeshift ladder so you can reach the open grate near a window. Throw any object smaller than a box -- like a shoe or a banana peel or even your flashlight -- to hit the switch visible through the grate.

 Grate With A Hidden Switch

Head inside the house and go down the hallway to the corner where you can either head up to the second floor or find a section of hallway blocked off with boxes.

Since you hit the switch, a new door will have opened, leading to an extremely long ladder that heads straight up. You'll need this route open to get across the neighbor's weird Dr. Seussian-style home that has no rhyme or reason to its floor plan.

The Ladder Shortcut

About three quarters of the way up you will see an opening on your left. Head inside and tap the big red button on the generator inside this room. You should now see the roller coaster track just to the side, but ignore it for now (although we will return here several times later).

Head down the stairs in the corner and open the regular door (ignore the door in the floor that drops straight down). Take a deep breath and jump across to the roller coaster tracks.

Yes, you will have to do this several annoying times, because the jumping and physics still aren't perfect in this Alpha version. (Note: Jumping is easier if you have an umbrella in hand and use it while falling, which slows your movement.)

 Jump Attempt #1 Of ???

Immediately down and across from you is a boarded red window, and below that is a white landing platform. Jump to the platform, then grab the mannequin and smash out the window in front of you. Head inside the window, then jump down through the hole in the left corner of the room.

Heading Down

Head over to your left towards a blocked entrance and crouch down. You should see a red and blue magnet device just poking out of the shelf blocking your way -- grab it!

Remove the chair blocking the nearby doorway and head through to a hallway filled with paintings of eyes. Turn right, then take the first door on your left. There will be an empty spot in front of you and a platform over to the left just out of reach.

Get ready for another annoying sideways jump to reach that platform. Pull down the painting off the wall here to reveal a hole into the next room. Use the magnet to pull a blue key out of that room.

If Your Inventory Is Full, The Key Drops To The Ground

Jump back across the annoying gap and turn left to open the door at the end of the hall filled with eye paintings. Flip the big yellow switch on the wall near the stairs to open the iron fence. Now you can freely move between the first and second floors of the house.

Go through the opened fence and head up the stairs to the locked door, which can now be unlocked with the key you just picked up. Now you have unrestricted access to the upper third floor, and more places to run and hide.

Unlocking The Third Floor 

Head through the nearby door and look on the wall to see a crowbar stuck to the wall. Throw anything against it to break it free, then use the magnet to pick it up. Don't touch it with your hands -- it's molten hot!

Instead, go all the way back down to the first floor and throw the crowbar in the kitchen freezer, where you can also pick up the blue keycard. The keycard isn't needed until the very end of the game though, so you can safely leave it here for now.

Cooling Down The Crowbar

If you don't have an umbrella yet, grab one from just behind the the front door. Head all the way back up the infinity ladder to the room where you jumped out onto the tracks before.

Do so again. But this time, instead of going for the platform, you are aiming to land just beyond it to go through a hole in the blue floorboard. Be sure to deploy your umbrella, as you are jumping to get more maneuverability!

 Jumping Through The Hole

You will land in a control room -- pull the lever and press the big red button to start the tram moving across the coaster track. This will break the various obstacles preventing you from accessing track areas. Head down the hole in the floor to your left to get back on the ground. 

Once more, head up the ladder to the room with the track. But instead of jumping down, just walk forward through the part of the wall that was previously boarded up but is now broken and allows direct access to the track.

Run across the track through a blue room and keep going down until you reach a yellow room that was previously visible through the control room glass. Remove the chair from the control room door, then head inside and hit the red button again to move the tram forward slightly.

Go all the way back the way you came until you reach the original track room. Go out the opposite end, where you should see the tram in front of you and a large silver pipe to your left. Jump out on the pipe and head up, then turn around and use the umbrella to reach the top of the tram.

 The Mary Poppins Form Of Travel

From the top of the tram, jump across to the roof and then head all the way up until you see a small silver door with a yellow danger sign. Open it up and throw something in (like a box or a shoe) to stop the gears from moving.

Now for the tricky part. Head back down into that main track room you've been in several times. Look for a hole in the wall near the ceiling that's filled with boxes. Build a box ladder to reach the hole, then pull out all the extra boxes blocking your path and throw them anywhere. Carefully jump up and to the side to enter the room through the cleared hole.

Yes, it's ludicrously frustrating, and you'll probably do this a dozen times. It seems to work best if your box ladder is at least 5 boxes high. When you finally achieve sweet, sweet jumping victory, head through the door in this room and grab the yellow key on the floor near the large metal cylinder.

 Reaching This Room Will Have You Smashing Your Keyboard, Guaranteed

If you need inventory room at this point, you can get rid of the blue key and the magnet -- just make sure you have the yellow and red keys in your inventory. Go the ground floor and head down the hallway leading towards the ladder. Instead of going forward toward the ladder, turn left and go through the wall of boxes, then unlock the back door with the yellow key.

There will be a very creepy segment here, after which you return to the main game area. Head back up to the roof where you gunked up the gears (you may have to turn on the tram in the control room to get it in position to reach the roof again). From the roof, look down and jump onto the upper part of the steel pipe.

 Adventures In Home Ownership

From the pipe, turn and face left -- then very, very carefully use the umbrella to jump out onto the box with the yellow roof. Go down the ladder into the box, then use the red key to unlock the door inside.

Get ready for a weird segment. After completing that segment (I won't spoil it for you, but it's fun), make sure you have the blue keycard in your inventory and then go back to the ground floor and grab the cooled crowbar out of the freezer. 

You can now remove the boards from the basement door found on the main floor of the house in the living room (with the crowbar in your equipped item slot, hit "e" while looking at each of the nails).

 Unlocking The Basement Door

Next, use the keycard to open the electronic lock -- and you can finally reach the bizarre ending.

Have fun, and let us know if you took any different routes or found any other secrets that we missed in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4!

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: The Final Chapter https://www.gameskinny.com/2fh76/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-the-final-chapter https://www.gameskinny.com/2fh76/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-the-final-chapter Thu, 04 May 2017 07:31:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

If you’ve come to this chapter, it means that you are at the very end of Little Nightmares. This last bit of the game answers some of the questions, and also hints on the possible sequel. Either way, follow this last guide if you want to know how to kill the evil geisha lady.

Little Nightmares Chapter 5: The Lady’s Quarters Walkthrough

From the elevator go to the right and ascend the stairs. Enter the room through the open doors and sneak behind the singing lady into the next room. You should see a white-blue vase at the bed -- go ahead and break it, you will find a key inside.

Go back down the stairs and open the locked door. Run through a series of dark rooms to the very end. You will see a small mirror standing on the nightstand -- take it and return to the previous room. The evil lady will try to attack you, but the mirror will protect you.

This will take some time so be patient. Keep using the mirror as your shield until it breaks. After a very disturbing cutscene, the game will be over. This ends the final chapter of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Ending Explained

The vessel where the events of the game take place is a nightmarish sanatorium for creatures who desire to satiate their hunger… by consuming a lot of meat. Judging by the amount of old shoes, clothes and trunks found on the ship, it’s a human meat.

The protagonist of the game, a little girl named Six, tries to break free from this awful place. But first she must confront the owner of the vessel -- Geisha. The girl must use a mirror to deflect the powers of Geisha, and after defeating her, Six takes her powers.

This allows her to find the way out of the ship without any fear of the gluttonous passengers. The only question remains: How will Six use her newly found powers? Will she use it for good or bad things?


Don’t forget to check out the full walkthrough of Little Nightmares by following the links below:

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: Chapter 4 -- The Guest Area https://www.gameskinny.com/shh42/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-chapter-4-the-guest-area https://www.gameskinny.com/shh42/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-chapter-4-the-guest-area Wed, 03 May 2017 11:12:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

Chapter Four is the shortest chapter in Little Nightmares, but probably the most disturbing one. There are no complex puzzles in this new area, but it’s quite graphic, so prepare yourself nonetheless. This guide will help you cope with some of the most confusing parts of the guest area.

Little Nightmares Chapter 4: The Guest Area Walkthrough

As you reach the opening on the top of the ladder, you realize that you have been aboard a massive ship all along. Grab onto an anchor chain and go up onto the deck of the ship.

When you get inside the ship through one of the openings, go left and up the ladder, and use the chandeliers as your platforms. You will find yourself in the series of dining rooms, where gluttonous monsters consume massive amounts of meat.

Some of them will try to catch you, so you need to run. However, most of them will be too busy eating than being bothered with you.

Climb on top of a tall stack of plates on one of the tables in the last room and jump through the window. In the next section, use the very last free stool at the table and climb up. Go back up the table and climb again on to the upper floor.

Run all the way to the left until you reach the restroom and hide under the sink. One of the creepy chefs will come looking for you, but soon he will leave. Then pick up a can from the floor and throw it at the big mirror.

Go up and follow the pipes hanging on the ceiling. Jump down at the elevator and use it to ascend even higher. Run all the way to the right escaping the chasing monsters, and at the gap jump ahead using the hanging lamp.

Go all the way to the right, and after a disturbing scene move up the ladder into the elevator. This will end the fourth chapter -- The Guest Area.

If you haven’t reached this area yet, and still have trouble going through the previous chapters of the game, then follow these guides:

Stay tuned for even more Little Nightmares guides here at GameSkinny!

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: Chapter 3 -- The Kitchen https://www.gameskinny.com/4aac9/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-chapter-3-the-kitchen https://www.gameskinny.com/4aac9/little-nightmares-guide-walkthrough-chapter-3-the-kitchen Wed, 03 May 2017 10:34:03 -0400 Sergey_3847

The third chapter of Little Nightmares introduces a new type of enemy -- the chef. This enemy is slow and clunky, but if you aren’t careful, you may get into trouble. This guide will help you find all the keys from the locked doors, and help you avoid all the creepy chefs of the kitchen.

Little Nightmares Chapter 3: The Kitchen Walkthrough

Go up the ladder and grab onto one of the moving hooks. After the girl eats the rat in the trap, you’ll find yourself in the laundry. Use one of the cart lids and push it to make a bridge. Keep going right, and soon you will arrive at the kitchen.

Avoid the creepy chef by hiding behind the table and other pieces of furniture. You need to locate the white cupboard in the upper right corner and use it to climb up onto the supporting pillars. Go to your left and climb up the empty cells.

Keep going left past the restroom. There you will see the key hanging on the hook. Grab onto the key and push-and-pull to bring it down. Unfortunately, the noise will awaken another chef that is sleeping in the room, but the only thing you can do at this point is hide.

Get out of the bedroom and use the elevator to descend back into the kitchen. Return to the white cupboard and insert the key into the locked door nearby.

When you come to the room with a meat grinder, use the mini-elevator on the wall. You will arrive at the storage room with meat. Put together three pieces of meat at the opening above the meat grinder, and go back down.

Activate the meat grinder by turning the wheel -- this will produce a sausage. Jump and grab the sausage, then use it to swing onto the next area.

Activate the elevator, but be careful -- the chef will be inside. Hide somewhere and wait for him to leave the elevator. As soon as it’s free, run inside and go up. The chef will chase you, so hide again as soon as you arrive.

He will enter the room to the left and ignore you for the time being. At the cutting table, besides a piece of meat, you will notice a key. Sneak behind the chef into the next room and turn on the food processor. It will distract the chef, so you need to use this moment to grab the key from the table.

Again, go back down the elevator, use the key to open the locked door, and jump into the trash bin on the wall. Follow the path and you will find yourself under the floor of another section, where two other guys wash the dishes.

You need to emerge from one of the holes in the floor and run to the right. You will find a switch on the wall -- hit it to activate the overhead meat hooks mechanism. Then run in the opposite direction and climb up the cupboard at the doors. Grab one of the moving hooks and let it take you out of the kitchen.

This ends the third chapter of Little Nightmares. If you’re looking for walkthroughs on the first two chapters, you can check them out below:

Stay tuned for even more Little Nightmares guides here at GameSkinny!