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Android games are a fun diversion for mobile gamers with a few minutes to kill. There are thousands of Android video games to play and dozens more in development around the world. Whether you love a vast RPG adventure, prefer to complete a few difficult puzzles, or to play your favorite sport, you can find a suitable game.

In order to help you find the best titles, I've compiled a list of ten Android games that are worth your time. Here are the ten games I think you'll find are some of the best Android video games you have experienced.

1. The Banner Saga


Just recently released, The Banner Saga is an action-strategy RPG, set in a fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology.

You can buy this game on Google Play, and it's worth the price of admission.

With 25 playable characters in 7 different classes, each with different abilities and upgrades you can tailor to your playing style, this mobile game is one of the best.

The turn-based choices you make during your adventure decides your fate playing The Banner Saga. The story changes depending on where you travel, who you talk to, and decide to fight.

What does fate have in store for you?

You decide!

2. The Wolf Among Us


Part one of five episodes, The Wolf Among Us is the only free episode, which is a marketing trick that works with this title.

This immersive thriller is a mature game in which your decisions ultimately decide your fate and the outcome of the story. It's a Telltale Games title, so it's mostly narrative driven, but there are action scenes to keep you engaged.

You play Bigby Wolf, called the big bad wolf, as he hunts a murderer through the tough streets of Fabletown.  

A great Android game on a tablet, play The Wolf Among Us! 

You can find it on Google Play.

3. XCOM Enemy Unknown 


Ready for the end of the world!

XCOM Enemy Unknown is an action-strategy game that challenges gamers to save the world from an alien invasion. 

You play the commander of XCOM, controlling the forces of the global defense team fighting a terrifying alien invasion.

You must build a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions and control soldier movements in battle to win.

This game isn't free to play, but is still at the top of my list of the best Android games to play. Give XCOM: Enemy Unknown a try, and leave me a comment.

4. Ridiculous Fishing


A unique Android game that adds guns, toasters and chainsaws to the act of fishing, Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most complete mobile games I have played.  

This game is the total package, with unique graphics and a rewarding upgrade system, displaying a skill in Android game development exhibited by few in the industry.

The fishing is ridiculous, but the gameplay and mechanics in Ridiculous Fishing is outstanding.

If you want to try a very unusual Android game that's also a treat to play and worth the price. Head out on the water playing Ridiculous FishingYou can find it on Google Play.

I think you'll find it as much fun as I did. Just remember to leave a comment, when you get back from your fishing trip.

5. The Walking Dead: Season One


Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Season One is the first episode of a five-part series set in the award-winning universe created by Robert Kirkman.

This episode is free to download, but you'll have to pay-to-play the rest of the parts in the series.

An immersive adventure in which gamers play the part of a convicted criminal, Lee Everett, given a second chance at life and redemption in a world gone crazy.  Battle zombies and other survivors as you protect a girl named Clementine from the dangers of a zombie apocalypse.

Check it out here.

6. Dots


A simple free Android game challenging players to connect as many of the same colored dots as possible within a time limit, Dots is a great game to play on your tablet as you travel on a plane or train. 

This game looks simple, but is surprisingly challenging, yet meditative and hard to put down. 

Check it out here.

This game kept me entertained during long trips and quiet moments. Give Dots a try, the next time you're sitting waiting for something to happen.

7. Super Hexagon


A simple game in design, Super Hexagon only uses two controls, rotate right and left, which allows players to navigate a spiraling, rotating maze sure to confound and challenge you. 

One of the hardest Android games I have ever played, this game is a brutal challenge that allows for no mistakes.

This title also has some of the best music around to listen to as your face turns red and you start to scream at the screen.

Check out Super Hexagon on Google Play.

It will confound and mesmerize you into submission.

8. Threes!


Candy Crush Saga move over!

Do you love playing with numbers? Threes! is a math adventure you can take the kids on to challenge and teach everyone a little about the universal language.

The 2014 Apple Design Award Winner, this game is a deep challenge that will expand your mind, and make you think. It's a joy to play for all and includes a heart-warming soundtrack, and I found it endlessly challenging and fun.  A deceptively simple mobile game to learn, Threes! is addictive and hard to put down. 

My pick for a game to reach the top of the Google Play charts.

9. Temple Run 2


With over a zillion total downloads, the Temple Run Android games have set the bar high for other titles.

Featuring wonderful graphics, vibrant environments and challenging obstacles, this mobile game is my pick for one of the best looking around. Run, jump, turn, and slide your way across dangerous cliffs and dark forests, playing one of the best endless runners available for Android devices. 

I play Temple Run 2 to take me back to my younger days.

Give it a try here and leave me a comment!

10. Football Manager Handheld 2015


The latest in the best-selling, award-winning series by Sega of America, this Android game allows you to manage your favorite football team to victory in the toughest soccer league in the world. 

One of my favorite mobile sports games, Football Manager Handheld 2015 puts you in the hot seat and turns up the pressure. If you have played the series on another platform, you'll discover the developers hardly left anything out. 

Take out your Android device and try it here!

X-Com Enemy Within: Classic "Portent" Mission Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/vq9bp/x-com-enemy-within-classic-portent-mission-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/vq9bp/x-com-enemy-within-classic-portent-mission-guide Fri, 04 Apr 2014 17:51:06 -0400 Landon Sommer

Tearing my hair out, breaking keyboards, sacrificing to the gaming gods and calling my computer a "cheater" are all things I may or may not have done while trying to succeed at the Portent mission on Classic difficulty in XCOM. Thin Men gain a huge boost when moving from Normal to Classic difficulty; Turning a cakewalk mission into probably one of the hardest missions I've ever played in this game. I've heard plenty of advice online:

  1. Get on the roofs.
  2. Get research to a MEC as soon as possible.
  3. Keep cover the whole time.

If any of those had worked, you wouldn't be here and neither would I be. I'm here to teach you what I've learned.

I was able to get the tech for MEC troopers, unfortunately, mine was injured enough to miss the window for this mission, so I had to deal. Fortunately, I had one set of carapace armor, given to my assault soldier. Still not a really good setup, but I decided to go for it.

The real key for this mission is to realize that you aren't on a timer. With no MELD on the map, you have no reason to push up towards the target.

Take. Your. Time.

Even these skylights can be dangerous. The aliens find some interesting ways to shoot through them.

Get all your soldiers on the roof. Spread them out to prevent any poison from hitting more than one of them. This should also set up a good "covering fire" formation with overwatch. The Thin Men don't drop on the map until you move. Reload your weapons with the whole squad when you know you won't be moving. All I can say is...

Overwatch, Overwatch, Overwatch!

I kept trying to play this mission early on by hiding behind walls and using Hunker Down. The Thin Men are pretty good at moving to positions that ignore your cover. This is another reason to stay on the rooftops.

The Thin Men don't start on the rooftops often, meaning their most important move will be to jump onto the roof; a perfect opportunity for Overwatch to shine. While all my soldiers were on the roof, they had no issues knocking off Thin Men jumping to the roof.

Stay on the rooftops and follow in his footsteps.

With all escort missions, you want to move your civilian last. In this mission, you want to make sure he moves ONLY in the path of a soldier you already moved that turn. This will make sure your soldier takes the attacks of opportunity, not the civilian. If the path is clear, then it will be for the civilian as well. This map has some odd angles on it that allow for some shots you'll never see coming.

The hardest part of the mission will be the trip back. The enemy spawns are pretty manageable on the way up the map because they are always in front of you. On the way back, you'll have one spawn that will include a Sectoid and Thin Man in front and one Thin Man behind. The rest of the spawns are one Thin Man each. Pretty easy if you're keeping your Overwatch up and your weapons loaded.


I lost one soldier on this mission and in hindsight, I feel like I could have kept her alive. Twice now, I've kept my sniper on the first roof shooting the Thin Men at a distance. When the one hard spawn comes up, she's left alone on the roof to deal with two baddies. Move the whole squad from one roof to the next.

In the end, this mission is more about learning how to play on Classic than just about beating this specific mission. It's the first real stumbling block for players learning the new difficulty. Aiming to have a MEC on this mission uses up most of the MELD resources that you'll have on one soldier. I would like to explore building my base with gene labs to use Adaptive Bone Marrow on several soldiers to help with the attrition battle on the way back.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown Mission Guide: Friends in Low Places https://www.gameskinny.com/5ij7a/x-com-enemy-unknown-mission-guide-friends-in-low-places https://www.gameskinny.com/5ij7a/x-com-enemy-unknown-mission-guide-friends-in-low-places Wed, 20 Nov 2013 15:07:25 -0500 Landon Sommer

Friends in Low Places is the first mission in the Slingshot campaign from an earlier DLC before Enemy Within. If you have never added this campaign, available in the menu options when you start a game, you should. The long-term rewards for this quest chain are incredible.

The first mission is a standard escort mission. You're picking up a Triad member, Zhang, who has a valuable piece of alien technology. This will later turn into a powerful weapon your fighters can use against UFO contacts and Zhang will become an important squad member at an early point in the game.

The mission opens in a cemetery. I suggest you pair off a soldier, your sniper, since they are usually in the back anyway, with Zhang. Move up and take cover against the walls. The first Thin Man will drop in front of you behind some gravestones and one will drop to your left trying to get flanking shots on your squad. If you put your squad on overwatch after most moves, you should be able to deal with most of these drops before they even become a problem.

Keep your squad to one side of the graveyard. I usually go left. This will let all your troops see the oncoming enemies at the same time as the graveyard is pretty visible except for the island in the middle of the map. This will also draw the Chryssalid in to all your weapons when he shows up.

Once you proceed to the middle of the graveyard, you will hear about an "intermittent" signal. On Normal difficulty, it will be a Chryssalid. It becomes a Muton on Classic and probably continues to scale upward with difficulty. He will be paired with another Thin Man drop very near to Zhang. The aliens don't seem to go directly after Zhang, which gives you a little more freedom in choosing targets if you need to eliminate the Chryssalid before dealing with other contacts on the map.

Once you've dealt with the one real big baddie they drop on you, the mission is pretty much done. You'll come across a few more Thin Men and a Sectoid, but nothing you can't handle. As soon as you get Zhang to the drop zone, the mission will end, regardless of where your troops are. Remember to clear out all the aliens first. Last thing you want is an overwatch killing Zhang as he runs to the Skyranger.


As far as standard Council Missions go, you get 2 Engineers and Scientists and $200. In addition, you get Zhang as a Heavy Lieutenant. This is a huge boon since this mission shows up pretty early in the game while most of your squad is still Corporal or lower.

Hope you enjoyed this one. I'll list the remaining Slingshot missions as I can get screen grabs for them.

Check out my guide for the St. Johns Fishing Village from Enemy within!

The Bad Guys Aren't Just Aliens Anymore: An XCOM: Enemy Within Review https://www.gameskinny.com/cafyk/the-bad-guys-arent-just-aliens-anymore-an-xcom-enemy-within-review https://www.gameskinny.com/cafyk/the-bad-guys-arent-just-aliens-anymore-an-xcom-enemy-within-review Thu, 14 Nov 2013 02:05:51 -0500 Landon Sommer

Loading XCOM for the first time since downloading the expansion seems pretty much the same as the original game, save one major difference. Everything that used to be blue is now in a haunting orange hue. I'm hoping the game will follow this subtle change by still playing like the old game with only a few differences that make the entire game replayable from start to finish.

I notice the little things...

One of the first things that caught my attention while loading up a new game was the option to finally tell that stupid scientist to keep her mouth shut when you start using grenades and rockets. All the other DLC options are still there along with your usual pregame options such as Ironman.

XCOM is now complete. When you feel like chucking grenades and watching alien bits fly, the scientist keeps her trap shut. 

Several changes seem like they could have just been made with a patch, but they are still well placed in this expansion. A welcome addition is the Area of Effect or AOE indicator. It kindly highlights all the enemies, allies, and even the terrain you will be destroying with your explosives.

The game started just like a normal game with a random starting mission that has only a few enemies. This mission, if you ask during setup, will also introduce you to MELD, a new substance that the aliens are leaving behind during abductions. Each instance of meld has a self-destruct timer that starts at the same time as the mission. If you can reach it in time, you can left-click to collect the MELD.

Just like bystanders in a terror mission, you automatically collect any MELD left on the map when the mission is over. It can also be very easily destroyed. A stray shotgun shell or bullet will take out this valuable resource. The MELD pylons seem to be present at every mission except Council missions. If you want to collect any of it, I suggest moving to it as soon as you see one. It's unlikely that you will be able to collect all the pylons on the map, thanks to their self-destruct mechanisms.

Speaking of maps....

My game also started with something I was hoping would be part of the expansion--a new map. While the game always tried to freshen up a map with varied starting locations and mission objective placements, nothing beats a brand new map. After going through five missions or so, all new maps have greeted me on each mission. They seem to be larger than before, giving you and your enemies more places to hide. UFOs have started to crash land in urban areas instead of always landing out in the woods.

I noticed few more subtle changes by my second mission. Several of the buttons on the interface have been changed, just slightly, to allow a better view. For example, while looking at the "build facilities" menu, the "excavate" button no longer covers the entire space. Another thing I didn't even know I wanted showed up here, an option to remove all items, armor and weapons from squad members that aren't currently selected for the mission.

After seven missions, I have yet to see a reused map. Excellent!

The AI has become more tactically engaging. It was probably a simple change, but a single alien will likely run from your squad to a better position or to get some backup. The little buggers got smarter. This adds a little more search and destroy to the game when one little Sectoid manages to escape and find a new hiding spot.

There seems to be an autosave whenever you are flying back from a mission, but I don't see how to access those saves. I'll keep saving the old fashioned way....

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

With all the small changes the game has made, very little of the core game has changed. This is a great improvement. The last thing you want to do to a good game is make so many changes that you can't recognize it anymore. Every change I have noticed so far only serves to improve the game. No jumping the shark here!

The only thing I'm really surprised they still haven't done is make the overwatch and reload buttons in the same place on the action bar while new abilities get added to the end. I look forward to fighting off the new opponents and trying out the advantages of cybernetics. Well done, Firaxis.

Want to get a leg up on the encounters in Xcom? I'll be posting guides as I play through the game.

Council Mission: Fishing Village

Friends in Low Places: Slingshot #1

XCOM: Enemy Within Announced https://www.gameskinny.com/hu6ro/xcom-enemy-within-announced https://www.gameskinny.com/hu6ro/xcom-enemy-within-announced Wed, 21 Aug 2013 23:32:26 -0400 Smoky Grey

Firaxis announced that it is adding even more awesome content to XCOM: Enemy Unknown with the all new expansion XCOM: Enemy Within. This new expansion will be bringing a ton of stuff including over 40 new maps.

We will be getting a new resource known as Meld. There will be Meld canisters scattered randomly across the maps. You have to hurry to get these canisters though, because they are all armed with a timed self destruct. There will also be new grenades types, like the needle grenade and the stealth grenade, for those of you who love to blow things up.

We will now be able to build an all new facility called the Genetics Lab. This new facility will allow you to genetically modify your soldiers by building Gene Mods. Each soldier will have 5 slots to equip these mods. The brain, eyes, chest, legs, and skin will each have two choices of upgrades. 

We will be seeing a 5th soldier class, MEC Trooper, which will require the building of a special facility to access. Your soldiers will be outfitted with a mechanized exoskeleton cybersuit which can be upgraded with new toys like flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and lasers. Once upgraded to a MEC Trooper the soldier can no longer be genetically modified.

We will be getting new weapons, ammo, maps, classes, abilities, and upgrades. We will also be getting a whole slew of rebalances. There will be many changes to abilities and classes to make the game a little more balanced; sadly this means we have to rethink a lot of our old strategies. This new expansion will be released as a standalone title on consoles for about $40 and as an expansion pack on the PC for about $30 . XCOM: Enemy Within will be releasing on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on November 12th, so get ready fo save the earth... again.