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Crafting any item you need -- from torn suits for fitting in with wastrels to Sick Up Tea for vomiting rotten food -- is a critical element of survival horror mashup We Happy Few.

No matter how hard players look, no one seems to be able to find a blueprint for stitching together the mission-critical boiler suit, however.

Unlike the proper suit or raincoat, you quite simply can't craft the boiler suit out of materials found in Maidenholm. Instead, you have to buy it from a specific character hiding in an alley.

Where To Find The Boiler Suit In We Happy Few

When Arthur walks down the street with the blocked-off park and the motilene spill, eventually you will come across an area with a bobby investigating a sparking police box.

Talk to the Bobby first to find out something is going wrong with the mechanical contraptions and begin the Popped Popper quest.

After the conversation do not attempt to interact with or repair the broken police box. Even if you have the proper tools, this still counts as being suspicious and the bobby will immediately attack you, as will all the surrounding civilians!

You need to wear the boiler suit first so that you don't look out of place while messing around with the machine.

To acquire a boiler suit you are looking for the Shady Dealer merchant, who is found east and south of the Constabulary, and north of Eric Blair Park in Maidenholm. After you walk by him, he should appear as a marker on your map.


Note that the Popped Popper quest marker won't point you here. Instead, it will try to send you back to the broken police box machine, thinking you already have the boiler suit in your inventory.

The Shady Dealer is hanging out in the alleyway half way down the street. At first the alley looks like a completely empty dead end. If you stand there for a few seconds and look at the wagon in the back, however, the Shady Dealer will open the lid and pop out to ask what you fancy buying today.

You need 64 pounds to buy the boiler suit. If you don't have that much money on you, its time to go robbing the Maidenholm homes or exploring the Garden District until you can scavenge for the funds.

Note that you can also buy an electro-lock shocker here for 16 pounds, which you need for the Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe quest to get through the locked doorway.

After finishing the Popped Popper quest, the boiler suit can also be used to fit in at other mechanical devices or construction sites without raising suspicion or annoying the bobbies.

For instance if you want to disable the Joy detectors that block you from crossing certain streets, make sure to put your boiler suit on first or the bobbies will decide your head needs to meet their clubs...

They may still approach to ask what you are doing, but if you give them some Scotch from your inventory they will walk away without asking anymore silly questions.

With the randomized nature of the game areas and the many bugs plaguing the game right after launch, some We Happy Few players have reported issues getting the Shady Dealer merchant to appear where he should.

If he doesn't show up in the ally with the wagon, let us know where you searched and we'll try to find another location or a fix to the disappearing merchant bug for you!

In the mean time, looking to find Arthur's misplaced memory masks while exploring Wellington Wells? Check out our We Happy Few memory locations guide here instead!

We Happy Few Memory Locations Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/2w5qu/we-happy-few-memory-locations-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/2w5qu/we-happy-few-memory-locations-guide Mon, 13 Aug 2018 14:18:17 -0400 Ty Arthur

After years of Early Access development and a whole lot of unexpected changes, dystopian survival game We Happy Few has landed in a full release version, and its far more story-focused than the early builds indicated.

Delving deep into the lore of the game's alternate history and discovering all the unpleasant things that happened to the three main protagonists adds a whole extra layer to the game's stealth survival mechanics.

Of course there are plenty of collectibles to be found across the game, from notes to TV shows to butterflies. Finding all collectibles across the game unlocks the Remember, Remember achievement.

Having trouble tracking down some of the memory mask collectibles hidden across Wellington Wells? We've got you covered with a list of memory locations below and step-by-step instructions on picking them up!

We Happy Few Arthur Memory Mask Locations

Masks that reveal memories of the past between Arthur and his lost brother Percy tend to be found in major story locations, but they are usually just off the beaten path in an out-of-the-way spot. If you spend time exploring they aren't too hard to find, but a few are pretty cleverly hidden.

The first mask is found quite early, after being beaten by the bobbies when you flee you the pinata part.

When you enter the room with the corpse (before crafting a lock pick to activate the access hatch), look on the right side of the electronics room to see a mask near a poster on the wall.

In the destroyed church where the female wastrel tells you to tear up your suit with a rock, look for a big raised wood dais near the center. 

You should find the mask in the pulpit in the destroyed church, near a bottle of scotch. You won't be able to see the mask until actually going up the stairs into the pulpit, where it becomes visible just under the wood paneled edge.

If you don't find it the first time, note you have to return here later to give David his medals after fighting in the Headboy camp.

After crossing the Rorke͛s Drift Bridge, you can head southwest in the first large open area of the game.

Head south from Kensington Gardens (near the very center of the large open area) to find a swampy area where this section's access hatch is found.

The mask is hovering above the downed airplane found outside the dilapidated building with the electricity puzzle and the access hatch.

When you get the quest to infiltrate the military camp and turn off the power, you first have to cross the Inkerman Bridge where all the old guards are passed out or heavily drinking.

Go up the ladder on the right hand side before the area's exit that leads across the bridge to the military base. This mask is hovering near the sand bags if you turn around when you climb up to the top.

The next mask is in the military camp area and found near the locked door to the dump, directly next to the "No Dumping" sign.

You should see this one after your friend tells you to search for a hole in the fence near the dump entrance.

After talking your way onto the bridge and taking the game show quiz, eventually you get into the city of Maidenholm.

When you finally get to freely roam the city, head to the southwest side and look for a park with a giant rotating heart statue. If you haven't completed all the quests yet, there will be a marker on the map labeled "Love Birds." The next mask is above the pond at the corner of the park.

During the Finding Faraday quest, you have to talk your way into the Constabulary.

After taking the elevator and talking to the unhelpful constable in the records room, head down the hallway and enter the second door with the red button. In the same room as the "Tell Him To Fuck Off Note," check the back of the room by the wall to find this mask.

During a quest called The English Vice you need to sneak into the The Reform Club after nightfall. Grab a rubber cat suit off one of the beds and put it on to fit in, then you can find this memory behind the counter where Helen Frampton is standing to invite people in.

Be sure to grab this one while standing behind her, because it counts as stealing an object for some reason.

Near the access hatch in Lud's Holm (after stealing the credentials from the S&M club and crossing the bridge from Maidenholm), you can see a boarded up old entrance to the subway track. The mask is at the back of this section near the house.

After you give James the valve so he will let you into Dr. Faraday's lab in the Lud's Holm area, pick the lock on the side door and head into a room with a staircase. The memory mask is beneath the stairs and above some junk.

Those are all the We Happy Few memory mask locations we've found so far, but there's bound to be more, so check back soon for an update. If you've come across any others, let us know where you found them and we'll get this article updated!