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With no set classes and a rotating skill tree, Wolcen offers the ability to try out different builds without much fuss. You can even reset your Gate Of Fate nodes to tray a completely different build if you know where to look.

Respecing your passive skill tree is incredibly easy, although the menu that includes the option isn't where you'd expect. Unlike a lot of other ARPGs, there's no respec vendor to find in Stormfall. You don't even reset skill points through the actual Gate Of Fates screen itself. 

Resetting the Wolcen Skill Tree

Instead of accessing the skill tree screen, just press "C" ( or click the Character Sheet icon below your health bar) to bring up your character attribute screen. The option you want is labeled Reset Passives and is found near the bottom of the sheet beneath your Wisdom stat and above the Total Bonus Damage area.

Resetting points on the Gate Of Fates tree isn't free, however, and can't be done at any time. Resetting your passive attribute nodes requires spending primordial affinity. The further along the Gate Of Fates skill tree you've traveled, the more affinity it costs to respec.

If you need more primordial affinity to reset your skills and try a different build, you can gain this precious resource by selling Enneracts for duplicate skills, which means farming areas until those Enneracts randomly drop.

If you've got a ton of gold, you can also buy Enneracts for 2,000 gold a pop from the vendor on the right side of the Stormfall market, although this can become expensive very quickly for low-level characters.

Need help with any other part of this evolving ARPG? Check out the rest of our Wolcen tips and hints below:

The Best Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Mods (So Far) https://www.gameskinny.com/ll0bo/the-best-wolcen-lords-of-mayhem-mods-so-far https://www.gameskinny.com/ll0bo/the-best-wolcen-lords-of-mayhem-mods-so-far Fri, 13 Mar 2020 17:04:12 -0400 Ty Arthur


Those are the best Lords Of Mayhem mods we've found so far, but it's a good bet many more will arrive in the coming months! 


Some of what is available isn't quite ready for download yet either. The promising "Free Left Click" mod, for instance, sadly disables your normal auto-attack. Hopefully, a fully functioning version of that one comes along so you can assign any skill you want to the left click.


Check back again soon as we update this list with more killer Wolcen mods, and sound off in the comments below if you see any we need to try out.




Mini-Map Minimizer


Download from Nexus Mods


We'll finish off our look at the best current Wolcen mods with a small, but welcome, quality-of-life change to the UI. This simple mod reduces the size of the player indicator on the minimap so there's no longer a massive arrow getting in the way of seeing where you are going.


Enhanced Character Options


Download from Nexus Mods


When you are bogged down with unique and legendary gear at later levels, your hair and skin color frankly won't matter much. Can you even see anything under all those layers of magical steel?


That being said, the base options for choosing your character type are pretty limited in Wolcen, and this mod aims to rectify that oversight. After downloading and installing the mod, character creation features an extended UI with new eye, skin, and hair options to select.


Many Uniques


Download from Nexus Mods


For an ARPG, Wolcen can be a bit stingy with its loot drops. If you want to find better gear right away, "Many Uniques" is the way to go.


With the mod installed, any chest you find will automatically drop a variety of uniques, as well as extra gold. Additionally, named monsters drop better loot across the campaign, and the vendors in Stormfall will now stock legendary items! 


Begone Skill Modifier Cost


Download from Nexus Mods


This is an even bigger cheat than infinite potions! With this mod, all skill modifiers are unlocked and don't require any modifier points, so you can use any or all of them on every skill at the same time.


Considering how broken many of the skills are right now, I don't even feel bad about using this sort of mod. Even if you only want to get a feel for how specific modifiers work and then go back to playing straight, this is a fantastic mod to see how your build will play at later levels.


Infinite Potions


Download from Nexus Mods


Yep, we're going the big-time cheating route here, but frankly, there's a good reason to do so. Wolcen utilizes a rather odd design where you don't actually need all those potions taking up spots in your inventory. You only need two in your hot-bar.


The ones in your inventory are just taking up space and don't help you at all. Instead, the potions you have equipped recharge as you kill monsters. With the Infinite Potions mod installed, it cuts out the middle man and makes item management much simpler.


Cheap Gem Re-Rolls


Download from Nexus Mods


To go along with all those extra gem slots, you might want to grab this connected mod that significantly lowers the cost to re-roll sockets and remove gems from item sockets.


Considering the sheer number of possibilities with gems, a mod like this can save you a truckload of gold if you are going for a specific set of ability modifiers tailored towards your build.


More Reasonable Slots For All Equipment


Download from Nexus Mods


Gem slots for loadouts are extremely limited. With so few options, it can be difficult to tailor different items towards your build.


"More Reasonable Slots" seeks to overcome that restriction by rebalancing how slots are arranged across every item type, creating an overall increase in the number of gems to use.


Not interested in balance and want to go totally hog wild with no restrictions at all? There's a much more ridiculous version of this mod titled — and no, I'm not making this up — "Slots For Each Item And Each Item Has Max Slots Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Slots."


That version is most definitely a cheat rather than any sort of rebalance, as it gives every single item the most possible slots. And yeah, its a lot of fun to play that way.


Use Any Skill With Any Weapon


Download from Nexus Mods


Wolcen's gameplay is so unique for myriad reasons. But one of its bright spots is also, paradoxically, one of its dimmest.


Yes, you can essentially switch from mage to fighter to ranger/rogue just by swapping your weapon and changing your corresponding skills, but those skills are all tied to specific weapon types.


That means multi-classing is much less viable here than in other games, especially since you can't use traditional mage skills while wielding a sword.


But what if you want to summon hordes of pets while also wielding a two-handed weapon? In the base game, you simply can't, but this mod removes all weapon-to-skill restrictions.


Now you can be a pistol-wielding mage, a teleporting berserker, or any other combo that strikes your fancy.


Shut Up, You!


Download from Nexus Mods


As far as I'm concerned, this is the single most important mod you could possibly get for Wolcen, and it should be first on your download list. The vendors in Stormfall are straight-up asshats to someone who is undoubtedly their single best customer.


It doesn't matter how quick or efficient you are when buying enneracts or gems — the jerk vendors still berate you for wasting their time or, at the very least, toss out some seriously passive-aggressive backtalk. 


That's mildly funny the first time, and wildly obnoxious the 50th time. By the 500th time, I was considering just turning the game's volume completely off so I didn't have to hear it anymore.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear modder, for taking care of this for all of us and making the vendors shut the hell up already!


While several massive patches have hit Steam to fix a wide-ranging list of game-breaking bugs, dedicated fans are putting together their own mods for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.


Unfortunately, the official updates have changed how the Gate of Fates nodes work, so anything resembling a major rebalance mod (or something that adds new skill types) is pretty well doomed to failure for a few months.


With that in mind, we're skipping all of the mods that are very obviously going to stop working with every patch. That being said, even the mods we've listed below can potentially break, get updated, and break again (repeatedly) as new patches arrive.


All of the mods listed here are functioning as of patch If any of these mods don't work for you, drop us a comment so we can look for an update, and then be sure to try them again in a few weeks!


Before we get started, don't forget most of these mods aren't going to function in online mode, either, and frankly, you wouldn't want to use them there anyway, since cheating might get you a strike from the almighty ban hammer.

Wolcen's Best Mage Builds https://www.gameskinny.com/uiabx/wolcens-best-mage-builds https://www.gameskinny.com/uiabx/wolcens-best-mage-builds Thu, 05 Mar 2020 15:10:15 -0500 Ty Arthur

With no pre-defined classes and a rotating skill tree, Lords Of Mayhem has hundreds of possible magic or weapon focused builds. After some trial and error, we've whittle down three great Wolcen mage builds for you to give a go and do great with even at endgame.

After a series of major patches, Bleeding Edge is no longer the only viable build. Coupled with buffs to summons and fixes to various Gate Of Fates passive skills, a mage build is now finally worth playing.

Due to how the willpower / rage system works, there is less opportunity to constantly sling devastating spells here than in some other ARPGs. You will have to revert to basic attacks to regenerate willpower to get the spells going again, but there are some ways around that restriction if you take the right nodes.

Since you can swap skills based on which type of weapon is equipped, its also possible to effectively have a mage build even when using a pistol or sword. Both of those weapon types have long range magic type effects that are essentially on par with a spell caster from any other ARPG.

Let's take a look at our top 3 Wolcen mage builds with three very different play styles.

Wolcen Summoner Mage Build

Now that summons have been significantly buffed with the Wolcen patch, a mage with a horde of pets is viable and a lot of fun to play.

We've got a split focus here to stay alive. Build up three summon skills as far as you can, but then also have both a ranged spell and a crowd control spell in case enemies get through your army.

For your ranged spell, you want something that can be spammed frequently, bounces between enemies, and has the possibility of slowing down hordes. 

We picked Thunderstrike, because it can bounce so many times and cause shock. Though there are other options if your equipment doesn't work well with shock damage.

Next up, Winter's Grasp offers excellent crowd control in a circular radius when you are getting swarmed, although it can be swapped out with Tear of Etheliel or Arctic Spear if you prefer those spells instead.

On the Gate of Fates side, we're going to make a beeline straight from Scholar to Cabalist to Plaguebringer. Once there, take every node that gives a buff to your summons, as well as the skill to automatically poisons any enemies nearby for further crowd control.

Primary Skills

  • Feeding Swarm
  • Hunting Swarm
  • Livor Mortis
  • Thunderstrike
  • Winter's Grasp

Gate Of Fates Nodes

  • Plaguebringer: Bog Bodies
  • Plaguebringer: Sloughing Skins of Swarms
  • Plaugebringer: Heads Hang Low
  • Plaguebringer: Toxic Emanations

Wolcen Havoc Mage Build

Here's a rarity in a mage build. This one doesn't rely on ailments at all (although you can add more ailment modifiers to the primary skill), or do any sort of pet summoning or crowd control.

Instead, we're going to focus mainly on Havoc Orb, which is another strong contender for nerfs after Bleeding Edge was cut down to size.

Although the description says "fire", note that this projectile skill doesn't actually do fire damage (although that may change in an upcoming patch). 

When picking Havoc Orc's skill modifiers focus on increasing the effect radius, critical damage, and range.

To make this build work, put most of your attribute points into Ferocity at essentially a 10:1 ratio of everything else. You want to deal the most critical damage possible so that Havoc Orb is constantly dishing out huge amounts of damage in a small radius.

Any equipment or Gate Of Fate nodes that decrease transfer time will be helpful since you will empty out your rage bar quickly. While navigating the nodes, we'll take some Soldier, Assassin, and Ranger passives for bonus to crit % and damage, and then dovetail into Warlock for the bonus to rage. 

Want to add a further mage flavor here? Take the Anomaly staff skill to cluster enemies into a tight formation before launching Havoc Orb, then finish off your Gate Of Fates nodes by moving form Warlock to Time Weaver.

Primary Skills

  • Havoc Orb
  • Mark Of Impurity (to further increase damage against hard to kill enemies)

Gate Of Fate Nodes

  • Soldier: Heavy Blows
  • Soldier: Zealous Might
  • Soldier: The Wild Card
  • Sentinel: Refined Technique
  • Sentinel: Precise Strikes
  • Assassin: Weak Spot Focus
  • Assassin: Killer Instinct
  • Assassin: Merciless Lethality (Since you will crit so often, the regular damage debuff isn't much of a drawback.)
  • Ranger: Puncturing Shot
  • Ranger: Shoot to Kill
  • Ranger: Archion's Teachings (For extra orbs.)
  • Warlock: Twisted Obligation
  • Warlock: Duty To Exterminate

Wolcen Staff Master Mage Build

This build revolves around using Infinity Blades, which lets you regain more willpower as you hit enemies with your staff before firing off your other skills.

On the Gate of Fate nodes, focus on buffs to ailments and occult damage while simultaneously lowering willpower costs.

You probably want to equip heavy armor since you will be in the thick of things, but what if you want to make yourself a bit less squishy still?

In that case, take a detour on the Gate Of Fate nodes to hit up the Siegebreaker skills for block chance and health regeneration.

Primary Skills

  • Infinity Blades
  • Solarfall
  • Bulwark of Dawn
  • Plagueburst
  • Anomaly 

Gate Of Fate Nodes

  • Scholar: Heightened Concentration
  • Scholar: Quick Draw
  • Scholar: Attrition Strategist
  • Cabalist: Tenacious Afflictiosn
  • Cabalist: Magical Mastery
  • Cabalist: Power of the First Men
  • Abyssal Shaper: Unholy Omen
  • Abyssal Shaper: Occult Affliction
  • Abyssal Shaper: Oath of Damnation

What's your favorite Wolcen mage build, and will you be trying out any of our builds above? Sound off in the comments below, then be sure to check out our other Wolcen tips and hints here:

Wolcen: What is Resource Generation? https://www.gameskinny.com/r4qqj/wolcen-what-is-resource-generation https://www.gameskinny.com/r4qqj/wolcen-what-is-resource-generation Wed, 04 Mar 2020 13:54:26 -0500 Ty Arthur

As any Wolcen player knows, the game's resource management is a little different than that see in other ARPGs such as Diablo. Instead of spamming mana potions like usual, there is a delicate balancing act to maintain between willpower and rage.

Part of that balancing act would rationally be Resource Regeneration, a prefix attached to some loot drops. Unfortunately this ability isn't fully explained, and has left plenty of players wondering if the whole thing is bugged.

Surprise! At the time of writing, Resource Regeneration is in fact bugged. You still need to know the basic mechanics of how it normally works, though. 

In this case, "resource" refers to either willpower or rage, which are used to power abilities across any type of build. Let's take a look at how Resource Generation is intended to function, as well as why it sometimes doesn't.

How Does Resource Generation Work in Wolcen?

    Transfer Time Decrease on an item.

There are two interconnected concepts at play here to understand: Transfer Time Decrease and Resource Generation, which both get buffs from items. 

Transfer Time Decrease affects how quickly using rage abilities increases your willpower or vice versa, which is important if you are using a hybrid build or find yourself quickly draining one resource or the other.

Resource Generation on the other hand is how quickly either willpower or rage increases on their own independent of using the opposite resource.

Most types of items can randomly drop with the +% Resource Generation ability, but there's plenty of confusion as to when and how it actually works.

First, its important to understand when Resource Generation buffs don't apply. They specifically don't apply to normal regeneration outside of combat or between attacks. Your willpower won't get a boost while running around avoiding enemies if you have multiple items with this ability.

The one and only time Resource Generation buffs apply are when using basic attacks with the left click

     Resource Generation percentage bonus on an item.

If you run out of willpower while spamming lightning spells for instance, having items equipped with the Resource Generation buff will see your willpower increasing more rapidly as you then use a string of normal attacks.

The percentage affects your base willpower generation per attack. If you generate 100 willpower per hit normally, but had an item with +7% Resource Generation, your character would instead gain 107 willpower per basic attack. These numbers stack with multiple items that have the ability.

Its unclear at this point if generating solely through the left click attack is the way the Resource Generation ability is intended to work or if this is a bug. It seems like there are certain skills acquired along the Gate Of Fates tree that it should apply to as well, and the developers haven't commented so far.

As with many of Wolcen's main gameplay features, there's another potential bug to keep in mind here that can mess with the numbers.

Resource Generation Bug?

To put it simply, sometimes bonus Resource Generation just doesn't do anything at all. At the moment, this appears to be a problem with specific items, rather than the Resource Generation stat as a whole, as different players have shown different results when testing their builds.

On my current summoning / spell caster build, I've confirmed an increase to willpower generation on basic left click staff attacks when using my current loadout of items with the Resource Generation percentage buff. Other players haven't been so lucky.

While there have been a huge number of bug fixes and overall changes since launch, like nerfing the wildly overpowered Bleeding Edge build (RIP best build ever), the Resource Generation bug remains as of patch

If you notice your willpower or rage generation stay the same even with items that have the Resource Generation buff, just ditch that item and look for another one.

Its also possible the bug may have to do with switching between online and offline mode, so at this point due to the many remaining bugs its preferable to solely play in offline mode

Now that you know all you need to understand Resource Generation, are you ready to jump into the rest of this fast paced ARPG? Check out our other Wolcen tips and hints here:

Wolcen: Easy Gold Farming Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4vltq/wolcen-easy-gold-farming-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4vltq/wolcen-easy-gold-farming-guide Wed, 04 Mar 2020 11:27:32 -0500 Ty Arthur

Running low on gold with your current character build in ARPG Wolcen and need a quick influx of cash? There are some ways to farm gold even now.

Gold farming opportunities beyond the obvious area runs to sell loot are quite limited at the moment. That old stackable items duplication bug using two chipped gems has now been patched out, so sadly it can no longer be utilized to earn millions of gold in a few minutes.

While that cheat reduced grind, it also took some of the fun out of the end game. Let's take a look at what Wolcen gold farming opportunities are still available after you take over the city of Stormfall.

How To Farm Gold In Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

After completing Act III (and if you're stuck on that section, take a look at our guide on how to avoid the game-breaking Act III boss bug) the real end game content kicks in at Stormfall.

This is when its time to start upgrading the city and embarking on expeditions, which makes up the bulk of Wolcen's gameplay.

Before we get to expeditions, make sure to construct two buildings in particular.

The first is the Seekers Garrison, which lets you send out townspeople to complete tasks for you and earn gold over time. This isn't as effective as expeditions, but it still worth the investment.

After that, make sure to take Planning Committee II and then construct the Siphon Chamber, which lets you convert primordial affinity to gold. This will end up a solid side method for supplementing your gold income over time as you amass affinity.

Earning Gold Through Expeditions

If you don't mind a bit of a grind, expeditions will end up your main source of gold farming in the end game. When starting an expedition, always take the highest possible level to keep ranking up and increase the Magic Find stat for the level. 

You can spend money to add in extra modifiers and further increase the Magic Find percentage for an expedition, but this isn't always cost effective. That's especially true if you end up making the expedition too difficult and die before hitting the end portal which means you lose everything.

Make sure not to cancel an expedition after applying modifiers, as a bug prevents you from getting your gold back!

Here's how to specifically make money on expeditions: unless you've got tons of time to spare, don't bother picking up any low rarity loot during the level.

Just grab everything that's gold and has the higher quality rolls and therefore a correspondingly higher sell price. 

Unfortunately you can't use the town portal during expeditions, but you can sell excess loot at the trade points at the end of each expedition section. A lot of players miss this because it isn't super visible behind the portals when a level is finished.

At the end of the section, don't go through the blue portal to return to Stormfall or the red portal to go to the next level. Instead, walk between and then behind them to find the trade shrine

Sell everything you picked up and its possible to make around 40 - 50k gold every five or so minutes, depending on how quickly you can clear the expedition levels.

While that's faster than returning to old campaign areas to farm for loot, this can still be a time-intensive method of farming, since it means carefully picking what loot to grab for the best sale prices.

If you really want to turbo charge the amount of gold earned in a shorter time frame and spend less effort sifting through items at each level, choose the Wrath Of Sarsiel mode.

This mode costs gold and affinity to activate, however items don't drop during the level that need to be sifted through. Instead, items only drop after beating the level's boss -- and their quality tends to be much higher, which means you can potentially make more money faster.

Do you have any other great Wolcen gold farming tips we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

Stuck anywhere else in this action RPG hybrid? Check out our full list of Wolcen hints and tricks. Here are few to get you started: 

Wolcen Act 3 Boss Glitch: How to Fix a Potentially Game-Breaking Bug https://www.gameskinny.com/rtpar/wolcen-act-3-boss-glitch-how-to-fix-a-potentially-game-breaking-bug https://www.gameskinny.com/rtpar/wolcen-act-3-boss-glitch-how-to-fix-a-potentially-game-breaking-bug Fri, 21 Feb 2020 17:16:41 -0500 Ty Arthur

The buggiest ARPG of 2020 has yet another potentially game-breaking bug. Like several other major glitches, the Wolcen Act 3 boss glitch can completely prevent you from progressing at all. Luckily, there's a workaround available while players wait on the next patch. It does, however, take quite a bit of effort to implement.

Before we get to the specifics, know that there are mild spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk. 

Wolcen Act 3 Boss Glitch: How to Fix It (Kind of)

The Act 3 boss is none other than your mentor Heimlock, and besides being devastatingly difficult to kill, he can also cause a major glitch that forces you to restart!

Here's the trick you need to know: do not damage Heimlock while he is transforming into his ascended flaming wing form. To be safe, don't hit him for a few seconds after either. In essence, if he's standing still and recently transformed, don't deal any damage.

Fighting Heimlock in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem during his transformation period.

If you hit him with anything during his transformation, (like a passive aura effect or a summoned pet) he will stop taking any damage from that point onward He will also stop moving, and no other enemies will spawn. It effectively stops the fight cold and forces you to restart.

After the transformation is complete, damage the boss until the shield bar beneath his main health bar is depleted. Be careful that you do not stagger him. If you're close to staggering him, run the other direction and tackle the summoned minions for a while.

Unfortunately, there are some builds where you flat out won't be able to get this fix to work. Your only options are to start over with a completely different build or wait for a patch to fix this latest game-breaking bug.

Nearly any build may have a damage over time effect, passive aura, or summoned creature that could hit Heimlock at the wrong time. Plaguebringer in particular is a bad route to go with this boss, due to the passive effects of Toxic Emanation and the large number of summons on the screen.

Need help with the rest of the game? Check out our full list of Wolcen hints and tricks. Here are few to get you started: 

Wolcen Skill Tree: How to Navigate It, Affinity, and Every Skill Listed https://www.gameskinny.com/1xoyo/wolcen-skill-tree-how-to-navigate-it-affinity-and-every-skill-listed https://www.gameskinny.com/1xoyo/wolcen-skill-tree-how-to-navigate-it-affinity-and-every-skill-listed Thu, 20 Feb 2020 17:47:17 -0500 Ty Arthur

The replayability in an ARPG like Lords Of Mayhem comes from trying out different builds, but Wolcen changes things up by letting you switch between skill types by swapping equipment. If you really want to change your build, you need to learn to navigate the Gate Of Fates skill tree, which is separate from the actual skills learned by using Enneracts that drop as loot.

While primordial affinity is used to level up your skills, the skill tree nodes can only be gained one at a time by leveling up. That means that (as of launch) you have 90 nodes to unlock in whatever path you want to take on the skill tree.

Let's take a look at how to most effectively use those node points to distinguish your character class and build style.

How to Get Around the Wolcen Skill Tree

Unlike a typical class-dependent skill tree, the Wolcen skill tree lets you go in any direction you want and features three circular tiers. Each of the three tiers can rotate independently of the others, allowing for just about any combo of possible paths.

What happens if you rotate the skill tree after already unlocking part of that circle? Previously unlocked nodes are no longer active, but they will reactivate if you cycle back around to the original configuration.

Before picking a path, it's important to note that many of these skills aren't currently functioning as their description text would indicate, and several are already marked for fixing in an upcoming patch.

Reset Gate of Fates nodes in Wolcen by spending primordial affinity.

Did you take a path including a skill that doesn't currently work properly, or just want to try out a different set of passive bonuses?

The Gate Of Fates nodes can be reset by spending primordial affinity; the more nodes you've unlocked, the more affinity it costs. Oddly, this option isn't actually found on the skill tree but is instead found in the character attributes menu by pressing "C." 

Need more primordial affinity? Get this resource when you sell Enneracts in the Stormfall Palace or use Enneracts for skills you already possess. Enneracts drop randomly like any other type of loot. You can also buy them for 2,000 gold a pop (which isn't a very cost-effective way to get primordial affinity).

Wolcen Gate Of Fates Skill Tree

The three circular tiers begin with the very basic concept of the mage build (skills used with staves or catalysts), ranger build (skills used with daggers, bows, or pistols), or warrior build (skills used with melee weapons).

Next, the second circle offers two further specializations for each of those basic "classes," while the third and final circle offers a further four specializations for each type.

Since any character can take any skill, and all attributes and ailments end up being helpful for any build, those "classes" can be mixed and matched by rotating the skill tree. Soldier and Sentinel passives, for instance, can make excellent builds where a spell caster stays alive longer and casts spells faster.

Because the circles are mobile, there's nothing stopping you from taking the Soldier circle first, then going with Cabalist in the second circle, and finally ending with the White Arrow on the third circle, effectively combining elements of warrior, mage, and ranger together.

The Gate of Fates has three concentric rings with multiple skill paths.

Use the skill tree list below to plan out your preferred path.

For instance, if you want to frequently land ailments, Cabalist is a good path to take on the second circle (even if you aren't going for a spell-focused build).

Over the course of your build, you might decide burning is the ailment you like to inflict best with your skills, so Child Of Fury could be a great third circle choice, even though its actually a warrior-focused skill set.

Want to know at a glance which path focuses on which type of build? The Gate Of Fates nodes follow this color scheme: 

  • Purple  spells
  • Green  ranged attacks
  • Red  melee

The full Wolcen skill tree breakdown below covers the basic passive abilities of each path on the tree, as well as the three to five special passive abilities that can be unlocked on that tier of the path. By knowing what's available ahead of time, it's easy to decide which option to take on each circle.

First (Inner) Circle

  • Scholar  The basic mage focused tier with increased spell damage, increased ailment damage, and reduced cooldown times
    • Attrition Strategist  Every hit is more likely to land an ailment
    • Purifier's Will — Reduced damage when force shield is full
    • Thirst For Knowledge  Health globes also recover force shield
  • Sentinel  The basic ranger/rogue focused tier with increased stamina, attack speed, and overall damage
    • Covert Operative — Increased dodge chance after being hit
    • Backline Raider  Increased attack and spell speed
    • Pinch Runner  Gain extra stamina for dodge rolling at low health
  • Soldier  The basic warrior focused tier with increased health, resistances, and rage cooldown
    • Wild Card  Increased critical change with weapons and spells
    • Heat Of Battle  Taking damage provides you rage
    • Second Wind  Gain health regen boost when under 2% health (has a cooldown)
Second (Middle) Circle
  • Praetorian  The classic tank with big boosts to health and resistances
    • Selfless Courage  Bonus to all resistances after blocking
    • Retaliator  Reduced critical chance, but gain bonus damage for every point of physical resistance
    • Kingless Aegis  Bonus block chance and can block with any weapon type
    • Sacred Oath  Blocking applies stacks of the weakness ailment
    • Blessed Manna  Health globes also provide increased resistance
  • Warmonger  The berserker class with bonus melee damage and rage generation
    • Gods Amongst Men  Big bonus to physical, toxic, and rend damage but can no longer deal any other damage types
    • Bestial Frenzy  Bonus damage for every enemy within 4m
    • Warmonger  Add life leach to all forms of damage
    • Manic Slaughter  Bonus damage for every unspent rage point
    • Blood Reaper  Converts half of all physical damage into rend damage
  • Cabalist  A big focus on causing ailments, as well as buffing your force shield and spell damage
    • Primordial Insights — Ailments causing damage over time effects can cause critical damage
    • Insidious Decay  Always deal two extra stacks of any ailment, but non-ailment attacks deal less damage
    • Grievous Afflictions  Any attack can deal two ailments at a time
    • Immortal Offering  Gain bonus damage for every ailment stack on a killed enemy
    • Power of the First Men  50% chance to automatically double number of ailment stacks landed on an enemy
  • Warlock  A straight spell caster with more damage, higher willpower, and better at draining health/force shield
    • Duty To Exterminate  Increase max rage and willpower
    • Residual Energy  Next basic attack deals bonus damage of the same type as your last spell
    • Reining In The Darkness  Spells more likely to cause critical hits when above 2% willpower
    • Faith Leech  Life Leach affects force shields instead of health
    • Resilience To Corruption  Damage over time effects drain force shield before health
  • Assassin  Big buffs to stamina, dodging, and landing critical hits
    • Blessing of the Jade Legion  Half of physical damage converted to toxic damage
    • Slipping Shadow  Dodge rolls can be activated through enemies
    • Clandestine Execution  Deal increased damage when only a single enemy is within 7m
    • Phantom Strike  Increased critical chance with dash attacks
    • Merciless Lethality  Critical hits deal far more damage, but all other attacks deal less damage
  • Ranger  Further increase attack speed, improve evasion, and give bonuses to ranged attack abilities
    • Come What May  Projectiles pierce targets and hit other enemies
    • Persistence Hunting  Enemies with impaired movement effects take bonus damage
    • Archion's Teachings  Attacks and spells launch extra projectiles, but each projectile deals less damage
    • Meditative Focus Deal extra damage when at least 6m away from an enemy
    • Safe From Afar  Extreme bonus projectile damage when at least 15m away from an enemy
Third (Outer) Circle
  • Arms Maester  Bonuses to one and two-handed weapons, as well as rend effects
    • Virtuous Stance — 10% chance to deal double attack damage while reducing resistances by 25%; dodge rolling changes stance to increase block chance while lowering attack and spell damage
    • Pugilist's Momentum  Gain an alternate fourth attack in any attack combo based on the type of weapon currently equipped
    • Proud Reprisal  Deal small amount of weapon damage back when blocking an attack
  • Child of Fury  Bonus fire damage and attack speed, as well as spreading burn effects to other enemies
    • Furious Appetite  Passively generate rage instead of willpower
    • Flurrying Flames  Bonus attack speed and life leach, but reduced resistances for every successive attack
    • Blistering Embrace  Chance to consume burn stacks and deal increased damage with every attack
  • Eos  Add sacred damage, increase attack speed, and buff healing effects
    • Dawn's Pious Striker  Dealing sacred damage instantly kills enemies below 15% health (doesn't apply to bosses)
    • Beacon For The Lost  Bonus spell damage when force shield is high or bonus attack damage when force shield is low
    • Unflagging Prayer  Nearby allies are resurrected when health drops below 0; resurrected allies also gain boosts to resistances
  • Siegebreaker  Increase resistances and increase damage based on your shield block chance
    • Salvatory Anchor  Gain passive bonuses based on type of chest piece equipped
    • Disallowing Vessel  Gain bonus damage while stationary, but take reduced move speed after then moving
    • Belligerent Banner  Increased block chance the longer a combat goes on
  • Abyss Shaper  Increase occult damage and buff status ailment chance 
    • Occult Affliction  Occult damage increased for every stack of curse
    • Masochistic Effigy  Doubles maximum force shield, but health cannot exceed 5% of maximum force shield
    • Fatal Pact  Gain 1 ailment stack whenever landing an ailment, but when hitting 10 stacks of any ailment, you automatically cleanse them all and gain a big buff based off the ailment type
  • Plaguebringer  Buff health, damage, and speed of summons
    • Undertaker  Enemies that die within 20m have a chance to drop a green globe that adds additional poison damage to attacks
    • Sacrifice Of Flesh  Lose 20% of health and force shield, but all summons take 25% less damage from any source
    • Toxic Emanations  All enemies within 7m gain a poison stack every 2 seconds
  • Oracle Of The Trinity  Increase elemental damage and force shield regen while reducing willpower costs
    • Ancient Fervor  Spells that inflict fire, frost, or lightning ailments gain various bonuses
    • Omnitempest  Chance to cast a powerful spell for free whenever casting a fire, frost, or lightning spell (four-second cooldown between free casts)
    • Elementary Destabilization  Chance to cause an explosion when below 25% willpower
  • Time Weaver  Increase aether damage, status ailment chance, and force shield regen
    • Which Time Cannot Heal  Enemies afflicted by stasis take damage again after a few seconds
    • Dire Juncture  Only 1 damage is dealt when hit and the rest of the damage arrives a few seconds later, in exchange your max health and force shields are reduced
    • Captured Velocity  Increased spell casting and attack speed when hitting an enemy in stasis with attacks or spells
  • Alastor  Wolcen's name for the ultimate assassin increases attack speed and critical damage, along with adding lightning effects
    • Static Transferal  Increase damage of next skill based on number of basic attacks used first
    • Sparking Dart  Deal increased lightning skill or device damage if you use at least four basic attacks first
    • Intravenous Neural Cord  Greatly boost attack speed for a short time after landing a critical hit
  • Duskglaive  Increase attack and spell speed, increase dodge, add shadow damage
    • Tethered Shade Dodge rolling now damages enemies and leaves a decoy version of the character for a short time
    • Waltzing Smoke  Dodge roll turns you invisible, and your next skill after dodge rolling deals increased damage (has a cooldown)
    • Life's First Movement  When your number of successive attacks and spells are in equilibrium, gain bonuses to normal attacks based on spell damage; when attacks and spells are not in equilibrium instead lose attack power based on spell damage
  • Exorcist  increase projectile and melee damage, material resistances, and character movement speed
    • Branded Burst  Increased damage reduction the longer you go without being hit
    • Academic Fieldwork  Increased material damage after killing a champion
    • Blessed Silver  Bonus melee and projectile damage (amount of bonus damage time reduced when using skills, increased after dodge rolling)
  • White Arrow  Add frost damage while increasing projectile damage, dodge chance, and force shield regen
    • Hungry Stalactite  Deal 30% of the remaining amount of pierce on any projectile attack
    • Acute Tracking  Gain bonus damage the longer combat goes on (resets every 10 seconds)
    • Wintry Hail  Basic projectile attacks now bounce between enemies and deal Frost damage when bouncing

Ready to start building some different character types? Let us know what you want to create, and be sure to use the Wolcen Universe builder here to map out your planned skill tree path before playing!

Need more specific help with various builds or overcoming the many Wolcen launch bugs? Check out our full list of Wolcen tips and gameplay hints here:

Don't Transmute Items in Wolcen if You Want to Keep Playing https://www.gameskinny.com/ceyrc/dont-transmute-items-in-wolcen-if-you-want-to-keep-playing https://www.gameskinny.com/ceyrc/dont-transmute-items-in-wolcen-if-you-want-to-keep-playing Wed, 19 Feb 2020 13:16:41 -0500 Ty Arthur

Action RPG Wolcen has been plagued with bugs and glitches since launch, but there's one in particular that players need to know about immediately. It's a bug that can completely lock you out of Lords of Mayhem. If you've managed to reach the end game, avoid the transmutation forge at all costs, because it currently breaks everything.

According to the game's developers, it will only receive one hotfix per week for the near future, which means many major bugs likely won't hit critical threshold and won't be prioritized in the first few patches.

While the Wolcen transmute items bug is expected to be among the glitches addressed in those first updates, we don't have an official fix date at this point. Here's what you need to know about it. 

Don't Transmute Items in Wolcen

The transmutation forge menu in Wolcen, something you definitely shouldn't use yet.

Once you finish the main storyline, you'll gain access to a city-improvement feature that lets you upgrade locations in Stormfall Palace. It is critical at this stage that you don't start any transmutation forge projects, and don't use the increase rarity/quality option on any items at all! Seriously. 

Using either mechanic can soft-lock Wolcen and prevent you from progressing at all, or even starting over with a new game. It will cause the engine to get stuck in an infinite loop at the "Checking Game Versions" message when trying to load your character.

Creating a new character doesn't help. Since this takes place in the end game, you will be well beyond the Steam two-hour refund period, stuck with an unplayable game.

If you're willing to brave the bugs, check out the rest of our Wolcen guides for more tips and help, including:

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Best Build: Bleeding Edge Boss Killer https://www.gameskinny.com/uqd47/wolcen-lords-of-mayhem-best-build-bleeding-edge-boss-killer https://www.gameskinny.com/uqd47/wolcen-lords-of-mayhem-best-build-bleeding-edge-boss-killer Tue, 18 Feb 2020 15:33:37 -0500 Ty Arthur

With a more free-form skill tree than a normal ARPG, Wolcen gives you the ability to swap between wizard, fighter, and ranger abilities on the fly. That means the number of builds you have access to can be staggering. But to make things easier, we've found the best build in the game: the Boss Killer build. 

In essence, it will let you melt anything in your path. 

At this stage of development, it's worth noting that a large number of abilities and passive bonuses on the Gate Of Fates node tree either don't work at all, or they don't work as intended. This Wolcen build data, then, is current as of the release. 

The +% Spell Damage (Scholar) passives, for instance, don't seem to be doing much at the moment, while Faith Leech (Warlock) resets your force shield instead of recovering it.

We'll avoid those problematic abilities, and instead, go straight for the goods with a Bleeding Edge and Despotic Perseverance build that can do roughly 300,000 damage per hit

Wolcen Best Build: Bleeding Edge Boss Killer

The Bleeding Edge skill in Wolcen increases the damage per ailment stack for the best build.

UPDATE: Sadly, patch nerfed Despotic Perseverance to drop its damage from 20% per ailment to 2% per ailment. That has effectively killed the "best build" status here. While this is still absolutely a viable build that can be fun to play, it won't take down bosses in two or three hits any longer.

Right now, the Bleeding Edge skill is so badly broken that all builds should revolve around it. You can take its already crazy damage to an absurd new level by using a single modifier.

To get the best possible Wolcen build right now, add the Despotic Perseverance modifier to Bleeding Edge. 

Since you can potentially have dozens of ailments on any enemy at a time, your damage will jump nearly 1,000%. In some cases, it will go even higher. 

Though the base number ailments per time is set to 10, you can increase that number by taking nodes on the Gate of Fates tree.

The Master Of Curses node on the Cabalist tree, for instance, grants +5 max ailments, while the Enneract Expert node on the same tree offers a chance to automatically multiply the number of ailment stacks inflicted on an enemy. Insidious Decay also automatically inflicts more stacks of any ailment.

The base Scholar tree includes various passive nodes for percentage bonuses when landing various kinds of ailments.

So long as you are using weapons and skills that lands ailments — and Bleeding Edge already does so with the poison and bleed ailments — your damage can reach insane levels that absolutely melt a boss' health.

The Gate of Fates skill tree in Wolcen has plenty of skills that increase the damage of the build.

However, you don't even have to focus on ailment-causing attacks to make this work. There are already plenty of ways to passively increase the number of ailments inflicted on enemies to increase Bleeding Edge damage even further, especially if you like a blocking-focused build.

Sacred Oath (Praetorian) is a great way to go, as it adds weakness ailments every time you block an enemy attack.

There are a wide range of options to take on the Gate Of Fates node path to get the desired effect, so you can really take this build any direction you want.

Have you found a better build than the Bleeding Edge boss killer so far? Let us know in the comments section!

Check out the rest of our Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem tips and tricks guides on overcoming launch bugs, coming up with killer builds, and tackling specific bosses.

Wolcen Game Creation Failed Fix: Get Up and Running Now https://www.gameskinny.com/n3nes/wolcen-game-creation-failed-fix-get-up-and-running-now https://www.gameskinny.com/n3nes/wolcen-game-creation-failed-fix-get-up-and-running-now Tue, 18 Feb 2020 11:54:45 -0500 Ty Arthur

If you're looking for a new isometric ARPG obsession, Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem should fulfill that need nicely. The problem is getting the game to load. For the time being, the biggest battle ahead is just making a new character and starting the campaign.

As with many Early Access games, Wolcen's launch has been plagued by server issues and bugs, like the particularly obnoxious message greeting a bevy of players: "Game Creation Failed: Your game could not be created, please try again later."

How to Fix the Wolcen Game Creation Failed Bug

Wolcen in-game error message keeping players from playing online. The Wolcen launch bug preventing anyone from playing 

So soon after launch, the fix is more of a workaround. The problem is almost certainly caused by overloaded servers and launch bugs that will be resolved in an upcoming Wolcen patch.

For now, the only surefire way to get playing is to go through this fairly quick process:

  • Click "OK" when the message appears
  • Create a new character
  • Click the "Switch to Offline Mode" button in the top-right corner
  • Click "Play" to get started

While this fix appears to be working for all players every time, there is one big catch: offline mode characters are not compatible with online mode, and vice versa.

That might be a deal-breaker if you plan to switch to online mode with your friends later, as any progress you've made with your Wolcen build will be pointless.

If you don't mind exclusively playing an offline, single-player game, or are planning to start over and try out a different build anyway, then that caveat shouldn't be too big a deal. If not, you'll have to wait until an official patch drops. 

Have you found another way to get past the Wolcen game creation failed bug? Let us know what worked for you in the comments below, and stay tuned for our Wolcen character build and boss strategy guides coming soon.