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With the recent War of the Chosen DLC expansion for XCOM 2, several new structures are available for construction on the Avenger. This has been leaving many players wondering about the best build order for the Avenger and its structures.

While I don't believe there is a truly incorrect method in how you start building, there are certainly some strategies that are more useful than others. Despite every structure being important, I'm a huge proponent of the idea that you can make nearly any build order work. But it's worth keeping in mind that the first several structures you work toward will set the tone for your whole campaign.

In this XCOM 2 guide, I'm going to go over a streamlined build order for the Avenger that should suit your playstyle and goals for the WotC campaign. (Want to skip the rundown and jump straight to the finalized build order? Click here.)

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Build Order

Before you can know what an "optimal" build order for the Avenger is, there are several things you should consider first:

  • Your play style
  • The difficulty you're playing on
  • Whether or not Ironman is enabled
  • Random possibilities (not friendly ones)

Personally, I prefer a high risk, high reward style of play for my A team. I like to utilize two rangers and their melee abilities. In WotC, I support these rangers with a Skirmisher, Templar and a support specialist. I also play on Commander difficulty. As a result of this team style, it's quite common for my soldiers to get injured. So my priorities would be different than someone who takes a slightly safer or more standardized approach.

The final consideration -- those random possible that can and will affect your game -- will likely be heavily dependent on Dark Events and what strengths or weakenesses your Chosen enemies have. You'll often have to play these by your ear and adapt quickly.

Personalizing your build order is going to be a large part of developing your system to get what you want out of your early game. However, the first two buildings on the avenger will usually be the same in every play through.

What to Build First in XCOM 2: WotC

The first three buildings you choose are potentially the most important factors in how smoothly your early game runs. Assuming you've skipped the "Lost and Found" tutorial to War of the Chosen, the list of buildings you can construct immediately after your first mission is as follows:

  1. Guerrilla Tactics School
  2. Resistance Ring
  3. Training Center
  4. Laboritory
  5. Workshop
  6. Power Relay

This list is in descending order based on importance -- which means the GTS (Guerilla Tactics School) and Resistance Ring should be your first two buildings. There are a number of reasons for this that I'll outline below.

Squad size is an extremely important factor in deciding fights against ADVENT, so starting with the GTS is possibly the best option for everyone. It allows you to send more squadies to flank around enemies, scout more efficiently, and potentially deal much more damage. Additionally, the GTS has other bonuses you can unlock that will further increase your soldiers' ability to fight.

The Resistance Ring is a new structure added with War of the Chosen. Covert actions can be executed from this ring -- and these actions come with many possible rewards and outcomes. From the Resistance Ring you can begin to track down the Chosen, counter their attempts at sabotage, and lay the groundwork to rescue captured XCOM operatives. There are also potential material rewards for covert actions, and even permanent stat increases to soldiers who participate in these actions.

For those reasons alone, starting with the Resistance Ring is just as viable as starting with the GTS, depending on what approach you want to take. But either way, you'll want to consider building these two structures on your Avenger before worrying about anything else. 

Everything else on the list above is not as useful to rush as your first or second building. The Training Center is something you will definitely want to build -- but only after you've entered the mid-game and have build the Resistance Ring and GTS. If you build it any earlier, you won't have enough ability points or even enough soldiers of the appropriate rank to utilize the Training Center to its maximum potential.

Workshops and Laboratories are even less useful early on due to the low number of Scientists and Engineers. But with the Resistance Ring, recruiting Scientists, and Engineers becomes a lot easier.

Finally, you simply don't need to rush a power relay. You'll start out with plenty to get going on your campaign against ADVENT.

What To Build Later On in XCOM 2: WotC

After you have a few wins against ADVENT under your belt and you've researched a couple of technologies, the next two structures you build are going to be important: The Proving Grounds and the Infirmary.

I won't delve into a detailed explanation of why the Proving Grounds is an important build choice, but I will say that it's going to be a requirement for the skulljack -- so you need it to complete the main story. 

Much like the Resistance Ring above, the Infirmary is a new structure in War of the Chosen that allows for faster healing. And it also lets you staff soldiers with negative traits so that they can lose one of those negative traits every five days. Staffing an Engineer in the Infirmary lets you heal wounded soldiers at twice the rate, which is a huge boon at certain points in the game. Essentially, building the Infirmary should be a priority because it's vital that your XCOM squadies are ready to fight. 

Complete Build Order for XCOM 2: WotC

Like I said earlier, the "best" build for your Avenger in War of the Chosen is one that aligns not only with your play style, but also with the game's mechanics. 

You may have noticed my omission of support structures such as Power Relays and Workshops or Laboratories. That's because there isn't really any point in the game where you simply must build them. I've finished XCOM 2 many times without ever building some of these support structures. While you should opt to build Power Relays over Exposed Power Coils for maximum output on your Avenger, you should do this according to when you actually need additional power -- not any specific timetable. 

Resistance Comms are also omitted here, as they're another structure that you should only build when you really need it. 

With all that in mind, a finalized, optimum build order that works for most players is as follows:

  1.  Resistance Ring
  2. Guerrilla Tactics School
  3. Infirmary
  4. Proving Grounds
  5. Training Center
  6. Psi Lab
  7. Shadow Chamber

XCOM is generally far less brittle, and far more devastating when you build the Avenger in this general order. You unlock the ability to send soldiers on covert actions early on -- allowing you to establish early access to the three resistance groups, their soldiers, and their abilities.

An early Infirmary build means you can staff an Engineer in the structure and cut the healing time for your XCOM soldiers in half, while opening up a staffing option that can remove their negative traits. An upgraded Infirmary allows you to create Hypervital modules, which removes any wounds or fatigue on a soldier for one mission so that you can make use of them. (Just remember that you can only use this once per soldier for the entire campaign.

Building the Proving Grounds is useful once you're in the early mid game so that you can construct the skull jack for the primary story mission -- and later on it's great for working on sparks and other extremely useful equipment. 

Later on in the mid game, the Training Center is useful when you finally have enough ability points to utilize it and improve your soldiers. 

And last but not least, the Psi Center and Shadow Chamber are useful toward the late game, and should be focused on last because their requirements bar you from constructing them earlier in the campaign. 


There you have it! That's the best build order for the Avenger that I've discovered in my time playing War of the Chosen. If you have any questions or build order suggestions of your own, leave them in the comments below! And be sure to check out the rest of our XCOM 2 guides for more tips and tricks that will help you through the WotC DLC. 

The 7 Best XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Mods https://www.gameskinny.com/etyot/the-7-best-xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-mods https://www.gameskinny.com/etyot/the-7-best-xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-mods Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:10:32 -0400 Sergey_3847


Yet Another F1


If you are an established fan of the series, and you feel nostalgic for the old menus from the Enemy Unknown era, then you will enjoy this mod that changes the new UI with the old one.


The mod may have a funny title, but it is actually activated by pressing the F1 button. It will show stats, active abilities, passive abilities, buffs, debuffs, the primary weapon, secondary and armor.


Download mod




That wraps up this mod list! But if you need other types of help with the game, make sure to check out the rest of our XCOM 2: War of the Chosen guides here at GameSkinny:


Gotcha Again!


Do you like indicators? Well, here's a mod that will provide you with 15 different types of mission indicators that are not available in the vanilla version of the game. Here's what you will get:

  • Regular shootable indicator
  • \n
  • Flanking indicator
  • \n
  • Squadsight indicators
  • \n
  • Hacking indicators
  • \n
  • Spotted by enemy indicator
  • \n
  • Neutralize VIP
  • \n
  • Hacking objectives
  • \n
  • Destroy object
  • \n
  • Indicators for hackable doors
  • \n
  • Indicators for hackable ADVENT towers
  • \n
  • Indicators for friendly units
  • \n
  • Overwatch indicators
  • \n
  • Pod activation indicators
  • \n
  • Smoke indicator
  • \n
  • PsiBomb indicator
  • \n

Download mod


More Squad Size


If you ever needed to increase the number of soldiers in your squad, then you can do just that with the help of this mod. It will give two upgrades to your squads, such as Squad Size III (costs 125 supply, requires 'Major' rank) and Squad Size IV (costs 200 supply, requires 'Colonel' rank).


Now you will be able to take up to 8 soldiers per fight -- and in the near future possibly even up to 12, when the creators of the mod release the next version.


Download mod


Black Market Usage


This a perfect tool for those who are wondering what all the items listed in the market are needed for. With this mod, you will be able to hover over any item in the market list, and it will instantly show the usage attributes for each of them.


If you know how to configure ".ini" files, then you could also change the following terms in the "XComBlackmarketUsage_Settings.ini" file:

  • "Don't show" -- only show items from your current research level.
  • \n
  • "Show" -- show everything you have not researched/built yet.
  • \n
  • "Obfuscate" -- obfuscate what will be shown by displaying unresearched tech/gear as '???'.
  • \n

Download mod


Free Camera Rotation


In a game like XCOM 2, having a full spectrum of vision is vital for the success of each mission. That is why camera rotation plays such a significant role in determining the best position for your soldiers and further tactical decision-making.


This little mod here gives you a complete freedom over your camera rotation options, including the following features:

  • Sets default rotation angle to 45 degrees.
  • \n
  • Enables free camera rotation while holding down Q and E keys.
  • \n
  • Enables free camera zoom while holding down T and G keys.
  • \n
  • Enables free camera mode controlled by mouse movement (Alt + mouse).
  • \n
  • Allows to pitch camera with "[" "]" keys.
  • \n
  • Fully ini configurable.
  • \n

Download mod


Evac All


A simple-yet-effective mod that allows you to evac all soldiers at the same time from the evac zone instead of activating each soldier separately. Just like the previous mod, this one was designed for only one purpose -- to save your time.


The creators of the mod even left an option to change the evac animations order in the "XComEvacAll_WotC_Defaults.ini" file that's located in your Config folder.


Download mod


Stop Wasting My Time


This is a super useful mod that makes things happen faster, such as shutting off unnecessary cinematics or character chatter that brings nothing valuable to the gameplay experience.


The complete list of changes that you can expect inthe SWMT mod is as follows:

  • Removes various pauses:\n
    • After shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc.
    • \n
    • After getting a kill
    • \n
    • After going into cover
    • \n
    • Reanimating corpses and unburrowing chryssalids
    • \n
    • Revealed enemies cinematic time
    • \n
  • \n
  • Removes unskippable voiceovers:\n
    • 1, 3, and 6 turns remaining warnings
    • \n
    • Civilians dying warning
    • \n
  • \n
  • Increases Gremlin movement speed by 150%
  • \n
  • Removes 33% slowdown of enemies not being attacked during overwatch
  • \n

Download mod


When it comes to mods in the XCOM series, the most functional tools become almost inseparable from the vanilla versions of the games they're used in. The same can be said about the latest War of the Chosen DLC for XCOM 2.


This short list of the best mods that are fully compatible with WOTC includes tools that are capable of fully transforming your entire gameplay experience. Most of them are designed to save you time and effort that otherwise would be spent on unnecessary actions.


So if you do value your gameplay time, then continue reading this guide for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Cheat Engine Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/fd9uc/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-cheat-engine-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/fd9uc/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-cheat-engine-guide Tue, 05 Sep 2017 10:46:14 -0400 Sergey_3847

XCOM 2 is not an easy game, and many new players may find themselves want to simplify a few aspects of the game. There are several different ways that you can adjust the parameters in the latest War of the Chosen DLC.

You can opt to use XCOM 2's console commands to give yourself a leg up in-game and circumvent some of the grind. But if you want to go a step further and take more granular control of your soldiers, you can also use the Fearless Cheat Engine. 

In this guide, we're going to tell you how to install and use this engine to quickly change your soldiers' stats and other game parameters to shave time off your next playthrough.

How to Use Cheat Engine in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Step 1: Set Up Cheat Engine

First, you need to download and install the Cheat Engine from its official website.

When you're done installing the software, download the latest cheat table for War of the Chosen DLC from the official forums. If you can't decide which file to download, then here's the latest version of the table.

Copy the ".CT" file of the table in the directory of the Cheat Engine.

Step 2: Load the Game and Associated Table

Once you have the Cheat Engine running, you can start the game. Then, press Alt+Tab to switch back to the Cheat Engine window and choose the game on the process list.

At that point, the Cheat Engine will ask you to load the associated table if it's in the Engine's folder. If the table is located in another folder, then press Ctrl+O and choose the right path to the file.

Step 3: Change the Parameters

When the table is loaded, you will see a list of values in the description window below. There you can choose which paramaters and values you want to change.

You can change such stats like health, AP, mobility, aim, will, armor, armor piercing, dodge, hack, shield, PSI, sight, utility slots, and many others.

Finally, you can switch back to the game and enjoy it with all the adjustments to your soldiers that you have just applied in the Cheat Engine.


In this simple way you can make sure that all your soldiers will have enough health and skills to go through any mission, no matter the difficulty. But if that's not enough and you need some more XCOM 2: War of the Chosen guides, then check them out below:

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Tired Soldiers Tips https://www.gameskinny.com/32ylw/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-tired-soldiers-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/32ylw/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-tired-soldiers-tips Fri, 01 Sep 2017 10:16:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

The “tired soldiers” mechanic is back in the War of the Chosen DLC for XCOM 2. This means that you won’t be able to draft the same soldiers for all of your missions, or else they’ll be more vulnerable to acquiring negative traits.

There are a few ways to deal with tired soldiers in War of the Chosen -- and even a cheat for a system file, in case you don’t want to deal with the fatigue at all in your game. Keep on reading this guide for all the info you need.

How to Remove Soldier Fatigue in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Method 1: Let Your Soldiers Rest

The best way to deal with tired soldiers is to just let them rest. Don’t draft them and send on another mission right away. Otherwise, they will be more prone to panic and completely useless against Psionic attacks.

But there is still a way out even if you’ve allowed your squad mates to earn these negative traits.

Method 2: Build an Infirmary

After you’ve built your Guerilla Tactics School and Resistance Ring, it would be a good idea to also build an Infirmary. There you can heal not only your wounded soldiers, but also the shaken ones that have acquired certain negative traits.

You could also add a Hypervital Module to your Infirmary, if you need to use an especially effective squadmate for another mission. Here’s how it works:

  • When deploying soldiers on a mission, there'll be a new button labeled "Revitalize Soldiers" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Revitalizing will restore the soldier to full HP and Will for that particular mission.
  • The soldier will return to their previous injured and/or tired state after the mission.
  • Revitalization costs 1 Elerium Core to use.
  • A particular soldier can only be revitalized once per campaign.
Method 3: Edit the System File

Technically this is a cheat, but XCOM 2 playerbase is known for using console commands to make the game easier -- which is understandable, given the immense difficulty of the missions.

Here’s how you can turn off the fatigue mechanic in War of the Chosen permanently:

1. Locate the following directory on your hard drive “\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Config”

2. Find and open the “DefaultGameData.ini” file.

3. Search for the following lines in the text and edit them as stated below:

WillRecoveryDays[eMentalState_Shaken]=(MinDays=0, MaxDays=0)
WillRecoveryDays[eMentalState_Tired]=(MinDays=0, MaxDays=0)
WillRecoveryDays[eMentalState_Ready]=(MinDays=0, MaxDays=0)

5. Save and close the file

6. In the file’s properties set it to “Read Only.”


With the help of these tips you should be able to deal with tired soldiers pretty easily. And in case you need some other XCOM 2 guides, then take a look at these options:

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC Factions Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/jteiy/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-dlc-factions-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/jteiy/xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-dlc-factions-guide Tue, 29 Aug 2017 14:22:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

The world of XCOM 2 sees a new threat in its latest DLC, War of the Chosen . Powerful boss-like enemies known as "The Chosen" have invaded the world and are set on recapturing the Commander. And seeing as they're almost immortal and can revive themselves in their Citadel, you're going to need some help defeating them. 

The only way to put an end to The Chosen is to befriend the three factions that resist the ADVENT: the Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templars. They are the ones that can find the locations of the Citadel and destroy The Chosen once and for all.

Keep on reading this guide, if you can't decide on which faction to choose, and learn what benefits they provide.

The Reaper Faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Reapers use a special concealment ability called "Shadows" that allows them to stay undetected for as long as they don't shoot from cover using a sniper rifle. But even then, there is only a 50% chance of them being detected (if your shots are precise) or not being detected at all (if you're using special abilities).

You can also use the combination of powerful Claymore explosives and consecutive sniper shots to take enemies down. Just throw the Claymore at the enemy or a vehicle and shoot it from distance for a devastating blow. Surely, this kind of attack will reveal your position, but by that time, most of your enemies will be dead anyway.

If you like this kind of stealthy approach, then Reapers are the best choice for you. Below you will find Reaper abilities:

Rank Ability Description
Squaddie Shadow Gains an advanced form of concealment
Squaddie Claymore Throws a targetable environmental explosive
Corporal Remote Start Detonates an environmental explosive
Corporal Blood Trail Shots deal +1 damage if the target has
been wounded this turn
Sergeant Target Definition Any unit seen by a Reaper remains permanently visible
Sergeant Shrapnel Claymore does +3 damage and has +1 radius
Lieutenant Silent Killer Kills with the Vektor Rifle do not increase the Reaper’s chance to break out of Shadow
Lieutenant Distraction Kills with Claymore put the Reaper into Shadow
Lieutenant Needle Shots taken in Shadow have +2 armor piercing
Captain Sting Fire a shot preserving a Shadow
Captain Soul Harvest Kill shots increase crit chance by 5 (max 20)
Major Highlands Carry an additional Claymore
Major Banish Fire at a target until you run out of ammo or it dies
Colonel Homing Mine Attach a Claymore onto an enemy
Colonel Annihilate Kill a target with Banish and continue
firing at another enemy


The Skirmisher Faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

The Skirmishers formed from a group of those who managed to escape the clutches of the ADVENT. These former agents are looking for ways to take revenge, and since they are being threatened by The Chosen as well, they will help you find and destroy them.

The Skirmishers consists of soldiers that utilize assault rifles and grappling gauntlets. The latter weapon not only helps them better move around shooting positions, but it also helps them pull themselves up to an enemy for tons of melee damage with the help of the Ripjack ability.

If you like shooting and moving around the map at a fast pace, then think about siding with the Skirmishers. Below you will find Skirmisher abilities:

Rank Ability Description
Squaddie Marauder Standard shots are not turn-ending, allowing for shooting, then moving, or shooting twice on a turn
Squaddie Justice Use the Grapple to pull a humanoid target to you and deliver a Ripjack strike
Squaddie Grapple When fired upon, gain one extra action on the next turn
Corporal Reflex Shots deal +1 damage if the target
has been wounded this turn
Corporal Total Combat Throwing a grenade or using an item
no longer ends the turn
Sergeant Wrath Use the Grapple to pull yourself to an enemy
and deliver a Ripjack strike
Sergeant Zero In Subsequent shots on the same turn
provide +10 critical chance
Lieutenant Wiplash Attack an enemy with an electrical lash
Lieutenant Full Throttle Gain +2 mobility with every kill this turn
Captain Combat Presence Grant an extra action to a squadmate
Captain Retribution Free Ripjack attacks on any enemies that enter
or attack from melee range
Captain Interrupt Instead of firing automatically, perform any single action
Major Waylay When entering Overwatch, you can take as many shots as you have remaining actions
Major Reckoning Unlock the Ripjack Slash attack
Colonel Manual Override Lower all ability cooldowns by 1
Colonel Battlelord After each enemy in line of sight takes a turn, take an immediate action
Colonel Judgement When targeted by an attack, the enemy
has a chance to panic

The Templar Faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

The Templars are psionic soldiers from the Enemy Unknown era, and probably are the hardest allies to play with.

The Templars' main weapons are swordblades. These are made from psionic energy and look cooler than anything you've seen in the series. This means that a Templar soldier will mainly fight in close melee combat that requires a lot of defensive features -- and look awesome doing it. 

In any case, whether you want to put more power into your damage stat or use soldiers with better defenses, you will need Focus -- a resource that can be gained by killing enemies -- that serves as an enhancement for all other Templar abilities.

Below you will find all the Templar abilities:

Rank Ability Description
Squaddie Rend Melee attack with a chance to stun
or disorient the target
Squaddie Volt Psionic attack that deals low damage, but jumps to nearby units at higher Focus
Squaddie Focus Gain Focus during missions, increasing stats, damage, and ability effectiveness
Corporal Parry After attacking with Rend, prevent all damage from the next attack instead of moving
Corporal Aftershock Targets struck by Volt will be easier to hit, increasing your squad’s aim by +15 against the target
Corporal Amplify Mark a single target with a Psionic lens, causing them to take an additional 33% damage
Sergeant Overcharge Rend attacks have a 33% chance to generate Focus
Sergeant Pillar Summon a pillar of Psionic energy to
act as a high cover point
Sergeant Stun Strike Strike an enemy with Psionic force, knocking them back in the direction of the attack
Lieutenant Deflect When the Templar has Focus, there is a chance to deflect incoming shots
Lieutenant Channel When an enemy dies, it may leave behind Psionic energy that can be collected to raise Focus level
Captain Reflect If you have 2 or more Focus, there is a chance to reflect incoming shots back at the attacker
Captain Invert Switch locations with an enemy unit
Captain Deep Focus The maximum Focus level is increased to 3
Major Arc Wave Rend generates a wave of Psionic energy in the direction of the attack
Major Exchange Exchange locations with a squad mate
Colonel Ionic Storm Summon lightning to strike all nearby enemies
Colonel Void Conduit Trap a humanoid in a Psionic prison, immobilizing them for multiple actions and transferring their health to you
Colonel Ghost Create a duplicate from the body of a fallen humanoid



That's it for the War of the Chosen factions guide, but don't forget to check back soon for even more XCOM 2 action at GameSkinny.