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It's light versus dark as the elves go to war in Total War: Warhammer 2's "The Queen and the Crone" DLC! New downloadable content means more units to throw against your enemies, and some of these missile and cavalry units are total game changers.

Want to plan your strategy ahead of time for either the Vortex campaign or the Mortal Empires combined campaign? Let's dive into everything new arriving with "The Queen And The Crone"!

"The Queen and the Crone" Legendary Lords

The Dark Elves get nameless, new Supreme Sorceress Lords to sling spells, while the High Elves get the stealth-focused Lord Alith Ainar to provide an absurd range on bow attacks while invisible.

As a bonus, the latter Lord will also be available free for everyone, even if you don't buy "The Queen and the Crone" DLC. The big draw here, however, are the Legendary Queen and the Crone themselves.

Crone Hellebron

Starting Position: Har Ganeth (The Road of Skulls)

Advance reviewers have taken to calling her Hellabroken Hellebron, and it's hard to argue that point between her armour-piercing ability, bonus versus infantry, and extreme deadliness against a crowd of enemies. Hellebron has low armour, though, so be careful when dealing with enemy Lords.

After completing the quest to get The Cursed Blade, she basically nukes any unit that is currently losing in combat. If the enemy is failing, they automatically take damage from this special weapon ability.

What this means is that if you keep her other abilities active so she has the upper hand in combat, Hellebron will always be dealing constant damage to the enemies around her, causing a whirlwind of destruction.

Alarielle the Radiant

Starting Position: Gaean Vale (Avelorn) 

Less immediately useful than Hellebron, Alarielle is the classic spellcaster unit with healing abilities and plenty of mount options (which you will want to use because she goes down easily in combat on her own).

She can further unlock an ability to make nearby units immune to some effects and give them magic attacks to overcome physical resistance, making her a good support Lord against tough enemies.

During the campaign, Alarielle gets big bonuses while the High Elves’ territory remains free of enemy occupation. If an enemy successfully invades the homeland, however, these turn into big penalties.

"The Queen and the Crone" New Units

A variety of standard melee and missile units, in addition to Regiments of Renown and new full-blown Hero units, all get added to the Total War: Warhammer II unit roster with this DLC.

New Dark Elves Units

Sisters of Slaughter

  • Type: Whip Infantry
  • Abilities: Defender, Murderous Mastery, Dodge

These cool, new infantry are meant to hold enemy units in place so they can't reposition.

Doomfire Warlocks

  • Type: Magical Cavalry
  • Abilities: Very Fast, Poison Attacks

Shock cavalry with spell abilities. The Warlocks have high psychical resistance and come with the Soul Blight and Lesser Doom Bolt spells.

Slaanesh's Harvesters

  • Type: Magical Cavalry
  • Abilities: Very Fast, Poison Attacks

These are the upgraded version of Doomfire Warlocks, with additional leadership and bonus melee attack defense stats. They replace the Doomfire Warlock spells with Word of Pain and Soul Stealer instead.

Feral Manticore

  • Type: Flying Monster
  • Abilities: Causes Terror, Rampage

The Manticore finally gives the Dark Elves a proper aerial harassing unit. While it's hard to control, it can wreak havoc on enemy units with Terror.

Raven Heralds

  • Type: Flying Missile Cavalry
  • Abilities: Armour-Piercing Missiles, Very Fast, Vanguard Deployment

These airborne cavalry with repeater crossbows allow for more movement and give the Dark Elves some additional air support possibilities.

The Hellebronni

  • Type: Spear Infantry
  • Abilities: Shielded, Anti-Large, Charge Defense Against All

The Hellebronni are upgraded Dreadspears from the base game, good for holding flanks against charges while utilizing a poison attack.

Sisters of the Singing Doom

  • Type: Daal Dagger Infantry
  • Abilities: Anti-Infantry, Madness of Khaine, Murderous Mastery, Dodge

These are upgraded Witch Elves with higher leadership and melee attack stats, but they can also cause fear to route enemy infantry.

Blades of the Blood Queen

  • Type: Greatsword Infantry
  • Abilities: Armoured, Armour-Piercing, Anti-Infantry, Murderous Mastery

These upgraded Executioners can go into frenzy and also provide physical resistance to Lords or Heroes within range of their aura, so you want to keep these within range of Hellebron on the battlefield.

The Bolt-Fields

  • Type: Missile Infantry
  • Abilities: Shieldbreaker, Shielded, Armour-Piercing Missiles

The upgraded version of Darkshards come with shields and the ability to take out shielded enemy units more easily.

Knights of the Ebon Claw

  • Type: Cold One Cavalry
  • Abilities: Armoured & Shielded, Armour-Piercing 

The Ebon Claw units are upgraded Dread Knights that thankfully won't go into Rampage mode.

Chill of Sontar

  • Type: Monster
  • Abilities: Frost Breath, Frostbite, Causes Terror, Regeneration

This is the upgraded War Hydra unit, with a major difference in that its frost abilities slow down enemy units, letting you interfere with cavalry or prevent routed enemies from fleeing.

New High Elves Units

Handmaiden of the Everqueen

  • Type: Hybrid Weapon Specalist
  • Abilities: Anti-Large, Charge Defense Against Large Foes, Bow of the Avelorn

The Handmaiden is a new Hero unit that can serve either as a ranged missile combatant or be placed on a steed to go toe-to-toe against large creatures in melee battle.

Shadow Warriors

  • Type: Missile Infantry
  • Abilities: Good Range, Vanguard Deployment, Stalk, Master Ambusher

This brand-new ranged is all about the surprise attacks, firing off arrows while hidden.

The Grey

  • Type: Missile Infantry
  • Abilities: Good Range, Vanguard Deployment, Stalk, Master Ambusher

Upgraded versions of the Shadow Warriors, The Grey arrive with even better sneaking and ambushing abilities.

Sisters of Avelorn

  • Type: Missile Infantry
  • Abilities: Armour-Piercing Missiles, Good Range, Decent Melee Combatant, Bows of Avelorn

With fire and magical damage that also pierce armour at range, the Sisters of Avelorn can become your go-to ranged unit for a High Elves army.

Everqueen's Court Guards

  • Type: Missile Infantry
  • Abilities: Armour-Piercing Missiles, Good Range, Decent Melee Combatant, Bows of Avelorn

These are the upgraded Sisters of Avelorn with better stats and the ability to encourage nearby units so they don't flee battle.

The Scions of Maihlann

  • Type: Spear Infantry
  • Abilities: Shielded, Anti-Large, Charge Defense Against All, Magical Aura

As upgraded Spearmen that provide damage resistance to nearby allies, you probably want these on the front lines between other types of melee units.

The Puremane Company

  • Type: Great Axe Infantry
  • Abilities: Armoured, Armour-Piercing, Lion Cloak, Forest Strider

The Puremane are upgraded White Lions of Chrace that provide damage resistance to Lords and Heroes, making them bodyguards for your squishy spellcasters.

Keepers Of The Flame

  • Type: Halberd Infantry
  • Abilities: Armoured, Armour-Piercing, Anti-Large, Mark Of The Asuryan

As the ultimate kamikaze fighters, these upgraded Phoenix Guards utilize magical attacks and also explode to deal damage to enemies when they die!

The Storm Riders

  • Type: Missile & Spear Infantry
  • Abilities: Anti-Large, Vanguard Deployment, Charge Defense Against Large Foes, Fire Whilst Moving

The upgraded Lothern Sea Guard units lose their shields but can launch ranged attacks while moving and cause fear while in melee combat.

Heralds of the Wind

  • Type: Missile Cavalry
  • Abilities: Decent Melee Combatant, Very Fast, Vanguard Deployment, Fire Whilst Moving

The Heralds are upgraded Ellyrian Reavers with bows who get big boosts to speed and missile damage.

The Firehorn

  • Type: Shock Cavalry
  • Abilities: Dragon Armour, Armoured & Shielded, Anti-Large, Martial Mastery

Finally, this is the upgraded Dragon Prince unit with flaming melee attacks that can better deal with large enemy units. For pure shock cavalry damage, you can't get much better than this.

There are no shortage of units about to arrive in the game, as the Norsca faction from the original Total War: Warhammer will also soon be added to the Mortal Empires campaign, and a brand-new Tomb Kings unit will be officially announced the day "The Queen And the Crone" DLC lands.

While waiting on the new expansion and all those killer extra units, be sure to check out our Warhammer 2 guides here and let us know which unit you are most excited about bringing to the battlefield!

The Best Total War: Warhammer 2 Mods on Steam Workshop https://www.gameskinny.com/xok39/the-best-total-war-warhammer-2-mods-on-steam-workshop https://www.gameskinny.com/xok39/the-best-total-war-warhammer-2-mods-on-steam-workshop Mon, 09 Oct 2017 14:20:58 -0400 Ty Arthur


While these covered a lot of ground between visual style and game substance, that's only 9 out of hundreds of mods currently available, with dozens more being added every week!


Let us know what you thought of our Total War: Warhammer 2 Steam Workshop mods roundup, and be sure to recommend some other killer mods we should check out in the comments.


Looking for help to beat this difficult RTS battle simulator without any mods installed? Head over to our full selection of Warhammer 2 faction guides here.


Big Ol' Cheat Mod


Download Here


We're gonna wrap up this list of Total War: Warhammer 2 mods with an entry for the filthy casuals (bless your hearts, I'm one of you!) who love Warhammer... but can't stand the Total War complexity and difficulty levels.


Here's your standard Vortex campaign cheat mod that increases your tax income, reduces unit upkeep, lowers public unrest, and adds to the unit replenishment rate so you can just enjoy the game rather than trying to figure out how to not constantly lose your empire.


Brutal Battles


Download Here


If you aren't a huge fan of the highly regimented, orderly combat that this particular iteration of the Warhammer series utilizes, then Brutal Battles is the mod for you.


Melee becomes a chaotic jumbled mess of bodies, and combat stats are tweaked so cavalry runs down stationary units more effectively, and spells obliterate tightly massed armies.


Sadly, there's no actual combat blood mod yet (how does that get left out of a realistic war game?), but fingers crossed that it arrives soon.


Darker Grand Campaign


Download Here


The cinematic cut scenes make the Vortex and its environs look one way, but the actual campaign map seems to look quite a bit different. Sometimes the bright colors and cartoonish effects lead to what this mod's creator describes as a "My Little Pony look."


I'm not sure I'd go that far, but then again this series is supposed to be the epitome of the grimdark style, so adding in a little extra darkness wouldn't hurt. That's exactly what this mod does, changing up the lighting effects across the map to match the cinematic visuals more closely, from deserts to jungles to the Vortex itself.


Crynsos' Faction Unlocker


Download Here


Pretty soon this one actually won't be needed, since the developer will be bringing in the entire map and all factions from the previous game for the combined Mortal Empires campaign in the near future. For now, however, this sweet little mod lets you play as any faction on the Vortex campaign map.


Keep in mind a few things are a little wonky as some of the faction abilities from the previous game weren't meant to be used with the Vortex mechanics (which is probably why its taking so long for Creative Assembly to make it all fit together).


Overall though, this is a fun way to try out different races before the official Mortal Empires patch arrives.


Immersive Battle Banners


Download Here


The previous game was flooded with updated banner mods, and Total War: Warhammer 2 isn't going to be any different!


Everybody seems to have a different opinion on how the various banners and heraldry should look, with some focused on lore-friendly versions closer to the tabletop miniature game and others just wanting banners that look bad ass on the field of battle.


This is one of the first banner mods to arrive, making each banner more complex and distinct while getting rid of that sort of plastic toy look. Some of these are pretty spectacular, but as with most of these mods there are still tweaks to be made as a few are quite oversaturated and hard to see properly during the campaign.


Spectator Mode


Download Here


Auto resolving a battle means you miss all the carnage, but going through yet another fight you know you are going to win can get tiresome as well with all the micro-managing thrown at you by Total War.


That's where Spectator Mode comes in -- letting you turn on the AI during a battle and freely roam the battle to watch wherever the fighting is thickest. The mod also features options for changing what is controlled by AI, letting you still control your Lord for instance, or controlling your armies while the AI handles all reinforcements and summoned units.


While this is a cool mod for getting a better look at the game's combat, be advised that sometimes the AI does dumb things. So you you might end up losing units by accident!


Building Progression Icons


Download Here


Team Radious was all over getting major improvements added to the first game, and they are at it again with Warhammer 2. While constructing new buildings during the Vortex campaign, you might have noticed something a little odd... all the icons stay the same, even after a structure is upgraded.


Kind of an oversight, don't you think? This work-in-progress mod fixes that by tweaking each icon for every upgraded version of a building. At the moment it only covers the High Elf faction, but is currently being expanded to all the Vortex campaign factions. There's also minor tweaks when a different faction controls a province, giving a visual cue as to which one is in control.


Double Lord Skill Points


Download Here


After grabbing that camera update, your next stop in the Warhammer 2 Steam Workshop should absolutely be here for doubling your Lord and Legendary Lord skill points. With two per level instead of one, those Lords will feel more like the battlefield-controlling powerhouses they are supposed to be.


There will almost certainly be a cheat version of this in the future that doesn't apply to enemy Lords as well, but for now its actually a balanced, non-cheating mod since the AI Lords get the boost as well. Be careful when fighting one of those upgraded Lords!


For a little more tweaking of the Lord skill trees, you can also grab the Unlock All Lord Skills mod here, which does exactly what it sounds like and doesn't lock you out of branches of the tree depending on what you picked previously.


Better Camera Mod


Download Here


A lot of players are going to head straight for the Legendary Lord double skill point mods, the combat tweaks, updated battle standards, or even the diplomacy changing mods.


Not me. No sir, my go-to first mod for anything Total War related will always be the camera. This one changes how the camera rotates and lets you go both higher and lower, giving better vantage points for surveying the battlefield and for getting up close for those killer screenshots.


It's finally happened: the Steam Workshop is now open for Total War: Warhammer 2! After weeks of delays due to bugs causing constant crashes with mods, the floodgates have been opened and you can tweak the game till your heart's content! 


After less than 48 hours, there are already more than 600 Warhammer 2 mods available at the Steam Workshop, with many of them ported directly from the previous game


Out of those hundreds of mods uploaded already (with more being added all the time), which ones are the must-haves that should be downloaded ASAP? Go ahead and click that Next button to get started with the 9 best Total War: Warhammer 2 Steam Workshop mods!

Total War: Warhammer 2 Map and Mortal Empires Settlement List https://www.gameskinny.com/jkv9g/total-war-warhammer-2-map-and-mortal-empires-settlement-list https://www.gameskinny.com/jkv9g/total-war-warhammer-2-map-and-mortal-empires-settlement-list Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:35:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

There might only be four starting factions with Total War: Warhammer 2, but the Vortex campaign still covers a staggering area of the map with several different continents and seas on display.

That small number of races is about to increase significantly within the next two months. Developer Creative Assembly has confirmed the Warhammer 2 Vortex campaign map will be combined with the original Total War: Warhammer Old World map for a combined campaign titled Mortal Empires.

Warhammer 2 Vortex Campaign Map And Settlements

Looking down at that overland campaign map for the base game, you might notice some similarities there to real world topography -- and that's absolutely not coincidence. Warhammer is essentially set on Earth in the past, while "Holy Terra" is Earth in the far future with Warhammer 40,000.

Many players coming into Warhammer from the Total War franchise (rather than the other way around) didn't realize that the Old World is purposefully analogous to Europe, while the New World Vortex campaign map is essentially North and South America, Africa, and an area representing lost Atlantis.

Below is a list of every single settlement currently available in the game at launch, broken out by faction. Note that the Skaven settlements appear as abandoned ruins to all other players and aren't on a fixed location on the map.

Faction Settlement
High Elves   Lothern
 High Elves   Order of Loremasters
 High Elves   Avelorn
 High Elves   Caledor
 High Elves   Chrace
 High Elves   Citadel of Dusk
 High Elves   Cothique
 High Elves   Ellyrion
 High Elves   Fortress of Dawn
 High Elves   Nagarythe
 High Elves   Saphery
 High Elves   Tir Anoc
 High Elves   Tor Elasor
 High Elves   Yvresse
 Dark Elves  Naggardon
  Dark Elves  Cult of Pleasure
  Dark Elves  Bleak Holds
  Dark Elves  Blood Hall Coven
  Dark Elves  Clar Karond
  Dark Elves  Cult of Excess
  Dark Elves  Deadwood Sentinels
  Dark Elves  Drakla Coven
  Dark Elves  Ghrond
  Dark Elves  Hag Graef
  Dark Elves  Har Ganeth
  Dark Elves  Kardond Kar
  Dark Elves  Scourge of Khaine
  Dark Elves  Ss'ildrator
  Dark Elves  The Forgebound
 Skaven  Clan Mors
 Skaven  Clan Pestilens
 Skaven  Clan Eshin
 Skaven  Clan Gnaw
 Skaven  Clan Mordkin
 Skaven  Clan Moulder
 Skaven  Clan Septik
 Skaven  Clan Skryre
 Skaven  Clan Spittel
 Lizardmen   Hexoatl
 Lizardmen  Last Defenders
 Lizardmen  Itza
 Lizardmen  Sentinels of Xeti
 Lizardmen  Southern Sentinels
 Lizardmen  Tlaqua
 Lizardmen  Tlaxtan
 Lizardmen  Xlanhuapec
 Lizardmen  Zlatlan


An overview of the entire Warhammer 2 base Vortex campaign map (via flyby) can be seen in the video clip below for a more up close experience than the overland map.

Mortal Empires Combined Map And Settlements

With the two campaigns combined, there will be changes in the Old and New World maps to include features from both games, like the Lizardmen's Geomantic Web, the Black Arks of the Dark Elves, and of course the Skaven ability to spread corruption in neighboring provinces.

Getting the two maps to snap together will require some terrain changes -- and while we don't have the full combined Mortal Empires map yet to actually look at, we do know which settlements will be included. Below we've listed out all 295 Mortal Empires campaign settlements currently confirmed.

Based on the settlement list, it seems like some areas have been removed entirely or shifted to new areas, so there may be different starting points for several Total War: Warhammer factions in Mortal Empires.

Province Settlement
 Aghol Wastelands  Fortress of the Damned
 Aghol Wastelands  Palace of Princes
 Aghol Wastelands  The Palace Of Ruin
Ash River   Numas
 Ash River   Quatar
 Ash River   Springs of Eternal Life
Atalan Mountains   Eye of the Panther
 Atalan Mountains   Martek
 Atalan Mountains   Vulture Mountain
 Avelorn  Evershael
 Avelorn   Gaean Vale
 Avelorn  Tor Saroir
 Blackspine Mountains  Plain of Dogs
 Blackspine Mountains   Plain of Spiders
 Blackspine Mountains  Red Desert
Caledor   Tor Sethai
 Caledor   Vauls Anvil
 Charnel Valley  Granite Massif
 Charnel Valley  Karag Orrud
 Chrace  Elisia
 Chrace  Tor Achare
Coast of Araby   Al Haikk
 Coast of Araby   Copher
 Coast of Araby   Fyrux
Cothique   Mistnar
Cothique  Tor Koruali
 Crater of the Walking Dead  Doom Glade
 Crater of the Walking Dead  Rasetra
 Deadwood  Dargoth
 Deadwood   Nargrar
 Deadwood  Shagrath
 Deadwood  The Frozen City
 Devil's Backbone  Lahmia
 Devil's Backbone  Lybaras
 Devil's Backbone  Mahrak
 Doom Glades  Hag Hall
  Doom Glades   Ice Rock Gorge
 Doom Glades  Temple of Addaioth
 Doom Glades  Vauls Anvil
 Eataine  Angerrial
 Eataine  Lothern
 Eataine  Shrine of Asuryan
 Eataine  Tower of Lysean
 Ellyrion  Tor Elyr
 Ellyrion  Whitefire Tor
 Great Desert of Araby  Bel Aliad
Great Desert of Araby   Black Tower of Arkhan
 Great Desert of Araby  El-Kalabad
 Great Desert of Araby  Pools of Despair
 Headhunters Jungle  Mangrove Coast
  Headhunters Jungle  Marks of the Old Ones
  Headhunters Jungle  Jungle Oyxl
Hell Pit   Hell  Pit
 Huahuan Desert  Chamber of Visions
 Huahuan Desert  Sentinels of Xeti
 Huahuan Desert  The Golden Colossus
 Iron Mountains  Altar of Ultimate Darkness
 Iron Mountains  Har Kaldra
 Iron Mountains  Naggarond
 Iron Mountains  Rackdo Gorge
 Ironfrost Glacier  Dagraks End
 Ironfrost Glacier  Ironfrost
 Ismuths of Lustria  Fallen Gates
  Ismuths of Lustria  Hexoatl
  Ismuths of Lustria  Skeggi
  Ismuths of Lustria  Ziggurat of Dawn
 Jungles of Green Mists  Spektazuma
 Jungles of Green Mists  Wellsprings of Eternity
 Kingdom of Beasts  Serpent Coast
  Kingdom of Beasts  Temple of Skulls
  Kingdom of Beasts  The Cursed Jungle
 Land of Assassins  Lashiek
 Land of Assassins  Palace of the Wizard Caliph
 Land of Assassins   Sorcerers Island
 Land of the Dead  Khemri
 Land of the Dead  Pyramid of Nagash
  Land of the Dead  Zandri
 Nagarythe  Shrine of Khaine
 Nagarythe  Tor Anlec
 Nagarythe  Tor Dranil
 Northern Great Jungle  Chaqua
 Northern Great Jungle   Temple of Tlencan
 Northern Great Jungle  Xahutec
 Northern Great Jungle  Xlanhuapec
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Macu Peaks
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa   Port Reaver
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Shrine of Sotek
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Swamp Town
 Obsidian Peaks  Circle of Destruction
  Obsidian Peaks  Clar Karond
  Obsidian Peaks  Storag Kor
  Obsidian Peaks  Venom Glade
 Saphery  Port Elistor
 Saphery  Tor Finu
 Saphery  Tower of Hoeth
 Shifting Sands  Antoch
Shifting Sands   Bhagar
 Shifting Sands  Ka-Sabar
 Skavenblight  Skavenblight
 Southern Great Jungle  Axlotl
  Southern Great Jungle  Itza
  Southern Great Jungle  Subatuun
Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Floating Pyramid
Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa   Monument of the Moon
 Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Pahuax
 Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  The High Sentinel
 Southlands Jungle  Tower of the Gods
 Southlands Jungle  Teotiqua
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains  Karak Zorn
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains   Lost Plateau
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains  Mount Arachnos
 Spine of Sotek  Hualotal
 Spine of Sotek  Mine of the Bearded Skulls
 Spine of Sotek  Monument of Izzatal
The Black Coast   Arnheim
The Black Coast    Bleak Hold Fortress
 The Black Flood  Cragroth Deep
 The Black Flood  Hag Graef
 The Black Flood  Shroktak Mount
 The Black Flood  Temple of Khaine
 The Broken Land  Blacklight Tower
  The Broken Land  Karond Kar
  The Broken Land  Slavers Point
 The Chill Road  Ashrak
  The Chill Road  Ghrond
  The Chill Road  The Great Arena
 The Clawed Coast  Hoteks Column
 The Clawed Coast  The Monoliths
 The Clawed Coast  The Twisted Glade
 The Creeping Jungle  Temple of Kara
 The Creeping Jungle   Tlanxla
 The Creeping Jungle  Tlaxtlan
 The Road of Skulls  Har Ganeth
 The Road of Skulls   Kauark
 The Road of Skulls  Spite Reach
 The Road of Skulls  The Black Pillar
 Tir Anoc  Tor Anroc
  Tir Anoc  Whitepeak
  Titan Peaks  Ancient City of Quintex
  Titan Peaks  Ironspike
  Titan Peaks  Ssildra Tor
  Titan Peaks  The Moon Shard
 Vampire Coast  Pox Marsh
 Vampire Coast   The Awakening
 Vampire Coast  The Blood Swamps
 Volcanic Island  Fuming Serpent
 Volcanic Island   The Star Tower
 Yvresse  Elessaeli
  Yvresse  Tor Yvresse
 Athel Loren  Crag Halls
 Athel Loren  Vauls Anvil
 Athel Loren  Waterfall Palace
 Athel Loren  Yn Edryl Korian
 Averland  Averheim
 Averland   Grenzstadt
 Bastonne Et Montfort  Castle Bastonne
 Bastonne Et Montfort  Montfort
 Black Mountains  Karak Angazhar
 Black Mountains  Karak Hirn
 Black Mountains  Mighdal Vongalbarak
 Blightwater  Deff Gorge
 Blightwater   Karak Azgal
 Blightwater  Kradtommen
 Blightwater  Misty Mountain
 Blood River Valley  Barag Dawazbag
 Blood River Valley  Barak Varr
 Blood River Valley  Dok Karaz
 Blood River Valley  Varenka Hills
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Aquitaine
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Bordeleaux
Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Brionne
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Castle Carcassonne
 Chaos Wastes  Chaos Wastes
 Couronne Et Languille  Couronne
  Couronne Et Languille   Languille
 Death Pass  Iron Rock
 Death Pass  Karag Dron
 Death Pass  Karak Drazh
 Desolation of Nagash  Black Iron Mine
  Desolation of Nagash  Karak Azul
  Desolation of Nagash  Spitepeak
 Eastern Badlands  Crooked Fang Fort
Eastern Badlands   Dringorackaz
Eastern Badlands   Karak Eight Peaks
 Eastern Badlands  Valayas Sorrow
 Eastern Border Princes  Akendorf
Eastern Border Princes   Matorca
 Eastern Oblast  Praag
 Eastern Oblast   Volksgrad
 Eastern Sylvania  Castle Drakenhof
 Eastern Sylvania   Eschen
 Eastern Sylvania  Waldenhof
 Estalia  Bilbali
 Estalia  Magritta
 Estalia  Tobara
 Forest of Arden  Castle Artois
  Forest of Arden  Gisoreux
 Gianthome Mountains  Khazid Bordkarag
 Gianthome Mountains   Kraka Drak
 Gianthome Mountains   Sjoktraken
 Gianthome Mountains  Baersonlings Camp
 Gianthome Mountains  Frozen Landing
 Helspire Mountains  Graelingmoot
 Helspire Mountains   Serpent Jetty
  Helspire Mountains  The Monolith Of Latam
 Hochland  Brass Leep
 Hochland  Hergig
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Doomkeep
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Icedrake Fjord
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Longship Graveyard
 Lyonesse  Lyonesse
 Lyonesse  Mousillon
 Middenland  Carroburg
 Middenland   Middenheim
 Middenland  Weismund
 Mountains of Hel  Aeslings Conclave
Mountains of Hel  Altar of Spawns
Mountains of Hel  Winter Pyre
 Mountains of Naglfari  Naglfari Plain
 Mountains of Naglfari  Varg Camp
 Nordland  Dietershafen
 Nordland  Salzenmund
 Northern Grey Mountains  Blackstone Post
 Northern Grey Mountains  Grung Zint
 Northern Grey Mountains  Karak Ziflin
Northern Oblast   Fort Ostrosk
Northern Oblast  Fort Straghov
 Northern Worlds Edge Mountains  Karak Ungor
Northern Worlds Edge Mountains  Khazid Irkulaz
 Ostermark  Bechafen
 Ostermark  Essen
 Ostland  Castle Von Rauken
 Ostland  Norden
 Ostland  Wolfenburg
 Parravon Et Quenelles  Parravon
Parravon Et Quenelles  Quenelles
 Peak Pass  gnashraks_lair
 Peak Pass  Karak Kadrin
 Reikland  Altdorf
 Reikland  Eilhart
 Reikland  Grunburg
 Reikland  Helmgart
 Rib Peaks  Grom Peak
 Rib Peaks  Mount Gunbad
 Southern Badlands  Agrul Migdhal
Southern Badlands  Galbaraz
Southern Badlands  Gor Gazan
Southern Badlands  Gronti Mingol
 Southern Grey Mountains  Grimhold
Southern Grey Mountains  Karak Azgaraz
Southern Grey Mountains  Karak Norn
 Southern Oblast  Fort Jakova
Southern Oblast  Kislev
Southern Oblast  Zavastra
 Stirland  The Moot
 Stirland  Wurtbad
 Talabecland  Kemperbad
 Talabecland  Talabheim
The Silver Road  Karaz A Karak
The Silver Road  Mount Squighorn
The Silver Road  The Pillars of Grungni
 The Vaults  Karak Bhufdar
  The Vaults   Karak Izor
 The Vaults  Zarakzil
 The Wasteland  Gorssel
  The Wasteland  Marienburg
 Tilea  Luccini
 Tilea  Miragliano
 Troll Country  Erengrad
Troll Country  Zoishenk
 Trollheim Mountains  Bay of Blades
Trollheim Mountains  Sarl Encampment
Trollheim Mountains  The Tower of Khrakk
 Vanaheim Mountain  bjornlings_gathering
 Vanaheim Mountain  Pack Ice Bay
Vanaheim Mountain  Troll Fjord
 Western Badlands  Bitterstone Mine
 Western Badlands  Dragonhorn Mines
 Western Badlands  Ekrund
 Western Badlands  Stonemine Tower
 Western Border Princes  Zvorak
 Western Border Princes  Myrmidens
 Western Sylvania  Castle Templehof
 Western Sylvania  Fort Oberstyre
 Western Sylvania  Schwartzhafen
 Wissenland  Nuln
 Wissenland  Pfeildorf
 Wissenland  Wissenburg
 Yn Edri Eternos  The Oak of Ages
 Zhufbar  Karag Dromar
 Zhufbar  Oakenhammer
 Zhufbar  Zhufbar


What faction are you planning on playing in the combined Mortal Empires campaign and what settlements are you planning on raiding first? Let us know in the comments section below! And be sure to check out the rest of our Warhammer 2 guides for more tips and tricks. 

Total War: Warhammer 2 Skaven Faction Strategy and Campaign Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/24h3o/total-war-warhammer-2-skaven-faction-strategy-and-campaign-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/24h3o/total-war-warhammer-2-skaven-faction-strategy-and-campaign-walkthrough Tue, 03 Oct 2017 17:32:23 -0400 Ty Arthur

There may only be four base Total War: Warhammer 2 factions to pick from, but there's a surprising amount of variety between those vastly different races.

The chaotic Skaven are always on the hunt for Warpstone so they can take over the magical Vortex, and they have a lot of mechanics that set them apart from the Lizardmen or Elves.

To win as the Skaven, you sort have to think like a cowardly rat while also behaving like a horde of unstoppable plague rats rolling over a city. Below we cover all the basics you need to know to get started. Looking for help with other Warhammer II factions? Check out these guides instead:

The Best Skaven Lord for Your Total War: Warhammer 2 Campaign

Your basic decision with the starting Skaven Legendary Lord is between fighter or wizard, but there's actually a bit more to it than just melee or spells when you consider the faction effects of both choices.

Queek Headtaker is your straight up melee duelist, who has high armor and can penetrate enemy armor. Queek offsets your weak starting units in the early campaign. The exact opposite of Malekith from the Dark Elves faction, Queek actually steals some of the XP earned by any other Lord, so he will consistently be at high level even if he doesn't go directory into combat all the time. He's not big on wizards though, so Grey Seers you recruit will have reduced loyalty.

Lord Skrolk is your spell casting option, and he doesn't include a tutorial mission -- so make sure you've mastered the game's basics first! There's a lot of reasons to pick Skrolk, though, like the fact that plague buildings cost half as much to build or that the Pestilent Scheme rite is reduced in cost by a whopping 75%! Additionally, Skrolk is actually a competent melee fighter besides just casting spells, and his skills let you increase his combat prowess even further.

 Picking a Skaven Legendary Lord

Warhammer II Skaven Campaign Strategy

Skaven spread corruption, but it works a bit differently than vampiric or chaos corruption does for any other faction. Your public order will go down as corruption spreads just like with the other types, but it will also cause problems for the other factions and let you use the vital Menace Below ability. Spreading corruption to a nearby province before going on the offensive can be a great way to get ready to invade that area.

Unlike the other three main factions, Skaven settlements are underground and invisible to the other players, showing up as ruins that have to be explored. Some will have nothing, and some will be flooded with your vile ratmen. The result here is that its less dangerous to leave a settlement undefended than with the other Warhammer II factions.

While moving around your Lords, your typical stance will be Ambushing -- but don't forget you can use the Underway to move through otherwise impassable terrain, making the Warhammer II campaign map much more wide open to Skaven than any other faction.

Your strengths as Skaven are your ability to constantly ambush enemy armies and your overwhelming numbers. Your weakness is that those numbers are hungry. While Dark Elves have slaves, Skaven also have a third resource -- in this case, it's simply food. Your endless vermin tides have to consume a lot, and they eat all the time.

Keeping food stocks high gives bonuses, but when food hits 40% or less you take a hit to growth, leadership, and public order. And it gets exponentially worse as the food supplies tumble from there.

Some buildings provide food, but in the beginning your main food gathering technique will be combat -- eat survivors after a battle and loot a settlement when raiding. The end result is that you essentially have to play aggressively. Your empire is a horde of rats expanding outward in a tide. Many of those rats will die. But that's OK, because there's always another wave just behind ready to push forward.

Constant expansion is usually needed to keep up with the pace of food and army growth, and that's where Rites like the Scheme of DOOOOOM! come in, letting you knock down enemy walls so you can easily invade without needing siege equipment.

The Pestilent Scheme Rite (which is super cheap if you picked Lord Skrolk) will kill off armies quickly, again making it quite easy to siege cities after they have been devastated by plague (just don't accidentally infect your own units).

 Skaven Rites

You have to be strategic in how you expand as the Skaven faction, however, because every army and settlement uses up food every round. Don't take more locations than you can consistently feed! Being low on food will set you back significantly, both in keeping armies on the map an in being able to overwhelm opponents in battle.

When you do take a settlement, food comes into play yet again, as you can spend food supply to skip previous buildings in the chain and start with up to a tier III building immediately.

This is a huge advantage and can put you way ahead of the competition, since you get to skip all those turns waiting to build the previous tier buildings. Use this ability wisely to get needed infrastructure while skipping anything that isn't immediately useful.

 Going straight to a Tier III Laboratory

Warhammer II Skaven Combat Strategy

All of the factions play differently in combat, and with Skaven your early campaign battles are all about waves of cannon fodder that swarm over the enemy. You need to outnumber the opponent because your units overall are much weaker. Until much later in the game, you won't have much in the way of mounted units or well-armored characters, so get used to having big groups of rats sacrifice themselves and be replaced.

The flow of combat significantly changes when playing Skaven as opposed to a faction like the Lizardmen, where you would usually want your melee bruisers to rush in and stay put until the enemy is dead.

Most skaven melee units flee easily, but they actually get a speed bonus when ignoring your commands and running for their lives -- which can be used to your advantage. Although they lose morale and flee at the drop of a hat, they recover and regroup quickly. Combat becomes a fluid movement with Skaven, re-positioning across the battlefield and bringing in new units to flank enemies who are chasing your fleeing cowardly rats.

The Menace Below ability is your trump card, so make frequent use of it as needed. The summoned rats aren't super powerful, but having a sneaky surprise attack always available to flank enemy units can be devastating when used properly.

There are plenty of ways to increase your Menace Below usages available, from high food supply to spreading corruption. Anywhere you drop the rats is going to force your opponent to move some units to deal with them, which is perfect for flanking attacks from Night Runners or some ranged fire from Slingers. You can even drop them on much more powerful units -- like right behind a bunch of charging cavalry -- and still get decent results.

While using hordes of weak creatures in the early game, you need to pick your battles wisely. Armored saurus warriors or devastating ranged spells from enemy heroes can annihilate your forces. In the mid to late game, Plague Monks, Storm Vermin, and Warp Lightning Cannons are your saving graces and finally let you meet more heavily armored melee fighters on even ground. Field these better units to finally bring about some serious devastation.

 Summoning the Menace Below to flank mounted units

Those are all the basic tactics you need to know to get started! Do you have any other strategies or tips for the Warhammer II Skaven campaign that have worked well? Let us know in the comments!

Top 6 Total War Mods That Need To Be Ported To Warhammer II https://www.gameskinny.com/h036i/top-6-total-war-mods-that-need-to-be-ported-to-warhammer-ii https://www.gameskinny.com/h036i/top-6-total-war-mods-that-need-to-be-ported-to-warhammer-ii Mon, 02 Oct 2017 17:05:47 -0400 Ty Arthur

It might not be quite on the same level as modding behemoths like Skyrim, but the Total War franchise still has a staggering number of mods -- from simple skin changes and minor tweaks to total conversions that radically change genres and settings.

With Total War: Warhammer 2 now released, we expected a deluge of mods to immediately appear and either fix a handful of problems or radically expand the options.

Sadly, that hasn't been the case so far. The Warhammer II Steam Workshop hasn't been enabled at this point, and there isn't even a Nexus Mods landing page yet. ModDB has a site up, but there are a grand total of 0 files to download as of this writing.

A handful of fan mods have come online at the Total War Center site, but the high number of users reporting immediate crashes with these mods actually prompted developer Creative Assembly to delay the launch of the Steam Workshop.

That needs to change quickly, because this is a game absolutely ripe for heavy modding. Below we've listed out all the top Total War: Warhammer II mods we need to see ASAP!

 Its not yet clear at this point when Steam Workshop will be enabled

Blood And Gore Warhammer II Mod

It took me a while to notice, but when my Lizardmen saurus warriors where smashing and slashing their way through a Skeggi Chaos horde, there weren't any of the telltale signs of battle left behind. No severed limbs, steaming viscera, or even a layer of liquid red to remind future conquerors of the slaughter that took place.

Its odd to think about, but apparently this warfare-focused game is rated T For Teen, so the more unpleasant parts of massive-scale combat -- like blood getting everywhere -- were left out. Expect this to be among the first big mods to arrive and catapult to the top of the download list immediately.

 Apparently when you get stabbed with a spear and trampled by a horse, you just sort of fall down

Battle Camera Warhammer II Mod

Oh man, we need this one faster than ASAP -- we need it yesterday! One of my biggest complaints about this iteration of Total War is how difficult it is to get a perfect camera angle. You are always either too far away or too close up, too high or too low, etc.

There's rarely a sweet spot in between that lets you see everywhere you need to see on the field of combat while still getting a decent look at the action of any given individual battle. Too far up and it feels like too much of a tabletop game. Too far down and you get the thrill of combat, but will miss out on that unit ambushing you from behind.

 Improved Camera Mod For The Original Total War: Warhammer

More Skill Points Warhammer II Mod

Double skill points make your Legendary Lords actually feel legendary, rather than "merely adequate." Watching these so-called Lords take a wound and flee the battle is a pretty demoralizing proposition.

Lord Mazdamundi should be raining down magical artillery while Malekith is a whirlwind of destructive blades across the battlefield. With the additional skill points mod from the previous game, your Lords will be more of the battlefield commanders they are meant to be.

 These are supposed to be the movers and shakers of the Old World, so let's make them feel that way!

More Units/Factions Warhammer II Mod

This one is just a given. Obviously more factions are expected to arrive as either free expansions or paid DLC down the line, as only four starting Warhammer II races can't possibly be the extent of what Creative Assembly has in store.

Thankfully, the mod community always steps up and does what developers aren't always capable of doing in a short of amount of time. Expect a horde of new units for the Dark Elves, Skaven, High Elves, and Lizardmen to arrive the second the Steam Workshop is activated. 

On the full new faction front, it seems like the Orcs would play well in this more monster-focused campaign -- and who doesn't want to play as the Vampire Counts every now and again?

 Where the greenskins at?

AI Overhaul Warhammer II Mod

It seems like no matter who you ask, someone will have a gripe about the AI in a strategy game like this -- either because its not aggressive enough, too dumb in sieges, too focused on an endless stream of pointless battles in the late game, and so on. 

There are a variety of AI tweaking mods for the first Total War Warhammer, focused on fixing each of those various issues to make the enemy AI more competent and fun to play, and we'll need to see several of these to fix some issues during the Warhammer II campaign.

 Warhammer siege AI overhaul mod in action

Radious Warhammer II Mod

An all-in-one total overhaul mod from the first game, Radious added in more units, tweaked the campaign mechanics, overhauled the magic system and economy, rebalanced combat, and added in some lore-friendly changes.

It seems like it will be a fairly long wait before a mod of this magnitude actually arrives for Total War: Warhammer II, but we're hoping the team will get on tweaking this second iteration in the series soon. Major mods of this nature preclude the need for downloading a ton of tiny mods and hoping they all play nicely with one another.

  Fingers cross this come soon!

Which Total War: Warhammer mods to you want to see ported from the previous game? Let us know what you are looking forward to trying out -- or if you've found any awesome functioning mods already -- in the comments below!

Ready to jump into the vanilla game without any mods? This is an extremely complicated game with a horde of various elements that all have to be managed at the same time, so make sure to head over to our Warhammer 2 guides before getting started.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Dark Elves Faction Guide and Campaign Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/6tq34/total-war-warhammer-2-dark-elves-faction-guide-and-campaign-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/6tq34/total-war-warhammer-2-dark-elves-faction-guide-and-campaign-walkthrough Mon, 02 Oct 2017 14:49:38 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ready to dive into the complex tactical combat and cutthroat fantasy diplomacy in Total War: Warhammer 2? There are four starting Warhammer factions to pick from, from dinosaur-riding lizards to hordes of subterranean rats -- and each plays incredibly different from the others.

As the Dark Elves, your goal is to obtain the Scrolls of Hekarti to take control of the Vortex through a series of magic rituals. Along the way you'll be raiding settlements, taking slaves, and battling off armies of rat men or weakling High Elves.

Below we cover everything you need to know to get up and running with an unstoppable force of Dark Elves and slaughter your way through the Warhammer 2 campaign!

Looking for a guide how to beat the Total War: Warhammer 2 as dino-taming lizards instead? Check out our guide to the Lizardmen campaign for more information.

The Best Dark Elf Lord for Your Total War: Warhammer 2 Campaign

You've got two starting options for your Legendary Lord: a melee/spell-caster hybrid, or his Hydra-riding mother. The main differences between them revolves around experience points and loyalty.

Dark Elves want to be raiding and engaged in battle whenever possible. If you sit around defending an area instead of going to war, your loyalty will take a big hit -- and that can be disastrous if you aren't prepared.

Malekith automatically gifts out experience to other Lords, which is a major double-edged sword. If a Lord is higher level than Malekith, or if a Lord gets wounded and flees a battle, expect to take a big loyalty hit. While Malekith is technically the easier of the two, you have to keep him in battle constantly or the other Lords (and their armies) will rebel against you. His Bladewind combat ability is extremely useful, however.

Morathi, Malekith's mother, actually gives a bonus to loyalty for other Lords in the area. While technically the more difficult of the two, she can be a better option for the mid game when you need your armies to do what you want them to do. Just keep in mind that she doesn't include a tutorial mission, so you better know what you are doing ahead of time if you go with Morathi.

 Picking Your Dark Elf Legendary Lord

Dark Elf Black Arks

While the Lizardmen have their powerful Geomantic Web to offer bonuses across their empire, the Dark Elves instead get the mobile Black Arks, which support armies and have building slots like any other settlement.

That's not the big draw, though. Black Arks offer bombardments to aid battles close to the Ark. Make sure to position these Arks near where you are about to be engaged in warfare!

Essentially, you've got extra long range spells to rain down death on concentrations of enemy units without actually having to bring in any spell-casting characters, so don't overlook this massive advantage.

 Dropping concentrated fire bombardments

Warhammer II Dark Elf Campaign Strategy

The Dark Elves occupy the frozen north at the campaign's start, with the Skaven being your primary problem throughout the early campaign. To begin, focus on taking Naggarond and then recruit another Lord so you have two armies flush with Darkshards and Dreadspears.

Afterwards, your mid-range goal here is to forge alliances to the south and east to keep people from attacking you while you work towards taking Ghrond. This task should be done via siege rather than a straight fight, as it's very difficult to win that battle in a direct assault. You want the army to come out and fight you instead.

Don't forget that Dark Elves have a leg up over the competition on the technology tree, which can be advanced faster without having to build as many precursor buildings first as other factions.

As mentioned above, you are going to deal with serious loyalty issues throughout the Dark Elves campaign. Completing quests and faction-wide battle wins increase overall loyalty, but losing quests and faction-wide battle losses decreases loyalty. You can help pump this up further by stealing tech, which frequently results in captured slaves as well. Giving these slaves to your Lords will keep loyalty high. 

Don't forget that your Legendary Lord -- no matter which one you picked -- can utilize a Rite to boost loyalty as well. Finally, the Khanite assassin eventually gets the Stalker trait that can also boost loyalty. 

Dark Elves have a third resource to juggle: slaves! You can use this resource to balance out other aspects of the economy in ways the other factions can't use. More slaves means a province produces more gold, which is good -- but get too many slaves and public order starts to drop when the servants outnumbers the actual populace.

If you have a province with high public order but you need gold, upgrade your slave capacity buildings and then start raiding. While order will go down, you will be flush with currency. Likewise, choosing to the option to take slaves after battle is frequently a better idea than killing the survivors for extra experience, since Dark Elves have a high turnover rate and you will be replenishing units often.


Warhammer II Dark Elf Combat Strategy

Darkshard missile infantry are key here, and you can basically formulate your whole battle strategy around them. Later on, Shades can become indispensable and in some situations, even better than Darkshards.

Whether utilizing Darkshards or Shades, you need to master forming them up properly to avoid the problems of friendly fire or missing your enemies entirely. Archers have problems hitting if they are spread out too thin. In general, it's a good idea not to keep them in a long, shallow line, but rather to have two close ranks lined up one behind the other.

You want several groups positioned next to each other that can concentrate fire and reposition quickly to hit moving targets. Make sure to set control groups of your rows of Darkshards so they can quickly rain down fire and you aren't wasting time clicking and dragging to reposition your archers.

In this formation, with several moderately deep ranks that aren't long left to right and are concentrated together, your primary concern should be long range artillery fire from the enemy. If the opposing army has artillery, it needs to be ambushed and taken out early in a battle.

Dark Riders are your initial mounted units, and frankly they aren't that great -- but you should use them for side and back attacks when you are stuck with them. Upgrade these guys as soon as you can to their crossbow version for better tactical options.

What melee unit you want to focus on is up to you, but essentially their goal here is to protect the Darkshards and hold off the larger melee or hero units while you can kill at range. Coupled with abilities like Bladewind and bombardments from your Dark Arks, you can annihilate most enemies.

 Have fun mowing down enemies with your archers!

That's just one of several possible strategies for playing the Dark Elves, but so far for us it's been a winning one. Do you have any other hints and tips for playing these diabolical hit and run combatants?

Let us know your favorite Warhammer 2 Dark Elf strategy in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other Total War: Warhammer 2 guides if you feel like playing a different race or want more help with the game in general.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen Faction Strategy Guide and Campaign Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/lm2z8/total-war-warhammer-2-lizardmen-faction-strategy-guide-and-campaign-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/lm2z8/total-war-warhammer-2-lizardmen-faction-strategy-guide-and-campaign-walkthrough Fri, 29 Sep 2017 10:35:59 -0400 Ty Arthur

There are an absurd number of elements at play in Total War: Warhammer 2's campaign, from diplomacy to taxes to properly lining up your units for battlefield advantage and even onto game-changing magic rites.

Simply playing the game, let alone getting close to winning, can be a daunting task for a newbie -- which is why we've put together this Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen faction guide.

Below we cover everything you need to know to exterminate those treacherous warm bloods who just can't ever leave well enough alone and stop mucking about with the forces of Chaos.

The Best Lizardmen Lord for Your Total War: Warhammer 2 Campaign

You have two legendary Lord options right off the bat: Mazdamundi, the spell-casting Slaan, or Kroq-Gar, a saurus oldblood general who is focused on direct melee combat and bonuses to nearby units.

Which Lord is best for your Lizardmen army? It depends on what you want out of your campaign. Kroq-Gar begins at a different point of the map and has a slightly harder starting difficulty in the campaign. On the other hand, Mazdamundi has many advantages for the new player because he allows access to an additional Slaan Mage-Priest and offers reduced Rite costs -- but he's also terrible at diplomacy. His many long range spells more than make up for that, however.

 Picking Lord Mazdamundi 

The Geomantic Web

No matter which Lord you choose, the big advantage to the Lizardmen is the Geomantic Web that connects cities in your provinces by magical forces. The Web is incredibly useful -- so you should always conquer an area with a Web node whenever you can, and upgrade it like crazy.

The various Alignments on the Web give you drastic bonuses if you pump them up to tier five. To improve the Web to its highest strength, you need to keep nodes connected to cities of equal Geomantic strength and keep up your relationship with neighboring settlements. Don't forget to build Geomantic Markers and Lodestones on cities that aren't connected to the Web as well.

Always make sure there's space in capitals for Geomantic structures and upgrades. If you are regularly adding to and upgrading the Web, you will frequently be flush with gold and bonuses that will keep you one step ahead of the other factions.

Starting the Geomantic Web

Warhammer II Lizardmen Campaign Strategy

It's worthwhile to be fairly aggressive early on during the campaign, taking on the Skaven and Skeggi but ignoring or getting diplomatic with the Empire to the south.

After taking the Monolith of Fallen Gods, its probably time to get a new Lord and start building up a secondary set of armies so you can tackle problems on different areas of the map at the same time.

Either of the Lizardmen legendary lords have access to four powerful rites that are costly but offer big bonuses. The Rite Of Ferocity is the least expensive, and often is also the most helpful because it gives you bonus experience, gold, and recruitment -- so your armies can pump up faster.

On the defense front, the Rite Of Sotek can be incredibly useful, hampering enemies within your province and making ambushes more deadly.

 Lizardmen Rites

Be sure to go through the quests in the early game to earn gold and Ancient Plaques, since you'll need those for the rituals. In particular, be sure to rush to the Mirror, Mirror quest so you can build a trove at the quest location and generate a steady stream of Plaques.

Whenever a ritual is being enacted, random forces of Chaos will pop up behind your province lines near cities enacting rituals (or near cities that are undefended). The other factions will also be able to see where you rituals are being enacted and will show up to ruin your day. In other words, don't try to expand while you are doing a ritual, because you need armies to protect your cities during those times.

On the expansion front, you can mostly ignore the frozen regions as places to hole up, since (as you'd expect from a cold blooded people) the Lizardmen will see public order plummet in cold regions. The best spots to conquer and fortify are jungles and deserts, although anything that isn't frozen and snowing can work in your favor.

While adding to your Lizardmen empire, don't forget to take into account the level of upkeep and expense going on with your expensive lizard armies, so build economic buildings and do anything you can to keep the gold flowing in.

On the tech tree, feel free to go where you like, focusing on whichever unit or building type you use most. I've found upgrading the solid mid-level saurus warriors to be an effective strategy, but it is also worthwhile to grab a few upgrades on the tree that help increase public order in your provinces, since corrupting influences will frequently appear.

 Lizardmen Tech Tree

Warhammer II Lizardmen Combat Strategy

Before battle while you are still moving around the world map, don't forget that the Lizardmen get the Astromancy stance for armies. While this reduces your mobility, it improves your visibility and lets you ambush easier, in addition to providing vanguard placement in battles.

Besides your powerful Lords, there are essentially two types of Lizardmen to deploy in combat: your slower and harder hitting beasts and saurus warriors, or your cheaper, faster skinks. (Check out our full list of Warhammer: Total War II unit rosters for the full rundown of all the units at your disposal.)

The skinks are good for maneuverability, since they move faster and can redeploy to flank enemies from the side or behind, although in many case you'll want to save your swift mounted units for that strategy. Skinks also break morale and flee regularly, which isn't always a negative, since it lures big melee units away from the main fight.

 Choosing the Astromancy stance

If you've got a hidden unit waiting nearby in the trees or just have some ranged units ready to reposition, fleeing skinks can actually turn the tide of battle. When you work up the tech tree, chameleon skinks can be your sneaky, hit and run units to always vex the enemy and take out unprotected units.

Unlike some of the other factions, sending your saurus units past enemy lines can actually work to your advantage, because they go berserk so easily. Berserk units get big bonuses to combat, but they also don't respond to your commands.

If a squad of saurus warriors goes berserk on the edge of a battle and wastes their time chasing a faster unit of ranged archers, then they are essentially out of the battle. Saurus hilariously trying to chase mounted archers is a sad way to lose a battle. If they are in the thick of combat near a whole bunch of vulnerable melee units, however...

On the opposite side of that, don't be afraid to have your big bruisers flee before they go berserk if things are going badly, so you don't lose highly experienced troops and have to start over with fresh recruits.

Where the Lizardmen trail behind the other factions is in powerful archers, but their later game artillery pieces also happen to be dinosaurs that can more than hold their own in melee, so don't be afraid to put them in harm's way!

After battle, eating the enemies of course is a great way to replenish your forces, but unless you are heavily beaten down and expect another battle soon, you should probably choose the option to sacrifice the survivors instead for all that extra experience.

     A horde of skinks popping out of the tree line can spell doom for your enemy

Those are all the basics you need to know to dominate the Total War: Warhammer II Vortex campaign map! Do you have any other effective Lizardmen strategies we didn't list here? Let us know your best Lizardmen tactics in the comments below! And stay tuned for more Total War: Warhammer 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

Total War Warhammer 2: Full Unit Rosters for Skaven & All Factions https://www.gameskinny.com/ajcjb/total-war-warhammer-2-full-unit-rosters-for-skaven-all-factions https://www.gameskinny.com/ajcjb/total-war-warhammer-2-full-unit-rosters-for-skaven-all-factions Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:03:23 -0400 Skrain

In the pre-release hype for Total War Warhammer 2's release in late September, developer Creative Assembly has been slowly teasing all the playable factions that fans can look forward to in the game. First came the Lizardmen, then the Dark Elves and High Elves -- and just recently, the company revealed the Skaven as well.

Along with these teasers, Creative Assembly has also released the unit rosters for each playable faction. So players can see exactly what they'll have at their disposal when they dive into this new Warhammer experience. In this short guide, we've collected the rosters for every faction in the game. From Dinosaurs, Giant Rats, all the way to Dragons, here's everything you need to know about these units.

Skaven Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

The Skaven are a divided race. Seldom do they agree upon anything any -- even more seldom do they offer assistance to other clans without the threat of force. These Ratmen will have two playable Lords to choose from in Warhammer 2. There's Queek Head Taker (the most infamous and powerful Warlord clan Mors has ever known), and Lord Skrolk (a plaguelord from clan Pestilen). 

Below is the full roster for the Skaven faction and its units:

Skaven Lords
Queek Head Taker
Lord Skrolk (Uses Lore of Plague)
Generic Skaven Lords/Heroes
Grey Seer (Uses Lore of Plague or Ruin)
 Warlock Engineer
 Plague Priest (Uses Lore of Plague)
Skaven Melee Units
  Skavenslave Spears
 Clanrats (Shields)
 Clanrat Spears
 Clanrat Spears (Shields)
 Stormvermin (Halberds)
 Stormvermin (Swords and Shields)
 Plague Monks
 Plague Monk Censer Bearers
 Death Runners
Skaven Missile Units
Skavenslave Slingers
Night Runners
Night Runners (Slings)
Gutter Runners
Gutter Runners Slingers
Gutter Runner Slingers(Poison)
Poison Wind Globadiers
Death Globe Bombardiers
Weapons Team
Warpfire Thrower
Plagueclaw Catapult
Warp Lightning Cannon
Melee Monster/Monstrous Infantry
 Rat Ogres
 Hell Pit Abomination


Skaven Grey Seers can either be on foot, or mounted on Screaming Bells -- an unholy battle altar that empowers the lesser Skaven hoards, while instilling dread in the foes who hear its morale-shattering tolls. Warlords can either be on foot or mounted on Bonebreaker Rat Ogres. Plague Priest Heroes can be mounted on Plague Furnaces.

Overall, the Skaven seem to be rather polearm heavy with their melee units. They also have quite an extensive and interesting ranged roster that seems to be dominated by clan Eshin soldiers -- including all Night, Gutter, and Death Runners.


High Elves Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

The two playable lords for the High Elves are the Twins Tyrion and Teclis. Tyrion rose to power through skill and valiance, he is fiercely loyal to the Phoenix King Finubar. His twin brother, Teclis, is regarded as one of the world's most powerful sorcerers.

High Elf Lords
Generic High Elf Lords/Heroes
 Loremaster of Hoeth
High Elven Melee Infantry
 Swordmaster of Hoeth
 White Lions of Chrace
 Phoenix Guard
High Elven Missile Infantry
 Archers (Light Armor)
 Lothern Sea Guard
 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields)
High Elven Cavalry
 Silver Helms
 Silver Helms (Shields)
 Dragon Princes
 Ellyrian Reavers
 Ellyrian Reaver Archers
 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
 Tiranoc Chariot
 Ithilmar Chariot
 Phoenix Guard
Flying Melee Monsters
 Flamespyre Phoenix
 Frostheart Phoenix
 Great Eagle
 Moon Dragon
 Star Dragon
 Sun Dragon


Tyrion can engage in battle either on foot or mounted upon Malhanhir -- an Elven steed. The same is true for Tecils, except he may ride upon a Barded Ithilmar Steed. Princes, Princesses, and the Mage hero units may ride upon Elven steeds -- though the Mage may also mount Great Eagles or dragons.

It certainly seems as if the strength of the High Elves will come from their cavalry and flying units, since there's only a small variety of infantry to choose from.

The Dark Elves Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

Leading the Dark Elves is Malekith, who has lived for thousands of years -- gaining magical power longer than most mortals can comprehend time. Having tried to claim Ulthuan millennia ago, he was scoured by fire and near death. That is when his own mother, Morathi, seared black metal plates onto his skin and used dark magics to keep him alive. 

Dark Elf Lord/Lady
Generic Dark Elf Lords/Heroes
Khainite Assassin
Death Hag
Dark Elf Melee Infantry
Black Ark Corsair
Witch Elves
Har Ganeth Executioners
Black Guard of Naggarond
Dark Elf Missile/Hybrid Infantry
 Darkshards (Shields)
 Black Ark Corsair (Handbows)
 Shades (Dual Swords)
 Shades (Great Weapons)
Dark Elf Cavalry
 Dark Riders
 Dark Riders (Shields)
 Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow)
 Cold One Knights (Lances)
 Cold One Dread Knights
Dark Elf Artillery/Chariots
 Cold One Chariot
 Reaper Bolt Thrower
Dark Elf Monsters/Flying
 War Hydra
 Black Dragon


Malekith can be mounted upon a Dark Elf Steed, a Chariot, or Seraphon (a Black Dragon). Morathi is always mounted on Sulephet -- a Dark Pegasus. Various generic lords can be mounted on standard Cold One horses, chariots, or a black dragon.

The Dark Elves are going to have battle lines that will be hard to address, because their roster is dominated by Hybrid Infantry -- units with a mixture of melee and ranged capabilities. (That is, if you can get past the heavy cavalry screens and Hydras.)

Lizardmen Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

This faction's units are lead by Lord Mazdamundi -- the oldest living Slaan. His ability to control the winds of magic is rivaled only by the most powerful of all beings. The other lord, Kroq-Gar, is the only survivor of the temple-city of Xhotl. Having been bred for the sole purpose of war, he a master of direct combat.

Lizardmen Lords
 Lord Mazdamundi
Generic Lizardmen Lords/Heroes
Slaan Mage Priest
Saurus Old-Blood
 Saurus Scar-Veteran
Skink Chief
 Skink Priest
Lizardmen Infantry
 Skink Cohort (Shields)
 Saurus Warriors
 Saurus Warriors (Shields)
 Saurus Spears
 Saurus Spears (Shields)
 Temple Guards
Lizardmen Missile Infantry
 Skink Cohort (Javelins)
 Skink Skirmishers (Blowpipes)
 Chameleon Skinks
Lizardmen Cavalry
 Feral Cold Ones
 Cold One Riders
 Cold One Spear-Riders
 Horned Ones
 Terradon Riders
 Terradon Riders (Fireleech Bolas)
Lizardmen Monsters
 Feral Bastiladon
 Feral Stegadon
 Feral Carnosaur
 Bastiladon (Revivification Crystal)
 Bastiladon (Solar Engine)
 Stegadon (Giant Crossbow)
 Ancient Stegadon (Giant Blowpipes)


Like all Slaan, Lord Mazdamundi never directly touches the ground -- as that would interrupt his ability to channel the winds of magic. He can be mounted on a standard platform or atop the ancient Stegadon, Zlaaq. Kroq-Gar can enter battle on foot, upon a Cold One or a Horned one, or on the back of Grymloq (a Carnosaur).

Riding giant dinosaurs into battle sounds pretty awesome. It's exactly what the Lizardmen do -- and boy, do they do it well. Their monster-packed and cavalry-heavy unit roster means that the Lizardmen are going to be able to dish out and take a pounding. 

Mods Are a Wonderful Thing

If you think that this current list is impressive, just wait until mods add even more creatures and units into the fray. I'm sure the Lizardmen alone will be the target for a modding campaign to add even more lovable dinosaurs to use in the future. Giant Ratmen and Triceratops-looking creatures doing battle while a giant Toad floats by sounds like a pretty epic confrontation.

Total War: Warhammer 2 launches in less than a month. So be prepared to do battle, pick your sides, and get ready to place yourselves into a world of Total War.